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Look, I've got my own agenda, which doesn't involve running around the woods at night, howling at the moon with you and McCall, okay? So, why don't you just back the...
Jackson to Derek Hale in Omega

Jackson Whittemore was a main character on Teen Wolf in Season 1 and Season 2. He is the biological son of the late Gordon and Margaret Miller, and the adopted son of David Whittemore and his unnamed wife. Jackson was first introduced as a cocky, self-absorbed jock who was best known for being Beacon Hills High School's star lacrosse player and the boyfriend of the most popular girl in school, Lydia Martin.

However, after fellow student and lacrosse teammate Scott McCall started to overshadow him as the most talented player, Jackson became desperate to know what had enhanced Scott's athletic skills so that he could partake as well. Once he learned that Scott had been turned into a Werewolf, he began to blackmail him by threatening to out Scott to his then-girlfriend Allison Argent if he didn't help him get the bite and turn into a Werewolf as well. When this plan failed to yield the desired results, Jackson turned to born-Werewolf Derek Hale for help instead. Though Derek initially rejected him, he ultimately relented, and after he became an Alpha, he gave Jackson the bite, making him Derek's first Beta, though Derek secretly hoped it would kill him due to the trouble he had caused.

Unfortunately for both of them, Jackson's transformation didn't go as planned. Jackson immediately rejected Derek as his Alpha, claiming that he had his own agenda before he started leaking black fluid from his ears, nose, and mouth. In time, it was revealed that Jackson actually had been turned by the bite, but not into a Werewolf—instead, he had become a Kanima due to his unresolved issues regarding his identity as an orphan and adopted child. With this transformation, Jackson gained the ability to shapeshift into a reptilian, snake-like creature with claws, double-rows of sharp fang teeth, and a tail, and his claws and tail produced a clear venom that paralyzes any living creature upon contact.

To make matters worse, Kanimas are supernatural agents of vengeance who seek a master, which made him vulnerable to two different revenge-driven people who controlled him into killing for them-- Matt Daehler and Gerard Argent. While under Gerard's control, Jackson decided to kill himself rather than hurt one of his friends, but his death wasn't permanent, and he eventually was reborn after creating a cocoon of his own venom to heal. When Gerard's ingestion of mountain ash prior to being bitten by Derek caused him to become violently ill, his control over Jackson was broken, allowing Derek and Peter Hale to stab him with their claws and kill him.

Once again, Jackson momentarily died, but after Lydia returned his key, a sort of talisman for their relationship, and said his name with her Banshee voice, Jackson was reborn as a Kanima/Beta Werewolf hybrid. However, due to the doctors at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital being extremely confused about Jackson's resurrection, he and his parents decided to move to London, England to start over, though Derek trained him to control himself on full moons before he left.

During his few appearances in Season 6B, Jackson, along with Ethan Steiner, his new boyfriend, returned to Beacon Hills in order to help Scott and the rest of the McCall Pack fight against Tamora Monroe, Gerard Argent and their huge Hunter army. After the defeat of the shapeshifter Anuk-Ite, Jackson and Ethan returned to London and continued helping the McCall Pack in finding and recruiting orphaned supernatural creatures to help them in their war against the Hunters.

Jackson is a member of the Whittemore Family and has associations with the former Hale Pack and the members of the McCall Pack.

Early life[]

Not much is known about Jackson's early life, aside from the fact that his biological parents were killed in a car accident in June 1994, possibly due to someone attempting to purposely kill them. His mother was still pregnant with him at the time of the crash, but though she died, Jackson was delivered by emergency cesarean section and miraculously survived. ("Restraint")

He was later adopted by the Whittemore family and attended Beacon Hills city schools, where he was an overachiever in his classes and in sports in an effort to try to make the biological parents he never knew proud of him. ("The Tell") He ultimately joined the swim and lacrosse teams upon reaching high school, where he was made captain by his sophomore year due to his prodigious athletic skills. ("Wolf Moon"), ("Raving").

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In Wolf Moon, Jackson pulled up to Beacon Hills High School in his Porsche during the first day of sophomore year and parked right next to Scott McCall, who was on a regular bike. When Jackson got out of the car, he hit Scott with the door and rudely told Scott to watch the paint job. After class, he met up with his girlfriend, Lydia Martin in the hall and kissed her before they turned their attention back to Allison Argent, a new student, who they then invited to a party at Lydia's house after his team's scrimmage.

However, when Allison declined, citing that Friday is her family night, Jackson asked her if she was sure since the whole team goes to Lydia's parties after games. Allison assumed he meant football, which made Jackson chuckle before explaining that football is a joke in Beacon Hills and that the real sport is lacrosse. According to Jackson, the team has won the championship for the last three years, and Lydia added that it was because Jackson was the team captain. He and Lydia then decided to bring her to practice, where Jackson soon became fed up after watching Scott (who, unbeknownst to him, had just been turned into a Beta Werewolf and had gained enhanced strength, speed, agility, and reflexes) show off while playing goalie. Wanting to teach Scott a lesson, Jackson cut in line to take his shot at Scott, sprinting toward the goal and launching his ball at it with incredible force.

Unfortunately for Jackson, Scott managed to catch the ball with little effort, causing Jackson to become embarrassed, enraged, and suspicious. After practice, Jackson confronted Scott at his locker, demanding to know where he's getting his drugs, as he believed that there was no way that Scott could have gotten so good so quickly without steroids or other performance enhancers. However, Scott didn't understand what he was talking about and instead started ranting about the strange symptoms he had been experiencing, including seeing, hearing, and smelling things that shouldn't be humanly possible and be sleepwalking three miles into the woods every night. Not believing Scott's claims that he wasn't on drugs, Jackson simply smirked and assured him that he would be finding out what was going on with Scott.

At the scrimmage, the entire team, including Jackson and Scott, gathered around Coach Finstock during the huddle, where the Coach informed them that if they made both the cut and the play, they would make it onto the team. Despite Jackson's best efforts to sabotage Scott's performance during the game, Scott still was able to take several shots, which led to Scott making first line with Jackson. That night, at the party at the Martin House, he and Lydia were seen dancing and making out in the corner of the backyard, though while Jackson was kissing Lydia's neck, Lydia was too busy checking out Scott while he and Allison danced together nearby.

In Second Chance at First Line, Jackson was given another chance to go up against Scott at practice, which he eagerly took. During the play, he slammed Scott onto the ground, leading both Jackson and Coach Finstock to taunt Scott about his momentary lack of skill. However, since Scott had just had his first full moon in the previous episode and now had his full powers, which were triggered by increases in heart rate, Scott became incredibly angry and went in for a second attempt against Jackson.

