History has not done well with making children into killers.

Ken Yukimura is a supporting character in Seasons 3, 4, and 5 of Teen Wolf. He is the human husband of the ancient Celestial Kitsune Noshiko Yukimura and the father of the young Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura. He was first introduced in Season 3 as the new history professor at Beacon Hills High School who was replacing the recently-murdered Mr. Westover after the Yukimuras moved to Beacon Hills from New York City. However, it was soon revealed that both his wife and daughter are Kitsune, a secret Ken had known since shortly after he met Noshiko. During the battle against the Nogitsune, whom Noshiko had summoned in 1943, Ken did everything he could to support Noshiko, Kira, and Kira's new pack in fighting against him, though he, like his wife, initially believed that defeating the Dark Kitsune would be impossible without killing its host, Kira's good friend Stiles Stilinski.

Fortunately, killing Stiles ended up not being necessary, and Ken continued to assist the pack whenever possible as they dealt with the Deadpool assassins, Kate Argent, Peter Hale, the Dread Doctors, and the Beast of Gevaudan. However, when experimentation at the hands of the Dread Doctors caused Kira's inner Kitsune spirit to take control over her body and use it for violent purposes, Ken stayed behind in their new hometown after Kira and Noshiko made the decision to leave Beacon Hills in order to seek answers as to what happened to Kira and how they could fix it. It has been implied that he and Noshiko continue to live in Beacon Hills or within convenient driving distance to the town in the time since Kira left to train with the Skinwalkers long-term, as Noshiko was able to quickly meet Liam and Hayden in the underground tunnels in Season 6.

Ken is a member of the Yukimura Family, a teacher at Beacon Hills High School, and an ally of the McCall Pack.

Early Life

Virtually nothing is known about Ken's early life except for the small amounts he revealed to his daughter and her friends during the Nogitsune crisis in Season 3B. According to him, he was born in South Korea and eventually went to university to study history. ("Galvanize"), ("Riddled") He was such a self-proclaimed World War II buff that he traveled to Japan at some point in his education to study there, and while he was researching the war, he met Noshiko Yukimura, who, he would later learn, is a nearly 900 year old Celestial Kitsune who actually lived through the war first-hand while being imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp in Beacon Hills, California in the United States. ("The Fox and the Wolf")

The two eventually fell in love and got married, with Ken taking Noshiko's name, both in honor of her unique heritage and because in Japan, a married couple must belong to the same koseki, or family. ("Galvanize") At some point, they moved to the United States, settling down in New York, where Ken worked as a professor at Columbia University. ("Muted") In the mid-1990s, they had a daughter, Kira, who would ultimately inherit her mother's heritage and become a Thunder Kitsune. They lived in New York as a family for over a decade until Noshiko got word that the Nogitsune she had imprisoned in the roots of the Nemeton in Beacon Hills had broken free, leading the family to move back to Noshiko's former hometown, where Ken got a job as a history teacher at Beacon Hills High School, in order to deal with it, though Kira would not learn why exactly the family moved until weeks later. ("The Fox and the Wolf")

Throughout Teen Wolf

Ken made his first appearance in Anchors, where he introduced himself to the junior-level history class he was teaching. He then embarrassed his daughter Kira, who was also in the class, by making a comment about how she had yet to bring a friend home from school despite the family having been in Beacon Hills for several weeks. He was later seen in the hallway by Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, the former of whom secretly used his Werewolf hearing to eavesdrop on their conversation while Kira complained about Ken's earlier humiliation of her in class. Ken pointed out that she said she wanted to be noticed, but Kira simply groaned and argued that she could set herself on fire to be noticed. Ken then became concerned when Kira was distracted by the sight of Stiles frantically ushering Scott into a nearby empty classroom, not knowing that he was in the process of losing control of his transformation as a result of the side-effects of his recent death and resurrection.

