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Isaac: "Why'd you do this to us, Derek? Was it all about the power? Were you bored? Were you lonely?"
Derek: "...Maybe. [...] I told Cora I wouldn't leave. I'll help the others when I figure out how to help her--"
Isaac: "There's no time! The full moon's coming. The Sheriff and Melissa are gonna be dead, so I'm gonna try and help them. You can sit here and perfect the art of doing nothing."
Isaac and Derek Hale arguing about the Darach in Alpha Pact

Isaac David Lahey was a supporting character in the second and third seasons of MTV's Teen Wolf. He first appeared in the Season 2 premiere episode Omega, where he was approached by Derek Hale, who had recently become an Alpha and was looking to build a pack. Isaac then consented to the Bite and successfully turned into a Beta Werewolf. He continued to be a member of the Hale Pack throughout Season 2 and into the first half of Season 3, during which time they joined forces with Scott McCall and his friends against threats such as the Argent Hunters, the Kanima and its master, the Alpha Pack, and the Darach, all of which caused death and destruction to their town.

However, some time after the deaths of his close friends and packmates Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd, Isaac began drifting away from Derek and toward Scott, who had recently learned he had the potential to be a True Alpha and whose family took Isaac in as their ward after Derek, who had been his informal guardian after the death of his father, kicked him out of his loft in an effort to protect him from the Alpha Pack.

After Derek gave up his Alpha powers to save his sister Cora, Isaac, now without an Alpha, officially joined the McCall Pack as Scott's Beta and worked with his new pack to fight against the Nogitsune, who had recently possessed his friend and packmate Stiles Stilinski, and as well as the Oni, who were hunting the Void Kitsune as well. However, following the death of his girlfriend, Allison Argent, the devastated Isaac left Beacon Hills with Allison's father and Isaac's mentor, Chris Argent, and moved to France with him, where he continues to live now even despite Chris returning to their hometown to assist the pack in their fight against supernatural and human threats.

Isaac is a member of the Lahey Family, an honorary member of the McCall Family, and a former member of the McCall Pack and the Hale Pack.

Early life[]

Very little is known about Isaac's early life. From what has been revealed by Isaac, he grew up with his father, mother, and older brother Camden. At some point, Isaac's mother died from unknown causes, followed shortly by Camden, who enlisted in the Army after graduation and was ultimately killed in action while on deployment in Afghanistan. ("Party Guessed")

Following their deaths, Mr. Lahey went from being a loving family man to an incredibly abusive single father who put a lot of pressure on Isaac, his only surviving family member, to succeed. If Isaac disobeyed him or got poor grades in school, his father would often beat him before locking him in a freezer down in the basement for long periods of time, a punishment that would later cause Isaac to develop a severe case of claustrophobia (and, by extension, post-traumatic stress disorder and severe anxiety) which lead him to have panic attacks whenever he was forced into small spaces. ("Party Guessed"), ("Unleashed")

As a child, Isaac became close friends with Matt Daehler, with whom he bonded over their mutual love of comic books. Isaac's father was the coach of the Beacon Hills High School swim team and held many parties at their house where he would allow the team members to drink and swim in their pool.

One night during one of these parties, Matt was at the Lahey House to swap comic books with Isaac, where the two happened upon the party. One of the teammates threw young Matt into the pool even despite his frantic protests that he didn't know how to swim, and he nearly drowned while the rest of the people at the party, who were drunk and too busy hooking up with each other, ignored him. Finally, Mr. Lahey saved his life by pulling him out of the pool and performing CPR, but the older man blamed Matt's near-death-experience on him for not knowing how to swim before threatening him not to tell anyone what happened.

It was this event that eventually led Matt to become the Kanima master after lending the newly turned Kanima Jackson Whittemore his camera; the two ultimately bonded, and Matt's first act with Jackson under his control was against Mr. Lahey on the same night that the man had badly abused Isaac and unknowingly revealed Isaac's recent Werewolf transformation. When Mr. Lahey got out of his car to chase Isaac down after he fled from the house, Matt set the Kanima on him, who viciously tore him apart with his claws in retribution for almost letting Matt die all those years ago. This ultimately allowed Isaac to run away without harm. ("Fury"), ("Shape Shifted")

As a teenager, Isaac began working at the cemetery that his father owned, digging graves after school and at night to help out his family on top of going to school and playing on the lacrosse team. ("Omega")

In February or March 2011, Isaac, desiring the power to defend himself from his abusive father, accepted Derek Hale's offer to bite him and transform him into a Werewolf, making him Derek's first true Beta (as his first bitten, Jackson Whittemore, seemed to initially reject the transformation and was then revealed to have become a Kanima instead of a Werewolf).

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

Isaac made his first appearance in Omega, where he was shown working the late-night shift at Beacon Hills Cemetery, which his father owned. He was using a backhoe to dig a grave in preparation for a funeral when he stopped and looked in the rear-view mirror, gingerly touching a dark bruise that was developing around his right eye.

Suddenly, he heard a sound nearby and turned on the light on the backhoe in an attempt to get a closer look. Just then, the figure rushed toward him and knocked the machine over, causing Isaac to fall into the grave he had just dug while the mysterious person (who, unbeknownst to Isaac, was a homeless Omega Werewolf), began to eat one of the freshly-buried bodies in a grave.

Terrified, Isaac began to panic when he realized he was trapped in the grave due to the backhoe blocking him inside, until suddenly, the machine was pulled back into an upright position. Isaac looked up in surprise to find Derek Hale standing above him, and the older man offered him his hand before asking him if he needed help. The next day, Isaac stood next to his father, Mr. Lahey, while Sheriff Stilinski interviewed him about the grave robbery. Isaac admitted that the "thief" didn't take anything except for the body's liver. While being interviewed, Isaac saw Derek lurking in the shadows, which Stilinski noticed before asking him about his black eye. His father gave him a stern look, and Isaac ultimately lied and said he got it playing lacrosse, though it was obvious that Mr. Lahey had given it to him.

Later that night, Isaac found Derek in his hideout at the Railway Depot and accepted Derek's offer of "the Bite."

In Shape Shifted, Isaac was eating dinner with his father, which seemed to be going well until his father asked him about his grades at school. Isaac evasively began with his good grades in English and French, but when his father continued to grill him about his chemistry grade, Isaac finally admitted that he had a D, but that there was still time to make it up.

At first, Mr. Lahey responded kindly, conceding that he would have to punish Isaac but suggesting he could make it up to him by cleaning up the house. Isaac, relieved, agreed to this punishment, just as Mr. Lahey's demeanor turned from kind to enraged, smashing the dishes on the table and swiping the wreckage onto the floor before throwing a glass at him.

The glass missed Isaac's head and smashed against the wall behind him, but a piece of broken glass hit Isaac right under the eye, which he removed before angrily remarking that his father could have blinded him. Mr. Lahey initially blamed this on Isaac for his poor grades but became distracted when Isaac removed the shard of glass, allowing his wound to heal right before his eyes and revealing that Isaac had successfully become a Werewolf, though Mr. Lahey did not know this.

When Isaac realized what happened, he panicked and ran out the door into the pouring rain, jumping onto his bike and riding away as his father chased after him. Mr. Lahey got into his car to catch up with Isaac, eventually parking on a street and walking into a dark alley where he thought Isaac had been cornered. However, it wasn't Isaac who was there, but instead a mysterious shapeshifter, who hissed at him before chasing him back to his car. Mr. Lahey desperately tried to hide inside the car, but creature ripped the door off before violently mauling him to death.

Isaac found out his father had been killed and immediately rushed back to Derek's hideout at the abandoned Railway Depot. Derek initially believed Isaac had lost control over his transformation as a neophyte Werewolf, but Isaac explained that it was another shapeshifter. The next day, Scott McCall sensed another Werewolf in the locker room at school and spent the duration of lacrosse practice smelling the various players to determine who it was, eventually learning it was Isaac while they were paired up to fight for the ball.

Just as Scott saw Isaac's glowing gold eyes, Sheriff Stilinski, after learning from Jackson Whittemore that Mr. Lahey was abusive toward Isaac, arrived to arrest him as a suspect in his father's murder. Scott and Stiles Stilinski realized how dangerous this was when they realized that the full moon was that night, which led them to launch into a plan to both help Isaac by breaking him out of jail before he could harm anyone while also working to lock Scott up for the same reason.

To do this, Allison Argent eavesdropped on her father and grandfather talking about sending one of their fellow Hunters, disguised as a Sheriff's deputy, to kill Isaac at the Sheriff's station with a syringe full of Wolfsbane, as they also believed him to be Mr. Lahey's killer. Allison slowed the Hunter down by shooting him in the leg and the tire of his cruiser with an arrow while Derek and Stiles went to the Sheriff's station. There, Derek distracted the deputy at the front desk while Stiles attempted to steal the keys to the holding cells to free Isaac, only to find that the keys had already been snatched by someone else.

Isaac has just begun to shift in his jail cell when the Hunter, with the keys in hand, arrived to kill him, but Stiles walked in at the same time, forcing the Hunter to go after him instead to ensure Stiles couldn't out him to the real police officers. Suddenly, Isaac burst out of his cell and attacked the Hunter, knocking him out before turning his sights on Stiles, who fearfully backed away from him until Derek arrived and roared him into submission. Shocked at the sight of Isaac whimpering in the corner and shifting back into a human, Stiles asked him how he managed to subdue Isaac, and Derek replied with a smirk that he was the Alpha.

