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"I'm not sure how to do this... I'm not a psychic. And apparently, I'm not much of a Banshee, either. But, I'm trying to help my friends. I don't know if you can hear me, or, uh, what I'm supposed to ask you... But, if I have this thing, it's got to work some of the time. It's gotta help someone."
Lydia Martin to fellow Banshee Meredith Walker in Weaponized

Lydia Martin is a main character and the current female lead of Teen Wolf. She is the daughter of Natalie Martin and Mr. Martin, and the granddaughter of Lorraine Martin and her wife Maddy. She is also the best friend of Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall and Malia Tate. When first introduced, Lydia could be as described as a shallow, vain, mean girl who played dumb to hide just how smart she truly was. However, after she became friends with Allison Argent, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski, Lydia began to shed this persona and has since grown into a brave, compassionate person who genuinely enjoys helping others who are struggling, particularly those who have been traumatized by the supernatural like herself.

At the end of Season One, Lydia was attacked and bitten by then-Alpha Werewolf Peter Hale, but in a shocking turn of events, she neither died nor turned into a Werewolf herself, a feat that was virtually unheard of in the supernatural community. However, she began to hear voices, go into fugue states similar to sleepwalking, and have terrifying hallucinations about Peter, revealing that, unbeknownst to her at the time, Peter's attack had activated the latent Banshee abilities that she had inherited from her paternal grandmother.

It was eventually revealed that his attack against her also allowed his spirit to live on in her mind, affording him a connection with Lydia that he could use to manipulate her into resurrecting him with a special ritual on the Worm Moon. Even after he had vacated her consciousness, Lydia began to be drawn to dead bodies in Beacon Hills, particularly those whose deaths were related to the supernatural, and began unconsciously screaming, which steadily began to worry her. It was eventually revealed to her by Jennifer Blake that Lydia was, in fact, a Banshee, also known as the Wailing Woman, a harbinger of death who was drawn to the dead and the supernatural.

Since this revelation, Lydia has struggled to learn the full scope of her powers and how to use them, often lamenting the fact that her powers were passive, spontaneous, and largely out of her control, unlike the comparatively easier-to-use powers of shapeshifters such as her Werewolf and Werecoyote friends that could be used both actively and defensively. Despite her frustrations, Lydia's ability to sense imminent death has given the pack numerous advantages in battles, though very few people give her credit for just how powerful she is. When the Deadpool started in Beacon Hills in January 2012, Lydia was the second-highest valued target at $20 million, both as a result of her powerful ability to foretell death and the equally powerful and unique pack who was sure to fight to protect her.

Recently, due to injuries sustained when Theo Raeken entered her mind to sense her memories, Lydia became temporarily catatonic, causing her to be admitted into the supernatural ward of Eichen House. While there, Dr. Gabriel Valack performed trephination on her, which amplified her abilities to the point that she briefly possessed extra-sensory perception. It was confirmed by Alan Deaton in Amplification that Lydia is an exceptionally powerful Banshee, even though Lydia still does not yet know the full extent of her powers, which is likely at least part of why Valack was so determined to use her to figure out the identity of the Beast of Gevaudan.

As of Lie Ability, Lydia was rescued from Eichen House and returned to her loved ones, with Alan Deaton using mistletoe paste]] to reverse the effects of Valack's trephination and causing her to lose her extra-sensory perception. However, thanks to Meredith Walker, a fellow Banshee and a friend an ally of Lydia and the McCall Pack, Lydia has since learned how to use her voice as an offensive weapon, allowing her to channel the power of her voice through her hands to create concussive blasts that can forcefully throw a grown person backward away from her. This combined with her newly learned close-quarters combat skills, taught to her by Jordan Parrish, has given her the ability to better defend herself from threats even if the pack is not around to assist her.

In Season 6, Lydia's powers have continued to grow, which included Lydia experiencing an astral premonition of a past event in 1987 where she was able to physically interact with another Banshee, Lenore, and she demonstrated the ability to use her scream to kill a Ghost Rider and the phantom version of Claudia Stilinski that they conjured. As of the end of the first half of the final season, Lydia has graduated from Beacon Hills High School and has been accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she will be starting college as a junior.

Lydia is a member of the Martin Family and the McCall Pack.

Early life

Lydia was born to Natalie Martin and Mr. Martin in mid-March 1994 and has attended school with Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski for most of her life, judging by Stiles' comments that he has had a crush on her since the third grade ("Formality"). At some point during her academic career, her IQ was tested, and she rated a genius-level score of 170. ("Unleashed") When she was young, she was very close to her paternal grandmother Lorraine, with whom she read many books. Her favorite was The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, which she loved so much that she insisted she be called Ariel for several months as a child, a trait Lorraine found adorable. ("Monstrous")

When Lydia was in elementary school, her grandmother was sent to Eichen House; while Lydia's parents were sure that Lorraine was mentally ill, in reality, she was a Banshee experiencing premonitions of impending deaths. ("Time of Death") One day, Lorraine performed trephination on herself while in the bathtub at Eichen House, which caused Natalie to be called to help deal with it. Though the young Lydia was told to stay in the car, she eventually got bored and followed her mother inside, where she found Lorraine surrounded by a pool of blood. Lorraine saw her in the doorway and stated, "They're coming, Lydia. They're coming for all of us," but for some yet-unexplained reason, Lydia repressed the memory until she read Gabriel Valack's novel The Dread Doctors, which was intended to trigger suppressed memories, specifically those that were suppressed by the Dread Doctors themselves. ("Required Reading")

According to Lydia, her mother made her go to a hypnotist when she was ten years old to help her stop biting her fingernails. ("Memory Found") It has also been implied that Natalie and Mr. Martin's marriage was not great when Lydia was growing up, and the constant fighting between Lydia's parents seemed to affect Lydia's behavior, likely contributing to the mean-girl persona she adopted until mid-way through high school. Natalie also once mentioned that, after their divorce, Mr. Martin gave Lydia the option to choose which parent she would live with, which appeared to have harmed Lydia's self-esteem; Lydia seemingly chose her mother, Natalie, and was shown living with her the entirety of the series. ("The Tell") Despite this, Lydia excelled in school and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, something that surprised both of her parents during her sophomore year parent-teacher conference.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Wolf Moon, Lydia arrived at the school in the morning, and when Stiles Stilinski greeted her and complimented her on her appearance, Lydia either didn't hear him or purposely ignored him. In between classes, Lydia approached new student Allison Argent at her locker and complimented her on her jacket, declaring Allison to be her new best friend as a result of her fashion sense. She was then joined by her boyfriend Jackson Whittemore, who kissed her before they invited Allison to the party Lydia was throwing at her house after the lacrosse team's scrimmage on Friday. They discussed the fact that lacrosse was the sport of choice at Beacon Hills High School rather than football, and Lydia bragged that the team had won three state championships thanks to Jackson's leadership as team captain.

Lydia and Allison went to the lacrosse try-outs that afternoon to support Jackson. When Scott McCall, who had been bitten by an Alpha Werewolf the night before and who was unknowingly becoming once himself, demonstrated uncharacteristically amazing lacrosse skills due to his newly gained superhuman agility and reflexes, Allison asked Lydia if she knew who he was. Lydia, confused, stated that she didn't know him, which Scott overheard with his Werewolf hearing, but it became clear that she was impressed by his athletic prowess when she commented on how good he was.