In More Bad Than Good, Kira was talking to Scott about the concept of Bardo, which she had brought up the previous day, when Ken approached them with a stack of printed out pages and interjected, "Kira, you forgot the research you did for that boy you like," which once again embarrassed her. He then began to lead a class lecture on World War II and asked Stiles, whose own recent death and resurrection was causing him to develop acute dyslexia, to go to the front of the class to read a passage from their textbook. Stiles started hallucinating that the words were dripping off the page and subsequently had a panic attack, leading Ken to watch with concern as Scott escorted Stiles out of the classroom under the guise of going to see the nurse.

After class ended, Kira saw that Scott and Stiles had left their bookbags behind and went to return them to their owners, only to be confronted by a feral coyote (which would later be revealed to be the Werecoyote Malia Tate, who simply wanted the doll in Stiles' bookbag that Stiles had stolen from her den the night before). After she was rescued by Scott, who scared the coyote away, Ken worriedly approached Kira in the locker room and asked her why she wasn't in the cafeteria with the rest of the kids. Kira sadly replied that she was trying to do something nice in an effort to make friends, which Scott once again overheard.

In Galvanize, Ken was seen eating lunch in his classroom with Kira. When he asked her why she was eating with him and not her fellow classmates, Kira glumly replied that she was having difficulty making friends at Beacon Hills High School before remarking that it wasn't this hard for her back in New York. Ken assured her that she would make friends soon enough, because she was beautiful and smart, but Kira retorted that the only person who had showed any interest was a "rabid coyote," leading Ken to joke that she should date the coyote. Kira replied that she had no interest in finding a boyfriend, and simply wanted a friend, which Scott overheard.

At some point that day, Ken secretly invited Scott to the Yukimura House for dinner as a way to both help Kira make a friend and to thank him for saving her from the coyote. Later that night, Scott arrived at the house and joined Ken, Noshiko, and Kira for a dinner of sushi, which Ken made himself. While Scott was making polite small-talk about their ethnic heritage, he remarked on Yukimura being a Japanese name, which Ken confirmed before admitting that he was actually South Korean and had taken Noshiko's name to honor her unique heritage.

In Riddled, after Allison Argent and Isaac Lahey discovered several strange voicemail messages in Japanese on Allison's phone, they went to Ken to ask for his help in translating it. Ken listened to the voicemails and determined that they were of an instruction tape from a Japanese internment camp during World War II that was instructing internees to keep at least ten feet away from all outdoor fences. However, when they asked him what internment camp to which it was referring, Ken replied that it was of Camp Oak Creek, though he claimed that there was no internment camp of this name.

In Letharia Vulpina, Noshiko met up with Ken in his classroom at the high school, not realizing that Kira was spying on them from through the door's window. Ken pulled out a large textbook and brought it over to the desk, and when Noshiko asked him why he couldn't find something more secure, he joked that he had never known a high school student to willingly open a textbook. Ken then watched as Noshiko flipped the book open, revealing that there were nine long, thin slots carved into the pages, five of which contained black ceramic daggers known as kaiken, which were revealed to be the physical representations of Noshiko's Kitsune tails. He asked his wife if she had a chance to talk to Kira about her growing powers, but Noshiko admitted that she hadn't as she pulled out one of the daggers. Ken looked at her with concern and reminded her that she had already used up four of her tails before asking her how many more she was willing to sacrifice, but Noshiko insisted that she would give up all of them if it came to that. She then snapped two of her kaiken, releasing the mystical energy necessary to summon two more Oni demons from the Nemeton to fight against the Nogitsune.

In The Fox and the Wolf, Ken was in his classroom on a Saturday morning, preparing for classes for the following week, when he was confronted by the Nogitsune, who was possessing the body of Stiles Stilinski (and who, in this form, was known as Void Stiles). Void Stiles began to search through the books on Ken's shelves before demanding to know where Noshiko was keeping her last kaiken, which he knew was both the oldest and the strongest. However, Ken remained firm and claimed he had no idea what he was talking about, offering to direct him to the section on Japanese mythology in the library. Undeterred, Void Stiles summoned one of his Nogitsune flies, which he forced down Ken's throat, though Ken was able to continue to resist giving him any information despite the fly's influence.

