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Theo: "Really? You really need me to remind you that getting captured by the Ghost Riders isn't gonna help you save your friends?"
Liam: "We're both getting caught. You can do it while you're running-- I'm going down fighting."
Liam Dunbar and Theo Raeken in Memory Found

Liam Eugene Dunbar, better known as Liam, is a former supporting character and a current main character in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of MTV's Teen Wolf. Though Liam originally attended Devenford Preparatory Academy, he was expelled at the end of his first semester of freshman year, which required him to transfer to Beacon Hills High School, where he went on to join the lacrosse team. It was through lacrosse that Liam met Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, particularly when the former saved his life after a Wendigo named Sean Walcott threw him off of the roof of the hospital. However, to do so, Scott had to give Liam the Bite, and he ended up successfully surviving the process to become a Beta Werewolf.

The transformation initially terrified him due to fear that his parents would find out and look at him like he was a monster, but Scott eventually convinced him that being a Werewolf and being a monster were very different things. Liam later proved to be an exceptionally strong Werewolf despite being a newly-bitten Beta, but the anger that made him so much stronger also made it much harder for him to control his transformations. Even still, after over half a year of practice and training, Liam has become a very proficient Werewolf, though he still has difficulty controlling himself on full moons, especially during supermoons.

After Season 4 and throughout Season 5, Liam grew closer to all of the members of his new pack, especially Scott and Stiles, but he was initially afraid to confess his new supernatural identity to his best friend Mason Hewitt. However, Liam eventually overcame this fear after he was forced to shift in front of him, and he was relieved when Mason accepted his confession with excitement and joy. The two then helped the McCall Pack deal with the Dread Doctors and their newly created Chimeras, but unbeknownst to anyone, Theo Raeken, a Chimera masquerading as a true Werewolf who claimed to have returned to Beacon Hills after a long absence to join Scott's pack, was actually manipulating all of the members to turn against Scott, Liam included.

When Liam's girlfriend Hayden Romero was near death due to a mercury overdose and Scott refused to give her the Bite out of fear of killing her, Theo used the anger Liam already felt and the effects of the impending supermoon to convince him to kill Scott so that he could become an Alpha, and give Hayden the Bite himself; Liam was too overwhelmed with anger and grief to realize that Theo needed Liam, as Scott's only bitten Beta, to kill Scott and steal his powers so that Theo could then kill Liam and take the powers for himself. Though Liam's attempt to kill Scott failed, the two were estranged for some time before they finally reconciled after both realized the extent to which Theo had manipulated everyone. Ever since Liam's relationships with Scott and the pack at large are stronger than ever, and they were able to defeat the Dread Doctors, Sebastien Valet/the Beast of Gevaudan, and Theo himself as a team.

In Season 6, Liam became even more involved in the supernatural world, as his Alpha and close friend Scott would soon be leaving for college, forcing him to step up in preparation to take up the leadership of the pack in his absence. Despite his insecurity, he learned a lot about what it takes to be an Alpha and successfully defeated a Hellhound in one-on-one combat, all while suffering from the effects of the Anuk-ite's fear-inducement powers. He has since become an essential member of the pack as he prepares for his own graduation from high school.

Liam is best friends with Mason Hewitt, Stiles Stilinski, and Scott McCall. Liam is also a member of the McCall Pack.

Early life

Little is known about Liam's very early life, including the names of his biological parents. However, it is known that Liam was raised by his mother and step-father, a Harvard-educated doctor at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital named Dr. Geyer, and he battled significant anger issues in his childhood. ("Muted") According to Liam, his step-father told him that children deal with anger in one of two ways: by hurting themselves, or by hurting someone else. ("Orphaned") Liam typically dealt with his anger by hitting things, thereby hurting himself, but also occasionally took his anger out on others by getting into physical fights. However, when he started his freshman year at Devenford Prep, his lacrosse coach benched him for getting too many red cards, and Liam was so overwhelmed with rage that he destroyed his coach's car with a crow bar and carved "THIS IS YOUR FAULT" across the side. ("The Benefactor"

This reaction got him expelled from school and sent to a psychologist for an evaluation. The psychologist diagnosed Liam with intermittent explosive disorder, otherwise known as I.E.D., and prescribed him Risperdal to manage the symptoms. However, the medication caused Liam to be so tired that he couldn't play lacrosse, one of his few outlets for his anger, and he eventually quit taking it completely. Afterward, Liam enrolled at Beacon Hills High School for his second semester of freshman year, just in time for lacrosse try-outs. ("I.E.D.")

When Liam was in sixth grade, he got into a fist-fight in the hallway of his school with another male student. Hayden Romero had the misfortune of walking into the hall at the wrong time and accidentally got punched in the face by Liam, who broke her nose in the process. Furious at Liam, Hayden punched him in the face and broke his nose to get back at them. Unfortunately for both of them, this fight occurred on school picture day, and both Hayden and Liam had to have their picture taken with black eyes and taped-up noses, causing the two to develop a rivalry that lasted until their sophomore year of high school. ("Parasomnia"), ("Required Reading") Liam also seemingly had a rivalry with Brett Talbot, a fellow lacrosse player, that almost bordered on bullying, but the two repaired their friendship when Liam transferred to Beacon Hills High School and became a Werewolf. ("Triggers"), ("I.E.D."), ("A Promise to the Dead"), ("Superposition")

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Muted, Liam made his first appearance at the early-morning practice session held on the first day back from winter break. During warm-ups, Liam was assigned to the position of goalie and wasted no time in demonstrating his skill as he prevented every shot from hitting the net. Once the round finished, fellow teammate Garrett complimented Liam on his skill and loudly stated that he was on the track to becoming the team's first-ever freshman captain, which instantly made Scott McCall panic at the thought of losing his captainship.

Having noticed Liam dominating everyone on the field, Scott and his best friend Stiles Stilinski approached him in the locker room to question him about how he became so skilled at the game, believing he might have a supernatural advantage. Despite Stiles' heavy-handed question about running around the woods on a full moon, Liam remained oblivious as to why they were interrogating him and simply explained that he had transferred from Devenford Prep. Scott, who was monitoring his heart rate with his Werewolf hearing, caught Liam's lie and realized that he had actually been kicked out, much to Liam's embarrassment. Liam stated that it didn't matter why he ended up there-- he knew the lacrosse team was in need of players, and he had picked up the sport because his step-dad, Dr. Geyer, played it as well. He went on to compliment Scott by revealing that his step-dad made team captain his sophomore year, just like Scott, and when Stiles continued to grill him, he stated that he was just that good.