This time, it was Scott who slammed Jackson onto the ground, but since Jackson only had human-level durability and healing, he dislocated his shoulder and had to be taken to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital for treatment. Lydia was waiting for him outside the exam room when he was done, and he informed Lydia that the doctor gave him a cortisone shot, though the doctor also said not to make a habit of it. However, Lydia suggested he get a second shot before the lacrosse game, and when Jackson looked reluctant, she reminded him that all the professional athletes do it when they're injured before asking him if he wanted to go pro someday.

That night at the game, Coach Finstock approached Jackson and asked him about his arm, but Jackson played tough and assured him that it didn't hurt. When Coach asked if it would hurt if he punched him in the arm, Jackson got a disturbed look on his face and said yes, though he insisted that if he started feeling any pain during the game, he would just fight through it.

It soon became apparent that Jackson ordered the other players not to pass the ball to Scott, and during a play, Jackson shoulder-checked Scott and knocked him to the ground before stealing the ball and Scott's point. During the following play, when it looked as though Jackson's best friend Danny Mahealani was ignoring his orders, he called Danny out on it. Danny argued that it was more important that they win, but Jackson used his position as team captain to force Danny to do what he said.

Despite Jackson's instructions, Scott managed to score several points, and Coach overrode Jackson's orders by demanding that they pass the ball to Scott to ensure that they win the game. After an impressive shot by Scott, one of the members of the rival team approached Jackson and asked him what was up with Scott, leading the still-suspicious Jackson to reply that he had no idea. After the Cyclones won the game, Scott rushed off the field due to his adrenaline rush causing him to start to transform, though Jackson was unaware of this. Jackson eventually found Scott's lacrosse glove, which had puncture holes at the end of each fingertip, on the field, and when he looked around, he noticed Derek Hale lurking in the shadows and watching him.

In Pack Mentality Jackson arrived at school to find that his locker door had been broken, though he had no idea that it had been Scott, who was afraid that Allison had been killed during one of his bouts of [[Werewolf]|lycanthropy]]-induced sleepwalking, had punched it so hard that the door was too misshapen to fully close.

While in class, Jackson menacingly stared at Scott after the young werewolf was forced to sit in front of him. At lunch, Jackson, Lydia, Allison, Danny and several other friends joined Scott and Stiles at their table, where they were discussing the recent attack in one of the school buses the previous night. When Jackson mentioned that he heard the attack was caused by a mountain lion and speculated that the victim was probably a "homeless tweaker," Stiles, who had pulled up a news report on his phone, corrected him by saying that it was Garrison Myers, a bus driver.

Wanting to change the subject to something more optimistic, Lydia brought up Allison and Scott's upcoming date and invited herself and Jackson along to make it a double date. It was clear that neither Allison, Scott, nor Jackson were thrilled by this plan, particularly when Jackson stated that it would be just as "fun" to stab himself in the face with the fork he was holding. However, Lydia ignored him and proposed that they go bowling since Jackson loves it. Jackson reminded her that he liked to bowl with actual competition, and was skeptical when Scott assured him that he was good at bowling, though they all ultimately agreed to Lydia's date plans.

That night at the bowling alley, Jackson helped Lydia make her shot, but she only managed to hit a few pins. Jackson's turn followed Lydia's, and he got a strike on the first short, making him smirk smugly before taking his seat to see how well Scott fared. It was soon revealed that Scott had exaggerated about his skills when he instantly gets a gutterball, causing Jackson to burst out laughing. Allison, unamused by Jackson's rudeness, snapped at him to stop, but Jackson couldn't help but continue to make fun of Scott for several more minutes.

However, Jackson's taunts immediately died when, with a little pep talk from Allison and some of his Werewolf agility, Scott began getting strike after strike. Lydia, clearly impressed by his performance, flirtatiously asked Scott to show her how it was done, but when Scott, not taking the bait, kindly assured her that she had it handled. This caused Jackson, jealous at Lydia's attention regarding Scott, to offer to show her instead, which Lydia spurned before getting a strike all on her own, revealing that Lydia was only pretending to be bad at bowling to spare Jackson's ego. After Lydia spurned his help on her next turn and got a strike on her own as well, revealing that she had only pretended to be bad for Jackson's benefit, Jackson became annoyed and went to the arcade to blow off some steam.

Scott eventually joined him in the arcade, watching Jackson as he played pinball and even complimenting his good shot after he won. He then attempted to break the tension between him and Jackson by pointing out that while he was well aware that neither of them wanted to be there, they didn't have to hate each other. Jackson, even more, annoyed by this point, stated that he didn't hate Scott-- he just simply didn't believe Scott's act when it came to his recently increased athleticism.

Jackson then accused Scott of cheating, both at lacrosse and at bowling, and though he admitted he didn't know how Scott was doing it, he warned Scott that he hadn't given up on finding out. He ended this conversation by adding that he had no idea whether it was drugs or something weirder, but either way, he knew that it was something he didn't want Allison to know. After confirming that Scott was genuinely concerned by Jackson's threats, Jackson returned to the bowling alley to join Allison and Lydia.

In Magic Bullet Jackson encountered Derek Hale in the hallway at Beacon Hills High School. He noticed that Derek was pale, sweating, and generally looked very ill because he had been shot by a wolfsbane-laced rifle shell by Kate Argent the previous night. When Derek demanded to know where Scott was, Jackson asked him why he should tell Derek anything.

Derek went on to remind him that he asked nicely, which he claimed he only does once, and Jackson, seeing an opportunity to find out more about what has been going on with Scott, offered Derek a deal-- he would tell Derek where he could find Scott if Derek revealed what he's been supposedly selling Scott. Derek was confused about Jackson's line of questioning, and when Jackson began listing various performance-enhancing drugs, Derek finally realized that he thought he was selling Scott steroids. Jackson acted like Derek was stupid before retorting that he should stop "sampling the merchandise," as Derek's pale, sweaty appearance led Jackson to assume that he was strung out on drugs.

Derek, annoyed by this conversation and realizing his attempt to find Scott was going nowhere, attempted to walk away, but Jackson, desperate to get the upper hand against Scott, grabbed him to stop him. Unfortunately for Jackson, Derek reversed Jackson's hold and slammed him face-first into the row of lockers, unintentionally extending his claws, which pierced through the back of Jackson's neck. Unbeknownst to either of them, Derek's claws were coated in Derek's wolfsbanel-laced blood, so not only did he introduce wolfsbane into Jackson's bloodstream, but he also inadvertently performed the memory-manipulation ritual typically only performed by Alphas that somehow shared Derek's memories of witnessing the Hale House Fire from outside.

