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Illusion Casting is the ability to trick another's perception into perceiving things that are not there, or conversely hiding what is there. Few supernaturals possess this and only one unnatural being does.

Beings that have this ability[]


The Nogitsune was a powerful kitsune spirit, a void type that specializes in trickery and deception, though by no means physically weak, the void kitsune prefers using its mind than brute force and will conjure illusions such as the garden of the yakuza during its showdown with Scott's pack or when it made its host think he was in a basement.

Dread Doctors[]

The Dread Doctors seem to possess this power as their made Scott and his friends hallucinate when they had captured one Hayden and Liam.

Ghost Riders[]

Ghost Riders are able to hide themselves and evidence of their victims from sight, however, this is likely their ability of reality warping, actual alteration rather than true illusions as they don't exist in the normal spectrum unless they will it or through the use of Corey's power.