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"You have to get out of here."
"I can't leave you!"
"I should've stayed in the desert with the Skinwalkers. I can't control this! I'm never going to be able to."
"Kira, it worked. You saw it work. You controlled it enough to cause the brownout. You can stop it."
Kira and Malia after Kira lost control of her Kitsune spirit in Lie Ability

The friendship between Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura and Werecoyote Malia Tate.

Kira and Malia first met in Season 3B's More Bad Than Good when Kira, who was carrying Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski's backpacks to return them to the locker room when Malia, still in full-coyote form and scenting Malia's deceased sister Kylie's baby doll in Stiles' bag, broke into the school and started to chase her to get the doll back. Believing Malia to simply be a rabid coyote, Kira ran as fast as she could away from Malia until Scott scared her away.

However, the two did not officially meet until the season finale, The Divine Move, when Kira and Lydia saw Malia taking a tour of Beacon Hills High School while standing together at their lockers. Malia joined the McCall Pack shortly afterward, giving Kira and Malia the opportunity to begin a genuine friendship that only became closer as time went on.

Like their friends Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Lydia Martin, Kira helped Malia adjust to life as a human after spending nearly a decade living as a coyote in the Beacon Hills Preserve, and they spent a lot of time together due to the fact that they were dating Scott and Stiles, respectively, who themselves are also best friends. Due to the fact that both Kira and Malia are supernatural shapeshifters, the two acted as the main female fighters in the pack and fought alongside each other against their adversaries such as the Berserkers.

When Scott and Kira were captured by Kate Argent at the end of Season 4, Malia did everything in her power to aid in their rescue effort, even going so far as spending time with her biological father, with whom she has a strained and complicated relationship. In Season 5, the girls helped the pack attempt to save the Chimeras while fighting against the Dread Doctors and the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan. Most notably, the two were the linchpin in the plan to break Lydia Martin out of Eichen House, as it was up to them to break into the electrical room so that Kira could use her Thunder Kitsune electrokinesis to siphon enough electricity to cause a brownout, a plan that was ultimately successful due in great part to Malia's encouragement and coaching.

However, as of the end of the season, Kira and Malia's friendship became long-distance as a result of Kira moving to Shiprock, New Mexico to train with the Skinwalkers in order to learn control over her inner Kitsune spirit, a process that could take anywhere from months to years to accomplish.

Kira and Malia are also known as Malira by fans

Throughout Teen Wolf

In More Bad Than Good, when Scott and Stiles left class in a hurry, Kira grabbed their backpacks and carried them down the hall so she could give them back when suddenly, she was approached by Malia Tate in full-coyote form, who was growling at her. Terrified, Kira ducked into the boys locker room, where she dropped the bags and hid from the very angry coyote behind a row of lockers. After a moment, coyote-Malia came crashing through the frosted glass window set in the door, but just before she could come after Kira, Scott appeared and shoved over the row of lockers, trapping coyote-Malia to prevent her from coming any closer to them. This startled Malia enough to run off, just as Scott noticed that Stiles' backpack had been torn open by the coyote, revealing that Malia's sister's baby doll was inside, making it clear that it was the reason Malia came after them in the first place.

In The Divine Move, Malia, readjusting to human life, enrolled at Beacon Hills High School and was seen by Kira and Lydia, who were talking in the hallway. When Malia saw the two girls chatting at their lockers, she smiled at them.

In The Dark Moon, Malia and Kira traveled to Mexico with Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin, as the McCall Pack were in search of Derek Hale, who had gone missing several weeks earlier, with the only evidence in his loft indicating that he was captured by the Calavera Family of Hunters. The family, who lived in a large compound in Mexico that also held a nightclub, had Hunters standing guard outside the door to the club as well as inside the club by the bar and around the perimeter of the dance floor, not to mention acting as bodyguards to the family's matriarch, Araya Calavera.

Kira and Malia joined Scott in infiltrating the dance floor while Stiles and Lydia got the attention of Araya's son and second-in-command, Severo, at the bar, where they knew they'd be taken to Araya to bargain after they showed him the bullet casing with the Calavera's family symbol (the skull) imprinted on it. When negotiations for Derek's release to the pack went south, Kira and Malia could tell that something was happening, and the girls, who had been dancing provocatively in order to blend in until this point, waited until they were confronted by a pair of Hunters. Kira, wielding a pair of glow-stick nunchakus, easily bested a female Huntress with her combat skills while Malia used her Werecoyote superhuman strength to beat the large man by whom she was jumped.