After school, Jackson was in his Porsche in the parking lot when Derek stumbled in front of Stiles' Jeep, causing a traffic jam that backed up the line of cars attempting to leave the school. Jackson, clearly annoyed by the hold-up, honked his horn several times before getting out of his car to see what was causing the traffic jam, where he saw Scott and Stiles talking to Derek and eventually helping the injured Beta into Stiles' Jeep.

In The Tell, Jackson and Lydia pulled up to a video rental store and discussed their options in the car for a moment. Jackson wanted to rent Hoosiers, which is what he believed to be one of the best sports movies of all time. Lydia couldn't care less, and Jackson, who had apparently been through this argument before, immediately refused to watch The Notebook again, correctly assuming that this was the movie Lydia wanted to watch. Jackson continued to try to make his pitch for Hoosiers until he finally caved to the stare-down Lydia gave him.

Jackson then entered the store, where he asked the cashier where he could find The Notebook; when he didn't get a response, Jackson decided to investigate further and realized that the man was lying dead on the floor, his throat clawed open. Jackson, completely horrified by what he was seeing, then began to hear noise coming from inside the store. He stopped and looked around for a moment, which is where he caught a glimpse of the Alpha's glowing red eyes in the shadows.

He quickly ran to hide behind a row of shelves, only for the Alpha to eventually knock it down to pin Jackson face-down onto the floor. The Alpha took advantage of having trapped Jackson to get close to him, seemingly to harm him, but stopped when he saw the claw punctures from when Derek Hale accidentally stabbed him in the back of the neck. The wounds began glowing purple for reasons unknown, which seemed toward the Alpha off, causing it to run through the wall of windows, shattering the glass as it fled the store on two feet.

The first responders eventually arrived at the crime scene, where Jackson and Lydia were being examined by the medics when Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles arrived on behalf of the Sheriff's department. Jackson wasted no time demanding to go home, but when Stilinski reminded him that they needed to get him checked out first because he could possibly have a concussion, Jackson became belligerent and essentially called Stilinski a "rent-a-cop" before once again demanding to go home; Stilinski was too tired to fight with him and ultimately allowed him to do what he wanted.

The next day, Jackson came to school, where he attended Adrian Harris' Chemistry class, albeit arriving slightly late. Harris, who has always shown favoritism towards Jackson, quietly assured him that he can come to him if he started feeling overwhelmed and would be excused from class if necessary.

Later, in the locker room, he was examining the claw marks left on his neck in a mirror when he was suddenly distracted by the sight of two glowing red orbs, which he initially mistook for the Alpha's glowing eyes. However, once the steam from the showers dissipated, Jackson soon realized that it was simply the lights on the pair of headphones worn by a classmate. Jackson became alarmed when he turned to find Derek standing right behind him, startling him so badly that he inadvertently walked backward into the row of lockers. He immediately began to stammer that he had no idea where Scott was, but Derek impatiently explained that he wasn't there for Scott-- he was there for Jackson.

He went on to state the obvious, which is that Jackson saw something at the video store and Derek wanted to know what it was. Jackson initially lied and stated that he hadn't seen anything several times before Derek caught a glimpse of the claw marks he accidentally made on the base of Jackson's neck before sarcastically advising him to have it looked at by a doctor. That night, while on the lacrosse field, Jackson was seen practicing his shots while his parents were at the parent-teacher conference, where they were discussing with Adrian Harris Jackson's overly ambitious, overachieving, and perfectionist personality. He shot ball after ball toward a can hammered to a tree to practice his aim, becoming more and more frustrated the more frequently he missed until he finally exploded with anger and threw his water bottle at the tree.

In Heart Monitor, Jackson stares at Scott from his locker. Later that day as he passes the lacrosse field, he stops to watch as Stiles repeatedly hits Scott with the lacrosse balls after being hit a few too many times, Scott kneels to the ground. While in the locker room, as Scott and Stiles prepare to leave, Scott says it smells like something is rotting in the locker room, Jackson comes around the corner, sweaty and pale, looking very close to dead. He takes off his shirt and the bandage on his neck, the wound is still bleeding, he then begins to hallucinate werewolf claws forcing their way out of his mouth. He then leaves the locker room and finds Allison sitting in the hall reading a book, Jackson sits down next to her, she asks if he wanted something, Jackson explains to talk.

He wants to apologize for being unkind to her and Scott, she doesn't believe that he's sincere, Jackson explains that he was the star of the team and then Scott came along and took that, he feels like something has been stolen from him and he'd do anything to get it back. Allison explains that there's no I in team, Jackson makes a joke and says but there is an I in me but the joke falls flat. She doesn't laugh and he believes that Allison must really hate him but she doesn't Jackson is pleased to hear this as he says he likes her and McCall.

In Night School, Jackson and Lydia call Allison to check up on her date with Scott, they learn that he's almost thirty minutes late. He offers to pick her up, Allison suggests that he doesn't but they have already arrived at the Argent House, offering Allison a ride. She then receives a text from Scott, telling her to meet him at Beacon Hills High School, once there, they notice a pair of bolt cutters against the door, suggesting that they broke in. As Allison heads towards the school, Jackson offers to accompany her but she says she'll be fine, he then almost says be careful, Allison notices this, she admits that the genuine concern is a good look for him. As he and Lydia sit in the car waiting for Allison to return, Jackson notices that the roof on Stiles piece of crap jeep looks crappier than usual, he and Lydia approach the vehicle and notices claw marks on it and that the hood has been bent.

He becomes worried so they got into the school looking for Allison, Lydia has to use the bathroom, Jackson admits that he is getting tired of Lydia and her habits. He then notices a figure at the end of the hall, he originally believes it's Scott then thinks it's Derek but whoever it is, gets on all fours and walks away, he begins to panic and feel the scratches on his neck. He and Lydia eventually find Scott, Stiles, and Allison, moments later The Alpha crashes through the ceiling but they leave before they can actually see what it is. They hide in the cafeteria, barricading the door with chairs and tables until Stiles makes them aware of the 20-foot wall of windows. As they all freak out, Stiles reveals that the janitor was murdered, Lydia explains that this was suppose to be over as the mountain lion they believed to be the killer is dead, Jackson informs her that it was never really a mountain lion.

Scott tells them that Derek Hale is the killer, he killed everyone and he's going to kill them too, Jackson tells Stiles to call his father, Stiles refuses as they don't know what Derek is armed with, Jackson says Stilinski is armed with an entire sheriff's station. He continues to argue with Stiles to call his father when Stiles refuses again, Jackson grabs him but is punched in the face by Stiles. The door begins to shake and break, there the only option is going through the stairwell which only leads up, they hide in the chemistry class, Scott asks how many people can Jackson's car hold, he replies five, which Allison disagrees with as she could barely fit. Scott says they should go down the fire escape but it's locked and only the janitor has the key, Scott decides to go but not without first getting a weapon to defend himself. Jackson smashes the chemical cabinet so that Lydia can use the chemicals to create a molotov cocktail, Lydia asks Jackson for sulfuric acid, he isn't aware which bottle this is, so he hands he randomly hands her one.

