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Isaac: "They're leaving tonight during the game."
Scott: "So, why are you telling me?"
Isaac: "I'm not telling you-- I'm asking you. I'm asking for your advice."
Scott: "From me? Why?"
Isaac: "Because I trust you."
Scott: "Why?"
Isaac: "Because you always seem to want to do the right thing."
Scott: "I usually have no idea what I'm doing. Actually, I always have no idea what I'm doing."

The relationship between Beta Werewolf Isaac Lahey and True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall.

Isaac and Scott's relationship had a turbulent beginning, due to the fact that Isaac was a part of Derek's pack shortly after he became an Alpha, and Scott was unconsciously forming his own, though he wasn't an Alpha yet. Their first interaction was in Season 2's Shape Shifted at lacrosse tryouts, where Scott sensed that there was another Werewolf in the locker room with them and decided to leave his position of goalie to try to literally sniff them out. He eventually figured out that the other wolf was Isaac, but before he could question him further, he was arrested by Sheriff Stilinski as a suspect in the murder of Mr. Lahey.

After that, Scott had several standoffs with Isaac and the rest of the Hale Pack until the threat of the Kanima forced them to work together to protect the town. It wasn't until Scott informed Isaac that he didn't want him to get hurt that Isaac realized that Scott had the potential to be a good friend.

From there, Isaac trusted Scott and his instincts with regards to dealing with supernatural threats, and his allegiance slowly started to shift from Derek to Scott, particularly when Derek's attempts to resist the Alpha Pack result in their own pack getting hurt or killed. Isaac formally joined the McCall Pack after Derek gave up his Alpha spark to save his sister Cora and the Hale Pack dissolved.

From there, the two became very close friends, with Isaac even moving into the McCall House when Derek kicked him out of the loft. Their friendship experienced a little tension when Isaac began developing feelings for Allison Argent, Scott's ex-girlfriend, which hit extra hard due to the darkness Scott was plagued with following the surrogate sacrifice ritual. However, when Scott began dating Kira Yukimura, he ultimately gave Allison and Isaac his blessing to be together.

The two, accompanied with the rest of the pack, fought against the Nogitsune and the Oni he had stolen, but when Allison was killed by one of the Oni, Isaac became so distraught that he left Beacon Hills and went to France with Allison's father Chris Argent; though Argent ultimately returned several months later, Isaac remains in Europe as far as anyone else is aware.

Isaac and Scott's relationship is referred to as "Scisaac" by fans.

Throughout Teen Wolf[edit | edit source]

In Shape Shifted, Scott was with Stiles in the boys locker room at school when he suddenly sensed another Werewolf in the room with Scott and Stiles due to the upcoming full moon heightening his powers. However, when Scott was unable to identify who it was, Stiles came up with a plan that involved Scott getting as close to every one of the team members as he could to try to sniff out who the new Werewolf was. This plan quickly became awkward due to Scott playing goalie, forcing him to leave the goal in order to get close to any of his teammates. Despite the difficulty of the plan, it ultimately worked when Scott tackled Isaac and discovered he was the new Werewolf, which was confirmed when Scott saw his eyes glow gold. Unfortunately, before Scott could process this or ask any questions, Isaac was confronted by Sheriff Stilinski and two deputies, forcing Isaac to beg Scott not to tell anyone before he was arrested on suspicion of killing his father, Mr. Lahey, the previous evening. Scott and Stiles watched as Isaac was led away from school, and Scott used his superhuman sense of hearing to eavesdrop on the Sheriff's conversation. When it became clear he was a suspect, Stiles worried that Isaac could be held in a cell at the jail for twenty-four hours, which would occur during that night's full moon. Worried that Isaac would expose them and/or hurt someone due to it being his first full moon as a Werewolf, they immediately rushed to follow after Isaac in hopes of getting him out of jail. Before they could do so, however, Derek Hale appeared in his Camaro and ordered Scott to get in, advising him that the Lahey House contained enough evidence to support their arrest of Isaac, even despite the fact that he wasn't the killer. Derek and Scott then went to Isaac's house to get rid of any evidence that would incriminate Isaac, where Scott asked him who really did kill Mr. Lahey. When Derek admitted that he didn't know yet, Scott questioned him on how he knew it wasn't Isaac, causing Derek to argue that he trusted his senses, particularly when working in a combination before giving him a pointed look. Scott, realizing Derek saw him on the field earlier in the day, blushed in embarrassment, and Derek grimly confirmed that it looked as bad as it sounded. The two made their way down into the basement, which is where Derek believed what would be used as the motive was located. He instructed Scott to follow his senses, and the young Beta was drawn to the nearby deep freezer, where the scent of emotion was strongest. When Scott asked what had happened there, Derek would only answer, "The kind of thing that leaves an impression." Scott then opened the freezer to find that the inside was covered in bloody scratch marks, implying that Isaac was locked inside of it regularly as punishment. Scott realized that this was why Isaac agreed to the bite-- because he wanted the power to defend himself against his father, a suspicion that Derek confirmed to be true. When Scott asked if Isaac even knew about the threat of the Argent Hunters, Derek assured him that he did and that Isaac still wanted it, leading Scott to call him an "idiot." Derek then turned the conversation back on Scott by reminding him that he was the "idiot dating Argent's daughter" and once again making his case for Scott joining the Hale Pack-- the support of other Werewolves, a teacher who can help him learn to control his powers, including his senses, even on a full moon, and less vulnerability to Hunters than as an Omega. Scott, however, would not give up being with Allison, though it made it clear that while he was not going to join his pack, he did want to help him break Isaac out of jail. Derek, confused, questioned him on why he wanted to, wondering if it was because he was a Werewolf like them, but Scott corrected him by saying, "Because he's innocent." Unfortunately, the full moon's effects became too much for Scott, who enlisted Stiles to help Derek while Allison helped lock him up, though Allison did assist the others by shooting a Hunter in the leg to slow him down. They were ultimately able to get Isaac out of jail, though he was a fugitive from the law and had to stay in the Railway Depot with Derek to avoid arrest. In Ice Pick, In Venomous, In Restraint, In Raving, In Party Guessed, In Battlefield, In Master Plan,

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Isaac was the first Beta Werewolf to join Scott's pack, as the first two members (Stiles Stilinski and Allison Argent) are both human.
  • Over time, Isaac has proven to be very loyal to Scott, to the point that he will use physical violence to defend his honor and put himself in harm's way in order to defend him.
    • This was displayed vividly in Frayed when Isaac began punching Ethan after finding out that the wounds they inflicted on Scott weren't healing and appeared to be lethal.
  • Both Scott and Isaac have had romantic relationships with Allison Argent.
    • This has proven to be a touchy subject for the two but still managed to remain friendly towards each other.
    • Due to their respective relationships with Allison, both young men were devastated by her death.
  • Both Scott and Isaac are allies with Derek Hale, Alan Deaton, Stiles Stilinski, and Chris Argent.
  • Both have estranged relationships with their abusive fathers.
  • Before Scott was truly an Alpha, he was shown to have some kind of supernatural authority over Isaac, as his roar allowed him to shift Isaac back to human after he had a claustrophobia-induced panic attack in Unleashed. This was demonstrated again in Frayed, when Scott shouted at Isaac to stop attacking Ethan.
  • They lived together for a period of time after Scott discovered Isaac was homeless. Melissa McCall acted as a guardian and foster parent to Isaac, and both Scott and Melissa considered Isaac to be family when he was hospitalized after being electrocuted in Letharia Vulpina.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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