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I know you can hear me! I need your help. Maybe I failed your test. Maybe I don't have control yet. But I'll do whatever I have to--whatever it takes! Tell me how to save my friends!

Kira Ga-Yoon Yukimura is a recurring character in Season 3 and a main character in Seasons 4 and 5 of MTV's Teen Wolf. She is the daughter of the human history teacher Ken Yukimura, and the 900-year-old Celestial Kitsune Noshiko Yukimura. Kira's parents moved to Beacon Hills, California in the fall of 2011, where she enrolled at Beacon Hills High School. Unbeknownst to Kira at the time, her family really moved to Beacon Hills so that Noshiko could kill a powerful Nogitsune that she summoned in 1943, who had been released from its mystical prison several weeks before their arrival.

Kira soon discovers that she, too, is a Kitsune—specifically a Thunder Kitsune, one with control over both electricity and foxfire—when her supernatural abilities began to manifest just before their move. It didn't take long before Kira was thrust into the supernatural world of Beacon Hills, where she helped the McCall Pack defeat the Nogitsune without having to kill her friend Stiles Stilinski. Kira slowly began to learn control over her abilities while continuing to fight both human and supernatural enemies alongside her friends. She was in a romantic relationship with Scott McCall and is best friends with Malia Tate and Lydia Martin.

At the beginning of Season 5, the Dread Doctors performed a procedure on Kira with a lightning rod, causing her Kitsune powers and spirit to become overpowered and putting her Fox side and her Human side out of balance. Her inner Fox spirit then began taking control of Kira periodically, to the point where she even killed a Chimera in a fugue state, causing Kira to struggle to maintain a grip on the Kitsune spirit inside of her.

This led Noshiko, who was desperate to save her daughter's life, to bring Kira to Shiprock, New Mexico to meet with a trio of Skinwalkers who had experience with these issues. Though Kira initially spurned their help after failing their test, Kira ultimately returned to Shiprock after helping the pack deal with the Beast of Gevaudan so that she can train and finally learn control over her abilities with the Skinwalkers' help, telling Scott that she was willing to stay there as long as it takes for her to master her Kitsune abilities and ensure that she'll never hurt an innocent person again. As of the end of Season 6, Kira is still presumably training with the Skinwalkers in New Mexico.

Kira is a member of the Yukimura Family and was a member of the McCall Pack. She is currently a student of the Skinwalkers in Shiprock, New Mexico and was formerly a student at Beacon Hills High School.

Early life[]

Not much is known about Kira's life before moving to Beacon Hills, except that she lived in New York City (where she was presumably born) with her parents while her father taught history at Columbia University. ("Galvanize"), ("Muted") A couple of months before Kira and her family moved to Beacon Hills, she noticed that when she took photos of herself with the flash on, a fiery-looking aura would appear around her, something she didn't share with anyone until after she met Scott McCall several weeks after her family's move to California. ("Illuminated") According to Kira, she had a lot of friends at her old school in New York, and it wasn't until she moved to Beacon Hills that she found herself having difficulties making new friends. ("Muted") She also apparently has friends and family in New York, as she and her parents returned to their former hometown for the entire summer in 2012. ("Creatures of the Night")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

Kira made her first appearance in Anchors, where she was introduced to her father's history class at Beacon Hills High School. Ken brought up the fact that she had yet to have any friends over since they moved to Beacon Hills three weeks earlier, much to Kira's embarrassment. However, Scott McCall turned to look at her and seemed immediately smitten, which helped alleviate the awkwardness. In the hallway after class, Kira was complaining about Ken's embarrassing behavior when she suddenly noticed that something was wrong with Scott; unbeknownst to her, Scott was losing control of his Werewolf transformation, and she watched in confusion as Stiles Stilinski quickly ushered him into a classroom to get away from prying eyes.

Later that day, Kira overheard Scott, Stiles, Allison Argent, Lydia Martin, and Isaac Lahey talking at lunch about Scott, Allison, and Stiles's recent near-death experiences and the horrifying side effects they had been suffering since and went over to talk to them. She nervously informed them that she thought she knew what they were talking about and started to explain what she knew about the Buddhist concept of Bardo, which had side effects similar to the ones that they were experiencing, including auditory and visual hallucinations and being visited by peaceful and wrathful deities, such as demons. When Lydia somewhat rudely asked her what her name was, Scott jumped into the conversation and replied that her name was Kira, which made Kira smile, and explained that she was in his history class. Allison asked what happened during the end of the progressive states of Bardo, Kira answered that it was "death," not realizing how serious their current situation was.

In More Bad Than Good, Kira approached Scott before history class started, where she informed him that she had done some more research for him on Bardo to help clarify her "all over the place" explanation of the concept the previous day. Scott, appreciative of her help, stated that she didn't have to go through all that trouble while she was searching for the research in her book bag, and Kira absentmindedly replied that it only took her a few hours, a gesture by which Scott seemed to be genuinely touched. Finally, Ken approached Kira with the stack of Bardo printouts Kira collected and remarked that she "forgot all that research she did for that boy she likes," which once again embarrassed Kira, though Scott seemed flattered that she had a crush on him. Kira awkwardly took her seat and watched as her father started class.

When Stiles was asked to come up to the front of the class and read an excerpt from their book, Kira watched as he nervously went to the podium to read. Unfortunately for Stiles, the side-effects from his death and resurrection (along with, unbeknownst to anyone else, the fact that he was currently possessed by the weakened Nogitsune) caused him to hallucinate that the words were falling off the page and led him to have a panic attack in front of the class. Kira looked worried as Scott helped Stiles get to the locker room to calm him down, and after the bell rang, she saw that they had both forgotten their book bags and picked them up so she could return them.

However, what she didn't know was that Stiles' book bag contained a baby doll that he had taken from the scene of the car accident where Malia Tate, a Werecoyote, had inadvertently killed her adoptive mother and sister on her first full moon several years earlier, which led Malia, in full-coyote form, to chase Kira into the locker room in an attempt to get it back. Kira dropped the bags and hid behind a row of lockers, where she was eventually found by Scott, who knocked over the lockers to scare Malia away, though he did not explain the coyote's true identity to Kira.

When the Sheriff's department arrived to check out the scene, Ken asked Kira why she was in the locker room instead of the cafeteria with the rest of the students, and Kira glumly replied that she was just trying to do something nice for Scott and Stiles, since she thought that doing something nice would help her make friends, not realizing that Scott was eavesdropping on this conversation and had made a mental note to be friendly to her in the future.

In Galvanize, Stiles caught Scott checking out Kira while she was at her locker, and when Stiles saw her drop her books onto the floor, he remarked that he could tell Scott liked Kira and that he should ask her out, though Scott seemed too shy to do so. Later that afternoon, Kira was eating lunch with her father Ken in his classroom, where he brought up the fact that she should be eating with her friends in the cafeteria. Kira suggested that she just wanted to keep him company, but Ken retorted that she should be embarrassed to be seen with him before getting to the true reason Kira was there, which was that she was still having trouble making friends in Beacon Hills.

Kira ruefully replied that she had plenty of friends back in New York, but that every time she tries to get to know someone here, she starts rambling like an idiot. Ken quoted Samuel Beckett, "Try again. Fail again. Fail better," and assured her that someone would take interest soon enough, even after Kira reminded him that the only person who showed her interest was a "rabid coyote". Not knowing that Scott was eavesdropping once again outside the room, Kira insisted that she didn't want a boyfriend, but that she did want to make some friends.

After school, Kira was in her lounge clothes in her bedroom when Ken returned home from school to inform her that she needed to change into something nice because he invited a guest to dinner. As if on cue, the doorbell of the Yukimura House rang, and Ken added that he was calling that night the "Thank you for saving my daughter from being a coyote dinner" dinner and opened the door to reveal he had invited Scott to eat with them. Kira, embarrassed about being in her sweats, smiled awkwardly before going into her bedroom to change. Shortly afterward, Scott and Kira joined Ken and Kira's mother, Noshiko at the table, where Ken had prepared a platter of fancy sushi.

When it became obvious that Scott had never had sushi before, Kira groaned in embarrassment before reminding her parents that they were supposed to have lasagna, but Scott, wanting to make a good impression, insisted that he could eat anything. However, when he began to struggle with his chopsticks, Kira helped him learn how to use them properly, and when he dropped his piece of sushi while he was trying to eat it, Kira caught it in mid-air and cutely fed it to him, leading her parents to realize that she did indeed have feelings for him. Kira, Scott, Noshiko, and Ken continued to make polite small talk at dinner, during which time Scott remarked that Yukimura was a Japanese name. Kira rolled her eyes as Ken explained that while Noshiko was Japanese, he himself was Korean and that he chose to take her name because of her family's unique heritage, as well as because they married in Japan, where couples were required to belong to the same koseki, or family. When Ken added that he was going to do a unit in his history class on Noshiko's lineage, Kira became embarrassed, to which Noshiko scolded her about being proud of her heritage. Just then, Kira realized that all of Scott's wasabi was gone, and Scott, whose mouth and throat was burning, gasped that he thought it was guacamole.

After the somewhat disastrous dinner, Kira took Scott to her room, where she brought a Hawaiian pizza she had ordered for her and Scott to eat, admitting that she probably should have started him on the simpler California rolls as she and Scott had their post-dinner snack. At the end of the evening, Kira walked Scott out to his motorbike, during which time he thanked her for having him and joked that the pizza, not the sushi, was good. Kira remarked that he was a good guy, and not just because he saved her from being eaten by a coyote; when Scott asked her what else he did, she smiled and reminded him that he remembered her name. However, just before Scott was about to leave, William Barrow appeared with a crowbar and knocked Scott out with it by hitting him over the head before capturing Kira. Meanwhile, at the high school, Stiles and Lydia had just found a code left on the chalkboard that instructed Barrow to kill Kira and immediately went to find Scott so they could save her.

Barrow brought Kira to the electric substation where he used to work and tied her up to a chain-link fence near the electrical generators. He then threatened her with a large electrical wire that he had cut, which was life and shooting sparks from the end. He took her cell phone out of her pocket and used it to take a picture of her as proof of their time together before asking her if she had ever seen the original 1960's black and white movie Village of the Damned. He explained that it was a film about beautiful, blonde-haired children with glowing eyes who could force people to do things and that he, too, had seen children with glowing eyes, but when he tried to tell the authorities what he saw, they just laughed at him.

He went on to say that he planned to shake them out of their paralysis with Kira and picked up the live wire in order to shock her with it, only for Scott to appear behind him and distract him. Kira attempted to order Scott to run away, but Scott insisted that Kira wasn't the one he wanted, as he had determined that Barrow wanted supernatural teenagers and had assumed that Kira was a regular human. Unfortunately for Scott, Barrow hit him with the live wire, sending him flying back against the fence surrounding a generator and weakening him with the electricity he could do nothing to stop Barrow from holding the wire toward Kira's face. However, before it could make contact, Kira's Kitsune powers activated for the first time as a defense mechanism and caused all of the generators in the substation to explode in showers of bluish-white foxfire, hitting Barrow with such force that it electrocuted him to death and causing a city-wide blackout due to the damage to the generators. Scott then watched in shock as Kira, who was completely stunned herself, unconsciously absorbed all of the foxfire through the palms of her hands, neither one understanding what she had just done.