After Void Stiles left, Ken called Noshiko, who summoned Kira and Scott McCall to the school with a jar of wild purple reishi mushrooms, which Noshiko used to help Ken expel the Nogitsune fly. Once Ken had recovered, he saw Scott hand Noshiko a photograph of her and her former lover Corporal Rhys from 1943 and insisted that Noshiko tell them the truth about what was happening. Noshiko reluctantly did as she was asked, but she made it clear that she didn't trust Scott, as foxes and wolves tend to not get along, and Ken argued that in times of war, all allies should be welcomed.

Ken went on to explain that he became a history teacher due to his fascination with World War II, and specifically the Japanese internment; it was during this research that he met Noshiko and learned about Camp Oak Creek. When Scott pointed out that Ken had told Allison and Isaac that Camp Oak Creek didn't exist, Ken brought up the Argent family's history of violence and admitted that he wasn't sure Allison could be trusted before he and Noshiko explained what they knew-- namely, that the history of the camp had been covered up as a result of a riot that killed dozens of people. It was then revealed that Noshiko was the one who originally summoned the Nogitsune afterward in order to get revenge on the military personnel in charge of the camp for covering up their misdeeds. Both Ken and Noshiko insisted that Stiles was gone, no matter how much of a best friend or brother he was to Scott, Kira, and the rest of the McCall Pack, and that the only way to defeat the Nogitsune was to kill Stiles.

Neither Scott nor Kira were willing to accept this, however, and left to try to find a better way. Once they were gone, Ken looked concerned, and Noshiko took his grim expression to mean he was worried about Noshiko's last kaiken, which she promised to put in a safe place. However, Ken replied that he was actually concerned about what they just told Scott and Kira to do, and reminded her that history has not done well in turning children into killers. However, Noshiko argued that Scott, Stiles, and Allison had played their role long before they returned to Beacon Hills, and that it was their surrogate sacrifice ritual that "let the demon out of its cage."

In Insatiable, Ken returned home to find Kira waiting for him, where she asked him where Noshiko was. Ken replied that he had no idea, but what he did know was that Noshiko tried to keep her out of the supernatural business as long as she could, to which Kira retorted that her mother should have thought about that before she had her "magically rebuild a samurai sword." He conceded that this situation must have been very strange for her and she would have to learn a great deal very quickly. He then noticed the Go board that Noshiko and Kira had set up earlier and explained that in Korea, they called the game Baduk, and detailed several of the playing styles, such as aggressive, passive, and orthodox. Kira informed him that Noshiko had her set up the game as a metaphor for Kira's fight against the Nogitsune, and that the white pieces were meant to represent him, but Ken frowned and stated that the board was actually set up in Noshiko's aggressive playing style, leading Kira to realize that Noshiko had left to deal with the Nogitsune herself.

In The Divine Move, after Allison's death, Kira and Noshiko brought Stiles, who was now no longer possessed by the Nogitsune, back to the Yukimura House. Ken insisted that Stiles wasn't safe there, but Noshiko argued that he wasn't safe anywhere. The four then discussed the fact that Allison appeared to have killed one of the Oni, something that no one but the Nogitsune had been able to do thus far. When Stiles asked what their next move was, Ken grimly responded that they needed a divine move, which Noshiko explained was a truly inspired, out-of-the-box move, the Go-equivalent to a Hail Mary when a player is losing badly. They then realized that since Noshiko captured the Nogitsune in fly form and trapped him within the roots of the Nemeton seventy years prior, that they could possibly do it again with the right container, leading them to Alan Deaton's animal clinic to ask for advice.

