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It's just like when we were kids-- always trying to make me the bad guy. You can't see them clearly anymore, can you? Scott's not your little hero! None of them are! Not when they killed Allison.

Katherine Argent, more commonly known as Kate Argent or La Loba, is a supporting character on Teen Wolf and was a major antagonist in Season 1 and Season 4. She is the daughter of Gerard Argent and an unnamed mother, the sister of Chris Argent, the sister-in-law of Victoria Argent, the niece of Alexander Argent, the aunt of Allison Argent, and a descendant of Marie-Jeanne Valet and Henri Argent. She was first introduced as an Argent Hunter sent to Beacon Hills in January 2011 to help her brother Argent deal with the new Alpha ravaging Beacon Hills.

However, in time, it was revealed that Kate was responsible for setting the Hale House Fire six years earlier, which killed the famous Alpha Werewolf Talia Hale and most of her family, excluding her brother, Peter Hale, and her three children, Derek, Laura, and Cora. Peter Hale, a survivor of the fire who had recently become the Alpha, finally got his revenge on Kate by clawing out her throat at the end of Season 1.

However, unbeknownst to Peter, he had actually scratched Kate so hard that it transformed her in the same way an Alpha bite would have. In a surprise twist, Kate ultimately turned into a Werejaguar instead of a Werewolf, and a fellow Hunter family known as the Calaveras, who have charged themselves with upholding the Hunter Code, captured Kate and attempted to force her to kill herself before Kate's first full moon as a supernatural creature, as per the Hunter tradition.

Instead of doing what was expected of her, Kate faked her death and attacked as many as six of their Hunters before she escaped to the Temple of Tezcatlipoca, otherwise known as La Iglesia, where she found a pair of Berserkers who protected her and helped her survive, although she later admitted she had no idea why exactly they did this.

Despite the fact that she was still struggling with controlling her shifts, Kate was intent on three things: finding out the identity of The Benefactor, who had put her name on the Deadpool hit-list for $12 million; gaining enough control over her transformation that she could rejoin the Argent Hunters; and getting revenge on Scott McCall for what she believed was his singular role in the decimation of her family's legacy.

Unfortunately for her, she was outmatched by the McCall Pack's many allies, who teamed up with the Calaveras and her own brother, Chris Argent, and she was forced to flee after her Berserkers were destroyed. Since then, Kate has been on the run while the Calaveras and Argent work to hunt her down, though as of Season 6A, they had yet to be successful at capturing her.

In the second half of the final season, Kate finally resurfaced, having heard that her father was looking for a vial of rare yellow wolfsbane and wanting to find it herself so she could use it to earn her way back into her family's good graces. She eventually figured out that the wolfsbane was in the possession of Derek Hale, who was on the run after being falsely accused of murdering a pack of Werewolves in Brazil who had actually been killed by Gerard and Tamora Monroe's Hunter Army.

She tracked him to the Hale Vault in North Carolina by following the FBI agents who were pursuing him, and just as the agents were attempting to arrest Derek, Kate jumped in and killed them, disarming both Derek and her own brother, Argent, and stealing the wolfsbane for Gerard, in spite of Argent and Derek's arguments that this would not cause Gerard to forget that she was what he hated—a shapeshifter.

As they predicted, Gerard gladly accepted the wolfsbane from her before cutting her out of their plan and forging a bullet with the leftover wolfsbane that he used to shoot her in the chest. However, once it became clear that Scott McCall had overcome Gerard's plans and defeated both Monroe's Army and the Anuk-ite, Kate summoned the strength to maul her father to death in retribution for how he treated her. It is unknown whether or not Kate was able to survive the yellow wolfsbane poisoning, but considering she had done so once before in Smoke and Mirrors, it is likely that she did.

Kate is a member of the Argent Family and has a mysterious connection to the Aztec jaguar god Tezcatlipoca and the Berserker species.

Early life

Kate, just like her older brother Chris Argent, was raised into the world of hunting supernatural creatures. However, unlike her brother, Kate allowed her father, Gerard Argent, to get into her head and manipulate her like they both would do years later with Allison Argent. Gerard poisoned Kate's mind, making her into the bloodthirsty savage that she is today. ("Relics")

Because of her upbringing, Kate was raised to believe that all supernatural creatures should die, which is what led her to orchestrate the Hale House Fire seven to eight years ago. It can be assumed that, upon reaching age eighteen and gaining all of the skills necessary to become a Hunter, she forged a silver bullet as a testament to the Code as is the Argent Family tradition. ("Alpha Pact"), ("Silverfinger"), ("Insatiable")

In the early 2000s, she began a relationship with the then-teenage Derek Hale, and after gaining his trust, she used their relationship against him in order to gain information about his family. Kate then set her plan to destroy the Hale family into motion by first getting close to Adrian Harris in order to use his chemistry background to learn how to get away with arson, and then hiring Reddick & Unger to set the fire, which they did.

Afterward, she somehow got in contact with Garrison Myers, the insurance investigator, who she then somehow convinced to declare that the fire was an accidental occurrence due to faulty wiring. For years, Kate got away with not only conspiring and orchestrating an arson, but the murder of eight to eleven members of the Hale Family as well, and her bias that she held towards all supernatural creatures is what allowed her to do this and feel no remorse thanks to Gerard's teachings. ("Wolf's Bane"), ("Co-Captain"), ("Code Breaker") She then left Beacon Hills for six years, though it is unknown where she lived prior to her return to her hometown in January 2011.

At an unknown point in time, Chris Argent witnessed Kate murdering a supernatural creature in cold blood, justifying her behavior by creating a convincing case that lethal force had been necessary. Though Argent disagreed with Kate's action, he still did nothing to stop her, a decision that still haunts him to this day, as evidenced when he told this story to Malia Tate and described the look of bloodlust in Kate's eyes as she killed the creature. ("Relics")

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Magic Bullet, Kate made her first appearance while on her way into Beacon Hills in her SUV, fixing her lip gloss and looking in the rear-view mirror while distractedly driving through town. During this time, the Alpha, recognizing her, pursued her on foot at a fast pace, though he stayed out of her line of sight so she wouldn't know he was there.

Despite being unable to see him, she still got a strange feeling that caused her to look back once again to make sure she wasn't followed, but she continued to see nothing. She quickly became so distracted that she nearly rear-ended another car who was stopped in front of her but was able to hit the brakes quickly enough to avoid a collision. Kate stopped at a four-way intersection to settle her nerves, where suddenly, she heard something jumping onto the roof of the SUV.

Just as the Alpha punched his hand through her driver-side window, Kate reached into her back seat and grabbed her shotgun, rapidly cocking it before shooting it through the roof. She went on to barrel-roll out of the car and into a defensive kneeling position as she assessed her current environment, but when she didn't see the Alpha, she screamed, "Come on!" as she cocked her gun and fired a warning shot into the air. Once she determined there was no one in her proximity, she circled around toward the trunk of her vehicle and opened it, pulling out a sniper rifle and a wooden box of wolfsbane-filled sniper shells.

After loading her gun with one of the rounds, she aimed toward the roof of a nearby warehouse and watched through her sights until she saw someone leaping from one roof to another and shot them, though she was unsure of who it was she hit. Unbeknownst to her, the Werewolf she shot was actually Derek Hale, who, like Kate and Scott McCall, was trying to track the Alpha with the intention of eventually killing him due to the fact that the Alpha had gotten his powers from stealing the Alpha powers of his sister, Laura Hale, when he killed her. The wolfsbane sniper round hit him in the forearm, leaving a glowing-purple wound in its place that couldn't heal at its normally-rapid pace.

Moments later, Chris Argent, her brother Argent showed up and demanded that she put her sniper rifle away to ensure that no one saw what she was doing. She explained to him that she saw two Werewolves, an Alpha and a Beta and that she shot one of them after the Alpha attacked her, informing him that the wolf she shot likely only had 48 hours left to live due to the wolfsbane in the rounds.

The following morning, she and her niece Allison Argent have their first reunion in two years, where they were both pleased to see each other. Kate immediately complimented Allison on her modelesque looks and was excited to hear that Allison had a boyfriend. When Allison offered to help Kate unpack her bags, she reached for the one that held Kate's guns and ammunition, causing Kate to inadvertently grab her tightly by the arm to stop her, knowing that Argent and Victoria weren't ready for Allison to know about her family's legacy, though she immediately apologized and shrugged her aggression off as simply being too rough.

That afternoon, Allison and her boyfriend, Scott McCall, were caught kissing in the Argent House's garage, which Kate found amusing due to Argent's obvious dislike of Scott, to the point where she invited Scott to dinner just to continue the entertainment. She continued to be impressed when Scott did well under pressure due to Argent and Victoria's questioning during their meal together.

Unbeknownst to them, Scott had also been sent by Derek to retrieve one of Kate's wolfsbane bullets in order to identify the strain and save his life, and during an intense moment in the conversation at dinner where Argent subtly hinted at his hunting and killing of Werewolves, Scott left to go find the bullet under the guise of using the restroom. Scott tried to get into a locked door where he believed Kate's belongings were being kept, accidentally setting off an alarm in the process. Hearing the alarm, Kate appeared and chuckled at how lost Scott looked before pointing him in the direction of the guest bathroom that conveniently required Scott to walk through Kate's bedroom.

