Scott: "Dude, everyone here's a dude. I think we're in a gay club."
Stiles: "Man, nothing gets past those keen Werewolf senses, huh, Scott?"
Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski about the Jungle nightclub in Frenemy

Jungle, also known as The Jungle, is a gay club in Beacon Hills, California. It was the main hangout spot for LGBT teens in Season 2 until the opening of Sinema in Season 5. Known regulars of the club were Danny Mahealani, his unnamed ex-boyfriend, and a large number of drag queens whom Stiles Stilinski befriended after his first time at the club. Jungle was also the site of a major attack by then full-blooded Kanima Jackson Whittemore, who was under the control of the Kanima Master Matt Daehler.

Jungle is located in an industrial-style warehouse that has been transformed into a club, with a stage and several platforms throughout the main room where go-go dancers perform. The club is also filled with blacklights and lasers that add a neon color scheme to the otherwise dark interior. In the center of the club is a large square bar with four sides, each with a bartender taking drink orders.

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

  • After the revelation that Jackson Whittemore was the Kanima following his transformation at the McCall House, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski raced to find him before Derek Hale or the Argents could find him first, which ultimately led them to Jungle. Scott and Stiles decided to go into the bar after Scott smelled the Armani cologne of Jackson's best friend, Danny Mahealani, and realized that Jackson may have been going after him. Once inside, Scott and Stiles realized it was a gay bar when they noticed the majority of the patrons were men and drag queens. ("Frenemy")
    • Derek eventually caught up with Jackson as well and followed them inside, shifting into his full Werewolf form as he pursued Jackson. Jackson ultimately used his Kanima Venom to paralyze nearly a dozen people there, including Danny and Danny's ex-boyfriend. Fortunately for the supernatural community, the official story was that some of the drinks were laced with drugs that made them hallucinate that there were monsters in the club.
    • Scott and Stiles eventually captured Jackson, with Scott being forced to punch Jackson in the head and knock him out so they could get away from the club without being noticed.
    • Gerard and Chris Argent arrived just after Jackson was captured, causing Chris to confront his father about the strange incident in which Gerard seemed to connect with the Kanima.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jungle was the first nightclub to be introduced on Teen Wolf, followed by Sinema.
  • Jungle has not appeared in the series since Season 2.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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