He then comforts Allison as she and Scott get into a disagreement, Lydia then asks him if he's sure he gave her the sulfuric acid because without it the cocktail won't ignite. A little while later, The Alpha howls throughout the school, everything begins to shake and the claw marks on Jackson's neck begin to cause him immense pain, they help him up from the floor, Stiles attempts to check out the wounds but Jackson swats his hand away. The sheriff's station eventually shows up and rescues them.

In Lunatic, Jackson joins Allison at lunch, he notices jelly on her lip, he wipes it out and licks his thumb clean. Allison asks him if he wants a bite, this sends Jackson into confusion, he asks her to repeat it, so she asks if he would like a bite of her food, he stammers and feels the claw marks on his neck. They ask each other how they're doing since being attacked at the school, she explains that she has been thinking about Scott but they haven't talked, Jackson agrees that they shouldn't and that Scott is getting what he deserves. At practice, Coach announces that they're switching to co-captains, Jackson is not happy about this news and he's even less happy when he learns that his new co-captain is Scott. Coach explains to Jackson that this takes nothing from him, it's about joining his unit and McCall's unit and making it one big unit.

Jackson is highly upset with what has just occurred; however, Danny doesn't see what the problem is, especially since Scott scores the most. Jackson asks if that's the opinion of his best friend, Danny says the opinion of his best friend is who in the hell cares about team captain, he then tells Jackson to get a grip. During practice, Scott hits Danny really hard, everyone goes to check on him, it's at that point where Jackson notices that Lydia's lipstick is smudged. Jackson goes to a sporting goods store after school, it's there where he runs into Allison, he tells her about the incident on the field with Scott and that he's there to get Danny a new helmet. As they talk, he offers Allison a shoulder to cry on, so they sit in Jackson's car in the parking lot and talk, Allison wants to tell him something but only if he promises not to laugh.

She explains that she doesn't think it was Derek at the school, Jackson agrees, saying he doesn't either, he tells Allison just because she can't trust Scott doesn't mean she can't trust him. She says that she can't trust her family either as they are hiding something, Jackson tells her about the night at the school where he saw someone in the hall, he said it looked like a man on two feet but then it got on all fours and moved like an animal. As he and Allison continue to talk, something jumps on the car but then it goes away. Jackson goes home, as he gets out of the vehicle he notices a broken and bloody claw stuck in the door, he compares the claw to the puncture wounds he found in McCall's lacrosse glove.

In Wolf's Bane, Jackson goes to the doctor's office to get his claw mark wounds examined, the doctors ask him if he's been sleeping lately or having nightmares. Jackson explains that he's been dreaming about a fire, unbeknownst to him, he's been dreaming about the Hale House Fire, Derek apparently gave him memories. He wonders what dreams have to do with his wounds, the doctor says he needs to get a closer look, so he begins to dig into the wounds and pull out long strands of Wolfsbane.

Jackson begins to yell in pain, he looks back, seeing that the doctor is now Derek, Jackson blinks and the hallucination ends, the doctors tell him he can put his shirt back on and the wounds are nothing to worry about but he wants to give Jackson an antibiotic because he has aconite poisoning, which is another name for wolfsbane. As he is leaving, Jackson approaches Melissa McCall at the nurse station, he asks to use the computer, after realizing that he's who she believes to be one of Scott's friends, Melissa agrees to let him on for a moment, so he looks up wolfsbane.

At school he approaches Scott claiming that he knows that Scott is a werewolf and that he wants to be one too by whatever means, whether it be a bite, a scratch, or even magic fairy dust, either he turns Jackson or Allison finds out everything. He watches Scott at lunch, biting into his apple, watching as Scott reacts, realizing that Scott can hear him, Jackson disappears from his table but continues to talk to Scott, he goes on to taunt Scott, calling him a cheater at lacrosse and threatening to ruin any chances he may have with Allison.

He's later swimming with Allison at the pool, after winning, he claims that it's due to his aerodynamically perfect cheekbones, he urges her to come to the game, assuring her that Scott is fine with it, after a bit of flirting, they take off. In the hallway, he is confronted by Lydia for dumping her, she says it wasn't funny, Jackson agrees as he wasn't joking, he wants his key back and tells her that he's preparing for some changes in his life and he has to drop some dead weight, Lydia is about the deadest. At the game, he sits next to Scott, asking if it's the bite that does it, Jackson confirms his theory but he says that he can't do it and there's a lot more to it.

Scott tells him about the hunters and looks over to the Argents, Jackson says it makes sense as Argent in French means Silver. Coach pats them both on the shoulders, saying no A in econ if no win on the field, after he leaves, Jackson gives Scott 72 hours to turn him into a werewolf.

In Co-Captain, claiming that he sympathizes with Scott, Jackson claims that he'll help Scott get back Allison if he turns him into a werewolf. While speeding through the warehouse district, his car shuts off and the check engine lights come on, he gets out only for Chris Argent to suddenly pull up, Chris offers to help as he knows something about cars. Leading Jackson towards the back of the car, Chris pulls down his collar to check out the claw marks, Jackson gets jumpy and uneasy after Chris mentions it, Scott and Stiles pull up, offering Jackson a ride to the shop up the street, he agrees and beings to walk towards the jeep, Chris pulls a device off the engine and then starts the car up, appearing as if he fixed it.

Scott becomes enraged because Jackson almost gave everything away, Chris believes that Jackson is the second Beta, so now Scott has to watch over him as well as himself, he claims this is Scott's fault and that if he was a werewolf he could protect himself. Scott explains that it's a curse but Jackson doesn't understand how being strong, running fast, and hearing everything is a bad thing, Scott agrees that he can run fast but half the time he's running from hunters, he explains that it ruined his life. Jackson explains that it ruined Scott's life because he wasn't ready for it, he doesn't know how to handle power, he gets into his vehicle and drives away.

While working out in the locker room, Derek enters, he challenges Derek to a fight, claiming that he's not afraid, Derek disagrees, saying that Jackson is scared and that's been scared his entire life. He offers Jackson a way to never be scared again, offering to turn him into a werewolf, so they leave together as Kate Argent watches from a distance. Derek brought him to the Hale House telling him that everything is okay and that everything he wants is inside, when Jackson enters the house, he says that he's seen it all before, Derek is surprised, Jackson tells him that he had a dream about all of it.

