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Just like when we were kids-- always trying to make me the bad guy. You can't see things clearly anymore, can you? Scott's not your little hero! None of them are! Not when they killed Allison.

Katherine Argent, more commonly known as Kate Argent or La Loba, is a supporting character on Teen Wolf and was a major antagonist in Season 1 and Season 4. She is the daughter of Gerard Argent and an unnamed mother, the sister of Chris Argent, the sister-in-law of Victoria Argent, the niece of Alexander Argent, the aunt of Allison Argent, and a descendant of Marie-Jeanne Valet and Henri Argent. She was first introduced as an Argent Hunter sent to Beacon Hills in January of 2011 to help her brother Argent deal with the Alpha ravaging the town.

However, in time, it was revealed that Kate was responsible for setting the Hale House Fire six years earlier, which killed the famous Werewolf Alpha Talia Hale and most of her family, excluding her brother, son, and two daughters. Peter Hale, a survivor of the fire who had recently become the Alpha, finally got his revenge on Kate by clawing out her throat at the end of Season 1.

However, unbeknownst to Peter, he had actually scratched Kate so hard that it transformed her in the same way an Alpha bite would have. In a surprise twist, Kate ultimately turned into a Werejaguar instead of a Werewolf, and a fellow hunter family known as the Calaveras, who have charged themselves with upholding the Hunter Code, captured Kate and attempted to force her to kill herself before the first full moon as per the Hunter tradition. Instead of doing as she was expected, she faked her death and attacked as many as six of their hunters before she escaped to the Temple of Tezcatlipoca, where she found a pair of Berserkers who protected her and helped her survive, although she later admitted she had no idea why exactly they did this.

Despite the fact that she was still struggling with controlling her shifts, Kate was intent on three things: finding out the identity of The Benefactor, who had put her name on a the Deadpool hit-list for $12 million; gaining enough control over her transformation that she could rejoin the Argent hunters; and getting revenge on Scott McCall for what she believed was his singular role in the decimation of her family's legacy. Unfortunately for her, she was outmatched by the McCall Pack's many allies, who teamed up with the Calaveras and her own brother Argent, and she was forced to flee after her Berserkers were destroyed. Since then, Kate has been on the run while the Calaveras and Argent work to hunt her down, though as of Season 6A, they have yet to be successful at capturing her.

Kate is a member of the Argent Family and has a mysterious connection to the Aztec jaguar god Tezcatlipoca and the Berserker species.

Early Life

Kate, just like her older brother Chris Argent, was raised into the world of hunting supernatural creatures. However, unlike her brother, Kate allowed her father, Gerard Argent, to get into her head and manipulate her like they both would do years later with Allison Argent. Gerard poisoned Kate's mind, making her into the bloodthirsty savage that she is today. Because of her upbringing, Kate was raised to believe that all supernatural creatures should die, which is what led her to orchestrate the Hale House Fire seven to eight years ago. It can be assumed that, upon reaching age eighteen and gaining all of the skills necessary to become a Hunter, she forged a silver bullet as a testament to the Code as is the Argent Family tradition. ("Alpha Pact"), ("Silverfinger"), ("Insatiable")

In the early 2000s, she began a relationship with the then-teenage Derek Hale, and after gaining his trust, she used their relationship against him in order to gain information about his family. Kate then set her plan to destroy the Hale family into motion by first getting close to Adrian Harris in order to use his chemistry background to learn how to get away with arson, and then hiring Reddick & Unger to set the fire, which they did.

Afterward, she somehow got in contact with Garrison Myers, the insurance investigator, who she then somehow convinced to declare that the fire was an accidental occurrence due to faulty wiring. For years, Kate got away with not only conspiring and orchestrating an arson, but the murder of eight to eleven members of the Hale Family as well, and her bias that she held towards all supernatural creatures is what allowed her to do this and feel no remorse thanks to Gerard's teachings. ("Wolf's Bane"​​), ("Co-Captain"), ("Code Breaker") She then left Beacon Hills for six years, though it is unknown where she lived prior to her return to her hometown in January 2011.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Magic Bullet, Kate made her first appearance while on her way into Beacon Hills in her SUV, fixing her lip gloss and looking in the rear-view mirror while distractedly driving through town. During this time, the Alpha, recognizing her, pursued her on foot at a fast pace, though he stayed out of her line of sight so she wouldn't know he was there. Despite being unable to see him, she still got a strange feeling that caused her to look back once again to make sure she wasn't followed, but she continued to see nothing. She quickly became so distracted that she nearly rear-ended another car who was stopped in front of her but was able to hit the brakes quickly enough to avoid a collision. Kate stopped at a four-way intersection to settle her nerves, where suddenly, she heard something jumping onto the roof of the SUV.

Just as the Alpha punched his hand through her driver-side window, Kate reached into her back seat and grabbed her shotgun, rapidly cocking it before shooting it through the roof. She went on to barrel-roll out of the car and into a defensive kneeling position as she assessed her current environment, but when she didn't see the Alpha, she screamed, "Come on!" as she cocked her gun and fired a warning shot into the air. Once she determined there was no one in her proximity, she circled around toward the trunk of her vehicle and opened it, pulling out a sniper rifle and a wooden box of Wolfsbane-filled sniper shells.