In Illuminated, Kira, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia were brought into the Sheriff's station to be questioned by Special Agent McCall and Sheriff Stilinski on what happened at the electric substation. Kira remained quiet while the rest of the teens, who were more experienced in these matters, talked in circles to distract Agent McCall from what had really happened. However, when the FBI agent asked Kira if their account was truly what had happened, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia stared at Kira until she weakly insisted that it was the truth. When Kira asked Agent McCall if she could have her phone back, he denied her request, informing her that it was evidence in the case before handing it to a deputy to put in the evidence lock-up. He then informed Kira that she could go home after she filled out some paperwork regarding the attack.

When Kira got home that night, she lit a candle in her room before nervously grabbing her digital camera and taking a photograph of herself with the flash in front of a mirror. When she looked at the photo on the viewfinder, she became even more anxious when she saw that there is a fiery-looking aura around her in it. The next day at school, the fact that the town was still affected by the blackout was the talk of the town, though only the McCall Pack knew that it was Kira who had caused it. When Scott attempted to talk to Kira, Stiles immediately stopped him, as he (incorrectly) suspected that Kira was yet another "psychopathic monster" who was trying to kill them, and insisted that Scott avoid any interaction with her until they figured out what she was. Scott thought that she was just like him, a Werewolf, but Stiles reminded him that she walked through "1.21 jiggawatts" of electricity without harm, which meant she wasn't like him. Scott continued to stare at Kira anyway, which she noticed before turning and rushing away from them.

At lunch, Kira was sitting against the wall in the corner of one of the hallways when Scott walked over and sat next to her. She instantly told him she didn't want to talk about what happened, so Scott respected her wishes and instead brought up the pre-calculus test that they had on Friday. After a moment, Kira changed her mind about talking about what had happened the previous night and asked Scott if he had his phone. When Scott replied that he did, Kira informed him that she was going to show him something that no one else had seen and instructed him to take a photo of her with the flash on.

Scott did as he was asked, and when he saw the photo he had taken on his phone, he, too, was shocked to see the fiery aura around her and asked her what it was. Kira admitted that she had no idea and that it had just started happening several months earlier and only showed up with the flash on. She then nervously confessed that the only other person who knew was William Barrow, who used her own phone to take a picture of her to prove it. Scott realized that this was why Kira was so intent on getting her phone back from the deputies, and when Kira admitted that she was afraid of what the authorities would think if they saw the photos, Scott vowed to help Kira get her phone back.

That night, Scott and Kira met up with Stiles in the back parking lot of the Sheriff's station, where Stiles gave them copies of the key cards to the doors in the station that he cloned with an RFID emulator. Kira nervously pulled Scott aside and asked him if he told Stiles about what she told him, but when Scott assured her that he didn't and had instead lied that Kira had naked photos on her phone she didn't want the deputies to see, Kira happily remarked that it was a good idea before they returned to Stiles, who gave them directions to the evidence lock-up but ultimately warned them that if they got caught, he couldn't help them, thanks to Agent McCall's current impeachment case against his father, Sheriff Stilinski.

The two thanked Stiles before sneaking into the station and into the evidence lock-up, which was also doubling as Agent McCall's office. When they found Kira's phone was dead, they frantically searched the office for a charger cable and continued to hide in the room while Stiles distracted Agent McCall against his own earlier protests. When Kira saw the screensaver on the laptop Kira was using to charge her phone, she wondered aloud who was in it, leading Scott to reveal it was a photo of him as a child with his father.

They somehow managed to successfully delete all the photos of Kira's aura from her phone and put it back where they found it before sneaking out, where Kira, exhilarated by the rush of adrenaline caused by their criminal act, exclaimed that their sneak-in was both terrifying and awesome before asking Scott and Stiles if they've ever done anything like that before. Once their buzz wore off, Scott awkwardly remarked that he should probably get Kira home, to which Kira frowned in disappointment before agreeing with him. However, once the two got on Scott's motorbike, he mustered up enough nerve to ask Kira if she wanted to go to a party at Derek's loft, and she excitedly accepted his offer.

Scott, Kira, and Stiles arrived at the party, which was being thrown by Danny Mahealani and the twins, Ethan and Aiden at Derek's loft without Derek's knowledge, to find hundreds of people in various stages of dress who were all drinking and covered in UV paint that was illuminated by the blacklights around the room. When Stiles went off to find Caitlin, Scott, seeing that Kira was getting bumped around by the crowds of people, took her hand in his so they wouldn't be separated. Kira, overwhelmed with affection for Scott, thanked him for everything that he had done for her, but when she saw Scott and his ex-girlfriend Allison Argent staring at each other from across the room, she became disappointed and let go of his hand before walking through the crowd. When Scott realized she was gone, he allowed his Werewolf eyes to come out so that he could more easily find Kira in the crowd; to his surprise, he realized when he found Kira that his Werewolf sight could see the fiery aura that surrounded her, and that it took the shape of a fox, which wasn't visible on the photos he had seen of her.

Kira ended up catching back up with Scott before the two headed up to the roof of Derek's loft so they could talk privately. She informed him that he had UV paint on his face, and when he was unable to get it himself, she licked her thumb and wiped it off for him, causing Scott to laugh and tease her for "mom-ing" him. After a moment of awkward silence, Kira asked Scott how he was so okay with everything that he had learned about her, pointing out that anyone else who had seen her aura and her electrokinesis would be running as far away as possible from her. Scott assured her that it wasn't that bad and corrected her when she stated that she looked like a "demon from hell," instead of pointing out that her aura looked like armor that was protecting her. When she asked him what shape it took, Scott hesitated before replying that it looked like a fox, which seemed to trigger something in Kira's memory.

Several minutes later, Scott heard Derek's howl for help after the latter had awoken following an encounter with the Oni (though they didn't know what the creatures were at the time) and accompanied Kira back to the party to investigate. When they got there, they found that nearly all of the party attendants had left, leaving only Scott, Kira, Derek, Allison, Isaac Lahey, Ethan, Aiden, and five Oni. Since the Oni had already checked and branded Isaac, Derek, Lydia, and Ethan, they then set their sights on Aiden, causing Derek and Scott to start to fight with the Oni while Kira watched in horror from the corner.

However, the two were quickly defeated by the Oni, allowing them to go after Aiden, who also branded him with the jiko kanji as they had the others. When the Oni then turned their focus to Kira, Scott, who had avoided shifting into Werewolf form thus far, let his red eyes, fangs, and claws come out as he positioned himself in front of Kira to protect her as he growled at them. When he looked back at Kira to make sure she was okay, he saw her eyes widen in shock when she realized that he wasn't human. However, before the Oni could do anything more, the sun rose and caused them all to dissolve into black smoke before teleporting away.

In Silverfinger, Kira returned home from the party that morning and flopped onto her bed before experiencing a flashback to just a few minutes earlier when Scott dropped her off on his motorcycle. While she was getting off of his bike, she hesitantly asked him if he and his friends were Werewolves, which he confirmed, though it was clear he was sure she would react with fear like everyone else who had learned about his supernatural identity. However, Kira was actually quite excited to learn that Werewolves were real and asked Scott if he would show her his transformation; although he was reluctant to do so, he ultimately complied. She smiled as she touched his Werewolf face, and Scott was so shocked by how open and accepting she was about his secret that his eyes unconsciously went from Alpha red to their usual human brown.

A few hours later, Kira arrived at school and saw Scott talking to Ethan and Aiden about the events of the previous night, such as their run-in with the Oni and the fact that the twins believed Scott was their next target. The sight of Kira led Scott to realize that the Oni could be after her since she had recently displayed supernatural powers of her own. After school, Kira removed the spark plugs from Ethan and Aiden's motorcycles to give her and Scott a head start to the McCall House to prepare for nightfall since that was when they believed the Oni would return. At Scott's house, Kira helped Scott lock all the doors and windows, and seemed surprised when Scott explained that his boss, Alan Deaton, had installed a "security system" in the house that only his mother Melissa could arm.

They then went up to Scott's room, where Kira insisted that she didn't want anyone to get hurt because of her, especially Scott himself, but Scott assured her that it could be either of them that the Oni was after. However, Kira maintained that she wasn't so sure and pulled out a book that she found at her house on Japanese mythology, explaining that she believed she was a Kitsune, a trickster spirit. She then showed him the pages on Kitsune, which detailed Kitsune traits such as foxfire, a form of fire or lightning that resembled the electricity she discharged when William Barrow tried to kill her several days earlier.

She also explained that, according to the lore, foxes and wolves don't get along, only for Scott to remind her that it was simply a story in a children's book and nothing more. When Kira brought up that she told her parents she would be home for dinner, Scott insisted that she stay so he could protect her from the threat of the Oni, suggesting that she tell her parents she was on a date when Kira wondered what her excuse would be. The two were about to kiss when they suddenly heard the front door open, leading Scott to assume that his mother was finally home to arm their "security system."

However, when they went downstairs, they were both shocked to see Scott's father, Rafael McCall, standing in the dining room instead, looking very unhappy. Knowing that the Oni could be coming as soon as the sun went down, Kira watched Scott as he angrily confronted his father about being there in hopes of getting him to leave as soon as possible; unfortunately for them all, this only served to anger Rafael more, and he went on to show them the photo his laptop had taken of Scott and Kira when they broke into his office to delete the photos of Kira's aura off of her phone.

When he demanded an explanation as to why they had broken into his office, Kira looked as though she was about to tell the truth when Melissa finally returned home to find Scott yelling at his father to get out of the house. When she asked them to explain what was going on, Kira noticed the sun setting and tried to warn Scott about it, but it was too late-- as soon as the sky became dark, three Oni used the shadows to appear in the living room. Rafael saw them and believed them to simply be costumed intruders, and when he demanded to know who they were, the Oni perceived him as impeding their mission and stabbed him in the shoulder with their ninjato, leading Kira to scream in horror.

Just then, Derek Hale burst through the front door, fully wolfed-out, and roared at the Oni before engaging in a fight with them, leading Scott to do the same. Kira backed away from the fight and watched in horror as Melissa dragged Rafael out of the way to assess his injuries. She became even more frightened when Ethan and Aiden jumped through the windows to help in the fight, allowing the four Werewolves to wrangle the Oni outside just in time for Melissa to break a jar of Mountain Ash in the threshold to keep them out.

Kira, who had never seen Mountain Ash before, looked at it curiously and held out her hand toward the barrier between the inside of the house and the Oni outside. Aiden happened to see Kira's hand repelled by the barrier and was shocked to learn that she was supernatural as well, as he did not know that Scott was already aware of this fact. Intent to prove himself to Scott and under the belief that she may be a threat, he started to question Kira on what she was; when Ethan, not knowing what was going on, tried to get his brother to calm down, he grabbed Kira by the wrist and put her hand up toward the Mountain Ash barrier again to show him that she couldn't pass through it either.

When he once again demanded to know what she was, Derek entered the room and informed him that she was obviously a Kitsune, pointing out that they could see her aura all around her if they used their Werewolf eyes. Kira, shocked to have her suspicions confirmed, seemed intrigued as Derek explained that younger Kitsune give off an aura that they need to learn how to hide, and stated that she likely didn't know what type she was, either.

This led Kira to become convinced that she was the evil spirit that the Oni was hunting, and she argued with Scott that since tricksters were supposed to trick people with their shapeshifting, the evil spirit could easily be her. However, Scott assured her that he has seen evil creatures and that he knows she's not one of them. Scott got a phone call from Allison, who had just talked to Katashi about Kitsune, specifically the Nogitsune who the Oni was hunting, just as the Oni had finally broken through the Mountain Ash barrier.