After Scott retrieved the bullet as instructed by Derek, he stuffed the bullet into his jeans pocket and went downstairs, attempting to excuse himself from the rest of the dinner by claiming he needed to go home and finish his homework. However, just as he was about to walk out the door, Kate, who had gone upstairs to use the restroom, noticed that someone had been rifling through her bag in the guest room and immediately accused Scott of stealing from her. Scott wasted no time denying this accusation, leading Kate to state that she didn't know if he was a kleptomaniac, stupid, or something even worse before ordering him to empty his pockets to prove his truthfulness.

Scott froze, knowing that the chances of Derek surviving his wolfsbane poisoning was dependent on him getting the bullet to him as soon as possible and panicking when he could not come up with a good alternative plan. Fortunately for him, Allison, exasperated by Kate and Argent's behavior, finally confessed that it was she who went through Kate's bags, not Scott.

When Kate scoffed and assumed that Allison was simply covering for her boyfriend, Allison pulled out a condom from her own pocket and held it up, revealing she had taken it from Kate's bag just in case she and Scott ended up having sex that night. Kate was clearly both shocked and embarrassed for her perceived misconception, and the rest of the group blushed awkwardly and looked down at the floor, all uncomfortable about this situation except for Scott, who couldn't help but smile a little at the fact that Allison wanted to sleep with him.

Once Scott left to return home, Kate and Argent discussed the two Werewolves that they knew were in town (though they weren't aware of their exact identities); Kate explained that one, the Alpha, was large and powerful, while the Beta she shot was smaller, leaner, and faster. When she wondered aloud how they could know for sure that there were only two Werewolves in town, Argent maintained that they weren't certain of the exact number who had settled down in Beacon Hills.

Kate went on to imply that she wanted to kill them all, but Argent insisted that they needed to go by the Code, leading Kate to sarcastically reply that she always does before lighting a match and throwing it into the fireplace, hinting that it really was she who orchestrated the Hale House Fire that killed the majority of Derek's family.

In The Tell, Kate entered Allison's room and apologized for accusing Scott of being a thief the night before, but Allison assured her that she was already over it. Still feeling bad about the incident, Kate gave Allison her birthday present early, which was the Argent Pendant, a necklace passed down through the Argent Family and was last given to Kate herself. She went on to inform Allison that if she ever wanted to learn about their family, she should research into the pendant, which included a small fleur-de-lis and a wolf looking up at the moon.

Since the Argents had recently learned that Derek Hale was back in town, Kate insisted that she should take him out at a meeting in the Argent House's basement, but Argent warned her against doing so due to the fact that they had no proof that he had spilled innocent blood. Despite Argent's orders, Kate and two of her Hunter companions went to the Hale House ruins in order to search for him anyway.

Unsure of whether or not Derek would be there, one of the Hunters joked that Derek may be out burying a bone, causing Kate to sneer that dog jokes were too obvious before stating that it would be better to get under Derek's skin by talking about his family, giving the example, "Too bad your sister bit it before she had her first litter. Too bad she howled like a bitch when we cut her in half," comments that were so cold that even her companions seemed shocked by the harshness of her words. walking through the front door of the house.

Unfortunately for Kate's cohorts, Derek heard them before they walked into the house, allowing him to have the element of surprise and to incapacitate them within moments. However, when he lunged for Kate, she electrocuted him with a taser wand, causing him to writhe on the floor in agony from the shock while Kate provocatively admired his body, remarking that she didn't know if she should kill him or lick him. When Derek glared at her, she admitted that while the Argents did cut Laura's body in half, it was after they found her dead in the woods, meaning that they didn't actually kill her.

Derek didn't believe Kate was telling the truth, leading her to tell him to listen to her heartbeat to confirm the validity of her statements. She went on to insist that they didn't kill Laura, they just used her as bait for the Alpha before suggesting that they work together to take out the Alpha in retribution for the Alpha killing his sister. However, when it became clear that Derek didn't actually know who the Alpha was, she stated that he was of no use to her and attempted to shoot him to death, though he ran away as fast as he could before any of her shots could hit him.

In Heart Monitor, Kate knocked on Allison's bedroom door. After being let in, she asked Allison what she was doing, not knowing that Allison and Scott McCall had been hooking up in her room just moments prior to her arrival, forcing Scott to hide in Allison's closet. Trying to cover her secret rendezvous with her boyfriend, she quickly joked that she was emailing PETA about how her father Argent killed a mountain lion at the high school the night before.

Kate wondered aloud if this had something to do with her being "grounded" for skipping school with Scott on her birthday, leading Allison to smile weakly and retort that although she didn't want to be whiny and tell her father that she "hates him and wishes he were dead," she sort of hated him and wished he was dead. Kate, feeling bad for her, asked if there was anything she could do to help her. Allison, despite trying to get Kate out of her room so she could sneak Scott out, explained that she was currently working on a school project, as her history class was assigned to do research on something connected to their family.

Kate, excited to have the excuse to share their family's legacy with Allison, suggested she google La Bête du Gévaudan, which is French for "the Beast of Gevaudan." Kate watched Allison as she read a web page about how the Beast was a monstrous being who killed over one hundred citizens in France in the 18th century. When Allison pointed out the Beast's resemblance to a large wolf, Kate cryptically retorted that it definitely wasn't a mountain lion like the previous night before leaving Allison to her studies, allowing Allison to secretly release Scott (who had heard everything they had talked about and was alarmed by what he learned about the Argent Hunters) from her closet so he could go home.

In Lunatic, she and Argent drove Allison to school, as the recent attack on the school caused him to fear that Allison would not be safe if she drove there herself. Allison, annoyed and frustrated by her father's over-protectiveness, pointed out that if he was going to insist on taking her to school, the least he could do was unlock the door so she could get to class.

Argent, not amused, asked Kate what her opinion was on homeschooling, leading her to reply that she was more of a "learn by doing" person. Allison rolled her eyes and asked Kate about her opinion on "overprotective fathers who ruin their daughters' lives." Kate, chuckling, responds by silently leaning over Argent's seat and hitting the unlock button so Allison could get out, smirking at her brother when he glared at her.

Once Allison has departed for school, Kate opened her mouth to say something to him, but Argent immediately cut her off and stated that she didn't need to say anything—he knew she was right about the Alpha as well as the fact that they should have acted sooner. However, Kate simply gave him a look and informed him that all she intended to say was that they should stop for gas, gesturing toward the SUV's gas gauge, which was almost at "empty."

That evening, Argent, Kate, and the rest of their Hunters (including one dressed as a Beacon County Sheriff's Deputy) gathered in the garage at the Argent House to come up with a plan before heading out for their usual patrol for that night's full moon. When Kate joked that they would be spending another night "kicking through leaves in the woods," Argent rolled his eyes and retorted, "I prefer to think of it another night trying to keep innocent people from being killed," adding that the list of innocents now included his daughter Allison following the attack at the school after Allison and the rest of her friends were lured there by the Alpha.

The deputy asked how they knew that the Alpha wouldn't go after Allison again, but Kate assured him that it wouldn't, and Argent, agreeing with her, explained that even Alphas are too overwhelmed on full moons to have a singular target, thus making that night their best chance to catch it. Kate wondered aloud if the Alpha might have a reason to stay focused, and Argent, suspicious, asked her if she knew something he didn't, but Kate simply maintained that she just doesn't like surprises.

Another Hunter asked about Derek, but Kate, getting her sniper rifle in shape for the evening's hunt, confidently responded that he was too smart to be out that night, especially since the cops (who still believed him to be Laura Hale's killer) will be everywhere because of the town-wide curfew. Argent began to say, "And, if for some reason he is--," but before he could finish, his wife Victoria appeared in the doorway and added, "If he is... You find him, you kill him, you cut him in half" with a steely glare on her face. She then smiled and held out a plateful of chocolate chip cookies she had just baked before offering them to the others, much to Kate's appreciation.

Later that afternoon, when Allison returned home from school, Kate met her in her bedroom to teach her young niece how to defend herself with a taser. She began the lesson by insisting that Argent could not find out about this and adding that if he were to find out, he would kill her. Once Allison agreed to these terms, Kate turned the topic to Allison's choice of target, mocking her for picking a teddy bear and naming it Mr. Bear, though Allison argued that she was only five years old at the time.

After some more bantering, Kate instructed Allison on how to shoot her "unimaginatively named bear" to put it out of its misery, and when she hits it on the first try, Kate excitedly cheers for her niece, assuring her that if she had the weapon during the attack on the high school, she would have been able to protect herself. However, when she noticed that Allison had started to cry, she sat down on the bed next to her to ask what happened, thinking that Allison was suddenly unhappy with learning self-defense.

In reality, Allison was still devastated about her break-up with Scott due to catching him in a lie during the school attack. Kate reminded Allison that she would be "breaking hearts left and right" as a young adult, and that Scott was lucky to have gotten the "small taste" or her world that he got. The conversation is then turned to the reasoning behind their breakup—specifically that she knew Scott was hiding things from her, such as his claim that he didn't know Derek Hale but was seen talking to him one day after school. Kate, stunned to hear Derek's name come up, demanded that Allison tell her everything about what she knew of Scott's connection to Derek.

