Satomi is dead. We don't have an Alpha or a pack anymore.
Jiang to Theo Raeken in Pressure Test

Jiang was a Werewolf and a minor character in the second half of Season 6 of Teen Wolf. He was first seen in Pressure Test when he, his packmate Tierney and Theo Raeken were being tortured by Schrader in the Argent Arms International armory, but, thanks to Theo's quick thinking, managed to escape. The three of them were arrested by Sheriff Stilinski for the murder of two human men who were later revealed to be Hunters who had been pursuing his pack. When Theo, who objected to being arrested for a murder he didn't commit, peppered Jiang and Tierney with questions, Jiang went against Tierney's urging to stay quiet and confessed to the murder, initially making it sound like self-defense.

Jiang and Tierney were then held in the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, both for the safety of others and their own safety due to still being pursued by Tamora Monroe's Hunter army. While at the station, they were nearly killed with wolfsbane by Nolan Holloway, a young human who had joined Monroe's Army under orders to kill them, despite having been friends with Jiang in childhood. Though the two were saved by Liam Dunbar, the revelation that Jiang and Tierney's killing of the Hunter was not purely out of self-defense, but as an active effort to avenge their pact, caused a great deal of conflict among those who were being held hostage inside the station.

When the Hunters demanded that Jiang and Tierney be handed over to them, either dead or alive, by midnight or else they would shoot up the Sheriff's station, the two young Werewolves agreed to a compromise in which Monroe would allow Jiang and Tierney to face human justice in prison in exchange for all of the supernatural members of the McCall Pack leaving the state of California. Afterward, Jiang and his packmate were intercepted by a Sheriff's deputy who was secretly a member of Monroe's Army, who killed them with a shotgun inside the prison transport vehicle; Jiang's Werewolf ears were one of several trophies taken by the Hunters from the supernatural creatures they killed.

Jiang was a member of Satomi's Pack and a packmate of Satomi Ito, Tierney, Demarco Montana, Carrie Hudson, Brett Talbot, Lorilee Rohr, and many others.

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

Season 6 Edit

Jiang made his debut in the beginning of Pressure Test, when he, his packmate Tierney and Theo Raeken, a Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera, were in Gerard Argent's bunker tied to a metal gate and were being tortured and electrocuted by Schrader. Jiang and Tierney, out of loyalty to their Alpha and their pack, refused to tell Schrader everything they knew about Satomi's Pack, making it clear that they would remain silent even if it meant dying. They looked both clearly opposed to Theo when insisted that he was willing to say whatever necessary to get out until Schrader replied that he didn't have any questions and continued electrocuting the teens for fun. This opposition turned to offense when, after Schrader continued to torture them, Theo threatened to kill Jiang and Tierney for getting them into this mess.

Theo, after realizing the electricity was melting the plastic zipties used as handcuffs to tie him to the gate, began taunting Schrader that he was probably fired from Eichen House or considered just as another "psycho" that should have been locked just like the other freaks. Insulted, Schrader electrocuted Theo, Jiang and Tierney again at the highest voltage, melting the zip-ties enough that Theo was able to break free, free Jiang and Tierney, and tie Schrader to the gate himself.

While Jiang, Tierney, and Theo fought over who would get to use Schrader's car to flee the scene, Theo grabbed Tierney's arm and noticed the tattoo on her forearm of stacked circles of decreasing size. Jiang was surprised that Theo didn't recognize a pack symbol when he saw it, causing Theo to retort that he wasn't a "pack animal." After Tierney explained that the tattoo was of stacked rocks, a Buddhist practice, Theo realized that Jiang and Tierney were Betas from Satomi Ito's Werewolf Satomi's Pack due to the reference to Buddhism. Jiang sadly informed him that Satomi was dead, as was the rest of their pack as a result of the Hunters joining Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argents army.