At her party on Friday night, Lydia was seen in the backyard, where she was making out with Jackson against the house. However, when Jackson began kissing her neck, Lydia's eyes were fully on Scott as he danced with Allison nearby, indicating that she was beginning to develop feelings for him.

In Second Chance at First Line, Lydia and Scott were standing beside each other in math class while the two were completing math equations for their teacher. She used this proximity to confront Scott about why she had heard rumors that he wouldn't be playing in the upcoming lacrosse game despite recently making the first line. When Scott confirmed that the rumors were true, Lydia snidely informed him that he would be playing in the game since he had "brutally injured" her boyfriend Jackson by ramming into him at in practice that morning. Scott argued that Jackson "brutally injured" himself by ramming into him, causing Lydia to argue that while Jackson would indeed be playing in the upcoming game as well, he wouldn't be at "peak performance," which was her preference when it came to her boyfriends.

She went on to remind him that she was dating the captain of the winning lacrosse team and implied that Scott not playing in the opening game would hurt her reputation. When Scott anxiously retorted that potentially losing one game wouldn't kill anyone, Lydia threatened to introduce his crush Allison to the hottest members of the lacrosse team if he didn't play his part in the game. Later in the day, Lydia showed Scott that she was serious by introducing Allison to several of Jackson and Scott's lacrosse teammates in between classes, leading Scott to become torn as to whether he should chance Derek Hale's wrath by playing in the game as he wanted, which would also risk him accidentally losing control of his shift and inadvertently exposing himself and fellow Werewolf Derek Hale to the town.

After school, Lydia was sitting in the waiting room of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital's clinic when she was approached by Stiles Stilinski, who was keeping watch while Scott sneaked into the morgue to get a scent on the dead body so he could confirm whether or not it was the same scent he caught at the Hale House earlier in the day. Stiles anxiously began talking to Lydia about how he believed the two of them had an unspoken connection, but when he began saying that he thought it would be cool to get to know each other better, Lydia revealed that she was talking to someone on her Bluetooth headset and asked them to hold on before informing Stiles that she hadn't heard anything he was saying. She further embarrassed Stiles by asking him if anything he was saying was worth repeating, leading the disappointed Stiles to give up and reply that it wasn't before sitting down elsewhere.

Just then, Jackson came out of the clinic and asked him if the doctor did the cortisone shot for his injured shoulder, and Jackson answered that he did, though he also said not to make it a habit. Lydia pressured him into getting one more right before the game, explaining that professional athletes did it all the time. When Jackson hesitated to agree to this plan, Lydia snidely asked him if he wanted to be an amateur or if he wanted to "go pro," leading Jackson to ultimately agree to get the second cortisone shot.

Lydia entered the field the night of the big game and approached Scott on the sidelines, reminding him that he needed to remember that no one likes a loser before sarcastically patting him on the shoulder. She then found Allison and her father Chris Argent in the stands and sat next to them during the game. When Chris asked which player was Scott, Lydia responded that he was #11, adding, "Otherwise known as the only one who hasn't caught a single ball this entire game," as Scott was desperately trying to avoid riling himself up and, as a result, shifting on the field. Lydia then asked Allison for her help in holding up a sign that cheered for Jackson. Despite her less-than-supportive comments, Lydia became more and more attracted to Scott as the game went on, and was clearly impressed by his athletic improvement once he finally got comfortable enough to play more actively.

In Pack Mentality, Lydia was at school, where she joined her boyfriend Jackson Whittemore, her new best friend Allison Argent, and Jackson's best friend Danny Mahealani at lunch. The four joined Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski at their table, much to the latter two's surprise, and quickly began discussing the alleged animal attack in the school's bus bay the night before. When Danny and Jackson began debating over whether the animal was a mountain lion or a cougar, Lydia reflexively piped up that cougars are mountain lions; when the entire table looked at Lydia, confused by this seemingly uncharacteristic display of intelligence, Lydia backpedaled by asking, "Isn't it?"

Not wanting to draw attention to her high intelligence, Lydia then changed the topic of discussion to the double date she and Jackson would be going on with Scott and Allison, revealing that she had invited herself and Jackson along on their previously-arranged date. The girls eventually decided on bowling, and when Jackson assumed that Scott was terrible at the sport, Scott lied and assured them he was great even though he had never excelled at it before, satisfying Lydia, who declared that they would go the following evening.

The next night, Lydia went to Allison's house so the two could get ready before their date. Lydia began combing through Allison's closet, clearly unimpressed by her collection and remarking that her high opinion of Allison's sense of style was slowly going out the window. However, she eventually found an outfit to her liking and handed it to Allison to put on. Just then, Chris Argent, Allison's father, strode into the room and immediately apologized for not knocking first. Lydia, clearly taken aback by Argent's handsome appearance, flopped onto Allison's bed and flirtatiously greeted him, though he did not notice this attraction. The girls were then disappointed when Argent reminded them that there was a town-wide curfew due to the murder of Garrison Myers at the high school and forbade Allison from going on their double date.

Unfortunately for Argent, Allison was feeling rebellious and insisted that she would be attending the date after all, with Lydia watching in alarm and awe as Allison sneaked out of her window and did a front flip off the roof, landing lightly on her feet and remarking that she was in gymnastics for eight years. When she asked if Lydia was coming, Lydia glibly retorted that she was going to take the stairs.

At the bowling alley, Lydia started the quad's game and immediately got a gutter ball, causing her to pout about the fact that she was apparently "terrible" at bowling. Jackson went next and got a strike right off the bat, allowing Lydia to brag that her boyfriend brought his A-game. She joined Jackson in laughing at Scott when he, too, got a gutter ball on the first try, but when Allison managed to restore Scott's confidence, his Werewolf agility and reflexes kicked in and caused him to get strike after strike, which immediately caught Lydia's attention, as he began performing even better than Jackson.

Lydia, now interested in Scott, flirtatiously asked him if he would help her with her shot, but when Scott, who only had eyes for Allison, assured her that she could do it, Lydia, annoyed, dropped her previous pretenses and bowled her next frame with perfect form, causing Allison to realize that Lydia was actually very talented but was simply pretending to be terrible to make Jackson less insecure. Allison pointed this out to Lydia and suggested that she stop sucking on purpose for Jackson's benefit, Lydia irritably retorted that she did plenty of "sucking" for his benefit, hinting at the sexual nature of their relationship.

After the date was over and the couples split up to return to their respective homes, Allison and Scott agreed that the double-date was a disaster and vowed not to allow Lydia and Jackson to tag along again, instead spending time together just the two of them.

In Magic Bullet, Lydia and Allison were walking together through the hallway of Beacon Hills High School, where Lydia was surprised to hear that Scott was coming to Allison's house to hang out that evening. When Allison defensively reiterated that they would just be studying, Lydia joked that "studying" was just like getting into a hot tub with someone, as sooner or later, someone would "cop a feel."

