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Mason: "Does your Hellhound intuition sense something wrong with the supernatural?"
Jordan: "I'm a harbinger of death, not a harbinger of kidnapping! I'm also a Sheriff's deputy working on an unsolved murder that, for once, doesn't involve shapeshifters, resurrected 18th century serial killers, or me.
Mason Hewitt and Jordan Parrish in Superposition

Jordan Parrish is a supporting character in Season 3, Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6 of Teen Wolf. He made his first appearance in the second half of the third season as a newly hired Sheriff's deputy at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, where he worked under the leadership of Sheriff Noah Stilinski. After several weeks of working at the department, Parrish admitted to Stilinski that he moved to Beacon Hills because he felt drawn there, which was the first indication that he wasn't as ordinary as he seemed. During this time, he was promoted to the position of Deputy Sheriff, acting as Stilinski's second-in-command. He is good friends with Lydia and Amanvir.

This suspicion that Parrish was something more was confirmed in Season 4, when his name appeared on the Deadpool hit-list at the beginning of 2012, confirming that he was indeed a supernatural creature, though he had no idea what kind he was. His partner, Deputy Haigh, attempted to kill Parrish to get his his $5 million bounty by dousing him in gasoline and setting him on fire. However, Parrish miraculously walked away from the fire with no injuries, though he was covered in soot and had all of his clothing burned off in the process.

Parrish quickly joined Scott McCall and his pack, and in Season 5A's Status Asthmaticus, it was eventually discovered by Lydia Martin during her research that Parrish was, in fact, a Hellhound, a spectral dog that is said to ride with the Wild Hunt of Germanic folklore and is known for being a guardian of supernatural places. However, since Lydia was driven into catatonia by Theo Raeken's attack shortly after this discovery, Parrish did not officially learn his supernatural identity until Season 5B's The Sword and the Spirit, when Gerard Argent confirmed it by attempting to set him on fire, which triggered him to reveal his Hellhound fangs for the first time.

In A Credible Threat, it was revealed that the Hellhound is actually an amortal being who is beyond life and death and who can possess vessels when it is needed on Earth. The Hellhound, who is known as Cerberus and many other names, possessed Parrish when he was blown up in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan, which happened to occur at the exact moment that Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Allison Argent drowned themselves in the surrogate sacrifice ritual in Alpha Pact. Though the Hellhound claimed Parrish was dead, it was implied by Lydia (who, as a Banshee, knows when a person is dead or dying and who the person is through premonitions) that he had not truly died, and that it could be possible for the Hellhound and Parrish to work together to fight the Beast of Gevaudan.

As Lydia predicted, Parrish and Cerberus ultimately merged themselves together, working as one unit instead of Cerberus taking control when Jordan was asleep and not allowing Parrish the conscious use of their powers. It was with the help of Parrish and his newly gained Hellhound abilities that the McCall Pack was able to finally defeat and kill the Beast once and for all.

In Season 6, Parrish continued to help the members of the McCall Pack in fighting against the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt, who had arrived to Beacon Hills in order to capture its citizens and make them into more of their kind. Unfortunately for Parrish, his connection to the Hunt as a Hellhound caused him to be controlled by them, nearly freeing one of the Ghost Riders from a trap. His situation became even worse when Garrett Douglas, an Alpha Löwenmensch who had gained a portion of the Ghost Riders' powers by eating one of their pineal glands, took complete control over Parrish for some time, using him to open rifts between the living world and the Phantom Train Station. However, after Stiles escaped the Wild Hunt's control, he used liquid nitrogen to return Parrish to his true self and freed him from the Hunt's control. In the second half of the final season, Parrish played a large role in helping the pack and the rest of the supernatural community fight against the ancient shapeshifter known as the Anuk-ite and the Hunter army created due to the fear the creature induced of the supernatural community in Beacon Hills and across the globe.

Parrish is an ally of the McCall Pack and appears to have both an emotional and supernatural connection (as well as possibly a romantic connection) to Lydia Martin, who, as a Banshee, is a harbinger of death just like him.

Early life[]

Most of Parrish's early life remains a mystery. However, what is known is that Parrish did attend high school somewhere in the United States, and he joined the Army as an EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) technician shortly after graduation. After he received his training, Parrish served a two-year tour in Afghanistan, where he worked to defuse improvised explosive devices. While he was in the middle of disarming a bomb one day, he accidentally cut the wrong wire, and the bomb exploded in his face. Fortunately for him, the bomb exploded at the same time that the Beacon Hills Nemeton was reawakened by the surrogate sacrifice ritual performed by Scott McCall, Allison Argent, and Stiles Stilinski, and the eternal and infinite Hellhound was reborn by possessing Parrish's body as a result of the power shift caused by the trio's sacrificial suicide. ("Letharia Vulpina"), ("The Sword and the Spirit")

However, Parrish would remain unaware of this possession until 2012, after the Hellhound spirit within him was drawn to Beacon Hills, California, both due to the Nemeton's role as a beacon for supernatural creatures as well as the fact that, as a Hellhound, one of his duties is acting as a guardian of supernatural places. Once he moved there, he quickly got a job working for the Beacon County Sheriff's Department under Sheriff Noah Stilinski, and eventually worked his way up to the title of Deputy Sheriff. He was not officially aware of his supernatural status until he ended up on the Deadpool hit-list in the beginning of the year, and he did not learn that he was a Hellhound until after he survived being soaked in gasoline and set on fire without so much as a burn, and began unconsciously covering up the deaths of the Chimeras created by the Dread Doctors by taking their bodies to the Nemeton. ("Condition Terminal")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In Riddled, Parrish was ordered by Sheriff Stilinski to put out an APB on his son Stiles' blue 1980 CJ-5 Jeep after Stiles was revealed to have gone missing during a bout of sleepwalking (which, unbeknownst to them, was due to his possession by the Nogitsune). Parrish later found Stiles' Jeep in the parking lot of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital and reported this information back to Stilinski. Later at the station, Parrish was approached by Agent McCall, who was still injured after having been stabbed by an Oni demon in the previous episode, and who believed his assailant to be a deranged human.

When Agent McCall asked if they had any leads on the person who stabbed him with a "samurai sword," Parrish, still holding a grudge against the agent for putting forward a case to impeach Sheriff Stilinski, claimed that they had found none yet, but that they did put up wanted posters. He then gestured to the posters hanging up behind him, both of which were clearly created as jokes and not as a genuine attempt to locate the suspect. When Agent McCall angrily pointed out that the drawings didn't look anything like what he had described to the sketch artist, Parrish rolled his eyes in annoyance and reminded him that his stabbing wasn't their biggest priority of the evening.

This led Agent McCall to become serious and ask him what was going on before offering his help to locate Stiles. After looking through what little evidence they had pertaining to Stiles' disappearance, Agent McCall returned to Parrish to ask him about the transcripts of the last phone call between Stiles and his son Scott, as he needed clarification about a comment Stiles made about smelling something awful that made his eyes water. Parrish had no idea what he was talking about and simply shrugged, so Agent McCall left to investigate the lead with his ex-wife, Melissa McCall, who ended up finding Stiles in a coyote den in the Beacon Hills Preserve.

In Letharia Vulpina, Parrish was once again seen at work at the station, where he entered the Stilinski's office in order to get his signature for a package that he believed contained printer cartridges and batteries for the next blackout. Parrish remarked that the town seemed to be having a lot of blackouts lately before Agent McCall came into the office again to ask Stilinski if he knew anything about the Yakuza, or one of their members, Katashi.