This led Scott to instruct Ethan, Aiden, and Derek to stand down before he took Kira's hand and asked her if she trusted him. When she nodded in confirmation, he led her in front of the Oni so they could test them, since Allison had told Scott that they wouldn't hurt them as long as they passed their test. Once Scott and Kira's test from the Oni was finished, they branded the jiko kanji behind their ears like they did the others and disappeared. They were both so weak that they both collapsed onto the floor, and Derek and the twins rushed over to assure them that they were okay as they helped their allies recover.

In Riddled, Kira was studying on her bed around midnight when she leaned over to turn on the lamp on her bedside table. Upon turning the dial, she found that her light bulb had burned out and called out to her mother to see if they had any extra ones. When she took the lampshade off and prepared to unscrew the dead bulb, small bolts of foxfire discharged from her fingertips and briefly lit the bulb, causing her to jerk her hand away. Stunned and somewhat curious about this involuntary display of her powers, Kira reached over to grab the light bulb again and looked surprised as the bulb lit up brighter and brighter as her foxfire-tipped fingers powered it up.

Suddenly, the bulb exploded due to being overwhelmed by her power, just as Noshiko walked into the room. She was visibly displeased by Kira's growing powers and sternly asked her what she did, but when Kira quickly insisted it was just an accident, Noshiko argued that it was far too late for her to be awake before she removed the remainder of the broken light bulb from the lamp. When Noshiko replaced it with a fresh bulb, her fingers also sparked it with foxfire, though she was able to quickly control it, unlike her daughter. Kira looked at her with a shocked expression, but Noshiko simply gave her a look and finished her task before insisting she go to bed, giving Kira no room to question her further and leaving her alone to continue to ruminate over her still-mysterious supernatural identity and anything else her mother may be hiding from her.

The next day at school, Kira tried to talk to Scott in the hallway, but he was so distracted by the revelation that his best friend Stiles might have the same illness that killed his mother, Claudia that he didn't hear her call out to him. She was then approached by Derek Hale, who assured her that Scott was just preoccupied with other things rather than being mad at her and offered her his assistance to make up for it. When Kira asked her why he would want to help her, Derek explained that he wanted her to tell her everything that happened at the electrical substation when William Barrow kidnapped her.

The two then went to the substation together, where Kira showed Derek where Barrow had tied her up. While they were looking around, Derek saw Stiles' aluminum baseball bat magnetically attached to one of the transformers and realized that a skid mark on the floor was due to the bat dragging along the floor as it was magnetically drawn to the metal transformer. Derek, who was starting to realize what had happened, turned to Kira and asked her to tell him everything she knew about Kitsune foxfire.

That evening, Derek and Kira pulled into the hospital parking lot so that they could join Scott in visiting Stiles, who was in the middle of getting an MRI to confirm a diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia. However, Kira, feeling uncomfortable, informed Derek that she was staying behind. When Derek protested against this, Kira reminded him that they were about to tell Scott that William Barrow was manipulated into forcing her to discharge her foxfire in order to jump-start the Nogitsune's power inside Scott's best friend|Stiles, who he was possessing, which led Derek to realize the source of her discomfort and agree that staying behind was probably for the best. She continued to wait in the parking lot until suddenly, she saw a live wire whipping around from the roof before falling toward her, causing her to mutter, "Oh no. Not again" as she watched it head toward her head.

In Letharia Vulpina, Kira was seen dodging the live wire as it fell from the roof of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, but when she saw the wire continuing to flip around the parking lot, she immediately jumped into action to try to stop others from getting hurt. Upon seeing an ambulance swerve to miss the wire and running into a fire hydrant that began pumping water all over the tarmac, she rushed forward and told everyone to stay back, just as Allison and Isaac arrived at the hospital to check on Stiles Stilinski. Kira watched in horror as an ambulance driver, a young woman, and Isaac himself were all electrocuted after making contact with a puddle in which the live wire was laying, leading her to run as fast as she could toward the wire, demonstrating her newly-exhibited Kitsune agility by running up the hood of an oncoming car and backflipping off of it before landing in the puddle below.

Knowing instinctively that she was immune to electricity and had the power to manipulate it, Kira picked up the wire with one hand and held up the other in preparation to clamp it over the live end, just as Derek and Scott, who had just come down from the roof, ran toward her. Both men watched in shock as Kira touched the live wire with her bare hand and began siphoning the electricity through her palms, causing her irises to glow an orange-gold color. Just as she was almost finished draining the electricity from the wire, Noshiko ran out of the hospital following her confrontation with Stiles/the Nogitsune and saw her daughter using her powers before rushing her away, leaving Derek, Scott, and Allison to tend to the badly electrocuted and burned Isaac.

As they were walking away, Noshiko sternly revealed that she had seen what Kira did and scolded her for using her powers in public, claiming that now wasn't the time for other people to know what she is. Despite this, Noshiko would not tell Kira anything else about her powers or her heritage at this point, as they were too concerned with the fact that Stiles and the Nogitsune (henceforth known as Void Stiles) had vanished.

Two days later, Kira met with Scott at school to discuss the Nogitsune, where Kira revealed what she had learned from her research. She explained that Kitsune, including Nogitsune, don't really understand the concept of "good" or "bad"--nor do they really want to understand-- but they do have their own unique codes of honor and respect, which leads to Nogitsune reacting very badly when they're offended. When Scott asked her what the Nogitsune possessing Stiles could possibly be offended about, Kira responded that she didn't know, but judging by his actions thus far, it was likely something very bad. Scott and Kira then went to their respective locker rooms to prepare for early-morning cross-country practice, only for Scott, Ethan and Aiden to become quickly distracted by the sound of one of the Argent family's ultrasonic emitters being set off nearby, leaving Kira to go to practice by herself.

At practice, she realized that not only did she have supernatural-level agility like she demonstrated the previous evening, but she also had super-speed, which was evidenced when she quickly lapped everyone else on the team, including their fastest runner, Danny Mahealani. After the boys had found Stiles supposedly no longer being controlled by the Nogitsune, they figured out that Void Stiles had set up a trap in the woods and rushed toward where the cross-country team was practicing to keep anyone else from being hurt. Scott, with some difficulty, managed to catch up with the extremely-fast Kira, who immediately started babbling excitedly about how quickly she was running. Scott proudly informed her that he could feel how fast she was moving, but then changed the subject to Stiles and brought her with him to return to the others, where they eventually saw Coach Finstock hitting a trip-wire with his foot and getting shot in the stomach with an arrow due to the trap that Void Stiles had set up earlier.

This ultimately led Scott, the twins, and Stiles to leave school, but Kira stayed behind to keep an eye on things. After school let out, she saw her mother Noshiko meeting up with her father, Ken, and watched as her parents walked into Ken's classroom to talk. This led Kira to stand outside the closed door of the classroom so she could eavesdrop on their conversation, though it was clear she didn't understand everything due to how little she understood about Kitsune. During Ken and Noshiko's conversation, Kira learned that Noshiko had nine Kitsune tails, of which she had made physical representations in the form of nine black ceramic daggers called kaiken.

Noshiko had also already sacrificed five of her tails to summon the Oni in order to help her hunt down the Nogitsune, and Kira watched as Noshiko snapped two more of her tails to create two more Oni to replace the three that Void Stiles had killed, insisting that these two would be stronger because the tails she used were older and thus more powerful.

Realizing that the new Oni that Noshiko had summoned would be going after Stiles, Kira immediately left the school to meet up with Scott and Stiles at the Sheriff's station, which was currently in chaos due to a bomb Void Stiles had planted there earlier in the day. Kira caught up with them just after Scott had absorbed the pain of a deputy who literally died in Scott's arms, and she warned them that the Oni were coming and that they needed to get out of there. While driving in the pouring rain in Stiles' Jeep, the three then decided to go to the animal clinic, as the Mountain Ash Alan Deaton built into the foundation would at least buy them some time, though they anticipated that the Oni would manage to break through it like they did at the McCall House.

However, when they arrived, they were just in the middle of unlocking the door when the Oni showed up, forcing Scott to wolf-out to fight them. Stiles unlocked the door and yelled at Kira to get inside, but she was too distracted with trying to help Scott to hear him. She first started by weakly throwing crates at the Oni in hopes of giving Scott an advantage, but when one of the Oni attempted to attack her, Kira's Kitsune power of instinctive combat skills kicked in, and she reflexively grabbed the Oni by its ninjato and flipped it onto its back. Shocked by this unexpected display of fighting prowess, Kira leaped into the battle with a pipe she had found lying around and knocked another Oni backward with it by hitting it in the abdomen. Suddenly, one of the Oni impaled Scott through the stomach with its sword, and Kira cried out, "NO!" before jump-kicking the Oni backward away from Scott.

Stiles rushed over and helped Kira get Scott inside the clinic before he could be harmed any further. Once inside, Scott leaned against the exam table and nodded at Kira to indicate that he wanted her to pull the sword out of his abdomen so he could finally start healing. However, as soon as Kira had wrapped her hands around the grip and prepared to remove the ninjato, Stiles revealed that he was still being controlled by the Nogitsune when he grabbed Kira by the wrist, yanked it backward, and knocked her out by slamming her head against the table.

With Kira laying unconscious on the floor, Void Stiles, while torturing Scott by twisting the sword still impaling his torso, revealed everything that he had orchestrated that day, including the fact that he manipulated Scott into taking the pain from Isaac, Coach Finstock, and the dying deputy so that he would be able to feed on the pain from Scott himself, giving himself even more power in the process. However, just as he warned Scott that he shouldn't trust a Fox due to their status as tricksters, Alan Deaton arrived and injected Stiles with a syringe of letharia vulpina, or "wolf lichen," knocking Stiles out, weakening the Nogitsune, and preventing Kira and Scott from further injury.

In Echo House, Kira, feeling guilty due to Noshiko's role in summoning the Oni, offered her assistance in Scott, Allison, Lydia, Ethan, and Aiden's plan to steal the Shugendo scroll, which had answers as to how to remove a Nogitsune from a host and which had been put in an armored truck to be taken to a federal evidence lockup facility with the rest of Katashi's belongings.

Though Scott warned her that it would be dangerous and that anyone who has been involved with the McCall Pack has inevitably gotten hurt or worse, Kira insisted that she felt responsible for what was happening to Stiles and pointed out that if she had the ability to help, she should do it. She then explained that she had been picking up sword-fighting skills "scary-fast" before pulling out a ninjato that she had stolen from one of the Oni the previous night, nearly taking Scott's head off in the process due to her exuberance. Despite this initial mistake, Kira showed off her newly-developed skills to Scott, who was so impressed by how her Kitsune abilities gave her intuitive understanding of melee weapons that he instantly accepted her offer of help.

That evening, Scott, Allison, and Kira hid behind a van in the Sheriff's station's parking lot, where Allison used her binoculars to make sure the coast was clear before informing Kira that she was up. Kira utilized her enhanced speed to sprint over to the armored car and place one of the Argents' GPS trackers near the wheel so the pack could track the truck to its location. However, before Kira could run back, Deputy Jordan Parrish appeared to finish loading the truck up, forcing Kira to duck down on the opposite side of the truck. Before the others could even react, Parrish became alarmed when he found that the driver of the truck had been knocked out in the driver's seat and was lying slumped over the wheel with a bleeding head wound. When Parrish went around to the back of the truck to investigate further, Kincaid, Katashi's associate, appeared and knocked Parrish out as well by slamming his head against the bumper.

After Allison identified Kincaid to the others, Allison and Scott rushed out to stop Kincaid from stealing the Shugendo scroll, which was hidden in Katashi's silver prosthetic finger. Unfortunately for them, Kincaid rolled his eyes at Scott's request to hand the scroll over and Allison's insistence that he could take the briefcase with $150,000 instead since the scroll was worth over $3 million. When he was also not at all afraid of Allison's crossbow aimed at his chest, Kira, who had climbed onto the roof of the truck, jumped down on Kincaid, wrapping her legs around his neck as she tried to knock him out, only for Kincaid to throw her onto the ground, grab her in a choke-hold, and toss her aside.