In 117, Ken taught a history class which included Scott, Stiles, Malia, and Kira. He lectured on the many great historic leaders who failed badly before finding success, and described one of them in order to quiz the students. He described the leader in question as having failed at business, has a nervous breakdown, was defeated by both houses of Congress, and lost as a candidate for vice-president of the United States before asking if anyone knew who he was talking about. Though several of the students raised their hands, including his own daughter Kira, Ken decided instead to call on Malia, who was clearly struggling to keep up with her coursework due to her recent re-enrollment in school, and was using two different highlighters to frantically highlight lines in her book while having another one gripped in her mouth.

Ken attempted to help Malia by giving her hints, but when she didn't know the answer, he watched her as she desperately flipped through her notes to finally figure out who he was talking about. When Scott's phone rang loudly, Ken instructed him to turn it off before turning his attention back to Malia, who was visibly floundering under the pressure. Stiles' phone rang next, and Ken, now slightly irritated, ordered him to turn it off. Finally, Ken decided to ask the class if they knew the answer, and everyone except for Malia raised their hand, embarrassing her. When another phone rang, Ken lost his patience and snapped at the class that he already told them to turn their phones off until Kira sheepishly informed him that it was his own phone that was ringing. Embarrassed, Ken checked his phone and found a text message from Lydia, who had just had a run-in with the de-aged Derek Hale, which he read aloud-- "Scott, call Lydia."

In Muted, Ken was about to take Kira to school when she found a "For Sale" sign in front of the house and stormed back inside to confront her mother Noshiko. Ken gave his wife an exasperated look and pointed out that he thought she was going to tell Kira what was going on, forcing Noshiko to sarcastically inform Kira that a "For Sale" sign is used to tell others that a house is for sale when the owners are moving. Kira was appalled by this news, and when Noshiko reminded her that they made it clear that their move to Beacon Hills was always meant to be temporary, Kira argued that that was before Noshiko told her she was a Kitsune and said she had to kill Stiles, one of the only friends she has made in Beacon Hills. Kira went on to say that they needed to stay in town because Beacon Hills High School desperately needed Ken as a teacher, but Ken remarked that before they moved there, he was a professor at Columbia University in New York, implying that it was a much more prestigious position than the job he currently had. When Kira insisted that she couldn't leave her packmates Stiles, Malia, and Lydia, Ken and Noshiko then suggested that Kira was actually worried about leaving Scott, who they claimed was her boyfriend.

Later that evening, Noshiko was in the middle of setting out hors d'oerves for the attendants for their open house event, along with flyers that had the asking price and details about the home. She called out to Ken to ask him why no one had showed up yet, and he returned inside with the "For Sale" sign that had been in the front yard, implying that the fact that the sign appeared to have been sliced into several pieces by a sharp blade was the reason why no one knew of the open house. When Noshiko called out to Kira, the scene cut to Kira in her bedroom, where she was spinning her lacrosse stick like a sword. She smirked, indicating that she had cut up the sign with her katana.

In I.E.D., Ken followed Kira out of history class and stated that it wasn't so much that he and Noshiko wanted to talk to her as it was that they were wondering if Kira had anything she wanted to tell them. When Ken implied that it was something important, Kira assumed that he was talking about the revelation of the Deadpool, a hit-list of supernatural creatures that she and Lydia had found in three pieces, the first of which had her listed with a bounty of $6 million, along with Lydia ($20 million), Scott ($25 million), and Derek ($15 million). She insisted that she was going to tell him about the Deadpool, the murders, and the assassins, but she didn't want to worry him. Ken, overwhelmed by this information, pulled out Kira's lacrosse jersey from his briefcase bag and stated that he was actually talking about the fact that she had joined the lacrosse team and hadn't told him. Kira, feeling awkward about confessing about the more-dangerous Deadpool secret, snatched the lacrosse jersey from his hands and walked away, causing Ken to shout out after her, "Deadpool?!"

In Weaponized, Ken, who was at the high school grading papers, was asked to fill in for Coach Finstock as a PSAT proctor when the latter fell ill with the modified canine distemper virus engineered by The Chemist, who had been acting as a proctor as well and intended to use the virus to kill and gain the bounties of Scott (worth $25 million), Kira (worth $6 million), and Malia (worth $4 million). When all of the juniors taking the test began to fall ill, the CDC was called in to quarantine the school. After noticing Scott's absence, Ken began to look for him, eventually finding him in the boy's locker room, where he had lost control of his Werewolf transformation (specifically his fangs, claws, and Alpha-red glowing eyes) as a result of the virus and who instructed Ken to go find Stiles.

