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Gotta be honest, Derek... When Ennis died, I thought to myself, "I'll just go for it." Find you and kill you, wherever you stood. Then I remembered how you surround yourself with these teenagers, hiding behind them... and I thought, "What's a girl gotta do to get you alone?"
Kali to Derek Hale in Currents

Kali was an antagonist and supporting character in Season 3 of Teen Wolf. She was first introduced as an Augmented Alpha Werewolf and a member of the Alpha Pack, a pack formed solely out of rare, powerful Alphas who have killed and stolen the power of their former Betas, which was led by the self-titled "Demon Wolf" known as Deucalion. Kali made her first appearance in Tattoo, where she was seen posing as a nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital in an attempt to capture Isaac Lahey, who had escaped the pack's captivity the previous night. She then spent the first half of the season assisting the Alpha Pack in their goal to recruit the newly ascended Alpha Derek Hale and Scott McCall, an Omega who had been recently been revealed to be a potential True Alpha, into joining their ranks. However, she made it clear that she didn't believe either of them were worthy of the honor, particularly Derek, whom she (incorrectly) blamed for the death of her packmate Ennis.

Though the Alpha Pack initially ignored the growing number of human sacrifices occurring in Beacon Hills in order to focus on their goal of recruiting Scott and Derek, Kali's focus eventually shifted when she realized that her former Emissary, Julia Bacarri, whom she had attacked and left for dead with the rest of her Betas as her initiation into Deucalion's pack several years earlier, had returned under a new appearance and identity (specifically, an English teacher at Beacon Hills High School named Jennifer Blake) and was committing the human sacrifices in order to gain the power necessary to defeat her pack. Despite how powerful Kali was, she was eventually killed by Julia, who used her Darach powers to launch an entire skylight's worth of broken glass into her body from her skull to her feet.

Kali was formerly an Alpha of her own original pack and then became a loyal member of the Alpha Pack.

Early life[]

Not much is known about Kali's early life, such as her childhood, whether she is a born or bitten Werewolf, how she became an Alpha, and how she built her original pack; what has been revealed thus far pertains specifically to what led her to join the Alpha Pack shortly after its formation. It can be assumed that, at some point in her early adult life, Kali became an Alpha by killing another Alpha and taking their powers. She then built her own pack that had nearly a dozen members when she came to Beacon Hills at some point in the early-mid 2000s in order to seek the guidance of renowned Alpha Talia Hale and her pack, along with fellow Alphas Deucalion and Ennis and their own respective packs.

During this Werewolf summit, which occurred at an abandoned distillery, Ennis informed the Werewolves in attendance that one of his Betas was brutally tortured and killed by the Argent family of supernatural hunters, which was at the time effectively led by Gerard Argent despite the family being well known for their matriarchal leadership. After this announcement, Kali remarked that she didn't know what the harm done to his Beta had to do with the rest of their packs, but Laura Hale reminded her that the Argents don't discern between packs and will go after any Werewolf they believe has spilled innocent blood, making the death of Ennis' Beta a problem for them all.

This issue with the Argent family, specifically Gerard, led Deucalion, under the guidance of Talia and her Druid Emissary Alan Deaton, to organize a meeting with Gerard to try to make a truce between their families. However, upon Deucalion's arrival at the abandoned distillery with several of his Betas, they were all ambushed by Gerard, who not only used Wolfsbane fog to neutralize the wolves, but also even killed his own Hunter companions with a mace covered in harvested Werewolf claws (which thus caused wounds on the Hunters that resembled claw gashes) in order to support his later lie that the meeting was a trap and that Deucalion and his Betas ambushed them.

Deucalion was blinded in the attack when Gerard plunged flash-bang arrows into his eye sockets, and afterward, Marco, one of Deucalion's Betas who was not at the meeting with the Hunters, attempted to kill him and take his Alpha status, believing that his lack of sight made him unworthy of the pack's leadership. As a result of this betrayal and challenge, Deucalion went into a rage (during which time he learned he could still see with his wolf vision) and killed Marco, after which point he realized that he had gained his Beta's power, making him even stronger and more powerful as a result. ("Visionary")

Then, after Deucalion, corrupted by the rush of power caused by his murder of Marco, killed the rest of his pack in the same manner and became the self-proclaimed Demon Wolf, he began to seek even more power. This led him to decide to create and lead a pack of Augmented Alphas like himself who had subsumed the power of their own packs. It was implied that Ennis was the first to join him after killing his own Betas and Emissary, and Kali, who, according to Deucalion, wanted to be with Ennis, decided to do the same to gain membership into the Alpha Pack as well. She first killed all of her own Betas before then going after her Emissary, Julia Baccari, an attack about which she was conflicted due to the love she felt for her and the relationship they had.