Later that day, when a bomb threat was called at Beacon Hills High School, Parrish accompanied Stilinski to the school to investigate. The original plan was to wait for the bomb squad, but Parrish insisted that it would be faster if he went in to check it out first, since he was an HDT (Hazardous Device Technician) in the US Army and served two tours in Afghanistan. When Stilinski is reluctant to let Parrish put himself in danger, the younger Deputy explained that he could at least figure out if the bomb was real or not, leading Stilinski to finally allow Parrish to suit up and check it out.

Once he put on his gear, Parrish walked onto the school bus, where he found a very anxious student, Jared, sitting in the back with what looked like a wrapped present in his lap, similar to the shrapnel bombs created by William Barrow several years earlier. Parrish was able to effectively calm Jared down by making pleasant small talk while he slowly cut the ribbon on the package, but when he gently lifted the lid to look inside, he frowned when he realized that it wasn't a bomb at all. Parrish took the contents to the front of the bus and held it up so Stilinski could see that it was the man's name plate from his desk. This caused Stilinski to realize that the real bomb was at the station, and he and Parrish immediately rushed back to try to stop it. Unfortunately, they were too late, and the bomb had already gone off by the time they arrived, causing Parrish and Stilinski to immediately rush to try to help those wounded by the explosive.

In Echo House, while at the station, Derek Hale and Chris Argent, who were wrongly accused of the murder of Katashi, a Yakuza member who was also known as "Silverfinger," eavesdropped on Parrish's conversation with another deputy, where he explained that Katashi's murder case was now a federal investigation and that all of the evidence was going to be transferred to a federal lock-up. That evening, Parrish was in the middle of transporting the evidence to an armored vehicle for the delivery when saw that his partner had been knocked unconscious in the driver's seat of the truck. When Parrish went around the truck to investigate, he was attacked by Kincaid, who slammed Parrish's head against the back door and knocked him out cold so he could steal the Shugendo Scroll from inside Katashi's prosthetic finger, which had been seized as evidence following his death.

In The Fox and the Wolf, Parrish reluctantly released Derek Hale and Chris Argent from the jail on Sheriff Stilinski's orders, but when he was returning their belongings to the men, he informed Argent that he was unable to return his cattle-prod taser, as it was far beyond the legal voltage limit. Chris insisted that he only used it for hunting and pointed out that since the charges were dropped against him, he was entitled to having his property returned, but Parrish held his ground and reminded him that it was essentially a "lightsaber." However, when Stilinski assured Parrish that he would take care of it, Parrish eventually gave in, though he did argue that Argent's taser could likely jump-start a 747 before doing so.

In Insatiable, it was late at night when Parrish entered Sheriff Stilinski's office and suggested that the man go home, promising that he would let him know immediately if they got any news on Stiles, who had once again gone missing after the Nogitsune regained control over his body. When Stilinski refused to leave, Parrish offered him a cup of coffee instead, leading Stilinski to remark that Parrish was a good guy, and that the officers at his former station said the same thing about him. He went on to say that he didn't understand why Parrish would leave his good job there to come to Beacon Hills, to which Parrish pointed out that he knew there were openings, and that the statistics of dead officers in the town didn't scare him. After some more questioning by Stilinski, Parrish admitted that he felt drawn to Beacon Hills, a feeling which he himself did not really understand. Just then, Stiles, accompanied by Scott, arrived in the doorway to Stilinski's office, as Stiles had just recently been released from the Nogitsune's control after he had gained enough power to create his own duplicate body. Upon seeing father and son embrace, Parrish left the office to give the three men privacy.

In The Divine Move, Parrish was shown questioning Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, and Lydia Martin after they witnessed the murder of Allison Argent, though, thanks to Argent's quick cover story run-through with the McCall Pack, Parrish remained unaware of the supernatural circumstances that led to her death; according to the three supernatural teens, they were all mugged a few hours ago and that the muggers attacked and killed Allison when they wouldn't give them what they wanted. However, in reality, Allison was killed by an Oni demon after the Nogitsune stole one of Noshiko Yukimura's kaikens and used it to steal control over the demons from her, using them as his own personal bodyguards.

When Parrish asked Isaac if he could remember anything else, Isaac, who was clearly devastated by the loss of his girlfriend, simply shook his head and repeated that the events just happened too fast. After the kids were questioned, Parrish approached Sheriff Stilinski in the hall of the station, where his boss instructed him to keep the news about Allison's death quiet for as long as possible, since they knew that as soon as word got out, all of the kids would be hounded by the media for information on what happened. When Parrish asked if Stilinski wanted a squad car stationed outside of the his house to protect Stiles, Stilinski agreed that it would be a good idea.

The next night, Parrish witnessed one of the Oni materializing out of the shadows before attacking one of his fellow officers with their ninjato swords. Parrish immediately drew his gun and began to fire at the creature, leading the rest of the officers to follow suit. When they quickly realized their handguns weren't having any effect against the demons, Sheriff Stilinski appeared with a heavy-duty shotgun and shot the Oni right in the chest with it, briefly incapacitating the creature and buying them all time to bunker down behind their desks.

However, in time, the swarm of Oni overpowered the officers and sliced them all with their poisoned sword blades; some of the deputies were fatally wounded, while others only sustained shallow cuts, though the blades were seemingly coated in poison that could prove deadly. Once everyone had been injured, the Oni vanished, moving onto their next target-- Alan Deaton at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. Parrish, who had been sliced across the abdomen, slumped down on the floor next to Stilinski, who was nursing a slice wound on his forearm, and asked him why the Oni left them alive, but Stilinski gestured toward the black, smoky poison emanating from their wounds and stated that he wasn't sure that that they did. However, some time later, both Parrish and Stilinski were shocked to find that the poison had seemingly left their bodies, and that their wounds had miraculously healed, not knowing that it was because the McCall Pack and their allies had killed the Oni and neutralized the Nogitsune, reversing the effects of the demonic infection.

In 117, after a de-aged Derek Hale escaped the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic where he was being watched over by Alan Deaton and Lydia Martin, Derek headed straight to the Hale House, since he only had the memories his sixteen-year-old self had and didn't know about the Hale House Fire. Once there, Parrish and his new partner, Deputy Haigh, arrived to investigate a call of trespassing on the Hale property and found a devastated and confused Derek kneeling next to the demolished remains of his family home.

Though Haigh was less than sympathetic toward Derek's confusion, Parrish ordered Haigh to stop before stepping in and treating the young Werewolf kindly, assuring him that if he needed help, they could provide it. When Derek frantically demanded to know what happened to his house, Haigh, who thought Derek was just lying due to the fact that the fire was nearly seven years ago and no one had lived there in just as long, assumed he was lying and grabbed him by the arm. However, when this only made Derek more upset (and, unbeknownst to them, causing him to lose control over his Werewolf transformation), Parrish urgently tried to get Haigh to stop, with no success. When Derek twisted Haigh's arm backward, Haigh grabbed his taser and shocked Derek despite Parrish's protests to the contrary.

