I'm one-hundred and forty-seven pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense!
Stiles Stilinski to Scott McCall about his Humanity in Frenemy

Humans, also known by the scientific name Homo sapiens, are a species of the primate family and the most common animal on Earth. In the Teen Wolf universe, humans are mortal, sentient beings who are often (but not always) without supernatural powers. As a result, Humans are often potential prey to certain supernatural shapeshifters who are not in control of their urges, such as Wendigos, who have an insatiable hunger for human flesh and must eat it to survive, or the variety of canine and feline werecreatures who can go into a violent frenzy as a result of the full moon or intense emotions.

However, though the majority of Humans lack supernatural traits, there are a significant fraction of the Human population who are capable of having powers on their own, and they can also be transformed into supernatural beings. For example, Humans can be turned into supernatural creatures such Werewolves, Ghost Riders, or Berserkers through a variety of rituals, and humans with genetic chimerism can be transformed into the unnatural hybrid creatures known as Chimeras.

Humans can even be born with or trained to use supernatural forces in numerous ways without being transformed into a true supernatural or being controlled by these forces in the way that shapeshifters are. This can include Banshees, Human women who inherit the ability to predict death through the females in their bloodlines, and Druids, Humans with mystical powers who are generally dedicated to maintaining the balance of nature (although Dark Druids, known as Darachs, exist as well, and differ from Druids in their use of their power to fulfill malevolent goals). Finally, Humans can be possessed by spiritual creatures who can then share their powers with them, such as Kitsune or Hellhounds, though more often than not, the spirit will completely overtake their host's body rather than merging with them.

Despite being highly vulnerable as a result of their mortality (particularly the lack of an accelerated healing factor possessed by most shapeshifters), Human beings are more than capable of taking on the supernatural when properly trained or prepared, as demonstrated by the Human Hunters who regularly fight the supernatural, as well as the mercenaries who specialize in supernatural missions such as Braeden and Druid Emissaries like Alan Deaton and Marin Morrell, who learned how to hold their own against the creatures with whom they are regularly interacting. The majority of the Human world has no idea that the supernatural exists, but the ones who are "in the know" will often protect themselves from these creatures with substances such as Mountain Ash, which can create barriers that supernatural creatures cannot cross, or with weapons tailored to the creatures' weaknesses, such as tasers, Wolfsbane-laced bullets, Mistletoe-forged pikes, flash-bang arrows, and ultrasonic emitters.

Known Humans[edit | edit source]

Allison Argent[edit | edit source]

3S Allison at school.png

Allison was introduced in the series as a normal teenage girl who had moved to Beacon Hills, California in January 2011 with her parents Chris and Victoria Argent. However, it was soon revealed to Allison, who had spent the first seventeen years of her life believing herself to be simply the daughter of a federally-licensed arms dealer and a schoolteacher, that she was actually the most recent member of the Argent Family of Hunters who hunt Werewolves and other supernatural creatures. Upon learning of her family legacy, Allison was trained in the skills of a Huntress while trying to figure out how to balance her family obligations with her romantic relationship with a recently-bitten Omega Werewolf Scott McCall.

After the death of her mother Victoria, Allison became the matriarch of the Argent Family and continued her training, becoming extremely talented in the use of a bow and Chinese ring daggers as well as both armed and unarmed combat while briefly becoming overwhelmed by her grief to the point of hunting the Hale Pack, who she blamed for Victoria's death. However, in time, Allison realized the error of her ways and began to change the Hunter Code for the better, abandoning their previous Code, "We hunt those who hunt us," in favor of "We protect those who cannot protect themselves," allowing Allison and her father Chris to align themselves with the McCall Pack and extend their protection to benevolent supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills. Allison aided the McCall Pack in defeating the Darach, Jennifer Blake, and the Alpha Pack led by Deucalion by accompanying Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski in performing a Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual to locate the Nemeton.

In doing so, the three reignited the Nemeton's power, drawing more supernatural creatures to their town. Allison continued to help protect the town from the reign of terror caused by the Nogitsune's possession of Stiles as well as the Oni demons sent to destroy it, and became the first to realize that the Oni could be killed with silver before successfully killing one herself with a silver arrowhead she forged herself. However, her brief moment of distraction caused her to be stabbed in the chest with an Oni's ninjato, which ultimately killed her. Despite her death, Allison's presence continues to guide the McCall Pack through their struggles against supernatural villains.

Lydia Martin[edit | edit source]

S5 Lydia flashback.jpg

Lydia Martin is the human daughter of Natalie and Mr. Martin and was seemingly a normal human teenage girl, albeit one with a genius-level IQ of 170, until she was attacked and bitten by then-Alpha Werewolf Peter Hale on the lacrosse field at Beacon Hills High School in February 2011. In a surprising twist, Lydia both survived Peter's Bite without being transformed into a Werewolf herself, a first in the series, leading both the supernatural creatures and the Hunters around her to question what she had become. After being haunted by Peter's spirit and experiencing other strange side effects such as screaming in response to deaths at the hands of supernatural creatures and being unconsciously drawn to their bodies, it was eventually revealed that Lydia is a Banshee, a human woman who can channel supernatural forces and use them to predict death, a trait she inherited from her paternal grandmother Lorraine Martin.

Since this revelation, Lydia's powers have continued to grow, though she often became frustrated by the passive aspects of her supernatural abilities and lamented the fact that she didn't have glowing eyes, claws, and super-senses like her shapeshifter friends. Joining the McCall Pack, Lydia began learning more control over her powers, allowing her to warn her friends of oncoming death, a useful ability that ultimately made her the second-highest-valued target on the Deadpool hit-list of supernatural creatures at $20 million. This also made her a target of Theo Raeken when he set his sights on stealing Scott McCall's Alpha powers and his pack, believing Lydia's ability to predict death would be a great advantage for him. However, when it became clear that Lydia could not be turned against her close friend Scott, he instead used her to find the Nemeton, putting her into a catatonic state that left her mother Natalie Martin with little choice but to check her into Eichen House.

It was at Eichen where she was treated by the enhanced human Gabriel Valack, who was desperate to learn the identity of the vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan and who wanted to use Lydia as "his eyes" upon losing his own third eye and the extrasensory perception powers that came with it. After having trephination performed on her, Lydia's powers reached extreme levels to the point where she was even able to shatter Valack's skull with her Banshee scream. Though the trephination was eventually reversed by Alan Deaton, her powers naturally evolved to the point at which they were when Valack augmented them, allowing her to use these powers to help her pack fight against the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt. She has since been accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she will be starting college as a junior due to her AP classes.

Stiles Stilinski[edit | edit source]

Stiles a novel approach.jpg

Stiles is the son of fellow humans Noah and Claudia Stilinski and the best friend of Scott McCall. Despite having been involved in the supernatural world ever since Scott was bitten and turned into a Werewolf by Peter Hale while the two were out in the Beacon Hills Preserve one night, Stiles has managed to retain his humanity throughout the series, though there have been several instances in which giving him the Bite was debated. Stiles, with the help of Allison Argent, helped Scott learn control over his lycanthropy while working together to protect Beacon Hills from supernatural threats, forming the basis for what would become the McCall Pack in the process.

Acting as the pack's detective, Stiles identified a number of threats to the town, such as Matt Daehler being the first master of Jackson Whittemore while he was a Kanima and figuring out that a Dark Druid was committing human sacrifices. When Stiles' father Noah was captured by the Darach, Jennifer Blake, along with Melissa McCall and Chris Argent, Stiles, Scott and Allison performed a surrogate sacrifice ritual to locate the Nemeton and save them; however, their deaths and subsequent resurrections led them to develop a darkness around their hearts that caused them to suffer from various side effects. In Stiles' case, this involved insomnia, sleep paralysis, and acute alexia, or an inability to process written letters in the correct order.

It was soon revealed that Stiles had also been possessed by a Void Kitsune known as the Nogitsune at some point after the sacrifice ritual, which only increased the terrifying symptoms he was experiencing, such as hallucinations, blackouts, and an inability to discern reality from dreams. Though Stiles fought the Nogitsune's control, he ultimately agreed to allow him to take control of his body on two separate occasions; the first when the Nogitsune threatened his friends and family, and the second when the Nogitsune's thrall, Oliver, threatened to perform trephination on Malia Tate in Eichen House. Fortunately, with help from the pack, Stiles was freed of the Nogitsune's possession and assisted the pack in defeating him for good, though not before the Nogitsune used his body to hurt and/or kill dozens of people in a number of accidents.

Stiles then went on to continue to help the pack through more supernatural threats, such as protecting his supernatural friends from the Deadpool hit-list and identifying the various Chimeras who had been turned by the Dread Doctors. Stiles made his first (albeit accidental) kill while in full control of his body when the Wendigo/Lamprey Chimera Donovan Donati tried to kill him and threatened to kill his father as well. This led Stiles to distance himself from the pack out of guilt and shame, though in time, he reconciled with them. He then assisted the pack in going against the newly-resurrected Beast of Gevaudan and Theo Raeken, both of which were ultimately defeated as well. Several months later, Stiles was captured by the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt and erased from reality, but the strength of his relationships with Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, and his own father Noah Stilinski allowed them to open a rift to bring him back through triggering their memories. Stiles has since graduated from high school and will attend George Washington University for the pre-FBI program.

Chris Argent[edit | edit source]

Chris argent smoke and mirrors.png

Chris is the human son of Gerard Argent and an unnamed mother, the older brother of Kate Argent, and a descendant of Marie-Jeanne Valet and Henri Argent, and was raised as a Hunter from a young age. In late 2010 or early 2011, he moved back to Beacon Hills, California with his wife Victoria and his daughter Allison, the latter of whom was unaware of her legacy as a Hunter of the supernatural until after her seventeenth birthday. Chris was dedicated to the Argent Code, "We hunt those who hunt us," and followed it to the letter, taking life only when there was evidence they had spilled innocent blood, though he would occasionally lose sight of this when he learned that a teenage Werewolf, Scott McCall, was dating his daughter.

However, after circumstances forced Chris to work with the Beacon Hills supernatural community to fight even worse threats, such as his own father Gerard and the Kanima, Jackson Whittemore, he had enslaved, Chris began to see the supernatural in a different light and realized that at least some, such as the members and allies of what would become the McCall Pack, were benevolent and dedicated to protecting innocent human life from those supernatural beings who sought to use their powers for evil. Though the death of his wife Victoria led Chris and Allison to take a brief sabbatical from the hunting lifestyle, they ultimately returned to it and began fighting alongside the McCall Pack and what remained of the Hale Pack to fight against newer threats, such as the Alpha Pack and a Darach named Jennifer Blake. Afterward, Allison, now the matriarch of the Argent Hunters, changed the Code to "We protect those who cannot protect themselves," extending their protection to innocent supernaturals as well as humans, a change that Chris supported wholeheartedly.

Chris and Allison continued to fight alongside the McCall Pack against the Nogitsune and the Oni who had been summoned by Noshiko Yukimura to fight against them. Unfortunately, in a battle after the Nogitsune had stolen the Oni for himself, Allison was killed by one of the demonic samurai, who stabbed her in the chest with their ninjato, traumatizing Chris so much that he and Allison's boyfriend Isaac Lahey moved to France to get away from the memories of her n Beacon Hills.

Despite all that Chris had lost due to the supernatural, he still managed to find his way back to the McCall Pack, helping them fight against the Deadpool assassins as well as his own sister Kate Argent, who, unbeknownst to him, had been resurrected after being killed by Peter Hale's claws and was transformed into a Werejaguar who sought revenge against Scott, who she blamed for the decimation of the Argent Family. From then on, Chris continued to aid the pack, knowing that, by doing so, he was continuing his dedication to his late daughter's Code; this included tracking down the Dread Doctors and learning about the famed Beast of Gevaudan, who his ancestor had slayed and who had been resurrected by the Doctors. He also, with assistance from Melissa McCall, helped the pack fight against the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt, even being captured and erased from reality by Garrett Douglas, who had gained some of the Riders' powers by eating one of their pineal glands. He has since seemingly developed romantic feelings for Melissa.

Melissa McCall[edit | edit source]

Melissa mccall riddled.gif

Melissa is a nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, the mother of Scott McCall and the ex-wife of Rafael McCall. She was initially ignorant of the supernatural, even despite the fact that Scott was bitten and turned into a Werewolf by Peter Hale in January 2011. With Melissa working countless night and double shifts to support herself and her son, it took some time before she began to truly become concerned by Scott's unusual behavior. However, it wasn't until she went to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station to answer questions about seeing Matt Daehler (who, unbeknownst to her or the Sheriff, had been controlling Jackson Whittemore, a newly turned Kanima) at the hospital the night one of her patients was killed that she finally learned her son was a Werewolf after he was forced to transform to save them.