In Ice Pick, when Scott went to the ice rink to try to talk Vernon Boyd out of taking the Bite from Derek, he was confronted by Derek, Isaac, and Erica Reyes, the latter of whom was Derek's most recently turned Beta in his plan to rebuild the Hale Pack. Derek insisted that Scott at least take a proper census before claiming that the Bite would ruin Boyd's life, and Isaac remarked that, aside from being a fugitive, he believed being a Werewolf was great. Erica and Isaac then attacked Scott, but since Scott had been a Werewolf longer and had the experience to better use his powers and his fighting skills in tandem, he was easily able to defeat Erica and Isaac by knocking them both out and sliding them across the rink to land at Derek's feet.

In Abomination, Isaac and Erica were shown training with Derek at the pack's hideout in the Railway Depot, presumably due to their lackluster performance against Scott in the previous episode. While Boyd watched the practice, Isaac took advantage of the fact that he had access to his full powers (since he had already had his first full moon, unlike Boyd and Erica, who were bitten after the events of Shape Shifted) by performing numerous gymnastic feats in an effort to neutralize Derek.

Unfortunately for Isaac, the Alpha defeated him every time and informed him that his attacks were too predictable. When Isaac asked if they could take a break so he could heal his broken bones, Derek approached him as if to comfort him, but at the last moment snapped his arm with his hand. As Isaac groaned in pain and cradled his newly injured arm, Derek reminded them that the Hunters would not be giving them breaks, and that between the threat of the new shapeshifter and the Argents, he needed to teach them everything he knew as fast as he could so they would have the skills necessary to survive.

In Venomous, Isaac, Erica and Derek kidnapped Jackson Whittemore in order to test him and see if he was the Kanima, as they were suspicious of anyone who had recently received the Bite and had seemingly not turned into a Werewolf. Derek brought out a shard of glass from the previous episode that had leftover Kanima venom on it, believing that whoever the Kanima was would be immune to their own venom. Isaac held Jackson down as Derek dripped the venom into his mouth, which instantly paralyzed him.

Believing that Jackson had passed the test and was not the Kanima, Derek and the others left the room, leaving only Isaac with the paralyzed Jackson. Isaac smiled smugly at Jackson and insisted that he needed him to do him a favor, taking advantage of the fact that Jackson was in a vulnerable position. It was later revealed that this favor involved having Jackson recant his previous statement to Sheriff Stilinski about Mr. Lahey being abusive to Isaac, which then forced Stilinski to take Isaac off of the list of suspects in his murder and allowed Isaac, who had been a fugitive since Mr. Lahey's death, to return to his normal life.

Erica and Isaac were then given the task of performing the same test on Lydia Martin, who had been attacked and bitten by Peter Hale while he was still alive and the Alpha, and who had recently spent two days running around the woods naked as a result. They decide to perform the test in their chemistry class, where they were making sugar crystals in pairs that were rotated every so often. Isaac was first paired up with Stiles, who knew what Isaac was planning and threatened to turn him into a fur coat for Lydia if he did anything to harm her. Isaac admitted that he used to have a crush on Lydia, but when he asked her out their freshman year, Lydia rejected him due to Isaac not having a car, which made present-day Isaac decide he'd rather kill her instead.

When the pairs were switched again, Isaac was paired up with Lydia, and when their sugar crystals were finished, he surreptitiously coated the crystals in Kanima venom. Scott and Stiles tried to stop Lydia from eating it, but were too late; however, the Kanima venom had no effect on Lydia whatsoever, which led the Hale Pack to believe that she was the Kanima.

After school, Erica and Isaac rushed to find Lydia so they could kill her on Derek's orders, but when they got to the library, they found no one there but Matt Daehler, who had no idea where they were. Scott, Stiles, Allison, Jackson, and Lydia then all piled into the Jeep and went to the McCall House in order to hide from Derek, Isaac, Erica, and Boyd and protect the clueless Lydia from them. The Hale Pack stood outside of the house for a while before Isaac and Erica were sent inside to deal with the human high-schoolers. Isaac attempted to sneak up on Allison and Stiles but was quickly defeated and knocked out by Scott while Allison incapacitated Erica by shooting at her with a Kanima venom-coated arrow.

Both groups were later stunned by the appearance of the Kanima crawling out of the upstairs window of the McCall House, and even more so when Lydia rushed out onto the porch and hysterically demanded to know what the hell was going on, revealing that Derek was wrong and that Jackson was indeed the Kanima. However, Derek and his pack would not figure this out for several more episodes due to them being unaware that Jackson was with them in the house. Derek then instructed Boyd to take the unconscious Isaac and paralyzed Erica back to the Railway Depot before the police officers that Scott and Stiles called arrived.

In Restraint, Isaac and Erica were ordered by Derek to get on the good side of Scott and Stiles, as he believed their help would be needed in order to identify and stop the Kanima. Isaac suggested that it might be best to leave the Kanima for the Argent Hunters to handle, but Derek reminded him that he had seen the Argents' leader, Gerard Argent, acting strangely around it as though he knew something, and Derek didn't want to take the chance of Gerard using it against them. Isaac then worried aloud about the upcoming full moon, since Erica, Boyd, and himself would be chained up, leaving Derek alone and with no backup should the Argents come for them at that time.

In Raving, after learning for certain that Jackson was the Kanima, Derek and Isaac met Scott and Alan Deaton at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic in order to work together to both stop and save Jackson, though Isaac made it clear that he didn't trust Scott before doing so. In the exam room, Isaac curiously looked through the various jars of herbs and other mystical substances, which caused Derek to roughly grab him by the wrist and tell him not to touch anything. Isaac then proceeded to rudely ask Deaton if he was some kind of witch, only for Deaton to drolly respond that he was only a veterinarian.

When discussing the Kanima and its master, Scott brought up the victims and the folklore that stated that the Kanima is meant to kill murderers, leading Derek to ask if this meant that Isaac's father was a murderer as well; in response, Isaac admitted that he wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. After Derek informed Deaton that the Kanima seemed practically invulnerable, since he had seen Chris Argent empty an entire clip into it without even slowing it down, Isaac suggested that perhaps they should be looking for an offensive plan rather than a defensive one. This led Deaton to get the idea to use mountain ash, a mystical barrier against the supernatural, to surround the location of the upcoming rave—any humans would be able to come and go freely, but supernatural creatures, including the Kanima and its master, would be trapped inside, allowing them to finally learn the identity of the person using Jackson as a weapon of vengeance.

The next day at school, Isaac overheard Scott and Stiles discussing the fact that they still couldn't find tickets to the rave and rudely remarked, "How do you two losers even survive?" before roughing up a teammate and stealing two of his tickets, which he then gave to the two best friends. Later that night, Isaac arrived at the rave with Erica and immediately began looking around for Jackson. Scott caught up with him later and gave him a syringe-gun and a vial of ketamine, a tranquilizer, which he had been given by Deaton. Scott wasted no time instructing him on how to administer the drug to Jackson, but when he then Isaac to be careful, Isaac, believing that Scott was referring to his handling of Jackson, assured him that the needle probably wouldn't even hurt him. However, Scott clarified that he meant that he didn't want Isaac to get hurt, and Isaac was visibly shocked at the fact that Scott genuinely cared about him, something he hadn't felt from a person in a long time. It was this event that began Isaac and Scott's developing close friendship.

He and Erica then sought out Jackson, eventually finding him on the dance floor, where the three tried to distract him by grinding with him in a flirtatious threesome of sorts. Unfortunately, Jackson's Kanima master, who was also at the rave, realized what they were up to and ordered Jackson to attack them with his venom-coated claws before then speaking through him, warning the two Werewolves that the Kanima belonged to him. However, Isaac's exposure to the venom seemed to be minimal, because he was able to fight through it enough to grab the syringe and inject the ketamine into Jackson's neck.

Isaac and Erica brought him to an empty room where they were joined by Stiles after he had successfully surrounded the building with a barrier of mountain ash. Isaac flicked out his claws to see if Jackson was fully unconscious, but before he could touch him, Jackson grabbed him by the arm and twisted his wrist until it snapped. Stiles demanded that Isaac not do that again out of fear he would be hurt further before the three began to question Jackson, who was temporarily paralyzed but not unconscious.

Jackson informed them that he was killing murderers who killed him, confusing Stiles, Erica, and Isaac before overcoming the ketamine and starting to transform into a Kanima. When Isaac admitted that he had already given Jackson the whole vial of ketamine, the three ran outside and pushed themselves against the door to keep him from escaping. However, Jackson simply broke through the corrugated steel wall next to them and runs free. Erica and Isaac rushed outside of the warehouse to find that they can't leave because of Stiles' mountain ash barrier, though they were able to pass after Derek forced Stiles to break it so he could save Scott.

In Party Guessed, Isaac, Erica, Boyd, and Derek gathered at their hideout in the Railway Depot to prepare for the full moon that night. Derek opened a trunk full of chains and other restraints to be used to chain up the newbie Werewolves. Isaac noticed the triple-spiral inscribed on the lid of the trunk and asked about it, and Boyd explained that it was a triskele, which can symbolize different forms of trinities, such as past, present, and future, or mother, father, child. Derek was visibly impressed by Boyd's knowledge and explained that, to the Hale Family, it represents "Alpha, Beta, Omega," to remind them that Werewolves can easily rise to one status or fall to another. Isaac brought up Scott and asked if he was an Omega, but Derek insisted that Scott was a member of their pack now, as he had finally joined them to help them defeat the Kanima, making him a Beta.