A short time later, after Derek had been arrested for assaulting a police officer, Parrish walked over to where Derek had been handcuffed to a bench and started to talk to him, explaining that though Haigh thought he was an idiot for even asking, he was sure that if he unlocked Derek's handcuffs, he was going to be okay and would let Parrish help him figure out what happened to his family. Derek nodded in agreement, and after Parrish uncuffed him, Derek remarked that Haigh was an idiot, which made Parrish laugh and reply that he couldn't argue with that comment. However, a moment later, Haigh called Parrish over, because every time he ran young-Derek's fingerprints through the system, he only got the adult Derek's file. Confused, Parrish and Haigh pondered this for a moment until Sheriff Stilinski took notice of what was happening and realized that a ten-years-younger Derek Hale was sitting in front of him, leaving him with no choice but to call Scott and Stiles for answers.

In Muted, Parrish was seen at the Sheriff's station after the murders of Sean Walcott's parents and brother, where he was discussing the case with Sheriff Stilinski. Stilinski informed him that he didn't want anyone else on site before assigning Parrish to staking out the Walcott House and reviewing the crime scene photos on his own. When Parrish remarked that it felt like they were missing something, Stilinski went on to reveal that Special Agent McCall had brought in an expert from Quantico who deals with this sort of case to help them investigate. Parrish frowned and asked him if he meant the U.S. Marshal, and when Stilinski seemed confused by this news, Parrish pointed to Braeden, who appeared at the front desk with a U.S. Marshal badge and informed the deputy working there that she had previously called about a case file.

That afternoon, Parrish was in the middle of reviewing the crime scene photos as he was instructed while he sat outside of the Walcott House in a stake-out. When he sighed and decided to take a break, he looked up at the house and was both shocked and unnerved by the fact that he saw someone walk past the door from the inside. Pulling his sidearm out of his holster, Parrish made his way into the house, where he identified himself as a Sheriff's deputy and demanded that the person reveal themselves. However, he was completely surprised when a shell-shocked Lydia Martin came out of the adjacent hallway, clearly having just snapped out of a Banshee fugue state.

After Parrish had put away his weapon and followed Lydia into the next room, she remarked that she would ordinarily try to tell him what she was doing there, but made it clear that she had yet to receive a satisfactory explanation herself. When Parrish brought up the fact that she has an unusual habit of showing up at places where people have been brutally murdered, Lydia somewhat flirtatiously asked him if this meant she had a reputation, leading Parrish to shrug and reply, "An unusual one." He went on to suggest that she may be psychic, which made Lydia roll her eyes and ask him if he really believed in "all that," to which Parrish responded that while he'd like to say he doesn't believe in anything, he likes to try to keep an open mind. Lydia seemed intrigued by his response, but became concerned when he reminded her that she's a little late to be looking for dead bodies, considering the fact that the Walcotts had been murdered the previous evening.

Parrish became confused when Lydia became distracted by something on the wall behind them, not realizing that her supernatural senses were seeing wailing Banshee faces in the grain of the wood to alert her to the fact that death was heavy in that area. He watched Lydia as she walked over to the wall and pressed it with her hands, which caused the wall to pop open and reveal a hidden door. After opening it further, Parrish once again grabbed his sidearm and his flashlight and led them into the hidden corridor, which was so chilly that it was full of fog that made the two shiver.

The corridor led to a room that had long, clear curtains of plastic sheeting in the threshold, and when they made their way into the next room, they found that the reason why it was so cold was because it was a game locker of some kind. Parrish suggested to Lydia that the Walcotts may have been hunting deer and other animals, since it was legal in some parts of California, but the look on Lydia's face made it clear that she knew it was more sinister than that. Sure enough, when Parrish opened one of the large plastic bags suspended from the ceiling, he found a dead, preserved body hanging by a hook, the sight of which nearly made him vomit.

In The Benefactor, Parrish accompanied Sheriff Stilinski to the roof of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where Sean Walcott had been killed by The Mute after nearly eating Liam Dunbar. After a moment, Stilinski, who was eager to investigate the more supernatural aspects of the case in peace, asked Parrish to get the rest of the deputies and CSIs off the roof and to try to stall the medical examiner for five minutes, since he had an expert of his own coming to take a look at the scene. Parrish gave Stilinski a skeptical look and asked him if he really had an expert in "teenage cannibals," but when Stilinski insisted it would only be five minutes, Parrish did as he was told and cleared the roof so Stilinski could talk to Derek Hale, who revealed that Sean Walcott and his families were a species of cannibalistic shapeshifters known as Wendigos.

The next night, after Peter Hale was attacked by The Mute in Derek's loft, Sheriff Stilinski and Derek were talking about the mouthless-man's motives in Sheriff's office at the station. Stilinski asked Derek what kind of person ran around with a tomahawk just as Parrish walked into the office to talk to him. Both Derek and Stilinski were intrigued when Parrish brought up the fact that he carried a tomahawk when he was deployed to Afghanistan, especially when Parrish identified both the tomahawk and The Mute's wrist communication device as being military equipment. Believing Parrish could be a great help in their investigation, Derek silently communicated to Stilinski that they should bring him into their discussion, leading the Sheriff to ask Parrish to demonstrate how the equipment worked.

Some time later, Parrish was seen patching into the computer program in the wrist communicator and informed them that he thought he had found an IP address for the last place The Mute used Wi-Fi on the device. Just then, the fingers of the glove attached to the device twitched and whirred, leading Derek to ask him what had just happened. Parrish typed into the computer and explained that The Mute had just received a message that read. "Money transferred." When Parrish asked them if they recognized the handle "Benefactor," Sheriff and Derek realized that The Mute wasn't just a killer, he was an assassin who had been hired by someone specifically to kill these people; meanwhile, across town at the Martin Family lake house, Lydia Martin and Kira Yukimura had just cracked a computer code that revealed the first section of a hit-list of supernatural creatures that included the Walcotts, Scott, Lydia, Derek, and Kira, among many others.

In I.E.D., Parrish returned to the Sheriff's station and stopped Sheriff Stilinski before he left for the Beacon Hills Cyclones lacrosse game to inform him that while he was on patrol, he found a young woman walking into Beacon Hills from the coast. When the Sheriff looked at him in confusion, Parrish moved aside to reveal that the young woman was Meredith Walker, who had heard Lydia Martin talking to Malia Tate about how they needed help figuring out the Deadpool and broke out of Eichen House to assist them.

Parrish watched as Meredith demanded to talk to Lydia and went on to voice his surprise when he learned that Stilinski had called in Lydia and Malia to talk to Meredith. When he asked Stilinski if he had summoned Lydia because Meredith asked him to, or "because of the other thing," Stilinski, confused, asked what he meant, so Parrish looked around to make sure no one was listening before implying that Lydia was psychic. Stilinski was even more surprised to hear that Parrish believed Lydia to be a psychic, and when Parrish asked him if he believed it, Stilinski lied and said that he didn't, and that he instead believed her to be intuitive, leading Parrish to point out that in the past, psychics were actually called "intuitionists" for this very reason. Stilinski, clearly frustrated by the fact that he was unable to be truthful with Parrish about the supernatural, ended the conversation by reluctantly inviting Parrish into the office to help Lydia and Malia talk with Meredith.

After listening to Lydia's failed attempts to get answers from Meredith, Parrish asked if Meredith minded if he asked her some questions, to which Meredith, who seemed to be physically attracted to Parrish, agreed. He patiently asked her if there was someone Meredith calls when she needs something, and when Meredith explained that it depended on the situation, since she went to different people for different things, Parrish suggested that perhaps she could give them the number of someone they could call to help them with their current problem, which, unbeknownst to Parrish, was unlocking the second of three sections of the Deadpool hit-list. However, though Meredith agreed, the number she gave them was only four digits (2-4-3-6), which made Lydia so frustrated that she lost her temper and screamed at Meredith, causing Meredith to begin to have a panic attack and leading Parrish to separate the girls to prevent Meredith from any more trauma.

