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"Okay, what are we looking for?"
"I'm not sure. I'm mostly just following a feeling."
"Your feelings usually lead to dead bodies."
"Well, let me know if you find one."
Kira and Lydia in Dreamcatchers

The relationship between the Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura and the Banshee Lydia Martin

Kira and Lydia first met in the second half of Season 3, after Kira and her family moved to Beacon Hills from New York City. Kira had overheard Lydia's conversation with the McCall Pack about the symptoms Allison Argent, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski were experiencing after their role in the Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual; it was Kira who suggested that the three were experiencing Bardo. The two then became friends after William Barrow captured Kira and attempted to electrocute her, revealing her true nature as a Thunder Kitsune. From then on, the two became close friends as Kira was accepted into the pack, and the two worked together to solve numerous supernatural events, such as Kira helping the pack locate and rescue Lydia after she was captured by the Nogitsune.

In Season 4, Kira cited her friendship with Lydia as one of the reasons why she didn't want to leave Beacon Hills to return to New York. The two then worked together to figure out the code that Lydia had unconsciously written in a Banshee fugue-state, and were together when they discovered that the code was a three-part hit-list that they began referring to as the Deadpool. When Scott and Kira were kidnapped by the Werejaguar and former Hunter Kate Argent and taken to La Iglesia in Mexico, Lydia rushed to the high school to grab something with Kira's scent so that the pack could more easily find her.

In Season 5, Kira and Lydia attended the Senior Scribe ritual with Scott, Stiles, and Malia. The two then began working together to figure out what was going on with Tracy Stewart, a fellow student who was experiencing horrifying night terrors; after examining her bedroom, Kira and Lydia figured out that she had become a shapeshifter and that her night terrors were leading her to target people who were trying to help her. After the two found Tracy in the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, Kira fought Tracy in order to protect Lydia and her mother, Natalie Martin, and after Lydia was inadvertently injured by Tracy, it was Kira who applied pressure to her wound to help save her life.

When Lydia, who had become catatonic as a result of Theo Raeken's incorrectly-performed Memory Manipulation ritual, was admitted to Eichen House and had trephination performed on her, Kira was instrumental in breaking her out, as she had used her powers to siphon the building's electricity in order to cause a brown-out that allowed them to enter undetected. The two then worked hand-in-hand during the final battle against the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan, Sebastien Valet, as well as Theo Raeken; Lydia used her Banshee Scream to turn Sebastien back into Mason Hewitt, while Kira used her electrokinetic powers to defeat Theo, albeit with help from the Skinwalkers.

At the end of Season 5, Kira and Lydia were separated due to Kira's decision to continue training with the Skinwalkers in Shiprock in order to regain control over her Kitsune spirit, though they presumably have remained friends.

Kira and Lydia are also known as Lyra and Lydira by fans

Throughout Teen WolfEdit

In Anchors, Lydia Martin was sitting at a table with Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Stiles Stilinski, and Isaac Lahey at lunch during Beacon Hills High School, where the McCall Pack members were discussing the side effects caused by their Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual to the Nemeton several weeks earlier. The topic of conversation had turned to the symptoms Allison, Scott and Stiles were experiencing, namely: hallucinations and tremors for Allison; hallucinations and loss of control over one's Werewolf transformation for Scott.

Having overheard their conversation, Kira Yukimura shyly approached their table to inform them that she believed to know what was troubling them. Lydia looked at Kira suspiciously and asked her who she was, though her expression softened when Scott identified her by name and revealed that he and Kira were in the same history class. Kira went on to say that the phenomenon is known as bardo, which in Tibetan means "in-between state," specifically the state between life and death. After explaining that all of the symptoms the trio had experienced happens in the Buddhist cycle of bardo, she revealed that during the different progressive states, a person can have visual and/or auditory hallucinations and can be visited by peaceful and wrathful deities such as demons. Lydia and the others looked extremely concerned when Allison asked Kira what the final state of bardo was, and the new girl replied "Death."

In Galvanize, Lydia and Stiles worked together to try to figure out what William Barrow was planning to do during his escape from Eichen House's captivity. After several dead ends, they realized that their Werewolf allies were unable to find Barrow in the school because his scent was covered up by the smell of chemicals nearby. The two broke into the chemistry classroom at Beacon Hills High School, where they discovered a code written on the chalkboard that ultimately referred to the elements potassium ("K"), iodine ("I") and radium ("Ra"), spelling "Kira" and realized that Barrow was instructed to try to kill Kira.

Stiles and Lydia then caught up with Scott, who had been knocked out by Barrow so that he could capture Kira. After some brainstorming, the trio figured out that Barrow took Kira to the Electrical Substation where he used to work and had tied her up with the intention of exposing her secret Kitsune nature (though the fact that he did this on the behalf of the Nogitsune, who needed Kira's foxfire to activate his possession of Stiles, would not be revealed until weeks later) by electrocuting her. Stiles instructed Lydia to stay inside the Jeep while he and Scott went inside to rescue Kira, allowing her to see the entire town's power grid being shut down due to Kira's electrokinetic powers causing a blackout.