While Kira recovered from this blow, Kincaid caught the arrow Allison shot before it could hit him and backhanded her in the face, sending her onto the ground next to Kira. Kincaid eventually lost the upper-hand when Ethan and Aiden arrived and incapacitated him, allowing Scott to take the scroll from him. Kira seemed very proud of Scott when he insisted that they let Kincaid live and walk away, as they were there to save a life, not end one.

In The Fox and the Wolf, Kira was summoned to the McCall House by Scott, who had just been visited by Malia Tate after the Werecoyote was checked out of Eichen House. Scott showed Kira a broken katana and a photograph that Malia and Stiles had found with a body buried in the wall at Eichen House, and Kira was shocked to see that the photo, which was dated 1943, was of a woman who looked identical to her, and who was standing with a young Army corporal. Kira assumed that the woman must be her grandmother, which led Scott to suggest that the Nogitsune seemed to be connected to her family. However, before they could discuss it further, Kira got a text from Noshiko telling her that Ken was in trouble and that she needed to get to the high school.

Scott and Kira made a pit-stop at the Yukimura House to grab a vial for Noshiko before heading straight for Ken's classroom, where Noshiko was supporting Ken's body while he doubled over on the floor from being possessed by a Nogitsune fly. When Noshiko asked for the vial of herbs, Kira asked her what they were, and Noshiko briefly explained that they were reishi mushrooms before feeding them to Ken, leading Kira to exasperatedly exclaim that she couldn't believe her mother was feeding her father "magic mushrooms." Once Ken had been cured of his Nogitsune fly infection, Noshiko informed Kira and Scott that the Nogitsune wanted Noshiko's last kaiken, which she stated she had been carrying on her person since Void Stiles' escape from Eichen.

Kira, appalled by Noshiko's secrecy, insisted that she needed to tell them everything, and when Noshiko looked hesitant to do so, Scott handed her the photograph and sword Malia had given him earlier. Noshiko looked at the photo and demanded to know where he had found it, but Kira instead asked Noshiko whether the photo was of her grandmother, forcing Noshiko to reveal that it was actually of her. After briefly explaining her history as a World War II internment camp prisoner through a flashback, Scott pointed out that if it was true, Noshiko must be nearly ninety years old, and when Noshiko wryly admitted that she was actually closer to nine hundred, Kira was visibly stunned by this revelation. Though she was slightly reassured by Ken's insistence that he was only forty-three years of age, she was still more determined than ever to learn the truth about her mother's background and her connection to the Nogitsune.

Noshiko picked up the katana and carried it over to Ken's desk, where Kira, Scott, and Ken gathered around to watch Noshiko unsheath it, revealing a handle and a blade that had been shattered in over a dozen pieces. She explained that the blade had broken the last time it was used, which was against the Nogitsune in 1943. Kira and Scott went on to listen to Noshiko's story at Oak Creek internment camp, where Noshiko, ever the trickster, stole food and supplies for her fellow internees and fell in love with the medic, Corporal Rhys.

While sharing the details of her last encounter with the Nogitsune, Noshiko attempted to put all of the broken pieces of the katana blade together like a puzzle in order to repair it, insisting that Kira needed to help her because there wasn't much time left and it was a task that needed to be completed in daylight. Unfortunately for Noshiko, Kira refused to do so until Noshiko told her and Scott everything about what was happening, leading Ken to agree with his daughter and insist that Noshiko give them the information they needed. Though Noshiko ultimately agreed to tell her story, she was still skeptical of Kira's involvement with Scott, as she insisted that Foxes and Wolves tend not to get along, and not just in fables and stories.

When Noshiko explained more about her relationship with Corporal Rhys, Kira cut her off and insisted that neither of them was interested in her "Casablanca story"-- what they wanted to know was how to save Stiles. Noshiko assured her that she was trying to tell him, but neither Kira nor Scott believed her, with Scott pointing out that she was stalling for time, since the Oni would once again be going after Stiles when the sun went down. Kira and Scott refused to believe that their only option was to kill Stiles, but when they asked if Noshiko could call the Oni off, she insisted that once they heard the rest of the story, they wouldn't want her to. Meanwhile, at the Argent Apartment, Allison, Chris, Derek, and Sheriff Stilinski were discussing their own plan to capture, but not kill, Void Stiles, and Derek assured them that both Kira and Scott were in the middle of trying to stop the Oni at the source.

During Noshiko's retelling of her story, she got so upset at the memory of finding out that the camp doctors and MPs were stealing important medications for the campers and selling them on the black market, she accidentally squeezed a shard of the katana blade in her hand so tightly that she cut her palm open. Kira was immediately horrified and asked her what she did, but she was stunned into silence when Ken handed Noshiko a tissue, which Noshiko used to wipe up the blood before revealing that her hand was totally healed.

When Kira demanded to know how she did that, Noshiko informed her that, as Kitsune, it was one of their gifts, and that Kira had to have noticed by now that she never gets sick, which is due to her accelerated healing and perfect immune system gained from her Kitsune heritage. This gave Noshiko an opportunity to segue the conversation with Kira and Scott into a discussion of the riot at Oak Creek, which occurred after the loss of medications led to dozens of deaths from pneumonia, including a young boy named Michio. When Noshiko detailed the riot, which led to even more deaths at the hands of the MPs who shot at the Japanese internees, it was revealed that Noshiko's good friend, Satomi Ito, who was interned at Oak Creek with her, had been bitten and turned into a Werewolf like Scott, which ultimately led her to accidentally kill Corporal Rhys with a Molotov cocktail when MP Merrick pistol-whipped her across the face and caused her to transform during the riot.

Kira was horrified by this revelation, as well as the fact that Noshiko herself nearly died after being shot dozens of times in the riot and was believed to be dead by the doctors. It was because Noshiko was so hurt that she prayed to their Kitsune ancestors for kitsune-tsuki, or possession by a Fox spirit, so that a powerful Nogitsune who fed on chaos, strife, and pain could possess her body, giving her the power to heal and take revenge on the camp, since she had since learned that the riot and subsequent deaths would be covered up by the US government. Kira, now genuinely curious, asked Noshiko what happened next, forcing an emotional Noshiko to confess that since trickster spirits can have very dark senses of humor, the Nogitsune she summoned ended up possessing Rhys' dead body rather than Noshiko as she had planned. It was this mistake that caused the Nogitsune to descend on the camp and kill all the survivors of the riot, both the American soldiers to the Japanese/Japanese-American internees alike. While she finished the story, Noshiko insisted that Kira hurry in helping her reassemble the sword, since the night was coming.

After Noshiko told them about how she and Satomi worked together to force the Nogitsune back into its fly form and trap it in a jar, she reminded them of a French lesson she had given Rhys in 1943 about the idiom "Coup de foudre," which can mean "bolt of lightning" or "love at first sight," before explaining that what they needed now was a literal bolt of lightning. When she went on to say that the blade was shattered by the Nogitsune, but Kira could put it back together, Kira asked her why she couldn't just do it herself, leading Noshiko to reveal that Kira was a Thunder Kitsune, unlike herself. Noshiko went on to ask her if she trusted her, but Kira insisted that since she just learned that Noshiko is nine hundred years old and had lied to her for her entire life, she wasn't sure she would be able to trust her ever again. Noshiko insisted that Kira trust her on this and took her by the hand, pushing it so that Kira's flat palm was hovering a few inches above the blade. With Noshiko's guidance, Kira's ice-blue foxfire shocked the blade and magically reforged it with the electricity running through it.

Once the blade was repaired, Noshiko held it out, handle-first, so that Kira could take it, informing her that her own power now belonged to Kira. When Kira pointed out that she might not want it, Noshiko insisted that she needed it and tossed her the sword, which Kira easily caught and spun in the air by reflex. Noshiko smiled and reminded Kira that it gave her balance before pointing out that her power now belonged to Kira, and that if the Oni weren't strong enough to defeat the Nogitsune, she would need to do it herself, even if it meant seeking out a Wolf to help her. Both Kira and Scott became angry at these words, and when Scott pointed out that Noshiko hadn't told them anything, Noshiko made it clear that their only option to save Stiles was to kill him. Despite Noshiko and Ken's protests, Kira and Scott insisted that there had to be another way to save him before they left to go track down Stiles, who had left a message for Sheriff Stilinski that indicated he would be at Derek's loft.

In De-Void, Kira and Scott got onto Scott's motorbike and sped toward Derek's loft to confront Void-Stiles in hopes of finally saving him from the dark Kitsune's influence. Unfortunately, Scott and Kira were moments too late, and arrived to find their friends and allies in the aftermath of the battle, with Chris Argent tending to the Oni-ninjato inflicted gash on the back of Derek's shoulder and Allison comforting Noah Stilinski, as his son once again escaped under the Nogitsune's possession.

Unbeknownst to them all, the Nogitsune used the flies that it can produce from its body to infect Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, and Ethan and Aiden Steiner, allowing him to control their actions by lowering their inhibitions and enhancing their pre-existing anger. When this influence caused Isaac to shackle Allison's ankle to her bed to prevent her from seeking out and killing the twins (whom he blamed for the deaths of his former packmates Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd), she called Kira for back-up and freed herself from the restraints.

Allison and Kira tracked Isaac to the high school's boys locker room, where he had just knocked out Ethan and Aiden and was planning on killing them with a molotov cocktail created with Coach Finstock's secret stash of whiskey. Allison and Kira momentarily disoriented Isaac, but before they could get him under control, Ethan and Aiden woke up, forcing the two to flee into Coach's office and barricade the door while they came up with a new plan. Once they were secure, Isaac and the twins ended up shifting into Werewolf form and began fighting each other.

After regrouping, Allison and Kira went into the hallway outside of the locker room to prepare themselves for a fight with the uncontrolled wolves, with Kira armed with her katana and Allison with a mini-crossbow. The two then stormed in and began battling the feral Werewolves, with Isaac getting shot in the shoulder with a crossbow bolt and Ethan getting sliced across the chest with Kira's sword. However, just as Isaac began stalking Allison to get her back for shooting at him, her crossbow got jammed, preventing her from reloading it. Kira, seeing that Allison was in trouble, called out her name and tossed Allison her katana, allowing her to use it to defend herself while Kira quickly repaired the crossbow.

The two then began moving closer to each other, with Allison and Kira standing back-to-back, each armed with the other's weapons. Fortunately for them, the rest of the pack was able to separate Stiles from the Nogitsune, breaking the latter's control over the flies that had infected the four men. Kira and Allison watched in confusion as Isaac, Ethan, and Aiden all fainted and collapsed on the floor with a small drip of black blood running from their noses and ears.

In Insatiable, Kira and Allison assisted Deaton in removing the Nogitsune's flies from Isaac and the twins' throats at the high school so they would no longer be under his thrall.

They then discussed the events that occurred the previous night at the McCall House with the incapacitated Nogitsune, namely that Scott and Lydia went into Stiles' mind and helped their friend forcibly take back control over his own body; however, in the process, the Nogitsune and Stiles split into two separate but identical bodies just before the Nogitsune captured Lydia and fled the house. When the twins asked how they were able to figure out which one was which, Deaton explained that they were in the middle of determining that as they spoke, leading Kira to realize that her mother Noshiko would be using the Oni to test Stiles, which could potentially kill him.