That night, Derek brought out the restraints and began to chain them up inside one of the abandoned train cars at the hideout, and when Isaac saw a brutal-looking iron ring with screws drilled through it, he asked Derek why Erica was the one who would wear it around her head. Derek explained that it was because, as a woman, Erica would be able to withstand more pain than the rest of them, but mockingly offered to let Isaac wear one as well, which Isaac hastily denied. Isaac then helped hold Erica steady as Derek screwed the device onto Erica's head, wincing sympathetically as Erica cried out in pain.

Afterward, Derek began to chain an increasingly-agitated Isaac to one of the seats in the train car, where Isaac groaned in pain and asked Derek how was able to block out the effects of the 'full moon. Derek irritably replied that he felt every second of it, but that he has learned to control his transformation by finding an anchor and binding himself to it, using it to connect him to his humanity. When Isaac asked what Derek's anchor was, the older male answered that it was anger, but that each person's anchor is different, which once again brought Isaac to the topic of Scott. Once Derek finished, he pulled on the chains to make sure they were secure and looked horrified when one of the chair legs came unbolted from the floor, indicating that Isaac could easily get out if he wanted. Behind him, Boyd and Erica had fully shifted into their Werewolf forms and growled at Derek menacingly before eventually breaking through their restraints and attacking Derek.

Isaac, too, was able to escape his own bonds and jumped out the window, but he later returned and, much to Derek's surprise, helped him restrain the others again before allowing Derek to chain him up. While shackling Isaac's wrists to his seat, Derek remarked that Isaac had found an anchor, and Isaac confessed that it was the memory of his father. When Derek scoffed and reminded him that his father used to lock him in a deep freezer to punish him, Isaac replied that he didn't always act that way, suggesting he was a loving father before the death of his wife and firstborn son.

In Battlefield, Boyd and Erica, who were overwhelmed by the intense threats of the Argent Hunters and the Kanima, made the decision to flee Beacon Hills in hopes of finding a new pack in a location that wasn't so dangerous. They also invited Isaac to come with them, though the young Werewolf was so conflicted about whether or not to accept their offer that he went to the animal clinic to talk to Scott at work, hoping that the fellow Werewolf could give him advice.

He found Scott and Alan Deaton treating a dog in the exam room, and Isaac wrinkled his nose in disgust, realizing that he, (just like Scott did shortly after being turned) could [[Super Senses}smell illness]] in animals and was even able to discern that the dog was dying of cancer. Deaton then asked Isaac if he had ever considered that he could use his powers to help others before taking his hand and gently setting it on the dog's side, which caused the blood vessels in Isaac's hands to darken as it traveled up his arm. Shocked, Isaac asked them what just happened, and Deaton informed him that he had taken some of the dog's pain, enough to take the edge off and possibly allow him to heal better. Isaac was so overwhelmed that his eyes filled with tears, and Scott assured him that he cried the first time he did it as well.

Afterward, Deaton left Isaac and Scott to talk privately, and Isaac admitted that Boyd and Erica asked him to leave town with them. Scott was curious as to why Isaac would tell him that, so Isaac confessed that he was hoping to get Scott's advice on the subject, as he saw Scott as someone who always wanted to do the right thing, though Scott insisted that he has no idea what he's doing most of the time.

When Isaac asked Scott what he planned to do, Scott replied that he had to stay in Beacon Hills because there were too many people there who depended on him. Isaac sadly stated that the difference between them was that he didn't have anyone, and implied he was going to leave with Boyd and Erica before wishing him luck in the lacrosse game. Scott informed him that he wasn't planning on playing in the lacrosse game since it seemed meaningless and insignificant compared to the larger issues at play. This response reminded Isaac that he had seen Jackson at practice the previous week, indicating that the Kanima would be playing in the game that night and leading Scott to realize he needed to be there to protect everyone from him.

That night, Gerard Argent, as principal of Beacon Hills High School, knew that Scott would likely try to interfere with his plans and forced Coach Bobby Finstock to keep Scott on the bench to keep him out of it, though he claimed the punishment was due to Scott's poor grades. Right as the game was about to start, Scott, seated on the bench, was pleasantly surprised when Isaac, in his lacrosse uniform and pads, sat down next to him, revealing he decided to stay to help Scott fight and win against Gerard.

However, when Gerard revealed that he planned to have Jackson kill someone at the end of the game if Scott didn't give him Derek, the two decided they needed a plan that would force Coach to put Scott on the field to prevent the bloodbath. Isaac ultimately decided to do this by purposely injuring their own players one after the other so Coach would have no choice but to bring in Scott to replace them.

Unfortunately for them, while this plan ultimately worked, Gerard still realized what Isaac was doing and had Jackson tackle him, both breaking Isaac's leg and scratching/paralyzing him in the process. When the paramedics brought Isaac inside for treatment, Gerard knocked them out before pulling out his broadsword, preparing to kill Isaac by cutting him in half as the Werewolf desperately crawled away. Fortunately for Isaac, Scott appeared at the last moment to save his new friend, though Gerard escaped before he could be attacked.

In Master Plan, after the Beacon Hills Cyclones won the game, Jackson committed suicide by impaling himself with his claws, leading the Beacon Hills werewolves to think that Jackson purposely killed himself to prevent Gerard from using him to kill one of them. To make matters worse, Stiles had suddenly gone missing, leading Sheriff Stilinski to talk to Isaac and Scott in hopes that they might know what happened to him. Knowing that his abduction was related to the supernatural and wanting to keep Stilinski out of it, Scott suggested that Stiles had simply left early after being overwhelmed by the attention of being the game-winning player, before promising that he'd let him know if he heard from him.

Once he left, Scott and Isaac raided Stiles' locker to get his scent so they could go find him, but before they could leave, they were confronted by Derek and the recently resurrected Peter Hale, who informed them they needed to talk. Isaac immediately asked Scott who Peter was, and Scott briefly explained that he is Derek's uncle who tried to kill them before they set him on fire and let Derek slash his throat and steal his Alpha powers.

Once the introductions were out of the way, Peter revealed that he had a plan to save Jackson, and both he and Derek were stunned when Scott informed them that it was too late, since Jackson had just killed himself minutes earlier. Seeing the grim expressions on Derek and Peter's faces, Isaac wondered aloud why none of them seemed to be taking this as good news, but Peter responded that if Jackson was dead, then it was because Gerard wanted him to be, meaning that it was all part of his ultimate plan.

Just then, Scott received a phone call from his mother, Melissa McCall, a nurse at the hospital who had examined Jackson in the morgue and found something strange. When Isaac and Scott split up from Derek and Peter and arrived at the hospital, Melissa showed them that Jackson's body had covered itself in a clear cocoon made from the venom released from his claws. Jackson then began to twitch, suggesting he was being reborn, and at a loss for options, the two boys decided that they needed to bring Jackson with them to meet Derek and Peter halfway.

While they were smuggling Jackson's body out of the hospital, they were caught by Chris Argent; however, instead of stopping them as they assumed he was there to do, Argent offered to help them, as he believed Gerard was manipulating his daughter Allison and was worried about her. He also pointed out that he knew that Scott could feel her slipping away from them as well.

The three men took Jackson's body and drove it to the Warehouse District to meet up with Derek and Peter, not knowing that they were walking into a trap set by Gerard and Allison, the latter of whom had recently entered a dark period due to her grief from her mother Victoria's death a few weeks earlier. Allison shot Derek with an arrow, and Scott dragged him to safety before Isaac attempted to join in the fight, where he was easily defeated by Allison and her Chinese ring daggers.

When it was revealed by Gerard that the elder Argent was seeking the Bite from Derek, Isaac, using his newly developed superhuman sense of smell, realized that Gerard was dying of cancer and wanted to become a Werewolf to cure it. Isaac watched in horror as Scott was forced to make the paralyzed Derek give Gerard the Bite, with no one but Scott knowing that the young Werewolf (with help from his mentor Alan Deaton) had switched out Gerard's cancer medication with pills full of mountain ash, which caused Gerard to reject the Bite almost as soon as he received it. After Lydia and Stiles arrived just in time for Lydia to help Jackson transform into the Werewolf he was meant to be instead of a Kanima, the battle was finally over.

The next day, Isaac walked up to the Hale House with Derek and Peter, where they found a strange black symbol spray-painted onto the front door. When Isaac walked up to the front porch to examine it more closely, he asked Derek what it meant, and Peter grimly revealed that Derek had been so eager to rebuild the Hale Pack for a reason—because as a powerful new Alpha and a Hale, he attracted the attention of the Alpha Pack, who now sought to add Derek to their ranks. As a result, the symbol was meant to act as a warning that they had already arrived.

In Tattoo, Isaac was seen unconscious and badly injured in a warehouse where Braeden, a mercenary, dragged him to safety. She quickly used a car battery to restart Isaac's heart and awaken him, causing his eyes to glow gold as he groaned. Braeden insisted that he stay quiet before helping him stumble to her motorcycle, during which time Isaac realized he had claw wounds on the back of his neck as well as slashes across his chest and abdomen. When he murmured that he didn't remember anything, Braeden explained that the wounds on the back of his neck were from their claws, which is how Alphas share and steal memories, before getting him onto her bike and instructing him to hold on tight to her no matter what happened.