Following that night's Full Moon patrol, Kate and Argent were drawn to a crime scene nearby that they though may be supernatural in nature, only to be proven incorrect. Kate, now interested in the people in Scott's life in light of the news that he had ties to Derek, asked Argent who the young man was, leading him to state that it was Scott's best friend Stiles Stilinski, who had ended up at the crime scene out of fear that his father Sheriff Noah Stilinski could be the victim (as, unbeknownst to the Argents, Scott had broken out of his restraints and once again ran loose on his second full moon as a Werewolf).

Kate also observed that Stiles was a friend of Allison's as well while she watched Stilinski and Stiles talk to each other several yards away. Argent implied that he was impatiently waiting for Kate to tell him what she and Allison talked about that afternoon, but Kate paused this aspect of the conversation before turning the topic to the previous full moon, when Argent came upon the two Betas (whose transformations concealed the fact that it was Derek and Scott). She remembered that Argent had told her that there was one Beta that was considerably smaller than the other and suggested that perhaps the second Beta wasn't just smaller, but younger as well, causing both Argent and Kate to theorize that Stiles could be the second Beta.

In Wolf's Bane, Kate and Argent were out in Beacon Hills, hunting Derek Hale, who was being hunted by the police at the same time due to Derek confronting Adrian Harris about why the Alpha wanted to kill him. Kate pursued Derek's car, believing that Derek was driving it, only to soon find out from Argent that Derek was actually on foot while the police cruisers chased him; in reality, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski were driving Derek's Camaro as a diversion.

The next day, Kate saw a frustrated and conflicted Allison leaving the house to go on a run and followed her through the woods, eventually ending up in the Hale House ruins; when Allison questioned Kate on her overprotectiveness, Kate insisted she simply wanted to keep an eye on her favorite niece. Allison went on to admit that she came to the Hale House ruins in hopes of getting answers, which Kate took to mean that she really wanted to know why Derek had tried to kill her, Scott, Stiles, Lydia Martin and Jackson Whittemore at the school a week earlier, as Allison was still under the mistaken belief that it was Derek, and not the Alpha who attacked them.

In a surprisingly empathetic twist, Kate urged Allison to think about how she would feel if it were her family who had been trapped in a fire like the one at the Hale House, but Allison maintained that it wouldn't turn her into a "psychotic killer." Kate then replied, "You don't have to be psychotic to be a killer. You just... need a reason. And even then, sometimes, you can surprise yourself." When Allison ranted that she was sick of feeling powerless and that she did not want to feel as utterly weak as she did that night at the school ever again, Kate, who had been trying to slyly reveal the truth of the supernatural and the Argent Hunter legacy for weeks, was pleased. Kate assured Allison that if she could give her a little more time and patience, she thought she could give Allison exactly what she wanted.

That evening, Kate joined Allison and Argent in watching the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse game. When Allison pointed out one of her friends, Jackson Whittemore, Kate leered at the young man and insisted that Allison should be all over him. She then noticed that Jackson had deep claw wounds on the back of his neck and quietly leaned over to whisper to her brother if he thought it was possible for a human to be turned into a Werewolf through a scratch rather than a bite. Argent replied that he thought it could be possible if the claws went deep enough, leading both of them to wonder if Jackson could be the second Beta running with Derek Hale.

In Co-Captain, it was late at night when Kate and Argent returned to the Argent House through the garage, where they were having a debate regarding their respective preferred weapons. Kate warned Argent that he should be more careful when firing off the flash-bang arrows, before turning the topic of conversation to Allison and the fact that she believed her niece was ready to begin training.

Meanwhile, Allison, who had sneaked out to her car upon waking up and realizing she had misplaced her Argent pendant necklace, was hiding in her car and eavesdropping on their conversation, which was very confusing considering her lack of understanding of her family legacy.

However, while Argent was oblivious to her presence, Kate quickly figured out she was there but continued to play dumb while she and Argent continued to talk, eventually leaving a flash-bang arrowhead on the desk on purpose so that Allison would investigate for herself. Sure enough, Kate peeked back into the garage after a moment and smirked in satisfaction when she saw Allison pick up the arrowhead.

Kate was picking Allison up at the high school when she saw Jackson walking with Derek Hale, seemingly confirming her suspicion that Jackson was the second Beta. With this incorrect assumption in mind, Kate organized a team of Hunters to storm the Hale House ruins, where Scott had just prevented Derek from killing Jackson on the Alpha's orders.

Though Jackson and Scott were ultimately able to escape, Derek was too badly injured and was taken captive by the Hunters, who hid him in an underground tunnel heading out of the Hale property and began torturing him. After meeting up with Allison, who had discovered what the arrowhead Kate left her could do, Kate brought her to the tunnel, where she revealed the existence of Werewolves to her horrified niece.

In Formality, picking up right where the previous episode left off, Kate turned on the electrical torture device to torture the captured Derek, causing Allison to wonder if it would kill him. Kate, unimpressed by Allison's ethics, went on to explain what Werewolves were and how their family had a duty to hunt them. "Shape-shifter, Lycan, Werewolf. To me, he's just another dumb animal."

When Kate then pried open Derek's mouth to show Allison his vicious fangs, Allison was appalled by Kate's blasé attitude toward the violence she was inflicting on him. Kate pointed out that in a world where shapeshifters were real, she had to find the humor in life or else she wouldn't stay sane. Allison asked her if it was Derek who was behind the serial killings, Kate explained that there were two Werewolves they still needed to catch, first—another Beta, like Derek, and an Alpha, a "bigger, badder and nastier" monster.

As they were leaving the tunnel, Allison asked if her parents were ever going to tell her the truth about the supernatural world and their role in it, which led Kate to admit that her parents hadn't even decided if they were going to tell her yet. She added that while they saw her as a "fragile, little girl," Kate saw her differently—as a young woman with potential and natural talent. She warned Allison to pretend like nothing has happened until they caught the second Beta together.

Back in the tunnel, she went through Derek's belongings, during which time she shamelessly stole the money from his wallet. Kate then found his ID, leading her to taunt Derek by remarking that people probably tell him that he should smile more. She eventually moved on to looking through his phone for clues, but eventually got bored of the task and complained aloud about how much she hated the "detective work" aspect of hunting.

She again asked Derek about the identity of the Alpha, but he refused to say anything, even after she reminded him that if he didn't talk, then she'd have to kill him. She then began to wonder aloud if Derek ever told Laura Hale the truth about their history together, specifically how Derek was tricked by Kate, which was how she was able to kill his family. As Kate continued to verbally torture Derek, she made a comment about "history repeating" that led her to realize that Jackson Whittemore wasn't the second Beta, Scott McCall was.

In Code Breaker, Argent and Kate got into a huge fight at the Argent House, where he blamed her for Allison learning the truth about the supernatural before they were ready for her to know. When Kate denied it, Argent revealed that he knew about all of the little clues she had left for Allison, such as the Argent Pendant and the flash-bang arrowhead.

Realizing she's been caught, Kate insisted that Allison needed to know, which only made Argent more suspicious about why she was even there to begin with, as Kate hated Beacon Hills and he had other Hunter contacts that were much closer and more conveniently located than her. Kate maintained that she was there to help him catch the Alpha, sarcastically reminding him that he was the monster running around killing people at random. Argent then corrects her by stating that the Alpha wasn't choosing his victims by random, as he had been informed that Sheriff Stilinski could connect everyone killed in recent weeks to the Hale House Fire.

It seemed obvious that Kate was the mastermind behind the fire, but she maintained her poker face and argued that this was only more evidence as to why it was important that Allison be brought in the loop, as the Argent Family had always been blamed for the fire and the resulting death of most of the Hale Family. Argent agreed that this was a threat, which was why he had decided to have Kate take Allison to their cabin in Washington state so that she would remain safe until the Alpha was killed. Kate was appalled that Argent was benching her (referring to herself as the "star player") when it really counted, but Argent made it clear that this wasn't a request.

However, instead of leaving town like she was told, Kate instead decided that both she and Allison would stay in Beacon Hills, with Kate manipulating Allison into seeing Werewolves her way by taking her to visit her best friend Lydia Martin in the hospital, where she was recovering from being mauled and bitten by the Alpha. When Allison returned to the SUV, Kate asked Allison if she understood what Werewolves were now, claiming that they can't help but hurt and kill people, even ones like Scott.

This manipulation worked, and Kate was able to motivate Allison into helping her hunt the Alpha by first going after his two Betas, Derek Hale and Scott McCall. They grab their gear (handguns and bullets for Kate, and a compound bow and quiver of arrows for Allison) before heading out into the Beacon Hills Preserve to track the wolves, eventually finding them on the Hale House property. Kate instructed Allison on what to do and proudly exclaimed that Allison had natural talent when she successfully disoriented Derek and Scott with flash-bang arrowheads and then hobbling them by shooting them in the legs with arrows.

Kate watched for a moment as Scott attempted to talk to Allison about what happened between them, but she quickly got bored and instructed Allison to kill him. Allison stopped in shock, having been under the impression that they were just catching the Werewolves, but Kate insisted that the two needed to be killed before remarking that it was obvious that she was going to have to do the dirty work herself. She aimed her gun at Scott's head, lamenting the fact that she loved his brown eyes, but was stopped by the appearance of Argent at the Hale House before she could go through with it. Argent ordered her to stand down and reminded her of the Code, and when Kate resisted, Argent fired off a warning shot to show how serious he was until she finally lowered her weapon.