In Echo House, Kira, feeling guilty about her mother's role in summoning the Oni who were hunting down the Nogitsune possessing Stiles Stilinski, volunteered to help Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Lydia Martin, and Ethan and Aiden Steiner steal the Shugendo Scroll in hopes that it could tell them how to save Stiles.

The scroll was in the possession of Katashi when he was killed by the Nogitsune, and all of his belongings were taken as evidence by the Beacon County Sheriff's Department and the FBI, who were helping them with the case. Kira, Lydia, and the others' plan was to plant one of Chris Argent's GPS trackers on the armored van that was taking the evidence to federal lock-up, have Ethan and Aiden pretend to have gotten into motorcycle wrecks to block their path, and then steal the scroll from the van.

Unfortunately for them, though Kira was able to plant the GPS tracker, their plan was set off course by the arrival of Kincaid, who was also seeking the scroll, as it was valued at over three million dollars. While Scott and Allison stood in front of Lydia to protect her while bartering with Kincaid, Kira was climbing on top of the van so that she could jump on Kincaid's shoulders in an attempt to knock him out. However, Kincaid easily threw Kira off of him, and she landed near where Lydia was standing, having caught Allison when Kincaid backhanded her. Just as Kincaid began mocking Scott for his perceived lack of strength, the twins arrived and neutralized him, allowing the McCall Pack to steal both the Shugendo Scroll and the $100,000 in cash that Katashi intended to use to buy a gun from Chris Argent.

In Insatiable, Kira joined the rest of the McCall Pack in the hunt for the Nogitsune, who had separated from Stiles and had captured Lydia, presumably for her Banshee powers, knowing they needed to save her before he could harm her. When Kira learned that Stiles intended to be tested by the Oni to ensure that the Nogitsune was truly gone from his body, she arrived at the McCall House and tried to stop him, just as her mother Noshiko Yukimura arrived with an Oni at her side. Stiles assured her that he was the one who asked them to come and let them test him anyway, which fortunately resulted in them branding the jiko kanji (Japanese for "self") behind his ear to ensure that he truly was himself and not the Nogitsune.

Kira later went home with Noshiko, where she let out her frustrations and asked what they were supposed to do until the Oni found the Nogitsune, believing they'd just be sitting around and waiting. Noshiko corrected her by saying that she was going to sit and learn before bringing out their family's game of Go, reminding Kira that Scott had told her that when he and Lydia were in Stiles' mind, they saw him playing Go with the Nogitsune, which could be a crucial hint in beating him. When Kira protested, stating that this wasn't a game, Noshiko informed her that to the Nogitsune, it was, and that if she wanted to save Lydia and Stiles, then she needed to learn how to play before heading to school.

Once Kira arrived at her economics class, she was shocked to find that the Banshee Meredith Walker had escaped Eichen House and came to the school, leading her to immediately call Scott and Stiles, knowing she could help them find Lydia. After Coach Finstock questioned Meredith on why she left Eichen and how she ended up there, he left the classroom to inform Eichen House where she was so she could picked up and returned to the facility. However, before he could do so, Kira chased after him and hurriedly rambled, "Coach, you can't let them take her back. It's hard to explain, but if you let her go back, then really, really bad things are going to happen-- to Lydia, to Scott, and Stiles, and maybe even you. So, please, please don't let them take her." Confused, Coach frowned and asked her who she was, and Kira sheepishly introduced herself as a new student.

Though Coach did call Eichen House, he ultimately did as Kira asked by incapacitating the orderly Brunski with his own taser before they could restrain Meredith, and Kira got her to Scott and Stiles so that she could be brought back to the McCall House to figure out their next move. Meanwhile, the Nogitsune had Lydia locked up in the tunnels of Camp Oak Creek, where she was overwhelmed by all the voices she could hear because of the numerous deaths that occurred there during World War II. Lydia insisted that her friends were going to find her, but the Nogitsune wasn't so sure and hinted at each of her friends' current tasks, including Kira's, which included learning Go.

Back at the Yukimura House, Kira asked her father Ken Yukimura where Noshiko was, and he stated that he didn't know, although he did add that he did know that Noshiko was trying to keep her out of the supernatural world for as long as possible. The two then began discussing the game Go, as the board and pieces were still set up from earlier, including the fact that they had set up the board like it was Kira playing against the Nogitsune. Ken frowned, identifying the white pieces as being in an aggressive style of play, which was typically how Noshiko played the game. Kira quickly realized that Noshiko was planning on killing the Nogitsune herself tonight, regardless of what it could do to the newly-separated Stiles, and set off with Scott, Stiles, Allison and Isaac to go rescue Lydia from the Nogitsune's captivity in Camp Oak Creek.

Once they arrived, Kira, Allison, and Isaac went to negotiate with Noshiko (or, at the very least, buy them some time) while Scott and Stiles went into the tunnels to find Lydia themselves. Though they were able to reach Lydia in time and get her out of her prison, Allison ultimately died so that they could do so, devastating Kira and Lydia both.

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