Kira then rushed to the McCall House, where Noshiko had just arrived and was greeted by Stiles in the living room. Kira wasted no time pleading with her mother not to do this, but when Stiles insisted he was the one who invited her, Kira reminded him that she wasn't the one who was going to be stabbed with swords. Kira continued to try to convince Noshiko not to go through with it, but the elder Kitsune insisted it was already done before setting the Oni to perform their scanning procedure. Fortunately, Stiles was deemed to be more himself than the Nogitsune and survived the process, but he became disappointed when he learned that it was too close to dawn for the Oni to find the Nogitsune and Lydia that morning and they would have to try again at sundown.

Kira and Noshiko then returned home to plan for the night's hunt. Kira, frustrated, wondered what they were going to do that night and what they were meant to do in the meantime, only to become exasperated when Noshiko pulled out the game Go and began setting up the board, informing her daughter that they would sit and learn. Believing her mother was joking, Kira refused to even entertain the thought of playing a game when so much was going on, but Noshiko reminded her that Scott said that Stiles and the Nogitsune had been playing Go in Stiles' mind, a fact that might not just be important, but crucial to their mission.

Noshiko went on to say that if the Nogitsune was thinking of their current situation as a game, then Kira needed to learn how to play in order to see how the Void Kitsune thought. After insisting that Kira needed to learn the game if she wanted to save her friends, Kira reluctantly sat down and prepared to play, with Kira taking the black pieces and Noshiko, as the more advanced player, taking the white.

Later on, Kira went to school, where she was shocked to find the Banshee Meredith Walker having shown up in her introduction to business class with Coach Finstock. She immediately called Scott to inform him of what had happened, leading them all to realize that Meredith, who already had a connection to Lydia and seemed to have a better control over her powers, could help them find Lydia faster. Kira then intervened when Coach Finstock attempted to send Meredith back to Eichen House, cryptically explaining that everyone would be in a lot of danger if they did so; just as Kira thought she had made a good point, Coach asked her who she even was, forcing Kira to reintroduce herself as a new student. Fortunately for them all, Coach Finstock took her words to heart and stopped Brunski and his cronies before they could take Meredith back to the psych hospital.

Afterward, Kira rushed home to find Noshiko to update her on the new information the McCall Pack had gathered thus far; however, the only one home was her father Ken, who stated that he didn't know where Noshiko was, but that he did know that she had tried to keep Kira out of the supernatural world as long as she possibly could. Kira, irritable and impatient, retorted, "Well, she should have thought about that before she had me magically rebuild a samurai sword."

Ken empathized with her and made it clear that he knew that she must be overwhelmed with all that she had learned about her Kitsune heritage and powers, and that she's going to have to learn a lot very quickly. Kira snidely asked if this meant learning board games, gesturing toward the Go board that was still on the table from where she and Noshiko played earlier. Ken explained that in Korea, they call the game Baduk, and went on to describe several different styles of play, including aggressive, passive, and orthodox. When Kira asked if she knew who was who, Ken nodded and stated that Kira would be the black stones, as the novice always plays that color. However, when Kira said that the white was supposed to represent the Nogitsune, Ken became concerned, as the white player was using the "aggressive" style of play that Noshiko usually uses, leading Kira to realize that she was actually playing against her mother the whole time.

Thanks to Meredith's help, the pack now knew that Lydia was being held hostage at Camp Oak Creek, the place where Noshiko had summoned the Nogitsune almost seventy years earlier. Scott, Stiles, Allison, Isaac, and Kira all went to the camp together, where they reaffirmed their reasons for being there (to save their friends) before heading through the gates.

They ultimately split up, with Scott and Stiles heading into the underground tunnels to find Lydia while Allison and Isaac joined Kira in confronting Noshiko, who had all five Oni with her. Noshiko immediately ordered Kira to go home and to take her friends with her, but Kira argued that she couldn't, adding that when she looked at the Go game board, she realized who she was actually playing-- Noshiko. When this doesn't elicit a response, Allison aimed her bow at Noshiko and demanded that she call the Oni off, leading Noshiko to scoff at Kira for thinking she could take Void Stiles alive and could save Stiles, reminding her that she tried the same thing in 1943 and that it didn't work.

Kira asked Noshiko if she was really sure about that and pointed out that if Stiles didn't have to die, then maybe she would have to accept that her former lover Corporal Rhys didn't have to die, either. Noshiko couldn't help but smile grimly and stated, "I see I'm no longer the Fox now, Kira-- you are" before adding that the Nogitsune was still her demon to bury. However, before anyone can react further, the Nogitsune used Noshiko's last Kitsune tail to steal control over the Oni, making them answer to him instead of her.

This caused the confrontation to devolve into a fight between Kira, Allison, and Isaac against the Oni while the unarmed Noshiko hid in the back. As the fight wore on, Kira managed to keep some of the Oni at bay without being injured herself, but Isaac began weakening as he sustained sword gash after sword gash to his legs and abdomen. Allison saw they were about to give Isaac the killing blow and pulled out her last arrow, tipped with the silver arrowhead she had forged earlier in the day, and shot the Oni, killing it due to the creature's vulnerability to silver poisoning. Kira, Noshiko, Isaac, and Allison all stood shocked at the realization that Oni could be killed before one of the other demons took advantage of her distraction and stabbed Allison in the abdomen; because she was human, she quickly succumbed to her wounds while Kira and Noshiko held each other and cried in sadness.

In The Divine Move, Kira returned home with her mother Noshiko and her friend Stiles, where they joined Kira's father Ken in the living room. When Ken and Noshiko began discussing the fact that Stiles wasn't safe in their home, or anywhere, for that matter, Kira brought up the fact that Allison was able to kill an Oni, which she thought had to mean something.

Ken was surprised to hear this and asked if this was even possible, and Noshiko admitted that she wasn't sure how. When Kira reiterated that Allison managed to do it anyway, Stiles glumly remarked that they killed her, and that the only good thing to come of it was that it seemed like he was dying as well as a result of his connection to the Nogitsune. Kira went on to ask what their next move was going to be, which led Ken to explain that they would need a divine move, a term used in the game Go to describe a "truly inspired, out-of-the-box move."

Kira remembered that Noshiko had trapped the Nogitsune in a glass jar in 1943, but her mother corrected her by revealing that it wasn't the jar that contained the Nogitsune in its fly form, it was where she buried it-- in the roots of the Nemeton, a place she admitted she knew little about. When Kira asked who did, Stiles suddenly realized that Alan Deaton would know more about it.

Kira and Stiles made their way to the animal clinic, where Deaton was meeting with Scott and Lydia and planning their next move as well. Just as Lydia was getting a sudden rushing feeling like they were running out of time, Stiles, who was so weak that Kira had to hold him up, stated that he had the same feeling.

Kira, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia then drove Stiles' Jeep to the high school, where Stiles insisted that they stick with their plan, even if killing the Nogitsune killed him as well. However, when they walked into the school, they found themselves in an illusion of Ikeda's garden in Japan. The Nogitsune, in Corporal Rhys' form, claimed they were in Bardo, the state between life and death, but warned them that there were no peaceful deities there. Just as the Nogitsune revealed that he had captured almost all of the territories on the metaphorical board in their game of Go (the hospital, the Sheriff's station, and the animal clinic), several Oni appeared and whipped out their ninjatos.

Kira and Scott (the latter of whom was in Werewolf form, and the former of whom was armed with her katana) were launched into a fight with the Oni while Stiles and Lydia hid nearby, unable to participate in the battle. Alarmed, Scott asked Kira how this was happening, since they weren't actually in Japan, but Kira exasperatedly retorted that she didn't know, because a month ago, she'd never even touched a sword. Fortunately for them, Stiles eventually figured out that this was all an illusion and urged his friends to follow him through the garden doors, though, as they did so, Scott and Kira were both sliced with the Oni's swords and they felt the pain as though it truly happened to them.

However, when they pushed their way through the doors, they found themselves back in the entrance hall of the high school, revealing that they had successfully broken through the illusion. Just as Scott and Kira breathed a sigh of relief that they were okay and unharmed, the Nogitsune (in Void-Stiles form) appeared and immediately backhanded Kira so hard that she and her sword went flying into a row of lockers. The Nogitsune then made it clear that he was offended by the fact that the pack thought they could beat him at his own game despite the fact that he was a thousand years old.

Stiles and Lydia distracted the Void Kitsune by informing him that while they may not be able to kill him, they were able to change him, leading the Nogitsune to realize that they had found the Shugendo Scroll. Scott then appeared behind the Nogitsune and gave him the bite before Kira ran him through the chest with her sword, reverting him back to fly form so that Isaac could trap him in the Triskelion Urn, which was made with wood from the Nemeton and would contain him.

An unknown amount of time later, Kira was standing with Lydia at their lockers at the high school, where Kira was lamenting the fact that she didn't know what to say or do to help the pack grieve Allison's death, as she was still just the new girl. Lydia, seeing Malia Tate being given a tour of the school by Coach Finstock, remarked that she wouldn't be for long, implying that Malia would soon be taking that spot. It became clear that Kira and Lydia were about to become close friends and would soon make friends with Malia as well.

In The Dark Moon, Kira, now officially a member of the McCall Pack, accompanied Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, and fellow new packmate Malia Tate to Mexico, where they were trying to rescue Derek Hale, who had gone missing weeks earlier. While Stiles and Lydia, the humans, worked to negotiate with Hunters Araya and Severo Calavera while Kira, Malia and Scott acted as the "muscle" and hung out on in the Calavera Compound's nightclub to wait for their ideal time to search for Derek.

When negotiations started to unravel, Araya sent a handful of her Hunters to the club to seek out the supernatural members of the pack, and Kira, sensing something was afoot, wasted no time running up to Malia on the dance floor and informing her about her concerns. Malia, still very observant from her time as a coyote in the woods, already sensed the same thing and insisted their best plan was to blend in by dancing like everyone else. However, Kira's idea of "dancing" left much to be desired, and Malia had a hard time holding in her laughter before she pulled Kira close to her and taught her how to dance like everyone else, with Kira even starting to get comfortable and have fun.

When they were finally made by the Hunters, Kira steeled herself for a fight, and Malia asked her if she was ready. Kira nodded in confirmation, leading each of them to turn on their heel and face the respective Hunter standing behind them before the two started to fight. Kira pulled a pair of glowstick nunchakus out of her skirt and began waving them around expertly, eventually knocking her Hunter unconscious while Malia used her body weight to flip the other Hunter onto the floor. They then caught up with Scott, who had thrown a third hunter across the room and had informed Stiles and Lydia through the hunter's radio that they had defeated their men.

The three then slinked into the nearby hallway, where they were getting ready to search through the various rooms in hopes of finding Derek, as they were certain that the Calaveras were the ones who captured him. However, Araya was one step ahead of him and began releasing wolfsbane fog into the air, weakening Scott and Malia; though Scott urged Kira, as the sole Kitsune unaffected by the herb, to run, Kira was too disoriented by the fog to act in time and was disarmed as well.

All of the pack members (including Scott, who was unconscious due to being tasered) were then locked in a bathroom outside of the club whose scratches on the inside of the door indicated it was used as a holding cell for supernaturals on a regular basis. When Scott finally came to, Kira, relieved, announced that he was awake, leading the other packmates to run over to him to make sure he was okay. Scott, having figured out the truth, informed them that they didn't have Derek, but Stiles replied that they already knew and that their new current problem was that they had Lydia for reasons unknown.