Braeden then set off to get herself and Isaac to safety, but after only a few minutes, Isaac heard something behind them and turned to find they were being chased by twin Alphas, Ethan and Aiden. He insisted that they needed to go faster, and Braeden put the pedal to the floor as she sped away from them, easily dodging the Alphas' strikes as they swiped at them. Unfortunately, they ended up accidentally driving down several dead-end streets and alleys, the last one leaving Braeden no choice but to drive them through a wall of windows into another abandoned warehouse. The force of the impact knocked Isaac unconscious, causing him to slump over and unbalance the motorcycle enough to knock the bike and the two of them onto the floor.

With both of them injured and laying on the floor, the twins stomped toward them and began to disrobe. The sight of the brothers merging together into one extra-large Alpha caused Isaac to briefly regain consciousness, though he was still too weak to do anything but crawl away from them. Fortunately, Braeden was armed and told Isaac to duck out of the way before shooting at the twins with a modified, military-grade stun gun, whose electricity shocked them and forced them to separate once again. Realizing that they were outmatched by this weapon, the twins vanished, and Braeden snapped, "I thought I told you to hold on!" to Isaac before he fainted.

The two were eventually found by police and brought to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital by paramedics, where they were immediately greeted by the nurse Melissa McCall. Melissa wasted no time asking Isaac what had happened and why he wasn't healing, but Isaac assured her that he would recover soon enough and insisted that Braeden was in worse shape, leading Melissa to leave him to check on her instead.

Once Isaac had been admitted, Melissa returned to check the deep claw-gashes across his chest and abdomen, which were smoking slightly as they slowly began to heal. Realizing that the doctors would soon notice the fact that Isaac was healing much faster than any normal human should, Melissa began to panic, and when Isaac suggested that they just keep his injuries covered up with bandages, she reminded him that he was scheduled for surgery and that it would be difficult to keep his condition a secret. When Isaac asked her if she called Derek, Melissa admitted that she had done so many times and couldn't get in touch with him before asking him if he had any other "emergency Werewolf contacts." Isaac sighed and said that he did before instructing her to call Scott.

Sometime later, Sheriff Stilinski arrived to ask Melissa if he could speak with Braeden since Isaac was supposedly suffering from amnesia and couldn't remember anything about the event. Once they had left, another member of the Alpha Pack, Kali, went into Isaac's room disguised as a nurse and asked him how he was doing. Since his memories had been stolen by the Alphas, he didn't immediately recognize her as she stopped him from trying to sneak out of the hospital to avoid having his supernatural identity exposed. She then injected a large number of anesthetics into his IV to knock him out, insisting that they couldn't let him get away again.

Just before Isaac lost consciousness, he looked down at the floor and saw that her toenails were sharp claws, just like the ones on her fingers. Once he was taken to surgery, Dr. Vandenburg was appalled when he removed the dressings over Isaac's wounds to find that he was uninjured, and berated the other nurses for wasting his time before leaving to smoke a cigarette, leaving Isaac free to be captured by another member of the Alpha Pack, Ennis, disguised as a surgical technician.

Ennis had just transferred the still-unconscious Isaac to a wheelchair and was about to leave with him when he was spotted by Scott McCall, who wasted no time in wolfing-out and diving into the elevator before the doors could close. However, Scott was easily defeated by Ennis, who reminded him of his Alpha status as he grabbed him in a choke-hold while Isaac, still asleep in his wheelchair, rolled around the elevator. Fortunately, Derek Hale arrived and saved both Scott and Isaac from Ennis before the three left to go to the Hale House ruins.

Once there, Derek laid Isaac on a table while searching under the floorboards for purple flowers that resembled wolfsbane, claiming that they would help heal the internal wounds caused by an Alpha. After Scott and Stiles had forced Derek to confess that they were dealing with the Alpha Pack, lead by a powerful Alpha named Deucalion, Isaac finally awakened from the anesthesia Kali had given him and immediately demanding to know where "the girl" was, though neither Derek, Scott, nor Stiles knew about whom he was speaking.

In Chaos Rising, Isaac met with Derek at the loft to discuss how to recover the memories the Alpha Pack had stolen from him during his brief capture. Derek knew of a ritual that could help, but since it was a risky procedure that he had never performed before, he decided to call his uncle Peter to help them. Before Peter arrived, Isaac mentioned that he didn't like Peter (to which Derek replied that no one liked Peter) and insisted that since Scott didn't trust Peter, he wasn't really fond of the idea of trusting him either. Just then, Peter arrived and reminded them that while he was still weakened following his resurrection, his hearing still worked, making a point to insist that they tell him what they feel to his face.

After sitting Isaac in a chair, Peter briefly explained the ritual he was about to perform, which was the same ritual the Alphas used to take Isaac's memories, and which was typically only performed by Alphas in general due to the amount of control needed to avoid paralyzing or killing their target. Isaac became nervous and asked him if he had ever killed anyone by doing it before, but before he got an answer, Peter stuck his claws in the back of Isaac's neck and delved into his memories. Both Isaac and Peter were shaky when they came out of it, and Peter admitted that he only got bits and pieces of what Isaac had seen. However, what he did manage to glean from Isaac's memories was that Deucalion and the others planned to kill Erica and Boyd at the next full moon, which was the following evening.

Not trusting Peter's assessment and knowing that they needed more information before they staged a rescue, Derek, Isaac, Scott and Stiles went to the animal clinic to see if Alan Deaton had any ideas. He explained that he knew of a ritual that would help Isaac himself remember his repressed memories, though he warned that it was dangerous due to it requiring that his heartbeat was slowed to a near-death state. Isaac ultimately agreed to the ritual, which involved getting into an ice bath until his pulse slowed and allowed him to partially-transform into a trance-like state. Deaton began to ask him questions about what happened, but Isaac, seeing something in his memories that frightened him, became increasingly agitated, though he was able to describe the location where Boyd and Erica were being held.

When Derek, losing his patience, demanded more precise answers, Isaac became overwhelmed by the different stimuli, and his mind was so flooded with memories that it caused him to briefly narrate them to the group before he snapped out of it, though he had no recollection of what he had said once he came to. As Isaac got out of the tub and wrapped himself in a blanket, he explained that he saw that Boyd and Erica were being held at First National Bank. When he saw the horrified expressions on Deaton, Derek, Scott, and Stiles' faces, he asked them what was wrong, leading Stiles to realize that Isaac had no idea what he said before he woke up.

After a moment of hesitation, Stiles admitted that Isaac had said that the Alphas locked him in a closet with a dead body in it, which he quickly realized was Erica's. After this revelation, Isaac helped the others get a general idea of what they needed to do to rescue Boyd and explained the little he knew about the other girl in the vault with him who they had initially believed was Erica. Isaac was certain that the girl was a Werewolf like them, though none of them knew at this point that the girl was actually Derek's sister Cora Hale, who he believed died in the Hale House Fire.

In Fireflies, Isaac, who was still recovering from his hypothermia, was seen in the woods when he joined Scott in chasing down Boyd and Cora, who were rabid due to feeling the full moon for the first time in four months after being trapped in a hecatolite-lined bank vault.

Isaac believed he had the upper-hand against Cora when he flipped out of a tree and tackled her to the ground, but she quickly jumped to her feet and shoved him so hard he flew into the tree before bouncing off and landing on his stomach on the ground. Isaac and Scott then caught up with Derek to discuss what they needed to do to stop Boyd and Cora from hurting innocent civilians, and was offended when Scott suggested that they needed better help than just Isaac himself. However, upon learning that the two rabid Werewolves had supposedly killed a lifeguard (who Lydia Martin had just found in a Banshee fugue state, though she did not realize her true nature at the time), Derek and Isaac agreed to Scott's idea to seek out additional help.

Isaac and Derek accompanied Scott to a grocery store so Scott could approach Chris Argent, who had retired from hunting, and ask for his help. Though Scott insisted that they needed his assistance due to his knowledge of how to capture a Werewolf without killing them, it was obvious that both Isaac and Derek doubted the man would help them. While they waited on Scott, Isaac asked Derek about his sister, implying that he had a romantic attraction toward her, but when Derek shot him a look, Isaac anxiously backtracked on his comments. Surprisingly, Chris agreed to help the young Werewolves, leading the four to go to the Beacon Hills Preserve so he could show them how to track Boyd and Cora.

After explaining that the Derek, Isaac, and Scott, as Werewolves, were more adept at tracking by scent than by physical footprints, he sent each of them out with ultrasonic emitters in order to corral Boyd and Cora where they wanted them to go. Upon deciding to lock the rabid Werewolves in the boiler room of the high school (under the mistaken impression that it was empty, since it was the middle of the night), the group worked together to lure them there.

Isaac, as one of the fastest runners of the group, volunteered to run around the school to lock Boyd and Cora inside so Derek and Scott could trick them into going into the boiler room. However, when he got there, he was surprised to find Allison Argent, who had come to help without anyone knowing and who shot flash-bang arrows at Boyd and Cora until they ran into the school, allowing Isaac to lock the doors behind them. When Isaac turned to look at Allison in awe, the young huntress smiled for a moment before realizing she had been caught and running away.