Allison anxiously asked Lydia what she was trying to say, not understanding the meaning of her instruction to "make sure he covered up," leading Lydia to exasperatedly call Allison "Snow White" (in reference to her innocent and naive demeanor, especially with regards to sex) and bluntly explained that she needed to make sure Scott wore a condom. Allison awkwardly argued that she wouldn't sleep with him on the first solo date, but was curious as to what Lydia's idea of "giving him a taste" would be like, so Lydia promised to tell her what to do. Unbeknownst to both of them, Derek Hale (who had been poisoned with wolfsbane by Kate Argent the previous evening) was eavesdropping on their conversation with his Werewolf hearing as he desperately looked for Scott for help.

In The Tell, Lydia witnessed the Alpha werewolf burst through the window of the video store while she was waiting for Jackson to rent The Notebook. The next day, she stayed home from school due to stress and was shown to have been heavily medicated when Stiles came to visit her and find out what she knew about the attack. During parent-teacher conferences, her parents seem surprised when Ms. Ramsey informed them that Lydia was one of the most gifted students at Beacon Hills High School, and that not only did her AP classes and excellent grades push her above a 5.0 GPA but that she also demonstrated excellent leadership qualities, which made Ms. Ramsey want to have Lydia's IQ tested.

In Heart Monitor, Allison, who was starting to learn about her family's history, showed Lydia a picture of a La Bête du Gévaudan, which Lydia recognized as looking very similar to the creature she saw at the video store in the previous episode. However, when Allison questioned her further on it, she denied any interest in the topic and continued eating her lunch, despite very obviously being triggered due to its connection to her recent traumatic experience.

In Night School, Lydia went to the high school with Jackson and Allison after receiving a text message from "Scott" (who, in reality, had his phone stolen by the Alpha) that summoned them there. Once they found Scott and Stiles, they realized that they had been trapped inside the school; Scott and Stiles left out the part that it was an Alpha Werewolf and instead claimed that Derek Hale was a serial killer and had trapped them inside, as the two believed he had already been killed by the Alpha anyway and thus could not object to the lie needed to avoid exposing their friends to the supernatural world.

Lydia revealed her talent for science when she created self-igniting Molotov cocktails for Scott to use against the so-called serial killer, but the cocktails ended up not working because Jackson handed her the wrong ingredient. She, along with Allison, Stiles, and Jackson, were then locked into a room by Scott, who had been forced to transform due to the Alpha's power over him and was trying to prevent them from being harmed by him or the Alpha. Later that night, she was finally released from the school by the police after Alan Deaton managed to summon help.

In Lunatic, Lydia assured Allison that her decision to break up with Scott was the right thing to do after making a snarky comment about Allison's outfit. However, Lydia, who had become more and more attracted to Scott throughout the previous episodes, decided to make a play for Scott herself by luring him into Coach Finstock's office and assured him that she knew that he had locked them all into the room to protect them. She then showed her gratitude at his attempts to save her by making out with him, kisses that Scott returned in kind due to the impending full moon affecting his personality.

In Co-Captain, Jackson broke up with Lydia via text, and though Lydia tried to shrug it off as something that didn't bother her, it was clear that she was very hurt by Jackson's actions. After school, Allison and Lydia went out into the Beacon Hills Preserve with Allison's bow so she could see what the special arrowhead her aunt Kate left out for her did. Before Allison practiced her archery, she made a comment to Lydia that indicated that she knew that Lydia had made out with Scott the other day after she informed Lydia that she was going to the Winter Formal with Jackson, but just as friends.

Lydia then watched in shock as Allison attached the arrowhead to one of her arrows and shot it at a nearby tree, realizing upon its impact that it was a flash-bang arrowhead when it explodes in a small burst of fire and light. When Lydia asked her if she had any other lethal weapons she wanted to check out, Allison, who had heard something in the woods nearby, told her to stay where she was while she checked it out and told Lydia to use the bow and arrows if anyone attacked her. Allison ultimately ran into Scott, who had allegedly been following her to return her lost Argent pendent, but her reunion with Lydia afterward was not seen.

In Formality, as an apology for making out with Scott, Lydia took Allison shopping for a dress for the Winter Formal, though Allison did take advantage of Lydia's guilt by convincing her to ask Stiles to be her date to the dance. While they shopped, Lydia dumped an armful of dress choices into Stiles' arms, leaving him standing awkwardly while she continued to browse.

That night at the dance, Jackson was rude to Lydia upon their arrival, which clearly hurt Lydia's feelings, but after Stiles assured her that she looked beautiful, Lydia seemed to see Stiles for who he was for the first time and allowed Stiles to lead her inside. However, she spent most of the start of the dance sitting sullenly at a table while Stiles tried to convince her to dance with him.

After several rejections on Lydia's part, Stiles admitted to having had a crush on Lydia since he was in third grade before pointing out that he is probably the only person who knows just how smart Lydia is, and that she would probably one day win a Nobel Prize for a mathematical theorem she would eventually invent. Lydia, touched by the fact that Stiles seemed to see through her fake dumb-mean-girl façade, confidently retorted that since Nobel didn't have a prize for mathematics, she would be instead winning a Field's medal before finally agreeing to dance with him.

The two danced for several music numbers until Stiles realized that Lydia was worried about Jackson, who hadn't been seen for quite a while. Feeling somewhat guilty, Lydia left Stiles to look for Jackson, eventually wandering onto the lacrosse field, where she anxiously watched as the overhead lights snapped on one after another. Suddenly, Lydia heard Stiles screaming her name as he quickly ran after her, but before he could get to her, the Alpha (who by then had been revealed as Peter Hale, Derek Hale's previously-comatose uncle who had killed Derek's sister Laura to become an Alpha) began to maul her by biting and scratching her body.

In Code Breaker, Stiles managed to convince Peter to stop attacking Lydia, though she had already been bitten several times by this point. However, Peter forced Stiles to leave Lydia behind so he could help him find Scott, who he needed to find Derek. Stiles then called Jackson, who rushed to find Lydia on the lacrosse field and frantically carried her back to the school to get her medical attention.

Once taken to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Lydia began to go into shock, and, according to Sheriff Stilinski, she began experiencing what almost appeared to be an anaphylactic reaction, as though she was allergic to the attack, though the doctors were eventually able to stabilize her condition. She remained unconscious through the various visits from Allison, Scott, and Stiles, the latter two of whom came to both make sure she was okay and to check her wounds. Since the Bite was known to either kill the human or turn them into a Werewolf, Scott and Stiles assumed that Lydia, who had managed to survive the ordeal, would result in the latter scenario; however, when Scott checked her wounds, he was shocked to find that they hadn't healed yet, indicating that she wasn't actually turning and making them concerned about what this could mean for her.

In Omega, Lydia was shown having mostly recovered from her ordeal at the hands of Peter Hale and was nearly at the end of her hospital stay, though Stiles was still sitting vigil in the lobby outside of her room. She got into a brief argument with her father, Mr. Martin, about whether she was well enough to take a shower on her own before Lydia won and entered the bathroom alone, revealing the still-bandaged bite wound on her ribs.

However, while in the shower, she soon began hallucinating that the drain had clogged and was turning the water black. Though she tried to manually unclog the tub, she initially began hallucinating that she was grabbing handfuls of hair from the drain before a burned hand reached out of the pipe and grabbed her. This spooked Lydia so much that she screamed at the top of her lungs before jumping out the window and running into the Beacon Hills Preserve without any clothes on; when Mr. Martin, Stiles, and Melissa McCall ran into the room to check on her, they found the tub completely clean, indicating that Lydia's newly activated Banshee nature and semi-possession by Peter's spirit was causing her to see things that weren't there.