Though this revelation about her son's new condition shocked her to the point of distancing herself from Scott for a week, she eventually realized that Scott was still the same person and was using his powers to protect Beacon Hills from malevolent threats, such as Gerard Argent, who had killed Matt and taken control of Jackson for himself. She then immediately threw herself into helping Scott, Isaac Lahey, and Chris Argent stop Gerard and save Jackson, marking her true introduction into the supernatural world. From then on, Melissa joined Alan Deaton as a healer of the Beacon Hills packs, using her expertise as a nurse to help treat their injuries and illnesses when their accelerated healing factors are unable to do so on their own, all while learning more about the supernatural creatures of the world as well.

However, this participation in the supernatural community has led Melissa to sometimes become a target of the threats to the town, such as when she was abducted by Jennifer Blake, the Darach, and nearly killed in a human sacrifice ritual. After Scott, Stiles, and Allison Argent performed the surrogate sacrifice ritual to save the lives of Melissa, Chris Argent, and Noah Stilinski, Melissa continued to act as a valuable ally to the newly formed McCall Pack, helping them protect the town from the Nogitsune and the Oni, stop the Deadpool, and identify the Chimeras created by the Dread Doctors. She began working more closely with Chris (for whom she seemingly began to develop romantic feelings) when the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt arrived, which ultimately got them captured, but they were saved by her son's pack once again.

Noah Stilinski[edit | edit source]

Sheriff stilinski 1.jpg

Noah is the son of the human Elias Stilinski and his unnamed wife, and grew up in an abusive household where, on more than one occasion, he had to defend his mother from his father. However, like his father, Noah ended up joining the U.S. Army and served several years before his enlistment ended and he went to college, where he met the woman who would become his wife, Claudia Gajos. After their graduation, they married and had a son, Miezcyslaw Stilinski, named after Claudia's father and nicknamed Stiles after Noah's own father. Noah then became a Sheriff's deputy, working his way up the ladder until he was elected Sheriff of Beacon County in the early 2000s.

Though Noah had had quite a few encounters with the supernatural in his time living in Beacon Hills, particularly in early 2011 after Peter Hale became an Alpha and turned Stiles' best friend Scott McCall into a Werewolf as well, he wasn't formally introduced to the supernatural world until the autumn of that year, when his son and his son's friend Cora Hale were forced to tell him the truth to protect him from becoming one of the town's recent murder victims. Though he did not initially believe Stiles, he was ultimately forced to see the truth when Jennifer, a Darach set on getting her revenge on the Alpha Pack by gaining power from human sacrifice, captured him with the intention of using him, Melissa McCall, and Chris Argent as "guardian" sacrifices. Fortunately, he was rescued when Stiles, Scott, and Allison Argent performed a surrogate sacrifice ritual to locate and save them before they could be killed.

From then on, Noah became a valuable ally to the McCall Pack, using his resources as a Sheriff and law enforcement officer to help identify and solve supernatural crimes, though his inability to tell the truth about the supernatural to the public led to a perception of incompetence that nearly got him impeached. Despite this, the Sheriff continues to do his best to help the pack protect Beacon Hills, such as assisting them in shutting down the Deadpool hit-list, identifying Chimeras, and attempting to defeat the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan. As with Chris and Melissa, this often put a target on Noah's back and putting him at risk of being harmed by the supernatural, such as when he was attacked by the part-Berserker Chimera Noah Patrick or when he was captured by the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt. Even when Gerard Argent and Tamora Monroe's Hunters were threatening his life, he refused to turn his back on the McCall Pack, informing them that as long as they were coming for his friends, they were coming for him as well.

Mason Hewitt[edit | edit source]

5x02 Mason knows about Liam.png

Mason is a human teenager and student at Beacon Hills High School who is the best friend of Liam Dunbar, the boyfriend of Corey Bryant, and an ally of the McCall Pack. Mason remained in the dark about the supernatural for some time, even after Liam was inadvertently bitten and turned into a Beta Werewolf by Scott McCall in early 2012, though between Liam's suspicious behavior and the other unnatural things Mason had seen led him to realize that there was something bigger going on that he didn't know. After he was captured by a Berserker along with Lydia Martin at the high school and witnessed Noah Stilinski blowing it up with a claymore mine, he finally realized that the supernatural could be real and began researching Bestiaries he bought from rare bookstores.

Despite his hunches that the people around him, such as Lydia, knew more about the strange goings-on in Beacon Hills than they were letting on, Mason wasn't officially introduced to the supernatural world until over six months later, when he and Liam were being chased by a dark brown wolf, forcing Liam to partially-shift into his Werewolf form and roar loudly to scare the wolf away. Though Liam feared that Mason would scorn him upon learning the truth about his supernatural identity, Mason was actually delighted by the revelation that his best friend was a Werewolf and continued to be awestruck upon learning about the McCall Pack's unique mix of humans and supernatural creatures, along with the super-powered threats they constantly face. From then on, he quickly became a valuable ally to the pack, using his heightened intelligence and immense research to help them fight against the Dread Doctors and identify the various Chimeras that they had turned, including his own friend Hayden Romero and now-boyfriend Corey Bryant.

However, what Mason and his friends did not expect was that he, too, was a genetic chimera, as while they had sought out anyone who had an organ or tissue transplant in their lives, they did not take into account those who had two sets of DNA as a result of fetal resorption syndrome such as Mason. With this revelation, it was soon figured out that Mason was the last (and the only truly successful) Chimera and had been used as the vessel for the resurrected spirit of the Beast of Gevaudan, Sebastien Valet, who used Mason's body to commit dozens of murders. This fact was learned by the pack too late, and by the time they found Mason, he was in the process of transforming into Sebastien upon the Beast realizing who he truly was. Fortunately, Mason was saved in the nick of time when Lydia Martin used her Banshee scream to force Sebastien's spirit out of Mason's body, allowing him to have his body returned to him while separating him from Sebastien so that Scott McCall could kill him.

Months later, Mason was crucial in assisting the pack fight the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt, using the knowledge he had gained from reading about the supernatural to identify the Riders' weaknesses and create a way to trap one in order to force it to tell them how to get back everyone who the Hunt had erased from reality and abducted. Though Mason, too, was ultimately captured by the Hunt, he still managed to play a crucial role in the pack's defeat of the Ghost Riders from the Phantom Train Station and was returned to the "real world" shortly afterward. Mason was then "passed the baton" (or, in this case, an aluminum baseball bat) and was given the second-in-command role in the pack, working alongside Liam, who is acting as the Alpha of the McCall Pack while Scott and Stiles are at their respective colleges.

Alexander Argent[edit | edit source]

3x06 Alexander Argent Suicide.png

Alexander was the brother of Gerard Argent, the uncle of Chris and Kate Argent, and the great-uncle of Allison Argent, and is one member of a long line of Argent Hunters. In 1977, Alexander was on a Werewolf hunt when he was attacked and given the Bite by an Alpha (who Gerard later alleged was Deucalion). Knowing that his family's Code required that a bitten Hunter kill themselves before their first transformation on the full moon, Alexander drove himself to the Glen Capri Motel, which is notorious for the high number of guests who have committed suicide through its forty years of existence. Alexander then took his shotgun and loaded it with a cartridge as the moon rose, muttering, "Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent" (The French translation of the original Argent Code, "We hunt those who hunt us") before shooting himself in the head and killing himself instantly.

Gerard Argent†[edit | edit source]

Gerard argent fury.png

Gerard is the father of Christopher and Katherine Argent, the father-in-law of Victoria Argent, and the grandfather of Allison Argent, along with a descendant of Marie-Jeanne Valet and Henri Argent, who was also the former patriarch of the Argent Family of Hunters prior to its decimation. Though the Argents, like most Hunter families, followed the Code, "We hunt those who hunt us," Gerard was known for only abiding by the Code when it suited him and ignoring it when it served his purposes, a trait he passed down to his youngest child, Kate.

He made his first appearance in Season 2, when he arrived in Beacon Hills to attend Kate's funeral and to take a more hands-on approach in the family's attempt to control the recent influx of supernatural creatures in the town. With his seventeen-year-old granddaughter recently introduced to the Hunter lifestyle, Gerard, along with Chris and Victoria, began to infiltrate Beacon Hills High School by having Gerard take the position of principal and Victoria the position of English teacher. Gerard then went even further by blackmailing then-Beta Werewolf and Allison's boyfriend Scott McCall to help him take down Derek Hale and the Hale Pack by threatening to kill Scott's mother Melissa McCall.

His sinister agenda was made even more clear after Victoria killed herself following being bitten and turned into a Werewolf by Derek during a fight, when he used Allison's grief to corrupt her just as he did Kate, convincing her to turn her pain into bloodlust toward Derek and his pack. Finally, Gerard killed Matt Daehler, the master of the newly turned Kanima Jackson Whittemore, and took control of Jackson in order to use him to force Derek to give him the Bite, as he intended to turn himself into a Werewolf to cure his cancer before then killing Derek and becoming the Alpha. However, unbeknownst to anyone but Alan Deaton, Scott had swapped out his cancer medication with capsules full of Mountain Ash, causing him to reject the Bite and begin expelling black blood from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth and forcing him to run away.

He was then put in a nursing home, where he continued to keep up with the supernatural gossip while doctors tried and failed to figure out what was wrong with him; his cancer was cured, but his body continued to bleed black blood on a constant basis. At Chris and Allison's urging, Gerard helped the Beacon Hills supernaturals to fight against Deucalion and his Alpha Pack. When the Beast of Gevaudan was resurrected by the Dread Doctors, Chris had no choice but to seek Gerard once again, curing his rejected bite by feeding him rare yellow wolfsbane in exchange for everything Gerard knew about the Demon Wolf. However, knowing that Gerard only sought to immortalize the Argent name through slaying the Beast once again, Chris worked with Deucalion and Scott to ensure that Gerard could not double-cross them, leaving Gerard with a gunshot wound on the arm for his troubles. Gerard was presumably killed by his own daughter, Kate Argent, out of anger that he continued to deny her a place in his Hunter army as a result of her new Werejaguar nature, following the defeat of the Anuk-ite by the McCall Pack.

Henri Argent[edit | edit source]

5x18 Henri Argent.png

Henri was one of the progenitors of the Argent Family of Hunters and the husband of famed Hunter and slayer of the Beast of Gevaudan, Marie-Jeanne Valet. Though the Argents were aware of the supernatural long before the appearance of the Beast, they seemed to be more akin to scholars such as the Druids than actual warriors, and Henri spent half of his life learning the skills and materials necessary to survive a Werewolf attack.

In 1764, Henri was in the forest near his village's tavern when he found a young boy named Emil who had been mauled to death by a ferocious creature. After bringing the boy's body to the tavern, Henri revealed that Emil's last words were "La Bête," meaning the Beast of Gevaudan. He then joined the hunting party for the creature and was instrumental in saving the skeptical huntress Marie-Jeanne from being killed by the Beast. Upon bringing Marie-Jeanne back to his cabin to treat her wounds, she discovered Mountain Ash, Mistletoe, and other substances used as protection against the supernatural, including Werewolves such as the Beast. When Marie-Jeanne made it clear that she wanted to kill the Beast, Henri joined her in her quest, teaching her what he knew about the supernatural while she used her hunting skills to figure out a way to take the Beast down.

Upon learning that the Beast was actually Marie-Jeanne's brother, Sebastien Valet, who had been turned during his time in North America during the Seven Years' War, Henri and Marie-Jeanne worked together to create a pike out of steel that had been mixed with Mountain Ash and Mistletoe and forged with her blood under the light of the Full Moon so that she could slay her brother herself. Afterward, Henri married Marie-Jeanne, and taught their children their skills, which then begat the Argent line of Hunters.

Jennifer Blake[edit | edit source]

3x10 Jennifer in dark elevator.png

Jennifer, born Julia Baccari, was a human and Druid Emissary to the Alpha Werewolf Kali's original pack until Kali accepted Deucalion's offer to join his newly created Alpha Pack, which required that she kill and steal the power of all of her Betas and her Emissary. While Kali killed her Betas with few reservations, Kali truly loved Jennifer and was conflicted about the prospect of killing her; though Kali did ultimately maul Jennifer to the brink of death, she was unable to go through with actually killing her, instead leaving her to die from her wounds in what she believed to be a more merciful death.

Jennifer became so consumed with rage at this betrayal that she managed to crawl toward the Nemeton, which had recently been re-empowered by an unintentional virgin sacrifice, and used its power to stay alive until she was found by Noah Stilinski and his Sheriff's Deputies. She then used her powers to cause hundreds of crows to commit suicide to amass more power on two occasions—once while in surgery at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, and again after she adopted her new identity as Jennifer Blake, the newly hired English teacher at Beacon Hills High School, during which time the crows killed themselves by flying through the windows.