In an uncharacteristic display of kindness, Theo decided to take Jiang and Tierney to Scott McCall, though he did make a comment that Scott "has a thing for taking in strays." Jiang and Tierney, familiar with the True Alpha, agreed and left, amused by the fact that Theo slammed the controls to the electricity buttons-down on the table so that the electrical current through Schrader would remain constant.

However, when the three made it out to the parking lot and began looking for Schrader's car, a Sheriff's deputy cruiser appears with its sirens on, causing Theo to insist that Jiang and Tierney let him do the talking. Relieved somewhat by the fact that it was Sheriff Stilinski who approached them, Theo asked him what the problem was before the three were grimly informed that they were being arrested for murder and were taking back to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station's holding cells.

While in the cells, Theo, appalled by the fact that he was arrested for a murder he didn't commit, helped the Sheriff and his deputies by taunting Jiang and Tierney in hopes of getting a rise from them, just like with Schrader. While Tierney insisted that they both stay quiet, Jiang eventually couldn't take it anymore and revealed that he and Tierney did it, though he implied it was out of self-defense, leading the Sheriff to release Theo. However, though Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, Liam Dunbar, and Quinn Finch, a Beta Werewolf they found who had been shot in the head by an unknown Sheriff's deputy (later revealed to be Deputy Vargas) who had joined Monroe's army, arrived at the station to flee with Jiang and Tierney, Stilinski insisted that they needed to stay at the station to follow the correct legal protocol, as it was both the safest place for them and to protect others from them as well.

Just then, they found that Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent's Hunter army had gathered outside of the station and were essentially holding them all hostage as part of their ultimatum-- either they turn over Jiang and Tierney, the Werewolves who killed one of their own, or they would open fire on the entire building and kill everyone inside, whether they were innocent or not. To make it more likely that Sheriff Stilinski would comply, she assured him that she did not care if they were dead or alive, as long as they were turned over to them.

At some point after this, Nolan Holloway, a human recruited into the younger generation of the Hunter army, sneaked into the station to cut the power in the building, where he was caught by a female deputy. After some argument, during which time Liam pointed out that he was with the Hunters and had attacked supernaturals before, Nolan was handcuffed to the bench in front of the holding cells where Jiang and Tierney were being kept; while Nolan attempted to break out of his cuffs, Jiang, shocked by the sight of him, recognized the young Hunter and called out his name. Nolan, too, was horrified to see his old friend, and, upon asking Jiang why he was there, Jiang, knowing he was a Hunter, smirked and informed him that he was arrested for murder before returning the question.

Later on, Jiang pointed out that he almost didn't recognize him, leading Nolan to irritably retort that they hadn't seen each other in five years and that a lot could change. Nolan went on to then state that the last time he had seen Jiang, he was human, to which Jiang responded that he was still human. Nolan, not believing him, asked if it was true that Jiang murdered a Hunter, and Jiang argued that they killed his family, causing Nolan to sneer, "Don't you mean your pack?" Jiang, now convinced that Nolan was, in fact, one of Monroe's Hunters, remarked that it looked like he wasn't the only one who changed.

Unbeknownst to Nolan, Liam was watching him on the security cameras and saw that he had broken free of his handcuffs, just as one of the Hunters, a Deputy Vargas, who was undercover inside of the building, threw a smoke grenade inside to further destabilize the pack's plans. Nolan walked toward Jiang and Tierney, the former of whom called him out on being "one of them." Nolan insisted that he didn't know it would be Jiang, but Tierney replied that he was still going to kill them, which Nolan anxiously stated was "doing what he had to do." He then pulled out a vial of distilled purple wolfsbane serum and was about to throw it on the floor at their feet when Jiang protectively stood in front of Tierney. Fortunately for them, Nolan hesitated long enough for Liam to come and disarm him, saving Jiang and Tierney from him but also learning vital information in the process. The pack then realized that the Hunters had used the grenade as a distraction so that Nolan could attempt to kill the young wolves who had killed one of their own.