Parrish ultimately gave Meredith his Sheriff's deputy jacket to wear in order to warm herself up while he made arrangements for her to be returned to Eichen House. After Lydia and Malia figured out that the number Meredith gave them was a code that, when used with the numbers on the telephone buttons, spelled out "Aiden" (the name of another recently deceased McCall Pack ally), they unlocked the second portion of the Deadpool hit-list.

Lydia was in the middle of looking at the newly cracked list when Parrish walked into the office and asked Lydia if she needed a ride home, startling her so much that she slammed her Macbook closed in surprise. After recovering from the shock, Lydia smiled at Parrish and assured him that she had a way home, leading Parrish to look slightly disappointed as he walked away. Once he was gone, Lydia opened her Macbook again and looked grim as she re-read the newest portion of the Deadpool, which had Jordan Parrish listed at $5 million, revealing that he was, in fact, a supernatural creature, though it remained a mystery as to whether or not he was aware of this fact.

In Orphaned, Parrish arrived at Beacon Hills High School with Sheriff Stilinski and several of his fellow deputies to arrest Violet after her attempted assassination of Scott McCall in order to reap his Deadpool bounty. When he was walking her off the scene, she noticed his name tag, which read "PARRISH" and, recognizing his name from the Deadpool list, asked him if his full name was Jordan Parrish. However, Parrish, not knowing what she was talking about, curtly replied that he was Deputy Parrish. When he was about to put Violet in the back of his cruiser, he was stopped by Special Agent McCall, and he listened as Agent McCall questioned Violet on her use of a thermo-wire garrote disguised as a bolo necklace, which has apparently been used in at least a dozen murders by a pair of assassins known as The Orphans, which the FBI had been investigating for some time. When Violet denied McCall's accusations, Parrish sternly grabbed Violet and escorted her out to the cruiser to be taken to the Sheriff's station.

The next day, Parrish was at work at the station when Stiles and Lydia, who had skipped school, arrived to see him. Parrish assumed they were there to talk to Stilinski and informed them that, while he wasn't there at the moment, they could still wait for him to return in his office. However, the two quickly revealed that they were actually there to see Parrish himself. When Stiles and Lydia handed Parrish a folded copy of the second portion of the Deadpool list, he asked them if it was actually a hit-list before mentioning that the Sheriff had him run many of the names on the list, but he was unable to find anything on them in the system. Parrish asked them what else they wanted to tell him, so Lydia gingerly flipped over the folded list to reveal to him that his name was at the bottom.

Parrish declared this revelation to be "sort of terrifying" and balked at the fact that he was supposedly only worth $5 until Stiles corrected him by assuring him he's actually worth $5 million. This correction was not very comforting to Parrish, who remarked that he only made $40,000 a year and that maybe he should simply kill himself. Parrish then turned the topic to why he was on the list in the first place, but Stiles and Lydia, who were already overwhelmed by this newest portion of the list, stated that the explanation as to why he was being targeted (which entailed revealing the supernatural to him and informing him that he was a supernatural creature) was a topic for another day.

They then brought up the other point of their visit—they needed to crack the third and final portion of the Deadpool list, and they needed Meredith Walker's help to do it. When Parrish realized who they were talking about, he initially rejected their request, citing the fact that Lydia had almost given Meredith a nervous breakdown in the previous episode. However, when Lydia insisted that the operative word was "almost," and the urgency of the situation led Parrish to ultimately agree to escort them to interview her.

At Eichen House, an orderly was in the middle of unlocking Meredith's door so that Parrish, Stiles, and Lydia could see her when the head orderly, Brunski, caught him and admonished him before he could do so. When Parrish insisted that he had to interview Meredith as part of an ongoing investigation, Brunski said he could talk to Meredith if he wanted, but Lydia and especially Stiles could not. Parrish argued that Stiles and Lydia were crucial witnesses in the investigation and that he wouldn't have brought them if it wasn't absolutely necessary, but Brunski, now frustrated, told Parrish to return with a warrant if he wanted to talk to Meredith. Brunski then turned his attention to Stiles and began berating him for the fact that "Daddy" was behind on his bills from Stiles' previous stay at Eichen and mocked Sheriff's government job before insisting that Stiles return with payment in full.

Feeling badly for Stiles and clearly angered by Brunski's attempts to humiliate him, Parrish brought up the fact that the "government jobs" Brunski was mocking came in handy when one needed a favor and brought up the fact that he had a friend at Canaan PD who helped Brunski get home safe after he blew a 0.1 (0.03 higher than the legal limit for alcohol intoxication) on a Breathalyzer. Brunski, realizing he's been played, immediately began to backpedal and claimed he had no problem with a little "quid pro quo" before allowing the three into Meredith's room.

Parrish watched as Lydia and Stiles asked Meredith to give them the third cipher key in whichever method she found most comfortable, but became concerned when Meredith anxiously insisted that things had changed and she was no longer able to help them. The three became concerned by the fact that Meredith admitted to The Benefactor warning her not to tell them anything, which only caused Lydia to become more aggressive and persistent in her pursuit of the third cipher key. When Lydia snapped that a lot more people were going to die if Meredith didn't help them, Parrish told Lydia to lay off of her, but Lydia continued to push it until Meredith screamed "I don't know!" in her Banshee voice so loud that Lydia's ear began to bleed, leading the three to end up leaving empty-handed.

After going to the Stilinski House and eventually using Lydia's Banshee senses to discover that the third cipher key was "Derek," which alarmed them due to the fact that unlike the previous two keys ("Allison" and "Aiden"), Derek was not yet dead. Stiles and Lydia then successfully unlocked the last portion of the list with the new key, but they were horrified when they saw that Meredith was on the list for $1 million, which led Lydia to waste no time in calling Parrish to warn him that Meredith was in danger. Unfortunately, this gave Parrish no choice but to inform Lydia that he had just received word from Eichen House that Meredith had committed suicide, and that Brunski found her body hanging from a noose created by a bed sheet in her room.

In Perishable, Parrish awoke after somehow being knocked out to find that he was in his police cruiser, where his wrists had been bound to his steering wheel with zip-ties and where he was being doused in some kind of liquid. When Parrish began to scream in hopes of someone freeing him, his partner, Deputy Haigh, holding a tank of gasoline that he continued to pour over Parrish and the cruiser, appeared and remarked that he thought Parrish would have been unconscious a lot longer. Parrish demanded to know what Haigh was doing, so Haigh responded that, while he thought Parrish was a good guy, he was worth $5 million on the Deadpool, indicating that he was intending to kill him to gain Parrish's bounty. Parrish tried to talk Haigh out of it, playing dumb about the Deadpool and instead stating that he only made $40,000 a year, to which Haigh responded that he only made $36,000. He then tried to talk Haigh out of it by offering to help him with any money problems he may be having, but Haigh reminded him once again that he was worth $5 million dead, which meant that Parrish was the one with the problem.