Suddenly, the Alpha, revealing himself to the Argents as Peter Hale, burst out of the Hale House ruins and immediately started fighting against them. Kate attempted to shoot him, but he simply grabbed her roughly by the hand and squeezed it until Kate had no choice but to drop her gun. He then grabbed Kate in a choke-hold and dragged her back into the house, where he shifted back to human form but kept Kate in the same position with his claws nearly piercing her neck.

Allison rushed into the house and was horrified to see her aunt in this position, leading Peter to remark that Allison looked a lot like Kate, only he believed she was likely less damaged. He then insisted that Kate apologize for decimating his family, and in exchange, he would spare Allison's life. Kate, not wanting Allison to die, did as she was told, but Peter deemed her apology as insincere and ripped her throat out with his claws, causing Allison to gasp in horror as he dropped her body onto the floor. Before he could harm Allison, Derek and Scott burst into the house in full Werewolf form and began fighting Peter, once again taking the battle out into the front yard, leaving Kate's body inside until it became a crime scene.

In Omega, the Argent Family were preparing for Kate's funeral, including the arrival of Kate and Argent's father, Gerard Argent, along with other Argent Hunters, to Beacon Hills.

Due to the notoriety Kate had gained as a result of being blamed for both the Hale House Fire and the murders committed by Peter Hale prior to his own death, the funeral at the Beacon Hills Cemetery drew a large crowd of journalists, news crews, and the generally curious who were frantically trying to get a quote from one of the members of the family as Argent, Victoria, and Allison walked to take their seats. Victoria made a comment about how she knew having a public funeral was a bad idea, and when Argent pointed out that "he" (meaning Gerard) wanted to make a spectacle of it for some reason, she retorted that he could then deal with the press and resulting chaos.

Gerard arrived shortly afterward and wasted no time accosting Beacon Hills High School student Matt Daehler, an amateur photographer who had stepped over the barrier to get more pictures of his crush Allison, taking the SIM card out of his camera and breaking it in half before reuniting with his family.

That night, Gerard, Argent, and several of their Hunters tracked a homeless Omega Werewolf out into the preserve, whom Gerard promptly killed by cutting him in half with his broadsword. When his son Argent asked him why they were not following the Code, Gerard insisted that there would be no more Code, adding, "Not when they killed my daughter." This revealed that one of his main motivations for returning to Beacon Hills was to avenge the so-called death of his daughter, Kate.

In Anchors, Allison, Kate's niece, began experiencing hallucinations of Kate, still looking exactly as she did when she died, as a result of the side effects she was experiencing from the surrogate sacrifice ritual she performed with Scott and Stiles in Alpha Pact. Allison got on the elevator as she prepared to leave her home; as she descended, the elevator became colder and colder as the lights began to flicker.

When the elevator doors opened, Allison found herself in Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, which was still in its destroyed state from the battle between the Beacon Hills Werewolves and their allies versus the Alpha Pack, and as she stepped out of the lift, a phantom version of her was seen flickering inside the elevator with her two Chinese ring daggers in hand.

She made her way to the morgue, where she immediately saw a morgue drawer with Kate's name on it. Unable to resist looking inside, she slowly opened the door to the drawer and looked inside, where she saw a zombie-esque version of Kate crawling toward her from an endless tunnel in the drawer. Alarmed, Allison slammed the drawer shut and began running away, which is when she snapped out of the hallucination and found herself at Beacon Hills High School, revealing that Allison had driven all the way to school in this state.

At school, while in art class, Allison accidentally splashed red paint on her canvas, which caused her to have flashback-memories of Kate, including when she arrived in Beacon Hills in Magic Bullet and when she was "killed" by Peter Hale in Code Breaker.

After school, Allison's best friend Lydia Martin encouraged her to come out to the woods to practice her archery, as her hands had been shaking too much for her to shoot with her usual perfect aim. While investigating a noise she heard nearby, Allison hallucinated that day had turned to night, and that Kate was calling out her name. Suddenly, Kate appeared in front of her, growling and crawling at her, her throat still clawed open from being "killed" by Peter. Fortunately, Isaac Lahey arrived and snapped Allison out of it right as she attempted to shoot "Kate," though she ultimately did shoot at Lydia and would have killed her if Isaac hadn't caught the arrow.

Finally, Allison had a dream that she was making out with Isaac in her bedroom. Just as Isaac took his shirt off, Allison noticed there was something around his neck and asked him about it. Suddenly, Kate appeared behind him, with the necklace around his throat actually a garrote Kate was using to strangle him. Kate then seductively invited Allison to "do him together," implying that she wanted Allison to help her kill him. Just as Allison realized she had a Chinese ring dagger in her hand, she woke up, eventually finding that she really did have a dagger in her hand in the real world, and that she had fallen asleep during a sleepover with Lydia.

In More Bad Than Good, Kate appeared in another one of Allison's hallucinations, this time while she and Isaac were filling up tranquilizer darts in order to catch Malia Tate, who was trapped in her full-coyote form. In the hallucination, Allison was transported back to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where she ended up back in the morgue.

In this hallucination, a body covered in a white sheet was laid on an autopsy table, and when Allison lifted the corner of the sheet to see who it is, she suddenly found herself on the table, where Kate and a bunch of other menacing-looking men were performing an autopsy on her while she was fully awake. Kate remarked that there was definitely something wrong with Allison's heart (implying that the darkness around it from the surrogate sacrifice ritual had corrupted it in some way) but that the rest of her organs seemed fine. Kate then revealed herself to have claws and fangs, along with her cohorts, and they began eating Allison's organs while she watched in horror. She was then broken out of the trance by Isaac, only to find herself aiming her tranquilizer gun at him.

In The Divine Move, Kate threw a smoke grenade into Derek's loft, thus hiding her from the sight of the Calaveras as she entered the apartment and attacked them. In the cover of the fog, Kate took down each Hunter one by one until they were all defeated. She then set her sights on Derek Hale, who was shocked to see his former lover standing before him despite having seen her killed by Peter Hale a year earlier. Clearly taking pleasure in scaring Derek, Kate smirked and told him if he was surprised to see her, then he would really be surprised to see what came next. She then began shapeshifting into a Werejaguar with blackish-blue skin with black spots, glowing green eyes, and vicious-looking claws and fangs before shooting Derek in the chest with her gun.

In The Dark Moon, when the members of the McCall Pack traveled to Mexico to question the Calavera Family of Hunters, believing they had captured Derek Hale and could be paid off to let him go, Araya Calavera tortured Scott McCall in front of Lydia Martin and Kira Yukimura, both to test what kind of an Alpha Scott was and to get Scott to realize who had really taken Derek captive—Kate Argent, whose throat had been clawed out so deeply by then-Alpha Peter Hale that she managed to turn into a Werejaguar.

Realizing that Scott and his pack were not a threat to the human population at large, and seeing an opportunity where both parties could get where they wanted, Araya explained that she had sent a number of her own men to hunt Kate down, and all were killed as a result of doing so; she went on to suggest that Scott and the others could do better and sent them to Kate's last known hideout, the ruins of an old Aztec temple known as La Iglesia with Braeden, a mercenary she hired to act as their guide.

Meanwhile, the scene cut to Kate, who was staring intently at the seal of Tezcatlipoca on the wall in the cellar of La Iglesia, behind which she had stashed Derek Hale's unconscious body, which was wrapped in purple wolfsbane vines.

While the pack was on the way to La Iglesia to rescue Derek, Kira and Malia, who were familiar with Allison Argent but not with her aunt, had many questions for Scott, Stiles and Lydia, leading the three to recap their history with the Huntress-turned-Werejaguar; namely, that Kate was Allison's aunt/Argent's brother who orchestrated the Hale House Fire that killed the majority of the Hale Family, including Talia Hale, Derek's mother, and put Derek's uncle Peter Hale in a coma for six years.

Scott went on to say that, as a result, Peter went mad during his coma and, upon awakening, he killed Laura Hale in order to steal her Alpha power, bit and turned Scott, and attacked Lydia while committing a murder spree of everyone involved in the fire. This ultimately ended with Peter ripping Kate's throat out with his claws while Allison watched in horror.

Scott also revealed what he had learned from the Calavera's and had pieced together from what they knew about Kate's death. Since the Calaveras saw themselves as the law enforcement of the Hunter world, they heard that Kate had been killed via a deep scratch by an Alpha and came to Beacon Hills in order to ensure that she was truly dead.

Upon their arrival at the morgue, they found that their suspicions were correct—Kate's body was beginning to heal and resurrect itself as it got closer to the Full Moon in February 2011. They then apparently swapped out Kate's body with another and took her back to the Calavera Compound, where, on the night of the full moon, they provided Kate with a straight razor and instructions to kill herself as per their Hunter tradition.

However, Kate ultimately decided that she did not want to die and instead inflicted non-lethal wounds on herself to make it appear as though she slit her wrists and bled out on the floor. In reality, she was biding her time until the Hunters came to take her body, at which point she transformed for the first time and killed a half-dozen of the Hunters in order to get out of the compound. Unbeknownst to Kate at the time, her Werejaguar nature was drawing her to La Iglesia, a former temple to the Aztec Werejaguar god Tezcatlipoca.