He soon realizes that it was a trap, no one is there and no one is coming, he pleads for his life but Derek explains that no one cares about Jackson. Scott appears at the top of the staircase, he's come to save Jackson, Scott jumps and shifts in front of Jackson, at that moment, flash-bang arrows come flying into the house, Jackson manages to escape.

In Formality, while in the locker room, Jackson is approached by McCall and asked to take Allison to the dance. Scott pleads with him, explaining that he took a bullet for him, he demands to see the wounds but Scott says that he can't as it has healed. He suggests that Chris Argent watch over Allison but Scott can't without giving himself up; however, Jackson doesn't care as it isn't his problem, Scott says that he knows Jackson cares for her, it's impossible not to but Jackson assures him he's wrong. As he walks off, Scott tries a different method, he shifts and scares Jackson into agreeing to take Allison. Moments later, he is seen walking towards Allison, sweating and nervous telling her that he'll pick her up tomorrow for the dance, they'll attend it as friends.

The night of the dance, Jackson pulls up to the school taking a drink of alcohol and offering Allison some but she denies it. Allison wonders if Scott will be attending, he explains that McCall shouldn't be there due to academic probation. While enjoying the dance, Jackson gets drunk with Danny and a few classmates, he then joins Allison who asks him to dance, Jackson wonders if he has to as he really doesn't want to but then offers Allison his arm.

He takes a break from the dance and heads outside towards the parking lot, he sees glowing red lights coming from the woods, he assumes it's The Alpha and goes into the woods explaining that he wants to be one of them, he wants to be a werewolf but the red lights he saw was not the eyes of The Alpha but two red beams coming from the assault rifles of the hunters, including Chris Argent.

Chris walks up and tells Jackson that he doesn't have what he wants but he has a feeling that Jackson can help him, Chris leads Jackson back to the dance, he makes sure that they won't hurt Scott and Chris assures him that they won't as Scott is only a kid. Jackson goes into the school as Lydia comes out another door looking for him, he runs into Stiles who asks if Lydia found him, but Jackson can barely speak after what he's just done.

In Code Breaker, Jackson gets a call from Stiles claiming that Lydia is bleeding out on the lacrosse field after being bitten. He picks Lydia up and brings her back to the school yelling for help, someone then calls an ambulance. Jackson arrives at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to check on Lydia, he encounters Sheriff Stilinski who slams him up against the wall, demanding to know what happened to Lydia as she was his girlfriend. Jackson explains that they broke up, so he didn't take her to the dance, Stiles did, shortly after arriving at the hospital, Stiles prepares to leave to find Scott. Jackson offers to help but Stiles has no interest in his guilty conscience, he tells that he has his Porsche, Stiles takes the keys, accepting his offer.

They head towards the door, but Chris Argent, along with two other hunters, grab them and throw them in an empty room demanding to know the location of Scott, he stands there and listens as Argent and Stiles go back and forth until they are eventually let go. Later that night, he and Stiles pull up to the Hale House, Stiles throws a Molotov cocktail at The Alpha but he catches it, Allison then shoots the beaker containing the flammable substance, Peter's arm burst into flames, Jackson then hits it with the second Molotov cocktails setting it on fire completely. He watches as Derek Hale approaches the poorly burned werewolf and slits his throat, that same night, Jackson comes back to the Hale House looking for Derek, he wants the bite and Derek gives it to him.

In Omega, it's revealed Derek had bitten Jackson, which he takes with absolute smugness. However, Derek notices his body is rejecting the transformation, causing black blood to bleed out of his orifices.

In Shape Shifted,

In Ice Pick,

In Abomination,

In Venomous, it's revealed Jackson instead became a Kanima, a murderous shapeshifting snake/lizard-like creature that is a weapon of vengeance that commits numerous murders throughout season 2. Jackson does not know that he is the Kanima, nor does the Kanima side of him know that it is Jackson.

In Frenemy, in his Kanima form, Jackson was unstoppable: he had enhanced strength and agility that far exceeded the werewolves, even Derek, the Alpha Werewolf, the Kanima could heal from being shot by Chris repeatedly, Derek slashing its throat and Allison hitting it in the head with an arrow and stabbing it in the chest. The Kanima's claws also produced a paralytic poison that could completely immobilize a victim by a Kanima slashing the back of the neck and it could scale walls in the manner of a reptile. The Kanima seeks a master who wishes to exact revenge on others to control it, revealing that as the Kanima, Jackson's every move is controlled by someone else.

In Restraint,

In Raving,

In Party Guessed,

In Fury, it's revealed Jackson came across an unstable, traumatized student, Matt Daehler who became his master. Matt had the Kanima murder former Beacon Hills High students who almost caused him to drown when he was a little boy during a drunken pool party. After Gerard Argent kills Matt, he becomes Jackson's new Master.

In Battlefield, it is revealed that Jackson became the Kanima because he is an orphan, which is exemplified by his outward behavior and personality, meaning he lacks an identity. He can be saved by a person with whom he shared a true bond; in Jackson's case, this person is Lydia.

In Master Plan, the Kanima seemingly disappears from Jackson due to Lydia's selfless act of love. Aware of what he is, Jackson then allows Derek and Peter Hale to kill him. Dying, he asks Lydia if she still loves him, she responds that she does. Jackson then comes back to life and finally becomes a Werewolf, however, with blue eyes rather than the usual gold.

In Tattoo, Jackson was mentioned by Lydia and Allison while they were driving to a double-date they had planned with two young men Lydia knew. Lydia explained that the doctor who pronounced Jackson to be dead in Master Plan ended up in a lot of trouble with Jackson's father, David Whittemore, before revealing that Jackson and his parents had moved to London. She also added that Derek had taught Jackson how "not to kill everyone on a full moon" before he left and made a joke about Jackson being "an American werewolf in London" about the film of the same name.

In Currents, Jackson was mentioned again by Lydia while in a tense standoff with Cora Hale, who had just ordered her to cease her friends-with-benefits arrangement with Aiden, claiming that Derek had instructed her to do so. When Cora threatened to rip Lydia's tongue out of her head if she didn't comply, Lydia retorted that her last boyfriend was a "homicidal lizard" and that she was pretty sure that meant she could handle a Werewolf.

In Echo House, Jackson was mentioned by Derek and Chris Argent while the two were in a holding cell at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station after being framed for Katashi's murder. Chris and Derek were discussing Stiles, who had been possessed by the Nogitsune and was causing chaos, death, and destruction throughout Beacon Hills. Chris reminded Derek that they had been through this before with Jackson, but Derek replied that they got lucky with Jackson (referencing the fact that they were able to successfully transform him from a Kanima to a Werewolf and asked Chris what they were supposed to do if they couldn't get lucky again.