After loading her gun with one of the rounds, she aimed toward the roof of a nearby warehouse and watched through her sights until she saw someone leaping from one roof to another and shot them, though she was unsure of who it was she hit. Unbeknownst to her, the Werewolf she shot was actually Derek Hale, who, like Kate and Scott McCall, was trying to track the Alpha with the intention of eventually killing him due to the fact that the Alpha had gotten his powers from stealing the Alpha powers of his sister, Laura Hale, when he killed her. The wolfsbane sniper round hit him in the forearm, leaving a glowing-purple wound in its place that couldn't heal at its normally-rapid pace.

Moments later, Chris Argent, her brother Argent showed up and demanded that she put her sniper rifle away to ensure that no one saw what she was doing. She explained to him that she saw two Werewolves, an Alpha and a Beta and that she shot one of them after the Alpha attacked her, informing him that the wolf she shot likely only had 48 hours left to live due to the Wolfsbane in the rounds. The following morning, she and her niece Allison Argent have their first reunion in two years, where they were both pleased to see each other. Kate immediately complimented Allison on her modelesque looks and was excited to hear that Allison had a boyfriend. When Allison offered to help Kate unpack her bags, she reached for the one that held Kate's guns and ammunition, causing Kate to inadvertently grab her tightly by the arm to stop her, knowing that Argent and Victoria weren't ready for Allison to know about her family's legacy, though she immediately apologized and shrugged her aggression off as simply being too rough.

That afternoon, Allison and her boyfriend, Scott McCall, were caught kissing in the Argent House's garage, which Kate found amusing due to Argent's obvious dislike of Scott, to the point where she invited Scott to dinner just to continue the entertainment. She continued to be impressed when Scott did well under pressure due to Argent and Victoria's questioning during their meal together. Unbeknownst to them, Scott had also been sent by Derek to retrieve one of Kate's wolfsbane bullets in order to identify the strain and save his life, and during an intense moment in the conversation at dinner where Argent subtly hinted at his hunting and killing of Werewolves, Scott left to go find the bullet under the guise of using the restroom. Scott tried to get into a locked door where he believed Kate's belongings were being kept, accidentally setting off an alarm in the process. Hearing the alarm, Kate appeared and chuckled at how lost Scott looked before pointing him in the direction of the guest bathroom that conveniently required Scott to walk through Kate's bedroom.

After Scott retrieved the bullet as instructed by Derek, he stuffed the bullet into his jeans pocket and went downstairs, attempting to excuse himself from the rest of the dinner by claiming he needed to go home and finish his homework. However, just as he was about to walk out the door, Kate, who had gone upstairs to use the restroom, noticed that someone had been rifling through her bag in the guest room and immediately accused Scott of stealing from her. Scott wasted no time denying this accusation, leading Kate to state that she didn't know if he was a kleptomaniac, stupid, or something even worse before ordering him to empty his pockets to prove his truthfulness.

Scott froze, knowing that the chances of Derek surviving his wolfsbane poisoning was dependent on him getting the bullet to him as soon as possible and panicking when he could not come up with a good alternative plan. Fortunately for him, Allison, exasperated by Kate and Argent's behavior, finally confessed that it was she who went through Kate's bags, not Scott. When Kate scoffed and assumed that Allison was simply covering for her boyfriend, Allison pulled out a condom from her own pocket and held it up, revealing she had taken it from Kate's bag just in case she and Scott ended up having sex that night. Kate was clearly both shocked and embarrassed for her perceived misconception, and the rest of the group blushed awkwardly and looked down at the floor, all uncomfortable about this situation except for Scott, who couldn't help but smile a little at the fact that Allison wanted to sleep with him.

Once Scott left to return home, Kate and Argent discussed the two Werewolves that they knew were in town (though they weren't aware of their exact identities); Kate explained that one, the Alpha, was large and powerful, while the Beta she shot was smaller, leaner, and faster. When she wondered aloud how they could know for sure that there were only two Werewolves in town, Argent maintained that they weren't certain of the exact number who had settled down in Beacon Hills. Kate went on to imply that she wanted to kill them all, but Chis insisted that they needed to go by the Code, leading Kate to sarcastically reply that she always does before lighting a match and throwing it into the fireplace, hinting that it really was she who orchestrated the Hale House Fire that killed the majority of Derek's family.

In The Tell, Kate entered Allison's room and apologized for accusing Scott of being a thief the night before, but Allison assured her that she was already over it. Still feeling bad about the incident, Kate gave Allison her birthday present early, which was the Argent Pendant, a necklace passed down through the Argent Family and was last given to Kate herself. She went on to inform Allison that if she ever wanted to learn about their family, she should research into the pendant, which included a small fleur-de-lis and a wolf looking up at the moon.

Since the Argents had recently learned that Derek Hale was back in town, Kate insisted that she should take him out at a meeting in the Argent House's basement, but Argent warned her against doing so due to the fact that they had no proof that he had spilled innocent blood. Despite Argent's orders, Kate and two of her Hunter companions went to the Hale House ruins in order to search for him anyway.

Unsure of whether or not Derek would be there, one of the Hunters joked that Derek may be out burying a bone, causing Kate to sneer that dog jokes were too obvious before stating that it would be better to get under Derek's skin by talking about his family, giving the example, "Too bad your sister bit it before she had her first litter. Too bad she howled like a bitch when we cut her in half," comments that were so cold that even her companions seemed shocked by the harshness of her words. walking through the front door of the house.