Ken returned to the locker room with Stiles, Malia, and Kira, the latter of whom needed to get out of sight after she accidentally discharged a bolt of foxfire when one of the doctors attempted to take her blood. Ken watched Scott closely as he tried his best to keep his transformation in check, grimly informing the young Werewolf that his eyes were still flashing back and forth between their usual human brown and his Alpha-red glowing irises before turning to Malia, who was also having difficulty controlling her Werecoyote transformation and couldn't get her claws to retract.

Realizing that the McCall Pack members needed to quarantine themselves from the quarantine to prevent exposing their supernatural nature to the Humans around them, Ken found a blueprint of the school in order to help the kids find a back entrance to the Hale Vault, which was both secure enough to prevent anyone else from finding them and also strong enough to hold the werecreatures in case the virus made them violent. When Stiles nearly fainted next to Ken, he helped the young boy back to his feet and noticed that he had developed a rash on his wrist that indicated that he, like the others, had been infected. When Ken turned his attention to Kira, she insisted that she didn't feel sick, but Ken brought out Kira's test form and showed her that she had unintentionally made circles in the margins instead of in the bubbles, which indicated that the virus was affecting her neurologically instead of physically due to the fact that she was not the same kind of shapeshifter as Scott and Malia. He then helped the teens down into the basement, where they were able to successfully gain entry to the Hale Vault thanks to Malia's status as a member of the Hale Family.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Ken was mentioned by Noshiko when she presented Kira with her first tail, which had been made from the shard of obsidian that Kira used to cut her palms in order to trigger her accelerated healing ability for the first time. Noshiko explained that Ken had taken the liberty of making alterations to the obsidian, carving it into the shape of a hira-shuriken, or throwing star.

In Creatures of the Night, Ken, Noshiko, and Kira, who had spent the summer in New York visiting family and friends, were stuck in traffic on Route 117 on their way back to Beacon Hills due to a jack-knifed tractor trailer. When Kira brought up that she was going to be late for Senior Scribe, Noshiko voiced her concern that the event sounded like vandalism, though Ken stuck up for Kira. He also found amusement in Kira's insistence that she was going to walk to the high school, especially when it started raining and Kira, embarrassed, stated that she was going to wait until it passed. While they were waiting, Ken remarked on the fact that there were legends about the kind of thunderstorms that they were currently experiencing, and when Kira groaned that she didn't want to turn their forced family interaction to turn into an educational moment, Noshiko added that Ken was talking about the Wild Hunt and explained a little about them, including the fact that they were Ghost Riders who collected souls with their hounds and steeds. Ken and Noshiko were then shocked when Scott appeared on his motorbike to take Kira to Senior Scribe.

In Parasomnia, Ken was teaching a history class when he saw that Liam Dunbar had yet to sit down at his seat due to being forced to sit next to Hayden Romero, his childhood nemesis. He asked Liam if he planned to stand up for the entire lesson, and when Liam insisted upon remaining on his feet, he ordered Liam to finally take his seat so he could start his class.

Later that day, Ken taught a Driver's Education class, during which time he gave Malia Tate a one-on-one driving lesson. However, Malia, having little experience with cars since the accident that killed her adoptive mother and sister, was not having much luck with her attempt at driving, though she seemed to be exhilarated by her time behind the wheel. Unfortunately, when she accelerated, she triggered a repressed memory of the car accident, causing her to zone out, run over several of the obstacles on the driving course, and nearly drive into a nearby school bus until she snapped out of it. The two got out of the vehicle, and when Malia asked Ken how she did, he looked alarmed by the run-over obstacles and politely replied, "There's room for improvement."