In De-Void, when Lydia and Scott used the Alpha memory-manipulation ritual to get into Stiles' head to wrench control of his body from the Nogitsune and give it back to him, both Scott and Lydia were sucked into separate memories of their past. For Lydia, she was returned to the night of the Winter Formal in Formality, when she went looking for Jackson and ultimately got attacked and bitten by Peter Hale. While in the memory, Lydia was in the hallway of Beacon Hills High School, in her formal dress that was already covered in blood from Peter's attack, and she was so consumed by the memory that she instinctively began calling out for Jackson as though she was there until she saw the bandaged form of the Nogitsune drawing the jiko kanji on the chalkboard in a classroom.

In Muted, Jackson was mentioned by Coach Finstock before early-morning lacrosse practice when he remarked that they needed new talent on the lacrosse team since Jackson, Isaac Lahey, and Danny Mahealani were no longer on the team.

In Werewolves of London, Jackson has been living in London for over two years and is revealed to be dating the Omega Werewolf Ethan Steiner, who moved there as well after the death of his twin brother Aiden a year earlier. However, Ethan believes he has forgotten their anniversary and leaves angry voicemails, threatening to kill him if he did forget their anniversary.

Right after leaving voicemails, Ethan is attacked by two Hunters, Mara and Stockton, who bring with them a captured and seemingly unconscious Jackson with them before Mara shoots Ethan with a purple wolfsbane dart, which releases the wolfsbane in Ethan's system as shown when he coughs a purple vapor. The two hunters knew Ethan and Jackson were tracking down and wanted to know their names before finishing them off. Ethan notices Jackson flicking out his claws awake and tells the two hunters that they made a mistake in not using yellow wolfsbane on Jackson because he is immune to the purple wolfsbane due to him being part Kanima.

After breaking free of his restraints, Jackson knocks Stockton out before turning his attention to Mara, who attempts to use another wolfsbane dart on him but Jackson catches the dart easily before allowing his glowing blue eyes out and engaging in a fight with Mara, which almost throws Jackson off the building and causes enormous destruction of the apartment. Once the Hunters were incapacitated, Jackson smirked and remarked that he couldn't believe Ethan thought he forgot their anniversary before kissing him passionately.

Later on, Ethan and Jackson began questioning the two Hunters, who they tied up with rope to ensure they wouldn't fight back. The two briefly continued to bicker with each other, with Jackson continuing to insist that he didn't forget their anniversary, and Ethan retorting that he said he both forgot and was late. When Jackson replied that it was clear that his abduction by Hunters didn't win him any sympathy, Ethan stated that he could make it up to him next year, though Jackson added, "Yeah, that is if any of us are still alive," indicating they were aware of the growing tensions between the Hunters and the supernatural community.

The conversation then turned to Jackson's mission to find a pack of Omegas, as Jackson apparently tracked them to the Epping Forest, only to find that the two Hunters found them first. Jackson pulled out a small bag full of severed clawed fingers, one from each Omega, which was cut off as proof of death. Jackson angrily turned to the Hunters and demanded to know how they found them, as he believed there was no way that "two random amateurs" could take down a dozen Werewolves without being torn apart. When the Hunters didn't speak up, Jackson went on to ask them where they got the wolfsbane and who sent them. The female Hunter finally spoke up and stated that they work alone, but that they were better Hunters than they think, causing Jackson to roll his eyes before asking if the name "Gerard" meant anything to them.

The expressions on the Hunters' faces at the sound of Gerard's name gave themselves away, and though the male Hunter insisted they didn't have to tell them anything, Ethan smirked and informed them that they already had, as they have a system-- Jackson questions their captives, and Ethan listens to their heartbeats to tell if they're lying, a skill that Jackson believed they were getting very accomplished at using. Jackson then deduced that Gerard gave them weapons and sent them to London before asking if Gerard was there as well. Knowing the jig is up, the female Hunter gave them a hard look and pointed out that they already know where Gerard was, leading Ethan and Jackson to realize that he was in Beacon Hills, California.

At the end of the episode, Jackson and Ethan were both seen at Beacon Hills High School, where they were looking for Scott McCall, as they heard he was the new assistant lacrosse coach. Unfortunately for them, Jackson made the mistake of asking Tamora Monroe, the school guidance counselor and the leader of Gerard and Monroe's Hunter Army if she had seen him anywhere. She asked him what his name was, and when Jackson gave her his first name, she quickly put the pieces together and realized that he was the Kanima-Werewolf hybrid once under the control of Gerard. After guessing his full name, Jackson smiled and asked her if she had heard of him, letting down his defenses enough that Monroe was somehow able to overpower both of them and take them hostage. She then brought them to the Argent Arms International armory and shackling them to the metal fence so that they could be tortured with water and electricity.

Once the shock ended, Ethan looked at Jackson exasperatedly and mocked him for his "You've heard of me?" response to Monroe knowing his name, leading Jackson to insist he thought it was a "lacrosse thing." Monroe went on to shock them one more time before she began her interrogation by demanding to know what they wanted with Scott McCall. Jackson kept up the smug jock routine by retorting, "Oh, I'm sorry, am I supposed to know who you are? Or be impressed by this little show?" Monroe electrocuted them a second time before repeating her earlier question, only for Jackson to respond that he actually has some questions for her. Monroe reminded them that this was not how the interrogation worked, only for Jackson to reply that it seemed as though the Hunters needed them more than they needed her and that they'll never find out what they were going to tell Scott.

Monroe once again electrocutes them, but after the shock passed and they stopped screaming in pain, Jackson emotionally demanded to know why they were killing Werewolves in London and why they sent Hunters to chase them down. When Monroe reiterated that this was not how it worked, Ethan piped up, "It already did. He talks, I listen," with Jackson adding, "Yeah, we're getting pretty good at it." After Monroe hit them with another sustained shock, Jackson and Ethan gasped for breath as they looked at each other; they were unable to refrain from laughing when Jackson earnestly said "Happy Anniversary."

In The Wolves of War, Jackson is suspending from the ceiling by his wrists in Argent Arms International by his former master Gerard Argent as the latter sends the McCall Pack a message before the older hunter jams the tip of his taser wand into Jackson's ribs, which causes him enormous pain. Once he's no longer in pain, he threatens Gerard that he's going to shove the taser wand in his ass but Gerard ignores this threat before continuing his message to the Pack, including telling them they could rescue Jackson.