Despite Parrish's pleas and insistence that Haigh would be unable to sit and watch a fellow deputy burn to death, Haigh put his earbuds into his ears and listened to his music while he threw a lit lighter onto Parrish, setting him on fire. Afterward, when Haigh returned to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, he messaged The Benefactor to request payment for Parrish's murder. Sheriff Stilinski walked into the bullpen and asked Haigh if he had seen Parrish, causing Haigh to lie and say that he hadn't. Moments later, Parrish, naked and covered in soot and bits of his melted uniform but otherwise unharmed, stormed into the bullpen and immediately made a bee-line for Haigh, who was shocked to see that Parrish had survived being burned alive.

Haigh pulled out his gun just as Parrish lunged toward him and pinned him against the wall, and the two wrestled to try to get the gun for themselves when Haigh accidentally discharged it, shooting through the wall into Sheriff Stilinski's office and hitting him in the shoulder in the process. This result stunned Haigh enough that Parrish was able to tackle him to the ground and punch him repeatedly in the face until he finally snapped out of it, as both the immunity to fire and the uncharacteristic rage that followed indicating that Parrish was truly supernatural.

Afterward, Parrish made a quick stop to his apartment to shower and change into new street clothes before Lydia brought him to Derek's loft, where Derek and Scott examined him. They were just as shocked as Lydia and Parrish that he had survived the fire, noting that his hair and nails, which are parts of the body that are technically dead, weren't destroyed by the flames. Derek, Lydia, and Scott began to debate what Parrish could be, and when Derek cryptically stated that Parrish "wasn't like them" due to the fact that they were not immune to fire, Parrish became frustrated and asked if they were all like Lydia, who he assumed was psychic. Somewhat amused, Scott informed him that they weren't exactly psychic, and when Parrish asked what they were, Scott looked at Derek for permission to share their secret before flashing his glowing red eyes at him and revealing his nature as an Alpha Werewolf.

Derek, Lydia, and Scott then gave Parrish a brief recap of the various supernatural beings they had encountered along the way, and when Parrish asked them what a Kanima was, Scott promised to get back to that later before getting to the point, which was that every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills was on the Deadpool. When Parrish pointed out that he didn't even have any idea of what he was, Derek remarked that the assassins likely didn't care as long as they were getting paid for his death. Parrish went on to ask how many professional assassins they were dealing with, Lydia admitted that they were starting to lose count before Scott pointed out that it didn't seem to even be only professionals anymore. Parrish insisted that he didn't think Haigh had ever tried to take out a hit on someone and suggested that he was just taking a chance to get some big money, which caused Derek to realize that this meant anyone with a copy of the list could try to do the same thing. Parrish went on to remark that since Haigh clearly had a copy of the Deadpool, then it is likely that it's even easier to get it than it was before.

Afterward, Parrish listened to Lydia's story about her grandmother, Lorraine Martin, specifically the fact that she was a Banshee and had sought out Meredith Walker upon learning that she was a Banshee, too, as well as the fact that Lorraine had developed the code used to create the Deadpool and that she left Lydia a message in the same code. Once they were done talking, Parrish went out to his car, taking a long moment to examine his unburned and unblemished hands before he left.

The next day, Stiles and Lydia went to Parrish after they finally managed to decode Lorraine's message and asked him to run the names on the list in hopes of finding something they had in common. Parrish, upon doing as he was asked, stated that the list was more of an "Already-Dead-pool" due to the fact that all of the people listed had committed suicide in Eichen House, including Lorraine herself.

That night, Parrish was looking through the police reports of the deaths of those on the list and realized that they had all been found by Brunski, an Eichen House orderly, leading him to discover that Brunski was an "Angel of Death" and had killed everyone on the list and made it look like suicides. He then quickly drove to Eichen House, where he managed to find Stiles and Lydia before Brunski could kill them to keep his secret. When Brunski sneered at him and said that, as a young deputy, Parrish had probably never killed anyone before, Parrish shot him just as he tried once again to inject Lydia with an overdose of narcotics. As Brunski laid dying, he revealed that he wasn't The Benefactor, but Meredith, who had faked her death, causing Meredith to appear out of the shadows behind Parrish and confirm that Brunski told the truth.

In Monstrous, Parrish approached Stilinski and Lydia, who were both discussing the station's psychologist's failed attempts to question Meredith Walker, after having gone through everything in Brunski's office with his fellow deputies and had also found nothing. Parrish then noticed that Lydia was still wearing the same outfit from the previous evening and asked her if she hadn't been home yet, rolling his eyes incredulously when Lydia insisted she wasn't going to go anywhere until Meredith started talking. He seemed to agree with Stilinski when Lydia demanded that they let her try to talk to Meredith herself, but the young Banshee would not be deterred and ultimately won her case.

Later on, after Meredith admitted to Lydia that she would only explain herself to Peter Hale, Parrish seemingly went to find the middle-aged Werewolf and brought him to the station so he could question Meredith himself. Peter seemed skeptical that Meredith was capable of stealing his $117 million in bearer bonds, which made Parrish scowl at him as Lydia reminded him that Banshees were more dangerous than he thought.

Once inside the interrogation room, Parrish stood watch in the corner while Peter sat down across from Meredith and wasted no time demanding to know where the rest of his money was (understanding that several million of it had likely already been paid out to various assassins). Meredith remained silent and instead looked at him in awe; when she forgot about what she was doing and instinctively reached out to touch his face, Peter grabbed her roughly by the wrist to stop her, forcing Parrish to intervene and insist that he let her go. Visibly shaken, Peter asked Meredith why she did that, and Meredith once again was awestruck as she remarked that his burns had all Accelerated Healing, leading the group to realize that Meredith had been his roommate while she was catatonic and he was comatose several years after the Hale House Fire.

Parrish, Stilinski, and Lydia continued to watch as Peter, exasperated by the fact that Meredith put both his daughter Malia Tate and his nephew Derek Hale on the Deadpool, continued to question her. Meredith, visibly anxious, assured him it was because he told her it had to be a secret, and though Peter initially insisted that he had never met her before, it soon became clear that she was not lying. Before Parrish could rise to his feet and separate them, Peter lunged across the table and performed the Memory Manipulation ritual which involved him impaling his claws in the back of her spinal cord to look through her memories.

Lydia had to jump in and save them when Parrish attempted to extricate Peter from Meredith's neck, informing him that breaking the bond early could kill both Meredith and Peter. Stilinski asked what they were supposed to do now, and Lydia was left with no choice to admit that she had no idea before Parrish demanded to know what exactly he was doing to her. Stilinski and Parrish soon noticed that Meredith was whispering imperceptibly, but fortunately, Lydia's enhanced hearing picked it up so that she could hear every word perfectly. Meredith went on to reveal (with Lydia narrating) that Meredith and Peter were indeed roommates in the hospital in 2009, where somehow, Meredith's Banshee powers picked up the same wavelength as Peter's thoughts, creating a telepathic bond in which Meredith could hear every thought running through his overactive mind as though he were speaking to her directly.

It was soon revealed that Peter had given Meredith the idea to start the Deadpool, as he believed his sister Talia Hale's leadership of the Hale Pack left them weak and vulnerable, and the psychosis caused by being paralyzed but fully cognizant for years led him to believe the only option was to "raze the Beacon Hills supernatural community to the ground" and remake it in his image. Just then, Peter broke the bond between him and Meredith, which left him weakened on the floor as Lydia, Parrish, and Stilinski confronted him about having given Meredith the idea the entire time and not even realizing it.