In Dreamcatchers, Ken was once again teaching Hayden and Liam's history class when they realized that Tracy Stewart (who, unbeknownst to anyone, was a Chimera in the middle of a horrifying night terror) had taken a seat in the back. After Liam had run to get Scott to assist them, the two joined Ken at the front of the room when fire alarm went off. All of them were concerned when Tracy grabbed Hayden roughly by the wrist and insisted that "They're coming for all of us," and when Tracy then proceeded to pass out and vomit modified mercury on the floor, Ken helped Scott, Stiles and Malia sneak the unconscious Tracy out of the school to the animal clinic for an examination by Alan Deaton.

In Strange Frequencies, Ken asked Kira to help him bring models of historical artifacts into his classroom on a Saturday morning, and once they made it there, he left her alone in the classroom under the guise of grabbing the last box. However, his real reason for bringing her to the high school was so that Noshiko could test her inner Kitsune spirit by challenging her to a katana duel. He left the women to spar, staying out in the hall while Noshiko overpowered Kira in their fight. However, when he saw Noshiko coax out Kira's inner Fox spirit, who took control and leaped toward Noshiko so hard that she sliced Noshiko's katana blade in half with her own sword, Ken ran into the room and plunged Kira's obsidian Kitsune tail into the desk to distract her enough to get back in control. Ken looked concerned as Noshiko informed Kira that it wasn't Kira who almost killed her, but the Kitsune spirit within her.

That night, Noshiko went into Kira's bedroom to check on her, and when she found Kira's bed empty, she called Ken into her room to see for herself. He gaped in horror when he saw that she had taken the acupuncture pins from her back and written "115" on the headboard of her bed.

In Ouroboros, Ken, upon learning that Kira had been arrested for murdering a Chimera whose body was found at the McCall House with Kira's katana belt in her chest, he and Noshiko arrived at the Sheriff's station to help her. Once they had arrived, Ken immediately confessed to having killed the Chimera, claiming that she had broken into their house and that he had defended himself with one of the replica swords from his collection. Sheriff Stilinski, knowing that Ken was lying to cover for Kira and being determined to stop his habit of allowing the supernatural community to break human laws, asked Ken how the Chimera ended up in the McCall's house, Noshiko spoke for Ken by answering that the young woman wasn't quite dead after Ken attacked her.

Despite the Sheriff clearly not believing Ken, and Kira vehemently protesting against her father's attempts to protect her, Ken insisted that he had already called his lawyer and that he was willing to be taken into custody without resistance. Since Ken had confessed to the crime, the Sheriff had no choice but to arrest him for the crime and release Kira from police custody. Later that night, when the Chimera's body was stolen by the Hellhound, Jordan Parrish, the police were forced to drop the charges against Ken and release him as well. Afterward, since Kira had finally finished reading The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack and had triggered her repressed memory of the Dread Doctors experimenting on her and overpowering her Kitsune spirit, Ken, Noshiko, and Kira ultimately made the decision to leave Beacon Hills to try to find help for Kira.

In Codominance, Ken was referenced by Scott in a conversation with Stiles when Scott mentioned that Ken had informed him that Kira and Noshiko had gone to Shiprock, New Mexico, to try to get help for Kira, and it was this information that led Scott and Stiles to drive there to bring her back in their mission to reunite the pack.

In The Sword and the Spirit, Ken summoned Kira, who had just returned to Beacon Hills with Noshiko, to his classroom so they could discuss their new plan to help reign in Kira's out-of-control Kitsune spirit. He took her katana-belt from her, and when Kira protested that she was useless to the pack without her weapon, Ken reminded her that she already knew how to fight. He went on to quote Napoleon Bonaparte-- "There are only two forces in the world: the sword, and the spirit. In the long run, the sword will always be conquered by the spirit"-- to remind her that she had her own power outside of her Kitsune identity.