They then caught up with Scott, who had just dispatched his own Hunter using extraordinary superhuman strength and agility, before setting off to find and rescue Stiles and Lydia, who seemed to be in a bind with Araya and her guards. Unfortunately for all of them, the halls were quickly filled with wolfsbane fog, incapacitating the shapeshifter members of the pack and allowing all five of them to get captured and thrown into a makeshift prison in the club's basement. Though Araya was mostly just interested in Lydia's Banshee powers of foresight at first, she ultimately decided she needed to see what kind of an Alpha Scott was and took Kira, Scott, and Lydia upstairs to torture Scott into realizing who they were all actually after-- Kate Argent, who had survived her supposed death at Peter Hale's hands in Season 1's Code Breaker and had become a shapeshifter who maintained her vendetta against the Hale Family.

After determining that Scott was not a threat, Araya left the pack with a warning that Scott was not to turn any humans into Werewolves before setting them off with a mercenary she hired in hopes that they could both get what they wanted—the mercenary, Braeden, would lead them to the ruins of an Aztec temple known as La Iglesia, where they believed Kate had taken Derek, so that the pack could rescue Derek and, in the process, help Braeden capture and return Kate to their possession due to their role in enforcing the Hunter Code.

On their way to the temple, both Kira and Malia, who were not around during Kate's last period of time in Beacon Hills (as Kira still lived in New York then, and Malia was still in full coyote-form in the Beacon Hills Preserve), asked Scott, Stiles, and Lydia about Kate and her relations to their recently-departed friend, Allison Argent. After learning that Peter was responsible for turning Scott into a Werewolf and speculating on what creature Kate had become since her transformation, Stiles' Jeep ran over something sharp that caused the vehicle to break down, forcing Scott to go ahead with Braeden while the others stayed behind to fix the Jeep and catch up with them later.

With Lydia helping Stiles fix the Jeep's engine, Kira grabbed her sword and joined Malia at the front of the vehicle, with both looking out into the horizon. Malia lamented the fact that they didn't have a second flashlight (as the first was being held by Lydia to assist Stiles' mechanic work), and Kira came up with the creative idea to use her katana blade to reflect the light from the Jeep's headlights, causing them to see something moving in the distance that led Malia to "coyote-out" and run toward it. After anxiously stalking through the desert trying to locate Malia or the creature she lunged after, Kira eventually found her friend and became concerned when she saw that she had been clawed deeply on her side by something that Malia could only identify as "big and fast." Suddenly, they heard the Jeep's engine successfully restart and they both ran back to the car, eager to catch up with Scott and Braeden.

Upon their arrival to La Iglesia, Kira and Malia were confused to see Scott and Braeden with a young teenage boy, as they did not know who Derek was or what he looked like until it was explained to them that he had somehow been de-aged from his young adult self to approximately sixteen years of age.

In Muted, Malia and Kira were in the stands watching tryouts. Kira had a lacrosse stick and toyed with it while watching the boys. Malia, who was trying to study, sighed before pointing out that Kira smelled stressed, adding that she “reeked of anxiety" and that it was distracting her. Kira sheepishly explained that she was worried that her relationship with Scott was “never much of a thing," and when Malia prodded her to elaborate on what she wanted, she confessed she wanted it to be more, making it clear that she wanted to be in a serious romantic relationship with Scott.

In Weaponized, Kira and Malia, along with Scott and Stiles, arrived at the high school Saturday morning in order to take the PSATs. While they were waiting to enter the classroom, Kira asked where Lydia was, leading Stiles to reveal that Lydia had already taken it freshman year and thus didn't need to take it again. Malia, who was already feeling extremely nervous due to the fact that she had just returned to school after eight years of living as a coyote in the woods, demanded to know if that meant she could have taken it another time, but Scott assured her that she had studied harder than any of them for the test and would be more than prepared to handle it.

Though Stiles and Malia bickered for a moment about Malia's grammatical mistakes, Scott reminded them that they were doing this "because while we're trying not to die, we still need to live," adding that he would like to go to a good college if he managed to survive high school. Kira nodded in agreement and pointed out that they only needed to survive three hours, but both Malia and Stiles looked skeptical, a feeling that ultimately ended up being accurate.