Braeden and Scott were the first to make it to La Iglesia due to Stiles' Jeep breaking down on the way, and though they were not successful in finding Kate (whom Braeden had orders to capture and take back to the Calaveras), they did come upon Kate's two Berserkers, men who had been covered in animal skins and bones who succumbed to a feral, animalistic state and obeyed Kate's every command. After Scott scared them away with his Alpha Roar, the two ultimately found Derek behind the seal of Tezcatlipoca in the cellar of the church; however, to their shock and horror, Derek's age had been regressed to that of a teenager through an unknown ritual.

In 117, Kate was seen panting and groaning in a gas station bathroom, where she was losing control over her transformations. A gas station attendant, hearing the noise, came out to check on her and became concerned when she would not come out or allow him access, especially when he began hearing growling noises. Believing she was on drugs, he forced his way into the bathroom, where he was then subsequently mauled to death by Kate in a feral rage.

Meanwhile, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia brought the de-aged Derek to the animal clinic in order to be checked out by Alan Deaton, who genuinely had no idea what had happened to him or how to reverse it. However, Deaton did advise them to leave Derek in his care, as he would be kept safe from Kate, who, now as a shapeshifter, was unable to enter his Mountain Ash-fortified sanctuary without his permission. When Lydia asked why Kate would want to make Derek a teenager, Deaton had few answers, though he was sure that, whatever the reasoning, it wouldn't be good for anyone but Kate herself. Scott and Stiles left a short time later, with Lydia volunteering to stay behind with Derek.

The next day, after Derek awoke and ran off to his house, only to find it in ruins, the McCall Pack debated how honest to be with Derek about his past and ultimately decided to not tell him what happened to his family unless they couldn't return him to his normal state. Derek was then brought to the McCall House to be watched over by Stiles while Scott and Malia went to talk to Peter Hale about what Kate's motivations could be after having discovered the body she left at the gas station.

Peter soon realized that, since Derek appeared to be about sixteen years old and had blue Werewolf eyes, it was after Paige Krasikeva had been killed but before Kate started the Hale House Fire, which meant Derek had no idea that Kate had orchestrated it at all. They then realized that Kate wanted to age Derek back to a point in time where he still trusted and loved her, which, when combined with both Derek and Kate's lack of control over her shifting at this point in time, meant that Kate was after the Triskelion Medallion, which she believed could help her regain control over her transformations.

Kate ultimately found Derek at the McCall House and tricked him into taking her to the Hale Vault, which was located underneath Beacon Hills High School and which contained the Triskelion. When Derek began questioning Kate's urgent behavior, Kate began making out with him to distract him so he would be willing to allow her entry. Meanwhile, Kate had her Berserkers go after Scott, Malia, and Peter to prevent them from interfering, though Peter was able to get away and confront them while they were in the vault.

When Peter arrived, he revealed to Kate that the Triskelion was not a supernatural talisman as Derek had been led to believe, but was simply a tool for young Werewolves to focus on that Talia used but which didn't end up working for Derek anyway. Derek eventually got pulled away by Scott's Alpha Roar seeking help, and before Kate and Peter could engage in a physical fight, smoke bombs went off as The Benefactor's lackey came and robbed Peter of $117 million in bearer bonds; because Kate had broken into the vault just minutes before, Peter assumed that this was a heist she orchestrated in order to steal the money. Kate then called off her Berserkers as she ran away, and the adrenaline from the battle with them caused Derek to revert to his adult age.

In Orphaned, Kate was seen in flashbacks to a month prior, where Kate was sleeping in her car in an abandoned parking lot while it was pouring rain. At some point, she realized that the cassette tape player was clicking and frowned in confusion before rewinding the tape to play it again. She listened curiously as Conrad Fenris' voice spoke about Werewolves in Beacon Hills, particularly the Hale Family, who was wealthy and used their money to improve the town while remaining isolated from it. It went on to describe a method used by the Alpha, Talia Hale, to train young Betas in how to control themselves using the Triskelion Medallion, which is what presumably gave Kate the idea to steal it from the Hale Vault in 117. She continued to frown in confusion as she tried to figure out who left her the tape in the first place.

In the present, Kate is in an abandoned parking lot of sorts, where dozens of assassins were laying strewn about the pavement, some dead, some merely injured. As she walked through the flaming wreckage of their vehicles, her Berserkers waiting nearby for her next instructions, she seemed unimpressed by their unwillingness to help her. "Big fancy guns... coded death lists... so-called assassins... and not one of you can answer the simplest question! Who's paying the bills?" When no one responded, Kate demanded one last time to know who the Benefactor was, as Kate had been put on the list for a significantly large bounty of $10 million.

One of the assassins who was still conscious insisted that he had never seem or spoken to the person behind the Deadpool, and though this lack of answers displeased her, she did not seem to be surprised, replying that everyone said the same thing—they don't know who he is or where he is, it's all done electronically, etc. When the assassin anxiously asked Kate what she wanted with them, Kate pulled out the tape she had mysteriously found in her car and held it up, joking that it had been a long time since she had been made a mix-tape before guessing that he, too, had gotten one.

The assassin assured her that he didn't, but he knew who did—they were a pair of assassins who look like teenagers who go by the codename The Orphans. He went on to promise to tell Kate everything he knew about them, but before he could, one of his cohorts shot at Kate with his shotgun, causing her to roar in pain and lose control over her Werejaguar transformation. As both assassins begged for their lives, Kate fully-shifted and began mauling them to death so severely that the Berserkers' skulls were showered in droplets of blood.

Meanwhile, one of The Orphans, Violet, had just been arrested by the Beacon County Sheriff's Department for attempting to kill Scott McCall (who was the highest-valued target on the Deadpool at $25 million) while the other, her boyfriend Garrett, managed to escape after non-fatally poisoning Brett Talbot (valued at $1 million) during the lacrosse game. Believing them to be the key to learning the identity of the Benefactor, Kate attacked the armored van transporting Violet to federal lock-up and captured Violet before Scott and Garrett (the former of whom was being blackmailed by the latter with the potential death of his Beta Liam Dunbar) could intervene, though she left one of her Berserkers behind to kill the human Garrett and seriously harm the Werewolf Scott to slow them down.

Knowing that Kate was the key to locating Violet and potentially saving Liam's life, Scott enlisted the assistance of his ally Chris Argent, who also happened to be Kate's older brother, to help him track her, using the scent on the bone claw the Berserker left in his abdomen to track them. They eventually tracked Kate to the then-abandoned Argent Arms International warehouse, which used to be part of the Argent Family's cover for their Hunter activities.

Once the two made it inside, Kate, who was hiding in the shadows behind plastic tarps behind hung from the floor to the ceiling, wasted no time telling them that she shouldn't have come. Scott got right to the point and stated that he was there for Violet, but Kate just ignored him in favor of talking to her brother instead, admitting that she knew he would eventually find her but that she hoped she would have had more time. Confused, Argent asked her for what she needed time, and Kate admitted that she needed to learn control, making it clear that she intended to rejoin the Hunter family once she had done so.

She advised Argent to lower his gun and let them all walk away so no one would get hurt, but Scott demanded to know where Violet was in case Garrett had told her Liam's location before he died. Despite Kate's attempts to end the standoff peacefully, Argent lost control over his emotions and began shooting at the Berserkers with his assault rifle, forcing him and Scott into a battle against Kate and her supernatural bodyguards. Scott ended up fighting with another one of the Berserkers, who threw him through several thin walls until he landed in a room in the back where he found Violet dead, tied to a chair and mauled to death, horrifying him.

All the while, Argent continued to fight the other Berserker until the moment when it seemed that the Berserker was going to give Argent the killing blow, forcing her to roar powerfully to stop them before he could be killed. While Argent and Scott recovered from the fight, Kate and the Berserkers quietly slipped away and she instead headed for another hiding spot.

She was eventually found in the underground sewers by Peter Hale, who correctly guessed that she had chosen the spot because the sewage would cover her scent, though he admitted that he could "still smell a rat." When Kate simply stared at him, Peter went on to assume that her mood swings and uncontrollable Werejaguar transformations were just getting worse, trying to appeal to her by admitting his own difficulties learning control until he figured out that it was better to "break someone else's toys" instead of his own.

Annoyed, Kate demanded that he stop his pitch and just tell her what he wanted, but her annoyance turned to amusement when Peter suggested that they were in a position of mutually-assured destruction, assuring him that she didn't think the scales were that balanced. Thrown off by the threat of the Berserkers nearby, Peter pressed on by saying that he knew she wanted to rejoin the Argent Hunters and bring them back to the height of their power, which appeared to be correct given Kate's surprised expression. He continued by stating that to do so, she would need to have absolute and total control, before offering to teach her control himself.

Kate, knowing Peter doesn't do anything for free, asked him what it was he wanted in return, and Peter instantly admitted that he wanted his $117 million in stolen bearer bonds back. However, Kate knew better, and stated that while this may be part of it, it wasn't all that he wanted. Peter conceded that he did need the money before confessing that what he wanted was what he has always wanted—power—implying that he was trying to become an Alpha again (presumably by killing Scott) and that he wanted Kate's help in doing so.