Now possessing the power to glamour herself into the appearance of an unblemished, beautiful young woman, Jennifer began committing human sacrifices in threes based on certain criteria to gain more powers—virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers, and guardians, though she was unable to complete the last set. With this power, she set her sights on defeating the Alpha Pack in retribution for everything that they took from her. However, though she was able to kill Kali and the merged aspect of Ethan and Aiden, the power from her twelve sacrifices wasn't enough to stand against Deucalion, who had Derek Hale and Scott McCall's back-up. When Jennifer threatened to kill the guardians she had collected (Noah Stilinski, Melissa McCall, and Chris Argent), Scott broke through the Mountain Ash barrier around her, allowing Deucalion to claw her throat out. Despite this injury, Jennifer once again was able to crawl to the Nemeton in hopes of using the power from Allison, Scott and Stiles' surrogate sacrifice ritual to stay alive. However, before she could do so, Peter Hale appeared and clawed out her throat a second time, truly killing her this time.

Alan Deaton[edit | edit source]

5x03 Deaton.png

Deaton is a Druid who, like many of the supernatural scholars, is an Emissary. He first acted as an Emissary of the Hale Pack with a close personal relationship with their renowned and Alpha, Talia Hale. He acted as Talia's adviser for many years, which included counseling another Alpha, Deucalion, on how to best negotiate a truce with the patriarch of the Argent Family of Hunters, Gerard Argent, a meeting that ultimately ended in a bloodbath. After the Hale House Fire, Deaton "retired" from the supernatural community for nearly ten years, instead focusing on his veterinary practice in his clinic. However, he was soon brought back into the world of the supernatural when his veterinary technician and protégée, Scott McCall, was bitten and turned into a Werewolf, and Talia's middle child, Derek Hale, returned to Beacon Hills to search for the killer of his older sister Laura. From then on, Deaton began teaching, assisting, and protecting the young adult supernaturals and their human allies by sharing his wisdom and using his abilities as a veterinarian to help heal them when they are injured in battle.

In Season 3, it was revealed that Deaton was indeed a Druid when a Dark Druid named Julia Baccari (under the alias of Jennifer Blake) began committing human sacrifices to gain enough power to weaken and defeat the Alpha Pack, particularly Kali, to whom Jennifer was a Druid Emissary and who betrayed her by mauling her nearly to the point of death on the orders of Deucalion, who required his new recruits to kill and steal the power of their entire packs, Emissaries included. Deaton then went on to assist the pack in determining who the Darach was targeting, and was even a target himself when Jennifer began to kill a trio of "healers" to gain the power of healing. When Deaton was later saved by Scott McCall, he witnessed the young Werewolf's eyes briefly change from their usual Beta gold to bright Alpha red, leading Deaton to confirm his suspicion that Scott was a potential True Alpha, or an Alpha who gained his status from sheer force of will rather than killing an Alpha and stealing its powers, a theory Deaton had believed ever since learning that Scott had been bitten.

After it was revealed that Noah Stilinski, Melissa McCall, and Chris Argent had been captured to act as Jennifer's final trio of sacrifices (specifically the "guardian" trio), Deaton was instrumental in saving them by helping Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent perform a surrogate sacrifice ritual, which allowed them to locate the Nemeton where the parents were being kept. It was also Deaton who figured out that Allison, Scott and Stiles were suffering from the after-effects of the ritual as a result of a metaphorical door being left open in their minds. His allegiance to the McCall Pack has only grown stronger as time went on, with Deaton traveling all the way to Japan to get a special type of letharia vulpina with which to weaken the Nogitsune who was possessing Stiles. In Season 4, Deaton lent his aid to the Beacon Hills supernatural community at large when the Deadpool, a hit-list of supernatural creatures created by the Banshee Meredith Walker on the instructions of Peter Hale while he was still in a coma, was released to professional assassins, Hunters, and the civilians of the town and was financed with Peter's stolen $117 million in bearer bonds.

In Season 5, Deaton was then intrigued and terrified by the emergence of humans turned into hybrids with the powers of two supernatural species who had been created with science rather than mystical energy, making them unnatural creatures rather than supernatural ones. While investigating the Dread Doctors who had created these creatures in Russia, he was captured by the Werecoyote assassin known as the Desert Wolf, mother of Malia Tate and former lover of Peter Hale and used to draw Malia out of hiding so she could steal her powers back. After aiding in the McCall Pack's defeat of the Desert Wolf, the Dread Doctors, Theo Raeken, and the Beast of Gevaudan, Deaton helped Scott, Malia and Lydia learn more about the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt who had recently invaded the town.

Dr. Conrad Fenris[edit | edit source]


Dr. Fenris was the chief medical officer of Eichen House, a psychiatric facility for the human population of Beacon Hills, which is also notable for having a special closed ward specifically for supernatural clients, giving them treatment for their mental illness as well as acting as a prison for those who used their powers to hurt people. His current whereabouts and status remain unknown; after Gabriel Valack used a recording of Lydia Martin's Banshee scream to break free from his cell, he used his powers of Glamouring and Illusion Casting to disguise himself as Dr. Fenris. In Season 6, it was revealed that Dr. Fenris was, in fact, still alive, but after he fell victim to the force of Lydia's Banshee scream when he attempted to lock up and kill the Hellhound Jordan Parrish as a result of the enhanced fear caused by the Anuk-ite, it is unknown if he survived the trauma.

Bobby Finstock[edit | edit source]

5x17 Coach smiling at game.png

Bobby, also known as Coach Finstock, is the coach of the various sports teams (such as lacrosse and cross-country) and the business and economics teacher at Beacon Hills High School. Known for being loud, brash, and tactless, Coach has remained ignorant of the supernatural world as far as it is known, even in spite of the fact that he has been a victim of it himself, such as when he was shot in the stomach with an arrow when one of his students, Stiles Stilinski, was possessed by a Void Kitsune known as the Nogitsune. He took a break from teaching and coaching after this event and went to rehab for his alcohol addition, though he finally left after seven months and returned to work as the coach of the lacrosse team, currently led by one of his students, Liam Dunbar. Despite his seeming ignorance regarding the supernatural world, he was shown to save the day on two occasions in the last half of Season 6: first, when he saved Liam from being beaten nearly to death by classmates Gabe and Nolan; and again when he saved Jackson and Ethan Steiner from being killed by a Hunter.

Ms. Flemming[edit | edit source]

Ms flemming muted.png

Ms. Flemming is the mathematics teacher at Beacon Hills High School. Like her coworker Bobby Finstock, she seems to be in the dark about the supernatural world despite the strange behavior of her supernatural students while in her class, such as skipping school or leaving class midway through a lesson. She has been shown to be especially hard on Malia Tate, a Werecoyote who lived in the Beacon Hills Preserve for eight years after the accident that led to her mother and sister's death and who has been trying her best to catch up with the rest of her peers on an academic level ever since her return to the human world. She also seems both proud of and somewhat exasperated by her other student, the Banshee Lydia Martin, whose IQ of 170 and her incredible talent for mathematics and physics causes her to try to get extra credit for equations based on her own theoretical findings.

Gwen[edit | edit source]

6x03 Sundowning Gwen.png

Gwen is a student at Beacon Hills High School who was one of the first Beacon Hills citizens to come into contact with the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt. She saw one of the Riders standing on her front lawn late one night, after which point her sister, Phoebe, was captured and erased from reality. However, since the Ghost Riders left behind a relic of Phoebe's existence (a woven string bracelet that Gwen made for Phoebe on her birthday), Gwen was able to retain her memories of her sister and became intent on finding out what happened to her.

When Hayden Romero explained the threat of the Ghost Riders to Gwen, the young human girl assumed that Hayden was making fun of her and didn't believe her warnings. It wasn't until that night, at a party held at the McCall House to protect her from the Ghost Riders (since anyone who sees the Ghost Riders is marked and pursued by them), that Gwen once again saw the Riders for herself and realized that Hayden, Liam Dunbar, and Mason Hewitt had been telling the truth. The next day, Hayden accompanied Gwen to all of her classes to act as protection in case the Riders came for her again, but when Gwen escaped the Argent Bunker, where everyone at the party was hiding from the Ghost Riders, it was revealed that Gwen actually intended to be captured by the Riders so that she could be reunited with her sister. She ultimately got her wish that evening at the lacrosse game, where the Ghost Riders appeared and captured her and at least a half-dozen other students. She was then transported to the Phantom Train Station, where she reunited with her sister as she intended. It can be assumed that both Gwen and Phoebe returned home after the McCall Pack drove away the Ghost Riders.

Adrian Harris[edit | edit source]

Adrian Harris0.png

Mr. Harris was a biology, chemistry, and physics teacher at Beacon Hills High School. Prior to being a teacher, he was a soldier in the United States Army, which taught him an intense appreciation for discipline that he would eventually use with his students, particularly Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall, whom Harris did not like due to their trouble-making ways.

In the first season, Harris came under scrutiny by the Beacon County Sheriff's Department for his involvement in the Hale House Fire; he had been drunk in a bar one night when Kate Argent, a member of an ancient bloodline of Hunters, seduced him and asked him numerous questions about chemistry, including how to get away with arson. When it became clear that someone was going after those involved in the deaths of the Hale Family, Harris realized that he would be a target, though Derek Hale ultimately saved him in order to question him on what he knew.

Fortunately for Harris, he wasn't punished for his role as an accessory to arson and murder, but he felt so embarrassed by his treatment at the hands of the police that he began taking his frustration out on the Sheriff's son, Stiles in the second season. In the third season, it became clear that he knew more about the human sacrifices occurring in Beacon Hills than he was letting on when he was targeted as a "warrior" sacrifice by a Dark Druid as a result of his military background. He then began pleading with the Druid, also known as a Darach, stating that "they" would eventually figure out who the Dark Druid was and that they still needed him. Despite this, Harris was still presumably sacrificed in the Beacon Hills Preserve, but not before he left a clue behind for Alan Deaton, Lydia Martin, and Stiles Stilinski to find in the form of a stack of graded quizzes that spelled out "D-A-R-A-C-H."

Lenore[edit | edit source]

Lenore ghosted 1.jpg

Lenore is a human and a Banshee who lives in the ghost town of Canaan, California. In 1976, she gave birth to a son, Caleb, but he tragically drowned to death at nine years of age in 1985, causing Lenore a great deal of emotional trauma. She was then pushed over the edge in 1987, when the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt arrived and began capturing people and erasing them from reality, leaving Lenore as the only survivor due to her status as a Banshee, though she did not know this at the time. The turmoil she felt as she watched everyone get taken ultimately led her to scream so loudly out of terror and confusion that she activated and unleashed her power on the town, creating an aura that permeated everything in the city's borders and gave her an unparalleled level of control over all of it, even to the point where she was even able to conjure a phantom version of her dead son Caleb to keep her company.

It wasn't until 2013, when Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Lydia Martin came to Canaan at the urging of Stiles Stilinski (one of the Ghost Riders' captives who managed to send them a message from the Phantom Train Station), that Lenore became aware of what had really happened. She demonstrated her power over the town by nullifying Scott and Malia's superhuman strength and made them hallucinate their worst fears, and her Banshee scream was so strong that it threw Lydia across the room. However, Lydia was able to get through to Lenore, helping her understand what really happened with the Ghost Riders and making her realize that almost thirty years had passed since the Ghost Riders took all of the town's citizens. Lenore then finally stopped using her powers against the three teens, and though they offered to bring her back to Beacon Hills with them in order to have a fresh start, Lenore declined, stating that she couldn't leave Caleb.

Danny Mahealani[edit | edit source]

Danny mahealani restraint.jpg

Danny is a human teenage boy who was formerly a student at Beacon Hills High School and a friend of the members of the Beacon Hills packs. He was also the goalie of the lacrosse team with his best friend Jackson Whittemore, as well as Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Isaac Lahey. Danny was also one of the openly gay students at school, and had a fake ID that he used to get into Jungle, the gay bar in town. In the first season, he began to be drawn into the fringe of the supernatural community of Beacon Hills when Stiles convinced Danny to help him figure out where the text message Allison Argent had received from Scott's stolen cell phone had originated, which was when it was revealed that Danny had a criminal record due to being arrested for hacking at age thirteen. Danny continued to be confused about the strange behavior of Scott and Stiles after Scott was bitten and turned into a Werewolf.

In the second season, after Jackson convinced the newly ascended Alpha Werewolf Derek Hale to give him the Bite, Danny was informed about the supernatural world by Jackson, who explained that he had gotten the Bite and presumably stated that his transformation into a Werewolf was taking slower than usual for reasons unknown, not knowing that he had actually turned into a Kanima, a reptilian shapeshifter that is a mutated form of a Werewolf caused by unresolved identity issues. However, the rest of his friends had no idea that Danny knew that the supernatural world existed. Shortly after Danny discovered that the video of Jackson's first full moon (which he recorded so he could see his first transformation) had been tampered with in order to make it look like he simply slept through the night, Danny restored the video, which confirmed that Jackson was indeed the Kanima. This discovery made him a victim of the supernatural for the first time when Jackson, in Kanima form and under the control of Matt (who feared that Danny would expose him), used his claws and Kanima Venom to paralyze him and several others at Jungle. Afterward, Jackson was so afraid of hurting Danny again that he warned him to stay away from him.

