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LYDIA: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
STILES: It's him. He's the one taking the bodies.
LYDIA: Then I think I know where he's taking them... ("Ouroboros")
DEATON: Someone is trying to make supernatural creatures with non-supernatural means. ("Condition Terminal")
ZACH: It's only really over when it starts turning silver-- that's when they know you're really a failure.
SCOTT: Kira, I don't want you to leave.
KIRA: And I don't want to hurt anyone.
SCOTT: Something's changed... And I think it's because of me. And I don't know how to fix it. ("Ouroboros")


SCOTT: [voiceover] My asthma's back. I'm not sure how, but it came back. Just as bad as it used to be. So now, I keep my inhaler on me all the time, just like I used to. And it's been five days. We haven't seen any new Chimeras, and we haven't seen the Dread Doctors. We all go to school, pretending like nothing's happened, but everyone seems to know. You just walk down the halls and no one's smiling. No one's laughing. You get the feeling that everyone can sense that something's coming. They just don't know what it is, or how bad it's going to be. Every time I feel like I should do something about it, I find myself reaching for my inhaler... Like, I'm going to take a hit of it, and-and come up with some brilliant solution on how to save everyone... But I don't know what to do. I don't think anyone does. Maybe that's why no one's really talking to each other. Sometimes, we don't even notice each other. But, I think some of us are okay with that... Because not talking makes it easier to keep secrets. And I don't know if anyone's really lying about things-- maybe it's more like lies of omission. Maybe the worst lie is to Stilinski... Because no one's told him about Parrish yet. Then again, no one's told Parrish, either. He doesn't seem to remember taking the bodies, and we think that he's only really dangerous if you try to get in his way. If Stilinski knew the truth, he'd definitely get in his way. So, Lydia and Stiles are trying to find the bodies, which means finding the Nemeton. They're driving around, searching all of the woods... But the last time that we found this thing, three of us had almost drowned in ice water. We're not the only one's looking for Chimeras-- Stilinski's got everyone looking for the next target, questioning anyone who's a genetic Chimera. Anyone who's got two sets of DNA. No one really knows what they're looking for. Some think it's a serial killer. Some probably know it's worse. The two Chimeras that we know about, Hayden and Corey? They're both doing okay. Actually, better than okay. They're healing faster and getting stronger. They don't need our help... And I don't think they'd want it, anyway. I still haven't heard from Kira, and I'm getting more and more worried about Deaton...


SCOTT: I know something's coming. And all I can think about is... How good am I going to be if I can't even breathe?
THEO: You sound like you're trying to apologize.
SCOTT: You came back looking for an Alpha. I guess I'm sorry that you found me.
THEO: I'm not sorry.
SCOTT: You still want to be part of the pack?
THEO: Scott, I'm with you-- for better or worse.
SCOTT: Trust me... There's gonna be worse.
THEO: I'm counting on it.



THEO: I need more time.
THEO: Are you listening to me? I said I need more time.
THE SURGEON: Perigee-syzygy. The supermoon. We'll know at the perigee-syzygy.
THEO: But what about Hayden?
THEO: No, no, no-- not to me.
THE SURGEON: Failure compromises the experiment pool.
THEO: I kept Scott out of your way. I did everything you wanted. Now, I need Hayden alive.
THE SURGEON: Inconsequential.
THEO: You promise me a pack.
THE SURGEON: We promised you nothing.
THEO: I need her alive!
THE SURGEON: Only until the perigee-syzygy.


PARRISH: This definitely doesn't look like an operating theater. Maybe it's more like a remote field station?
STILINSKI: I'm starting to wonder if maybe we're wasting our time looking for potential Chimeras, when maybe... we should be looking for the failures.
PARRISH: How do we do that?
STILINSKI: We equip every available deputy with a UV light.
PARRISH: What's UV light gonna show us?


LIAM: I'll see you second period for history, okay? Then lunch.
HAYDEN: I have math after that.
LIAM: So, I'll find you at the bell.
HAYDEN: They only come out after dark, though, right? You don't have to check on me every period...
LIAM: I want to.

(The two kiss as a sign of reassurance)

LIAM: You're gonna be okay.

(Hayden pulls Liam closer and they kiss again. Not long after Hayden's nose starts to excrete mercury from one of her nostrils, which is known from Zach as a sign of a failed chimera.)

HAYDEN: Don't tell anyone. You can't tell anyone.