In Time of Death, Kate, who was still trying to figure out who the Benefactor was due to her bounty of $10 million on the Deadpool, got word that her brother Argent killed Scott McCall, the highest valued Deadpool target at $25 million and sought his bounty, leading Kate to investigate the situation further. Unbeknownst to Kate, Argent was assisting the McCall Pack in a plan to learn the Benefactor's identity and had faked Scott's death in hopes of luring the Benefactor out to verify he had truly been killed.

Stiles Stilinski was in the hallway of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where he was desperately trying to call Argent to warn him that they lost access to the hospital's surveillance feeds, only to run into Argent himself and startled him so badly Argent nearly shot Stiles by mistake. Just then, Kate appeared behind them, and Argent urgently ordered Stiles to get out of there for his own protection as the two siblings stared each other down until Kate insisted she was taking Scott's body.

Seeing Argent and Stiles' confused faces, Kate rolled her eyes and assured Stiles that he could relax, because she wasn't the Benefactor, but when Argent asked her why she would want Scott's body if she wasn't, Kate cryptically stated she wished she could tell him before the two Argents quickly moved to disarm one another; though she snatched his first gun and got him in a choke-hold, Argent evened their situation by pulling out a second gun and holding it under Kate's chin. Impressed, Kate chuckled and remarked that she always forgot Argent carried two Desert Eagles.

Argent continued to hold the gun under Kate's chin as he ordered her to back off, but Kate was skeptical that Argent could pull the trigger quickly enough, forcing Argent to admit that he didn't want to shoot her but implying that he would if he had to. Kate insisted that Argent wasn't going to kill her, and when Argent retorted that he wasn't going to let her take Scott's body, either, Stiles, uncomfortable and fearing for his life, suggested the two go out to the lobby and talk by the coffee machine.

Ignoring him, Argent insisted that they had a plan, and Kate scoffed before replying, "If killing Scott was part of it, you're worse than me." Stiles reiterated that Argent was telling the truth and revealed that they were trying to lure out the Benefactor in hopes of learning his identity before Argent added the reminder that Kate was on the Deadpool as well and was one of the highest-valued targets. Annoyed, Kate growled that this was why she was there as well, and Argent pleaded with his younger sister to back off and allow him to do what they planned. Kate hesitated for a long moment before ultimately agreeing to his terms, though not without causing a bit more mischief first.

While Kate was with Argent and Stiles, Kate's Berserker was on the roof of the hospital, where it had cut the pack's access to the hospital's surveillance footage on Kate's orders. When Kira Yukimura and Liam Dunbar rushed to the roof to figure out who was tampering with the wiring, the Berserker immediately began to fight them both, with Kira being briefly knocked unconscious before Liam was able to get the upper-hand. Meanwhile, the other Berserker was in the hospital, where it stumbled upon Melissa McCall and Noshiko Yukimura, wounding the latter so badly that she had to be airlifted to a hospital in Palo Alto where she could get more specialized treatment for her wounds.

At the end of the night, Kate returned to the sewers, where she found Peter Hale waiting for her. Kate wasted no time assuring him that his suspicions had been correct, and Scott was indeed still alive. Peter sighed in relief and muttered, "Thank God," further confirming that Kate and Peter's plan involved Scott in some way.

In Monstrous, Peter reunited with Kate back in the sewers, after he was confronted by Lydia Martin, Sheriff Stilinski, Jordan Parrish, and Meredith Walker, the latter of whom was revealed to be The Benefactor, and who got the idea of the Deadpool from Peter when they were hospitalized together back in 2009. Kate remarked that Peter looked nervous, but Peter clarified that he was rattled, and that he didn't like being rattled. Kate reminded him that the Deadpool was finally over, and everything was going his way, and when he argued that not everything was going well, she added, "Maybe every little piece in your game didn't move just as predicted, but they still moved perfectly into place."

When this failed to bring Peter any kind of comfort or relief, Kate began to worry that he wanted to bail on the plan, but Peter, now determined, assured her that he wasn't, especially not when he was this close to killing Scott McCall, revealing the true nature of his master plan.

In A Promise to the Dead, Kate, in her full Werejaguar form, and one of her Berserkers invaded Derek Hale's loft, interrupting Scott and Kira's first date there. Kate easily dominated Kira by kicking her, sending her flying toward the metal gate behind her. She turned her attention to Scott and battled him in almost equal levels, but Scott was certainly holding back a little due to his relationships with his now-deceased ex-girlfriend and Kate's niece Allison Argent and his good friend and Kate's older brother Argent.

The Berserker took care of Kira, who attempted to use a chain as weapon against the beast but it easily blocked her blows and subdued her. Soon after, Kate also dominated Scott and pinned him to one of the loft's support beams. Bloodied and exhausted from this fight, Scott demanded the Huntress-turned Werejaguar what she wanted from them, which Kate answered with the need of some insight toward a particular subject: her family.

She described the Argent Family as a powerful, wealthy and aristocratic family of Werewolf Hunters whose existence was of 400 years, until some months ago, most of that family was decimated by a teenage boy, that person being Scott. Kate insisted that she had a simple question: "What the hell was so special about Scott McCall?"; Scott demanded Kate to take him, only him if that was what she wanted. However, Kate decided to bring Kira with them as well back to La Iglesia.

Scott regained consciousness, only to find himself stuck in a table covered with purple wolfsbane vines. Kate returned, asking Scott if he ever learned about the myth of Artemis and Actaeon at school. When Scott silently shaked his head in the negative, Kate explained that Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, the moon and wild animals and Actaeon was a Hunter who stumbled upon Artemis bathing naked one day. The goddess was so enraged by his presence that she turned Actaeon into a deer and sent his hunting dogs to tear him apart.

Scott panicked once he saw Kate picking up a Berserker skull and asked her what she would do to him. Kate hysterically laughed and guaranteed him that she would not turn Scott into a deer like Artemis did to Actaeon but insisted that he would be so unrecognizable to his friends that they wouldn't realize who they were fighting and/or killing. Scott begged Kate to stop but she placed the skull on his head, putting him under her control.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Kira, who had just awoken in her cell full of human bones where Kate had locker her into, began making her way out of the depths in La Iglesia. She soon found a Berserker standing guard at the end of one of the hallways, forcing Kira to take another path out of there without alerting either Kate or other Berserkers.

However, as soon as she came across a dead end, she was taken by surprise when another Berserker showed up behind her and wasted no time in smacking her against the walls several times. During the struggle, Kira realized that the Berserker was actually Scott when she noticed his tattoo of two bands and she attempted to reach him, to no avail. Once Kira was laying on the floor, bleeding and defeated, Kate roared at Berserker-Scott to get him to stop attacking Kira before emerging from the shadows.

Kate pointed at Scott's tattoo and flirtatiously commented on how she would have to make a greater job in covering it up to prevent other members of the McCall Pack from recognizing him before staring coldly at Kira. The horrified Thunder Kitsune glared at Kate and asked the Huntress-turned-Werejaguar what she had done to her boyfriend but Kate replied that "how" and not "what" was the better story and changed the subject back to when she was captured by the Calaveras—once she had managed to escape from her captors, she had no idea of where to go until she was continuously drawn back to La Iglesia, where it was located the Temple of the Werejaguar god Tezcatlipoca, aka Temple of the Smoking Mirror, with most of the temple being made constructed out of the mineral Obsidian, emphasizing her point by rubbing her fingers on a wall, revealing the black glass stone.

She brought up the moment when she found two Berserkers waiting for her at the temple and, despite not knowing their reasons, they helped her survive. Kate smirked with amusement as she recounted that she had recently found out from a person who she thought that she would never trust (Peter Hale) that she had the power to both control and create the Berserkers, earning the monikers "La Loba" and "The Bone Woman." and the reason why she allowed Kira to try to escape from her cell was in order to test Scott's loyalty to her.

Kate went on to inform Kira that Scott, unlike any other Werewolf seen in the series, was capable of becoming an Alpha without killing another or anyone else in his life as a Werewolf and that he had been through a lot without killing before insisting that they should change that. She instructed Berserker-Scott to grab in his bone claw and stab Kira with it, which he ultimately ended up doing, with Kira's pleas to reach him having once again failed.

Meanwhile, back in Beacon Hills, Stiles Stilinski and Malia Tate had learned that Scott and Kira had been captured by Kate and decided to head to Mexico to rescue them. When they were about to leave the McCall House, Liam Dunbar showed up and voiced his willingness to come along with them and rescue his Alpha, only to be rebuffed by Stiles, who warned him that he had only been a Werewolf for a short time and he had yet to control himself on full moons, especially when that evening would be a full moon.

Liam insisted that they could keep him chained up during the trip, leading Malia to join the conversation by pointing out that Liam, as an exceptionally strong Beta, broke through the chains that they had used to keep him restrained during his first full moon. Stiles ultimately decided to call Derek and Braeden, for the former to help Stiles in helping Liam learn control over his transformations and the latter would be transporting them in a prison van.

Before they left, they also had called Peter, not knowing that he had been helping Kate the entire time in their plan to kill Scott. He wondered aloud if Kate took Scott to La Iglesia to de-age him in the same manner as she did with Derek, meaning that she wanted to take him back to the years when he was not a Werewolf. Peter revealed that the powers of a True Alpha Werewolf like Scott could not be stolen by another Werewolf but since Kate was a "nagual jaguar with the power of Tezcatlipoca," maybe she was capable of taking his powers.