Isaac kept watch outside while Derek and Scott dealt with the fact that they had accidentally trapped Boyd and Cora inside the boiler room with the new English teacher, Jennifer Blake, and when Isaac realized that the sun was coming up, he rushed toward the boiler room to inform Scott of it. Isaac and Scott then wasted no time going into the locked boiler room to make sure everyone was okay, where they were relieved to find Derek bloodied but otherwise fine, surrounded by Boyd and Cora, who had passed out from exhaustion the moment the moon had set. Derek tiredly instructed them to take Boyd and Cora back to the loft while he made sure Jennifer was okay.

In Unleashed, Isaac returned to school for the first time since he was captured by the Alpha Pack and attended early morning cross-country practice. Upon seeing him, Coach Finstock berated him for missing earlier practices before reminding the team members that membership on the cross-country team was mandatory for all lacrosse players to ensure they didn't get "flabby" on the off-season, but when he turned to see the quite-muscular Isaac and Danny Mahealani getting changed nearby, Coach quickly shut up and left them to get ready for practice.

Isaac and the rest of the team gathered behind the high school in the Beacon Hills Preserve to go on their morning run, and Scott was about to approach him when Isaac saw Ethan and Aiden and recognized them as being among the Alphas who had captured him. Scott warned Isaac to let it go, but Isaac became too furious to listen to him when the twins began purposely goading him. Isaac began to sprint into the preserve as the twins chased after him, with Scott trying his best to keep up and keep Isaac from getting himself killed as well. The twins managed to trick Isaac into stopping, where they tackled him and pulled him off the trail into a more wooded area.

Ethan held him down while Aiden threatened to break every bone in his body, but before he could harm Isaac further, Scott arrived and punched Aiden in the face so hard that his jaw temporarily broke. The four wolfed out and were about to fight when the sound of screaming nearby scared them out of fighting, and they instead decided to rain-check their battle in favor of finding out what was going on. They ran toward the source of the screaming to find that the body of a young ROTC student, Kyle, had been found tied to a nearby tree around his neck with his throat slashed, his head beaten in, and his body covered in blood.

Isaac and Scott quickly caught up with Stiles to discuss their theories, and Isaac wasted no time blaming the death on Ethan and Aiden. Stiles, on the other hand, argued that the lack of claw marks indicated that the death had nothing to do with werewolves, and Isaac and Stiles eventually turned to Scott to each convince them to take their respective sides. Scott, not wanting to get in the middle, first pointed out that Isaac made a good point, as he believed Stiles' theory that "virgin sacrifices" was kind of unbelievable, but when Stiles reminded him that their werewolf powers were also unbelievable, which led Scott to concede that they both had good arguments. Isaac, however, was not thrilled by Scott and Stiles' lack of desire to go after the twins without more proof and vowed to get revenge on them himself.

In Frayed, Isaac saw Scott getting ready to leave the McCall House and stopped him, noticing his friend was nervous and asking him where he was going. Scott, who planned on having a parley with Deucalion in hopes of brokering a truce between their packs, tried to keep Isaac out of it by lying and saying he was getting Mexican food for dinner, but Isaac went with him anyway to the meeting place, an abandoned mall somewhere in Beacon Hills.

However, upon their arrival, it soon became clear that the meeting had taken a turn when it was revealed that Derek Hale and the rest of the Hale Pack, knowing that Scott was going to attempt a truce, crashed their meeting in hopes of killing Deucalion and, with him, the threat the Alpha Pack posed against them. Unfortunately for them, Deucalion also anticipated a fight and brought his fellow Alphas along with him, leading the two groups to begin to fight each other. Isaac immediately wolfed-out and began to fight Ennis, forcing Scott to transform and do the same to back him up, but both Betas were quickly overpowered by the Alphas, as were the rest of the Hale Pack.

Deucalion gave Derek a choice to either kill Boyd or Cora in exchange for allowing the others to go, and when Kali scoffed at Deucalion's attempts to recruit Derek, whom she saw as just an "Alpha to a pack of useless teenagers," Deucalion remarked that some had more potential than others and looked over at Scott. Before Derek could do anything, Allison Argent appeared and began shooting flash-bang arrows around the large area, giving the Hale Pack another chance to get on top, and this time with the Alphas caught off-guard. Isaac once again teamed up with Scott to take out Ennis, and when the Alpha fell over the railing and pulled Derek down with him, Isaac was the first one there to comfort Scott on what they believed to be Derek's death.

The next day, Isaac and the rest of the cross-country team set off for a match out of town on the bus, where he instantly noticed Vernon Boyd's despair regarding the previous night's events; though he told his friend to stop thinking about it, adding that there was nothing any of them could do to change things, Boyd asked him if he really believed that, causing Isaac to sigh before falling silent.

Several hours later, when Boyd lost control over his anger and transformation and nearly started a fight with Ethan Steiner, whom Boyd blamed for Derek Hale's supposed death, Isaac assisted Scott in talking him down, taking note of the fact that Scott's severe injuries from the previous evening had yet to heal and beginning to worry about his new friend. When the team stopped at a rest-stop on the way to the match, Isaac learned from Stiles that Scott's body was rejecting his healing process and became so concerned about losing another friend that he began violently punching Ethan in front of the rest of the team, buying them more time to get Scott patched up, just as Stiles intended. No one was able to get Isaac to stop except for Scott, who roared at him (albeit in human form) to get him to come back to his senses.

In Motel California, Isaac was among the many students on the Beacon Hills cross-country team who stopped to stay at the Glen Capri Motel when their match got rescheduled. Isaac roomed with his friend and packmate Vernon Boyd.

However, unbeknownst to any of them, they had been exposed to powdered purple wolfsbane on the bus, which caused all of the Werewolves in attendance to begin experiencing terrifying hallucinations. Isaac was alone in his and Boyd's room when he suddenly heard something and sat up in bed. Just then, he began hearing his father, Mr. Lahey's voice asking him to hand him the seven-sixteenths wrench, seemingly a reproduction of a memory Isaac had with his father. Isaac looked apprehensive when Mr. Lahey's voice loudly berated him for handing him the nine-sixteenths wrench and asked him if he knew what the difference was.

Seemingly in a trance, Isaac began repeating what his father said during this occasion, "A stripped bolt!", before asking his father what he wanted him to do. Mr. Lahey's voice sharply told him to shut up, which led Isaac to mindlessly tell himself to shut up before muttering that he couldn't fix this now. Mr. Lahey's voice then stated that he couldn't even keep the nut and bolt closed before instructing Isaac to grab the chains and get into the freezer where he was locked whenever Mr. Lahey wanted to punish him. When Isaac resisted these orders, Mr. Lahey screamed at him, causing Isaac to flop backwards and bury his head under his pillow. After a moment, he slowly removed the pillow and looked around, only to find to his horror that he was inside the freezer, whose door slammed shut on him as he began to scream in fear.

Later on, when Stiles and Lydia found Boyd pinned down in their full bathtub with a safe pinning him down so he would drown, they realized that using fire or heat could help snap the Werewolves out of their trance after using a road flare to get Boyd to save himself. Lydia found Isaac hiding under the bed, still terrified but trying to wait out the effects of the wolfsbane; it should be noted that Isaac was the only Werewolf who didn't attempt to commit suicide because of the wolfsbane, likely due to his self-preservation instincts after suffering abuse from his father for so long. Stiles was then able to snap him out of it with another road flare, and Isaac spent the rest of the night sleeping in the bus with Boyd, Stiles, Lydia, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent, as all six were too afraid to stay in the motel, which they believed to be haunted.

In Currents, Isaac joined his friend and housemate Scott in keeping watch over their mother Melissa while she slept, as they were worried that she would be a target for one of the Darach's "Healer" sacrifices. Melissa found them both fast asleep in front of her bed and immediately raised her voice to wake them up and ask them what they were doing in her room. Isaac sheepishly admitted that they were protecting her, and when Melissa was confused about this due to the fact that they were both asleep, Scott and Isaac briefly argue about who was supposed to be on watch last, with Isaac finally confessing that he may have fallen asleep while on watch last; though he briefly seemed afraid of Melissa's reaction due to his history with his abusive father, Melissa simply smiled and called them both her heroes.

Melissa went on to say that, since she isn't a doctor, she shouldn't be a target, but Scott reminded her of her impressive procedure to save Danny Mahealani from tension pneumothorax the previous night to emphasize that the ritual called for "healers" and that Melissa was definitely a healer at that time. Tired, Melissa assured them that she was not a target of anyone at this moment in time and instructed them to get ready for school.

However, when Isaac learned that the Alpha Pack had tagged Derek's loft as a warning that they were coming for him that night, Isaac and his packmate Boyd decided to leave school early so they could help him. Derek immediately instructed them to go back to school when they arrived at the loft, but Isaac jokingly argued that they couldn't, because they were both "incredibly and unbelievably sick"-- Isaac allegedly suffering from a migraine, and Boyd allegedly suffering from explosive diarrhea. Boyd reiterated that they were there to protect Derek, which led him to scoff and retort that he was in trouble, then, but Isaac assured him that Boyd had a good plan inspired by his and Erica Reyes' time being tortured with electricity by Gerard Argent, only on a larger scale.

Derek and Isaac then stood by and listened as Boyd explained his plan, which involved flooding the loft and putting electrical cables in the water so that it would electrocute anyone who walked through the door. Isaac pointed out that this was especially true for someone like Kali, who always walked barefoot so she had use of her toe-claws. Once the boys began putting their plan into effect, Isaac asked Boyd for confirmation that the set-up would kill the Alpha Pack, and Boyd, unsure, stated that he hoped so.