As he prepared for the first day of tryouts that day after school, he overheard Coach Finstock informing Scott that all positions, including team captain, were up for grabs and smirked in satisfaction at the realization that Scott felt threatened by Liam's presence on the team. He went on to once again do extremely well at that afternoon's practice, and did so with such stamina that Stiles continued to speculate that Liam was supernatural, even wondering aloud if Liam, who was running fast across the field, was a "Werecheetah." tell Scott that his spot for team captain is up for grabs, Liam is pleased by this news. Liam is doing extremely well during the try-outs, he does better than most which lead Stiles to suggest that he's some type of supernatural creature such as a "Werecheetah".

When the team began doing two-against-ones, Liam was forced to go up against Scott and Stiles; though they completely blew their first chance against him, Malia Tate, who was a spectator at the practice, put up ten dollars in favor of Scott and Stiles in order to convince Coach to give them a second chance, leading Scott to respond a little too enthusiastically and cause Liam to badly injure his ankle. The two boys, feeling guilty for their role in his injury, offered to take him to the nurse.

Liam's ankle was ultimately worse than they thought, so the two drove Liam to the hospital where Melissa McCall put him in a wheelchair and took him back for evaluation. Once there, Dr. Geyer, Liam's stepfather, examined his ankle and determined that the swelling was too bad to say whether it was sprained or broken without an x-ray. Disheartened, Liam blamed himself for his injury, admitting he had sustained it going after two juniors, one of whom was the captain; when Dr. Geyer asked him why he did it, Liam confessed that he was trying to impress them, which Scott, who was standing outside of the exam room, overheard. Dr. Geyer kindly reminded Liam to play smarter, not harder, and assured him that his mother would not be upset about his injury.

A short time later, a fellow patient, Sean Walcott, exposed himself as a Wendigo when his cannibalistic hunger overwhelmed him and he fed on a Sheriff's deputy. He was about to do the same to his nurse, Melissa McCall, when Liam heard her scream and limped out into the hallway to investigate. As Sean fled the scene upon the arrival of the fully-transformed Scott, he came upon Liam in the hallway and snatched him before running them both to the roof of the hospital.

Scott followed behind them and began to attack Sean in Liam's defense, only for Sean to throw Liam over the side of the roof, though Liam was fortunately able to grab hold of the edge with his fingers so he wouldn't fall. Scott tried his best to pull Liam back up, but Sean got his arms pinned behind his back so he was unable to grab him; seeing Liam's fingers weakening, Scott was left with no other option but to grab Liam's arm with the only grip he had-- his mouth.

However, this required Scott to bite Liam hard with his fangs to prevent him from falling to his death, and though Scott was ultimately able to break out of Sean's hold and fend him off, the damage had already been done. Suddenly, an assassin known as the Mute appeared and killed Sean right in front of Scott and Liam, stunning them both for a long moment before they both realized what Scott had just done. Liam cradled his injured arm in his healthy one and groaned in pain as Scott stared wide-eyed with Liam's blood still on his lips.

In The Benefactor, just as Liam was trying to process what had just happened to him, Scott began to panic when he realized that he likely just turned Liam into a supernatural creature, which led him to kidnap Liam, duct-tape his wrists and ankles together and also taping his mouth shut so he couldn't scream. Scott then brought Liam back to the McCall House, where Scott dumped Liam in the bathtub in his bathroom before calling his best friend Stiles in hopes that he may have a plan to make things right.

However, Stiles was just as flabbergasted about this turn of events as Liam and Scott were, and the two decided the best course of action would be to tell Liam the truth, so they brought him out of the bathroom into Scott's bedroom and tied him to the desk chair. Stiles removed the tape covering his lips and warned him that they would muzzle him again if he screamed, and Liam, furious and confused by everything that has happened in the last few hours, reluctantly agreed to stay quiet.

Stiles began the lecture by saying, "Okay, Liam... Now, you've seen a lot of confusing things tonight. And more confusing things are going to happen because of the confusing things that happened tonight. Do you understand?" Liam, gritting his teeth in an attempt to refrain from yelling at them, bluntly responded that he did not, leading Stiles to pass the baton to Scott in hopes that he could explain their situation better. Scott cryptically informed Liam that what he had to do in order to save him (namely, biting him) was going to change him, and Stiles tactlessly added, "Unless it kills you," which immediately freaked Liam out.

It appeared as though Liam was starting to cry, which made both Scott and Stiles feel so guilty that they wasted no time releasing him from his bindings. It soon became clear that Liam was just faking it when he picked up the chair and smashed it against Scott's side before dropping it and punching Stiles in the face, distracting them both so he could make his escape. He was shocked to discover that his sprained ankle had already healed, indicating that the next night's full moon was already starting to change him into a Werewolf. He then ran toward the staircase, pausing momentarily to watch as Scott and Stiles hesitate before they both lunged toward him in order to tackle him; unfortunately, Liam was too fast, and the older boys ended up tumbling down the stairs, struggling to extricate themselves from each other's limbs before realizing that Liam had already fled the house.

The next morning, Liam, who was completely free of a limp and who had bandaged up the bite wound on his left outer forearm, appeared at school, looking pale, sweaty, and somewhat strung-out. He became alarmed for a moment when he saw Scott staring at him from afar in the same manner Derek Hale used to do shortly after Scott was bitten in the first season, but when Liam turned to look again, he was gone. His best friend Mason then approached him and asked him why he wasn't on the bus this morning, leaving Liam with no choice but to lie and claim he ran to school, a statement Mason found hard to believe considering his house was three miles away from the school.

He then guessed that Liam's leg must be feeling better, which only caused Liam to be more anxious as he remembered the strange way that his sprain managed to heal in hours, before noticing the gauze covering Liam's arm and worriedly asking him what had happened. Liam, too overwhelmed to answer any questions, quickly made a half-hearted excuse of needing to leave before he ran off and headed into the school, where he saw Stiles coming toward him from the opposite direction. However, when Liam turned to walk the other way, he was soon blocked by Scott, leaving him with no route to escape the two boys. Liam turned to aggression to try to get them to leave, but Scott insisted that they needed to talk before earnestly echoing Derek's words to Scott on his first full moon-- "We're brothers now. The bite... the bite is a gift."

Stiles, embarrassed on Scott's behalf, begged him to stop before turning to face Liam and retorting, "You! You-- we're trying to help you, you little runt!" Liam, not amused, asked him if they were really trying to help him by kidnapping him, and Stiles weakly argued that it was Scott who kidnapped him, and Stiles merely aided and abetted. Taking on a serious tone of voice, Scott informed Liam that he had gone through this before and that something big was currently happening to him, leading the traumatized Liam to angrily rip off his bandage, revealing clean, unblemished and uninjured skin where there was a bite wound just the previous night. He insisted that nothing was happening to him and reiterated "Nothing" before storming away, leaving a worried Scott and Stiles who were now certain that Liam was turning into a Werewolf due to Scott's bite.