After Liam brought Nolan to Stilinski, who went on to have another deputy lock him up in another room after ensuring he had no more spare keys to get himself free, he informed Scott that he needed to see something and brought him back to the holding cells. Scott demanded that Jiang and Tierney show him their eyes, leading Tierney to remind Scott and Liam that she and Jiang never said they were innocent. When Scott was left with no choice but to Alpha-roar "SHOW ME!", Jiang and Tierney looked at him with the glowing blue eyes of a Werewolf who has taken human life, much to Scott's disappointment.

Scott and Liam then entered the cell and demanded to know what happened. When Tierney tersely responded that they were Hunters as though it justified their death, Scott reminded them that he and his pack were risking their lives to protect them and that they deserved the truth. Jiang explained that Satomi and the pack were on the run from the Hunters for two days; since Satomi didn't want to fight, Jiang, Tierney, and the rest of the pack hid in the storm drain while she attempted to talk with them and call a truce. However, Tierney interjected and pointed out that the Hunters killed her during this discussion, which meant that she died so that the rest of them could keep running.

Tierney went on to explain that they eventually got tired of running and started fighting back, using public records to figure out where individual Hunters and their families lived. When Scott asked them if the Hunter they killed were confirmed to be the ones who killed Satomi, Brett Talbot, or Lorilee Rohr and demanded to know if they had seen them kill anyone, Jiang remained silent, and Tierney angrily replied, "Does it matter?" Liam maintained that it did matter, because they can't kill innocent people, but Tierney stood and argued that since their Hunter army killed their entire pack, none of them are any more innocent than they are. When Jiang saw the conflicted expression on Scott's face, he anxiously asked the True Alpha what he planned to do, but Scott quietly replied that he didn't know.

At 11:45PM, after debate between Scott and Stilinski about what to do with Jiang and Tierney, and after the mysterious, fear-inducing shapeshifter who escaped the Wild Hunt affected those inside the station to the point where a male and female deputy committed suicide, Thanks to Rafael McCall, Jiang and Tierney drive away safe but they end being killed by the driver, who was a Hunter disguised as a deputy. When Stilinski stated that he wasn't willing to lose anyone else that night, Scott and Theo got the idea to shoot the corpses and pass off their bodies as Jiang and Tierney's, as they were under the impression that Monroe had never seen them. While this was true, Monroe realized that they did not have the pack symbols and were about to open fire when suddenly, Rafael McCall arrived and began negotiating a deal to end the battle.

Rafael was able to settle a deal in which Monroe and her army would allow Jiang and Tierney to be formally arrested and incarcerated for the murder of the deputy, and in exchange, the McCall Pack would leave the state of California. Jiang and Tierney allowed themselves to be put in an armored police vehicle and were driven to what they believed to be the prison; however, when they thought they had arrived, the back of the van was opened by another Hunter undercover as a Sheriff's deputy, who fatally shot them both with a shotgun. Their bodies were then apparently mutilated, either by Gerard himself, or by one of the other Hunters.

In Triggers, Scott and Malia Tate, having heard that Jiang and Tierney never made it to the prison, set off to both locate and rescue them again as well as get more information on the Hunters' plans. With Liam Dunbar and Theo Raeken setting up a distraction at the Hill Valley Zoo to distract Gerard Argent, Tamora Monroe, and the rest of the Hunters, Scott and Malia, with help from Lydia Martin and Chris Argent, broke into Monroe's Army's Hunter headquarters at Argent Arms International. Just before they attempted to leave, Scott caught Jiang and Tierney's scent, causing him and Malia to attempt to break into a locked room which ultimately triggered their security protocols. Inside was the Hunters' trophy room, where Jiang's Werewolf ears and the skin on which Tierney's pack tattoo was placed on her arm had been cut off and mounted as their spoils of war, confirming that they had, in fact, been killed.