Once the loft was flooded, each of the wolves stood on a wooden palette in various points of the loft, keeping them above water to protect them from the electricity. The three sat waiting for a long period of time before Isaac, getting bored, looked over at the power console and saw that the light wasn't flashing like it normally did and brought it to Derek's attention. When Derek confirmed that the light should be on, Isaac asked him what it meant that it was off, leading Derek to grimly reply that it meant someone shut off the auxiliary power to the building.

Just as Boyd, concerned, asked if the main power was still on, his question was answered as the lights to the loft shut off completely, revealing that the Alphas had somehow anticipated their plan and shut off the building's power ahead of time to protect themselves. This was made clear when Kali, Ethan, and Aiden came into the apartment, with the latter two dragging in Derek's love interest Jennifer Blake to make matters worse. When Isaac anxiously asked Derek what they were going to do now, Derek's eyes flashed bright red as he growled, "We fight."

Isaac, Boyd, and Derek watched as Kali swaggered toward them, purposely walking through the electricity-free water, and admitted that her first idea was to find Derek and kill him wherever he stood after Ennis died, but she realized it wouldn't be that easy when she remembered that he surrounded himself with teenagers like Isaac and Boyd. So, she proposed an ultimatum-- Derek could fight her without any assistance from his packmates, or the twins would tear Jennifer apart. Derek quickly agreed to this fight and threatened to rip her throat out with his teeth before silently ordering his Betas to sit on the sidelines with the twins and Jennifer, whom the twins were holding in a choke-hold.

Isaac and Boyd stood back and watched with concern as Derek and Kali began to fight, and though Derek started off strong, it soon became clear he was no match for the augmented Alpha. While Isaac tried to calm down Jennifer, Boyd texted Cora to tell her how their plan failed, which caused Cora, Stiles, and Lydia to rush to the loft to help. As soon as they arrived, they went to the electrical room and turned on all of the switches, not realizing that Derek and Kali (along with Boyd, who had disobeyed Derek's orders and jumped in to help) would all be electrocuted by doing so.

With the three weakened from the massive amount of electricity they were exposed to, Isaac took advantage of the twins leaving to investigate to grab Jennifer protectively. Unfortunately, this just served to infuriate Kali, who forced the twins to grab Derek's wrists while his claws were still extended and impale them into Boyd's chest, knowing that his healing ability would be disabled or at least weakened from the electrocution. Isaac and Jennifer clutched each other in horror as Derek unintentionally stole Boyd's power, just as the Alphas intended.

Before Kali left, she advised Derek to make the smart choice and kill the rest of his Betas in order to join the Alpha Pack, assuring him that if he did not do so by the next full moon, she would be back to kill them all. Isaac then joined in Derek, Cora, Stiles, and Lydia mourning Boyd's death as his body continued to lay on the floor of Derek's loft.

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Isaac was climbing up the side of the Argent Apartment building to sneak in when suddenly, Allison sensed him outside her window and quickly grabbed her Chinese ring dagger before pulling him into the room and pinning him flat on the ground. She initially thought it was an intruder, so she was shocked to find that it was actually Isaac she just caught and was holding with her dagger to his throat, though she didn't move out of her position. She demanded to know what he was doing, and Isaac began to stammer that Allison hadn't been at school when Allison realized that Scott sent him to check up on her. Isaac, who seemed to be there of his own accord, suggested that Scott might be worried about her, and when Allison reminded him that she could take care of herself, Isaac smirked and replied, "Yeah, I've noticed... More than once," causing Allison to smile and finally get up off of him.

Off-screen, Allison seemed to have filled Isaac in on everything she had learned about the Darach and her father Argent's knowledge of the ritual since the events of Currents. Isaac was shocked to hear that Argent might be their serial killer, but Allison admitted that she wasn't sure yet and hoped he wasn't. "You hope he isn't the serial-killing dark Druid who's been slashing people's throats?" Isaac asked with a wry smile, causing Allison to sigh in exasperation and ask him if he was going to help her or not, which he agreed to do. She went on to show him the map on Argent's desk that had all of the locations of the kidnappings and body-drops marked in UV ink before pointing out that there were five more bodies to be found, but she wasn't able to find any indication of who it would be.

This gave Isaac the idea to take a few steps back away from the desk to look at the map from afar; when Allison asked him what he was doing, he explained that his father taught him to stand back and look at the whole picture, because from that vantage point it is easier to see things one wouldn't notice if they were focused too much on small details. Allison did just what Isaac said, and Isaac was noticeably affected by how close Allison was standing next to him, taking a moment to look at her face while she was busy staring at the desk. After a moment, she noticed the carving on the top of the desk and removed the map to reveal a symbol that Allison identified as a Celtic five-fold knot. When they used the UV light to look at the knot, they found "Virgins," "Warriors," "Healers," "Philosophers," and "Guardians" written in UV ink within each of the circles, which revealed that the latter two would be the last five people targeted for the sacrifice.

While the two were investigating, another person-- a history teacher at Beacon Hills High School named Mr. Westover-- was taken right from the school, and his disappearance was discovered by Lydia Martin while in a fugue state. This seemed to solidify Allison's belief that her father was the killer, and she grimly stated that they had to stop him, much to Isaac's concern. Isaac began to argue that if he was actually committing the murders, but Allison cut him off and reminded him that there was no "if," since her father seemingly knew and planned everything. She suddenly got another idea and began looking at the map of the Telluric Currents, as they knew Mr. Westover was taken from the school, which meant that there had to be another place on the map where his body would be dropped, eventually finding a new mark on the map at a Telecommunications Tower.

The two drove in Allison's car to the telecom tower, where Isaac, concerned, asked Allison if this was really the best idea and if they shouldn't involve Scott. However, Allison simply stated that he needed to stay behind her and stay quiet, pulling out her ring daggers to emphasize her point before she departed from the car, causing Isaac to mutter, "Oh, this is so not gonna end well..." before he got out of the car himself.

As they were walking toward the tower, Isaac quietly informed Allison that if Argent tried to kill him, he would be defending himself, but Allison, focused on the task at hand, absentmindedly retorted that if Argent wanted him dead, he'd be dead, which seemed to hurt Isaac's pride a little. Just as Allison was about to proceed into the building, Isaac reached out and grabbed her by the arm to stop her, as he had just caught the scent of blood; when Allison asked him where it was coming from, Isaac admitted that he still wasn't great at tracking by scent yet before guessing the direction it seemed strongest. Allison saw movement in a nearby room and immediately ran head-first into it, forcing Isaac to chase her from behind in an effort to stop her.

Just as they entered the room, the Darach appeared behind a chain-link fence where she had tied up Mr. Westover and had just strangled him with a garrote right in front of them before hissing and running away. Before Allison or Isaac can react further, Argent's voice was heard behind them telling them to get down so he could begin shooting at them with his dual Desert Eagle handguns. Isaac covered Allison with his body while Argent began shooting, and shortly after he reloaded, Argent ordered the two to go help Mr. Westover, though they were both horrified to find that he was already. Allison quickly realized that they were wrong-- since Tara Graeme, a Sheriff's deputy, was the first of the trio, they assumed it was "guardians," but it was really "philosophers" since Tara was also a teacher before she was a cop.

Allison and Isaac were shocked to learn that Argent had been tracking the Darach the entire time, and Argent took the opportunity to bitterly point out that he was this close to catching them had they not interfered. Isaac watched as Allison and Argent argued about the various lies they had told one another about staying out of the supernatural world before he finally cut them off and pointed out that now was not the best time for a "family meeting." When Isaac reminded them that there was still one more teacher who was going to be sacrificed if they didn't do anything, Argent realized that they would be at the recital, leading the three to leave for the school.

Isaac, Allison and Argent watched the recital from the back and were all unnerved by the creepy feeling caused when the orchestra and the choir began to play a haunting tune. The audience erupted into chaos when one of the piano strings snapped and slit the throat of the recital pianist, causing her to collapse dead on the floor, but as everyone fled from the auditorium, Isaac and the Argents went to the stage to get a better look. Allison was horrified when she saw that the pianist's throat was not only pouring blood, but also digested mistletoe, which told her that this was the Darach's doing as well.

When Lydia Banshee-screamed in hopes of preventing herself from dying at Jennifer Blake's hand when she revealed herself to be the Darach, Isaac was among the Werewolves in attendance who heard it and was forced to cover his ears in the auditorium from how loud and earsplitting the noise was. While they were occupied with the recital pianist, Sheriff Stilinski was captured by Jennifer to be the first of her "Guardian" trio of sacrifices, the last set needed to be performed before she had the power to attack the Alpha Pack head-on.

In The Overlooked,

In Alpha Pact,

In Lunar Ellipse,

In Anchors, Isaac starts acting on his feelings towards Allison, even attempting to kiss her, following her for her protection and arriving at her apartment, to her consent. He is open about this with Scott who is evidently uncomfortable at their budding relationship.

In More Bad Than Good, Isaac comforts Allison when she goes through the after-effects of her druid sacrifice ritual and shows his confidence in her allowing her to regain her sharp-shooting skills.

In Galvanize, Isaac is still antagonistic towards Ethan and Aiden saying they can't join Scott's pack because of their part in Boyd's death. After helping Allison with research on William Barrow, (and teasing each other sexually) Isaac is confronted and "tagged" by the Oni.

