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The Kanima Master is the person that controls the Kanima and can use it however they want. The Kanima, a weapon of vengeance, is used to carry out the bidding of its master. The kanima master was a primary antagonist of Season 2.


The Kanima was once used by a South American priest who took it upon himself to rid his village of all murderers. The bond between master and servant grew stronger until the will of the master became that of the Kanima's and whomever the priest deemed unworthy, the Kanima served his vengeance.

Kanima Masters[]

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Kanima Control: The Kanima Master has complete control over the Kanima.
  • Limited Telepathy: The Kanima Master and the Kanima's minds are connected.


  • Mistletoe: Mistletoe is poisonous to humans and supernatural beings.
  • Any phobia the master has, the Kanima will also posess.
  • If the master of the Kanima kills an innocent, the master will become a Kanima as well.

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