However, despite the hesitation she felt about killing Julia, she still went through with the attack and confronted her in the Beacon Hills Preserve. After viciously mauling Julia's face and body to the point where she was nearly dead, Kali, feeling guilty about what she had done, decided that the most merciful thing she could do for Julia was to leave her to "die peacefully" in the woods as she was rather than giving her the killing blow. Unfortunately for Kali, what she did not anticipate was the fact that Julia's survival instincts pushed her to desperately crawl across the woods to the Nemeton, which had recently gained a spark of power from an unintentional virgin sacrifice several months earlier-- Paige Krasikeva, a high school student who was mercy-killed by the then-teenage Derek Hale after she began rejecting the Bite she received from Ennis. This spark of power allowed Julia to survive Kali's attack, and after she recovered from her wounds, she dedicated herself to getting revenge on Kali and the rest of the Alpha Pack. ("The Overlooked")

In the late spring or early summer of 2011, Kali and the rest of the Alpha Pack heard word that Talia Hale's son Derek Hale had recently become an Alpha after killing his uncle Peter, which was followed by rumors that a recently-bitten Werewolf named Scott McCall possessed the potential to become a True Alpha. This led Deucalion, who wanted both Alphas to join their ranks in order to increase their collective power even further, to head toward Beacon Hills with Kali, Ennis, and their newest members, twins Ethan and Aiden, in order to recruit the young men by forcing them to kill their own packs.

Upon their arrival, they came upon two of Derek's Betas, Vernon Boyd and Erica Reyes in the Beacon Hills Preserve and captured them in order to use them as leverage against Derek. ("Master Plan"), ("Tattoo") They also came upon Cora Hale, Derek's younger sister who, unbeknownst to anyone, had survived the Hale House Fire and fled to South America before also hearing the rumors that a powerful new Hale Alpha was building a pack; like with Boyd and Erica, Cora was captured by the Alpha Pack, and the three were held in First National Bank's vault for nearly four months. ("Chaos Rising"), ("Unleashed") At some point during their captivity, Erica, tired of being at the Alphas' mercy, attacked Kali, who easily killed the younger and weaker Beta. ("Fireflies"), ("Currents")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

Season 3

In Tattoo, Kali made her first appearance at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where she disguised herself as a nurse. She walks into Isaac Lahey's room after his previous altercation with the entire Alpha Pack had left him seriously injured and injected him with an anesthetic in order to prevent him from getting away, presumably to capture him like they had did with Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd, and Cora Hale. After doing this, she left Isaac's room and went into the room of Braeden, a mercenary who had saved Isaac from them and had gotten hurt in the process, only to find that she had already escaped.

After Isaac was found and rescued by Scott McCall and Derek Hale before the Alphas could take him, Kali, Ennis, and the twins Ethan and Aiden tracked Braeden to the boys' locker room at Beacon Hills High School and cornered her. Though Braeden held her own against them by fending them off with a broken mop handle, Kali used her wickedly-sharp toe claws to incapacitate Braeden by hitting her in the face with a spinning kick. Kali and the others then watched as Deucalion arrived, questioning Braeden on what she knew about Scott and what he would become before slashing her throat with his claws.

In Chaos Rising, Kali returned to the Alphas' hide-out at First National Bank (where Cora and Boyd were still locked in the vault) just after Allison Argent, who had come to the bank to investigate the clues that Braeden had left her and Lydia Martin in the previous episode, had only moments earlier hidden inside a supply closet. Kali stopped and sniffed the air in front of the closet door, but Allison wisely spilled a gallon jug of ammonia to mask her scent. Even still, Kali appeared to know that Allison was there, but moved on anyway, knowing that, as a member of Scott's small pack, she was part of their plan to force Derek and Scott to kill their packmates.

In Unleashed, Kali, Ennis and Deucalion broke into Derek's loft, where she immediately lunged for Derek while Ennis dealt with Cora. Throughout majority of the fight, she used the claws on her feet, and demonstrated that she had skills in at least one form of advanced combat. She leaped up into the air and broke off one of the gas pipes running along the ceiling, which she used to hit Derek hard in the temple before plunging it through his chest to neutralize him.