The four then went into the classroom with the other students, where they were fingerprinted as an added layer of identification and were forced to give up their cell phones until the test was over. The test was run by the proctor, Simon, and Natalie Martin, as the second teacher chaperone, Coach Finstock, had seemingly passed out drunk in his office and failed to show up.

Unfortunately, the test was shut down shortly after it began when Sydney fainted and was found to have a blistery rash on her wrist, which led Natalie to check out Coach again and learn that he, too, was sick with a blistery rash all over his back. Believing they all had smallpox, she called the CDC, who quickly put the school under a mandatory quarantine.

The CDC then began doing blood tests on all the students to see who was infected and how, and while they were in line, Malia asked Kira if she ever got the feeling that Scott and Stiles weren't telling them everything, as she had witnessed them being shifty about something under Scott's bed the previous night. Kira, worried that she was getting close to figuring out that they knew Malia was Peter Hale's biological daughter, awkwardly stammered that she'd never been in or under Scott's bed, just on it while "wearing clothes," which distracted Malia until Kira was next to get her blood taken.

However, another calamity ensued when Kira's inner Kitsune spirit felt threatened by the needle being used to draw her blood, which caused her to reflexively let off a small jolt of foxfire from her arm, which was attracted to the needle and sizzled all the way up its length before burning a hole in arm of the woman's suit, forcing Malia to pull Kira away before she could attract any more unwanted attention while the woman went outside to make sure her suit wasn't breached.

Although the supernatural members of the McCall Pack assumed they would be fine due to their extraordinarily effective immune systems, they all quickly began to experience side effects of the mysterious virus-- Malia's claws came out and could not retract them, Kira was having neurological issues that affected her hand-eye coordination, and Scott was unable to control his shifting, and his eyes kept flashing red. Even Stiles, who was human, also developed a rash, fever, and general weakness, so he (with help from Ken Yukimura) decided to quarantine the four of them from the rest of the school, just in case the supernatural members lost control and tried to hurt someone.

They settled on the Hale Vault under the school, which had an entrance in the school's basement, as their hiding spot; unfortunately, since Malia still did not know about her true heritage as a member of the Hale Family, Scott had to pretend that he couldn't extend his claws so that Malia would use her own to open the lock, leading Kira, Scott, and Stiles to once again feel guilty about the secret they were keeping from Malia.

Malia, knowing that they weren't being honest with her for one reason or another, guessed that they were hiding the fact that she was on the last portion of the Deadpool and demanded to know how much money she was worth. Relieved that they were in the clear for a little longer, Scott admitted that she was worth $4 million, which also relieved Malia, as she thought that with Scott being worth the most at $25 million, and Kira being worth $6 million, the assassins would be more likely to go after them than they would her.

As time passed, they all started to get sicker and sicker, with dark circles forming under their eyes as they continued to hide out in the basement. Kira noticed a jar of reishi mushrooms on one of the shelves while she was wandering around during their discussion of Peter's stolen bearer bonds. Finally, Kira, Malia, and Scott began bleeding from their ears, eyes, nose, and mouth, and both Kira and Malia went totally blind.

Malia managed to find the copy of the third portion of the Deadpool in Stiles' coat pocket, but because of the loss of her eyesight, she wasn't able to read it until after they managed to cure themselves with the aforementioned reishi mushrooms, which Derek Hale, Satomi Ito, and Alan Deaton had discovered during their assessment of another sickened Werewolf from Satomi's Pack, leading to the four of them being cured. However, this gave Malia her eyesight back, and she quickly saw where her name was listed as "Malia Hale," revealing to her that she had been lied to about her heritage for some time now.

In A Promise to the Dead,

In Smoke and Mirrors, Malia rode to Mexico with Peter, following Stiles, Derek, Liam, and Braeden in a borrowed police transport van to save Scott and Kira from Kate Argent.

In Creatures of the Night, while the group prepared for a senior event, Malia anxiously waited for email confirmation that she passed summer school. When she got in, Kira hugs her and seems happy for her.

In Parasomnia, Kira and Malia sat with Scott and Stiles in the library, where they discussed Theo Raeken.

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In Dreamcatchers,

In Condition Terminal,

In Required Reading,

In Strange Frequencies,

In The Sword and the Spirit, both Malia and Kira reunite with the pack at Scott's house by the end of the episode, shortly after Scott, Stiles, and Noshiko rescue her from Mexico.