Later on, Jackson is being guarded by a Hunter and attempts to lure him in to escape from there. He shows him that due to his Kanima side, he is still capable of creating his paralytic venom from his claws before showing him his Kanima eyes, which he manages to do with a great amount of concentration. He explains he is no longer capable of shifting into his former Kanima form but compares his werewolf and kanima features to a car's tiptronic transmission, allowing him to change from automatic to manual and back again. He says he used to drive a Porsche but can't drive sports cars anymore due to the lack of room for his tail. With physical effort, Jackson summons his Kanima tail and uses it to strangulate and knock out the Hunter before using the keys to free himself.

During his way out of the armory, he is reunited with Stiles and Lydia, who wastes no time hugging him after seeing him for the first time since Master Plan until they are separated by an uncomfortable Stiles. Jackson is impressed with Lydia's abilities as a Banshee and tells them they can't leave without Ethan, which causes the two geniuses great surprise to discover Jackson is bisexual. Stiles receives a call from Scott, who tells him to get one last item from the Armory after they find a tortured Ethan.

In school, Lydia orders Jackson and Ethan to shut their eyes so they can avoid being petrified into stone by the ancient shapeshifter Anuk-Ite that induced fear over the population of Beacon Hills, causing them to go to war against all supernaturals of Beacon Hills. Despite their best judgments, both Jackson and Ethan are tricked into opening their eyes, causing them to be petrified by the Anuk-Ite before it goes after Scott.

After Scott and Stiles defeat the Anuk-Ite in the library by using Mountain Ash Siles stole from the Armory, petrifying the Anuk-Ite with its own power, Jackson, Ethan, Malia, Derek and Peter are all freed from their stone prisons. A Hunter still attempts to shot Jackson and Ethan but Coach Finstock knocks out the Hunter with a lacrosse stick before greeting Jackson and Ethan in his typical way.


Jackson is known for having an arrogant, confident, and narcissistic personality, but much of it is just a show to cover up how insecure he is. Since he learned he was adopted, he has always worried about being the best at everything he does and is willing to do whatever it takes to attain top ranks. This was evidenced by Scott McCall was bitten and turned into a Werewolf, which caused him to eclipse Jackson at lacrosse practice; afterward, Jackson intensely researched Scott's new abilities until he figured out what happened, and then he blackmailed Scott into helping him get turned into a Werewolf as well. He also became very possessive about his potential Werewolf status and became very upset when he believed that the bite hadn't worked for him but had turned Lydia. Jackson's personality is also heavily influenced by his wealthy upbringing, and he often bragged about his designer clothing and the fact that he drove a Porsche.

However, though Jackson's primary focus is usually on himself, there is a compassionate side of him, which he demonstrated when he tried his best to protect his friends from being harmed by him while he was the Kanima and controlled by Matt Daehler and Gerard Argent. He even went so far as to kill himself to make sure he wouldn't hurt anyone on Gerard's orders, though fortunately, he was resurrected afterward. He also helped save Lydia Martin after she was attacked by Peter Hale, even despite the fact that they were broken up at the time. After he was reborn a Kanima-Werewolf hybrid after dying at Peter and Derek Hale's hands, it appeared that his personality was beginning to change for the better, as he made sure to seek help from Derek in order to gain control over his transformations to ensure he would not harm anyone on full moons and would be able to remain human during intense emotions.

In the brief period of time Jackson was seen in the final season, he seemed to be much less arrogant (though still somewhat cocky when the Hunters were trying to get information out of them, not realizing that Ethan and Jackson were doing the same) and more confident in his abilities than he was before he left. He has embraced his hybrid nature and has been working with Ethan to help protect the supernatural community in their new hometown of London. Jackson has also accepted his sexuality and generally seems much happier now, although he was still bashful when talking about his relationship with Ethan to Stiles and Lydia.

Physical Appearance[]

Jackson is a handsome and lean man of medium stature who has dark blond hair and blue eyes. He often dresses in trendy and fashionable clothing, such as boot-cut jeans, button-up shirts, cardigans, scarves, and mirrored sunglasses. During formal occasions, he has been seen in Hugo Boss suits, and he also wears a lot of name-brand exercise clothing from Nike and Adidas during lacrosse practice.

Powers and Abilities[]


Jackson possesses the common abilities of an Omega-level Werewolf, including enhanced strength, speed, agility/reflexes, durability, and senses, as well as accelerated healing, the ability to shapeshift into a Werewolf (including glowing blue eyes, a ridged brow, mutton chops, pointed ears and retractable fangs and claws), and the ability to absorb pain from other beings.

As a partially-lupine shapeshifter, Jackson can also utilize his apex predator animal instincts, allowing him to think like a wolf does, particularly in terms of hunting, tracking, and fight or flight during dangerous situations. While he is a true Werewolf, Jackson is still part Kanima, affording him an immunity to purple wolfsbane, though it has said that yellow wolfsbane can still affect him. He has also retained the ability to grow a prehensile tail, show his reptilian eyes separately from his regular Werewolf eyes, and to produce Kanima Venom from his claws.

However, when he was a full Kanima, he possessed even greater super-strength, speed, agility, and senses, as well as greatly enhanced durability to the point of nearly being indestructible, as he survived being shot in the skull with a crossbow bolt and had an entire clip of bullets shot into his body without even slowing him down. He also was able to shapeshift into a reptilian, snake-like creature with claws, double-rowed fangs, slit-pupiled eyes, and a tail that could be used as a fifth extremity. His claws also produced a clear venom that could easily paralyze whoever was exposed to it for up to several hours, depending on the species of the person who was exposed, and like most reptiles, he could climb walls.


Regardless of his supernatural powers, Jackson also has several abilities that he has had since before becoming a shapeshifter.

  • Natural Athleticism: Jackson was co-captain of the lacrosse team and captain of the swim team at Beacon Hills High School, and as a result was a highly skilled athlete in his own right. These skills were only further enhanced by his transformation into a supernatural creature.
  • Manipulation: Jackson is highly skilled at identifying weaknesses in others and exploiting them to get what he wants, whether it be a tangible object, status, or just to create drama. He used this ability to coerce both Derek and Scott into helping him get the bite, as well as to try to get Allison to like him.


Jackson possesses the common weaknesses of a Werewolf, as well as other weaknesses that are specific to Jackson himself.