The Hunters then eventually came to get Scott and Kira as well, leaving Stiles and Malia in the dirty bathroom while the others went upstairs. Araya and Severo then set up a type of test to interrogate Scott—Kira, as a Thunder Kitsune immune to electricity, would turn on the dial to the battery Scott was attached to, electrocuting him for every wrong answer, and if she refused to do so, Severo would turn the dial on Lydia, who, as a Banshee, did not have the accelerated healing ability that Scott had. Scott insisted that Kira turn the dial on him to spare Lydia and assured her that he could take it, leading Kira to reluctantly agree to obey his wishes.

Araya began by confirming that they indeed did not have Derek, and confessing that they wanted to find him as well before revealing that Scott knew who took him. Scott and Lydia reminded them that they wouldn't be at the Calavera Compound if they knew who took Derek, and Araya, to show Scott she was serious, told Kira to turn the dial up to one, mildly electrocuting him and causing him discomfort.

Araya's questions then got more specific-- "Who actually has Derek? Who had a reason-- a vendetta particular to the Hales? Who had the power? The power of a shapeshifter? Someone who could have turned without you knowing-- turned, but not from a bite!" When Scott still did not know, Araya ordered Kira to turn the dial to ten, and when she was unable to bring herself to do it, Araya did it herself. The extreme amount of electricity coursing through Scott caused him to realize he did know who had Derek-- Kate Argent, who had survived her claw wounds from Peter Hale during his brief stint as an Alpha and had become a shapeshifter like them.

Later that day, Araya let the pack go, much to their confusion, with Araya explaining that she wanted to see what kind of an Alpha Scott really was. She implied she would stay away from them as long as Scott did not turn anyone into a Werewolf and hooked them up with a guide, the mercenary Braeden, to help them go to La Iglesia, where they believed Derek was being held by Kate; Araya added that she had sent a number of her men to the location to capture her and that none of them survived it, and she wanted to see if they could do better.

On the road to La Iglesia, which was a church built over an Aztec temple further in Mexico, Malia demanded to know who Kate Argent was, leading Kira to quietly point out that she, too, would like to know, as neither Kira nor Malia were active in Beacon Hills during her last time there. Stiles pointed out that they attended her funeral, but Scott revealed that Kate was never in the coffin to begin with. Lydia sighed and went on to add that Kate was their late friend Allison Argent's aunt and a total sociopath.

Kira, realizing that this was going to be a painful topic after Lydia, Scott and Stiles just endured Allison's death a month earlier, assured them that they didn't need to talk about it if they weren't feeling up to it, but Malia disagreed and insisted on learning more. Scott agreed with Malia and pointed out that they needed to know the details now that she was back in the game, so to speak. Stiles began with the story about how Kate started the Hale House Fire and killed most of the Hale Family, which set one of the survivors, Peter Hale, on his own vengeful murder spree, during which time he bit and turned Scott, attacked Lydia, and finally caught up with Kate and killed her.

Scott then filled in some of the blanks with the information that he got from Araya—the Calaveras heard that Kate had been killed by an Alpha's claws, so they came to Beacon Hills to make sure she was really dead. When they realized she was turning, they brought her back to their house, where they locked her in the bathroom and gave her a straight razor to kill herself on her first Full Moon. However, Kate decided to live as a supernatural and killed her way out of the compound while completing her transformation. Kira asked Scott if that meant that she was a Werewolf, but Scott wasn't sure, since they saying was that the shape one takes reflects the person they are.

Just as Lydia asked, "What kind of shape is sociopathic bitch?", Stiles' Jeep started to break down and forced them to pull over to check out the damage. Braeden, who was leading them on her motorcycle, urged them to hurry, as it wasn't safe to get there after dark, causing Kira and the others to instruct Scott to go on with Braeden while they fixed the Jeep, and then they'd be right behind them. Before they left, Kira, who had been fighting her romantic feelings for Scott since they had met, nervously rambled that she wasn't sure what to say except "be careful" and gave him a hug, leading Braeden to assume that Kira was Scott's girlfriend.

The sun went down while they were fixing the Jeep, and when Malia complained that they needed another flashlight, Kira used the reflection from the headlights on her katana to cast more light outward. This allowed Malia to see movement in the distance, and she quickly shifted into Werecoyote form and ran after it, leaving Kira with no choice but to chase after her. Kira had her sword at the ready for any danger, but when she finally sensed something nearby, she found that it was just Malia, who had been clawed in the side by whatever the creature was and that the creature was fast.

Once the Jeep was repaired and they were on their way to La Iglesia, Lydia pointed out that Malia's claw gashes didn't look good, and though Malia assured them she was fine, Kira pointed out that they looked deep. Malia informed them that she could feel it healing before pointing out that the creature had a strong scent of death. They arrived at the church ruins just as Braeden and Scott were carrying out the unconscious Derek, and when they saw him, they all stopped at a halt and stared in shock. Malia, who had never met Derek at this point, asked if this was who they were looking for, and Stiles said "Uh... sort of...", just as Derek lifted his head and revealed that Kate had somehow regressed his age back to sixteen.

In 117, Kira and Malia were presumably dropped off at their respective homes before Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and the de-aged Derek headed to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to seek help from Alan Deaton.

The next day, Kira and Lydia were driving in Lydia's car when they stopped at the gas station. Kira had just received a text message from Scott stating that he was going to find Peter Hale and instructing her to meet up with Stiles at Scott's house. Lydia immediately remarked that this was a horrible plan before attempting to lighten the mood by referring to worse plans, such as their experience in Mexico the day before.

Kira, looking nervous, took advantage of the change of topic to get an idea of how Lydia felt about the "test" the Calavera Family inflicted on them that forced Kira to electrocute either Scott or Lydia. Lydia guessed that Kira was curious as to whether she was angry and assured her that she wasn't, adding that she knew Scott wasn't angry either, because they both knew she didn't have a choice in the matter. Lydia went on to advise her, "And, if you're worried about him, just remember-- you're a katana-wielding, badass Kitsune. And he couldn't be more [[Scott and Kira|into you."

This seemed to comfort Kira, and Lydia, realizing her job was done, instructed Kira to use her credit union card to fill up the car's gas tank while she went inside for a moment. Kira, impressed by the number of debit and credit cards in Lydia's billfold, absentmindedly asked her if this meant she had good credit or bad credit, only to find that Lydia's gasoline tank was already full and Lydia was nowhere to be found. Kira got out of the car and hesitantly started to look for her, eventually finding Lydia standing dumbstruck in front of the open door to the public restroom. Lydia warned Kira not to come any closer, but Kira didn't listen and walked over to see from Lydia's perspective; like Lydia, Kira was horrified to find the gas station attendant completely eviscerated (unbeknownst to them at the time, the killer was the newly turned Werejaguar who still struggled to control her transformations.)

Kira and Lydia wasted no time calling Scott, who was with Malia Tate at Derek's loft with Peter Hale, discussing Derek's de-aging problem and what Kate's motives were for doing it to him. They started sending video footage of the body/crime scene so they could give their opinion on it, and Peter immediately identified that the attendant was killed in a frenzy and realized she couldn't control her transformations yet. This led to the revelation that Kate had de-aged Derek back to the age where he knew her and trusted her, but before the Hale House Fire.

The two were eventually joined by Stiles, who went to the high school to try to assist Scott, Malia, and Peter, who were battling Kate's Berserkers; however, the three ended up splitting up, with Kira going after Scott and Malia while Stiles and Lydia went into the Hale Vault to see what Peter was doing and learned that he had been robbed of $117 million in bearer bonds from his Hale Family inheritance.

Upon her arrival, Kira immediately jumped into the fray and began fighting the Berserkers, but when she got a little cocky about her skills and stopped to smile at Scott, she was backhanded so hard she landed on the ground several meters away. Just as Kira, Malia, and Scott looked up at the Berserkers from where they had been knocked down, Derek appeared and began fighting them off, which caused such an adrenaline spike that he was finally able to age back into his adult self, albeit with gold Werewolf eyes instead of blue. Kate then called off her Berserkers and retreated to come up with a new plan, allowing the McCall Pack to walk away without further injuries.

In Muted, Kira, running later, rushed downstairs with her book bag, where her mother Noshiko informed her that her father, Ken, was waiting for her outside in the car. However, moments after Kira left to join him, she returned with a sign in her hands that read "FOR SALE" and demanded to know what it was. Noshiko initially played dumb and pointed out that it was a sign to let people know the house is for sale just as Ken came in from outside and pointed out that Noshiko was supposed to talk to her.

Seeing Kira's appalled expression, Noshiko reminded her that the move to Beacon Hills was always meant to be temporary (as Noshiko only moved them there so she could deal with the Nogitsune once and for all), but Kira just argued, "That was after you told me I was a Kitsune and was going to have to destroy a dark spirit by stabbing and killing one of the few friends I've made in this town!" Noshiko pointed out that Kira did not have to end up killing Stiles, which should be considered a "win," but Kira simply stated that they were not going back to New York.

This led Noshiko to ask Kira why they should stay, and Kira, not wanting to admit the real reason, lied and said it was because Ken was a very important teacher at the school, though Ken butted in to say that before that, he was a professor at Columbia University, which was his way of supporting the move back to New York. Noshiko correctly guessed that this had to do with Kira's pack and assured her that she would make new friends, but Kira insisted that they wouldn't be the same as her friendships with Lydia, Stiles, and Malia. Noshiko smirked and added, "...And Scott?", and though Kira tried to play dumb, she was unable to conceal her feelings for the young Werewolf. She reminded Kira that Scott wasn't her first boyfriend and would not be the last, either, but Kira just sighed glumly and corrected her—Scott was not her boyfriend.

Later at school, Kira met up with Scott and Stiles in the hallway, where Stiles was excitedly talking about the ax-murderer who killed most of the Walcott Family before suggesting that they needed to leave and go investigate. Kira watched as Scott reminded his best friend that they had economics class in five minutes, and when Stiles protested against it, Scott pointed out that his father was the Sheriff and would want them to stay out of it.

Stiles then looked to Kira for back-up and was immediately disappointed when she reluctantly replied, "Maybe we should just let the adults handle it..." Stiles was appalled by Scott and Kira's lack of interest in the case and declared their idea to be the most irresponsible thing he had heard in his life before he rushed away, cursing under his breath. Now alone, Scott brought up "the thing" Kira wanted to talk to him about (presumably the fact that her family was moving and asked her if they could postpone their talk until after try-outs. It's clear Kira was reluctant to stay until after try-outs, but her feelings for Scott won out and she agreed to hang out with him after practice. Scott was so happy that he gave her a brief kiss on the lips before he rushed away, not realizing what he had done until he got to class; Kira's eyes widened in shock, and she froze for a long moment to process the fact that Scott had kissed her so out-of-the-blue.

Kira went to the field to watch the lacrosse team practice, where she sat next to Malia, who was trying to study. Kira tried to keep her attention on the field, but it was obvious that she was still overwhelmed with her feelings for Scott and everything that had happened, to the point where Malia eventually sighed and demanded to know what was wrong with her, stating, "You reek of anxiety, and it's distracting." Kira anxiously rambled to her friend about her kiss with Scott and her inability to read what he's feeling by his actions. When Malia asked Kira what she wanted them to be, Kira paused for a moment before simply replying, "More."

As practice went on, Kira became less and less impressed by their performance, especially Scott, who was distracted and not playing as well as he normally did. After one extra embarrassing flub, Kira looked at Malia and quipped, "Isn't the team captain supposed to be one of the best players on the team? ...Or good?" Trying to win back his reputation, Scott put a little too much power behind his next move during two-against-ones, which led to him and Stiles accidentally causing new student Liam Dunbar to sprain his ankle, causing Kira and the rest of the crowd to gasp in shock.