STILES: It's almost like this thing doesn't want to be found...
LYDIA: Maybe it knows we're late for class... Because we've been here twice.
LYDIA: Can we talk to Parrish now?
STILES: Hang on-- if the Nemeton's covered in bodies, shouldn't you be able to find them?
STILES: Yes, you. That's what you do! You're the Banshee. You find the bodies.
LYDIA: Well, the Banshee's having an off-day, so how about we talk to Parrish?
STILES: We can't.
LYDIA: Why not?
STILES: Because one of the bodies... One of them could be...
LYDIA: Could be what?
STILES: One of them could be a clue...
LYDIA: I'm leaving now, Stiles. I'm going to talk to Parrish and tell him he's the one taking the bodies.
LYDIA: It's always better when they know.
STILES: Well, then, he should know... he owes me a Jeep!


SCOTT: Hey... What are you doing?
LIAM: Nothing.
SCOTT: Hey, Liam... just remember it's a full moon tomorrow. And you're probably already starting to feel it.
LIAM: I know.
SCOTT: It's a supermoon... Which means it's gonna be closer to the earth.
LIAM: Yeah, I-I know what it means.
SCOTT: Okay. Well, just remember... I'm here for you.
LIAM: You gonna chain me to the tree again?
SCOTT: All I meant was... it might be a good idea if we stick together. So we can protect each other.
LIAM: We can't protect anyone.


THEO: You guys are sure that's where Parrish is taking the bodies?
STILES: Lydia says that's what happens in his dream.
THEO: I mean, you know, if Lydia finds the Nemeton, she's also going to find Donovan...
THEO: Sorry.
STILES: She's also going to find Josh.
THEO: You know what? Maybe she should. I think things are different now for Scott-- especially after what he did to Corey. I don't think he's going to blame us for defending ourselves. I know he won't blame you.


MASON: You're getting stronger.
COREY: How strong am I supposed to get?
MASON: Let's find out.
MASON: Yeah...
COREY: Does this mean I'm their success?
MASON: I don't know... But Scott might.
MASON: I know the last time you saw him wasn't his best day... But he's trying to help. More than most people would.
MASON: Seriously?
COREY: Why not?


STILINSKI: Why are you telling me about library key cards?
CLARKE: The system logged two names right around the time of the 9-1-1 call-- Theo Raeken, and your son, Stiles.


STILINSKI: You sure this kid's guilty?
STILES: Absolutely.
STILINSKI: Then all you got to do is wait. If they're really guilty? Eventually, they make a mistake. They always make a mistake.



THEO: Hey... I need to talk to you about something.
SCOTT: You okay?
THEO: It's not really about me... But it's something I probably should have told you a long time ago.
SCOTT: What is it?
THEO: It's about Stiles.
SCOTT: Wait... Do you hear that?
THEO: Is that the police?
SCOTT: It's an ambulance.
MASON: He just started bleeding everywhere. I don't--
COREY: Don't let them do it! Don't let them kill me!
THEO: Scott, we have to follow them. We gotta protect him, right?
THEO: Scott, come on. Scott?
THEO: Scott, this is what you do.
HAYDEN: It's Corey, isn't it?
LIAM: Yeah. They're taking him to the hospital.
HAYDEN: That means I'm next. They're coming for me.
LIAM: They're coming for all of us, which is why we have to get out of here.


SCOTT: Hey, what did you want to talk to me about?
THEO: It can wait.
SCOTT: If something's wrong, you should tell me. We've all got to start talking to each other again.
THEO: This might not be the best place to start, Scott.
SCOTT: You think I'm going to be angry?
THEO: Not with me...
SCOTT: Theo, you can talk to me.
THEO: Open the glove compartment.
THEO: It belonged to Stiles. He dropped it at the school.
SCOTT: Dropped it when?
THEO: When he killed Donovan.
SCOTT: What are you talking about?
THEO: You know he hurt his shoulder, right? You smelled the blood.
SCOTT: That was the Jeep... He said the Jeep's hood fell on him.
THEO: No, no, no, that was Donovan. He went after Stiles at the library. I only saw the end of it. And when I saw what Stiles was doing... I couldn't stop him.
THEO: I shouldn't... I shouldn't be telling you this. You should hear this from him.
SCOTT: Tell me.
THEO: I saw Donovan go down... Stiles hit him with the wrench, and then, he just... He just kept hitting him. Uh, maybe it was because he-he threatened to kill his dad, or maybe Stiles thought he had to keep going to defend himself, but he just... He kept hitting him...
SCOTT: That's not possible.
THEO: He crushed that kid's skull-- I heard it cracking and splintering. By the time I pulled Stiles off him, half of Donovan's head was caved in. It didn't even look real. I keep telling myself that it was self-defense... It was self-defense... But...
THEO: Scott, I'm sorry. I've never seen anything like it. And I've never seen anyone that angry.
THEO: You... You should talk to Stiles. You have to talk to him.