Some time later, Lydia screamed once again while in the woods, which Scott heard and recognized while hiding out on the roof of the Argent House from Victoria Argent. After Sheriff Stilinski took statements from Mr. Martin and Melissa, Stiles stole Lydia's gown from the crime scene and gave it to Scott to use to help track Lydia's scent, which led them into the woods as they searched for her. They eventually end up at the Hale House ruins, leading Scott and Allison to speculate that perhaps Lydia was indeed a newly turned Werewolf after all, and that she was unconsciously seeking an Alpha in Derek Hale, who had recently ascended after killing Peter and stealing his powers.

The next night, Scott went back into the woods to track what he believed was Lydia, but which turned out to be an Omega Werewolf; Lydia was ultimately found by Stilinski and his son Stiles Stilinski on the other side of the woods, where Lydia hysterically asked if they were going to cover her up, causing Stilinski to strip off his uniform jacket and hand it to her without argument.

In Shape Shifted, Lydia met up with her best friend Allison before school, where Allison was surprised to learn that Lydia didn't remember anything from the beginning of the week. Lydia, trying to maintain a blasé attitude about it all to protect herself from ridicule, explained that the doctors at the hospital called it a "fugue state," which she took to mean "We have no idea why you can't remember running through the woods naked for two days." When Allison continued to look concerned, Lydia fakely shrugged it off, stating that she didn't care, as she lost nine pounds through the ordeal.

Unconvinced, Allison asked Lydia if she was ready to face everyone at school as they reached the entrance, but Lydia snidely retorted that she had nothing to worry about because it's not like her aunt is a serial killer, taking a not-so-subtle dig at Allison, who was still recovering from the death of her aunt Kate Argent and processing all of those she killed before her death. Lydia wasted no time strutting into the school like she owned it, and Allison followed behind her until the sight of all of the students in the hallway stopping and staring motionlessly at Lydia caused them both to freeze in their place. After a moment, Allison, trying to lighten the mood, suggested the attention could be from the nine pounds Lydia lost, but Lydia simply took a deep breath, centered herself, and continued to walk through the hall while ignoring everyone around her.

Later on that day, Lydia saw her ex-boyfriend Jackson in the hallway and rushed to catch up with him, nervously remarking that they hadn't really talked since the night of the Winter Formal. When this failed to get his attention, Lydia stopped and asked if he could look at her for half a second, causing Jackson, who was preoccupied with what he believed was his impending transformation into a Werewolf after receiving the Bite from Derek Hale, finally paused to look at her impatiently.

Lydia went on to say that she was told that if he hadn't found her and carried her back to the school, she could have died, so she just wanted to thank him for saving her life. However, Jackson got the wrong idea and coldly informed her that they weren't getting back together. Lydia, who never suggested they should, became confused, only for Jackson to go on to irritably rant that, just because he saved her once, didn't mean she should expect him to come running every time she started screaming. When Lydia tried to explain that she never said any of that, Jackson cut her off and firmly stated that he was no longer responsible for her, though he did give her one piece of advice as a parting gift--"If I were you, I'd stay home tonight." Even more confused, Lydia asked Jackson what that was supposed to mean, leading Jackson to smile smugly and reply, "the full moon."

That night, unbeknownst to Lydia, Allison's father Argent and grandfather Gerard began questioning Allison about Lydia and her behavior since she had been attacked by the Alpha Werewolf Peter Hale, as they still suspected that she may be supernatural even if she hadn't yet shown signs of turning into a Werewolf herself. She was then instructed to keep a close eye on her friend to make sure that she was okay.

In Ice Pick, Lydia was in gym class with Scott, Allison, Stiles, and other students including Erica Reyes, a shy, quiet student who kept to herself. They were practicing climbing on the climbing wall when Erica and Stiles were chosen to go up next. Though Erica was intent on proving herself, she began to have a panic attack midway up and held up the line. Coach Finstock, concerned for her, asked her if she was having a dizzy spell or vertigo, but Lydia explained that vertigo is a dysfunction of the vestibular system of the inner ear and snidely declared that Erica was just "freaking out." Coach assured Erica that she had a mat to fall down on, and Lydia and the others watched as Erica tearfully did just that.

That day, after class, Jackson, who had just seen a video in biology class that led him to believe that Lydia had something to do with why he didn't turn into a Werewolf during the last full moon, confronted her in the hallway. He demanded that she show him her powers, and when she was unable to do so, Jackson reiterated his shock that she hadn't turned into a Werewolf after being bitten by Peter Hale and insisted that it was like she was immune or something, and that she somehow exposed him to this immunity as well, explaining his lack of lycanthropy. He then declared that she ruined everything for him, causing Lydia to burst into tears and run into the girls' restroom.

While in the stall, someone came in and knocked on the stall door, leading the sniffling Lydia to call out that it was occupied. When they continued to knock, she looked down and saw that the person was a man with bare, dirty feet, so she called out that it was a girl's bathroom and was surprised to see the person walk away. She followed the man out and ended up at the trophy case, where she found a picture of the 1988 Beacon Hills High School basketball team and stared at it as she tried to figure out the connection.

At lunch, Lydia was about to approach Scott and Stiles in the cafeteria when everyone was stricken speechless at the sight of the newly made-over Erica Reyes, who, unbeknownst to her, had been bitten and turned into a Werewolf by Derek Hale. She asked, "What... the holy hell... is that?", leading Stiles to identify the new girl as Erica, who had been their classmate for years and was thus not actually new at all.

After school, Lydia went on a double-date with Stiles, Scott, and Allison at the Beacon Hills Ice Rink after hours due to Vernon Boyd, an employee of the rink, lending them the keys. Once there, Stiles offered Lydia his jacket when he saw she was cold, but Lydia rejected the offer, stating that his jacket was orange, and she was wearing blue, which was not a good color combination. Stiles went on to cryptically state that some things that one would think would be a terrible combination could actually be great, trying to hint that the two of them would be a good match, but Lydia mistakenly believed Stiles was talking about Scott and Allison and remarked that they were a cute couple.

Unsurprisingly, Lydia demonstrated her exceptional ice skating skills as she did spins around Stiles, but the date was cut short when Lydia suddenly hallucinated that Peter Hale and a bunch of purple wolfsbane was trapped under the ice, causing her to scream at the top of her lungs in horror as Stiles held her.

In Abomination, Lydia's mother Natalie Martin came into her bedroom to wake her up early for school. When Lydia grumbled and told her to go away, Natalie reminded her that she had an appointment with the high school guidance counselor as per their deal following the trauma of Lydia's attack by the Alpha. Lydia, still half-asleep, assured her mother that she was fine, but Natalie continued to urge her to get her out of bed, eventually yanking the covers off of her to get her moving faster.

However, once she pulled back the comforter, she was horrified to see Lydia's sheets were stained with blood, and upon closer inspection, she realized that Lydia's knuckles on her right hand were bleeding because she had punched the mirror on her vanity. Natalie, now extremely concerned, demanded to know what she did to herself, but it was clear by the confused look on Lydia's face that she didn't remember doing it, implying that she was sleepwalking.