Unfortunately for Kate's cohorts, Derek heard them before they walked into the house, allowing him to have the element of surprise and to incapacitate them within moments. However, when he lunged for Kate, she electrocuted him with a taser wand, causing him to writhe on the floor in agony from the shock while Kate provocatively admired his body, remarking that she didn't know if she should kill him or lick him. When Derek glared at her, she admitted that while the Argents did cut Laura's body in half, it was after they found her dead in the woods, meaning that they didn't actually kill her.

Derek didn't believe Kate was telling the truth, leading her to tell him to listen to her heartbeat to confirm the validity of her statements. She went on to insist that they didn't kill Laura, they just used her as bait for the Alpha before suggesting that they work together to take out the Alpha in retribution for the Alpha killing his sister. However, when it became clear that Derek didn't actually know who the Alpha was, she stated that he was of no use to her and attempted to shoot him to death, though he ran away as fast as he could before any of her shots could hit him.

In Heart Monitor, Kate knocked on Allison's bedroom door. After being let in, she asked Allison what she was doing, not knowing that Allison and Scott McCall had been hooking up in her room just moments prior to her arrival, forcing Scott to hide in Allison's closet. Trying to cover her secret rendezvous with her boyfriend, she quickly joked that she was emailing PETA about how her father Argent killed a mountain lion at the high school the night before.

Kate wondered aloud if this had something to do with her being "grounded" for skipping school with Scott on her birthday, leading Allison to smile weakly and retort that although she didn't want to be whiny and tell her father that she "hates him and wishes he were dead," she sort of hated him and wished he was dead. Kate, feeling bad for her, asked if there was anything she could do to help her. Allison, despite trying to get Kate out of her room so she could sneak Scott out, explained that she was currently working on a school project, as her history class was assigned to do research on something connected to their family.

Kate, excited to have the excuse to share their family's legacy with Allison, suggested she google La Bête du Gévaudan, which is French for "the Beast of Gevaudan." Kate watched Allison as she read a web page about how the Beast was a monstrous being who killed over one hundred citizens in France in the 18th century. When Allison pointed out the Beast's resemblance to a large wolf, Kate cryptically retorted that it definitely wasn't a mountain lion like the previous night before leaving Allison to her studies, allowing Allison to secretly release Scott (who had heard everything they had talked about and was alarmed by what he learned about the Argent Hunters) from her closet so he could go home.

In Lunatic, she and Argent drove Allison to school, as the recent attack on the school caused him to fear that Allison would not be safe if she drove there herself. Allison, annoyed and frustrated by her father's over-protectiveness, pointed out that if he was going to insist on taking her to school, the least he could do was unlock the door so she could get to class. Argent, not amused, asked Kate what her opinion was on homeschooling, leading her to reply that she was more of a "learn by doing" person. Allison rolled her eyes and asked Kate about her opinion on "overprotective fathers who ruin their daughters' lives." Kate, chuckling, responds by silently leaning over Argent's seat and hitting the unlock button so Allison could get out, smirking at her brother when he glared at her.

Once Allison has departed for school, Kate opened her mouth to say something to him, but Argent immediately cut her off and stated that she didn't need to say anything-- he knew she was right about the Alpha as well as the fact that they should have acted sooner. However, Kate simply gave him a look and informed him that all she intended to say was that they should stop for gas, gesturing toward the SUV's gas gauge, which was almost at "empty."

That evening, Argent, Kate, and the rest of their Hunters (including one dressed as a [[Beacon County Sheriff's Station|Beacon County Sheriff's Deputy) gathered in the garage at the Argent House to come up with a plan before heading out for their usual patrol for that night's full moon. When Kate joked that they would be spending another night "kicking through leaves in the woods," Argent rolled his eyes and retorted, "I prefer to think of it another night trying to keep innocent people from being killed," adding that the list of innocents now included his daughter Allison following the attack at the school after Allison and the rest of her friends were lured there by the Alpha.

The deputy asked how they knew that the Alpha wouldn't go after Allison again, but Kate assured him that it wouldn't, and Argent, agreeing with her, explained that even Alphas are too overwhelmed on full moons to have a singular target, thus making that night their best chance to catch it. Kate wondered aloud if the Alpha might have a reason to stay focused, and Argent, suspicious, asked her if she knew something he didn't, but Kate simply maintained that she just doesn't like surprises.

Another Hunter asked about Derek, but Kate, getting her sniper rifle in shape for the evening's hunt, confidently responded that he was too smart to be out that night, especially since the cops (who still believed him to be Laura Hale's killer) will be everywhere because of the town-wide curfew. Argent began to say, "And, if for some reason he is--," but before he could finish, his wife Victoria appeared in the doorway and added, "If he is... You find him, you kill him, you cut him in half" with a steely glare on her face. She then smiled and held out a plateful of chocolate chip cookies she had just baked before offering them to the others, much to Kate's appreciation.

Later that afternoon, when Allison returned home from school, Kate met her in her bedroom to teach her young niece how to defend herself with a taser. She began the lesson by insisting that Argent could not find out about this and adding that if he were to find out, he would kill her. Once Allison agreed to these terms, Kate turned the topic to Allison's choice of target, mocking her for picking a teddy bear and naming it Mr. Bear, though Allison argued that she was only five years old at the time.

After some more bantering, Kate instructed Allison on how to shoot her "unimaginatively named bear" to put it out of its misery, and when she hits it on the first try, Kate excitedly cheers for her niece, assuring her that if she had the weapon during the attack on the high school, she would have been able to protect herself. However, when she noticed that Allison had started to cry, she sat down on the bed next to her to ask what happened, thinking that Allison was suddenly unhappy with learning self-defense.