In the third season, Danny met Ethan Steiner, not knowing that Ethan and his twin brother Aiden were twin Alpha Werewolves and members of Deucalion's Alpha Pack. Though Ethan had been ordered by Deucalion to get close to Danny in order to use him as leverage to convince Scott McCall to join the Alpha Pack, Danny and Ethan began to develop genuine romantic feelings for one another. Danny's intelligence and his discovery of the telluric currents throughout Beacon Hills while writing a paper for Adrian Harris' physics class once again made him a target for the town's most recent supernatural threat, a Darach named Jennifer Blake, who was using the power of the currents in conjunction with human sacrifices in order to gain the power necessary to take down the Alpha Pack once and for all.

Afraid that Danny's discovery would expose her identity, Jennifer poisoned him with Mistletoe with the intention to kill him and keep him from revealing what he knew, though he survived the attack with help from Ethan, who rushed him to the hospital, and Melissa McCall, who treated his resulting tension pneumothorax. Danny continued to observe the supernatural drama around Beacon Hills for the rest of the season, including the Oni and the Nogitsune, until after Ethan's twin brother Aiden was killed by one of the Oni while it was under the Nogitsune's control. When Ethan explained that he was going to leave town due to the painful memories of his brother, Danny agreed that they should mutually break up because he just didn't think he could be with a Werewolf. When Ethan was shocked that Danny knew this about him the whole time, Danny replied, "Dude, it's Beacon Hills!" Danny presumably graduated a short time later, and his current whereabouts remain unknown.

Natalie Martin[edit | edit source]

5x15 Natalie Martin.png

Natalie Martin is the human mother of Lydia Martin, the ex-wife of Mr. Martin, the daughter-in-law of Lorraine Martin, and is both a guidance counselor and a science teacher at Beacon Hills High School. Though Lorraine and Lydia inherited their bloodline's Banshee heritage, Natalie remained in the dark about the supernatural for most of her life, simply believing that their strange behavior (such as being drawn to those who recently died as a result of the supernatural, wailing for the recently deceased, and experiencing auditory and visual premonitions of deaths that will soon occur) was the result of untreated mental illness. After Lydia was attacked by then-Alpha Werewolf Peter Hale, which was so traumatic for her that it activated her Banshee heritage and caused her powers to activate, Natalie became incredibly worried about her condition and forced her to see the high school's guidance counselor, Marin Morrell, not knowing that Marin, too, was a human in the supernatural world.

In the third season, Natalie gave up her life as a stay-at-home mother and returned to her previous career as a science teacher and guidance counselor, replacing her predecessors Adrian Harris (who was killed in a human sacrifice ritual performed by Jennifer Blake) and Marin Morrell (a Druid Emissary whose pack, the Alpha Pack, was decimated by Jennifer). Though Natalie continued to witness strange events, such as the juniors taking the PSATs being exposed to a modified version of the canine distemper virus that would temporarily sicken humans and potentially kill canine shapeshifters such as Werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Kitsune, she maintained her belief that they were simply freak accidents.

It wasn't until the fifth season that Natalie was finally forced to open her eyes to the sizable supernatural community of Beacon Hills when she had visited the Beacon County Sheriff's Station in order to meet Noah Stilinski before going on a date one night. Shortly after her arrival, Noah realized that his deputies, including Valerie Clark, had been paralyzed by Kanima Venom and were unable to move. Before they could react further, Tracy Stewart, a high school student who suffered from intense night terrors and who had been transformed into a Werewolf-Kanima Chimera by the Dread Doctors, appeared and went after Natalie, as she was targeting people who were trying to help her.

Lydia was injured in the struggle, and when she was being wheeled into the operating room of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital for surgery, she begged Natalie not to tell anyone about what she saw. Natalie, overwhelmed by the revelation of the supernatural world and her daughter's role in it, tried her best to deny it, a response that Natalie continued until she learned that Gabriel Valack had tricked her into admitting Lydia so that he could perform trephination on her and use her powers to learn the identity of the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan.

From then on, Natalie began to immerse herself into the supernatural world, intent to keep Lydia safe from those who would her out of hatred for the McCall Pack and to help the McCall Pack protect Beacon Hills; this included helping Lydia find information on Stiles Stilinski after the Ghost Riders captured him and erased all of their memories of his existence, and researching the history of Claudia Stilinski to determine that she was really dead and had also been conjured through the Ghost Riders' powers. However, she insisted on making Beacon Hills High School a dedicated "safe space" from the supernatural in an effort to minimize the chaos and destruction caused by supernatural battles, such as when the Beast of Gevaudan showed up in the high school's library and forced Scott McCall to transform in order to prevent the Beast from hurting his human fellow students.

Garrett[edit | edit source]

4x04 Garrett at the lake house.jpg

Garrett was a human professional assassin who, along with his partner and girlfriend, Violet, referred to themselves as The Orphans. Garrett's signature weapon was a lacrosse stick that doubled as a staff, with each end having retractable double-bladed knives which could be detached at will. As a result of their high kill count, the FBI had a comprehensive file of The Orphans' murders even before they came to Beacon Hills to take part in the Deadpool hit-list of supernatural creatures. Taking advantage of their youthful appearances, Garrett and Violet enrolled at Beacon Hills High School in order to get closer to the highest-valued targets on the supernatural hit-list, such as Brett Talbot, Liam Dunbar, Malia Tate, Kira Yukimura, Lydia Martin, and Scott McCall.

However, after Violet failed to kill Scott and was subsequently arrested for her crimes, Garrett revealed his true self in order to blackmail Scott into helping him free his girlfriend by stabbing his Beta, Liam, with a wolfsbane-coated blade and throwing him into a well in the Beacon Hills Preserve, insisting that if Scott did not assist him, Liam would die. Unfortunately for Garrett, his goal of freeing Violet from the police's custody put him on the same path as Kate Argent, a Werejaguar who was also on the Deadpool and who was intent on learning who the Benefactor was. He went on to underestimate the raw strength of Kate's Berserkers, which ultimately led to his death at their hands.

Rafael McCall[edit | edit source]

Rafael mccall illuminated.png

Rafael is the human ex-husband of Melissa McCall, the father of Scott McCall, and a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigations. He was estranged from his family for many years as a result of his alcoholism, which had resulted in the younger Scott accidentally being shoved down the stairs, and it wasn't until the autumn of 2011 that he had returned to Beacon Hills to assist the Beacon County Sheriff's Department in finding out who was responsible for the ritual human sacrifices occurring in the town.

After the Darach crisis had ended, Rafael stuck around under the guise of trying to reconnect with his family, though his real reason for staying was because his boss at the FBI wanted him to lead the case for impeachment for Sheriff Noah Stilinski, citing his inability to solve cases as his reasoning. Though this case caused a great deal of animosity between Rafael and Scott, the latter of whom supported the Stilinskis, it was eventually revealed that Rafael was actually trying to help Noah, informing him that Beacon Hills' strange murders and kidnappings were so complicated that even Sherlock Holmes would be able to solve them.

Despite all of the supernatural events he had witnessed (such as being stabbed in the shoulder by an Oni's sword, and having his prison transport van overturned by Kate Argent's Berserkers, Rafael has continued to remain in the dark about the supernatural world in which his son is involved, though the detective in him realized that Scott was hiding things from him. Rafael returned to his home in San Francisco in order to file his report on his reasoning for killing The Chemist (an assassin who used his Modified Canine Distemper Virus in order try to kill Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, and Malia Tate in order to claim their bounties on the Deadpool) and has yet to return.

Marin Morrell[edit | edit source]

Marin morrell currents.png

Marin is a human Druid who is the younger sister of Alan Deaton and who acted as the Emissary of Deucalion's original pack and the Alpha Pack. In addition to this role, she was also the former French teacher and guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School, as she claimed to be French-Canadian and to have over three-hundred hours of clinical work as a counselor. She was shown to have counseled Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, Scott McCall, and Danielle, among many other students, during her time working at the high school. Part of her skill as a counselor came from the fact that, as an Emissary, she counseled the Werewolves under her guidance, and upon the decimation of the Alpha Pack, Marin became a therapist to troubled supernatural creatures at Eichen House.

Nathan Pierce[edit | edit source]

6x03 Nathan.png

Nathan is a human student at Beacon Hills High School who plays on the lacrosse team and who had a brief fling with Malia Tate after the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt erased Malia's ex-boyfriend Stiles Stilinski from reality. He was one of the runners-up for the title of captain of the Beacon Hills Cyclones, though he was ultimately beaten by Liam Dunbar, and his presence at the lacrosse kick-off party ended with Nathan being marked by the Ghost Riders. When the McCall Pack worked together with Chris Argent to protect Nathan and the other party guests from being erased like Stiles and many others were, he was resistant to the revelation about the supernatural, to the point where he even tried to break out of the fortified Argent Bunker, a decision that ultimately got him captured by the Hunt and taken back to the Phantom Train Station. He was presumably returned to his life in Beacon Hills after the McCall Pack and their allies were able to drive the Ghost Riders away from the town.

Claudia Stilinski[edit | edit source]

Claudia stilinski superposition.jpg

Claudia was the human wife of Noah Stilinski and the mother of Stiles Stilinski who was diagnosed with fronto-temporal dementia in 2003 and who died within a year of this diagnosis. Her illness caused her to become paranoid and confused as a result of the hallucinations, nightmares, and sleepwalking that she experienced, to the point where she even believed that her own son, Stiles, who was barely ten years old at the time, was trying to kill her. Stiles was the only person with Claudia when she died, and her death was immensely traumatic for both Stiles and Noah, causing Stiles to suffer from panic attacks for many years afterward.

In Season 6, the Ghost Riders conjured a phantom version of Claudia in order to fill the void in Noah's life that was caused by Stiles' absence after he was captured by the Wild Hunt, erased from reality, and brought to the Phantom Train Station. Noah, whose memories of Claudia's death and Stiles' existence were repressed by the Ghost Riders, was so happy with his life that he didn't initially notice the holes in his memories caused by the Riders' manipulations. However, in time, he started to realize that something was right, much to Claudia's fear, as her newly returned existence could only continue as long as Noah didn't believe in Stiles.

When Noah found relics of Stiles' existence, Claudia became panicked and tried to stop him, only to fade away as a result of his lack of belief in her. She then returned shortly after the Ghost Riders were driven out of town by the McCall Pack and their allies and attempted to kill Stiles and his close friend Lydia Martin so that she could continue to live happily with Noah. Unfortunately for phantom-Claudia, Stiles made it clear that this phantom version of Claudia was not his mother, distracting her enough that Lydia was able to use her Banshee scream in conjunction with Noah's gun in order to kill her for good.

Elias Stilinski[edit | edit source]

Elias Stilinski.png

Elias is the human husband of his unnamed wife, the father of Noah Stilinski, the father-in-law of Claudia Stilinski, and the paternal grandfather of Stiles Stilinski. Elias is a retired engineer who served in the United States Army Corps during World War II, building bridges to help end the war. During this time, he gained the nickname "Stiles," a nickname that his grandson would ultimately be called as well. He then married soon after and had his son, Noah, who grew up to join the Army just like him. However, Elias was both physically and emotionally abusive to his wife, and one night, Noah, having had enough of his father terrorizing his mother, stepped in between them to protect her. This ultimately led Elias to throw Noah backward, causing him to fall onto the glass-topped coffee table, shattering it in the process. Noah had a significantly deep laceration on his shoulder and collarbone which, according to Noah, still has tiny bits of glass in it in the present day.

At some point, Elias developed Alzheimer's disease and his condition progressed enough that he needed to be moved into an assisted living facility. When Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, and Malia Tate got a clue as to their missing friend (after Lydia used automatic writing to write the name "Stiles"), they found that Elias initially had no understanding of what they were asking him. However, after Lydia was able to get him to focus by using math equations, his true personality emerged, and he went on to speak badly about Scott's father Rafael McCall's alleged "wandering eyes" and Lydia's mother Natalie Martin, whom he said was very much like Lydia due to her "always needing to be the smartest person in the room." When Noah arrived to end their questioning, Elias became upset and shouting, "Go back to your dead wife and loser son!", suggesting that his Alzheimer's prevented him from having his memories manipulated by the Ghost Riders.