Parrish and Stilinski held Peter at gunpoint, much to Peter's chagrin, causing Peter to remind them of how traumatic his coma was and how it would have made anyone "crazy." When Parrish pointed out that Meredith was listening to him, Peter retorted, "She was listening to the ranting and raving of a lunatic!" until he realized he had insulted himself and added, "A former lunatic. I'm much healthier, now" before insisting he had nothing to do with this. Lydia quickly figured out that this entire scene was orchestrated by Meredith, as a fight breaking out could potentially kill Meredith, Lydia, and Parrish, successfully eliminating three more names off the Deadpool (with values of $1 million, $20 million, and $5 million, respectively). Frustrated by the fact that Lydia was right, Stilinki and Parrish reluctantly let him go, though Stilinski warned Peter that he had now been allowed to walk free twice from him and would not be allowed to do so a third time.

Fortunately, while this situation was playing out, Stiles and Malia successfully stopped the Deadpool computers and ended the killings while the rest of the combined forces of the McCall Pack and Satomi's Pack fought off a group of Hunters-turned-assassins at Argent Arms International, making Parrish no longer under threat of death for his Deadpool bounty.

In A Promise to the Dead, it was revealed that Parrish had been following Peter Hale around since the events of Monstrous when he was able to locate Chris Argent, who had approached the Werewolf in the Underground Tunnels and had been critically injured when Peter impaled him with a piece of rebar and pinned him to the concrete wall.

Upon seeing Parrish, Argent weakly informed him that Peter, Kate, and her Berserkers were already gone, and when Parrish asked him how long he had been like that, Argent admitted that he wasn't sure, because he may have blacked out from pain and blood loss a couple times. Parrish did not seem surprised to find that Peter had done this to him, and when Argent realized he had been following Peter, Parrish confirmed it, explaining that he had done so ever since he attacked Meredith Walker at the Sheriff's station.

More worried about Kate and Peter's plans than himself, Argent urged Parrish to leave to warn Scott McCall that the Werewolf and Werejaguar were working together and going after him, but Parrish refused, as there was no cell service down in the tunnels, and if he left Argent down there like he wanted, he would be dead by the time Parrish came back. Parrish then made it clear that they were going to free him first, and then they would find Scott together.

Unfortunately, Parrish was unable to bend back the rebar so Argent could be pulled off of it, nor was he able to separate the bar from the concrete wall, so he was left with no choice but to beg Argent to gather what little stamina he had left to help him. Argent continued to argue that Parrish should just leave, but Parrish insisted that he couldn't do that and acknowledged that Argent was hurt and tired before adding that he needed to give him everything he had so they could get out of there.

This caused Argent to break down and insist that he had nothing left, obviously devastated by the loss of his daughter and the double betrayal of his sister, and when he once again insisted that Parrish go, Parrish ordered him to grab the bar as politely and as firmly as possible. He went on to say that Argent needed adrenaline, and explained the two ways to get it—fear and anger; since Argent didn't seem like a man who scared easily, Parrish urged Argent to get angry so his body would let loose every bit of adrenaline he had left.

Argent despondently argued that he was too tired to be angry, and Parrish quickly realized that this was about more than just being physically hurt. Parrish confessed that, while he did not know much about Argent, he did know about Allison from talking to Lydia, including her feelings about Scott. He reminded Argent that if Allison were there, she would be furious to know what Kate was about to do to Scott and once again insisted that Argent get just as angry to help them get out of there. This seemed to wake Argent up from his malaise, and on the count of three, he and Parrish began bending back the rebar with all of their combined strength, with Argent screaming in pain the whole way. Parrish put so much of his energy into freeing Argent that his eyes glowed bright orange-red, a hint to his supernatural identity.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Parrish and a patched up Argent arrived at La Iglesia in an SUV, tagging along with the Calavera Family of Hunters, who had all arrived to back up the McCall Pack and to help take down Kate Argent and Peter Hale, who had taken Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura hostage. Parrish and Argent took positions behind their respective car doors and began shooting at Kate and the Berserkers from several meters away from the church ruins.

After some time had passed, Parrish shouted to Argent that the Berserkers weren't going down despite the hundreds of bullets they and the Hunters had shot at them and pointed out that they were running out of ammo. This led Argent to pull out a single bullet he had created with yellow wolfsbane, which he put in the chamber of his Desert Eagle and prepared to fire it at his sister Kate. Parrish watched in shock as Derek Hale revealed his ability to fully-shift into a black wolf before he and Argent ultimately wounded her severely enough to cause her to flee.

Once the fight was over, Parrish watched as Argent left with the Calavera Family after having agreed to leave the McCall Pack alone, and as Derek and Braeden set off to travel elsewhere while the others prepared to return to Beacon Hills. Some time later, Lydia came to visit Parrish at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, where she brought him a hardcover copy of the Argent Family Bestiary, informing him that whatever creature Parrish is could be in there and admitting that she would like to help him figure out his supernatural identity.

In Creatures of the Night, Parrish is upset that he has been benched by Sheriff Stilinski, so he approaches him and addresses the issue, Parrish explains that he doesn't know what it is that he did to lose Stilinski's trust, but he needs every available deputy. To appease Parrish, Stilinski tasks him with a noise complaint, he enters the home, but it appears as if no one is there, but he then hears a noise coming from behind a wall in the basement.

After getting tools from his truck, Parrish strikes the wall several times until a crack forms, then black ooze proceeds to flow from the wall, the concrete cracks further, splattering Parrish with the lack ooze. A large hand punches through the wall and grabs Parish by the throat, a man covered completely in the black ooze steps from behind the wall, he appears to be a werewolf but his fingers are tipped with gigantic glowing blue talons. The creature then stabs Parrish in the gut with his talons, as Parrish eyes glow orange, the creature's eyes take on that same color, despite the fact that they were blue moments before.

After being thrown to the ground, the creature determines that Parrish isn't a werewolf, he's no ordinary creature, he agrees to let Parrish live if he gives up the location of Scott McCall, but Parrish lies, claiming he's never heard of him, so the creature claws him. Parrish is weak, he can barely moves, but he manages to radio-in, then Lydia appears, touching his scars, telling him to stay with her, however, this was only a vision as Lydia disappeared the moment Sheriff Stilinksi arrived. Stilinski has taken him to Melissa McCall at the hospital, steam is coming off his body as his wounds heal, Parrish then jumps up from the table as his eyes glow, Stilinski points a gun at him, but Melissa convinces him to put it down. He tells them that the creature was looking for Scott to steal his powers, they remind Parrish that a true alpha's power can't be stolen, but knowing what he does about this mysterious creature, he's convinced that it can.

In Parasomnia, at Lydia's request, Parrish examines Tracy Stewart's room, checking all entrances and exits. He was told that the skylight was sealed shut, but after further examination, it was determined to be open. He looks out the skylight, Lydia asks if he sees anything, Parrish lies, he says no, but this is not true, there's actually a number of dead birds and claw marks outside the window. Outside of Tracy's house, Parrish tells Lydia that he's willing to stake out the area at midnight after his shift is over in order to see if something is going on, Lydia offers to keep him company but he says she doesn't need to. He says already owes her for going through a bunch of old mythology in effort to figure out more about his supernatural nature, however, the three weeks they spent doing this, they found nothing. Lydia says that she'll bring coffee and stake out the house with him.