In reality, Allison was still devastated about her break-up with Scott due to catching him in a lie during the school attack. Kate reminded Allison that she would be "breaking hearts left and right" as a young adult, and that Scott was lucky to have gotten the "small taste" or her world that he got. The conversation is then turned to the reasoning behind their breakup-- specifically that she knew Scott was hiding things from her, such as his claim that he didn't know Derek Hale but was seen talking to him one day after school. Kate, stunned to hear Derek's name come up, demanded that Allison tell her everything about what she knew of Scott's connection to Derek.

Following that night's full moon patrol, Kate and Argent were drawn to a crime scene nearby that they though may be supernatural in nature, only to be proven incorrect. Kate, now interested in the people in Scott's life in light of the news that he had ties to Derek, asked Argent who the young man was, leading him to state that it was Scott's best friend Stiles Stilinski, who had ended up at the crime scene out of fear that his father Sheriff Noah Stilinski could be the victim (as, unbeknownst to the Argents, Scott had broken out of his restraints and once again ran loose on his second full moon as a Werewolf).

Kate also observed that Stiles was a friend of Allison's as well while she watched Stilinski and Stiles talk to each other several yards away. Argent implied that he was impatiently waiting for Kate to tell him what she and Allison talked about that afternoon, but Kate paused this aspect of the conversation before turning the topic to the previous full moon, when Argent came upon the two Betas (whose transformations concealed the fact that it was Derek and Scott). She remembered that Argent had told her that there was one Beta that was considerably smaller than the other and suggested that perhaps the second Beta wasn't just smaller, but younger as well, causing both Argent and Kate to theorize that Stiles could be the second Beta.

That day, while in Allison's room, she's teaching her niece how to use a taser, she is amused by the bear's name and Allison's lack of imagination, Kate helps her aim and she shoots the teddy bear but Allison is still upset. She explains to Kate that everything felt right with Scott but he started acting strangely as if he wasn't telling her something and then Allison mentions Derek. Kate stops her and demands that Allison clarifies. That night at a crime scene, Argent and Kate pull up, Kate points out Stiles Stilinski, saying that he's a friend of Allison, then wondering if the second Beta was not only smaller but younger as well.

In Wolf's Bane, Kate and Argent are hunting Derek Hale, while he's being hunted by the police at the same time. Kate is following his car, she originally believed that she was in it but learned from Argent that he wasn't and it was just a distraction. The next day, as Allison, goes for a run, Kate follows her all the way to the Hale House. Allison is surprised to learn that Kate was following her, Kate explains that she was just keeping an eye on her favorite niece. Allison explains that she's there for an answer, she wants to know why Derek would try to kill them.

Kate tells her to imagine how'd she feel if her family was trapped in a fire, Allison responds that this wouldn't turn her into a psychotic killer. Kate says "you don't have to be psychotic to be a killer. You just ... need a reason. And even then sometimes, you can surprise yourself." Allison rants that she doesn't want to feel powerless, she wants to be strong, Kate says that she may be able to help Allison with that. That night, Kate, Argent, and Allison attend the lacrosse game, Allison points out one of her friends, Jackson Whittemore, she tells Allison that she should be all over him.

Kate then notices the scratches on Jackson's neck, she asks Argent if a person can be turned by a werewolf scratch, he says if the claws go deep enough, they both wonder how deep the claws went into Jackson.

In Co-Captain, Kate and Argent discuss their choice of weapon as they enter the garage of the Argent House. Kate believes that he should be more careful when firing off the flash bolt arrows, she also thinks that he should begin teaching Allison. Noticing her niece in the garage hiding, Kate leaves one of the flash bolts on the table for Allison to find, she checks back in the garage and sees Allison with it. Kate is at the school when she sees Jackson Whittemore and Derek Hale, confirming her suspicions that he is the second Beta, a little while later, the hunters attack the Hale House with wolfsbane. They manage to capture Derek and take him to an underground tunnel. She then meets up with Allison and takes her to the tunnel, Kate explains that their family secret is different from most, she shins the light on Derek and he roars.

In Formality, Kate turns on the electrical torture device, Allison wonders if it'll kill him, Kate tells her to not get ethical. Allison then asks what is he, Kate says "Shape-shifter, Lycan, Werewolf. To me, he's just another dumb animal." She then pries open Derek's mouth and shows Allison his vicious fangs. Allison wonders how Kate could be so humorous about the situation, Kate says its the only way she stays sane, Allison asks if it was Derek that killed all the people, she explains that there are two other werewolves, another Beta and then an Alpha, who is bigger, badder and nastier. As they leave the tunnel, Allison asks if her parents were ever going to tell her.

According to Kate, they haven't even decided if they would tell her. Where they see a fragile little girl, Kate sees natural talent for hunting, she then tells Allison to pretend as if nothing has happened, continue to be a teenage girl because later she's going to help catch the second Beta. Back in the tunnel, she goes through Derek's belongings, stealing the money from his wallet, she then sees his ID, Kate taunts Derek saying, that people probably tell him that he should smile more. She then goes looking through his phone for clues but she hates the detective work, she asks Derek again about the identity of The Alpha but he doesn't say anything, she says if he doesn't talk then he'll have to die. She then begins wondering if Derek ever told Laura Hale the truth about how Derek was tricked by Kate and that's how she was able to kill his family. As Kate tortures Derek, soon realizes that Jackson Whittemore isn't the second Beta, Scott McCall is.