Coach Finstock ordered the team to take a lap, not realizing that someone had thrown the ball at high speeds, which was now headed toward the bleachers. The ball looked as though it were heading straight for Malia's head, but because she was studying, she didn't see it coming. Fortunately for the Werecoyote, Kira's Kitsune agility allowed her to catch the ball with a spare lacrosse stick she was leaning against before it could hit Malia in the face. Coach was extremely impressed with Kira's ability to catch and instructed her to toss it back, which she did with enough strength to hit Coach in the gut and knock the wind out of him. Kira was horrified by the fact that she injured him, but Coach just saw potential and asked if she had ever played lacrosse before.

After practice, Kira was sitting in the hallway, looking at a lacrosse helmet in her hands that seemed to imply that Coach Finstock welcomed her on the team when Scott came out with an apologetic look on his face. He informed Kira that he and Stiles were about to take Liam to the hospital, as they didn't know if he sprained his ankle or actually broke it. Kira masked her disappointment by assuring Scott that it was fine and that they could talk later, leading to a long silence before Scott went on to apologize for his awkward kiss earlier. Again, Kira assured him that it was okay, and Scott began to lose his nerve and turned to help Stiles get Liam to the hospital. However, after a moment, he turned around and exclaimed, "You know what? I'm not sorry" before running toward Kira and kissing her passionately. Kira, surprised, reciprocated in kind, happy to finally have an idea of where she and Scott stood where feelings were concerned.

That night, Noshiko waited awkwardly in their living room for guests, as she and Ken planned to have an open house to potential buyers for the house. After a long wait, Noshiko, annoyed, asked Ken to call the real estate agent and ask why they had no attendees to the open house yet. Ken walked in from the other room and grimly stated that he thought he knew why before holding up the pieces of the "FOR SALE" sign, which had been slashed into pieces. Noshiko immediately realized Kira destroyed the sign with her sword and yelled her name to summon her; upstairs, Kira, who had been practicing her lacrosse moves in a similar manner to her sword fighting skills, smirked in satisfaction when she heard her mother's voice.

In The Benefactor, Kira tricked Liam into going to Lydia's lake house for a party, when in reality, the McCall Pack intended to give Liam an intervention to try to get him to understand his new supernatural nature as a Werewolf and the risks involved with the full moon. She later knocked the out-of-control Liam during his first true transformation to save Scott. She slow danced and kissed Scott while Liam was unconscious. Kira then aided Lydia when she cracked the code to the computer program she wrote in a Banshee fugue state, which unlocked a hit-list of supernatural creatures referred to as the Deadpool.

In I.E.D., Kira assisted Scott, Stiles, and Liam in finding Demarco Montana and Carrie Hudson's killers, ultimately learning that it was Garrett and Violet. She then learned that her mother, Noshiko Yukimura, was also on the Deadpool for $5 million.

In Weaponized,

In Time of Death,

In Monstrous, on the last night of the Deadpool, Kira and Scott helped Satomi and her pack survive against the remaining assassins until Stiles and Malia shut down the computers powering the list.

In A Promise to the Dead, following the end of the Deadpool, Kira and Scott had a date in Derek's apartment, which was interrupted when they were captured by Kate Argent and taken to Mexico.

In Smoke and Mirrors, during her time at La Iglesia, Kira created her first Kitsune tail with a piece of obsidian. When she returned to Beacon Hills after being saved by the McCall Pack, her father modifies it to look like a Japanese shuriken.

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In Creatures of the Night,

In Parasomnia,

In Dreamcatchers,

In Condition Terminal,

In A Novel Approach,

In Required Reading,

In Strange Frequencies,

In Ouroboros,

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In Damnatio Memoriae,

In Codominance,

In The Sword and the Spirit,

In Amplification,

In Lie Ability,

In A Credible Threat,

In The Beast of Beacon Hills,

In Apotheosis, Kira finally returned to Beacon Hills from Shiprock and went straight to the underground tunnels, where she found Lydia trapped in a room in one of the sublevels where Theo dropped her. She used her newly rebuilt katana-belt to slice through the hinges to the locked door before kicking the door inside, and upon seeing Lydia's shocked face, she immediately apologized for being late before the two leave to track down the others. Kira was with Lydia when she attempted to turn Sebastien Valet/the Beast back into Mason Hewitt by Banshee-wailing his name, and when the first attempt didn't work, she encouraged Lydia to try it louder. The two then watched in shock as the Beast turned back into Mason, leaving the Beast itself simply a dark spirit, allowing Parrish to wrap his arms around it to pin it down so Scott could kill it with the pike.

Once the Beast was dead, Theo came from around the corner and attempted to attack the pack with the electromagnokinetic powers he stole from Josh Diaz, but Kira immediately jumped in front of the pack and absorbed the electric bolt through her sword, her Kitsune powers protecting her from harm. Just as her eyes started to glow orange, Kira informed Theo that the Skinwalkers had a message for her before stabbing her sword tip-down into the ground, which allowed the Skinwalkers to open a large sinkhole in the cement floor from which the somehow-reanimated body of Theo's younger sister crawled out. Kira and the rest of the pack watched in horror as Theo's sister grabbed Theo and pulled him into the sinkhole as he pleaded for help, and once they had returned into the earth, the sinkhole repaired itself as though it had never existed.

At the end of the episode, Scott drove Kira back to Shiprock as part of her deal with the Skinwalkers, in which they would help her repair her katana belt if, in exchange, Kira returned to train with them. Scott reminded her that she didn't have to do this, but Kira replied that she needed to—not for her parents, and not for Scott, but for herself, so she could learn control over her abilities. Kira then gave Scott her obsidian Kitsune tail and asked him to keep it safe for her before kissing him goodbye. She then walked away to join the Skinwalkers, and the four of them vanished in a dust cloud before Scott's eyes.

In Radio Silence, Kira can be seen in Peter Hale's flashback about his escape from Eichen House during the events that took place in Amplification and Lie Ability, specifically the point just before the lockdown took place after guards had found one of their comrades dead after being killed by Tracy Stewart; when the lockdown occurred, Malia reached for the door leading out of the morgue in order to go find Lydia, Scott, Stiles, and Liam, which caused the doorknob to electrocute Malia so hard she flew backward and knocked Kira down onto the floor in the process.

In Ghosted, Liam Dunbar and Hayden Romero mentioned Kira while trying to come up with a way to harness enough electricity to capture a Ghost Rider, with Hayden stating that she didn't think even Kira was powerful enough to pull it off. This led Hayden and Liam to realize that Theo Raeken, who had been imprisoned in the ground by Kira (with help from the Skinwalkers) would possibly be able to do it because he had stolen Josh Diaz's Chimera power of Electromagnetokinesis. Later, the two met with Noshiko Yukimura, who explained that Kira had left her sword in her care while she continued to train with the Skinwalkers, and who warned them against what they planned to do before reluctantly giving them Kira's sword.

In Blitzkrieg, Liam, at a loss for options, broke Kira's sword in exchange for what Theo knew about Garrett Douglas and his connection to the Ghost Riders.


Kira is a quiet, shy, and loyal and outspoken young woman, which often causes people to forget just how incredibly powerful she is. Before she gets to know someone, she can be nervous and awkward around them, but once she warms up to them, Kira becomes confident and charming with a very dry sense of humor. She is also quite brave, as demonstrated when she immediately joined the McCall Pack upon learning about the supernatural without any disbelief or fear. Ever since she joined the pack, she has been devoted to helping them in any way she can, even putting her own life on the line to protect them. When the Dread Doctors' experimentation made her Kitsune powers go out of control, she made the hard decision to leave town to figure it out, even though she didn't want to leave them without her supernatural assistance, because she couldn't bear the thought of her violent and uncontrollable inner Fox spirit hurting her loved ones.

Kira is also a very street-smart girl who quickly started to gain proficiency in her recently manifested Kitsune abilities, particularly her intuitive ability to learn how to master melee weapons and engage in close-quarters combat. Upon gaining ownership of her mother's magic katana, Kira became one of the pack's strongest fighters and often fights alongside her boyfriend Scott. However, she is prone to insecurity, especially regarding her relationships with the pack; when this insecurity is combined with frustration at being unable to do something, Kira's first instinct is often to simply give up, such as when her first attempt at siphoning electricity from a box at the high school caused her to lose confidence in herself. However, it is this part of her personality that made her such a good romantic match with Scott McCall, because they both have the power to help each other push past their self-doubt and gain the confidence necessary to complete their missions.

Physical Appearance[]

Kira is a beautiful, petite young woman with long, wavy black hair, dark brown almond-shaped eyes, and pale skin. Her sense of style is off-beat yet comfortable, often wearing off-the-shoulder tops with skater skirts and leggings or fishnets, paired with a denim or black leather jacket and combat boots. She has a katana that has been modified to turn into a belt when not in use, and the belt buckle has a throwing star built into it, making it an accessory that she wears frequently in case she needs to fight. She wears very little makeup, aside from black or red nail polish, and occasionally wears rings or chain necklaces as well.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Kitsune with one tail, Kira possesses many supernatural powers, some of which are common to all Kitsune, and some of which are specific to Thunder Kitsune. Additionally, her powers have been further enhanced by a mysterious procedure performed on her by the Dread Doctors in August 2012, though this has also made them somewhat unstable, as Kira has struggled to regain control over her inner Fox spirit.