Sydney[edit | edit source]

5x17 Sydney.png

Sydney was a student at Beacon Hills High School and an acquaintance of the members of the McCall Pack. She is a very ambitious and driven person who was a member of numerous groups at school (including yearbook club) and who insisted upon taking all of the Advanced Placement classes as she could, even when she became so overwhelmed by stress that she began to develop alopecia, causing her hair to fall out in chunks. She implied that her family struggles financially, which was why she had no choice but to do as well as possible in school to ensure that she would get a full scholarship to go college.

During the Deadpool crisis, Sydney was among the juniors taking the PSATs who were infected by The Chemist's Modified Canine Distemper Virus, and though she was the first student to demonstrate symptoms of the virus, the fact that she was human meant that she only remained ill for a few hours before the virus killed itself. Sydney seems to have good rapport with Scott McCall and Lydia Martin; the former due to Scott comforting her after she contracted the virus and helping to save her and the other students from the Beast of Gevaudan, and the latter due to Lydia comforting her when her hair began to fall out during class. She was later recruited for Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent's Hunter army in Season 6 due to all of the supernatural events she has witnessed in Beacon Hills, such as the battle between the wolfed-out Scott McCall and the Beast of Gevaudan and the fear of them that had been amplified by the Anuk-ite.

Marie-Jeanne Valet[edit | edit source]


Marie-Jeanne was the younger sister of Sebastien Valet, the wife of Henri Argent, and the ancestor of Alexander, Gerard, Chris, Kate, and Allison Argent. Marie-Jeanne was well-renowned for being the best hunter of mundane animals in Gévaudan, France, in the mid-late 1700s, and she herself even stated that she had hunted nearly every animal under the sun.

In 1764, rumors swirled of a supernatural beast killing many people in their village, a rumor that Marie-Jeanne believed to be just that—a rumor. The body count peaked right about the time that her brother Sebastien and his comrade, Marcel, returned from their deployment to North America to fight in the Seven Years' War, leading the King to request that a hunting party be sent out to find and slay the Beast. Marie-Jeanne, a skeptic when it came to the supernatural, was chosen to lead the hunters out, and after watching the Beast kill numerous hunters, she came face-to-face with the animal. Just before it could attack her, Henri Argent appeared and created a barrier of Mountain Ash around them to prevent the Beast from getting any closer.

Now having no choice but to accept that the supernatural world existed, she and Henri worked together to come up with a way to identify the Beast. Soon after, they put Mistletoe berries in wine at the French Tavern, and though Marcel attempted to cover for Sebastien, it was eventually revealed that Sebastien was indeed the Beast, having been turned into the demonic form of a Werewolf by accidentally drinking rainwater from a wolf's paw-print while serving in the French military. Marie-Jeanne went on to hunt her brother for the next three years until finally, using a special pike, Marie-Jeanne was able to slay him. Afterward, she cursed her brother with damnatio memoriae and married Henri, taking his last name, Argent and raising their children to hunt supernatural killers by combining her hunting skills with Henri's understanding of supernatural protection and weapons.

Violet[edit | edit source]

S4 Violet searching for Carrie Hudson.jpg

Violet was the girlfriend of Garrett and one of the two members of the assassin duo known as The Orphans. Their legacy as professional killers was so renowned that the Federal Bureau of Investigations had an entire file on the murders they committed, due in part to their unique weapons (for Violet, a thermo-wire garrote that was disguised as a bolo necklace). Upon receiving the Deadpool hit-list of supernatural creatures, Violet and Garrett made their way to Beacon Hills, where Violet killed a Beta Werewolf in Satomi Ito's pack, Demarco Montana, by decapitating him with her necklace, earning $250,000 in the process.

However, Violet's ambition ultimately got the best of her, as she decided to forego the $1 million she would have earned from killing Demarco's fellow Beta, Brett Talbot in favor of killing the True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall, who had the highest value at $25 million. Scott was able to easily overpower her, resulting in her arrest by the Beacon County Sheriff's Department. While she was being transported to federal prison, she was captured and tortured for information by the Werejaguar Kate Argent and her Berserkers before she was finally killed.

Meredith Walker[edit | edit source]

4x09 Meredith is the benefacotr.png

Meredith is a young woman and a Banshee who is an ally of the McCall Pack. She first triggered her abilities in high school, when the voices she heard became so overwhelming that she screamed and shattered all the windows at the school, an act that ultimately landed her in Eichen House's supernatural ward. It was there that she was found by Lorraine Martin, a fellow Banshee who was trying to figure out how she was able to predict her wife Maddy's death. During tests to determine her powers, Meredith's ears and mind were badly injured, causing her to be sent to the same intensive care unit as then-Beta Werewolf Peter Hale, who suffered full-body third-degree burns in the Hale House Fire several years earlier. During their time as roommates, Peter's racing thoughts met the same frequency as Meredith's telepathy and she heard his plans to create a hit-list of supernatural creatures with bounties funded by his inheritance, sending the list to professional assassins, hunters, and amateurs interested in making money.

Meredith then met fellow Eichen House patients Malia Tate and Stiles Stilinski in the autumn of 2011, when she began considering whether or not it was time to enact the Deadpool that Peter had planned. When fellow Banshee Lydia Martin was captured by the Nogitsune, who was possessing a cloned version of Stiles Stilinski's body, Meredith escaped Eichen and sought out the real Stiles Stilinski and McCall Pack Alpha Scott McCall to help them rescue her using their connection as harbingers of death. However, upon connecting with Lydia, Meredith informed them that Lydia didn't want to be found, not explaining that Lydia had a premonition that Allison Argent would die at Camp Oak Creek where she was being held. After Allison ultimately died just as Lydia predicted, Meredith, feeling self-loathing, decided that the time was right to start the Deadpool, believing supernatural creatures and humans with powers such as herself were the cause of death and disaster in Beacon Hills.

Meredith then blackmailed Eichen House orderly Brunski, an "Angel of Death" who killed his clients under the guise of easing their suffering, to help her with the Deadpool; she had him steal the $117 million in bearer bonds from the Hale Vault and Lorraine's computer code in order to create a hit-list in three separate pieces. However, though she put every supernatural creature in town on the list, including herself, she felt guilty about the members of the McCall Pack and still helped them crack several portions of the list so they could protect some of the targets. When it was eventually revealed that she was behind it, Meredith realized the error of her ways and was brought back to Eichen House. Despite this, she has continued to be a friend and ally to the pack, helping them rescue Lydia and break her out of Eichen House before she could be killed by Gabriel Valack's trephination and helping Lydia learn how to use her scream as an offensive weapon.

Ken Yukimura[edit | edit source]

Ken yukimura more bad than good.png

Ken is the human husband of the Celestial Kitsume Noshiko Yukimura and the father of the Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura. He was born in South Korea and went to university in Japan, where he became obsessed with learning more about the internment of Japanese immigrants in the United States during World War II, specifically an internment camp in central California called Camp Oak Creek, which had been stricken from history books due to the devastating riot that occurred there. It was around this time that he met Noshiko, a survivor of the Oak Creek riot, who not only could tell him what the US government had covered up, but who knew a great deal about other eras in history due to being nine hundred years old.

He and Noshiko ultimately married in Japan, with Ken taking Noshiko's surname as his own in honor of her unique heritage. They then moved to New York, where they had a daughter, Kira, in the mid-1990s, and where Ken took a job as a professor at Columbia University. However, in late 2011, Noshiko realized that the Nogitsune she imprisoned in 1943 who was behind a great deal of the chaos and death of the Oak Creek riot, had escaped from its prison in the Nemeton as a result of the Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual performed by Scott McCall, Allison Argent, and Stiles Stilinski. It was this escape that caused the Yukimura Family to move to Beacon Hills, California so that Noshiko could deal with it, believing that it was her responsibility for summoning it in the first place. Ken then took a job as a history teacher at Beacon Hills High School, the same school his daughter Kira began attending.

After Kira learned that she, like her mother, was a Kitsune, Ken was insistent that Kira be told everything about her heritage and powers and was supportive of her attempts to save her friends and the town from supernatural threats. He was instrumental in the survival of Kira, Scott, and Malia after they were exposed to the Modified Canine Distemper Virus during the Deadpool, and he was intent on saving his daughter when her Kitsune spirit came out of balance. Since Kira's return to Shiprock, New Mexico to train with the Skinwalkers, its believed that Ken and Noshiko continue to live in or near Beacon Hills.

Former Humans[edit | edit source]

Scott McCall[edit | edit source]

Bitten Werewolf (True Alpha) (currently); Berserker (formerly/briefly)

Scott McCall Character cell.png

Scott is the son of Melissa McCall, an emergency room nurse, and Rafael McCall, an FBI agent. He was initially just a normal teenage boy in his sophomore year at Beacon Hills High School—he wasn't the most popular kid in school, and all he wanted was to make first line on the lacrosse team, something that was made difficult by his severe case of asthma. However, the night before spring semester started, Scott's best friend, Stiles Stilinski, showed up unannounced at his house and informed him that the two were going to the woods, as he had heard on his father's police radio that joggers had found half of a dead body there.

After the two were separated due to Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies' arrival in the woods, Scott, who was distracted by looking for his lost inhaler, was attacked and bitten by an unknown Alpha Werewolf. Despite Stiles' research leading to the conclusion that Scott was becoming a Werewolf himself, Scott remained in denial and went to a party at Lydia Martin's house with his date, Allison Argent, not knowing that her father, Chris Argent, was a Werewolf Hunter. As a result of the full moon that night, Scott transformed into a Werewolf for the first time and met Derek Hale, a fellow Werewolf who informed him that they were now brothers.

Though Scott continued to live in denial of his new reality, he eventually was forced to accept that he was now a lycanthrope and learned how to control his powers, eventually deciding to use them to protect Beacon Hills from both human and supernatural threats. With Stiles at his side and his then-girlfriend Allison now in-the-know, the three created the basis for the McCall Pack just as it was revealed that Scott had the potential to become a True Alpha, an Alpha who, rather than killing an Alpha and stealing their power, can instead rise purely by his strength of character and willpower.

After Scott ascended to Alpha status, his pack then gained more members (such as fellow Werewolf Isaac Lahey, the Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura, the Werecoyote Malia Tate), and he even saved the lives of two fellow teenagers by giving them "the Bite," Liam Dunbar and his girlfriend Hayden Romero. With more people joining the pack (such as the human Mason Hewitt and the Chimera Corey Bryant) and acting as allies (such as Derek, Sheriff Stilinski, Chris Argent, Melissa McCall, Alan Deaton, Braeden, and many more), Scott and his pack have become known for being the protectors of Beacon Hills, and have endured against all odds, successfully fighting off threats such as the Alpha Pack, the Darach, the Nogitsune, the Oni, the Deadpool and the assassins it drew to town, the Dread Doctors and their failed Chimeras, the Beast of Gevaudan, and the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt. Though he was recently accepted to attend the University of California - Davis to study veterinary science, Scott has seemingly put his college plans on hold in order to defend Beacon Hills one last time against a mysterious creature who was released into their world through the rift they created to save Stiles from the Wild Hunt.

Jackson Whittemore[edit | edit source]

Bitten Kanima-Werewolf (Omega)

Jackson whittemore magic bullet 1.jpg

Jackson was born a normal human boy who lived in Beacon Hills, California and eventually grew up to be a talented athlete and intelligent student at Beacon Hills High School. Insecure about the fact that he was adopted and the fact that his previously-dorky classmate Scott McCall had exceeded his skills in lacrosse, Jackson sought out to learn Scott's secret. He eventually figured out that Scott had recently been bitten and turned into a Werewolf and, seeking this power however he could get it, he manipulated events until he finally got the Bite from newly ascended Alpha Derek Hale, though Derek's intentions were more to get Jackson out of his hair than transforming him.

Though the Bite did not kill Jackson, he did begin showing signs of rejecting the transformation when he began bleeding black blood from his nose and ears. However, this symptom did not last very long, and by the time his first full moon came around, it had stopped. Jackson, excited for his first transformation, set up a video camera in his bedroom to record everything that happened, only to be disappointed when it seemingly depicted him sleeping through the entire evening. Confused as to what has been happening with him, he began theorizing that his contact with Lydia Martin, who appeared to be immune to the Bite after she survived her attack at the hands of Peter Hale without transforming into a shapeshifter, somehow transferred the immunity to him.

It wasn't until later on that Jackson learned that the video of his first full moon had been tampered with and was missing almost three hours of material, giving him renewed hope that his transformation into a Werewolf was just happening slower than it would normally take. Unfortunately for him, it was soon revealed that he wasn't actually a Werewolf at all—he had become a Kanima, a mutated, reptilian shapeshifter that results from unresolved identity issues and who is known in mythology to be controlled by a master and used to kill murderers; in this case, his master was Matt Daehler, a fellow high school student who was controlling Jackson and using him to kill those he believed to have killed him by not saving him when he was drowning in a swimming pool as a child.