In Code Breaker, at the Argent House Argent and Kate get into a huge fight, Argent blames her for Allison knowing the truth. Argent accuses her of leaving clues for Allison, Kate says that she needed to know. Argent questions why she is even there since she was never fond of Beacon Hills. Kate says that she's there to catch The Alpha, the one that's going around killing people at random. Argent corrects her, saying that it isn't at random, Sheriff Stilinski can connect every kill back to the Hale House fire. Kate says that this is, even more of a reason for Allison to know because they've always been blamed for the death of the Hale Family.

Argent is aware of this threat and this is why he's sending Kate and Allison to a safe house in Washington. Kate is upset that she's being benched but Argent doesn't leave much room for argument. However, instead of leaving town, Kate decides to stay, she takes Allison to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital where her friend Lydia Martin is at after being bit by The Alpha. She explains to Allison that hurting and killing is all they do, even Scott, Kate uses this to motivate Allison to help stop The Alpha. They gear up and head to the Hale House where they take down Derek and Scott with guns and arrows, they approach Scott and Derek who are both incapacitated. Allison and Scott begin to talk but Kate would rather get it over with, she wants Allison to kill Scott. Knowing that Allison won't, Kate moves her to the side and points her gun at Scott, Argent arrives demanding that she stops, informing Kate that he knows she orchestrated the Hale House Fire and killed innocent people, she has broken The Code. She continues to aim her gun at Scott which is yet again against The Code, Argent fires his gun as a warning shot, she finally puts the gun down.

At that moment, The Alpha comes out, he reveals himself to her as Peter Hale, he forcefully grips her hand which causes Kate to drop her gun, Peter then drags her into the house. He grips Kate's throat with his claws, threatening to kill her, Allison runs in, he tells Kate to apologize and in return, he wouldn't kill Allison. She says I'm sorry, then Peter slashes Kate's throat, thus killing her. He didn't find her apology to be sincere.

In Anchors, Kate appears in a hallucination of Allison's, which is a side effect of the sacrificial ritual that she participated in. Allison gets on the elevator as she prepares to leave her home, the room gets colder and the lights dim, when the elevator doors open, Allison finds herself in Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. The hospital has been destroyed, Allison enters the morgue, she sees a morgue drawer with Kate's name on it, Allison looks into the drawer only to see an endless pit of darkness. The medal begins to creak, at that moment, Kate, who is dirty and screaming comes crawling up the duct towards Allison, she slams the door and seconds later end up in the hallway at school. Later that day, Kate appears in another one of Allison's hallucinations, this time in the woods while Allison is practicing with her bow.

She begins calling Allison's name, the once sunny day turns to night within moments, Kate then rushes towards, Allison, screaming, Allison fires an arrow at Kate which nearly hits Lydia Martin. During another hallucination, Kate shows up again as Allison is in bed making out with Isaac Lahey, Allison notices something around his neck, Kate pops up and tightens the garrotte around Isaac's neck, urging Allison to help kill him.

In More Bad Than Good, Kate appears in another hallucination, they are yet again at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Allison is being treated as a patient, she is under a blanket, on a table, her organs are visible as her chest is cracked open, Kate shows up and she appears to be doing the autopsy. Kate removes the heart and says that there's something wrong with it before throwing it aside. She then determines that all the other organs are fine, the group of doctors, Kate included, turn into werewolves and begin eating Allison.

In The Divine Move, Kate throws a smoke grenade into Derek's loft thus hiding her from the sight of the Calaveras as she attacks them, taking each down one by one, she then points her shotgun towards Derek and shoots him in the chest. She appears from out the smoke, shifts into an unknown creature with purple printed skin and green eyes.

In The Dark Moon, Kate is in a temple in Mexico where she reveals she hid Derek in a tomb of wolfsbane and trapped him like a mummy. Scott tells the story of her resurrection. He says when The Calaveras saw Kate's body slowly healing as a result of the approaching of the full moon, they took her to Mexico. She saw she had to follow the code that when a hunter is bitten, he has to be killed before transforming. Kate didn't want to kill herself and decided to live as a shapeshifter instead of a human so she faked her death and killed 6 of The Calaveras. Later, somehow, she made Derek return to his sixteen-year-old appearance.

In 117, at a gas Station, Kate reveals she still didn't learn to control her shifts when she became a werejaguar, causing her to lose control and she kills the assistant of the station. She came to Scott's house to see the now teenage Derek that doesn't remember Kate caused The Hale House Fire and she says that pasted a long time. She and Derek go to The Hale Vault to look for the Triskelion, a mystical object that allows Betas to control the shifts on the full moon. Peter enters now knowing Kate's alive again and says there's nothing of magical on the Triskelion, it's a simple object to concentrate. Derek hears Scott's roar as he and Malia were being attacked by Kate's Berserkers, so he decides to leave the vault. Peter and Kate were ready to fight but smoke grenades appear and someone takes Peter's money.