NATALIE: One of the more common biological weapons, anthrax, was used by Germany in World War I, and in human experimentation by the Japanese during World War II.
NATALIE: Beth? Please close your computer. I won't ask again.
NATALIE: Beth...
NATALIE: Malia, if you have to use the restroom, it's one at a time. And, if you're planning on leaving class, I'd consider your recent drop in grades.
MALIA: She needs help.
NATALIE: Not from you.
MALIA: You know what's going on... Don't you?
NATALIE: I know that I'd like to see you get through senior year with passing grades.
MALIA: You know more than that.
NATALIE: I think you need to focus more on your schoolwork-- all of you.


PARRISH: So, if this place is so important, how come you didn't want to show it to me before?
LYDIA: Well, the problem is it's not easy to find...
PARRISH: Should we put it in the GPS?
LYDIA: Not exactly...
PARRISH: So, how are we going to find it? Because I don't remember ever being anywhere near a giant tree stump.
LYDIA: I think you're already starting to remember.
PARRISH: How do you know that?
LYDIA: You just took a right turn.


MALIA: Bet? Are you okay?
BETH: Why are you talking to me? You don't know anything about me. You don't know anything about my condition.
MALIA: What? What do you mean?
BETH: My condition... my condition... my condition...
MALIA: Hey, you don't want to be alone--
MALIA: Are you kidding me?
MALIA: Beth!


SCOTT: They're already here.
THEO: This wasn't them. It was Corey.


STILES: Malia? Hey. Hey, what happened?
MALIA: I hate this. I hate losing like this. I'm not like Scott-- I can't deal with another body. Another failure.


SCOTT: Security's still looking.
THEO: I haven't seen anything, either.
SCOTT: Now they're here.


THEO: We better go.
SCOTT: We need to find Hayden.


STILES: [on the phone] Lydia, for the love of God, answer your phone! There's another dead Chimera, so right now is probably not a great time to be alone with Parrish. If he's coming to get the body, you can't get in his way. Lydia, do not get in his way!


LYDIA: Anything look familiar?
PARRISH: Nothing. I'm trying, but it all looks like woods to me.
LYDIA: Maybe you're thinking about it too much. Maybe it's something you need to feel.
PARRISH: How do I do that?
PARRISH: What was that for?
LYDIA: To get you to stop thinking.
PARRISH: Oh, is this supposed to motivate me?
LYDIA: No. It's supposed to get you to stop--
LYDIA: --Thinking!


STILINSKI: Give the ME five minutes, all right?
STILINSKI: Come here.
STILINSKI: Where's Scott?
THEO: He's looking for Liam. He thinks he's with Hayden.
STILINSKI: All right. I need a word with you-- just you.
THEO: Am I going to need a lawyer?
STILINSKI: You tell me.
THEO: Stiles wasn't there... but Donovan was. He was a Chimera, a Wendigo. He was looking for Stiles. He was going to kill him. Donovan said that he wanted to kill Stiles in front of you. When he saw me there instead, he tried to get me to tell him where Stiles was.
STILINSKI: What did you tell him?
THEO: Nothing. So, he came at me. I tried to fight him off, but... All I kept thinking was that... I can't let him kill me, and I can't let him kill Stiles. I climbed up this scaffolding, but he started to drag me down. Then these support beams, they slid off the top. When I looked back, one of them had gone right through him.
THEO: I didn't... I didn't know what to do. I dialed 9-1-1, but when the deputy got there, the body was gone. Even the blood. It was gone, and I didn't... I didn't know what to do. So I didn't do anything. I'm sorry. I didn't know what else to do, so I didn't... I didn't do anything...


LIAM: You know the combination?
HAYDEN: 12-34-56.
LIAM: But, that's...
HAYDEN: Yeah. Phil's an idiot.
HAYDEN: My sister's going to go out of her mind worrying about me.
LIAM: We'll come up with something to tell her.
HAYDEN: How far are we gonna go?
LIAM: Whatever's far enough, I guess.
HAYDEN: What if I turn out like Tracy? What if I hurt you?
LIAM: I'll get over it.
HAYDEN: Oh, God. They're here.