In Amplification, Kira and Malia are practicing her electrical abilities in the biology lab at school. Kira is reluctant saying she doesn't know how to do what they're asking. Malia asks how she learned to do it before and how she learned to use a sword. Kira admits that she didn't learn, she just knew how to do it. Malia says Kira's never worked for anything and is a basically a “cheater.” When Kira expresses doubt that they can even get past the Eichen House front gate, Malia says she has “a guy on the inside.”. Kira settles in to practice but instead of taking power from the grid, she sends more in and explodes the lightbulb. A shard of glass from the bulb is embedded in Malia's head. She plucks it gingerly from her skin and takes out a fresh lightbulb so they can try again. The biology lab is covered in broken lightbulbs. Malia is now wearing goggles and sitting a few feet away from Kira. Kira tries to ask about Corinne (the Desert Wolf) and her attempt to kill her and her plan to kill her mother. Malia quickly changes the subject back to Kira's practice with electricity. Malia takes off her goggles and gets in close again. She says she knows Kira will get it right because it's the only way to get Lydia out of Eichen House. Kira tries again. The bulb dims significantly but as soon as Malia points out that Kira is succeeding, she loses control, the bulb flashes brightly, breaks and the entire power grid of the school goes out. Both girls beat a hasty retreat. Kira tries to convince Scott that she can't cause the brownout. Everyone offers words of encouragement except for Malia. Stiles presses until Malia, halfheartedly, says Kira can do it. At Eichen House, Kira and Malia walk in with a large group of visitors. They hide around the corner from the reception desk. A naked teen, identified as Nelson, walks through the Eichen House lobby (Location: Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home, Los Angeles). Orderly Schrader (Clayton Fronning) leaves his post in reception to give chase. Kira and Malia use the distraction to enter the office behind the reception and find the electrical room. Back at the electrical box, Kira is stymied because the wires are insulated. Malia grabs a pair of scissors but Kira stops her saying the voltage could kill her. Malia decides to use her claws and slices through the covering on the wires. She gets a shock and her fingers are blackened and smoking. There are four minutes remaining until Kira needs to cause the brownout. Malia says she can smell how nervous Kira is. There are ten seconds remaining. Kira takes hold of the wires but nothing happens. At three minutes past 8 PM nothing is happening with Kira. She says she is scared she'll lose control and fry the system. Malia tries to encourage her. She tells Kira to stop worrying about what she might do and focus on saving Lydia. The lightning flashes from the wires and across Kira's hands. The lights begin to dim. The computers reboot. Malia and Kira open the door to the office and find a couple of guards in the lobby. They decide to stay put to avoid raising the alarm until Lydia is out. The guards are called away when those assigned to the perimeter fail to respond to radio hails. Malia and Kira go to the lobby. Kira begins to spark as the excess energy in her system begins to fire off just like the last time she was at Eichen for an extended period of time (See A Novel Approach). Malia says they need to get Kira outside. They head for the morgue to meet up with the others. As Malia and Kira reach the morgue, sirens begin to blare signaling the lockdown of the facility. Malia grabs for the door handle and is shocked so severely she flies backward into Kira.

In Lie Ability, Malia and Kira are still trapped in the morgue. Lightning crackles around Kira's body and connects with metal objects in the room. Malia suggests grounding her with something but neither one knows how. Kira says she should have stayed with the Skinwalkers because she'll never be able to control her abilities. Malia points out that it worked earlier and she was able to cause the brownout. Kira's eyes flash orange and she shouts for Malia to go. Kira is still firing off bolts of electricity in the morgue until she collapses, apparently unconscious. Malia is about to check her pulse when Josh shows up and says he can still feel the electricity coming off her. He says he can help Kira if Malia will help a badly burned Corey. Josh helps Corey off the morgue table. He seems to be healed but parts of his skin are still blackened. Malia explains that they're still locked in but there is a Plan B involving Mason. Kira says he's got the blueprint of the building and will find the transformer shed behind the building. The door to the morgue opens and Malia and Kira rush to get Stiles’ Jeep.

In A Credible Threat, they both help the Pack to stop the Beast. However, Kira's kitsune manages to get the best of her.

In Apotheosis,

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  • Kira and Malia were the first female shapeshifters to officially join the McCall Pack.
  • In addition to being best friends with each other, the two are also best friends with fellow packmate and Banshee Lydia Martin.
  • At a point in time, each was dating one the male best friend duo Scott and Stiles.
    • Kira was with Scott, and Malia was with Stiles, respectively.


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