In Orphaned, 4 weeks ago, Kate is sleeping in a car, she wakes up and hears a cassette tape about werewolves. Later, she appears to have fought against tons of assassins and kills them all with her Berserkers as any of them answered her question "Who is The Benefactor", she asks one last man but he says that he also didn't know who was The Benefactor and didn't receive a cassette tape like her but The Orphans received one. She shifted because another man that was alive shot her and she not just kills him but kills also the man that was being held by her Berserker. She captured Violet that was part of the group Orphans and kills her because she also didn't know who's the Benefactor or who put her name in the Deadpool. Scott and her brother Argent confront her in a building as Scott thinks Violet knows where is Liam who was trapped in a pit by Garret who threatened to kill him if Scott didn't get Violet back and was killed by one of Kate's Berserkers. Kate says that they could have arrived later because she still didn't learn to control, she fights Argent by punching him in the face but saves him by stopping a Berserker from killing him. She and Peter in the sewers make a deal that involves killing Scott.

In Time of Death, after knowing about Scott's death (fake death as Kira only did slow his heart rate) Kate arrives at the hospital, confronts Argent and asks Stiles to get out of the way as she's taking Scott's body, Stiles refuses and asks why Kate wants Scott's body, he guesses for visual confirmation, she then tell to do not worry as she's not The Benefactor and then Argent asks why she wants the body anyway but she doesn't respond. This leads Argent to pull out a gun as he had a suplent one which makes Kate say that she always forgets he carries two. She says she's there because she's on the Deadpool and Argent says to back off and let them do their plan, Argent asks her to take The Berserkers and go and she departs. Kate is in the sewers telling Peter that Scott's still alive and Peter is relieved.

In Monstrous,

In A Promise to the Dead, Kate and one of her Berserkers attack Scott and Kira at Derek's loft, she kicks Kira to the side and fights Scott but she and her Berserker overpower both Alpha and Kitsune. She tells that she wants vengeance against Scott since she believes he decimated her family in less than a year ago. She takes both Kira and Scott to the church in Mexico where she puts the former in a Dungeon and turns the latter into a Berserker.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Kate roars at Scott, now turned into a Berserker, to make him stop from attacking Kira. Kira asks what she did to Scott and tells the story of her resurrection and how she became the La Loba and Scott stabs Kira. She confronts the Calaveras, Braeden, Parrish and her brother but she gets defeated by Derek who died and came back to life with the ability to shift into a true wolf like his mother Talia and older sister Luara before him, she tries to escape but Argent shoots her with Yellow Wolfsbane and follows her to the deep part of the church.

Kate is impressed that Argent wants to kill her, Argent refuses to kill her but says he doesn't want to save her anymore and she starts to blame Scott and his friends for Allison's death. Argent tells her Allison died saving her friends' lives and Kate never would die for anyone and Kate says no one will kill her or catch her not even The Calaveras and she runs. Argent makes a deal with The Calaveras to hunt Kate down.

In Broken Glass, Kate made her first appearance in over a year when she infiltrated an FBI field operation and used them to lead her to Derek Hale, who was in North Carolina with her brother Argent to hide the last vial of rare yellow wolfsbane serum in one of the Hale Vaults located there. After she killed all of the FBI agents with her gun, she shot both Argent and Derek, causing them to fall onto the ground; in the process, Derek dropped the vial, and just as he was stretching his arm in an attempt to grab it again, Kate stepped on his hand and picked up the vial before smugly greeting him and asking him if he missed her.

Kate cocked her shotgun and remarked that Derek was just as popular as ever as she kicked him in the face, complimenting his blue eyes and perfect cheekbones before hitting him over the head with her shotgun. Derek, not letting Kate get to him, retorted that he thought it was his smile, only for Kate to become serious and demand to know where the rest of the yellow wolfsbane is hidden. Derek, amused, asked her if what she already had wasn't enough to save Gerard Argent and wondered why Kate thought helping him would make a difference to him, since Kate, as a Werejaguar, is what Gerard hunts.

This comment about her loss of her humanity infuriated Kate, who threatened to shoot him in the head to prevent him from healing and surviving. Just as Kate put the end of her shotgun to Derek's forehead, Argent, still tending to his own bullet wounds, began shooting at her, forcing her to retreat to behind the FBI transport van several meters away.

Annoyed, Kate yelled at Argent that it was just like him to always ruin a good time, but Argent argued that she was naive to believe that someone with as much hate in his heart as Gerard would have any love left over for her. Scoffing, Kate insisted that he was the one always looking for a father to love him, and that all she wanted was "some good old-fashioned revenge]]"-- she intended to put the wolfsbane in a bullet with which to kill Scott McCall.

Wanting to get out of there while she was still ahead, Kate limped away from the scene, causing Derek to groan and rise to his feet so he could chase after her, instructing Argent to go back to Beacon Hills and warn Scott of her plans before he left.

In The Wolves of War, Kate returned to Beacon Hills with the last of the yellow wolfsbane that she stole from Derek in North Carolina. Right before the final battle between the McCall Pack, Monroe's Army, and the Anuk-ite, Kate went to Argent Arms International's armory in search for the yellow wolfsbane bullet so that she could finally kill Scott McCall once and for all.

After a long and frantic search yielded no results, Kate yelled "WHERE IS IT?" at the top of her lungs and began throwing objects off of the shelves in anger. Just then, Gerard appeared and responded, "You actually think I would trust you with the last few ounces of yellow wolfsbane?" Kate, deeply offended by this remark, reminded him that she was both his daughter and an Argent, but Gerard argued that she was still "one of them," implying that her status as a Werejaguar caused her to lose those two descriptions. Kate was appalled when she realized that he gave the bullet to Tamora Monroe over her, but Gerard revealed that, though he did give Monroe the bullet, he still had a little remaining wolfsbane that he could use to make a second bullet. Before Kate could react, Gerard pulled out his gun and shot her in the abdomen with the last of the yellow wolfsbane.