As promised, Lydia made it to the guidance office at the high school, where an unknown young teenage boy decided to strike up a conversation with her. He complimented her on her pink leather fingerless gloves, which she seemed to be wearing to conceal the still-bloody wounds on her knuckles from punching the mirror. Lydia, not in the mood for conversation, curtly thanked him for the compliment but immediately became annoyed when the boy asked her what her "brand of psychosis" was.

Appalled, Lydia asked him if he was serious, but the boy pragmatically pointed out that they were both obviously there for something and that they didn't have to be ashamed of it. Lydia retorted in a sarcastic voice that she had an "acute phobia of people prying into her personal life" before patronizingly asking him what his issue was, leading the boy to reply in just as sarcastic a tone, "Compulsively drawn to cute but narcissistic girls." Impressed with his ability to keep up with her banter, but before she could talk to him further, the guidance counselor Marin Morrell came out to welcome Lydia into her office.

During her counseling session, Lydia noticed a poster in French hanging in Marin's office and snidely asked if she was even French, causing the bemused Marin to inform her that she was actually French-Canadian (which, as Lydia replied, meant "You're a Canadian... who speaks French.") Not wanting to be in therapy, Lydia questioned her counselor on her credentials, but when Marin assured her that she had a master's degree in behavioral psychology and has done over three-hundred hours of fieldwork, Lydia, realizing she had no argument, simply retorted, "Ç'est va bien," French for "It's fine."

Marin was unconvinced and asked her what she was doing there if she really was fine, and Lydia snidely retorted that she was there to appease her parents so they didn't take her car. The topic turned to Lydia's friends and whether she felt comfortable confiding in them about what happened to her, and Lydia's sense of pride forced her to lie and state that her friends were totally supportive, despite the fact that she had either shrugged off or completely avoided talking about her feelings about the attack with her best friend Allison Argent and was no longer close with her now-ex-boyfriend Jackson Whittemore.

When she went on to insist that she trusted her friends implicitly, Marin warned her to be cautious anyway, leading Lydia to unconsciously quote something Peter Hale said in Co-Captain-- "Why? Because sometimes, the people closest to you can be the ones holding you back the most?" Picking up on the fact that Lydia was quoting someone, Marin asked if Lydia had read that somewhere, and Lydia, who couldn't remember how she knew it, lied and assumed she heard it elsewhere. Still unconvinced, Marin cryptically stated that whoever said it seemed to have left an impression on her, not realizing that Peter had truly done so by attacking her.

That night, Lydia was in her car, crying for an unknown reason (likely flashbacks to her traumatic attack by Peter Hale), when Stiles Stilinski, who had a long-time crush on Lydia, saw her and immediately rushed over to see if she was okay. Lydia, embarrassed to be caught crying, snapped at him to go away, but Stiles, undeterred, begged her to tell him what was wrong. Lydia once again reiterated that she didn't need anyone seeing her cry, but Stiles assured her that she shouldn't care if people see her, because he thought she looked beautiful when she cried.

Finally comfortable enough to talk, Lydia prefaced her story by saying that Stiles was going to think she was crazy, but Stiles—who had been very stressed dealing with his best friend Scott McCall's lycanthropy, the arrival of reinforcements to the Argent Family of Hunters, and the revelation of a new reptilian shapeshifter who was killing people—assured her under no uncertain terms that literally nothing she could say could sound crazy to him.

However, when he realized that he was running out of time to break into Gerard Argent's office to steal the Argent Bestiary, grimaced before awkwardly asking Lydia if she could give him five minutes before they could talk. Lydia, hurt by this rejection, gave Stiles a look, and he insisted that he knew how it sounded, but that she could continue crying—or not crying, if that was what she wanted—and that he would return as soon as possible so they could talk about anything she wanted. Unfortunately for them both, Stiles was confronted by Derek Hale and his Beta Erica Reyes, who cornered him to interrogate him on what he knew about the new shapeshifter, preventing him from returning to talk to Lydia that night.

In Venomous, Derek Hale and his pack, Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes, and Vernon Boyd, had narrowed their theory on who was the Kanima to two suspects-- Jackson Whittemore, who had been bitten by Derek and initially seemed to reject the bite before seemingly not turning at all, and Lydia, who had been bitten by Peter Hale while he was still an Alpha and had neither died nor turned as well. After testing Jackson with Kanima Venom from the last attack, which caused Jackson to be paralyzed, they decided Lydia was the most likely option and prepared to test her as well.

Erica and Isaac were discussing their plan to test Lydia in chemistry class in the hallway when Jackson, who had begun having bouts of superhuman strength and hearing, overheard their conversation and immediately sought out Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski on the Kanima and how it related to Lydia. While neither Scott nor Stiles wanted the Kanima to be Lydia, even Scott had to admit that Stiles' argument-- "Because I looked into the eyes of that thing, okay? And what I saw was pure evil. And when I look into Lydia's eyes, I only see fifty percent evil. All right, maybe sixty, you know, but no more than forty on a good day!"—was not exactly helping their situation.

Meanwhile, as they discussed this, Lydia, who was still being affected by Peter Hale's spirit possession, went up to the board to answer a question in economics class and hallucinated that Peter was next to her and had blown a handful of chalk dust in her face. The class then looked at the blackboard and found that Lydia had written "SOMEBODY HELP ME" backward over and over again, leading Scott, Stiles, and Jackson to worry that there was indeed something wrong with her.

Lydia's next class was chemistry, where Scott, Stiles, Erica, Isaac, and Allison Argent would also be in attendance. Realizing that this is where Lydia would be tested, Scott and Stiles immediately tried to figure out the best way to stop it, though this was made more difficult by Adrian Harris' idea to work in rotating groups. Scott, who was paired with Erica, immediately begged her to wait until he had a chance to talk to Derek himself, but Erica just turned the topic to Scott's relationship with Allison. Meanwhile, Allison, aware of what was going on, advised Lydia not to talk to Erica or Isaac.

Stiles was paired with Isaac, whom he wasted no time threatening to "turn his little wolf ass into a fur coat and give it to Lydia as a birthday present." Isaac responded by telling Stiles a story about how he had never been invited to one of Lydia's parties, and that when Isaac asked Lydia out on the first day of freshman year, Lydia laughed and told him to try again "when the bike he rode to school had an engine and not a chain." Stiles wasn't impressed by the story, and Isaac implied he would be getting his revenge by killing her.

When they rotated again, Lydia was paired with Isaac, just as they finished their experiment, which was creating a sugar crystal. Scott and Stiles realized a moment too late that Isaac intended to test Lydia by putting Kanima venom on the sugar crystal she was about to eat and were unable to prevent her from eating it. Sure enough, Lydia was unaffected by the paralytic effects of the venom, which seemed to confirm that she was, in fact, the Kanima.

After class, Allison, Scott and Stiles regrouped out in the hallway, where they saw that Derek was waiting outside to finish Lydia off. Stiles still didn't want to believe that Lydia was the Kanima, but there was not much evidence to prove him right, leading Allison to point out that their only options were to either convince Derek that he's wrong or come up with a way to protect her, adding that there might be something in the Argent Family Bestiary that could help them. When Stiles argued that the book was nine-hundred pages long and in archaic Latin, Allison responded that she knew someone who may be able to translate it. Scott decided that they would go with both plans—he would talk to Derek and try to convince him to stop while the others take Lydia to his house to keep her safe.