When Derek fell onto his hands and knees and began bleeding on the floor, Deucalion entered the room and apologized for Kali's behavior, claiming that he had asked her to be gentle with him. In response, Kali smirked and replied that she was being gentle before twisting the pipe in his chest to cause him additional pain. While Kali stood above Derek and applied pressure to his wound, Deucalion explained to Derek how the Alpha Pack began, leading Kali to remark that she felt "liberated" after she killed her own Betas to join the pack. She then informed Deucalion that he should wrap up his conversation, as Derek would likely not survive much longer in his current condition. Once Deucalion left Derek with a choice-- killing his own pack and joining the Alpha Pack, or being killed himself-- Kali removed the pipe from his chest and offered Deucalion her arm before leading him out of the loft.

In Frayed, Kali was shown fighting the members of the Hale Pack and their allies at the abandoned mall in flashbacks. Kali fought solo against Derek while Ennis switched between fighting against Scott and Isaac together and fighting against Cora alone. The Alphas seemed to be winning throughout most of the confrontation, incapacitating all of their younger opponents so that Deucalion could give Derek another choice-- he could kill Boyd, who had been seriously hurt and was bleeding on the floor, or he could kill Cora, who was pinned to the floor by the throat with Kali's clawed foot. Kali told Derek to choose between pack or family, but before Derek could react, Allison arrived and began shooting flash-bang arrows at the Alphas, temporarily blinding them and allowing the Hale Pack and their allies to get the injured members out of the way so the ones who were less hurt could go back to the fight. The standoff eventually ended after both Ennis and Derek tumbled over a balcony and fell three stories before landing on the escalator below.

The next day, Kali and Aiden were seen carrying a gravely-injured Ennis into the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic with Marin Morrell, who pleaded with her older brother Alan Deaton to help heal Ennis. Deaton initially refused, leading Kali to threaten to kill Morrell right there in the clinic, but Deaton simply glared at her and told her she wouldn't, using a yet-undefined Druid power to force her to shift back into human form. After Marin reminded Deaton that if Ennis died, the Alphas would go after Scott and Derek, Deaton begrudgingly agreed to help, and Kali sat at Ennis' bedside while the veterinarian patched him up. After Deucalion secretly killed Ennis by crushing his skull, knowing that it would motivate Kali and the others to go after Derek and Scott even harder, Kali was shown rushing out of the animal clinic and roaring at the top of her lungs in grief so loudly that she caused the alarms on the cars in the parking lot to go off before Aiden hugged her to calm her down.

In Currents, Derek and Cora awakened to the sound of the loft's security alarm, where they found that Kali and the twins had spray-painted the Alpha Pack's symbol onto his walls of windows as a warning that they were coming after him that night. Upon hearing of this warning, Boyd and Isaac came to the loft to help Derek prepare by setting up water and electrical cables in hopes of electrocuting and possibly killing any Werewolf who stepped foot inside, particularly Kali, as they knew she would be barefoot as usual to use her toe-claws in battle. Unfortunately for them, Kali somehow knew they were planning to do this and preemptively shut off the power before she and the twins entered the loft.

Then, Kali, still under the mistaken impression that it was Derek who killed Ennis and not Deucalion, admitted that she initially just wanted to find him and kill him wherever he stood before going on to say that she reconsidered upon remembering that he "surrounded himself with teenagers" to protect himself. She then had Ethan and Aiden come into the loft, revealing that they had captured Jennifer Blake, with whom Derek was in a romantic relationship, before informing him that if his Betas didn't stand down, she would kill Jennifer. This forced Derek to fight Kali one-on-one, leaving Boyd and Isaac on the sidelines with Ethan and Aiden, who were holding Jennifer in a choke-hold in order to ensure Derek would stick to their agreement. At some point, Boyd texted Cora, who was with Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin, to help them find Alan Deaton after being kidnapped by the Darach, to inform them that the Alphas had shut off the power. This led Scott to split up with the rest of the group, sending the trio of Stiles, Lydia, and Cora to the loft to turn the power back on and hopefully neutralize the Alphas.