Kate, slowly being poisoned with the wolfsbane, propped herself up against the far wall as she sat slumped on the floor while Gerard smugly informed her that it was all over and that all the pieces to his plan fell into place. Just then, Argent arrived and smirked as he replied that not everything had gone according to plan. Kate watched with interest as Gerard pulled out his gun again and aimed it at his son, only for Argent to preface his statement with advice to put the guns down before revealing that Scott was still alive, and he figured out how to save everyone.

Kate and Gerard, not initially believing Argent, frowned as Argent explained that, even if the yellow wolfsbane with which Gerard sent Monroe to shoot him was only meant to weaken him, Scott figured everything out, leading Gerard to realize that Scott would be using Mountain Ash against the Anuk-ite, thereby eliminating the fear that the ancient shapeshifter had induced in the town's human citizens in order to motivate them to go to war with the supernatural community.

After this revelation, Gerard glared at Argent with loathing and accused him of allowing all of these events to happen, a comment which caused Kate to burst into dark laughter for a moment before she retorted, "You let this happen, you stupid old man! All you saw was him." Gerard maintained that Scott destroyed their family, only for Argent to remind him that his family-- his own children, Kate and Argent-- were standing right in front of him. Even though Gerard once again aimed his gun at Argent, Argent still knew that Gerard wouldn't shoot him and turned to walk out of the armory. Behind Gerard, Kate has transformed into her full-Werejaguar appearance and hisses at Gerard when he turned around. As Argent walked through the hallway outside of the armory, he could hear Kate violently killing their father for his slights against them.

It is unknown what became of Kate after she killed Gerard-- it is possible that she died from wolfsbane poisoning, but since she had already been poisoned with yellow wolfsbane before and survived, it is most likely that she did, indeed, survive the attempt against her life.


Sweetheart, there are Werewolves running around in the world. Everything's a joke to me. How else do you think I stay sane?
Kate to Allison Argent in Formality

Having been raised and trained from a very young age to view any and all supernatural creatures with bigotry and hate by her ruthless father Gerard, Kate is a tough and fearless woman, as well as sadistic, prejudiced, and extremely bloodthirsty. She never turns down any chance to hunt down, torture, and kill supernatural beings as she sees fit, regardless of their guilt or innocence. She has repeatedly broken the Hunter's Code by also causing the deaths of humans and children as collateral damage, evidenced by the fact that she burned down the Hale House without remorse or contrition. Kate is also very smug regarding the carnage she brings upon those who she believes deserves it, and is always extremely confident in her ability to take down any threat that comes her way.

Kate is extremely manipulative, something she also inherited from her father. She is rife with sexual innuendo, using her coquettish swagger, charm, and sexuality to endear herself to men in order to get what she wants and undermine the work of those she sees as enemies. She seduced Derek Hale into an affair when he was still a teenager so she could betray him and use the information he unwittingly gave her to kill his entire family and pack. She appears to like younger men in general, as she has made similar comments about Scott McCall's puppy-like brown eyes, Jackson Whittemore's model-esque looks, and Stiles Stilinski's general boyish appearance as well. When she de-aged Derek in a ritual to turn him back into his teenage self, she saw no issue with kissing and making out with Derek, despite the fact that there was now nearly a fifteen year age difference between them.

Despite being a sadist, Kate is capable of caring for her family, her niece Allison Argent and her brother Chris Argent in particular; she allowed Peter Hale to kill her in hopes of him sparing Allison's life, and she ordered her Berserker to retreat before it could give Argent the killing blow during their battle in Argent Arms International. She was even willing to turn Scott into a Berserker and trick his pack into killing him in revenge for what she believed was his decimation of their family and his killing of Allison. Unfortunately, her love for her family stops short of her lethal tendencies, as she attempted to manipulate Allison into becoming a ruthless Hunter without restraint to use for her own ends in a manner similar to how Gerard manipulated Kate (and how Gerard would later manipulate Allison after Kate's death).

Physical Appearance

Kate is an extremely attractive young woman of around thirty years of age, with long dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and tanned white skin. She has a feminine yet athletic build with a compact, fit, and slim body due at least in part to her profession as a Hunter, which requires regular intensive exercise. Upon her transformation into a Werejaguar, Kate gained the power to shapeshift, giving her the ability to transform her features into that of a jaguar, such as purplish-blue skin with black spots, bright green glowing eyes, and long, sharp claws and fangs.

Powers and Abilities

A Werewolf can't steal a True Alpha's power. But maybe, a Nagual jaguar with the power of Tezcatlipoca behind her? Maybe she can.
Peter Hale about Kate's powers in Smoke and Mirrors

Kate presumably possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a Werejaguar and was seemingly above-average in terms of her power level after only a short time in being supernatural. She possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, senses, and accelerated healing possessed by all werecreatures, along with the animal instincts of a jaguar and the ability to shapeshift her features into that of a jaguar as well; this includes bluish-purple skin with black patches, glowing bright green eyes, long and sharp fangs and claws, and a ridge brow.

Her strength was so powerful that she could fight against the True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall, who had been a Werewolf much longer than she had been a Werejaguar, and whom Kate managed to overwhelm due to having the element of surprise on her side; Scott's reluctance to seriously harm Kate as a result of his love for his former girlfriend Allison and his good friend Argent, who are Kate's niece and brother, respectively.