In Dreamcatchers, Parrish and Deputy Clark lead Donovan Donati out of the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, as his attorney, Mr. Stewart tries to talk to Donovan, Clark tells them to do it on the way to the van. Donovan pulls away and demands to know how much time he's facing, Parrish asks Mr. Stewart if they're going to have a problem with his client, he says no, but then Donovan begins screaming and threatening Sheriff Stilinski, so Parrish and Clark escort him out. That day, Parrish tells Stilinksi why they couldn't find Tracy Stewart, it was due to the fact that she was killing her psychiatrist thew previous night. Stilinski tells Parrish to inform Scott but also tell him not to get involved yet. Parrish jokingly asks if they should be putting him on the payroll.

In Condition Terminal,

In A Novel Approach,

In Required Reading,

In Strange Frequencies,

In Ouroboros,

In Lies of Omission,

In Status Asthmaticus,

In The Last Chimera,

In Damnatio Memoriae,

In The Sword and the Spirit

In Amplification,

In Lie Ability,

In A Credible Threat,

In Maid of Gévaudan, as Parrish was leaving the armory in the Argent Apartment, Lydia attempted to stop him, but he insisted that his dreams weren't like hers, because not only is he dangerous, but he's also the cause of death in addition to a harbinger. He then left the apartment and packed up his things before leaving his Deputy Sheriff's badge and his gun on Sheriff Stilinski's desk in preparation to leave Beacon Hills.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, Parrish is on his way out of town in order to rpevent anyone else from getting hurt because of him. However, Sheriff Stilinski and Lydia have something else in mind, the sheriff lays spike strips in the road and they shred Parrish's tires. He tells them that he has to leave town because if he doesn't people will die but after a back and forth argument, they convince Parrish to stay and help. Later that night, he meets Chris and Gerard in the library at the school, he offers to help stop The Beast of Gevaudan. In Hellhound mode, he finds the beast in the woods and he attacks it.

In Apotheosis, Parrish has shifted and is chasing Sebastien Valet; however, he eventually loses him. While in the tunnels with Chris, he receives a message telling him that Lydia has been badly hurt. He wants to leave and go check on her but Chris convinces him to stay and fight because the beast is coming for all of them. Chris puts down his gun and tells Parrish that he's the strategy, the fresco showed him stopping The Beast, its a reminder that its not invincible, his eyes begin to glow and flames consume his body. He and The Beast are fighting in the tunnels, as he's fighting, he hears Lydia scream which distracts him long enough for The Beast to knock him to the ground.

Towards the end of the confrontation, as The Beast tries to escape, he holds it against the wall long enough for Scott to kill it with the pike.

In Superposition, Parrish is approached by Mason and Corey while on duty at the sheriff station. He's told them repeatedly that there aren't any active missing person cases at the moment, but they continue to persist. Then asking if his "Hellhound intuition" senses anything wrong within the supernatural world. Parrish explains tat he's a harbinger of death, not of kidnapping. He seems to be rather pleased that he's working on a straightforward robbery/homicide case that isn't connected to the supernatural, Mason questions the "straightforward" part of a man being bludgeoned to death and stuffed in an air duct unit in the high school. Parrish thanks Mason for his statement on finding the body and sends them both away.

Parrish walks Sheriff Stilinski through the details of the latest robbery/homicide case. The driver of the truck (that Scott and Stiles pursued) was named Nick Mazara and has a record of petty theft and dealing drugs but nothing violent. He use to work for a medical supply company and had access to hospital supplies like the stolen helium that was recovered from the vehicle. Stilinski wonders what anyone would need with such an element, Parrish explains that hospitals use helium for Heliox Therapy to help respiratory injuries caused by fires or explosions. He says someone's been raiding the stored supply of helium at Beacon Hills Hospital for months. Stilinski tells him good job, before leaving, Parrish tells the Sheriff that his wife is waiting for him in his office.

In Sundowning, Deputy Parrish arrives on scene of the residence, he enters the home, yelling freeze!, as the Ghost Rider attempts to take Gwen. The rider doesn't stop at Parrish' request, it continues to pull Gwen by the whip wrapped around her ankle, Parrish is forced to shoot him in the back several times. The bullets appear to have little effect to no effect on the being but they do get the Riders attention. It turns toward, slowly approaching Parrish, the two of them stand face-to-face for several moment until the Rider disappears in a whirl of leaves.

In Relics, With the Ghost Riders surely on their way to the school in order to take the remaining students from the house party, the pack is forced to find a way to protect them. Scott puts Mason in charge on finding a potential weakness of the Riders. While at the game, Mason sees two players jump towards each other, it reminds him of the painting of the Hellhound and The Beast in the Dread Doctors Lair. He then recalls how the Ghost Rider at the Scott's house quickly backed down when confronted by Parrish. He realizes that Parrish might have some type of influence over the riders. Mason finds Hayden, telling her to call her sister and get Parrish to the school.

Upon his arrival, Parrish learns that they don't want Jordan Parrish the sheriff's deputy, they want the Hellhound as Mason believes the Riders may be afraid of it. A spectators from the game runs into the school followed with a Rider following closely behind, he shoots her and she disappears. Mason, Hayden, and Parrish round the corner just at that moment, Parrish begins to shift, he burns bright as his eyes glow fiery orange and his Hellhound side emerges. However, before Parrish can ever get close, the rider shoots him, his once bright orange glow turns green, as he reverts to human.

In Heartless,

In Blitzkrieg,

In Riders on the Storm,

In Said the Spider to the Fly, Parrish encounters and battles another Hellhound, Halwyn who seemingly seeks to kill Liam. Parrish manages to hold his own but is defeated by Halwyn who displays better combat ability. Parrish is impaled in the back by Halwyn's claws and is thrown out of the window of the school where he hit a brick wall and was knocked unconscious.

In Raw Talent,

In Face-to-Faceless,

In Pressure Test,

In Broken Glass,

In The Wolves of War,


Jordan is a very moral person who believes in doing the right thing and who is dedicated to his role as a police officer to protect and serve his community. He has been shown to be willing to help anyone who needs it, such as when he helped Lydia Martin and Stiles Stilinski with the Deadpool investigation, and when he guarded Tracy Stewart's house in his free time because he was worried about her safety. He is also a very loyal person, and will go out of his way to protect those he cares about, such as when he lied to Belasko about not knowing Scott McCall, even despite the fact that Belasko offered to spare his life if he told him where Scott was.

Jordan hates the thought of hurting people, and even went so far as to turn himself in as the thief of the bodies of the dead Chimeras while in a Hellhound fugue state because he didn't want to risk accidentally hurting anyone else. He appears to be scared by the prospect of his powers, and is worried about his lack of knowledge and control of what he is and what he can do. Jordan has also demonstrated a very understanding and open-minded personality, as he wasn't at all disturbed by the idea of Lydia being psychic, and once the McCall Pack explained the supernatural world to him, he accepted it without question. Finally, Jordan is also a very patient person, as he talked Chris Argent into fighting for his life after he had given up hope, and helped calm down Jared when it was suspected that he had unknowingly picked up a bomb in a package.

Physical Appearance[]

Jordan is a tall, lean, muscular, and handsome young man with pale white skin, green eyes, and dark reddish-brown hair. He is typically only seen in his Sheriff's deputy uniform, but on his off-hours, Jordan typically dresses casually in v-neck t-shirts in neutral colors, relaxed jeans, and leather jackets.