In Illuminated,

In Silverfinger, he helps Allison and Chris retrieve information about the Oni, Kitsune and the Nogitsune from the Yakuza recluse, Katashi, also known as "Silverfinger." He and Allison affirm their feelings for each other when Allison kisses him.

In Riddled,

In Letharia Vulpina, Isaac saves Allison from stepping into electrified water as one of the traps set by the Nogitsune possessing Stiles, causing Isaac to sustain severe electrical burns himself and go into a coma so he can heal.

In De-Void, Isaac comes out of his coma and heals from his injuries to Allison's happiness and they have sex. Later it's realized Isaac is possessed by one of the Nogitsune's flies and his demeanor darkens, particularly his vendetta towards Ethan and Aiden. He has Allison shackled to her bed and steals weapons from her. After knocking the twins out, he plans to set them on fire as revenge for them helping to kill Erica and Boyd. He is forced to fight them both when Kira and Allison come to save them. Fortunately, they are all cured after Scott frees Stiles from the Nogitsune.

In Insatiable, Isaac assists Stiles and Scott with finding Lydia. After arriving at Oak Creek, Isaac fights alongside Allison and Kira against the now Nogitsune-controlled Oni. He is eventually outmatched and sliced multiple times by two of the Oni. He is saved by Allison, who is fatally stabbed by the Oni soon after. Visibly shocked and stricken, Isaac watches on as Allison dies in Scott's arms.

In The Divine Move, Isaac is devastated by Allison's death. Later, Isaac remembers that Allison wanted Scott to tell Chris something. When Chris tells him about her forging her silver arrowhead, Isaac figures out that she had discovered that silver was the Oni's weakness and that her arrows could destroy them. Chris and Isaac head to the school with the silver arrows and destroy the remaining Oni. After Scott and Kira exorcise the Nogitsune, Isaac imprisons the dark spirit in Derek's triskele cylinder which is made out of the wood of the Nemeton. Later, Isaac and Chris are seen leaving the Argents' flat with imprisoned Nogitsune, apparently leaving to hide it somewhere where no one would ever find it. Isaac decides to leaves Beacon Hills.


Isaac's personality throughout his time on the series has evolved quite a bit since his introduction. At first, he was shown as a timid, shy young man whose abusive father caused him to be fearful of those around him. After Derek Hale gave him the Bite, however, Isaac took advantage of his new powers and enjoyed using them to dominate others, enjoying the feeling of being powerful instead of powerless for the first time in his life. However, after meeting Scott McCall and the members of what would eventually become the McCall Pack, Isaac eventually grew into a more selfless and compassionate person who was capable of having healthy relationships with others, especially after he was informally adopted by Melissa McCall and accepted into both the McCall Family and the Argent Family.

However, throughout all of this development, certain parts of Isaac's personality have stayed the same, such as his sarcastic sense of humor and his ability to hold grudges against those who have wronged him, as evidenced by his long-lasting disdain toward Ethan and Aiden for their involvement in the deaths of Vernon Boyd and Erica Reyes and the harm they had caused him and his friends. As a result of the abuse he sustained from his father throughout his adolescence, Isaac developed a severe case of claustrophobia due to the many hours he was punished by being locked in a deep freezer in the basement, though he has been shown to overcome this phobia in life-or-death situations, such as when he prevented the root cellar ceiling from falling and crushing Allison, Chris, Melissa, and Sheriff Stilinski. This abuse also led him to develop a strong sense of self-preservation—when Scott, Boyd, and Ethan attempted to kill themselves due to Wolfsbane poisoning and manipulation from the Darach, Isaac simply hid under his bed until he could be snapped out of it by Stiles Stilinski.

Isaac also has a very blunt and honest personality that often causes him to respond to questions and statements in a harsh and/or tactless manner, such when he was questioned by Scott about his feelings for Allison Argent and accidentally blurted out that he wanted to kiss her. He also is a somewhat pessimistic person, as evidenced by his lack of optimism when the McCall Pack worked together with the intention of saving Malia Tate's life and forcing her to shift out of her full-coyote form and back into a human for the first time in eight years.

He also has a bit of an impulsive streak in him as well, as he has a tendency to want to fight first and ask questions later, indicating he has much in common with another Beta werewolf who joined the McCall Pack after he left, Liam Dunbar. Isaac also seems to be a bit of a Lothario, having shown romantic attraction to many other characters throughout his time on the series, including Lydia Martin, Erica Reyes, Allison Argent, and Cora Hale, and has even demonstrated the possibility of being attracted to some of his fellow men in the packs, such as Scott McCall and Jackson Whittemore.

Despite the qualities he possesses that could be considered negative, Isaac has proven himself to be an incredibly loyal person, and is willing to put himself in harm's way in order to protect his loved ones, such as when he helped defend Derek against Kali despite Derek having recently kicked Isaac out of the house by abusing him in the same way as his father, or when he jumped into a fight with the Oni in order to protect Aiden despite his negative feelings toward the twins for their past actions.

Physical Appearance[]

Isaac is a very tall and very handsome young man with a lean, muscular build. He has dark blond hair that is slightly curly, pale white skin, and large, deep-set blue eyes. At first, Isaac dressed like most young men his age in simple t-shirts and jeans, but after receiving the Bite, he started to dress in a more trendy fashion, favoring designer jeans, cardigans, v-necks in shades of white, blue, and black, and black leather jackets with boots. He is also notable for enjoying to wear trendy scarves, a quirk that often causes him to be teased by Stiles Stilinski.

Powers and Abilities[]


Isaac, as a Beta Werewolf, possesses the standard abilities of his species.

  • Super Strength: As a Werewolf, Isaac possesses a superhuman level of strength that allows him to break through chains and deadbolt locks, punch through brick and marble walls, and throw grown men across a room with ease. Isaac's strength was bolstered even more by his membership in a pack, first in the Hale Pack and then again in the McCall Pack, allowing him to break humans like Allison Argent out of their handcuffs, claw deep gashes into metal locker doors, snap an iron chain in half with his bare hands, and even keep the roof of the Nemeton's root cellar from collapsing on him and the rest of the people inside.
  • Super Speed: As a Werewolf, Isaac is able to run much faster than even the most athletic human beings, both on two legs and by loping on all fours. Isaac is an especially quick runner due in part to his long legs, as he was able to stay ahead of then-Alpha Werewolf twins Ethan and Aiden while the two were chasing him through the Beacon Hills Preserve.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes: As a Werewolf, Isaac possesses supernaturally enhanced agility and reflexes, allowing him to jump across long distances, jump down from several stories high and land lightly on his feet, and perform a multitude of acrobatic and gymnastic feats. Like both of his Alphas, Isaac had an affinity for doing front-flips while jumping from tall heights and spinning kicks while he fought. He also uses his superhuman agility to also enhance his reflexes, as evidenced when he was able to catch a flying arrow just moments before it could hit Lydia Martin in the face and kill her.
  • Super Durability: Though he is a Werewolf, Isaac can still receive open wounds like any other creature. However, his lycanthropy gives him a supernaturally-enhanced resistance to blunt force trauma, allowing him to be thrown through walls and fall from large heights without sustaining life-threatening injuries, such as when he and Braeden drove through a wall of plate-glass windows to escape from the twins.
  • Super Senses: As a Werewolf, Isaac, like his wolf counterpart, has supernaturally enhanced senses of sight, smell, and hearing, bestowing him with numerous abilities, including being able to: see in the dark and across much larger distances than a human; track scents for up to several miles and interpret the chemosignals that indicate identity and/or emotional states; and hear indoor conversations from outside of buildings with ease. Though Isaac was still learning how to track more complicated scents, he was very adept at using his enhanced hearing to eavesdrop on conversations and follow certain sounds, such as when Chris Argent used his ultra-sonic emitters to draw the Werewolves to where he, Sheriff Stilinski, and Melissa McCall were being held captive so they could be rescued. Additionally, Isaac's glowing Werewolf eyes allow him to see mystical supernatural phenomena that ordinarily cannot be seen with human eyes, such as the Nemeton or a Kitsune's aura.
  • Accelerated Healing: As a Werewolf, Isaac possesses an extraordinarily enhanced healing factor that allows him to recover from wounds exponentially faster than ordinary humans. Minor wounds such as cuts or broken bones can heal within moments, while more serious injuries such as gunshots, multiple organ trauma, broken spines, and burns can take hours or even days to heal. This is especially true when it comes to electricity, as after Isaac fell into a large puddle of water that surrounded a live electrical wire, Isaac was in the hospital for days recovering due to a Werewolf's vulnerability to electricity. Because of this accelerated healing ability, Isaac is immune to the majority of human illnesses and conditions and cannot get drunk on alcohol or high on recreational drugs due to his body healing too quickly, though very large doses of anesthetics have been shown to incapacitate him for short periods of time.
    • Longevity: Because Isaac's rapid cellular regeneration prevents him from contracting most human diseases and conditions and replaces his degenerating cells at a constant rate, he ages much more slowly than a normal human and is granted a greatly-extended lifespan. It is unknown what the average life expectancy of a Werewolf is, but the oldest known Werewolf, Satomi Ito, is 110+ years old with the appearance of a 50 to a 60-year-old woman, suggesting that werewolves if they are not killed, could potentially live decades longer than even that.
  • Shapeshifting: As a Werewolf, Isaac possesses the ability to transform his features into a partially-lupine form, with glowing gold eyes, retractable claws and fangs, a ridged brow, pointed ears and large sideburns. Isaac is also able to selectively transform a single feature at a time, such as only making his eyes glow to enhance his vision, or extending his claws to use them to cut something.
  • Pain Absorption: As a Werewolf, Isaac possessed the ability to take the pain of animals, humans, and other supernatural creatures through tactile contact. This is usually done by either holding hands with the pained individual or by touching the injured body part with their hand and drawing the pain into themselves, which manifests through darkened veins that begin in the fingers and work their way up the arm toward the chest. Isaac was shown using this ability on one occasion to take pain from a dog who was dying of cancer.
  • Animal Instincts: Isaac, as a Werewolf, is an apex predator like his wolf counterpart, and as a result, he can think as wolves do and behave in the way that a wolf would in the wild. This allows him to assert dominance over weaker creatures such as dogs, cats, and deer, and can force them to calm down or run away if they are acting aggressively. This also aids Isaac in tracking others by tapping into his wolf hunting instincts.