In addition to these shapeshifting powers, Kate appears to have some form of magical or mystical powers, as she was able to perform several rituals that have never been seen before. The first involved encasing Derek Hale in a tomb while wrapped with Wolfsbane, which de-aged him almost ten years to the appearance and memories of his sixteen-year-old self. The effects of this ritual lasted for several days, though it is unknown whether it simply wore off, or if Kate had control over its duration.

Kate also notably had the ability to not only control pre-existing Berserkers (two of whom waited for her at La Iglesia after her transformation was complete and served her with unwavering loyalty until they were destroyed) but she could also create them as well. She demonstrated this ability when she covered Scott McCall's face with a bear skull to turn him into a Berserker, even despite the fact that he was already an Alpha Werewolf; she did this with the hope that doing so would cause Scott's pack to kill him under the mistaken belief that he was one of her pre-existing Berserkers, though this plan was ultimately unsuccessful. Kate's magical or mystical abilities have yet to be explored further than this thus far, and it is unknown if these are common powers possessed by all Werejaguars, or if it is specific to Kate herself since she is the only full-blooded Werejaguar to appear on the series thus far.


Kate possesses all of the known weaknesses of Werejaguars, which consists of (though, due to the lack of knowledge on this species, may not be limited to) Mountain Ash and Wolfsbane, specifically the yellow variety, as it was shown to have weakened Kate after she was hit by several high-powered rounds filled with the herb when nothing else had successfully done so thus far. However, not even the Wolfsbane seems to be capable of killing her, as it appeared to only weaken her and her powers and slowed down her normally-rapid healing factor.

This may possibly be due to the fact that jaguars are a feline species, unlike wolves, coyotes, and foxes, which are canine species who are normally adversely affected by Wolfsbane. Since shapeshifters, in general, tend to be vulnerable to electricity, it is possible that Kate, as a Werejaguar, has a vulnerability to electricity (and, by extension, weapons such as tasers, as well as supernatural creatures such as Kitsune and certain Chimeras who possess electrokinesis), too, though this has yet to be confirmed.



  • Katherine: Katherine is a variation on the feminine name Catherine, which is popular in Christian countries due to Catherine being one of the first Christian saints, Catherine of Alexandria. The name originates from the Greek Αiκατερίνα or Αiκατερίνη (Aikaterina, Aikaterinē), which is of unknown etymology.
    • One theory is that it derives from the earlier Greek name ‘Εκατερινη (Hekaterine), which came from ‘εκατερος (hekateros), meaning "each of the two." Another theory exists that the name is a reference to the Greek goddess of magic and the crossroads, Hecate (though this theory is regarded as unconvincing by the editors of the Oxford Dictionary of First Names), or that it is from a Coptic name that means "my consecration of your name." The former example regarding Hecate is a fitting meaning for Kate Argent, since she has performed feats such as de-aging and creating Berserkers that can be described as magical in nature.
    • The name subsequently became associated with the Greek adjective καθαρός (katharos), meaning, "pure," which is what led to the alternative spellings, Katharine and Katherine. The name Katherine was first recorded in England in 1196 after being brought back from the Crusades.
    • Variations of this name include Katerina, Catarina, Kaitlyn, Caitlin, Kaia, Karen, Katrina, Ina, Kathleen, Karina/Carina, Katja, Katya, Eka, and Catriona, among countless others.
  • Argent: Argent is a French surname with two known origins. The first is from the Old French argent, meaning "silver," likely used as a nickname for someone with silvery hair, as an occupational name for someone who was a silversmith, or as a topographical name for someone who lived near a silver mine. There are also several French towns and villages called Argen or Argent, particularly in Aude and in Bassey-Alpes, due to silver being mined there, so the surname could also be a locational name derived obtained by being a resident there. The town name derives from the Late Latin personal name Argenteus or Argentius, meaning "silvery." Argent as a surname dates back to the late 12th century, and variations of the spelling include Argente, Arghent, Argentt, Argont, and Argontt.


  • Although Kate is a Werejaguar, she was turned by the former-Alpha Werewolf, Peter Hale.
  • Kate is the only character to be turned by a scratch thus far in the series, a feat that, according to Peter Hale, is extremely rare and has one-in-a-million odds of occurring.
  • She had a very close relationship with her niece, Allison Argent, and it was the death of Allison that led to Kate finally seeking revenge on Scott McCall, Allison's ex-boyfriend whose transformation into a Werewolf and involvement in Allison's life caused Kate to blame him for Allison's death and the decimation of her family.
  • Kate has a greater tolerance to yellow wolfsbane, as she was shot by Argent with a bullet filled with it and still managed to survive ("Smoke and Mirrors"), which also makes it likely that she survived the second bout of yellow wolfsbane poisoning caused by the laced bullet with which Gerard shot her. ("The Wolves of War")
  • Like her father, Kate seems to be very well-read, as she has demonstrated the same knowledge of Sun Tzu as he has, and told Scott McCall the legend of Actaeon and Artemis in Greek mythology, which she used as inspiration for her plan to turn him into a Berserker and sic his pack on him to kill him.
    • In the legend, Actaeon stumbled upon Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt, fertility, the moon, young women, and animals, while she was bathing nude in a nearby lake. When she caught him watching her bathe, she became so furious that she turned him into a deer and set his hunting dogs off to kill him.