Liam's current transformation and how they were going to safely handle him during that night's full moon was the topic of discussion during the McCall Pack's meeting during their lunch period. Since they were already planning on going to Lydia's family's lake house so they could chain Malia (who was still learning control over her Werecoyote nature) up in the basement, they decided that they could just chain Liam to one of the support beams in the boathouse. However, Kira brought up an excellent point-- how were they going to get Liam there when he didn't trust any of them?

Exasperated by Stiles and Malia's suggestion that they kill or kidnap him, they debated for a moment before Lydia decided that they should have Kira, the resident trickster Kitsune, trick him into coming to the lake house under the guise of inviting him to a party. Kira reluctantly agreed to the plan and attempted to seductively approach him as she walked down the stairs, but in an embarrassing twist, she lost her footing and ended up tumbling down the stairs. Liam, both clearly attracted to Kira and also concerned about her injuries, rushed to see if she was okay, and Kira quickly recovered from her gaff by asking him if he wanted to go to a party that night, to which Liam eagerly agreed.

That night, Kira picked Liam up and drove them to the lake house, where she awkwardly babbled about the fact that the lake house belonged to Lydia's dead grandmother Lorraine Martin, clearly nervous about what was to come. Just then, Liam's superhuman senses started to kick in, and the music playing on the radio was so loud that he winced and covered his ears. After a moment, he weakly asked Kira if she could turn the volume down, but Kira, clueless and distracted, thought he was asking her to turn the volume up, which is what she did. Fortunately for Liam, his sense of hearing returned to normal a moment later.

After he recovered from the earsplitting noise, Liam got a text message from Mason asking him what he was doing; thinking he could invite his friends, Liam asked Kira who exactly was going to be at the party, and Kira, knowing she is not a good liar, quickly replied, "Everyone!" and left it at that, leading Liam to go ahead and invite Mason, not knowing he would then invite many more people who would then invite others. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack waited for them at the lake house, where Stiles admitted that he had asked around about Liam and learned that he had serious anger-management issues and had been kicked out of Devenford Prep for destroying his coach's car with a sledgehammer, causing Scott to begin to worry about how Liam's ability to control his emotions would affect his new naturally-aggressive Werewolf temperament.

Upon their arrival, Liam immediately became uneasy when he didn't see many cars in the driveway, so Kira quickly lied and said they were early before practically pushing him into the house. Once they were inside, she immediately locked the door behind them, and Liam quickly noticed the rest of the pack waiting for them in the living room and realized he had been set up. When he demanded to know what the hell they were doing, Stiles retorted that he should think of this as an intervention, because he had a problem, and Scott added that they were the only ones who could help him with it.

They explained the supernatural world to him off-scene, and when the next scene started, Liam was practicing by identifying Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Kira as a Werewolf, Werecoyote, Banshee, and Kitsune/"Fox," respectively. He then turned to Stiles and asked him what he was, and Stiles, insecure about his human status, bragged that he was once possessed by a very evil spirit but added that he was now better.

Just when it seemed as though Liam saw their supernatural nature for himself when Malia flashed her Werecoyote eyes at him, Liam exploded into a furious rant in which he declared them all to be "psychotic nutjobs" and threatened to hurt them if they tried to follow him when he fled the lake house. However, before Liam could go through with his threats, the full moon hit its peak and affected him with such force that he fell to his knees and began to transform. This was Scott and Kira's cue to get Liam, whose eyes were now bright gold and whose fangs and claws were extended, into the boat house and restrained before he could hurt anyone, all while Stiles prepared to do the same for Malia. Unfortunately, as they were splitting up, they realized several cars full of people had arrived, forcing Liam to admit that he told his friend Mason he would be here since he thought it was going to be an actual party. This left Lydia with no choice but to entertain the dozens of freshmen who showed up on her front in order to keep them occupied so they wouldn't notice the two shapeshifters fighting the effects of the full moon.

Liam's anger issues seemed to make him even stronger than a normal Werewolf, as evidenced when he initially broke free of the chains Scott had attempted to put on him; since Scott felt so guilty about inadvertently turning Liam that he wouldn't fight back to defend himself, Liam was able to attack him with all of his might and would have seriously injured Scott if Kira hadn't whacked him in the back of the head with a canoe oar, knocking him out for a little while so they could properly lock him up. While he was unconscious, Kira remarked that he looked very young, and Scott agreed, informing her that he was only fifteen. When Kira asked what they would do if Liam ended up not wanting their help, but Scott, remembering his own experience as a neophyte Werewolf, assured her that he would.

Unfortunately, Scott and Kira distracted themselves with slow-dancing on the dock and didn't realize that Liam had awakened until it was too late-- he had broken free of his chains and jumped through the boathouse window before fleeing on foot into the nearby woods, leaving Scott to chase after him while Kira tried to find Lydia to see how she was doing. When Scott finally caught up with them, the two began to tussle once again, with Liam behaving violently and clearly out of control, while Scott, who was still refusing to fight back, just allowed him to keep hitting him over and over as he begged him to stop. Finally, Liam demanded to know what Scott did to him, and before he could answer, Liam insisted that this was all his fault until suddenly, a flash-bang arrow was shot at the tree to which Liam had Scott pinned, which startled him so much that he yelped and ran off.

When Scott looked up, he was surprised to see Chris Argent, holding a cross-bow, walking toward him; when Scott asked him how he knew to be there, Argent wryly smiled and stated that he had gotten the text Scott sent to him during the events of Muted. Argent went on to inform Scott that he had a trap made of ultra-sonic emitters set up in a clearing north of where they were standing, so all Scott had to do was to corral him into it. When Scott asked Argent what he was going to do, Argent reminded him that Liam was his Beta and turned the question back on him. Scott sighed and muttered that Liam wasn't listening to him, but Argent assured him that he would as long as he used his own words. He then gave Scott the remote to the emitters and sent him off to find his new Beta.

Liam had fallen into the trap, just as Argent knew he would, and Scott found him kneeling on the ground with his hands over his ears, now back in human form due to the pain and groaning loudly. Scott mercifully turned the emitters off, and after sighing in relief and catching his breath, Liam plaintively asked him what was happening to him, leading Scott to admit that it was the same thing that happened to him. Feeling guilty about how he acted during the full moon, Liam insisted that his mom and step-dad could not know about this because he couldn't do this to them again; when Scott asked him what he meant, Liam admitted that he had been kicked out of school and conceded that he deserved it, but he was still haunted by the look on his parents' face when they found out what he did to his coach's car.

