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Parrish: "This is a hit-list?"
Stiles: We call it a "Deadpool. [...] [to Lydia] Show him the other thing."
Parrish: "Okay... that's kind of terrifying... What's the number?"
Lydia: "That's how much you're worth."
Parrish: "I'm worth five dollars???"
Stiles: "Five million!"
Parrish: "I only make forty-thousand a year. Maybe I should kill myself. I don't get it, why am I on this?"
Stiles: "Honestly, that might be a question for another day..."
Jordan Parrish, Stiles Stilinski, and Lydia Martin about the Deadpool and Parrish's place on it in Orphaned

The relationship between Hellhound Jordan Parrish, Banshee Lydia Martin, and Human Stiles Stilinski.

Though Stiles and Lydia had already known each other for years by the time they met Parrish, they both quickly became close with the young deputy; Stiles, as a budding law enforcement official in his own right, easily accepted Parrish as another "in-the-know" adult to bounce ideas off of, while Lydia found herself supernaturally connected due to them both being Harbingers of Death. To make matters more complicated, both Parrish and Stiles had romantic feelings for Lydia, but Parrish never acted on his due to being so much older than her, allowing Stiles and Lydia to eventually enter a romantic relationship after years of close friendship.

The three presumably met in autumn of 2011, when Parrish was tasked with taking the statements of everyone present at Camp Oak Creek when Allison Argent was killed, including Stiles, Lydia, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, and Kira Yukimura, though Parrish, believed to be a normal human, was only given the cover story. More and more, Parrish found himself getting dragged into supernatural situations involving the McCall Pack and quickly proved himself to be a valuable ally.

It got especially interesting when the Deadpool, a hit-list of supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills released by a mysterious figure known as The Benefactor was found to have both Lydia ($20 million) and Parrish ($5 million), revealing that Parrish was indeed supernatural after all. This led the three to work together to try to crack all of the cipher keys to the three portions of the hit-list, even seeking out assistance from the Banshee Meredith Walker as well (not knowing that she was, in fact, the Benefactor the whole time).

After Parrish's partner, Deputy Haigh, attempted to assassinate him and collect his $5 million bounty, Parrish was officially brought into the supernatural world and quickly became an ally of the McCall Pack whom Stiles, Lydia, and the other members looked to for advice and assistance when needed. Stiles and especially Lydia were very involved in figuring out Parrish's supernatural identity, as all they knew was that he had orange-red glowing eyes and an immunity to fire. Even after learning that Parrish was a Hellhound associated with the Wild Hunt, the three continued to work together with the rest of the pack in order to fight supernatural threats such as the Dread Doctors, the Beast of Gevaudan, the Ghost Riders, Garrett Douglas, and the Anuk-ite.

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  • All three of the characters either are or have been possessed by a spiritual being or creature that caused them to act out of their own control:
    • Parrish was possessed by the Hellhound spirit Cerberus the moment of his death in an I.E.D. explosion while he was on deployment in Afghanistan and has finally found a balance between them.
    • Lydia is a Banshee whose spirit seems to communicate with other creatures (especially fellow Harbingers of Death like Hellhounds without her conscious awareness. She was also seemingly possessed by the spirit of Peter Hale after his death, and he used her body to manipulate events until he was finally resurrected during the Worm Moon.
    • Stiles was briefly possessed by the Nogitsune, a thousand-year-old Void Kitsune who fed on chaos, strife, and pain and wreaked havoc on Beacon Hills before it was eventually defeated and exorcised from Stiles' body.
  • The three could be considered a love triangle of sorts due to Parrish and Stiles both having romantic feelings for Lydia and Lydia, at one time or another, returning these feelings.

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