While this discussion was underway, Lydia was in counseling with Marin Morrell, where the therapist was showing her a series of Rorschach tests; to each one, Lydia stated it looked like a butterfly, which frustrated Morrell. When she asked Lydia what it was going to take to get her to open up, Lydia lied and stated that she was as open and honest as a person could be. Morrell looked at the last inkblot she showed Lydia and shrugged before cryptically stating that she would have said it was a wolf.

In the library, Jackson was talking with Danny Mahealani and Matt Daehler, who had discovered that the video Jackson had taken of his first full moon transformation (which seemingly never occurred) had been edited to remove roughly two hours of footage. While they debated over who could have had access to his house to do such a thing, Jackson realized that he had given Lydia a key, and he, too, was suspicious of the fact that neither of them turned after they were bitten.

Outside the school, Scott met with Boyd and Derek to try to convince them to drop their plan. Derek reminded him that Lydia failed the test, but Scott argued that it didn't prove anything because Lydia was different, though Derek retorted, "I know! At night, she turns into a homicidal walking snake!" Scott made it clear that he wasn't going to let him kill Lydia, leading Derek to slyly remark, "Who said I was gonna do it?" Derek went on to state that he had no idea why Scott felt like he needed to protect everyone now, but regardless, Lydia had killed before and would kill again, and if they didn't do something, one of them would be next.

Scott continued to ask him, "What if you're wrong?", and when Derek reminded him that she was bitten by an Alpha, Scott retorted that he knew as well as he did that the Kanima wasn't like Werewolves. Derek, however, insisted that it was, explaining that they're all shapeshifters, and that when something like this happens, it happens for a reason-- "sometimes, the shape you take reflects the person that you are." Scott wondered if Lydia could be immune, which is why she wasn't paralyzed, but Derek refused to even entertain the theory, stating that he's never seen or heard of it, so it never happened.

This led Scott to bring up the heart of his argument—Jackson. Scott correctly guessed that Derek had given Jackson the bite like he wanted, as since the bite will either turn or kill the person, Derek was probably hoping that it would kill him, but instead nothing happened, and Derek had no idea why. When Derek reluctantly admitted that this was true, Scott explained his theory, which was that Lydia was immune, and somehow passed it on to Jackson. Derek remained silent, and Scott insisted that he knew he was right, but Derek refused to back down, arguing that Scott knew he couldn't let her live. Scott, in the same sly manner that Derek used earlier, retorted that he was hoping he could convince Derek to drop it, but he wasn't counting on it, revealing that they had taken Lydia to a safe place to protect her from Derek's pack.

Meanwhile, Stiles, Lydia, and Jackson were convincing Lydia to come to the McCall House for "study group," their excuse for the protection detail. Upon their arrival, Lydia asked where Scott was, since they were studying at his house, forcing Stiles to cryptically state that he would hopefully be meeting them there. When Allison thanked Jackson for his help, Jackson admitted that he needed to talk to Lydia anyway. Lydia was in the process of looking at Stiles questioningly as he locked all the doors and windows (citing a few "break-ins and a murder" in the neighborhood) when Jackson asked if he could speak with her upstairs, leading Lydia to exasperatedly exclaim, "Seriously? What is going on with everyone?"

Upstairs in Scott's room, Lydia asked the nervous Jackson if he was okay, and Jackson awkwardly brought up the fact that Lydia never gave him back his house key after they broke up. This upset Lydia, who incredulously asked him if he really went through all of this just to ask about his key, but Jackson maintained his gruff demeanor and asked her why she never got it back. Lydia ranted, "Are you kidding? I'm attacked by some lunatic who bites me-- a lunatic who still hasn't been caught-- I spent two days freaked out of my mind, walking around the woods naked, all my friends are acting like total nutcases, and you expect me to be worried about some key?"

Jackson, gritting his teeth, coldly asked Lydia if she had the key or not, and she petulantly responded "Not." Just then, Jackson's superhuman hearing kicked in, and he could tell by the sound of her heartbeat that she had just lied to him. He demanded to know where his key was, and when Lydia simply glared at him, he accused her of editing the tape of his transformation. Since Lydia actually hadn't done this, she just became more confused and asked him what he was talking about, leading Jackson to begin to rant about how she edited out the "most important part" of his video, either because she wanted to take "his moment" away from him, or because she was trying to protect him.

However, he was sure that Lydia edited it, and though Lydia continued to deny knowing anything about it, she pulled a chain necklace from under her shirt with the key on it and shoved it into his hands. Now in tears, she stated that she hated him, and Jackson, now hurt, insisted that she didn't, forcing Lydia to admit that this was true, though she should hate him for everything he did for her. This led to Jackson beginning to kiss Lydia, who rejected him at first but eventually got into it; unfortunately, unbeknownst to Lydia, Jackson was already starting to transform into Kanima form as reptilian scales began developing on the back of his neck.

Just then, Lydia heard a crash downstairs (which was caused by Allison and Stiles fighting against Isaac) and stopped kissing Jackson so she could investigate. When she left, Jackson fell to his knees and completed his transformation; when Lydia returned, she found Scott's bedroom window open and Jackson was nowhere to be seen, causing the panicked Lydia to call the police.

All the while, Scott, Stiles, and Allison had incapacitated Isaac and Erica, leading to a standoff between Derek and Scott on the front porch. Derek realized that Scott wasn't an Omega, but was in a way an Alpha of his own pack that included Lydia, before reminding him that he couldn't beat him. Fortunately for Scott and the others, the sound of police sirens scared Derek enough to take his Betas and run, but not before they all saw the Kanima crawling out of the window and hissing at them before taking off. Derek assumed that it was Lydia until they saw her running out onto the porch and demanding to know what the hell was going on, revealing that the Kanima was Jackson after all.

In Frenemy, Allison dropped Lydia off at her house after the events of the previous episode, where she begged Lydia to keep what she just witnessed a secret from everyone else. Confused and frustrated, Lydia retorted, "I'll promise not to say anything about what just happened if you can tell me what the hell just happened!" Allison hesitated before saying it was a complicated situation, so Lydia tried to make it easier by asking questions-- "Why was Derek there? Where was Jackson? What was wrong with Erica?"

When Allison didn't immediately respond, Lydia angrily asked her if she needed more time to come up with a plausible lie, Allison sighed and explained that she was only asking because she and Scott had been forbidden to date by Allison's parents, leading Lydia to reluctantly agree to keep what she saw about Allison's boyfriend, which was nothing, to herself. Allison seemed hurt by this comment and grabbed Lydia by the wrist to stop her from leaving the car as she insisted that Scott wasn't just her boyfriend. When Lydia growled at her to let her go, Allison urged her to try and remember what it felt like to be in love with someone, not realizing that Lydia had never had such a relationship.

Lydia eventually went inside and decided to let her dog Prada out in the backyard before she went to bed. When the small puppy didn't immediately return to Lydia, she called out for her, urging her to come back home. A few moments later, the mysterious young man that kept hitting on Lydia at school appeared with Prada in his arms, asking, "Lose something?"

Not wanting to look too interested, Lydia snidely asked him if she should call the police, or if he wanted to give her a non-rapist explanation for being in her yard in the middle of the night. The young man insisted that he heard Prada barking because he lived in the house behind them, and when Lydia realized she was being overly harsh, she reluctantly thanked him for bringing him back.

