Liam: "Is she going to heal?"
Theo: "The problem is she's not really like us, Liam. None of them are. They're more like... like cheap knockoffs. She might not be as strong as we are, or heal like we do. She's not a real Werewolf."
Liam: "What if we turn her into one?"
Theo: "Nice idea. Except you and I can't do that."
Liam: "But Scott can."

Lies of Omission is the ninth episode of Season 5 and the sixty-ninth episode of Teen Wolf.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Scott turns to an unlikely ally for help, and Stiles and Lydia seek the truth about Parrish.

Recap[edit | edit source]

Scott struggles with the return of his asthma and a growing feeling of hopelessness and self-hate due to his inability to get the upper hand against the Dread Doctors. Theo asks the Doctors to leave Hayden alive, and they give him until the perigee szygy, or supermoon. Hayden begins bleeding modified mercury from her nose, while Corey begins vomiting blood and mercury and is taken to the hospital.

After school, Theo tells Scott that Stiles murdered Donovan, leaving out the fact that it was in self-defense. Another girl named Beth is revealed as a Chimera when she begins bleeding black blood in class. Malia tries to help her, but Beth is killed by one of the Doctors. Scott and Theo follow Corey to the hospital. Corey tries to escape using his newly-revealed power of adaptive camouflage, but he is ultimately killed by one of the Doctors in the ambulance bay. Lydia and Parrish find the Nemeton, where Parrish has left the dead Chimeras. Parrish is horrified, and tells Lydia that in his dream, there were hundreds of bodies at the Nemeton.

Theo lies to Sheriff Stilinski, claiming that he killed Donovan in self-defense. Liam and Hayden decide to go on the run, but they are confronted by the Doctors. Scott, Theo, and Liam fight two of the Doctors, while the third Doctor injects Hayden with more modified mercury, which turns her eyes silver and begins killing her. Parrish locks himself in a cell at the police station to keep himself from hurting anyone else. Scott confronts Stiles at the vet clinic, and they fight over Stiles killing Donovan. Both of them are too overwhelmed by the argument to question each other on the details as to what happened between Stiles and Donovan and how Scott found out about it, and when Stiles argues that "some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes," Scott takes this to mean that Theo was telling the truth and ends the fight by telling him to go find his dad. Liam asks Scott to give Hayden the Bite, hoping that it will heal her, but Scott, preoccupied with the aftermath of his fight with Stiles, says no.

Cast[edit | edit source]