Kali easily dominated Derek during the fight, though he did get in several good hits, and at one point, Boyd was unable to resist getting into the fight to help defend Derek. When Isaac received a text from Stiles to warn them that they were turning on the power, Isaac managed to get onto the platform in time to prevent himself and Jennifer from getting shocked. Unfortunately, Kali, Derek, and Boyd were all still in the water when the electricity flickered on, weakening all three of them in the process. Kali was so infuriated that she forced the twins to grab Derek and restrain him while he picked up Boyd. The twins forced Derek to hold up his clawed hands just as Kali shoved Boyd's body against them, causing Derek to impale him in the chest, which made Derek's eyes glow an even brighter red as he involuntarily absorbed his powers.

Before Kali and the twins left, she gave Derek an ultimatum-- he had until the next full moon to kill the rest of his Betas and join them, or she would kill all of them, Derek included. As Boyd died, he mentioned that he wondered what happened to werewolves during a lunar eclipse, which led to him experiencing a flashback to when he was still in captivity. In this flashback, Erica was talking to Boyd when she brought up the lunar eclipse and wondered aloud if it would make Werewolves stronger. Just then, she saw Kali walking past them toward the door, and Erica stated that she hoped it would make them stronger before she stood to her feet and growled at Kali. Erica's eyes glowed bright gold as she lunged for Kali, attacking her with all the strength she had. Unfortunately, this ultimately led to the revelation that it was indeed Kali who took Erica's life in this fight.

In Visionary, flashbacks to the "Werewolf summit" from the early 2000s were shown while Scott and Allison talked to Gerard Argent in order to gain more information on Deucalion and how to defeat him. During the summit in these flashbacks, Kali, Ennis, and Deucalion, along with each of their original packs, met with Talia Hale and the members of the former Hale Pack in an abandoned distillery in Beacon Hills. After Ennis explained that they were standing on the site where the Argents tortured and killed his Beta, Kali shrugged the information off and wondered why the rest of them should care about an issue specific to his pack.

In The Overlooked, Kali and Deucalion, who had both just learned that Jennifer Blake (formerly known as Julia Bacarri, Kali's former Emissary) was the Darach who was committing sacrifices in order to gain the power to kill the Alpha Pack, went to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to look for her. When they walked around the corner where an elevator had opened its doors to reveal Jennifer standing inside. Deucalion uncapped his cane to reveal the blade on the end and threw it at Jennifer like a javelin, but it missed and buried itself in the wall. Terrified, Jennifer quickly hits the button to close the elevator doors as Kali leaps down the hallway toward her, managing to pry the doors open a crack in her effort to catch her. Jennifer's eyes glowed white as she summoned the Darach powers she had gained and hit the doors with her hand with such force that Kali flew backward down the hallway and landed at Deucalion's feet.

Some time later, Derek and Jennifer were about to escape with Cora inside an ambulance, only to find that Kali was in the garage and had killed the driver before they arrived. She then appeared from behind the ambulance, spinning the keys to the vehicle around her finger as she sing-songed, "Julia..." When Jennifer reacted with horror to that name, it is revealed that Jennifer Blake was an alias and that she had a history with Kali, a revelation to which Kali responded, "It really is you." Knowing that they couldn't win against her, Derek and Jennifer fled back into the hospital, once again getting into an elevator just before Melissa McCall (under Deucalion's orders) shut the power off at the hospital.

After losing her target once again, Kali met back up with Deucalion in the morgue of the hospital, where she stated that she thought he had made a mistake by letting Scott's mother go and even going so far as to suggest that Deucalion has a soft spot for the potential True Alpha. However, Deucalion retorted that he was simply trying to mature his investment before reminding her that she was the one with the soft spot for Jennifer Blake, whose real identity was revealed to be Julia Bacarri, Kali's former Emissary who she meant to kill to join the Alpha Pack. Kali argued that, at the time of the Alpha Pack's formation, Julia was harmless, before confessing her resentment toward him for making her kill her. In response, Deucalion shot back that Kali had joined of her own volition in order to be with Ennis, so he should not be blamed for her choices.

Deucalion commented that Julia did not look as harmless as she looked in the past. Kali retorted that she believed that Julia had died from the wounds that she inflicted upon her before confessing that she felt uncertainty over killing her or not at that time. Julia was seen laying on the ground immobile after sustaining several slash marks all over her face and body from Kali's claws and Kali explained that she focused her heightened sense of hearing to listen to Julia's heart, which was still beating and fighting for life, before feeling conflicted over two alternatives-- either finish her Emissary off like Deucalion required or allow Jennifer, one of the few people she loved the most, die in a more "peaceful" manner-- but she ultimately chose the latter option and walked away. Deucalion reproached Kali for putting them all in danger for her unwise choice and given Kali's expression, it was clear that she felt remorse for what she did to her beloved Emissary all those years ago.