Scott immediately crouched to his level to reassure him that it was okay, but Liam continued to ramble, "They can't see me like this... like... like..." Scott sadly figured out where Liam was going with this and quietly finished his statement-- "Like a monster?" When Liam, who was so ashamed he couldn't even look Scott in the eyes, sadly nodded, Scott's voice became more firm as he stood to his feet and replied, "You're not a monster. You're a Werewolf-- like me. This seemed to have consoled Liam, who also got up on his knees as he looked at Scott's glowing red Alpha eyes with awe.

In I.E.D., Liam and Mason are working out in the weight room, Liam is bench pressing 180 pounds, Mason tells him about how he allowed Garrett to use his hoodie but it was never returned. As Mason continues to talk, Liam adds more weight, Mason then accuses him of acting strangely, Liam doesn't care and he adds on even more weight which leads Mason to ask if he's on steroids. Mason wonders if this has anything to do with the upcoming lacrosse game, Liam initially says no but he then learns that they will be playing his old school, Devenford Prep. He becomes enraged, enters the locker room in search of his lacrosse stick and discovers that Derek Hale has it, he snaps the stick in half. Liam instinctively attacks; however, he is no match for Derek who slams him against the locker with one hand.

He snarls and bites at Derek until he hears Scott calling his name in which he calms down. He is released, Scott hands him his lacrosse stick, explaining that the one Derek broke was not his, the bell ring and Scott tells Liam to get to class. Later that school day, Liam approaches the Devenford Prep bus, he calls out to a guy named Brett Talbot and extends his hands saying have a good game. Brett laughs, he says their team is going to break Liam in half for what he did to their coach's car, once again Liam begins to lose control, clutching his hand so intensely that blood begins to drip between his knuckles. Scott and Stiles grab Liam and take him to the showers in the boys' locker room where he eventually calms down.

Liam explains to them that the car he destroyed belonged to his coach, he did it after being benched for an entire season. His anger was so out of control he had to be sent to a psychologist who diagnosed him with I.E.D. He says that he's supposed to take a medication called Risperdal but he refuses to because it makes him too tired and prevents him from playing lacrosse. Scott suggests that Liam sit this game out but he refuses. They explain to him that one of the assassins is likely on the lacrosse team and the one who ordered the keg at Lydia's party. Liam doesn't know who ordered the keg but he knows that Garrett paid for it.

That night at the game, Liam is talking with Mason, he believes that he can take Brett even though he's a foot taller than him, Mason agrees, he goes to say once Liam takes Brett, he should pass him to Mason, they both laugh. While preparing for the game, a player of the rival team whips a ball at Liam's head but he manages to snatch it out of the air. During the game he is gunned at by the rival team, Brett sneaks up at flips Liam, they both hit the ground, Liam breaks his arm, Scott fixes it. Then they hear the sound of a sharp blade retracting, Scott checks Liam for any scratches but he doesn't have any.

In Orphaned, Liam comes around the corner with a concerned look on his face, he sees Scott talking to his father. Liam is worried that his name might end up on the Dead Pool, Liam is given the task as the lookout while Scott breaks into Garrett's locker, Scott tells him that nothing was in it. The next morning, he and Mason are out for a run, Mason expresses his feeling towards being used by two assassins, he's just as surprised that Liam isn't freaking out as well. Liam assures Mason that he's also freaked out by the situation, he begins to speed up and eventually loses Mason. Once he realizes that Mason is far behind, Liam turns around to look for him but is immediately rammed by Garrett's truck and stabbed by Garrett's dagger.

Liam finds himself down in a deep well, Liam has been stabbed with the yellow wolfsbane, once it moves to the heart, bad things happen. Liam yells for help while in the well; however, he is in the middle of the woods where no one can hear him. He tries to escape the well by climbing out but the rocks are slippery, he only makes it halfway up before falling back down, he then begins to remember a conversation he had with Scott at Martin Lake House. Scott explains that Liam broke the chains and jumped through a window but the cuts he suffered from healed while he was a werewolf. Liam says that's one good thing about being a wolf, Scott tells him that this could be bad for someone else, he tells Liam that he must get in control of it.

He explains that he's been trying to for years, his stepdad told him that "when kids get angry, they deal with it in one of two ways. They either hurt themselves or they hurt someone else." He then begins to climb back up the rocks again, he looks up at the moon shining down on him, Liam then roars incredibly loud. Liam begins to lose his, after a while he can't hold on anymore, just as he falls back, Scott grabs his hand and saves him. He is taken to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic so that Deaton can cut open his chest and cure Liam of his wolfsbane poisoning.

In Time of Death, Liam, Scott, Stiles and Kira are all at Scott's house constructing a plan to take down The Benefactor. Stiles says that the plan is dangerous, hearing this, Scott offers Liam an out, he says that he doesn't have to do it but Liam refuses saying he isn't scared. Earlier that day Liam, Scott, Kira and Noshiko Yukimura were in Scott's room surrounding his bed, Liam is uneasy about the entire situation, Scott assures him that everything will be okay. He asks Noshiko if she'd one it before, she replies that she's seen it done before, he watches as Kira uses her powers to stop Scott's heart. In the present, Liam, Stiles, Kira, Noshiko and Melissa gather around Scott's body.

While Scott is unconscious, Liam appears in several of his dreams, in the first dream he throws Scott a lacrosse ball yelling catch, saying that's why you're the team captain, he then jogs down the halls of Beacon Hills High School. Scott is reading his own Dead Pool and says I can't kill them but Liam explains that he has to because he's the alpha and a predator. He is then stabbed in the back by The Mute twice as he pleads for Scott to help. As they watch from the laptops for The Benefactors arrival, the camera on the roof goes out so Liam and Kira go to investigate. During Scott's second dream, Liam throws him the ball again, only thing times Scott catches it with his claws and Liam says "That's why you're the Alpha."

They both suddenly appear in the locker room, Scott is examining his fangs, he says their different, Liam believes this could be due to Scott becoming more of a werewolf, maybe it means he's becoming stronger then he is once again stabbed in the back by The Mute. On the roof, a transformer begins to spark, Liam believes that it was done intentionally, they turn around as see a Berserker headed their way. Liam lunges at the Berserker but he is no match and thrown, Kira is knocked out soon after, Liam attempts to wake her up, he gets Kira back to her feet and they retreat. Kira tells him to run but Liam refuses, he gets on top of the transformer and jumps at the Berserker. In the final dream, Liam yells catch but this time its a bloody tomahawk and Liam is lying at Scott's feet, bleeding, with The Mute's assistance, Scott kills Liam with the tomahawk. After facing the Berserker, Liam runs into the morgue and says Kira's mom is hurt.