After a long trip, the pack had finally arrived to La Iglesia, where Derek was immediately and mortally wounded by one of Kate's Berserkers but warned the others to go find Scott and Kira, which they reluctantly did, leaving Braeden by his side. In Beacon Hills, one of the Berserkers was revealed to be in the basement of the high school keeping Lydia Martin and Mason Hewitt hostage to prevent the Banshee from helping the others in saving Scott. This was possibly orchestrated by Peter and/or Kate to ensure that the Banshee could not warn the others that Scott had been turned into a Berserker and Peter and Kate wanted the pack to kill him.

Returning to La Iglesia, Braeden spotted Kate and her other Berserker and shot at them with her shotgun, However, the bullets had no effect on Kate's supernatural bodyguard, forcing Braeden to opt for two hand guns when her shotgun ran out of ammo but the Berserker overpowered Braeden and held her in choke-hold. Kate, in her Werejaguar appearance, demanded from the mercenary on how much money the Calaveras paid her to come after her, leading Braeden to gasp that she was paid a lot more than Kate was worth, earning amusement from the Werejaguar. Fortunately for Braeden, she was saved by the timely arrival of several Calavera Hunters leaded by Araya and Severo, along with Jordan Parrish and Kate's brother Argent, forcing Kate to retreat and find refuse from the crossfire while her Berserker took care of the Hunters.

Inside the temple, Stiles had found Kira, who had managed to heal from her stab wound, and became concerned when Kira informed him of Scott's transformation into a Berserker and warned him that the others could kill him unaware of it. This led Stiles to realizet that it was why Lydia was not there to warn them of Scott's impending death. Outside, Braeden went to check on Derek and he briefly smiled at her before his body went limp and he closed his eyes, confirming that he had died from his wound, devastating Braeden to the point that she returned to the fray with fury towards Kate and her Berserker for seemingly killing Derek.

Inside, Malia, Liam and Peter were battling Berserker-Scott and Malia prepared to kill him with a bone claw while he was held by both Liam and Peter until Kira sliced the dagger with her katana, allowing Stiles to reveal that the Berserker was actually Scott, which Liam confirmed when he looked at Scott's eyes. This moment of hesitation gave Berserker-Scott the chance to break free and incapacitate everyone present before holding Liam in a choke-hold but Liam echoed Scott's words during his first full moon "You're not a monster. You're a Werewolf like me.", giving Scott enough control over his body and mind to back away and ripped of the leather and bones of his armor before ripping his bear skull, showing him wolfed-out, and he unleashed a long roar.

It was then that he deduced that Peter had been working with Kate to kill him and steal his Alpha powers. Peter defended that he was supposed to inherit his role as Alpha and did not believe that "an incorruptible teenage boy" did not deserve the immense power that he possessed before shifting into his own Werewolf form. Peter and Scott engaged in battle, which Scott ultimately won.

Outside, Kate had taken care of quite a few Calavera Hunters and Araya started to approach her, causing Kate to turn her attention toward the Calavera matriarch and eagerly insist that she would come after her next. However, Araya was not scared and whipped out her cattle-prod taser as she dared to show Kate how "the Calaveras die." The fight was interrupted by a wolf howl and a black wolf with glowing blue eyes emerged from the ruins and attacked Kate, mauling and weakening her severely.

The wolf bared his fangs and transformed back into a naked Derek, revealing that he did not lose his powers for good as previously believed but that he was evolving in order to become a Werewolf like his mother Talia and his sister Laura. Derek demonstrated the new power that he had gained with his evolution by destroying the remaining Berserker by ripping his bear skull, rendering the creature to nothingness. Having lost her bodyguards, Kate started to flee, only to be hit with a yellow Wolfsbane bullet from her brother but although this seemed to affect her, she still had enough strengths to run into the deepest parts of the church, forcing Argent to pursuit her.

After reaching the deep part of La Iglesia, Kate was incredulous to see that her brother was willing to kill her, only for Argent to tell her that while he did not want to kill her, he believed that she was not worth saving following all of her misdeeds. However, Kate accused her brother of making her the "bad guy" in this story and insisted that Scott and his friends were not any heroes as she blamed them for Allison's death. This affected Chris and infuriated him to the point that he corrected her—Allison gave up her life to save her loved ones from dying. By the way, for whom Kate would die for?

Having lost her humanity, her Berserkers and now her brother's approval, Kate began backing away and retorted that Chris would not neither kill her not catch her and said the same about Peter and the Calaveras before fleeing to treat her wolfsbane poisoning.

In Broken Glass, Kate made her first appearance in over a year when she infiltrated an FBI field operation and used them to lead her to Derek Hale, who was in North Carolina with her brother Argent to hide the last vial of rare yellow wolfsbane serum in one of the Hale Vaults located there. After she killed all of the FBI agents with her gun, she shot both Argent and Derek, causing them to fall onto the ground; in the process, Derek dropped the vial, and just as he was stretching his arm in an attempt to grab it again, Kate stepped on his hand and picked up the vial before smugly greeting him and asking him if he missed her.

Kate cocked her shotgun and remarked that Derek was just as popular as ever as she kicked him in the face, complimenting his blue eyes and perfect cheekbones before hitting him over the head with her shotgun. Derek, not letting Kate get to him, retorted that he thought it was his smile, only for Kate to become serious and demand to know where the rest of the yellow wolfsbane is hidden. Derek, amused, asked her if what she already had wasn't enough to save Gerard Argent and wondered why Kate thought helping him would make a difference to him, since Kate, as a Werejaguar, is what Gerard hunts.

This comment about her loss of her humanity infuriated Kate, who threatened to shoot him in the head to prevent him from healing and surviving. Just as Kate put the end of her shotgun to Derek's forehead, Argent, still tending to his own bullet wounds, began shooting at her, forcing her to retreat to behind the FBI transport van several meters away.

Annoyed, Kate yelled at Argent that it was just like him to always ruin a good time, but Argent argued that she was naive to believe that someone with as much hate in his heart as Gerard would have any love left over for her. Scoffing, Kate insisted that he was the one always looking for a father to love him, and that all she wanted was "some good old-fashioned revenge"—she intended to put the wolfsbane in a bullet with which to kill Scott McCall.

Wanting to get out of there while she was still ahead, Kate limped away from the scene, causing Derek to groan and rise to his feet so he could chase after her, instructing Argent to go back to Beacon Hills and warn Scott of her plans before he left.

In The Wolves of War, Kate returned to Beacon Hills with the last of the yellow wolfsbane that she stole from Derek in North Carolina. Right before the final battle between the McCall Pack, Monroe's Army, and the Anuk-ite, Kate went to Argent Arms International's armory in search for the yellow wolfsbane bullet so that she could finally kill Scott McCall once and for all.

After a long and frantic search yielded no results, Kate yelled "WHERE IS IT?" at the top of her lungs and began throwing objects off of the shelves in anger. Just then, Gerard appeared and responded, "You actually think I would trust you with the last few ounces of yellow wolfsbane?" Kate, deeply offended by this remark, reminded him that she was both his daughter and an Argent, but Gerard argued that she was still "one of them," implying that her status as a Werejaguar caused her to lose those two descriptions. Kate was appalled when she realized that he gave the bullet to Tamora Monroe over her, but Gerard revealed that, though he did give Monroe the bullet, he still had a little remaining wolfsbane that he could use to make a second bullet. Before Kate could react, Gerard pulled out his gun and shot her in the abdomen with the last of the yellow wolfsbane.

Kate, slowly being poisoned with the wolfsbane, propped herself up against the far wall as she sat slumped on the floor while Gerard smugly informed her that it was all over and that all the pieces to his plan fell into place. Just then, Argent arrived and smirked as he replied that not everything had gone according to plan. Kate watched with interest as Gerard pulled out his gun again and aimed it at his son, only for Argent to preface his statement with advice to put the guns down before revealing that Scott was still alive, and he figured out how to save everyone.

Kate and Gerard, not initially believing Argent, frowned as Argent explained that, even if the yellow wolfsbane with which Gerard sent Monroe to shoot him was only meant to weaken him, Scott figured everything out, leading Gerard to realize that Scott would be using Mountain Ash against the Anuk-ite, thereby eliminating the fear that the ancient shapeshifter had induced in the town's human citizens in order to motivate them to go to war with the supernatural community.

After this revelation, Gerard glared at Argent with loathing and accused him of allowing all of these events to happen, a comment which caused Kate to burst into dark laughter for a moment before she retorted, "You let this happen, you stupid old man! All you saw was him." Gerard maintained that Scott destroyed their family, only for Argent to remind him that his family—his own children, Kate and Argent—were standing right in front of him. Even though Gerard once again aimed his gun at Argent, Argent still knew that Gerard wouldn't shoot him and turned to walk out of the armory. Behind Gerard, Kate has transformed into her full-Werejaguar appearance and hisses at Gerard when he turned around. As Argent walked through the hallway outside of the armory, he could hear Kate violently killing their father for his slights against them.

It is unknown what became of Kate after she killed Gerard—it is possible that she died from wolfsbane poisoning, but since she had already been poisoned with yellow wolfsbane before and survived, it is most likely that she did, indeed, survive the attempt against her life.