He frowned in concern and asked her if she was okay, which caused Lydia to become defensive once again and ask him what he was talking about. Assuming he was referring to the other day in class when she went into the fugue state, Lydia insisted that she wasn't crazy-- "I may be the girl who sleepwalks naked and writes backward on the chalkboard, but at least I'm not one of those Vicodin-popping wrist-cutters at school." The young man, not really amused, asked her if that's really what other girls were like before he leaned toward her, causing her to reflexively step backward.

Offended, the man asked Lydia why she stepped back, and Lydia retorted that it was because he stepped forward. He suggested that he may have wanted to kiss her, and Lydia, bantering right back, suggested that she didn't want him to do so. The man kept trying, and when Lydia threatened to punch him in the throat, he asked her if he could hold her hand, causing Lydia to scoff and ask if she was nine years old. Finally, the young man asked if he could give her a flower, which she reluctantly agreed to do. He then made her promise to keep it, stating that if he asked her tomorrow for it and she says "no," he would be really hurt. Lydia simply shrugged and retorted, "Well, if I don't, I'll lie" before the young man walked away.

Meanwhile, as Scott and Allison prepared for their shift watching over the captured Kanima Jackson Whittemore in a stolen police van, Stiles left to check on Lydia, who he said still hadn't forgiven him for never coming back to talk to her like he promised (as he had been confronted by Derek Hale and Erica Reyes and then attacked by the Kanima). She was also the topic of conversation between Scott and Allison during their patrol, specifically regarding her supposed immunity to the supernatural that was discovered when she neither turned into a Werewolf nor died after being bitten by an Alpha; Scott believed that if someone could be immune to lycanthropy, then maybe it would be possible to create a cure for it.

Allison arrived home after Jackson's escape to find Lydia already waiting for her in her bedroom, startling her. Lydia pouted that she had been waiting for Allison for an hour, but Allison, distracted by the fact that Scott and Stiles had just gone to tell Sheriff Stilinski what was going on with the Kanima (though this ultimately didn't occur), brushed her off by stating that she couldn't hang out right then. This did nothing to make Lydia less upset, and she insisted that she needed someone to talk to-- "Why is everyone always telling me to wait? Why can't anyone have "right now" available?"

Frustrated, Allison argued that everyone can't have everything all the time before exasperatedly ranting that she needed someone to help her translate five pages of archaic Latin in the Argent Bestiary, which obviously wouldn't be happening anytime soon. Momentarily distracted from their argument, Lydia brought up the fact that she knows archaic Latin, claiming she got bored with classical Latin, which led Allison to ask her, "Just how smart are you?" Lydia sighed and demanded that Allison show her the pages, which she did; in the process, Lydia discovered that Ms. Morrell had mistranslated the Kanima section when she said it read "The Kanima seeks a friend", because, in reality, it actually meant "the Kanima seeks a master."

In Restraint, Lydia was the main topic of conversation in a phone call involving Allison, Scott and Stiles; they suggested that Jackson was going into fugue states like Lydia tended to do and was thus not aware of what he was doing, and they mentioned that Jackson had no idea he was the Kanima, as he believed that he was just slowly becoming a Werewolf and that somehow fooling around with Lydia (who was believed to be immune) made him immune as well.

The next day at school, Allison, Scott, and Stiles met in the library, where Allison showed them the "Kanima" section of the Bestiary that Lydia had translated from archaic Latin. Allison remarked that Lydia was extremely confused when she was reading it, which led Allison to lie and say that it pertained to a video game about battling mythical creatures that she started playing with Scott and Stiles to cover up what they were doing.

Later on that day, Stiles caught up with Lydia in the hallway and tried to get information about what happened the previous night at the McCall House when she witnessed Jackson turning into the Kanima, but since Lydia promised Allison to stay silent about it, she stated that she wasn't supposed to tell anyone. Stiles argued that "I'm not supposed to tell anyone" always makes someone dying to tell someone about what they aren't allowed to talk about, but Lydia stood her ground throughout Stiles' confusing banter and gave him no information.

Stiles tried to keep getting any information about Jackson that Lydia could give him, but she simply rushed away without a word, and when he began chasing her, he attracted the attention of Erica Reyes, who wanted to know why he was asking about Jackson's biological parents. Though it initially appeared as though a fight was about to go underway, Erica revealed that Jackson's parents were buried in Beacon Hills Cemetery.

After class, the strange young man who had been attracted to Lydia caught up with her in the hallway and asked her if she was busy after school. Lydia, still playing hard-to-get, stated that she was always busy after school, he confidently encouraged her to "unbusy herself" because he wanted to talk and show her something. Smirking, Lydia retorted that she thought they had moved past the "slightly rape-y language," but the young man simply told her to bring the flower he gave her the other night before taking off.

At home after school, Lydia rushed to the backyard to the ivy-like plant growing up the trellis in front of the door and was disappointed when she was unable to find a purple flower like the one the young man gave her to replace the one she lost, as, although he told her to keep it, she threw it away. She ended up wandering away from her house, barefoot and wearing her school clothes, until she ended up at what appeared to be a beautiful brick mansion. However, when she went inside, she found it almost completely empty, aside from dead leaves scattered across the floor and a wardrobe with a door that had a mirror attached to it.

Eventually, the young man showed up, and Lydia asked him if this was his house, leading him to reply vaguely that it used to be before assuring her that he would tell her about it after she showed him the flower he gave her. Lydia's demeanor turned sheepish as she admitted that she couldn't find it, but surprisingly, he did not seem to mind, though he did claim that she owed him that kiss as a result. He and Lydia then began to make out for a long moment.

Unfortunately, when Lydia opened her eyes and pulled away, she was horrified to find her handsome young stalker was now Peter Hale, looking as he did on the night that he died—burned severely with his throat clawed open. Lydia was then even more confused when she realized that the house she had entered was the Hale House before it was destroyed in the fire six years earlier. Peter asked her if there was something wrong, and the shock from the sight of him caused her to collapse next to the fireplace.

When she came to, Lydia was stunned as she realized that she had been hallucinating Peter this whole time, starting back when she saw a photo of him on the Beacon Hills High School basketball team in the late 1980s, just as she was hallucinating him now. The now burned, adult version of Peter acknowledged that Lydia must be awfully confused before stating that, on the bright side, she at least knew now that she wasn't crazy, or at least not completely. He went on to say that he believed Lydia was a strong young woman who would "pull through with a minimal amount of post-traumatic stress," which was a lead-in to his brief explanation as to what exactly he was doing it.

He began by stating that his plan (i.e. his mission to kill all of the people involved in the orchestration and the cover-up of the Hale House Fire) was a good one, but that he had learned in life that it is always a good idea to have a backup plan, which was proven when Derek killed him and stole his powers in Code Breaker. He then revealed that Lydia was his backup plan, as he knew her immunity would prevent her from dying or turning as a result of his bite, but would allow him to latch onto her mind so that she could help him complete the plan. He cryptically finished by stating that Lydia was going to do one very important thing for him, but before he could tell her what it was, she screamed as loud as she could, seemingly drowning out his influence. She then smiled as she opened up her closed fist, revealing the purple flower hallucination-Peter gave her was inside of it.