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Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • Scott finally learns that Stiles killed Donovan Donati, though he was told a greatly exaggerated version of the story from Theo that Stiles inadvertently confirmed without realizing during their fight. Donovan was killed in A Novel Approach.
  • The details of Theo's partnership with the Dread Doctors are revealed in this episode-- Theo has been purposely keeping Scott and the others out of the Doctors' business, while in return, they will help him get a pack of his own. It was first revealed that Theo was working with the Dread Doctors in Condition Terminal.
  • Beth is confirmed to be the ninth Chimera created by the Dread Doctors in this episode, though neither one of her supernatural identities were revealed before she was killed.
  • In Scott's opening monologue, it is established that five days have passed since the events of Ouroboros.
  • Stiles' still-healing bite from Donovan Donati on his shoulder was seen in this episode. Stiles sustained this bite at the end of Condition Terminal and the beginning of A Novel Approach.
  • It is confirmed that Jordan Parrish is not aware that he has been taking the bodies of the dead Chimeras and taking them to the Nemeton, and it has been implied that he's been doing this unconsciously because it's related to his yet-unknown supernatural identity. However, this will not be confirmed until Status Asthmaticus.
  • Hayden begins to display signs of being a "failure" when she begins to get modified mercury nosebleeds. It was first suggested that she could be a failure in Ouroboros.
    • She was also given an overdose of modified mercury by the Dread Doctors just like Tracy Stewart received in Dreamcatchers. However, instead of immediately killing her like it did Tracy, she instead got a silver nictitious membrane over her eyes just like Donovan Donati did after the Doctors' experimentation in the aforementioned episode.
  • Though Corey's supernatural identities remain a mystery, he demonstrated two new supernatural abilities in this episode-- super strength, and the ability to camouflage himself to blend into his surroundings and become essentially invisible. Before now, the only ability Corey demonstrated was accelerated healing.
    • It was also revealed that the Dread Doctors' electromagnokinesis allows them to see through Corey's camouflage.
  • Scott, Stiles, and Allison's surrogate sacrifice ritual that reawakened the Nemeton in Alpha Pact was referenced in this episode and briefly shown in flashbacks.
  • Kira Yukimura was referenced by Scott in this episode. She was last seen in Ouroboros, when she left town to investigate what the Dread Doctors did to her and how to fix it, and this episode is the first of three in which she is absent. She will not return until the end of Damnatio Memoriae.
  • Alan Deaton was mentioned by Scott in this episode. He was last seen in Ouroboros, and will continue to be absent for the next six episodes until The Sword and the Spirit.
  • Phil the bartender was mentioned by Hayden Romero in this episode. He was last seen in Required Reading.
  • Parrish references several events he was involved in in this episode:
    • He mentions the fact that he was put on desk duty for six months to Sheriff, which was first revealed in Creatures of the Night.
    • He references the fact that he flipped over Stiles' Jeep, which occurred in Strange Frequencies.
    • He also references attacking his fellow Sheriff's deputies, which occurred in Ouroboros while the deputies were guarding the body of the Chimera Kira killed in Strange Frequencies.
  • It is implied that the Dread Doctors have been using the green serum in the tank with the body in their laboratory to extend their lives in this episode. This will eventually be confirmed in The Beast of Beacon Hills.
  • It is revealed that the next full moon is a supermoon, which the Dread Doctors call by its scientific name, the perigee syzygy. It is also implied that the supermoon is so powerful for Werewolves that they may be able to feel it even the day before it reaches its peak. This supermoon will occur in Status Asthmaticus.
  • It is implied that the reason why the McCall Pack and the other supernaturals in Beacon Hills have such trouble finding the Nemeton is because it doesn't want to be found. This will later be confirmed in The Last Chimera.
  • Natalie Martin appears to know more about the supernatural than she's telling in this episode, as she barely batted an eye when Malia made her eyes glow blue in front of her. Natalie was first exposed to the supernatural world in Dreamcatchers when Tracy Stewart attempted to kill her and seriously wounded Lydia.
  • Parrish admits to Lydia that in his dreams, there are hundreds of dead bodies on the Nemeton. Parrish's dreams were first shown in Condition Terminal.
  • Theo's bitter tone of voice when he referred to Chimeras as "cheap knockoffs" of Werewolves and other supernatural creatures is likely foreshadowing the revelation that he himself is a Chimera, which will occur in Status Asthmaticus.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The title is a reference to several lies kept by members of the McCall Pack from the others, including Stiles' secret about killing Donovan, Malia's future plans to kill her mother, the Desert Wolf, and Liam's plan to leave town with Hayden to escape the Dread Doctors.
  • This episode marks the beginning of the fracturing relationships of the McCall Pack, which will continue on for the next few episodes.
  • Stiles hallucinates that he died in the same method as Donovan Donati, with a metal brace impaled through his chest and black blood and modified mercury dripping from his nose, mouth, and stab wound. No explanation for this brief hallucination was given, so it is presumably a result of Stiles' guilty conscience regarding his hiding of the fact that he killed Donovan.
  • Theo Raeken tells two very different versions of the story as to how Donovan died in this episode, both of which were lies.
    • He told Scott that Stiles went into a furious rage and killed Donovan by beating his head in with the bloody wrench that Stiles actually used as a weapon to defend himself; though Scott did not initially believe this story, Stiles unknowingly confirmed it as the truth (despite it being false) when he stated, "Sometimes we have to get our hands a little bloody," and both were too upset to keep talking and realize that Theo has been playing them both.
    • He told Sheriff Stilinski the correct story, but instead of telling him that Stiles accidentally killed Donovan while he was trying to dump the construction materials on him to buy himself time to run away, he stated that he himself was the one who had the altercation, claiming that Donovan demanded to know where Stiles was and Theo had to fight him when he refused to do so.

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Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

  • "Reykjavik" by Brolin
    • Scott explains the current state of the supernatural world of Beacon Hills to Theo in a voiceover monologue.
  • "Illuminate" by The Kite String Tangle & Dustin Tebbutt
    • Liam and Hayden talk and make out in the bus bay at the high school.
  • "Black Out Days (Spacebrothers Remix)" by Phantogram
    • Corey tests out his super-strength in the weight room while Mason watches.
  • "Running With The Wolves" by AURORA
    • Lydia and Parrish spar in the woods in an effort to keep him from overthinking in their attempt to find the Nemeton.
  • "101" by Portico & Joe Newman
    • Liam and Hayden stop at Sinema to get Hayden's paycheck before they leave town, only to be caught by the Dread Doctors before they can do so.

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