Powers and Abilities[]


As a human possessed by the immensely powerful Hellhound, Jordan possesses a variety of supernatural powers, though the full scope of what he can do is still unknown as of now. Since Jordan is still not fully aware of his abilities, the majority of them have not been actively triggered, and instead have been manifested while in the middle of "Hellhound-trances." Jordan has since merged with his alter-ego, having full access to his Hellhound powers but may not be aware of the limits of what he can do. Regardless, his already tremendous strength seems to have been increased somewhat due to Jordan no longer being in conflict with Cerberus. When battling another Hellhound, Parrish who despite having an incredibly ancient spirit empowering him, lacks the experience of Halwyn who has been the host of a Hellhound spirit for over a century.

Please see the Hellhound page for more information on Jordan's powers.

Skills & Abilities[]

  • Mechanical and Technical Knowledge: Because Jordan was an EOD technician in the military, he has an extensive understanding of how machinery and technology work, and is able to modify machinery to suit his needs. For example, he was able to figure out how to use The Mute's wrist keyboard communicator during the Deadpool assassinations and modify cellular frequency jammers to extend their range in order to attempt to incapacitate the Dread Doctors.
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal: As a former EOD technician, Jordan has had years of experience in diffusing explosive devices such as bombs and IEDs, and was able to successfully diffuse a claymore mine that The Mute set up to try to kill Derek Hale.
  • Law Enforcement Knowledge: As a police officer, Jordan is very versed in the federal and state legal code and the correct protocols for dealing with various criminal situations. He is especially adept in de-escalating tense situations and talking down those who are committing crimes.
  • Advanced Firearms Proficiency: As both a former Army soldier and a current police officer, Jordan is highly knowledgeable in the identification and use of various firearms, such as handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles.
  • Close-Quarters Combat: As both a former Army soldier and a current police officer, Jordan has been extensively trained in close-quarters combat, both with and without weapons. He is so skilled in this that he even trained Lydia Martin in how to defend herself from threats as well.


  • Dual Nature: Because Jordan has only just recently learned that he is the vessel of the Hellhound and has little knowledge or understanding of his powers or responsibilities in the supernatural world, he was prone to going into fugue states where he was unconscious of what he was doing, and his behavior seemed to be ruled purely by the Hellhound spirit inside him. As a result, Jordan was essentially split into two distinct personalities—his human self, and Cerberus, the spirit possessing him, the latter of whom was able to act independently of Jordan while he is essentially blacked out. His Hellhound nature could either be triggered by a supernatural sense of danger or death, similar to those felt by a Banshee, or when he was set on fire, activating his pyrokinetic abilities and awakening Cerberus. As a result, his abilities were usually only triggered in life-or-death situations, and his control over them was unpredictable at best. However, Jordan and Cerberus have since come to an agreement and merged themselves into one autonomous unit, rather than being two separate entities possessing the same body and fighting each other for control. Since this merging has occurred, Jordan has shown near-full control over his powers, indicating that his dual nature may no longer be a weakness.
  • Daylight Hours: (possibly) As a creature of the night, it appears that Jordan's transformations are limited to the hours of darkness between dusk and dawn, as he has not been shown to go into Hellhound-mode during the day. However, this has not yet been confirmed, and the fact that Jordan and Cerberus are now working as one could indicate that their Hellhound-aspect no longer needs to limit itself to the night when Jordan is sleeping.
  • Inexperience: One of Parrish's current weakness despite combat training is that he is inexperienced with regards to dealing with the supernatural and as well as being new to his powers. This allowed threats such as Ghost Riders and another Hellhound to soundly defeat him.


  • Jordan: Jordan is a unisex name derived from the river of the same name, which flows between the countries of Jordan and Israel. The river's name in Hebrew is יַרְדֵן (Yarden), derived from יָרַד (yarad), which means "descend" or "flow down." In the New Testament, John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in its waters, and it was adopted as a personal name in Europe after Crusaders brought water back from the river with which to baptize their own children. It is possible that the name also has some influence from the Germanic name Jordanes, which is likely related to the Norse element jord, meaning "land." The name Jordan died out after the Middle Ages, but was revived in the 19th century and became quite popular in America in the latter half of the 20th century.
    • Variants of the name in other languages include: Jordanes (Ancient Germanic); Urdunn (Arabic); Iordan, Yordan (Bulgarian); Jordá (Catalan); Jordaan, Joord (Dutch); Jourdain (French); Yarden (Hebrew); Iordáin (Irish); Giordano (Italian); Judd (Medieval English); Jordão (Portuguese); Srđan (Serbian); Jordán (Spanish).
  • Parrish: Parrish is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name that is derived from the Gaulish Saxon tribe Parisii, who originally lived beside the Humber river in what is now Lincolnshire, England. However, the name may also be of Norman descent, as evidenced by the obvious reference to Paris, France in the name. The name was reinforced by its folk etymological association with the English word "parish," and, as a result, the surname was occasionally bestowed on foundlings brought up at the expense of the parish in the 17th and 18th centuries.


  • Jordan was listed at $5 million on the Deadpool, which is what caused the McCall Pack to realize that he is a supernatural creature.
  • At this point, Jordan appears to have very few serious weaknesses with regards to his powers, and at best can only be temporarily incapacitated.
  • Like new Werewolves, serious pain and injuries can cause Jordan to revert to his human form from his Hellhound form.
  • Jordan shares several similarities to the Marvel comic book character the Incredible Hulk, due to his dual personalities (and lack of control over which personality is dominant at any given time), the fact that he is supernaturally strong, and, on a humorous note, the fact that when he transforms into Hellhound form, all of his clothes tear and burn except for his pants, which are usually destroyed to the point of becoming cut-off shorts.
  • It was revealed in A Credible Threat that Jordan is actually the vessel for the Hellhound, rather than naturally being one. This possession occurred when the Hellhound was reborn at the exact moment of Scott McCall, Allison Argent, and Stiles Stilinski's suicide sacrifice ritual to locate their parents, which reawakened the Nemeton in Beacon Hills and drew him there.
    • The Hellhound claimed that Jordan was dead and no longer existed, but Lydia, as a Banshee, implied that she knew Jordan wasn't dead yet and that she knew the Hellhound would die in his fight against the Beast without Jordan's help. This coupled with the fact that some part of Jordan's consciousness appears to be in control during the day when the Hellhound is inactive seems to indicate that Jordan is not fully dead yet and that it may be possible for Jordan and the Hellhound to coexist.
  • In the first half of Season 6, it was revealed that the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt have the power to control Hellhounds when they were able to take control of Jordan's body and nearly used it to free themselves from their cage. This also extends to those with at least some of the Wild Hunts' powers, as Garrett Douglas, who had consumed a Ghost Rider's pineal gland, was able to dominate Jordan's will and use him as a pawn for the last few episodes of the half-season.


  • Jordan and Lydia (Supernaturally Connected, Close Friends)
  • Jordan and Sheriff Stilinski (Co-workers, Friends, Allies)
  • Jordan and Scott (Friends, Allies)
  • Jordan and Stiles (Friends, Allies)
  • Chris and Jordan (Friends, Allies)
  • Derek and Jordan (Friends, Allies)
  • Jordan and Melissa (Allies)
  • Jordan and Mason (Allies, Former Rivals)
  • Jordan and Sebastien (Enemies)
  • Jordan and Theo (Reluctant Allies)
  • Jordan and Malia (Allies)


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