Suddenly, they started to hear loud footsteps overhead, and Kali, along with Ethan and Aiden, chased after who she believed was Jennifer attempting to flee the hospital. However, once Kali and the twins chased the woman outside through the entrance, it was revealed that it was actually Allison Argent pretending to be Jennifer by wearing her clothes, and then began to shoot arrows at the Alphas as her father, Chris Argent, joined her by shooting at them with his guns.

In Alpha Pact, Kali and the twins were seen chasing Marin Morrell, their pack's Emissary, through the Beacon Hills Preserve. They eventually caught up with her in a clearing, but before they could get close to her, she used her Druid abilities to make a perfect Mountain Ash circle around herself, creating a barrier than none of them could breach. They were then joined by Deucalion and Scott (who had temporarily joined the Alphas in exchange for their help finding Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall, who had been captured by Jennifer in order to be her Guardian sacrifices.

When Deucalion asked Morell how she knew they would come for her, she stated that she always knew he was suspicious of both of them and what they can do. Kali remarked that she knew that Morrell was the one who sent Braeden to save Isaac from them, which Morrell confirmed before insisting that she had no idea where Jennifer was. Kali, along with the twins, were stunned when Morrell revealed that it was Deucalion who was responsible for Ennis' death, and not Derek as he led them to believe; her brother Deaton had saved him, but Deucalion killed him because he knew it would cause Kali to go after Derek, whose membership in the Alpha Pack would pave the way for Scott. Before they could react, Deucalion impaled Morrell with his blade-tipped cane. Scott surprised them all with his confidence and strength of will when he managed to stop the rest of the Alphas from killing Morrell, and Kali watched in shock as Morrell confessed that Jennifer and the captured parents would be at the Nemeton.

In Lunar Ellipse, Kali, along with Aiden, arrived at Derek's loft when the full moon rose, just as she had warned him she would in Currents after giving him an ultimatum-- kill his Betas and take their power, or they would all be killed by Kali herself. However, what she did not know at this time was that Derek had sacrificed his Alpha powers the night before to save Cora and was now a Beta. However, when her arrival led to the security alarm going off, she destroyed the box, only to find Ethan and Lydia standing alone in the apartment. Kali immediately demanded to know where Derek was, but Lydia's snarky comment caused Kali to threaten her with violence. At this threat, Aiden, who had arrived with her, began to growl at Kali in warning, and Kali accused him of taking his "assignment" of getting close to Lydia too seriously.

Before they could get into an argument, Jennifer jumped through the skylight, shattering the glass and landing on the floor in a defensive position in front of Kali, who stared at her former Emissary in horror before the two women began to fight. Surprisingly, because of the twelve sacrifices she had taken to become more powerful, Jennifer easily bested Kali in the fight before using her telekinesis to lift all of the broken shards of glass in the air. Jennifer asked Kali if she knew how much power it took to look normal after everything that Kali did to her, and when Kali struggled to find an answer, Jennifer seemed to briefly think that her former friend and Alpha may apologize for her actions. However, after Kali finally replied that she should have ripped her head off, Jennifer lost her temper and launched all of the shards of glass at Kali, which embedded themselves into her body like shrapnel. As a result of the multiple vital organs being penetrated with the glass, including her brain and heart, as well as the power-nullifying effects of the lunar eclipse, these wounds ultimately proved fatal to Kali.


Kali was a very strong and powerful woman who also appeared to be Deucalion's second-in-command in the Alpha Pack, which, considering Deucalion's standards, says a great deal about her strength. Kali also demonstrated a tough, arrogant, fierce and dangerous personality during her tenure on the series, never showing fear, even when she was in serious danger. She also had incredible loyalty toward the members of the Alpha Pack, even despite her resentment toward Deucalion for making her kill her beloved Emissary, Julia Baccari. Even before she joined the Alpha Pack, she was shown as a woman who could not be bullied and who had no problems standing up for herself, as evidenced during the Werewolf summit in Beacon Hills. She also seemed to share Deucalion's feelings of superiority over Werewolves of lower rank, as she made her distaste for Derek and Scott very clear during her time on the series, demonstrating the fact that she found the two younger werewolves unworthy of the honor of joining their ranks.