In Perishable, Liam is in his room trying to go to sleep when his printer cuts on and begins spitting out the Dead Pool list, after failing in trying to stop the printer, he just unplugs it. After facing the Berserker on the rooftop, Liam has become very paranoid, she walks throughout the halls of Beacon Hills High School, he thinks that everyone is talking about him and laughing. Moments later, he catches a quick glimpse of a Berserker; however, this is just a hallucination. Mason appears, he wants to know if Liam is going to the bonfire, he says no but Mason reminds him that its mandatory because he's on the lacrosse team. Still seeing the Berserker, agrees to go and then he runs off.

In the locker room, he appears to be distracted as Coach lectures them, he gets up and leaves. Scott finds him sitting on the steps, Liam explains that he's scared and how his printer kept going off the previous night, at that moment, Coach yells as his printer begins spitting out the Dead Pool list. He and Scott pick up the list off the ground, they notice that Derek's name is no longer on the list and Liam is no longer worth $3 million but $18 million now. Liam and Mason show up to the bonfire, Liam is at a picnic table pouring alcohol into a bottle, he wonders why Mason isn't stopping him. Mason replies that he wants Liam to get so drunk that when he asks his best friend what's going on, he'll be too out of it to lie.
As Liam continues to drink, he starts to stumble and sway which should be impossible for a werewolf, Scott asks Mason how much has Liam had to drink, he replies not enough to get Liam the way he is, Scott tells Mason to watch Liam as he goes to check out the cause of their illness. Two men dressed in security outfits come and take Liam, Malia and Scott, they are thrown in the hallway and covered in gasoline. However; before they can be set ablaze, Mason, Derek and Braeden manage to stop the assassins.

In Monstrous, Liam is at Scott's house waiting for Scott, he hands Liam a helmet telling him that they found Brett and the rest of Satomi's Pack. Liam hesitates, he explains to Scott that he's not like him, he asks Scott how are all of them still alive, Scott says all of them aren't and he offers to take Liam home.

In A Promise to the Dead, he and Mason and playing video games in his room, Liam is winning, Mason wonders if he's been practicing or suddenly acquired super-human reflexes. Mason prepares to leave as he has to study for a test. Liam begs for him to stay and play "one more game" but Mason has already played "one more game, four times". Liam offers Mason to study at his house and spend the night, realizing something is wrong, he asks Liam if he's okay, Liam tells Mason that he can leave. As Liam lies in his bed, he begins to hear growling and thumping, he's imagining a Berserker in his room coming towards him, Liam repeats you're not there over and over until he eventually turns on the lights and sees no Berserker. He is with Mason in the weight room preparing to bench press 300lb, Mason offers to spot him but Liam adamantly refuses his help twice.

As he starts to lift, Liam begins to have flashes of that altercation with the berserker on the rooftop while at the same time losing his powers, the bar drops on his chest leaving Liam no way to breath, Scott shows up removes the bar and tells Liam that its fine if he doesn't want to be with them but don't push his friends away. Mason shows up in Liam's bedroom, he throws some games on the bed, telling Liam that he's aware that Liam is going through some things and that he isn't ready to share that but Mason will be waiting for the moment that he's read. Until then, Mason says there's got to be at least one game he can beat Liam in, he picks up a game and says that he's never played this one.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Liam is at Scott's house, Stiles and Malia come down from Scott's room, Stiles tells Liam to go home but he refuses. Stiles explains that he doesn't have to come but Liam insists on it. Stiles reminds him that he tore through the last set of chains and they would have to freeze him in carbonite to get him down there. Unaware of Stiles' sarcasm, Liam agrees and asks where can they get it, either that or they have to come up with a better way. They all meet up and prepare to retrieve Scott from Mexico but Lydia hasn't shown up yet, Liam offers to call Mason and tell him to check for Lydia at the school.

Before they leave Peter Hale encourages them to remember that the berserkers are not human, they are pure animal and instinct. As Peter talks about them Liam becomes fearful, Peter can sense this and explains to Liam that its that fear that keeps him alive. He then calls Mason who tells Liam that Lydia's car is at the school, he wants Mason to call him as soon as he finds Lydia. As they drive through the desert, Derek is chaining Liam up in the back of the prisoner transport van. Derek then gives him the Triskelion, telling Liam that it's a "very powerful supernatural talisman", he says they use it to teach young Betas control during the full moon.

He begins to feel the effects of the full moon, Derek attempts to calm him down, he explains to Liam what the three spirals mean to his family, it means Alpha, Beta, Omega, just like the tattoo on his back. It reminds Derek that a Beta can become an Alpha but an Alpha can also become a Beta, Liam wonders if an Alpha can become an Omega and Derek says yes. Derek further explains to Liam that Alpha, Beta, Omega is the family mantra, they repeat it over and over, each time gaining more control, Liam tries to but it fails. He then shakes the truck, breaks one of the handcuffs and tries to claw at Derek. He then breaks the other cuff and tries to attack Derek, with the Hale mantra not working, Stiles offers another, he asks Liam "What three things cannot long be hidden?", Liam says "The sun, the moon, the truth", this mantra proves effective and he regains control.

Derek asks if he can maintain that power once they reach Mexico, Liam flicks his claws, demonstrating that he has control. They enter the temple in search for Scott but Liam, Peter and Malia are attacked by a berserker, they all attack the berserker, working together as a real wolf pack would in order to take down a bigger prey. They eventually gain the upper hand, he and Peter hold the berserker back as Malia goes in for the killing blow with the bone dagger but Kira stops them and informs all of them that the berserker is Scott. Liam realizes that this is the truth when he looks into its eyes, but that hesitation is what led Scott to break free and choke Liam up against a wall, Liam pleads with Scott to stop, he says "you’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf, like me."

This registers to Scott and he regains control. Scott rips of the berserker clothing and accuses Peter of helping Kate Argent, then he watched as Scott and Peter fought. Scott is receiving the worst of the fight, Liam steps forward as if he is going to jump in so Peter throws an old church chair at him, this triggers something in Scott and he comes to the defense of his Beta. The next morning, they return to Beacon Hills, at school they try to explain to Coach why they missed the practice, Liam explains that Kira and Scott got stuck in Mexico, so he and Stiles went to go and get them. Coach doesn't believe them but he moves on, he tells Scott and Stiles that Liam is their responsibility and that he's the best talent the coach has seen in years.

In Creatures of the Night, Liam is shown to still struggle with his transformation, but has gotten slightly better at it, to the point where he can keep himself from shifting by listening to music and occasionally gouging his claws into his palms. At Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, he overheard a recently-injured Jordan Parrish informing Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski that a new creature intended to take down Scott and ran to the Beacon Hills High School to warn the pack.