Jackson began suffering from blackouts but understood that he was doing things outside of his own control on a subconscious level, especially when Matt was killed by Gerard Argent, who took control of Jackson's Kanima alter-ego and used him against those he blamed for the death of his daughter, Kate Argent, namely Derek Hale and his pack. After Jackson was snapped out of a Kanima trance by Lydia Martin, using his house key as a connection to his humanity, he allowed Derek and Peter to kill him out of guilt for all of the death and destruction he had caused. However, Jackson was miraculously resurrected and became a true Werewolf, though he still retained some aspects of his Kanima nature, such as his reptilian eyes (in addition to his glowing blue Werewolf eyes), his tail, and claws that secrete a paralytic venom. He has since moved to London, England and is in a romantic relationship with Ethan Steiner.

Kate Argent[edit | edit source]

Scratched Werejaguar

Kate argent the wolves of war.jpg

Kate was born into the Argent Family, a family of Hunters of supernatural creatures whose work dated back centuries, and who was trained in the Hunter lifestyle for her entire life. However, unlike her older brother Chris Argent, who had a steadfast devotion to the Hunter Code (which, at the start of the series, was "We hunt those who hunt us"), Kate inherited her father Gerard Argent's belief in only following the Code when it was convenient for them, preferring to hunt and kill Werewolves even if they were teenagers and/or had no proof of spilling innocent human blood.

In Season 1, it was revealed that Kate was like a sister to her niece, Allison Argent, and she went against her parent's request to keep Allison in the dark about their Hunter legacy by leaving her clues and allow her to eavesdrop no conversations that eventually clued her in to the existence of the supernatural. It was also revealed that she was the mastermind behind the Hale House Fire in 2005, which killed nearly everyone in the Hale Family of Werewolves and which burned Peter Hale so badly he was in a coma for six years. Unfortunately for Kate, Peter, who had recovered enough from his burns to allow him to kill his own niece, Laura Hale, and steal the Alpha powers she inherited from her mother, Talia Hale, set his sights on killing every co-conspirator of Kate's before finally confronting Kate herself. Threatening to harm Kate's niece Allison if she didn't comply, Peter forced Kate to apologize for decimating his family before ripping her throat out with his claws, seemingly killing her in front of Allison.

However, though everyone assumed that Kate was dead, she had, in fact, been scratched so deeply that she was able to be turned. Every day, she recovered a little bit more, until her newly gained powers finally resurrected her and completed her transformation into a Werejaguar, likely due to the supernatural adage "The shape you take reflects the person that you are." The Calavera Family, another family of Hunters allied with the Argents, knowing that Kate had been killed with Peter's claws, came to Beacon Hills to ensure that she was really dead. When they found that she was actually becoming a shapeshifter herself, Araya and Severo Calavera kidnapped her and brought her back to their home in Mexico, where they held her in their holding cell until the day of the next full moon, when they handed her a straight razor and expected her to kill herself before she fully turned.

Tempted as she was to follow the Code and end her life, Kate decided that she would rather live and used the razor to cut herself and bleed just enough to convince the Hunters that she was really dead, using her newly gained Werejaguar powers of superhuman strength, speed, agility and reflexes to overpower the Hunters, killing at least six of them in her escape from the compound. She was then drawn to the Temple of Tezcatlipoca, also known as La Iglesia, where she found two Berserkers waiting for her. The Berserkers acted as Kate's bodyguards and helped her survive as she attempted to gain control over her new shapeshifter nature.

Much to Kate's frustration, she continued to struggle with her transformations, which led to her going so far as to de-age Derek to his sixteen-year-old self, as she knew it was the perfect point in his life between when they met and when she killed his family in the fire, gaining his trust to access the Hale Vault and obtain the Triskelion Medallion, which she believed possessed supernatural powers that afforded shapeshifters control over their transformations, though this was ultimately proven to be false. She continued to train herself in control while investigating "the Benefactor," the creator of the Deadpool, a hit-list of supernatural creatures in which she was valued at $12 million.

During this investigation, she came upon Peter Hale, who, despite having killed her and turned her into a Werejaguar on accident, became an ally in her ultimate goal—to ruin the life of Scott McCall, whom she believed to be the person responsible for the decimation of the Argent Family, despite this person actually being herself. However, the plan she and Peter created, which involved turning Scott into a Berserker, having Liam kill Scott, and then having Peter kill Liam to steal his Alpha powers, failed, causing Peter to be captured and locked up in Eichen House while Kate was forced to go on the run from her brother Chris Argent and Araya Calavera.

In Season 6, Kate resurfaced again in North Carolina, where she ambushed Chris and Derek and stole Derek's last supply of yellow wolfsbane, which she planned to give Gerard, both to win his affection and rejoin the Argent Family once again, as well as to kill Scott once and for all. However, when Gerard turned on her and used the remaining wolfsbane in a bullet with which to shoot her, Kate, appalled by her father's lack of love for her, mauled him to death.

Isaac Lahey[edit | edit source]

Bitten Werewolf (Beta)

Isaac lahey silverfinger.jpg

Isaac was an ordinary human teenage boy who was being constantly abused by his father, Mr. Lahey, who would throw dishes at him and lock him in a deep freezer to punish him for anything he believed Isaac did wrong. When Derek Hale, who had recently ascended to Alpha Werewolf status after killing his uncle Peter Hale, saw Isaac, he decided to give Isaac the Bite and make him his second Beta, as he saw Isaac as someone who needed strength and power to defend himself.

However, shortly after Isaac was turned, he was exposed as a Werewolf to his father after he threw a glass at him, which shattered and caused a broken piece to cut Isaac's face; when Isaac's Werewolf accelerated healing powers closed up the wound in moments, Mr. Lahey, horrified, chased Isaac out of the house. Isaac ran away on his bike while Mr. Lahey followed him in his car, but before his father could catch him, he was killed by the Kanima (Jackson Whittemore) on the orders of his Kanima Master Matt Daehler. Because of the history of abuse, Isaac was charged with his murder and arrested on the night of his first full moon, forcing Derek, fellow turned Werewolf Scott McCall, human Huntress Allison Argent, and human Stiles Stilinski to break him out before he could hurt anyone while transformed.

Afterward, Isaac became loyal to Derek and joined his pack, working with Derek and Scott and their allies to solve supernatural crimes. However, as Isaac and Scott became closer, Isaac's allegiance slowly shifted toward the McCall Pack, and he officially joined their pack after Derek sacrificed his Alpha powers to save his sister Cora Hale. Isaac remained a member of the pack until the death of his then-girlfriend Allison; he was so devastated by her loss that he left Beacon Hills to go to France with her father Chris Argent, and electing to stay there even when Chris returned to his hometown.

Erica Reyes[edit | edit source]

Bitten Werewolf (Beta)

Erica reyes currents.jpg

Erica was first introduced as a shy loner at Beacon Hills High School who lacked close friends and confidence and who suffered from epilepsy. Following in then-Alpha Derek Hale's trend in finding and turning teenagers who, for whatever reason, needed power and strength in their lives, into Werewolves, he decided to turn Erica in order to cure her of her epilepsy and to expand his pack, which now included two Betas.

After receiving the Bite, Erica gained a newfound self-confidence along with her newly-healthy body and immediately became loyal to Derek. She helped him recruit one last Beta, Vernon Boyd, with whom she developed a close friendship. However, after many battles with the Argent Hunters, the Kanima, and its masters Matt Daehler and Gerard Argent, Boyd and Erica, fearing their lives, decided to leave Beacon Hills with the intent of joining another pack. Unfortunately for them, both of their attempts to leave led to their capture—first by Gerard and the grieving Allison Argent, and then again by the Alpha Pack. After being a captive of the Alphas for nearly four months, Erica was killed in a battle with the Augmented Alpha Kali, with her body being found by Derek and Allison several days after it happened.

Vernon Boyd[edit | edit source]

Bitten Werewolf (Beta)

Boyd raving.png

Vernon, better known as "Boyd" was a shy, quiet human loner and member of the Air Force ROTC program at Beacon Hills High School, when Derek Hale, a newly ascended Alpha Werewolf trying to rebuild his pack, discovered him and offered him what Boyd had always wanted—friends and power. Despite Scott McCall's best efforts to talk Boyd out of becoming a Werewolf, he gave Derek his consent to be bitten, though Boyd made it clear that he wanted to be more like Scott than he did like Derek, preferring Scott's protective personality to Derek's more authoritarian way of doing things. Boyd became happier after being turned due to his developing friendships with Derek and his fellow Betas Isaac Lahey and Erica Reyes, with his relationship with the latter developing into a best friendship and borderline romantic bond. However, though his change did come with some positives, such as Boyd being able to join the lacrosse team due to his enhanced strength, speed, and agility, these perks were ultimately not enough to counter the constant threat of the Argent Family of Werewolf Hunters, as well as the Kanima, a reptilian shapeshifter killing Beacon Hills citizens due to being under the control of two different corrupt masters.

After a number of injuries and near-death experiences, Boyd and Erica ultimately decided to leave their hometown in search of a pack in a safer area, much to Derek's displeasure. Unfortunately, the two ran into two large obstacles in this plan before they even made it through the woods—they were first attacked and held hostage by Gerard Argent and his granddaughter Allison, before then being released by Chris Argent and subsequently captured again by the Alpha Pack, who wanted to use Boyd, Erica, and Derek's long-lost sister Cora Hale as a bartering chip to get Derek to join their ranks.

Though Erica was killed by one of the Alphas, Kali, Boyd and Cora were rescued by Scott, Derek, and Allison, allowing them to rejoin the Hale Pack. However, Boyd was ultimately the next casualty in the battle between the Beacon Hills Werewolves and the Alpha Pack, as his chest was shoved into Derek's claws by Kali, Ethan, and Aiden. Before Boyd died, he remarked that the feeling on the full moon was worth everything else he went through and that he was curious as to what happened to Werewolves during a lunar eclipse.

Victoria Argent[edit | edit source]

Bitten Werewolf (Omega)

2X09 Victoria Argent smiling.png

Victoria was originally a human woman who married into the Argent Family of Werewolf Hunters, though it is unknown if she, too, came from a Hunter family or if she simply became one after marrying her husband, Chris Argent. She gave birth to a daughter, Allison, in 1994, and, for reasons unknown, she and her husband shielded her from the supernatural world until she was seventeen years old.

Victoria and Chris' Hunter business caused them to travel the world as new threats were discovered, using Chris' legitimate business as a firearms dealer and security consultant to explain why they never settled down for longer than a year. During this time, she worked as a buyer for a boutique and a mathematics teacher at an all-boy's school. She was a stay at home mother for several months after the Argents moved back to Beacon Hills, California, but in time, when the escalating tensions between the Hunters and the supernatural community, the Argents began infiltrating Beacon Hills High School, with Victoria acting as a substitute English teacher to better monitor the growing number of Werewolf teens in the school.

Victoria soon discovered that her daughter Allison was continuing her relationship with newly turned Werewolf Scott McCall despite the family's agreement that they would break up in exchange for Chris and Victoria not killing him. She became obsessed with ending Allison and Scott's relationship, monitoring Allison's communications and making threats toward Scott. Finally, after Victoria found a note from Scott in Allison's textbook that said "Because I love you," she decided that she would kill Scott at the rave while the rest of the Argents focused on finding and killing the Kanima and its master. Choosing to use a vaporizer full of purple wolfsbane to make it look as though Scott died from an asthma attack, she brought Scott into a nearby warehouse to kill him.

However, Victoria's belief that Scott was an Omega, a lone wolf, was ultimately her downfall, as Scott roared at the top of his voice and summoned then-Alpha Derek Hale to where he was being held. Derek managed to find Scott and saved him by fighting against Victoria, inadvertently biting her in the process. Victoria, devoted to the Hunter Code, decided to follow its rule that Hunters bitten by Alphas must kill themselves before the next full moon, stabbing herself in the chest with a knife (with help from Chris) to make it look as though she committed suicide as a result of a struggle with depression. Her death continued to haunt Allison and Chris for the rest of their lives, with Chris, having reformed from his anti-supernatural ways, revealing that Victoria would have better honored her family by living as a Werewolf rather than dying just as her transformation was underway.

Matt Daehler[edit | edit source]

Partially-Turned Kanima

2x08 Matt and jackson.png

Matt was a nerdy teenage boy who was in the same grade as Scott McCall and the rest of the older members of the McCall Pack. He was best known for his love of photography and his status as a member of the lacrosse team. As a child, Matt nearly drowned to death at the Lahey House's swimming pool when members of the swim team Mr. Lahey coached threw him into the water despite his pleas that he didn't know how to swim. Though he survived the event, he was traumatized by the feeling of being unable to breathe and suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder such as flashbacks and panic attacks; due to the nature of his near-death experience, Matt also developed hydrophobia, a fear of water. From then on, he harbored homicidal ideations toward those who were present at the party who nearly let him die without aid, though he lacked the means to get his revenge until he was a sophomore at Beacon Hills High School.