  • Wolfsbane: As a Werewolf, Jackson can be weakened or killed by exposure to wolfsbane, depending on the species and the method of exposure. Due to his Kanima side, Jackson is unaffected by purple wolfsbane, as he retains his powers when poisoned with it. Yellow wolfsbane, however, can still be lethal to him if not treated in a timely manner.
  • Letharia Vulpina: As a canine were-creature, Jackson, like other Werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Kitsune, can be weakened by letharia vulpina, also known as "wolf lichen," because of its toxic effects toward the canine species. Though it is not fatal to these shapeshifters, it will severely weaken them for up to several days depending on the method of exposure.
  • Electricity: As a Werewolf, Jackson can be weakened or killed by exposure to electricity, depending on the level of voltage used. Lower voltages will disable his healing ability and prevent him from transforming, while higher voltages can severely slow or even stop Jackson's heart completely. For this reason, electricity, typically in the form of cattle-prod tasers, are one of the most common weapons werewolf hunters use against their prey.
  • Full Moon: Though being a were-creature is considered a gift in the supernatural world due to the increased speed, stamina, and healing that it provides, it also comes with a price, which is that the werewolf, werecoyote, or werejaguar is beholden to the phases of the moon. During a full moon, werecreatures without training will become overcome with a rabid anger that will cause them to attack any living creature they come upon, which is why they all must learn control to avoid exposure and harm to innocent civilians. The full moon will make a werewolf stronger, but it will also make them more rabid and chaotic, which makes them easily hunted by supernatural hunters. This has become less of a weakness for Jackson due to being trained by Derek Hale before he left for London, but certain extenuating circumstances can cause even the most trained werewolf to lose control on a full moon.
  • Lunar Eclipse: During the phase of a lunar eclipse where the moon is completely covered in the earth's umbral shadow, (a period of time that typically lasts 10–20 minutes) a werewolf or other were-creature will lose all of their powers, including their super strength, accelerated healing, and shapeshifting abilities, making them vulnerable to anyone seeking to take advantaged of this weakness and harm or kill them such as hunters.
  • Modified Canine Distemper Virus: One of the assassins in the Deadpool, The Chemist, created a modified version of the canine distemper virus that could sicken both humans and any canine shapeshifter species, such as werewolves, werecoyotes, and Kitsune. Scott, Kira, Malia, and Stiles were all exposed to the virus at the PSATs, and the former three nearly died from its effects. However, since Jackson is far away from Beacon Hills in Europe, it is unlikely that he will ever be exposed to this virus. Additionally, consuming wild purple reishi mushrooms are known to cure the virus and prevent those who ingest it prior to exposure from being infected in the first place.
  • Mountain Ash: Rowan wood, or the ashes of the wood (known as Mountain Ash) is an effective barrier against all supernatural creatures. As a result, it is often used by Druids, Chimeras (who were created scientifically and are thus not truly supernatural) and humans who are "in the know" use it to protect themselves from supernatural creatures by enclosing themselves in an unbroken circle of mountain ash. Conversely, this can also be used as a trap for supernaturals by creating an unfinished circle, luring the supernatural target inside, and then finishing the circle, preventing them from being able to escape until someone who can safely handle the ash can disrupt it for them. This was used against Jackson when he was a Kanima by trapping him inside the warehouse where a rave was going on until Derek forced Stiles to break the circle.
  • Intense Emotions: In addition to full moons, a werewolf's transformation can be triggered by intense emotions such as anger, fear, lust, or any other emotion that can cause an increase in heart rate. Though werewolves can and typically are trained to control this aspect of their transformation in order to avoid exposure to humans and/or hunters, even the most disciplined lycanthrope can lose control of their shift to their emotions under the right conditions and circumstances.


  • Jackson, Gordon and Margaret Miller (Biological Parents)
  • Jackson, David and Mrs. Whittemore (Adoptive Parents, Strained Relationship)
  • Jackson and Lydia (Exes, Friends)
  • Jackson and Ethan (Dating as of Season 6)
  • Jackson and Allison (Friends, Possible Mutual Attraction)
  • Jackson and Scott (Former Teammates, Former Enemies/Rivals, Allies, Friends)
  • Jackson and Stiles (Former Enemies, Former Teammates, Allies)
  • Danny and Jackson (Best Friends, Former Teammates)
  • Jackson and Matt (Friends, Former Teammates)
  • Bobby Finstock and Jackson (Teacher-Coach/Student Relationship)
  • Derek and Jackson (Allies, Former Alpha-Beta/Mentor-Mentee Relationship, Former Enemies)


  • 2011 Silver Porsche 911 Carrera S
  • 2011 Black Toyota TRD pickup truck


  • Jackson: Jackson is a masculine English given name derived from the English surname meaning "son of Jack." Jack itself is derived from Jackin, a medieval diminutive of John or Jacques that is often regarded as an independent name. It was a very common name during the Middle Ages and became a slang word for "man" during that time. In Scottish, the name Jackson means "God has been gracious."
  • Whittemore: Whittemore comes from an English place name derived from Old English hwit, which means "white," and mor, meaning "moor" or "bog," which combine to mean "white bog."


  • Jackson's lacrosse number was 37.
  • Jackson is one of several orphaned characters on Teen Wolf, including Derek, Laura, and Cora Hale, Isaac Lahey, Violet, Garrett, Brett Talbot, and Lorilee Rohr.
  • Jackson is one of three characters who has been two different supernatural species at different times, as he was first a Kanima before being reborn a Werewolf. The second character is Scott McCall, a Werewolf who was briefly turned into a Berserker, and the third is Hayden Romero, who was first turned into a Werewolf-Werejaguar Chimera before being turned into a true Werewolf. Of the three of them, Jackson is the only one to be two supernatural species at once, being part Kanima and part Werewolf.
  • Jackson is one of only two characters who has died and been resurrected multiple times, the other being Scott McCall.
  • Though Jackson's only official romantic relationship on the show was with Lydia Martin, it was also hinted that he had romantic feelings for Allison Argent as well. As of Season 6, it has been confirmed that he is in a relationship with Ethan.
  • Jackson is one of the only naturally occurring Hybrids, due to his Werewolf and Kanima sides. 
  • It was theorized at the end of Season 2 that Jackson was, in fact, a Hale, due to having blue Werewolf eyes (though the reason behind Werewolf eye color was unknown at the time). It was later revealed that blue Werewolf eyes are a result of having taken innocent human life.
    • Jeff Davis later said in an interview that if Jackson's actor, Colton Haynes, had not left the show, Malia Tate's storyline about being Peter's daughter would have gone to Jackson.
    • Jeff Davis also said in an interview that there was actually a side plot for Season 3 where Jackson would find out that one of the Alpha Pack members was responsible for his biological mother and her partner's death and would proceed to seek revenge.
    • Both of these plots were cut, due to Colton Haynes leaving the show at the end of Season 2 to play the role of Roy Harper, on The CW's DC Comics-based series Arrow].
  • Jackson is one of several LGBT+ characters on Teen Wolf, including Danny Mahealani, Emily, Caitlin, Mason Hewitt, Corey Bryant, and Brett Talbot.
    • It is unknown if Jackson is bisexual/pansexual or gay.


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