  • Super Strength: As a Kitsune, Kira possesses superhuman-level strength, though she is not equal in raw strength to a typical Beta-level were-creature. Even still, Kira has demonstrated that she is still very physically powerful, such as when she managed to knock an Oni flat on its back by hitting it in the stomach with a lead pipe, when she punched a solid boulder of obsidian to break off a shard of the stone that she could use to cut herself and trigger her healing ability when she cut her mother's katana blade in half with her own sword while they were sparring, and when she was able to plunge the tip of her sword into a solid cement floor to help the Skinwalkers open up a sinkhole to capture Theo Raeken. Her super strength was further augmented by the Dread Doctors' experimentation.
  • Super Speed: As a Kitsune, Kira can run at speeds faster than even the finest human athlete. They are among the fastest creatures in the Teen Wolf universe; at full speed, they can run faster than most Alpha Werewolves, though they are not as fast as a Demon Wolf or as a Hellhound. This was evidenced during cross-country season, when Kira, having just begun manifesting her Kitsune abilities, managed to run so fast that she easily lapped Danny Mahealani, the fastest human member of the team.
  • Super Agility: As a Kitsune, Kira is preternaturally agile, and can quickly dodge attacks, perform a wide variety of gymnastic and acrobatic feats, and slice arrows in half in mid-air with her katana. This helps her a lot in battle, as it allows her to jump very high and very far and use her heightened strength, speed, and agility together to make her blows more powerful. This also extends to her reflexes, as she was able to catch a stray lacrosse ball just seconds before it made contact with Malia's face, a move that impressed Coach Finstock so much that he asked her to join the lacrosse team. Like Scott McCall, Derek Hale, and Isaac Lahey, Kira is fond of using her enhanced agility and reflexes to perform high jumps, flips, and spinning kicks to further enhance her fighting in battle or high-intensity situations, such as when she ran on top of a car's hood and roof and performed a backflip off of it so she could more easily grab the live wire that was currently waving around to prevent it from shocking anyone else, or when she performed small front-flips and spinning kicks during both major battles against the Oni and the Nogitsune.
  • Shapeshifting: As a Kitsune, Kira can make her eyes glow an orange-gold color when she is actively accessing her supernatural powers. It is possible that, with time, wisdom, training, and/or additional tails, she can learn to change her form even more than this, as Kitsune have been referred to as "shapeshifters" on several occasions, and Kitsune who are not part-human like Kira gain the ability to take a human form upon reaching 100 years of age, which suggests that they are born into a non-human form.
  • Accelerated Healing: As a Kitsune, Kira is immune to all human illnesses and conditions, and has only been sick once in her life, which was when she was exposed to a modified form of the canine distemper virus that was specifically designed to target supernatural creatures with canine attributes such as Werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Kitsune. Kira can also heal minor injuries like cuts and broken bones in moments, though more severe wounds such as stab wounds to vital areas can take up to several hours. However, despite being born with immunity to human illness, her ability to heal wounds did not manifest for the first time until she consciously activated it by causing herself pain, which seems to be common in shapeshifters who were born rather than transformed. This ability has since been augmented by the Dread Doctors' experimentation, allowing her to heal from more severe wounds within an hour, as evidenced when she was impaled through the shoulder with a spear by one of the Skinwalkers.
    • Longevity: Due to being a spiritual creature as well as a shapeshifter with an enhanced regenerative healing ability that replaces her injured and aging cells at a constant rate, Kira possesses a lifespan that is many times that of a normal human and will retain her youth for most of her extended life. Her mother Noshiko, who is nearly 900 years old (and who looked like a seventeen-year-old girl as recently as 1943), has implied that Kira will live for centuries, and Kira herself has even hinted that she expects to live at least as long as her mother as well.
  • Intuitive Combat and Weaponry Aptitude: Kira, as a Kitsune, can be able to engage in combat at a high skill level using only her own intuition and muscle memory, both with and without weapons. She once managed to steal a sword from an Oni during her first-ever supernatural battle without any training, and was able to use it well enough to hold her own against them until she and Scott made it inside the animal clinic. She was also able to use Allison's mini-crossbow without any prior training during a battle against the Nogitsune-fly possessed Isaac Lahey, Ethan, and Aiden. This ability has been augmented by the Dread Doctors' experimentation, making her an even more formidable opponent in a fight, though she often holds back out of fear of severely harming or killing whomever she is fighting. According to Kira, her ability to sword-fight "just sort of happened," and though her mother Noshiko has given her some instruction on swordplay, most of what she can do has been demonstrated intuitively, suggesting that Kitsune all have innate combat and weaponry skills.
  • Foxfire Production/Electrokinesis: As a Thunder Kitsune, Kira can create, absorb, control, and manipulate electricity, lightning, and foxfire, which she can use for a wide variety of effects. Foxfire is typically a special kind of fire or lightning created by all Kitsune by rubbing their tails together; since Kira is a Thunder Kitsune, her foxfire takes the form of lightning or electricity, and she could produce it even before she had tails to rub together. This ability is often used unconsciously by Kira's Kitsune spirit to defend itself against those intending her harm, such as when Kira first created foxfire to shock William Barrow when he tried to electrocute her to death (inadvertently causing a city-wide blackout in the process), or when she accidentally shocked a physician from the Centers for Disease Control when she tried to take Kira's blood for testing. Kira has also shown great versatility when actively using this power, such as when she siphoned the electricity from a live wire at the hospital to prevent anyone else from being electrocuted by it, when she used it to repair her mother's shattered katana blade when she used it to severely slow Scott's heart to fake his death, and when she transferred electricity from her body into hundreds of light bulbs hung up at Derek's loft.
    • Electricity Immunity: Because of Kira's electrokinesis and foxfire production, she is immune to the effects of all forms of electricity. If exposed to live electricity or lightning, it will be harmlessly absorbed into her body, which she can then use to boost her already formidable electrokinetic abilities. It has even been implied in the series that lightning and electricity can make her stronger, although this also causes the fox spirit inside of her to gain more control over her human identity
  • Intuitive Bilingualism: Kira has been shown to speak fluent Japanese, in addition to American English, despite never having studied the language. However, this ability is not always consistent; when her Kitsune spirit is in control, she can easily speak fluent Japanese, but on one occasion while Kira herself was in control, she admitted that she had never learned anything but simple greetings in the language despite being of Japanese heritage through her mother's side. This suggests that the ability to speak Japanese fluently is inherent in all Kitsune, regardless of whether or not they grew up speaking the language or living in Japan as Noshiko did.


  • Wolfsbane: As a canine supernatural creature, Kira appears to be vulnerable to wolfsbane, though it doesn't seem to weaken her as much as it does werewolves and werecoyotes. This was demonstrated in The Dark Moon when she was exposed to wolfsbane fog at the Calavera Compound that weakened her enough to be knocked out by the Hunters.
  • Letharia Vulpina: As a canine supernatural creature, Kira is vulnerable to the lichen known as letharia vulpina, or "wolf lichen." It is toxic to regular foxes, wolves, and coyotes, and as a result, it can temporarily weaken a Kitsune, Werewolf, or Werecoyote if they ingest it in some way, such as eating it or being injected with a solution made of it.
  • Modified Canine Distemper Virus: As a canine supernatural creature, Kira is vulnerable to the modified canine distemper virus created by The Chemist during the Deadpool. Though it was meant to kill canine werecreatures (specifically Werewolves and Werecoyotes), it also had adverse effects on Kira, who as a Kitsune (a fox spirit, as foxes also belonging to the canine species) suffered neurological deficits and weakness before going blind after she was exposed to it. However, it was later revealed that this virus can be both cured by and inoculated against with wild purple reishi mushrooms.
  • Mountain Ash: As a supernatural creature, Kira is affected by mountain ash, which is most often used to create boundaries that prevent a supernatural from entering or leaving a specific area. She is unable to touch rowan wood in its whole form or as an ash, and in some places with especially high concentrations like Eichen House, it can cause her to feel weak, as though she's been sedated, just by being near it.
  • Telluric Currents: As a Thunder Kitsune, Kira's powers can have adverse effects when in the vicinity with certain powerful convergences of telluric currents, such as the one that protects and guards Eichen House. When she is in their range, her abilities will go out of control, causing her electrokinesis to be involuntarily activated and overpower the electrical system. It is unknown if just her being a Kitsune was enough to cause such a reaction if it is a side effect of the procedure the Dread Doctors performed on her that overcharged her powers, or if both are the case.
  • Unstable Kitsune Spirit: Due to experimentation that was done to her by the Dread Doctors that involved summoning a lightning bolt into a lightning rod placed in her eye, Kira's Kitsune spirit appears to be acting independently Kira's will, causing Kira's body to be wielded by it like a weapon. This has caused Kira to act erratically at times when the Kitsune spirit has taken over, such as when she almost killed Lucas in Condition Terminal and her mother in Strange Frequencies, and it's possible she may have actually killed a Chimera at the McCall House when her fox spirit was in control as well. According to Noshiko, if Kira's inner Kitsune becomes too powerful, it will consume her human self completely. Because of this vulnerability, Kira has since moved to Shiprock, New Mexico to train with the Skinwalkers and learn control over her inner Fox spirit.


  • Mason and Kira (Friends/Allies)
  • Kira and Ken (Father/Daughter)
  • Kira and Tracy (Enemies)
  • Kira, Malia and Lydia (Best Friends, Ex-Packmates)
  • Kira and Theo (Enemies)
  • Kira and Allison (Friends, Ex-Packmates)
  • Kira and The Skinwalkers (Mentors/Mentee)



  • Kira is a feminine given name of ancient origins which has multiple etymological derivations. One variation is the Hindi and Sanskrit name Kiran, which means "beam of light." In Egyptian, the word Ki-Ra means "like Ra," with Ra being the name of the Egyptian sun god. Kira could also be modeled after the Greek κύριος (kýrios), meaning "lord," the female form of which is κυρία (kyría); since kýrios was the basis for the masculine name Cyrus or Cyril, meaning "throne," Kira could be a feminine variation of these names. In Russian, Kira is the feminine form of the male name Кир (Kir), meaning "mistress" or "ruler," and is also translated to mean "leader of the people," "one the people look to," or "beloved." Kira is also one of several forms of the Irish name Ciara, which means "dark," and which is typically given to children who are born with dark hair and/or complexions.
    • Both the light and the dark connotations of the various names can be attributed to Kira's character. However, the most relevant etymology of the name Kira in regards to her character is the Japanese name Kira, which is common in Japan as both a given name and a family name. The phrase kira kira means "glittery" or "shiny," but the single noun kira is written phonetically with katakana because it is a foreign word borrowed from the English word "killer."
  • Yukimura is a locational family name stemming from the Japanese words 雪 (yuki), meaning "snow" or "happy," and 村 (mura), meaning "town" or "village."


  • Kira was listed at $6 million on the Deadpool hit-list.
  • Kira is Japanese on her mother's side (hence her Kitsune heritage) and is Korean on her father's side.
  • She is the first woman to be shown playing on Beacon Hills High School's otherwise all-male lacrosse team. Her jersey number is 15.
  • Kira possesses a belt that has been somehow modified (either scientifically or magically) to extend into a katana, which also has a detachable metal throwing star on the buckle, allowing her to be discretely armed at all times. She also has a set of glow-stick nunchakus that she uses when the situation calls for it.
    • According to Ken, the katana belt was forged by a special power, and it was ultimately reforged using the combined powers of the three Skinwalkers.
  • Though the physical representations of her mother's Kitsune tails were in the form of black ceramic daggers called kaikens, Kira's first and only tail so far is made of obsidian and is shaped like a shuriken, an Occidental throwing star.
  • Unlike most Kitsune, who supposedly cannot take the shape of a human unless they are at least one hundred years old, Kira has always had a human form, most likely due to her half-human heritage on her father's side.
  • Kira is identical to the way her mother Noshiko looked during her time as an internee at Oak Creek Internment camp throughout World War II, though whether this is just genetics or due to their Kitsune nature is still unknown.
  • Kira has been shown to speak Japanese when her Kitsune spirit is in control, even though she claims she doesn't know how to speak Japanese or Korean despite being of both ethnicities. This could mean that all Kitsune spirits can communicate in Japanese and that Kira might need to consciously tap into the ability.
  • In Creatures of the Night, Kira was experimented on by the Dread Doctors, who inserted a lightning rod into her eyeball and summoned a lightning bolt into it, which overflowed her body with electricity and caused her Kitsune spirit to not only become more powerful but out of balance with Kira's human self, causing the two spirits to war with each other over control of Kira's body, a war that Kira appears to be losing.
    • As of The Sword and the Spirit, Kira has been forbidden to wield her katanas, because according to her father, her swords are a gateway to her Kitsune spirit, and because it is too powerful at the moment, she needs to avoid letting it take control so she can "out-fox" it. This seemed to be confirmed in A Credible Threat, when Kira was seen lapsing into Kitsune-mode while practicing her sword while everyone else was asleep (or, in Scott's case, pretending to be).
    • Kira's internal struggle between her human and Kitsune sides have parallels to Jordan Parrish's current war with the Hellhound spirit who is possessing him, as well as the spirit of The Beast of Gevaudan struggling for control against Mason Hewitt, who it was possessing.
  • According to Arden Cho, she is officially leaving Teen Wolf after the end of Season 5, though the fact that Kira is still training in New Mexico indicates that she could potentially come back at some point, similar to the current arrangements with former costars Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale), Daniel Sharman (Isaac Lahey) and Colton Haynes (Jackson Whittemore).
  • After Season 6 ended, Jeff Davis said that Kira is off involved in some phenomenal adventure of her own, having mastered her skills.[1]



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