While Matt was spying on Jackson Whittemore, to whom he loaned his camera, he came face-to-face with the Kanima, a reptilian shapeshifter who acts as a weapon of vengeance and who seeks a master to control it. Matt, relying on his instincts, pressed the palm of his right hand against the palm of the Kanima's left hand, which bonded them together and caused the Kanima aspect to share Matt's fear of water. This allowed Matt to control the Kanima (who would later be revealed to be Jackson himself), first by taking photographs of those he wanted killed, such as Mr. Lahey, Bennett, Tucker Cornish, etc., and then evolving into simply thinking of the person he wanted to kill before Jackson enacted the murder at his will.

However, unfortunately for Matt, he did not fully understand the supernatural rules regarding the Kanima and the supernatural in general, and when he began having Jackson kill people who were not murderers and even killing innocent people himself, Matt slowly began turning into a Kanima as well. He was ultimately killed by Gerard Argent, who, in a cruel twist of fate, took Matt's life by holding him under the water and drowning him so his last moments were especially traumatic.

Aiden Steiner[edit | edit source]

Bitten Werewolf (Omega)

Aiden illuminated.jpg

Little is known about Aiden's human life, but at some point, he was bitten and turned into a Werewolf. However, unlike most turned wolves, Aiden and his twin brother Ethan were abandoned and became Omegas, forcing them to run with a vicious pack who reluctantly allowed them to tag along but who refused to allow them to officially join their ranks. Even more complicated was the fact that Aiden and Ethan developed the power to merge into one extra-large and powerful Werewolf, a power they couldn't control.

At some point, Aiden and his brother were found by Deucalion, an Augmented Alpha who sought the most powerful Werewolves he could find to recruit to his pack, which was also made up of Augmented Alphas. Deucalion taught them to control their merging power, but in exchange, he wanted them to join the Alpha Pack; since they were not yet Alphas, Deucalion required them to kill the Beta Werewolves in the pack they ran with before slaughtering the pack's Druid Emissary and finally, the Alpha, causing Aiden and his brother to ascend to their rank of Alpha themselves.

However, due to the fact that they were the newest recruits, they had a very submissive role in the pack hierarchy, though they both appreciated the power they had gained. They eventually turned their attention to Beacon Hills, where there were two prospective recruits—newly ascended Alpha Derek Hale, son of the revered Alpha Talia Hale, and Scott McCall, a potential True Alpha who could rise to the role of Alpha due to his own force of will. After Deucalion sent Aiden to seduce Lydia Martin and determine how close she was with Scott, they determined that having Derek join the pack first would be the best bet to have Scott follow after him.

Unfortunately for Deucalion, the twins soon learned that they were pawns in his game and ultimately defected out of love for their respective significant others, Lydia and Danny Mahealani. After their battle with Jennifer Blake resulted in their demotion to Omega status once again, they then set their sights on joining the McCall Pack, an offer Scott initially declined due to the twins' history with their now-deceased friends Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd. Despite this initial refusal, Aiden and his brother ultimately proved themselves to Scott and helped join his cause against the Nogitsune. Aiden was ultimately killed by an Oni demon, forever separating him from his beloved brother.

Ethan Steiner[edit | edit source]

Bitten Werewolf (Omega)

Ethan lunar ellipse.jpg

Ethan and his twin brother Aiden fought for each other throughout their lives, as discussed above. After Aiden's death, Ethan broke up with his then-boyfriend Danny Mahealani and left Beacon Hills, as it carried too many painful memories of what he had lost. He eventually ended up in London, England, where he met and fell in love with Jackson Whittemore, a Kanima-Werewolf hybrid who was previously part of the Beacon Hills packs. After hearing about the deaths of supernatural creatures around the world, the two began investigating a growing global army of Hunters, with Ethan listening carefully while Jackson tricked them into talking.

When it became clear that Gerard Argent was behind the rising anti-supernatural violence, the two flew back to Beacon Hills, where they were almost immediately captured by Gerard's protégée Tamora Monroe and locked up in the armory. Despite being in captivity, the two were eventually able to rejoin the fight, helping the McCall Pack defeat the Anuk-ite and free the citizens of their hometown from its influence, though Monroe was ultimately able to flee before she could face justice.

Liam Dunbar[edit | edit source]

Bitten Werewolf (Beta)

6x06 Ghosted Liam.png

Liam was halfway through his freshman year of high school at Devenford Prep when he got expelled from school for angrily and violently reacting to his lacrosse coach benching him by violently destroying his car. Afterward, Liam received a psychiatric evaluation and was subsequently diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder, a condition that made him prone to destructive bouts of anger, and it was decided that he would transfer to Beacon Hills High School to complete his education. Once there, he tried out for their school's lacrosse team, where he met juniors Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, the former of whom Liam admired for making team captain as a sophomore. When Liam was inadvertently injured during try-outs due to Scott and Stiles' antics, his admission to the hospital where his step-father Dr. Geyer worked put him directly in the line of sight of Sean Walcott, a classmate who was revealed to be a Wendigo, a cannibalistic shapeshifter. Scott was forced to get involved when Sean attempted to eat Liam, causing Scott to fight him off until Liam was accidentally tossed over the edge of the roof. With his hands bound behind his back, Scott had no other choice to save Liam but to catch his wrist in his mouth, biting him hard to keep him from falling to his death. Unfortunately for Liam, this meant that he was bitten by an Alpha, which ultimately turned him into Scott's first Beta Werewolf.

Though Liam was initially wary of his new supernatural status and took some time for himself to decide what he would do with his newfound powers, he ultimately joined the McCall Pack and became close friends with all of its members and allies. Liam then helped the pack through their various trials, such as defeating the Benefactor and Peter Hale, fighting against the Dread Doctors and saving the Chimeras they turned, freeing the citizens of Beacon Hills from the Ghost Riders and ending a war between Hunters and supernatural creatures. While Scott and the older generation of packmates went to college, Liam acted as pack Alpha in his stead, leaving him to make the tough decisions regarding their place in the supernatural world.

Satomi Ito[edit | edit source]

Bitten Werewolf (Alpha)

Satomi ito weaponized.jpg

Little is known about the beginning of Satomi's life, aside from the fact that she was born as a human in Japan at some point in the early 20th century and eventually moved to the United States. During World War II, Satomi was forced to relocate to a Japanese internment camp after the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor navy base led to a wave of anti-Japanese sentiments in the country. It is unknown if she was attacked prior to or during her time at the Oak Creek internment camp in Beacon Hills, but she was eventually bitten and turned into a Werewolf. She became a reluctant friend of the centuries-old Celestial Kitsune Noshiko Yukimura, though she made her disapproval of the trickster spirit's practice of stealing supplies to keep her fellow internees comfortable. Satomi's status as a lycanthrope was not revealed until the riot that occurred in the camp after it was learned that the camp's MPs had been selling vital medications meant for the internees on the black market, which ultimately caused many of her fellow campmates to die from an epidemic of pneumococcal pneumonia. During the chaos, Satomi was pistol-whipped across the face by one of the MPs, inflicting a gash across her cheek that healed instantly and led her to involuntarily transform. Exposed as a Werewolf, Satomi grabbed a nearby Molotov cocktail and threw it at the MPs car, inadvertently setting Noshiko's lover Corporal Rhys on fire, though she was redeemed later that night when she helped Noshiko kill the Nogitsune who caused yet another massacre of the camp's survivors during the attempted cover-up of the riot.

Her role in Rhys' death and the violence that ensued as a result of her actions caused Satomi to feel a great deal of guilt regarding her Werewolf nature's inevitable violent behavior, and she devoted herself to Buddhist teachings in the years that followed the war. At an unknown point in time, Satomi presumably killed an Alpha Werewolf and became an Alpha herself, allowing her the power to create a Werewolf pack who espoused her non-violent beliefs. By 2012, Satomi (who was still alive due to her Werewolf healing and longevity) had amassed a pack of several dozen Werewolves of all ages, all of whom were soon after listed on the Deadpool, a hit-list of supernatural creatures created and disseminated by a mysterious figure called the Benefactor, who was willing to pay $117 million in blood money to kill those on the list; Satomi, at $10 million, was the highest valued member of her pack.

Though Satomi survived the Deadpool, along with a handful of her Betas, her pack was struggled to return to their former strength in numbers. After weeks on the run from the newly created Hunter Army led by Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent, Satomi stayed behind to buy the rest of the pack time to run away, essentially sacrificing herself so they would have a chance to live.

Jordan Parrish[edit | edit source]

Vessel for the Hellhound Cerberus

Riders On The Storm 6x10 Jordan Parrish.jpg

Parrish was a human soldier and explosive ordinance disposal technician in the United States Army who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. He was in the middle of disarming an explosive during a mission which inadvertently exploded, killing him in the process. However, at the exact moment of his death, the True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall, the human Hunter Allison Argent, and the human Stiles Stilinski performed a surrogate sacrifice ritual to the Beacon Hills Nemeton, reigniting its power and allowing a Hellhound spirit named Cerberus to possess his body and essentially resurrecting him. Because this spirit inside of him is supernatural, he was then naturally drawn to the newly awakened Nemeton, where he was hired as a Sheriff's deputy at the Beacon County Sheriff's Department, where he worked under Sheriff Noah Stilinski and eventually worked his way up to Deputy Sheriff. However, he had no idea that he was now supernatural until his name appeared on the Deadpool, a hit-list of supernatural creatures, with a bounty of $5 million. Despite his place on the list and the revelation that he possessed an immunity to fire, Parrish still did not know exactly what kind of creature he was until after the Dread Doctors came to Beacon Hills and it was determined that Parrish was, in fact, possessed by a Hellhound who was fated to battle the Beast of Gevaudan, the most ferocious and ruthless Werewolf in history. It was also soon learned that, as a Hellhound, Parrish was connected to Banshees due to their shared nature as harbingers of death, as well as the Wild Hunt, an army of ghostly hunters who ride the storm and steal souls with Hellhounds by their sides. This also gave Parrish a connection to the Anuk-ite, an ancient shapeshifter held prisoner by the Wild Hunt for an unknown length of time. Parrish remains a loyal ally to the McCall Pack to this day.

Theo Raeken[edit | edit source]

Werecoyote/Werewolf Chimera

Screenshot 2016-01-06 Theo 5X11 png.png

Theo was an ordinary human living in Beacon Hills until he was nine years old. It was then that he was discovered by the Dread Doctors, who manipulated him into killing his sister Tara so they could transplant her heart into Theo, making him a genetic chimera. Theo did just that, either pushing his sister off of the bridge in the Beacon Hills Preserve or simply leaving her for dead after she fell of her own accord, landing in the creek and dying of hypothermia.

After the transplant, Theo was turned into a pseudo-supernatural Chimera, a scientifically-created hybrid of two creatures, in an effort to create the perfect host for the spirit of the famed killer Werewolf known as the Beast of Gevaudan. However, Theo was considered a successful failure—though he was not a suitable host

for the Beast, he was the first Chimera to be turned without rejecting the transformation, making him a hybrid of a Werewolf and a Werecoyote, with the traits of both, including an ability to fully-transform into a dark brown wolf.

Theo and his family left Beacon Hills shortly thereafter, believed to be out of grief for the loss of Tara. What happened to Theo's parents after this point remains unknown. Theo would then return to Beacon Hills around the same time that the Dread Doctors did, as they wanted to try to make more Chimeras in hope of finding a suitable vessel for the Beast. Theo was tasked with keeping the McCall Pack out of their business, and in return, the Dread Doctors would help him kill the Alpha Scott McCall and steal his powers so he could take control of the pack, as he wanted their unique make-up of Werewolves, Werecoyotes, Banshees, Kitsune and humans.

Unfortunately for Theo, his plan failed, as he was unable to fully convince Scott's bitten Beta Liam Dunbar to kill Scott, as only someone turned by a True Alpha can steal their powers. As a result, Theo was not able to kill Liam to steal the powers from him in turn, causing Theo to kill Scott himself out of frustration before formulating a new plan—using the Dread Doctors' green serum to resurrect four of the dead Chimeras who had rejected their transformations (Tracy Stewart, Josh Diaz, Corey Bryant, and Hayden Romero) in order to form his own Chimera Pack with the intention of using them to help him steal the Beast's powers once the creature's spirit was resurrected and put into the body of successful Chimera Mason Hewitt.

Once again, Theo's plans to gain power failed, and he was ultimately imprisoned underground by Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura and her sword, which had been empowered by the Skinwalkers earth-manipulation powers. During his imprisonment, Theo was haunted by hallucinations of his sister Tara ripping out the heart he essentially took from her for over three months. It was then that Hayden and Liam, using Kira's sword, broke Theo out in order to get his help in fighting the Ghost Riders, who he learned about from the Dread Doctors. Throughout this, Theo began undergoing a transformation that turned him from villain to redeemed hero, ultimately helping the pack defeat the Ghost Riders and the Anuk-ite.

