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"See this cut? Precise. Almost surgical. This isn't the wound that killed him-- this had a more interesting purpose."
"Relating to the spine."
"That's right. Whatever made this cut, it's laced with a paralytic toxin potent enough to disable all motor functions."
Alan Deaton and Gerard Argent about Kanima Venom in Abomination

Kanima Venom is a paralytic substance produced by either a Kanima or a Chimera who has gained Kanima abilities by one way or another. It is an especially potent toxin and can render nearly any living being paralyzed in seconds, though the severity and length of the paralysis varies based on the healing ability of the victim in question, as well as the manner of contact and the amount of venom to which they were exposed.

Jordan Parrish, a Hellhound, is immune to Kanima venom

When exposed to the venom through tactile contact, the majority of humans and supernatural creatures will be paralyzed from the neck down within moments, and can be rendered immobile for as long as several hours. However, when a human with no accelerated healing factor is injected with the venom intravenously, their diaphragm will be paralyzed as well as their motor functions, causing the victim to suffocate and die in a matter of seconds, as was demonstrated when the part-Kanima Chimera Tracy Stewart laced an injured prison transport driver's IV bag with her venom and killed him in a manner very similar to that which occurs during lethal injections with pancuronium bromide. Supernaturals with accelerated healing seem to be immune to this specific side effect, as Deucalion, an Augmented Alpha Werewolf, was injected with a large amount of Tracy's venom and only suffered motor immobility for several hours without any suffocation. Regardless, those who are exposed to Kanima venom become extremely vulnerable to death through violent means, as their paralysis makes them unable to defend themselves against the Kanima's attacks.

There are several beings who have proven immune to the effects of Kanima venom; these beings include Banshees and Hellhounds, who, as harbingers of death, are immune to the majority of supernatural phenomena. Additionally, one especially unique Werewolves, the immensely powerful Beast of Gevaudan, has been shown to be immune to the effects of this venom as well, as Theo Raeken learned when he tried to use it to weaken the Beast long enough to attempt to steal its powers.

Notable Users[]


  • Jackson Whittemore: Jackson was first and only true Kanima who has been officially introduced in the series thus far, and he made frequent use of his venom, which he could secrete from his claws and the tip of his tail, during battles with Humans, Werewolves and Hunters alike.


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  • When a Kanima is in the process of transitioning from its Beta form to its Alpha form, it will create a cocoon out of its Kanima venom to protect itself during the transformation, as proven by Jackson Whittemore in Season 2's Master Plan.


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