In Parasomnia, Liam feels unsure how to explain to his best friend, Mason, about the supernatural. Later, at the school, a wolf chases them and forces Liam to roar and show his werewolf side in front of Mason.

In Dreamcatchers, Liam goes to Brett to see if Tracy was part of Satomi's pack and the two betas investigate in the woods with Mason.

In Condition Terminal, he plays wingman to Mason at a dance club. He angers Hayden more after he accidentally spills her drinks. He Scott Kira and Brett fight a scorpion chimera.

In Required Reading, Liam brought Scott an inhaler during an asthma attack. He later finds out Hayden's a Chimera.

In Strange Frequencies, he rescues Hayden from the Dread Doctors and later assists in protecting her at the school until they are both captured by the Doctors.

In Ouroboros, while at the Dread Doctors operating theater, he and Hayden meet another chimera and Hayden and he develops romantic feelings for her.

In Lies of Omission, Liam tries to protect Hayden from the Dread Doctors and asks Scott to bite her when she appears to be dying.

In Status Asthmaticus, Liam, under the influence of the supermoon and Theo's manipulation, tries to kill Scott after he refused to bite Hayden to save her life.

Liam finds out that Hayden Romero, along with Chimeras, Tracy Stewart, Josh Diaz, and Corey Bryant were resurrected by Theo to be a part of his Chimera Pack. While with her sister on a police case, Hayden is confronted privately by Liam when they are both attacked by an unknown creature and barely escape. Liam and Hayden then start a secret complicated relationship, with Hayden still with Theo's pack, and eventually the two of them lose their virginity to each other.

Liam then works to get back on Scott's good side by telling Scott about Theo taking Deucalion prisoner, and then later making up for what happened in the library by trying to find the Dread Doctors' hideout in the sewers. Liam and Scott learn from Chris Argent that the Dread Doctors succeeded in their ultimate goal of bringing back a werewolf known as The Beast of Gevaudan, is currently a teenage chimera. If the Beast's human side, Sebastian Valet remembers who he is, then the teenage Chimera host will disappear and Sebastian will be reborn.

When Mason figures out that the Beast shows up at places that have a frequency, the pack works desperately to get a charity lacrosse game between Devenford Prep and Beacon Hills canceled as it is being televised. During the game, Hayden overhears their plan, realizes that she is better off with Scott then Theo, approaches Liam, assures him she is with them and kisses him. The Beast ends up showing up at the game due to interference from Corinne, Malia's mother, and ends up wounding Liam, who is later healed with a kiss from Hayden. Liam and the pack then learn that The Chimera host is none other than Liam's best friend Mason Hewitt.

After making an uneasy alliance with Theo, they find Mason but fail to stop the resurrection of Sebastian, who immediately kills The Dread Doctors then afterward. Sebastian later kidnaps Hayden at the police station and has her take him to Theo's hideout, where he ends up wounding Hayden and she retreats to the animal clinic to get help from Alan Deaton. Beneath the sewers of Theo's hideout, Liam and Scott confront Sebastian and with help from Lydia and Parrish end up saving Mason while vanquishing Sebastian once and for all.

Following the defeat of The Beast and Theo who is dragged underground to parts unknown by Kira who summons the deceased spirit of Theo's sister. Liam then heads to Clinic along with Scott to find Hayden deeply wounded by Sebastian. Not wanting to take a chance on her Chimera abilities to heal or the hospital, Hayden decides to allow Scott to bite her which this time he complies with. The next night, on a full moon, Liam is at lookout point alone when he is greeted by a very much alive yellow-eyed Hayden. Revealing that she is now a werewolf in Scott's pack, and the two of them proceed to kiss, with that incident in sixth grade behind them.

In Memory Lost, Liam and Hayden are left stranded on the side of a road after a flat tire leaves them without a ride, Hayden makes fun of his 'new' ride, saying they should've taken her car. A new problem arises when Liam doesn't have a jack to lift the SUV, she lifts it for him, Liam then says that he doesn't have a spare tire, they laugh while recalling all their past terrible dates. Liam suggests that their current date just might be the best one yet, then they kissing. They watch as the Northern lights fill the sky above, a car is seen slowly driving down the road towards them, in an attempt to flag down the car, they discover that the vehicle is empty, upon further investigation, Liam discovers that the windshield has been destroyed and the passenger side door is missing. Inside the vehicle, a boy is hiding in the backseat, he shouts, "Don’t let them take me. Don’t let them take me too."

At school the following day, the two are seen kissing on a bench, then attending class. Teaching the class is a new teacher, Mr. Douglas, their current lesson being "Schrödinger's cat". Mason informs Liam that the geo-location on his phone isn't working, explaining that it's pointing to the wrong location. After stealing Mr. Douglas' compass, he and Mason decide to see where it will take them. The compass leads them to a house, the house of the boy whose parent's are missing, they run into Scott immediately after their arrival, explaining the compass led them to the house. The compass needle begins to spins wildly in Mason's hand, then cracking on its own moments later.

He, Mason, and Hayden later regroup in the hallway at school, Mason has glued Mr. Douglas' broken compass back together, believing they can return it, Hayden disagrees but Liam says they'll put it back and then go help, Scott. She suggests they just let Scott handle it since he's the Alpha, but Liam reminds her that he won't be for long, she wonders who would take Scott's place since he's graduating soon, and it's apparent that Liam thinks he could, but Hayden is skeptical. The two werewolves begin to smell blood, so they search the school for the source, soon realizing that it's coming from the ventilation system. The tree of them make their way to the Boiler Room, inside they find a dead body, the man's head is caved in. Shortly after calling the police, they are approached by Stiles in the hallway, however, none of them seem to recognize him, Liam asks if they know him.

In Superposition,

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In Sundowning,

In Relics,

In Radio Silence,

In Ghosted Liam and Hayden walk to class. He explains that Scott is okay with “the plan” as long as they don't destroy his house. Hayden is confused, she doesn't know what plan he's talking about. He reminds her that she had some ideas about catching a Ghost Rider but she says they were bad plans. As they discuss breaking into the Faculty Storage Room, Garrett Douglas overhears them. Liam says that to save the whole school from Ghost Riders he has no problem breaking and entering.

The couple meets up outside the storage room later, and while they kiss, Hayden keeps an eye on nearby faculty members.Hayden says she has the list of supplies they need in her head. Liam worries she might forget something. But Hayden says if they get caught, she'd rather not have a list. The teachers down the hall leave and they head into the storage room. Liam wonders if they can just buy a lightning rod. Hayden says they cost $2500 dollars. As they round a corner, the find Garrett Douglas working on equipment. He acts nervous and makes as if to leave. They ask if he's making a Taser and he says no. Liam concludes that Mr. Douglas saw the Ghost Riders and is scared of being taken. The teacher claims he did, dozens of them, he accurately describes the scene during the Lacrosse game when some people were running from riders but others couldn't see them. Hayden admits that they saw the horsemen too and offers to tell him more if he really wants to fight back.