Tracy Stewart[edit | edit source]

Kanima/Werewolf Chimera

Tracy in her room.jpg

By all accounts, Tracy was a shy, timid high schooler who struggled with night terrors, which had a significant impact on her life (both at home and at school) and caused her to seek help from a psychiatrist. At some point prior to her introduction to the series, she was injured on her shoulder badly enough that she needed a skin graft from an outside donor, which inadvertently made her a genetic chimera, or a human with two sets of DNA. Unknown to her at the time, this condition would ultimately attract the attention of the Dread Doctors, humans who worshiped the supernatural and who used scientific means to gain superhuman powers, such as extended lifespans, the ability to manipulate the memories of others, and the ability to manipulate electromagnetic forces and frequencies. They experimented on her for at least several weeks, erasing her memories each time so she would not know what was happening to her until they were ready for her to have that information. However, though she did end up presenting as a hybrid of a Werewolf and a Kanima, she began rejecting the transformation, causing her to suffer such severe hallucinations that she believed she was actually in the middle of a night terror and had no idea that what she was doing (such as mauling her father and psychiatrist to death and seriously wounding a prison transport vehicle driver and fellow classmate Lydia Martin) was actually real and not just a dream. Upon realizing that Tracy was a failure as a test subject in their mission to create a suitable vessel for the resurrected spirit of the Beast of Gevaudan, they killed Tracy with an overdose of the same modified mercury that turned her into a pseudo-supernatural Chimera.

Theo Raeken, a "successful failure" who neither rejected his transformation into a Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera nor transformed into a suitable vessel for the Beast, ultimately used the Dread Doctors' serum to resurrect Tracy and three other dead Chimeras, Josh Diaz, Hayden Romero, and Corey Bryant. Upon her reawakening, Tracy's powers were finally stabilized, and her personality changed from timid and afraid to powerful and sadistic, following Theo's orders to the letter and enjoying succumbing to her darker instincts by causing others pain, unlike the other three, who struggled with their loyalty toward the man who resurrected them and used them as pawns. Unfortunately, Tracy was eventually killed by Theo, who, despite her romantic feelings for him, intended to steal her powers in hopes of being able to use her Kanima venom to paralyze the Beast and allow him to steal his powers as well. After Theo returned from being imprisoned underground for several months, it was revealed that he lost Tracy's powers as well.

Donovan Donati[edit | edit source]

Lamprey/Wendigo Chimera

5x03 Donovan.png

Donovan was the son of a Beacon County Sheriff's Deputy who used to work as the partner of Noah Stilinski, who was eventually elected as Sheriff of the county. Donovan held a lot of resentment toward the Stilinski family due to the circumstances that led to his father's early retirement. While on duty, Deputies Donati and Stilinski took a call at a Beacon Hills home where the two differed in their opinions on how to handle it—Stilinski wanted to call for back-up, and Donati wanted to storm the place before the standoff could get worse. In the end, Donati ended up going in alone while Stilinski radioed for assistance, causing him to be shot in the spine, paralyzing him from the waist down. Donovan believed that Stilinski was a "little bitch" for wanting to wait for back-up instead of going in with his partner, despite his father going against police protocol. Donovan was so distraught when he heard his father was injured in the line of duty that he raced to the hospital on his motorcycle and wrecked due to how fast he was going, leading both father and son to be wheeled into surgery around the same time. Donovan's injuries necessitated a skin graft from an outside donor, which ultimately led him to become a genetic chimera, or a human with two sets of DNA. This made him a target of the Dread Doctors, and when they returned to Beacon Hills, Donovan became the third known pseudo-supernatural Chimera—in this case, a combination of a Wendigo and a Lamprey, gaining the superhuman strength and senses, glowing white eyes, double-rowed fangs, and taste for human flesh of a Wendigo while also being able to manifest round, fanged mouths on any part of his body, as seen on the palm of his hand and the side of his neck.

However, Donovan did not initially know what was happening to him, and he carried on with his life due to his memories of being experimented on being suppressed by the Dread Doctors. Following his father's accident, Donovan became a petty criminal who was constantly being arrested for crimes such as theft and burglary until finally, in 2012, he was arrested for breaking and entering as well as possession of an unlicensed firearm. It was soon revealed that he was a Chimera when his transport van was attacked by another fellow Chimera, Tracy Stewart, who distracted the cops and the driver with her violence long enough that the Dread Doctors could capture Donovan and continue their experimentation. which involved pulling out all of his human teeth so they could be replaced with Wendigo fangs.

Theo Raeken, the Dread Doctors' first semi-successful Chimera, convinced Donovan to go after Stiles Stilinski, arguing that the best way to get his revenge on Sheriff Stilinski was to kill the person he loves most, his own son, though in reality, Theo was hoping that Stiles would kill Donovan, believing that the more comfortable Stiles became with killing, the more likely he would be willing to stay in the pack when Theo took over as Alpha. Just as Theo planned, Stiles ultimately killed Donovan in self-defense when he dropped a shelf of metal braces onto him, one of which impaled him in the chest. The modified mercury mixed with his blood seemed to indicate that Donovan would have been killed by the Dread Doctors for being a "failed" experiment anyway, and his body was laid to rest at the Nemeton in the Beacon Hills Preserve by the Hellhound Jordan Parrish.

Lucas[edit | edit source]

Scorpion/Werewolf Chimera

Lucas condition terminal.jpeg

Lucas was a bisexual, pansexual or gay teenager and a student at Beacon Hills High School. He was very fond of the LGBT+ friendly nightclub, Sinema, where he would go with the guy he was dating, Corey Bryant. At some point in his adolescence, he underwent a cornea transplant from an outside donor, inadvertently becoming a genetic chimera, or a human with two different sets of DNA. According to Corey, Lucas was a shy, gentle person and partner who took his relationship slow until he caught the attention of the Dread Doctors, who took advantage of his genetic chimerism and decided to turn him into a pseudo-supernatural Chimera in hopes of creating the perfect vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan.

However, Lucas became a Scorpion-Werewolf hybrid and was thus not a suitable host body for the Beast. Soon after, Lucas began to reject his transformation, which caused him to lose his grip on reality and begin attacking people with the scorpion stingers that excreted scorpion venom that caused excruciating pain in those exposed to it. Corey would then be his first victim after Lucas began to take on a more assertive and sexually aggressive personality, only for the newly turned Chimera to turn his sights back on the party-goers at Sinema. His next target of opportunity was Mason Hewitt, who, unbeknownst to anyone, was also a Chimera who was, in fact, the successful host for the Beast; the young man was at the club with his best friend Liam Dunbar when he met Lucas, and the two began to make out just before Lucas began extending his stingers to attack him.

Fortunately for Mason, Liam and his friend Brett Talbot, followed by Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura, fought off Lucas until he was knocked out. Unfortunately for them all, the Dread Doctors then arrived, with The Surgeon shooting and killing Lucas with a retractable crossbow bolt. When the others asked why they did such a thing, The Surgeon declared Lucas to be a failure whose condition was terminal.

Josh Diaz[edit | edit source]

Werewolf/Eel Chimera


Josh was an ordinary human student at Beacon Hills High School and a notorious club kid at Sinema who was implied to have a drug problem. At some point prior to his introduction into the series, he received an organ or tissue transplant that turned him into a genetic chimera, putting him on the radar of the Dread Doctors, who used this condition to turn him into a pseudo-supernatural Chimera. In Josh's case, he became a hybrid half-Eel, half-Werewolf, and he was seen to have electromagnetokinetic powers, allowing him to absorb electricity and magnetism and use it however he wanted; he was also seen to have long, vicious fangs and claws that glowed the same bright purple color as his Chimera eyes and his electricity.

After Josh's powers manifested, he quickly began showing signs of being a "failure," running wild through Beacon Hills, chewing on electrical generator cables at the high school and the hospital, where he came upon a hallucinating Stiles Stilinski on the roof and nearly killed him until fellow Chimera Theo Raeken (who was masquerading as a true Werewolf) arrived and killed Josh to save himself and Stiles. Afterward, they brought Josh's body to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic in hopes of using him as bait to figure out who was stealing the bodies of the deceased Chimera failures. Sure enough, Jordan Parrish, the Hellhound secretly stealing the bodies and bringing them to the Nemeton to protect the secret of the supernatural, arrived and took his body to place it with the others.

It wasn't until Theo Raeken returned a week later with the Dread Doctors' Green Serum and used it to resurrect Josh (along with Corey Bryant, Hayden Romero, and Tracy Stewart), who he recruited for his own Chimera Pack as a consolation prize for not successfully stealing Scott McCall's Alpha powers and pack. Josh was initially furious to be resurrected, especially once he realized he could no longer get high on drugs, but Theo soon showed him that he could achieve a similar euphoric state by siphoning electricity with his new powers.

However, though Josh initially seemed pleased with his new place in the Chimera Pack, he soon began to question his place in the pack when it became clear that Theo was using his "Betas" as pawns and was not very invested in what happened to them, especially after seeing Theo order Corey to attack Parrish in Hellhound-mode, which caused the young teen to sustain full-body burns from the hellfire. When Theo insisted that Josh put on the Dread Doctor Mask he had acquired, stating that Josh's powers of Electromagnetokinesis meant that he was the only one who could survive wearing it, Josh realized that Theo didn't actually care about anything but gaining more power and refused, which ultimately led to Theo killing Josh and stealing his powers for himself, allowing him to put on the mask and learn the identity of the Beast of Gevaudan. Theo eventually lost Josh's powers for good when he was imprisoned underground by Kira Yukimura using the powers of the Skinwalkers.

Hayden Romero[edit | edit source]

Werejaguar/Werewolf Chimera (formerly); Bitten Werewolf (Beta) (currently)


Hayden was a student at Beacon Hills High School who, like many of her classmates, was targeted by the Dread Doctors due to the fact that she had a kidney transplant in her early teens, making her a genetic chimera. Unbeknownst to her for weeks, the Doctors experimented on Hayden and erased her memories of their time together, eventually transforming her into a hybrid that was part Werewolf, part Werejaguar.

However, her soon-to-be boyfriend Liam Dunbar realized that she had become a Chimera and enlisted the help of his pack to help protect her from further experimentation. Unfortunately, the McCall Pack was completely overwhelmed by their ability to induce hallucinations, and Hayden and Liam were captured so that they could continue their tests on her. Though the two were eventually rescued, Hayden began experiencing signs of rejecting her transformation, and it soon became clear that the Doctors would be coming to eliminate her from the experiment pool by killing her. Despite Liam and Hayden's attempt to flee town before this could happen, they were ambushed at Sinema, and Hayden was given an overdose of modified mercury that, while not immediately fatal, ultimately killed her the next evening.

Also like the rest of her Chimera peers, her body was stolen by the Hellhound Jordan Parrish and brought to the Nemeton in hopes of protecting the secret of the supernatural world. In a surprising twist, however, Theo Raeken, furious that his plan to steal Scott McCall's Alpha status and pack had failed, created a new pack as a consolation prize by resurrecting Hayden and three other dead Chimeras (Josh Diaz, Corey Bryant, and Tracy Stewart).

Although Hayden's resurrection restored her powers to the way they were meant to be, she was still physically weaker on many levels than her truly supernatural friends, but this did not stop her from fighting alongside them against the threats they faced. Unfortunately for Hayden, though she did defect from the Chimera Pack and joined the McCall Pack, she was gravely injured by the Beast of Gevaudan and was at the brink of death after the final battle. It was then that she asked Scott to give her the bite, willing to accept her chances of survival without it. In an exciting turn of events, the bite took, and Hayden became Scott's second bitten Beta, eliminating the Werejaguar part of her and making her a true supernatural creature.

Corey Bryant[edit | edit source]

Unknown Chimera


Corey was an ordinary teenager who enjoyed going to Sinema and who had begun dating a young man named Lucas when it was soon revealed that he had been transformed into an unknown type of Chimera with chameleon-esque qualities due to the fact that he had a cornea transplant years earlier. It soon became clear that he, like those before him, was a failed Chimera who was quickly killed by the Dread Doctors to avoid contaminating their experiment pool.

However, he was resurrected a couple days later by Theo Raeken using the Doctors' green serum, along with Hayden Romero, Josh Diaz, and Tracy Stewart to create his own Chimera Pack. Despite Theo's best efforts to turn Corey to the dark like the others, his relationship with Mason Hewitt ultimately kept him connected to his humanity and allowed him to turn away from Theo's influence and instead become a valued ally of the McCall Pack.

Noah Patrick[edit | edit source]

Berserker/Unknown Chimera

Beth[edit | edit source]

Unknown Chimera

Sebastien Valet[edit | edit source]

Rainwater-transformed Demon Wolf (Omega)

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