When Kira retorted that she thought it was her spirit she was trying to conquer, Ken sternly pointed out that her own spirit was stronger than that of the Fox. He went on to insist that since her sword was the gateway to the Fox, and the Fox was too dangerous, she could no longer use her katana. Much to Kira's displeasure, Ken proceeded to twist the grip of the katana to disconnect the blade from the source of mystical power that allowed it to turn back and forth from a sword to a belt, causing the blade to break up into a dozen or more pieces on the desktop.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, Kira asked Ken to come into her room to ask his permission to reassemble her sword. When Ken pointed out that doing so was dangerous, Kira added that she had hoped he wouldn't tell Noshiko, Ken laughed and pointed out that doing so was also dangerous. He listened as Kira explained that while she knows that the sword is the gateway to the Fox, which is too powerful, she also needed the sword to help her friends. Ken responded that control was necessary to controlling the Fox, but Kira argued that she had more than 800 years to learn control, and that her friends needed her help now to save Mason Hewitt from being consumed by the Beast of Gevaudan. Realizing how dire the situation was, Ken sighed and explained that her sword was forged with a specific kind of power, and that she would need additional power to put it back together, and though he did not say this on screen, it was implied that he meant Kira would have to return to Shiprock to ask the Skinwalkers to help put the sword back together.


Ken is a man who has proven himself to be compassionate, loyal, intelligent, and funny throughout his time on the series. He is a teacher with a passion for history and works hard to make sure that his students are well-versed in it, believing wholeheartedly that those who fail to acknowledge history will be doomed to repeat it. He has demonstrated knowledge in a wide range of areas, including history, strategy, Asian culture, weaponry, and supernatural/mythological facts.

He also cares greatly for the well-being of others, especially that of his wife Noshiko, his daughter Kira, and the members of Kira's pack, even going so far as to help them protect the citizens of Beacon Hills whenever possible. His family appears to be very precious to him, and he has never shied away from the supernatural, as evidenced by the fact that he enthusiastically married a Kitsune who was many centuries older than him and even had a daughter with her in spite of knowing that both women, as powerful Fox spirits with enhanced longevity, would most certainly outlive him.

Physical Appearance

Ken is a good-looking middle-aged man who is quite tall and lean with olive skin, dark brown almond-shaped eyes, and straight black hair. He is often dressed in suits for his job as a teacher, usually in gray, blue, or black, with light blue or white dress shirts, neutral-colored ties, and leather loafers. On his off days, he prefers to still maintain somewhat formal dress by wearing khakis and sweater-vests.


As a human, Ken has no supernatural powers to speak of. However, he is extremely knowledgeable in numerous fields, including history, mythology, and strategy, making him a valuable ally to the McCall Pack. He is also an experienced weapons-maker and appears to be quite skilled in swordplay, given his collection of katanas and other bladed weapons at his home.


  • Ken: The name Ken could either be a Japanese name derived from the word 健 (ken), meaning "healthy, strong," or it could be a diminutive of the name Kenneth, which is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic names Coinneach (derived from the Gaelic caoin, meaning "handsome") and Cínead (a Gaelic name meaning "born of fire"). Variants of the name in other languages include: Jian (Chinese); Kennith, Kenith (English); Kennet (Danish, Norwegian, Danish); Cainneach, Cionaodh (Irish Gaelic); Cináed (Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic); Coinneach (Scottish Gaelic).
  • Yukimura: Yukimura is a locational family name stemming from the Japanese 雪 (yuki) meaning "snow," or "happy" and 村 (mura) meaning "town, village."


  • According to showrunner Jeff Davis in an interview, Ken is a skilled weapons maker who not only crafted the shard of obsidian that Kira brought back from La Iglesia into a shuriken to represent her first tail, but who also created her katana-belt, likely with help from Noshiko.
  • Though "Yukimura" is a Japanese surname, Ken is actually South Korean, and he took Noshiko's name when they were married in Japan due to the country's law that every married couple must belong to the same koseki, or family.
  • Ken is the only recurring human character in the series who has married a supernatural creature, giving him a unique perspective with regards to the supernatural community and the drama it causes.