Later, Hayden explains their plan to attach a lightning rod to funnel a rider into the tunnel where they plan to grab him and push him into the Argent bunker. Once the door is closed there's no way for him to ride the lightning back out. Douglas questions how they can keep him from riding the lightning right out of the tunnel before they get the door closed. Liam suggests their lightning rod would redirect the bolt meaning the rider could grab it. The teacher says they should assume the Riders have some sort of way to direct and control the lightning strikes. Douglas says they need to absorb a lightning bolt but he can't build a conduit that could absorb even half the energy. The bell rings and Liam and Hayden head out to class.

Liam suggests they could find a person to absorb the lightning. Hayden says she doubts even Kira could do that. Liam says Josh could do it because he ate electricity. She reminds him that Josh is dead but Liam points out that his power is not. Hayden says it might as well be dead because they can't get to it. While they never come right out and say it, they discuss trying to bring Theo back from wherever he ended up at the end of Season 5. Liam says he knows it's insane but he needs Hayden to back him.

Later in the tunnels, Hayden points out that there is still time to bail on the plan to retrieve Theo. Liam admits it's not the perfect plan but they need “the bad part of the plan to make the good part work.” They're met in the tunnels by Noshiko Yukimura who has her daughter's sword. She too believes it's a bad plan. She gives them one more chance to change their minds but they refuse. Liam says they don't know what else to do because the Ghost Riders seem unstoppable. Noshiko says they are unstoppable. She explains that they've been riding the storm and taking souls since long before she was born. Liam pleads, saying they won't survive them without her help. Noshiko says Kira entrusted her with the sword while she is off with the Skinwalkers. She says she's now trusting Liam because Noshiko believes her daughter would want her to do so. She clarifies that her trust should not be mistaken for agreement with what Liam has planned. He says he understands. He explains that Kira sent Theo away by stabbing her sword into the ground. Noshiko says if he wants to do it, he'll have to do it himself. She bows and hands him the sword. Noshiko says once it's done, Liam is responsible for whatever happens. She then leaves the two teens alone in the tunnel.

Liam moves to thrust the sword, at the last minute, Hayden yells for him to wait but it's too late. The sword strikes the concrete. A large glowing crack jets forward from the sword. A few feet from where they're standing, the ground explodes as a clawed hand shoots into the air. Theo climbs out of the hole and growls at them. Theo pushes Liam against the wall. Hayden pleads with him saying they brought him back. Theo asks about his sister. They explain that he killed her. He says he's going to kill them all and shoves Liam again. Hayden says to send him back. Liam explains what Kira's sword can do and Theo backs off. Liam says they need his power and then he can kill whoever he wants but that if he does kill them, he'll be worse off than ever. Theo says there's nothing worse than what he's been through. Liam explains about the Ghost Riders.

Elsewhere in the tunnel, Mr. Douglas has rigged up a wire and a gadget to simulate the high voltage of a lightning bolt. They have Theo grab the wire and turn up the juice. Theo is knocked backwards. Douglas explains that Theo was knocked down by “only a billion joules” and that a lightning bolt is five times as strong. They realize he no longer has Josh's abilities. Hayden checks his claws and realizes he doesn't have Tracy's Kanima abilities either. Theo quips that he's back to “classic Theo.” Liam is angered and says he should be remorseful since Theo killed his pack members for those powers. Theo says he just put them back the way he found them. Hayden says they should send him back and Liam moves to do it. Theo tries to talk them out of it saying he knows about the Wild Hunt from the Dread Doctors. He also hints that he knows the truth about Garrett Douglas but doesn't come right out and say that he was the Doctors’ Nazi Werewolf in a tube. Despite Theo's discretion, Douglas says Liam should send him back down below. Theo asks who's making these decisions and wants to know where Scott and Stiles are. Realizing that Theo remembers Stiles convinces them to keep him above ground.

Later at Scott's house, Theo explains that they can't get Stiles back. He says the Wild Hunt comes and the Wild Hunt goes. Liam says they're not going, they're staying in Beacon Hills and still taking people. Theo says that's not possible. He says they won't just stick around unless they're stuck. Liam says Theo is going to help them but Theo says he doesn't know what to do. Hayden says he remembers Stiles so he clearly knows more than they do. Liam threatens him with the sword again. Theo realizes Scott wasn't part of the plan to bring him back.

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In Heartless,

In Blitzkrieg,

In Memory Found,

In Riders on the Storm,

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In Said the Spider to the Fly,

In Raw Talent,

In After Images,

In Face-to-Faceless,

In Pressure Test,

In Triggers,

In Werewolves of London,

In Genotype,

In Broken Glass,

In The Wolves of War,


When Liam was first introduced, he appeared to be outgoing and overconfident teenage boy, but it was quickly revealed that his character was much more complicated and nuanced than he appeared at first glance. After the initial shock of his transformation into a Werewolf, Liam demonstrated that he is also a very supportive and loyal friend to those who he truly cares about, such as his best friend Mason, his girlfriend Hayden, his Alpha and good friend Scott, and the rest of his pack. He's also shown that he is incredibly brave and quite intelligent despite being considered to be more brawny than brainy.

However, despite all of these good qualities, he does have a few more negative traits, mainly his difficulty controlling his anger. Liam was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder as a freshman, which causes him to be incredibly impulsive (which can lead to irrationality and poor judgment), as well as possessing a quick temper that causes him to be eager for a fight when angered. Though his transformation into a Werewolf amplified this to an extent, as lycanthropy can cause anger issues in those who have been transformed by the Bite or a scratch, Liam's inclusion in the McCall Pack and the good influence of his close friends has helped him get better at controlling his temper and staying in control of both his human and werewolf sides.

Despite this general improvement in Liam's anger and personality in general, he is still prone to bouts of irrationality and violence in certain circumstances, such as the most recent supermoon, when the effect of the moonrise combined with his anger toward Scott and fear of Hayden's impending death made it easy for Theo to manipulate him into killing Scott to the point that he actually believed that he wanted to do so at the time. Afterward, however, Liam was so horrified by his behavior that he has dedicated himself to making up for it, and has demonstrated a much better sense of control over his emotions ever since, due in part to his reconciled relationship with Scott and his romantic relationship with Hayden.