Personality Edit

During his brief time in the series, Jiang was shown to be a brave and incredibly loyal person, as he was willing to endure torture and potential death to protect the secrets of his pack and went as far as killing a Hunter in order to avenge them. However, unlike Tierney, Jiang was a very soft-spoken young man who seemed to feel a degree of guilt for killing the Hunter, indicating that, while he was willing to do whatever he had to do for his pack, whom he loved and regarded as family, he did not take any pleasure in taking a human life. He also showed that he can be somewhat impulsive when he is emotional, as he was easily baited into revealing that he and Tierney killed the Hunter by Theo Raeken and quickly turned to killing Hunters due to being overwhelmed by sadness and grief over losing his pack. Despite being a bitten Werewolf, Jiang still referred to himself as a human, implying that he, like his Alpha Satomi Ito, valued human life and did not want to have to fight or kill anyone if it could be avoided.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jiang is a good-looking young Asian man with olive skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. During his only appearance, he was wearing a checked grey flannel shirt over a dark blue t-shirt and a slightly ripped black denim jacket on the top. His Werewolf eyes were presumably gold up until he made his first kill during the war with the Hunters, after which point they turned a bright blue.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Jiang possessed the common abilities of an Omega-level Werewolf including enhanced strength, speed, agility/reflexes, durability, and senses, as well accelerated healing and animal instincts. Like all Werewolves, he had the ability to shapeshift his features into those of a wolf (including glowing blue eyes and retractable fangs and claws) and the ability to absorb pain from other beings. Jiang also possessed the rare ability to inhibit his scent in order to prevent shapeshifters with enhanced senses from tracking him, an ability that has been said to be possessed by everyone in Satomi's Pack, though this power was lost upon his death, allowing Scott McCall and Malia Tate to track their scent to what remained of their bodies, which had been kept as trophies by Gerard Argent.

Weaknesses Edit

Jiang possessed the common weaknesses of a Werewolf, including wolfsbane, mountain ash, letharia vulpina, the modified canine distemper virusmistletoeelectricity, and certain high and low pitched sounds/frequencies. He is also vulnerable to the effects of full moons, supermoons, and intense emotions, all of which can trigger transformations in young and untrained Werewolves while lunar eclipses cause them lose all their powers for the 15-20 minute duration.


  • Jiang and Tierney (packmates, very close friends)
  • Jiang and Nolan (former friends)
  • Satomi Ito and Jiang (Alpha/Beta bond, packmates)
  • McCall Pack and Jiang (former allies)
  • Tamora Monroe and Jiang (former enemies) 
  • Theo and Jiang (former frenemies) 

Etymology Edit

  • Jiang: Jiang is a pinyin transliteration of several Chinese surnames, suggesting that it may be his family name rather than his given name. It is derived from a Chinese kingdom known as Jiangdi (江地) and means "great river." Variants of the name include Ying (Chinese); Chiang (Mandarin); Kong, Gong (Cantonese, Hakka); and Kang (Hokkien, Korean). It is the 74th most common surname in China as of 2007, and the 25th most common surname in Taiwan as of 2010.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Jiang and Tierney were the only known Werewolves of Satomi's Pack whose names weren't put on the Deadpool hit-list. There are several possibilities as to how they became part of Satomi's Pack: the two could have been recruited, bitten, and turned by Satomi during the events of the Deadpool or at some point during Season 5B or Season 6A (since Brett Talbot stated that Satomi wasn't recruiting in Season 5A following the events of the Deadpool); or Jiang and Tierney could have been bitten and turned by someone else and were simply given a place in the pack to help them learn control and give them a safe place to live at any point between Season 4 and Season 6B.
  • Jiang also was apparently friends with Nolan, who became one of Tamora Monroe's Hunters, at some point in his life, and the two didn't see each other for five years until their reunion in Pressure Test. This means they seemingly last saw one another in 2008.
  • Thought it was never seen in the series, it was implied that Jiang, like Tierney, had the pack symbol of stacked rocks tattooed somewhere on his body.
  • Jiang's actor, Brandon Soo Hoo, also plays a supernatural creature in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series; he portrays Scott Fuller, a teenage boy and adopted brother of Kate Fuller who was turned into a culebra, a Mexican reptilian vampire, by Carlos Madrigal.



References Edit

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