Sweetheart, there are Werewolves running around in the world. Everything's a joke to me. How else do you think I stay sane?
Kate to Allison Argent in Formality

Having been raised and trained from a very young age to view any and all supernatural creatures with bigotry and hate by her ruthless father Gerard, Kate is a tough and fearless woman, as well as sadistic, prejudiced, and extremely bloodthirsty. She never turns down any chance to hunt down, torture, and kill supernatural beings as she sees fit, regardless of their guilt or innocence. She has repeatedly broken the Hunter's Code by also causing the deaths of humans and children as collateral damage, evidenced by the fact that she burned down the Hale House without remorse or contrition. Kate is also very smug regarding the carnage she brings upon those who she believes deserves it, and is always extremely confident in her ability to take down any threat that comes her way.

"This one grew up in all the right places... I don't know whether to kill it or lick it..."
— Kate about Derek Hale and Kate's overly sexualized personality in The Tell

Kate is extremely manipulative, something she also inherited from her father. She is rife with sexual innuendo, using her coquettish swagger, charm, and sexuality to endear herself to men in order to get what she wants and undermine the work of those she sees as enemies. She seduced Derek Hale into an affair when he was still a teenager so she could betray him and use the information he unwittingly gave her to kill his entire family and pack. She appears to like younger men in general, as she has made similar comments about Scott McCall's puppy-like brown eyes, Jackson Whittemore's model-esque looks, and Stiles Stilinski's general boyish appearance as well. When she de-aged Derek in a ritual to turn him back into his teenage self, she saw no issue with kissing and making out with Derek, despite the fact that there was now nearly a fifteen-year age difference between them.

"What kind of shape is "sociopathic bitch?"
Lydia Martin about Kate's personality in The Dark Moon

Despite being a sadist, Kate is capable of caring for her family, her niece Allison Argent and her brother Chris Argent in particular; she allowed Peter Hale to kill her in hopes of him sparing Allison's life, and she ordered her Berserker to retreat before it could give Argent the killing blow during their battle in Argent Arms International. She was even willing to turn Scott into a Berserker and trick his pack into killing him in revenge for what she believed was his decimation of their family and his killing of Allison. Unfortunately, her love for her family stops short of her lethal tendencies, as she attempted to manipulate Allison into becoming a ruthless Hunter without restraint to use for her own ends in a manner similar to how Gerard manipulated Kate (and how Gerard would later manipulate Allison after Kate's death).

Physical Appearance

Kate is an extremely attractive young woman of around thirty years of age, with long dark blonde hair, green eyes, and tanned white skin. She has a feminine yet athletic build with a compact, fit, and slim body due at least in part to her profession as a Hunter, which requires regular intensive exercise. Upon her transformation into a Werejaguar, Kate gained the power to shapeshift, giving her the ability to transform her features into that of a jaguar, such as purplish-blue skin with black spots, bright green glowing eyes, and long, sharp claws and fangs.

Powers and Abilities

A Werewolf can't steal a True Alpha's power. But maybe, a Nagual jaguar with the power of Tezcatlipoca behind her? Maybe she can.
Peter Hale about Kate's powers in Smoke and Mirrors

Werejaguar Physiology: Kate presumably possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a Werejaguar and was seemingly above-average in terms of her power level after only a short time in being supernatural. She possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, senses, and accelerated healing possessed by all werecreatures, along with the animal instincts of a jaguar.

  • Super Strength: Her strength was so powerful that she could fight against the True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall, who had been a Werewolf much longer than she had been a Werejaguar, and whom Kate managed to overwhelm due to having the element of surprise on her side; Scott's reluctance to seriously harm Kate (as a result of his love for his former girlfriend Allison and his good friend Argent, who are Kate's niece and brother, respectively) also likely played a role in how easily she bested him in battle.
  • Magic: In addition to these shapeshifting powers, Kate appears to have some form of magical or mystical powers, as she was able to perform several rituals that have never been seen before. The first involved encasing Derek Hale in a tomb while wrapped with wolfsbane, which de-aged him almost ten years to the appearance and memories of his sixteen-year-old self. The effects of this ritual lasted for several days, though it is unknown whether it simply wore off, or if Kate had control over its duration and ended the spell at a specific time for a specific reason.
  • Berserker Manipulation: Kate also notably had the ability to not only control pre-existing Berserkers (two of whom waited for her at La Iglesia after her transformation was complete and served her with unwavering loyalty until they were destroyed) but she could also create them as well. She demonstrated this ability when she covered Scott McCall's face with a bear skull to turn him into a Berserker, even despite the fact that he was already an Alpha Werewolf; she did this with the hope that doing so would cause Scott's pack to kill him under the mistaken belief that he was one of her pre-existing Berserkers, though this plan was ultimately unsuccessful. Kate's magical or mystical abilities have yet to be explored further than this thus far, and it is unknown if these are common powers possessed by all Werejaguars, or if it is specific to Kate herself since she is the only full-blooded Werejaguar to appear on the series thus far.


Kate possesses all of the known weaknesses of Werejaguars, which consists of (though, due to the lack of knowledge on this species, may not be limited to) Mountain Ash and wolfsbane, specifically the yellow variety, as it was shown to have weakened Kate after she was hit by several high-powered rounds filled with the herb when nothing else had successfully done so thus far. However, not even the Wolfsbane seems to be capable of killing her, as it appeared to only weaken her and her powers and slowed down her normally-rapid healing factor.

This may possibly be due to the fact that jaguars are a feline species, unlike wolves, coyotes, and foxes, which are canine species who are normally adversely affected by Wolfsbane. Since shapeshifters, in general, tend to be vulnerable to electricity, it is possible that Kate, as a Werejaguar, has a vulnerability to electricity (and, by extension, weapons such as tasers, as well as supernatural creatures such as Kitsune and certain Chimeras who possess electrokinesis), too, though this has yet to be confirmed.



  • Katherine: Katherine is a variation on the feminine name Catherine, which is popular in Christian countries due to Catherine being one of the first Christian saints, Catherine of Alexandria. The name originates from the Greek Αiκατερίνα or Αiκατερίνη (Aikaterina, Aikaterinē), which is of unknown etymology.
    • One theory is that it derives from the earlier Greek name ‘Εκατερινη (Hekaterine), which came from ‘εκατερος (hekateros), meaning "each of the two." Another theory exists that the name is a reference to the Greek goddess of magic and the crossroads, Hecate (though this theory is regarded as unconvincing by the editors of the Oxford Dictionary of First Names), or that it is from a Coptic name that means "my consecration of your name." The former example regarding Hecate is a fitting meaning for Kate Argent, since she has performed feats such as de-aging and creating Berserkers that can be described as magical in nature.
    • The name subsequently became associated with the Greek adjective καθαρός (katharos), meaning, "pure," which is what led to the alternative spellings, Katharine and Katherine. The name Katherine was first recorded in England in 1196 after being brought back from the Crusades.
    • Variations of this name include Katerina, Catarina, Kaitlyn, Caitlin, Kaia, Karen, Katrina, Ina, Kathleen, Karina/Carina, Katja, Katya, Eka, and Catriona, among countless others.
  • Argent: Argent is a French surname with two known origins. The first is from the Old French argent, meaning "silver," likely used as a nickname for someone with silvery hair, as an occupational name for someone who was a silversmith, or as a topographical name for someone who lived near a silver mine. There are also several French towns and villages called Argen or Argent, particularly in Aude and in Bassey-Alpes, due to silver being mined there, so the surname could also be a locational name derived obtained by being a resident there. The town name derives from the Late Latin personal name Argenteus or Argentius, meaning "silvery." Argent as a surname dates back to the late 12th century, and variations of the spelling include Argente, Arghent, Argentt, Argont, and Argontt.


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  • Although Kate is a Werejaguar, she was turned by the former-Alpha Werewolf, Peter Hale.
  • Kate is the only character to be turned by a scratch thus far in the series, a feat that, according to Peter Hale, is extremely rare and has one-in-a-million odds of occurring.
  • She had a very close relationship with her niece, Allison Argent, and it was the death of Allison that led to Kate finally seeking revenge on Scott McCall, Allison's ex-boyfriend whose transformation into a Werewolf and involvement in Allison's life caused Kate to blame him for Allison's death and the decimation of her family.
  • Kate has a greater tolerance to yellow wolfsbane than many creatures, as she was shot by Argent with a bullet filled with it and still managed to survive ("Smoke and Mirrors"), which also makes it likely that she survived the second bout of yellow wolfsbane poisoning caused by the laced bullet with which Gerard shot her. ("The Wolves of War")
  • Like her father, Kate seems to be very well-read, as she has demonstrated the same knowledge of Sun Tzu as he has, and told Scott McCall the legend of Actaeon and Artemis in Greek mythology, which she used as inspiration for her plan to turn him into a Berserker and sic his pack on him to kill him.
    • In the legend, Actaeon stumbled upon Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt, fertility, the moon, young women, and animals, while she was bathing nude in a nearby lake. When she caught him watching her bathe, she became so furious that she turned him into a deer and set his hunting dogs off to kill him.
  • There are rumors that Kate's actress, Jill Wagner, may have had a brief fling with Derek Hale's actor, Tyler Hoechlin, in the spring of 2014, but this not been confirmed by either actor.



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