By Season 6, Liam is almost to his senior year of high school, and, faced with a large portion of his friends soon leaving for college (including his close friend and Alpha Scott McCall, Liam matured a great deal and took on more responsibility with both the McCall Pack and the lacrosse team, ultimately becoming team captain of the latter and being groomed to lead the younger pack members in Scott's absence. He soon proved himself capable of quickly coming up with plans, standing up for his loved ones and the town at large even in the face of fear and adversity, and refusing to give up, even when the outlook is grim. In many ways, he has modeled himself after his Alpha and in the process, he lost many of his more immature traits, though his residual anger issues will always remain a struggle for him, as demonstrated during the Anuk-ite's time in Beacon Hills, when the entire town was affected by its power to induce fear.

Physical Appearance

Liam is a short-statured young man with an athletic build. Due to his intense workout schedule, both out of love for lacrosse and an eagerness to help control his anger, Liam is quite muscular for his age, and he has honey-blond hair, tanned white skin, and blue eyes. He prefers comfortable clothing such as hoodies, baseball shirts, jeans, and sneakers, though he has shown to wear more trendy clothing like leather jackets and boots when going to Sinema with Mason. As the seasons progress, Liam's hair becomes darker and grows longer, and by the end of Season 6, it was nearly long enough to tuck behind his ears.

Powers and Abilities


Liam possesses the standard powers of a Beta Werewolf, though he is considered to be exceptionally powerful for his age and rank as a result of his anger, which boosts his strength considerably. Additionally, as he is Scott's first bitten Beta, Liam is one of only two people who can steal or inherit Scott's Alpha spark, the other being Hayden Romero.


Aside from his werewolf powers, Liam possesses several abilities that have helped him throughout his time on the series. For example, even prior to his transformation into a werewolf, Liam was exceptionally athletic, to the point where Scott and Stiles suspected him of being a shapeshifter despite being only a human at the time. Coach Finstock has referred to Liam as the most talented lacrosse prodigy he has ever coached in his career, and his lacrosse skills have only improved with the addition of his Werewolf powers.

Liam has also been shown to have an excellent memory, with the ability to recall conversations and even small details when it is important. For example, he was able to remember the conversation he had with Scott McCall during his first full moon about his anger and recalled how he explained to Scott what his step-father told him about how angry kids acted in order to help himself attempt to escape from the well where Garrett trapped him. He also remembered the leaf pendant necklace he found in the hole he fell into in the Beacon Hills Preserve and was able to identify it as belonging to Tracy Stewart after seeing a photo of her wearing it, an important observation that helped the McCall Pack learn that being buried alive in the woods was part of the Chimera transformation process.

Though Liam is more commonly lumped into the "brawn" side of the pack (such as Scott McCall, Derek Hale, Malia Tate, Kira Yukimura, etc) rather than the "brain" side (such as Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, and Mason Hewitt), Liam has demonstrated an above-average intellect that has helped him as he slowly gained a leadership role in the pack. He also mentioned he has a love for history (much like his ally Derek Hale), which has helped him quite a bit during his time in the supernatural world; for example, as he used his knowledge of Mykonos, Greece to help him with his battle strategy against Monroe's Army and seemed to have paid close attention during the pack's fight against the Werejaguar Kate Argent due to his knowledge of the Aztec jaguar god Tezcatlipoca.

Though he doesn't seem to have formal training, Liam has shown that he is a great fighter by combining his Werewolf powers with his instincts, particularly when angered or afraid. His style of combat is more similar to the brawling style also utilized by his packmate Stiles Stilinski. During the supermoon, while empowered by its power and his own rage, Liam was able to overpower and almost kill Scott (though Scott was weak from wolfsbane and was trying not to hurt Liam, which prevented him from defending himself properly).


Liam possesses all the standard weaknesses associated with Werewolves, including wolfsbane, mountain ash, electricity, ultrasonic and subsonic frequencies, full moons/supermoons, lunar eclipses, and heightened emotions.


  • Liam: Liam is a short form of the Irish name William, a derivation of the Frankish name Willahelm. The name breaks down into two Old German elements-- vila ("will," "desire," "resolution") and helma ("helmet of will," "guardian"). In Arabic, the pronunciation equivalent to Liam means "harmonious in opinion or feeling," while in Persian, the name is of a plant in southern Iran whose name means "protector and supporter," a fitting title, considering that as a member of the McCall Pack, Liam Dunbar is both a protector and a supporter. In Hebrew, Liam can be translated into "my nation" or "my people." Because of the Norman conquests, Saxon names were replaced by an influx of French names that were quickly adopted by the English, Welsh, and Irish in the region. Related names are William, Wilhelm, Will, Bill, Gwilym, and Guillermo.
  • Dunbar: Dunbar is a Scottish habitational name from Dunbar, located on the North Sea coast near Edinburgh. It is a combination of the Gaelic words dùn, meaning "fort," and barr, meaning "top" or "summit." It can also mean "castle headland" due to the fact that the town of Dunbar is at the mouth of the Frith of Forth in Scotland, so named for the fact that it is situated on a rock that overlooks the sea. It is also the name of a Scottish clan hailing from the Lowlands of Scotland.


  • Liam is diagnosed with Intermittent explosive disorder, commonly referred to as "I.E.D." It is defined as a "behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand; essentially, it is impulsive aggression that is not premeditated and that is a disproportionate reaction to any real or perceived provocation. It is currently categorized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (or DSM-5) under "Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders."
    • Liam was diagnosed after his coach giving him a red card and suspending him from Devenford Prep's lacrosse team led Liam to violently bash in the coach's car with a crow-bar and scratch "THIS IS YOUR FAULT" into the paint. Liam was subsequently expelled from the school and was prescribed Risperdal, or risperidone, to treat this condition, which he stopped taking because it made him too tired to play lacrosse.
    • Due to the acronym's similarity to an "improvised explosive device," or essentially a homemade bomb, led to Liam's nickname of "I.E.D." and reference to a "ticking time bomb."
  • His anger makes him incredibly strong, stronger than most Betas and Werewolves his age.
  • Liam is #9 on the Beacon Hills lacrosse team.
  • Liam was initially valued at $3 million on the Deadpool hit-list, but after it was believed that Derek Hale was no longer a Werewolf, Derek's $15 million bounty was added to Liam's, increasing his value to $18 million and making him the third-highest valued target on the list after Scott, who was worth $25 million, and Lydia, who was worth $20 million.
  • Liam is Scott's first true Beta (or rather, the first Beta he has had who he turned himself). The second and final known bitten Beta of Scott's is Hayden Romero.
  • In Creatures of the Night, Liam revealed that he used music as a type of anchor to help him maintain control over his transformations, though he admitted that it wasn't working as well as he hoped. During Season 5 and Season 6, Liam's best friend Mason Hewitt was able to help regain control over his Werewolf nature at times, suggesting their friendship could be his anchor.



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