PARRISH: I need to call it in. No, I need to turn myself in.
LYDIA: I don't think that's such a good idea...
PARRISH: You just told me I'm the one taking the bodies! I've attacked other law enforcement officers-- that's a criminal offense. I shouldn't even be near you.
LYDIA: I'm not afraid of you.
PARRISH: I'm afraid of me.
LYDIA: Whatever's happening seems to only happen when there's a body. Other than that, you're still a pretty nice guy, and you're a pretty good deputy.
PARRISH: I'm a very good deputy, and I'm like to stay that way. Flipping over Jeeps and attacking colleagues doesn't exactly fit with "protect and serve." I'm covering up the bodies of murdered teenagers.
LYDIA: You're not covering them up.
LYDIA: Actually, maybe you are...
LYDIA: It's the same thing we asked Stilinski to do with Tracy. You're not covering up bodies-- you're covering up the supernatural.
PARRISH: What's the difference?
LYDIA: Maybe you're keeping the secret safe? Maybe that's part of what you do.
PARRISH: I'm a deputy.
LYDIA: You're not just a deputy... And you aren't one of the bad guys.
PARRISH: Lydia, you just showed me that my dream was real, but you haven't heard the rest of it. Every time I carry a body to the Nemeton, I put it down and add to the ones that are already there.
LYDIA: How many?
PARRISH: Hundreds, Lydia. Hundreds.


LIAM: Run, Hayden! Run!
THEO: Get Hayden out of here. Go!
LIAM: Hayden? Hayden! Hayden!
THEO: [quietly] I need more time.
THE SURGEON: The perigee-syzygy. Until then. Perigee-syzygy.
SCOTT: Where's Hayden?
HAYDEN: I'm okay. Really, I think I'm okay.
LIAM: I saw the needle go in, and her eyes just filled up with mercury. They turned completely silver.
THEO: She looks okay. Maybe she'll heal.
SCOTT: Or maybe she won't...
LIAM: What if something's happening to her on the inside?
SCOTT: Get them to the animal clinic. I'll meet you there.


THEO: Keep her awake. I don't think it's a good idea for her to fall asleep.
LIAM: Hayden? Hayden, you gotta stay awake.
HAYDEN: I'm so tired...
LIAM: Yeah, I know, but you can't go to sleep.
LIAM: How do we help her?
THEO: I don't know. When it's wolfsbane poisoning, you burn it out... But I don't know anything about mercury-- especially a kind that's probably been altered by them.
LIAM: Is she going to heal?
THEO: The problem is, she's not really like us Liam. None of them. They're more like... cheap knock-offs. She might not be as strong as we are, or heal like we do. She's not a real Werewolf.
LIAM: What if we turn her into one?
THEO: Nice idea... Except you and I can't do that.
LIAM: But Scott can.


STILINSKI: Hey... What the hell does he think he's doing?
LYDIA: Protecting us.
STILINSKI: From who?
LYDIA: Himself.
PARRISH: I get why you sat me at a desk for six months, now...
STILINSKI: Parrish, we can't keep you in here.
PARRISH: There's another body, right?
STILINSKI: Two, actually.
PARRISH: [sighing] I'm the one taking them. I-I don't know why, and I definitely don't remember doing it... But if it really was me at the morgue, then I'm dangerous, okay? You can't let me out, Sheriff. You can't.


STILES: Hey, sorry... I had trouble starting the Jeep again-- that thing's barely hanging on. I couldn't get in touch with Malia or Lydia...
STILES: Scott? Where did you get that?
SCOTT: This is yours?
SCOTT: Why didn't you tell me?
STILES: I was going to...
SCOTT: No, but why didn't you tell me when it happened?
STILES: I couldn't.
SCOTT: You killed him? You killed Donovan?
STILES: Well, he was going to kill my dad. Huh? Was I supposed to just let him?
SCOTT: You weren't supposed to do this. None of us are.
STILES: You think I had a choice?
SCOTT: There's always a choice.
STILES: Yeah, well, I can't do what you can, Scott. I know you wouldn't have done it. You probably would have just figured something out, right?
SCOTT: I'd try.
STILES: Yeah, because you're Scott McCall! You're the True Alpha! Guess what? All of us can't be True Alphas! Some of us have to make mistakes. Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes. Some of us are human!
SCOTT: So you had to kill him?
STILES: Scott, he was going to kill my dad!
SCOTT: But the way that it happened... There's a point when it's... It's not self-defense anymore!
STILES: What are you even talking about? I didn't have a choice, Scott!
STILES: You don't even believe me, do you?
SCOTT: I want to.
STILES: Okay. All right, so... So, believe me, then. Scott, say you believe me. Say it. Say you believe me.
SCOTT: Stiles, we can't kill people that we're trying to save.
STILES: Say you believe me!
SCOTT: We can't kill people. Do you believe that?
STILES: Well, what do I do about this? What do you want me to do? Okay, just be... Scott, just tell me how to fix this, all right? Please, just tell me-- what do you want me to do?
SCOTT: Don't worry about Malia or Lydia. We'll find them. Maybe... Maybe you should talk to your dad.
THEO: She's getting worse. I think she's dying. It's got to be some kind of mercury poisoning.
LIAM: Scott, remember what you promised me-- you said you'd do everything you could to save her. If she's a real Werewolf, we can save her. You gotta give her the bite.
SCOTT: ...No.


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