Physical Appearance[]

Kali was very tall, beautiful woman with a slim, athletic build. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate, and she had dark brown eyes and long, straight, shiny black hair. Her sense of style leaned toward comfortable, bohemian-style clothing that were both stylish and functional during her many battles; this often included leggings and cropped shirts, sometimes with a vest or a zip-up jacket. Because the claws on her toes were her best weapon, she never wore shoes so that she was always prepared for a fight. She also typically wore dark, blood-red red nail polish on her fingernails and toenails, making her claws on both her hands and feet appear to be the same color.

Powers and Abilities[]

As an Augmented Alpha Werewolf, Kali possessed the standard abilities of an Alpha that had been enhanced to a very high degree as a result of absorbing the power of all of her former Betas. This included physical attributes such as superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, and senses, along with an accelerated healing factor. She also had the ability to absorb the pain of others, and she was especially adept at the memory-manipulation ritual commonly used by Alphas in which she could both share, suppress, and remove the memories of a person by sticking her claws into the base of their skull.

Kali also possessed the ability to shapeshift her features into those of a wolf, which included glowing red eyes, retractable fangs, and retractable claws. Her shapeshifting ability is notable in that, unlike all other Werewolves in the series, she can extend her toenails into sharp, pointed claws as well as her fingernails. She also has unique Werewolf eyes as while most Alphas have glowing crimson irises, Kali's eyes are a duller, darker red with a thick black ring around the outside of the iris, and only she and Ennis have been shown to have this eye coloring. Kali was never seen with the ridged brow, mutton chops and pointed ears that other Werewolves have when they completely shift into their Werewolf form, and it is unknown if she did not possess the ability to transform these features or if she simply never fully transformed during her time on the series.


Kali possessed all the standard weaknesses associated with Werewolves. She was vulnerable to Wolfsbane, electricity, letharia vulpina (also known as "wolf lichen") and the modified canine distemper virus, which could weaken her or even kill her at high enough amounts of exposure. And, as with all werewolves, Kali was susceptible to the influences of full moons, supermoons, and intense emotions, all of which could cause her to lose control over her transformations, though Kali, as an experienced older Werewolf, has an exceptional degree of resistance against these influences. She was also vulnerable to the effect of lunar eclipses, since all werecreatures will lose their powers during the period of time when the moon was in the earth's umbral shadow, preventing her from utilizing her superhuman strength and healing to defend herself against threats; it was this lunar phase that possibly had a hand in Kali's death, as the lunar eclipse paired with the extent of her injuries could have prevented her from healing from the glass shrapnel embedded in her head, chest, and abdomen.

Like all supernatural creatures, she was also unable to touch or handle rowan wood and its incinerated form called mountain ash, making it a substance that could be used to prevent her from entering areas that were surrounded by an unbroken circle of it, such as the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, which had rowan wood built into the foundation, or when Marin Morrell used it to protect herself from Kali and the twins by surrounding herself with a ring of mountain ash.


  • Kali: Kali is a feminine given name meaning "the black one" in Sanskrit; it is the feminine form of the Sanskrit word kalam, meaning "black" or "dark-colored." The word Kala typically means "time," but can also mean "black" which is why the Hindu goddess Kali was known by the epithets "the Black One" or "Beyond Time." The goddess Kali is the fierce, destructive form of the goddess Durga, who represents time, change, power, creation, preservation, and destruction, making her name fitting for the character Kali, who as she is powerful and destructive and has the power to change humans into werewolves. The goddess Kali is also the wife of Shiva, the powerful god of destruction and one of the three major deities of Hinduism, and she is depicted with black skin and four arms, with which she carries a severed head and is also brandishing a sword. The name Kali also has other meanings in different cultures; to Pacific Islanders, it means "wooden pillow," whereas in Swahili and other African cultures, it means "fierce, intense, lively, and energetic," the latter terms of which are also relevant to the character Kali.


  • According to Deucalion, Kali only joined the Alpha Pack to be with Ennis, indicating that she had romantic feelings for him. This was further suggested when Kali became so devastated after Ennis' death that she rushed outside and roared at the top of her lungs, causing the building to rattle and all of the security alarms of the cars in the parking lot to go off at once.


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