  • Strategic Thinking: Even before becoming a werewolf, Isaac has possessed an ability to think strategically, which he has said he learned from his father. This was proven when he helped Allison figure out how to decipher the clues in her father's study in order to learn what he knew about the Darach and her sacrifices. He has also used this ability on numerous occasions to aid the packs, both before battles and when reacting to new information, and has a special affinity for stepping back and seeing the bigger picture rather than focusing on the details.
  • Self-Preservation: Isaac, as a result of his abusive upbringing, has a highly developed sense of survival instincts, which has helped him avoid death on many occasions. This was first proven in Motel California, when the wolfsbane poisoning inflicted on him, Scott, Boyd, and Ethan caused them all to hallucinate their worst fears; while the others were trying to kill themselves out of the horror of what they were seeing, Isaac simply hid under his bed and tried to ride it out until the humans, Allison, Lydia, and Stiles figured out a way to break them out of their wolfsbane haze.


Isaac possesses the common weaknesses of a Werewolf, along with other weaknesses that are specific to Isaac himself.

  • Wolfsbane: Depending on the strain of wolfsbane and the method of exposure, Isaac, as a Werewolf, is extremely vulnerable. Inhaling purple wolfsbane has been shown to cause him vivid and terrifying hallucinations while being harmed by weapons coated in the wolfsbane can poison him and prevent him from healing. Nordic Blue Monkshood is fatal to Werewolves, as evidenced by the fact that an Argent Hunter planned to inject Isaac with it to kill him shortly after he was turned into a Werewolf, and yellow wolfsbane has been shown to weaken, sedate, or even kill Werewolves as well, depending on the method of exposure and the potency.
  • Electricity: Electricity is another weakness of Werewolves that can have varying effects on them depending on how strong the voltage is. Lower amounts of electrical exposure can disable their ability to heal and shapeshift, while higher amounts can stop their heart or kill them outright. When Isaac accidentally stepped into a puddle in which a live wire had fallen, he was electrocuted so badly that he was knocked unconscious and fell into the puddle, causing electrical burns on the entire side of his body that made contact with the water. He was injured so badly by this event that he had to stay in the intensive care unit of the hospital for several days until his healing was finally able to kick in and help him recover.
  • Letharia Vulpina: Also called "wolf lichen," letharia vulpina is a kind of moss that has been used for centuries as a poison to kill wolves, coyotes, and foxes. As a result, it can also be used to weaken Werewolves, Werecoyote, and Kitsune, though it isn't fatal to them.
  • Modified Canine Distemper Virus: Created by The Chemist, the modified canine distemper virus was specifically created to target and kill canine shapeshifters such as Werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Kitsune in order to reap the bounties of those shapeshifters in the Deadpool. Once exposed, Kitsune will suffer neurological symptoms, whereas Werewolves like Isaac and Werecoyotes will begin to suffer flu-like symptoms such as fevers and aches, followed by an inability to control their transformation, either involuntarily shifting into their were-creature form or being unable to do so despite their best efforts. Those infected will then begin to bleed black blood from their nose, ears, mouth, and nail beds before they lose their eyesight, at which point they will die within minutes. However, this disease can be both cured and inoculated against by ingesting wild purple reishi mushrooms.
  • Full Moon: Because Werewolves' powers are derived from the moon, a full moon will be when they are at the height of their strength, though this comes at a cost-- during this lunar phase, a Werewolf will become more rabid and bloodthirsty, forcing them to learn to control this impulse in order to prevent their supernatural identities from being exposed to the human population. Though Isaac has had control over this transformation since his second full moon as a Werewolf, it still takes him a great deal of focus and concentration to maintain it, and even the most well-disciplined lycanthrope can lose control under the right circumstances during the full moon.
  • Lunar Eclipse: Just as the full moon marks the height of a Werewolf's powers, the lunar eclipse-- specifically, the time frame when the moon is in the Earth's umbral shadow-- is the opposite. Because the moon is completely hidden by the Earth's shadow during this time period, a Werewolf will completely lose all their powers (including super strength, healing, and shapeshifting) for the duration, which is usually between ten and twenty minutes long. Isaac experienced this vulnerability when this phase of the lunar eclipse began while he was in the middle of holding up the roof of the root cellar under the Nemeton to prevent himself and the other people with him from being crushed under its weight. As a result of the loss of his enhanced strength, Allison, Chris, Sheriff Stilinski, and Melissa had to help him hold the roof up until Stiles arrived with a metal baseball bat to help act as a brace for the roof. ("Lunar Ellipse")
  • Intense Emotions: Because a Werewolf's transformation is often tied to their heart rate, any intense emotion that can increase their pulse (such as anger, fear, or lust/arousal) can cause them to lose control and shift involuntarily if they do not have the training necessary to keep themselves in check. Like with the full moon, Isaac has had control over his transformation for some time now, but it takes a great deal of focus and concentration to maintain this control under stressful situations, and under the right circumstances, he can lose control and possibly hurt others. This was demonstrated when Isaac suffered a panic attack after Ethan and Aiden locked him in a supply closet at school that caused him to involuntarily shift into Werewolf form and attack Allison Argent. ("Unleashed")
    • Claustrophobia: Due to the horrendous abuse Isaac suffered at the hands of his father, which involved him being locked in a freezer as punishment for even the slightest infractions, Isaac has a severe case of claustrophobia that is triggered whenever he is forced into a small space against his will. Though he has demonstrated that he can push past this phobia in life-or-death situations (as evidenced when he used his superhuman strength to hold up the Nemeton's root cellar after it collapsed due to Jennifer Blake's thunderstorm) ("Lunar Ellipse"), it can also lead him to lose control over his transformation, as discussed above.
  • Mountain Ash: Like any truly supernatural creature, Isaac is vulnerable to rowan wood and its burned form, mountain ash, which can be used to create barriers that he can neither touch nor cross. As a result, it can be used to prevent him from entering an area that is warded with it, and he can also be trapped within unbroken circles of it as well.


  • Isaac: Isaac is the English form of a masculine Hebrew given name, יִצְחָק (Yitzchaq), which means "He will laugh" or "He will rejoice," and which itself is derived from the Hebrew verb צָחַק (tzachaq), which means "to laugh." This name most famously mentioned in the Old Testament; it described how Abraham laughed after God informed him that his wife would become pregnant with a son, Isaac, in Genesis 17:17. In the Old Testament, Isaac was notable for having nearly been sacrificed by his father Abraham during a test of his faith by God. Fortunately, an angel stepped in at the last moment and prevented Isaac's death, allowing him to live on to be the father of Esau and Jacob.
    • Variants of the name in other languages include: Sahak (Armenian); Isaak (Biblical Greek, German, Polish, Russian); Yitzhak (Biblical Hebrew); Izaäk, Sjaal, Sjakie (Dutch); Iisaaki, Iikka, Iiro (Finnish); Izsák (Hungarian); Isak (Swedish).
  • Lahey: Lahey is the Anglicized version of the Gaelic surname Ó Laochdha, which means, "son or descendant of Laochdha." Loachdha itself is derived from the Gaelic word laoch, meaning "hero." There are also other theorized origins of this name, such as claims that it is derived from the word leighiche, meaning "physician," or lagh, meaning "law" or "order."



  • Isaac and Mr. Lahey (Father/Son)
  • Derek and Isaac (Formerly Alpha-Beta, Friends/Allies)
  • Erica and Isaac (Former Packmates, Friends)
  • Boyd and Isaac (Former Packmates, Friends)
  • Cora and Isaac (Former Packmates, Friends)
  • Isaac and Scott (Alpha-Beta, Close Friends, Formerly Foster Brothers)
  • Isaac and Stiles (Packmates, Antagonistic Friendship)
  • Isaac and Lydia (Packmates, Friends/Allies)
  • Allison and Isaac (Former Enemies, Romantic Relationship)
  • Isaac and Melissa (Foster Mother/Son)
  • Chris and Isaac (Allies, Guardian-Ward)
  • Isaac and Kira (Packmates, Friends/Allies)
  • Allison, Isaac and Scott (Trio Friendship, Love Triangle)
  • Isaac, Scott and Stiles (Trio Friendship)
  • Allison, Chris and Isaac (Trio Friendship, Familial Relationship)
  • Isaac, Melissa and Scott (Trio Friendship, Familial Relationship)
  • Aiden, Ethan, and Isaac (Trio Relationship, Frenemies)
  • Isaac, Erica and Boyd (Trio Relationship, Former Packmates)


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