In Party Guessed, Lydia, fast asleep, was in the middle of a dream that was part-memory, part-nightmare. First, she was standing in the shower, letting the warm water pour down her face as she gingerly ran her fingers over the healing wounds from Peter Hale's attack. She started to hear someone saying her name, so she hesitantly reached out toward the shower curtain to pull it open.

Just then, the scene had changed, and Lydia was now completely dry and standing on the lacrosse field the night of the Winter Formal, only this time, the bleachers were full of people who were chanting her name and holding up signs cheering her on. The only person in the stands who wasn't getting into the chanting was a young woman implied to be Laura Hale, who was sitting at the end of the front row, sobbing and looking scared. Just then, the camera pans out, revealing that Lydia's silver dress has already been bloodied and torn up, just as it was when Peter Hale attacked her in real life at the dance, and Peter, in his trenchcoat, was striding towards her purposefully before lunging toward her, knocking her to the ground and crawling on top of her just as he did months earlier.

Suddenly, Peter called Lydia's name, awakening her from her sleep, though she was obviously still hallucinating, since the still-dead Peter was laying next to her on her bed, which has somehow gotten full of dirt in between the sheets and comforter. Horrified, Lydia begged Peter to leave her alone, but he maintained that he couldn't leave her alone just yet. Not trusting her own sense of reality, Lydia asked him if he was real, to which Peter chuckled and replied, "Interestingly, that question can also be answered 'Not yet.'"

After a beat, Peter assured Lydia that everything would be going back to normal soon enough, though he made it clear that this could only occur if she did everything that he said. He stood up and led Lydia towards the staircase, where he explained the importance of timing to his plan, which needed to occur by the next full moon, which was known as the Worm Moon. Lydia then began to panic when she began hallucinating that she was standing in a thick layer of worms and dirt, which also momentarily covered Peter's burned face as he explained the reasoning behind the name (it's the last full moon of winter, and the worms literally crawl out of the earth as it thaws as a metaphor for rebirth). Lydia remembered that the full moon was on Wednesday, which also happened to be her birthday, and Peter was pleased that she was starting to get on board with the plan before informing her that they were going to make Lydia's famous birthday party a very special occasion this year.

Knowing that Peter likely had a sinister motive, she asked him what would happen if she didn't, so Peter just gave her a patronizing look and stated that it was best if they made a plan and stuck to it to ensure no one got hurt. Lydia, still not understanding what she had to do with any of this, asked why it had to be her, leading Peter to smile and reply, "Because Lydia Martin is not only beautiful, not only incredibly intelligent... she's immune." When he saw that she was now even more confused, he remembered that the rest of Lydia's friends hadn't filled her in on the supernatural world yet and empathized with her about being in the dark, stating that he was sure it didn't feel good to be the last to know what's going on. He then went on to say that she deserved to know everything before adding that it would probably be best if he showed her. Just then, Lydia's attention was drawn to the dining room window, where Peter, in his full Alpha form, stood with his glowing red eyes and lunged toward her, causing Lydia to scream at the top of her lungs.

A few days later, Lydia brought over a load of dresses to the Argent House so that she and Allison Argent could try them on and decide what they were going to wear to her party that night. When Allison balked at the number of outfits and asked her how many dresses she needed for the party, Lydia explained that she thought she'd wear a "host dress," an "evening dress," and then a dress that was more "after-hours casual."

Knowing that something was going on with Lydia and feeling bad that she was too wrapped up in the Kanima drama to give her the attention she needed, Allison hesitantly brought up the fact that she noticed that Lydia hadn't sent out invitations to her party; though Lydia insisted it was because, as the biggest party of the year, everyone already knew about it, it was obvious that Lydia chose not to send invitations out of a fear that Peter's plan would get someone hurt. Still fishing for information, Allison stated that she thought things may be different this year, but Lydia played dumb and asked her why it would be different, becoming even more suspicious when Allison brought up Jackson Whittemore, her ex-boyfriend.

When Allison asked if she knew Jackson was coming to the party, Lydia coldly retorted that everyone was coming before taking on a much kinder tone of voice and holding up an American Rag dress that she thought would be perfect for herself. She then picked up a Material Girl dress, which she stated was for Allison to wear to the party, just as Allison's mother Victoria Argent, looking nervous, appeared in the doorway, leading Lydia to ask her for her opinion on the dress.

Victoria (who was preoccupied with the fact that she was bitten during her fight with Derek the night before and was trying to find a way to say goodbye to Allison due to her plan to kill herself before that night's full moon) stated the dress was "lovely" before asking if she could speak to Allison privately for a moment. Allison, caught up in the party planning and not realizing the seriousness of the situation, asked if they could do it later, and when Victoria anxiously stated that sooner would be better, Lydia reminded her that the party started at ten o'clock. Allison and Victoria got into a brief debate when Victoria asked her if she would be around before then, and Allison, too distracted by her plans, blew her off. Not wanting to spoil Allison's fun, Victoria just watched the girls wistfully pick through the dresses and give their opinions on them.

After hanging out with Allison, Lydia stopped by the high school to catch Jackson after lacrosse practice. Jackson seemed to be in a Kanima fugue-state of some kind, but when Lydia touched his hand, she pulled him out of it and back to reality. She asked him if he was still coming to her party, and when Jackson, terrified at what he might be forced to do by the Kanima Master, insisted he didn't want her there, Lydia assured him that things were good between them and that she definitely wanted him there, purposely ignoring the aggression in his eyes when he insisted that she wouldn't.

That evening, Allison, clearly not in the mood for a party, steeled herself for the social interaction by reminding herself that she was doing this for her best friend before she entered the Martin House. Stiles Stilinski showed up next, holding a giant wrapped present that was so huge he could barely fit it through the door, and Lydia was so overwhelmed by the awkwardness of their greeting that she simply walked away, ordering him to try the punch when he got to the back yard. Lydia then began filling up cups with an orange punch from a crystal bowl, which seemed normal until the obvious purple flowers floating in it made it clear that it had been spiked with wolfsbane at Peter's insistence. Scott and Stiles made small talk with each other in the back while discussing Stiles' latest breakthrough on the Kanima case while Allison paced around awkwardly by the pool.

After a moment, she finally came over to join them and pointed out that Jackson wasn't there yet, leading Stiles to state the obvious-- no one was there due to Lydia's recent mental health issues scaring away all of their classmates. Across the yard, it was clear that Lydia had come to the same conclusion, as she bit her lip and forced herself not to cry, and Allison insisted that they owed her a normal night after ignoring her for weeks despite all the trauma she had endured. This resulted in Scott using his co-captain status to get the lacrosse team to come, while Stiles called a handful of drag queens he had befriended at Jungle a week earlier who "really knew how to party."

The drag queens and their friends arrived shortly afterward, and Lydia was momentarily taken aback by their presence when she answered the door before taking note of their taste in fashion and makeup and graciously opening the door so they could enter, though she did warn them not to touch anything. Later on, Jackson arrived as well, once again in somewhat of a trance until Lydia touched his wrist with a smile and assured him that she was glad he could make it before offering him a glass of punch, which he accepted and began to drink immediately.

Lydia brought a glass of punch over to Scott, who declined because his Werewolf healing ensured he wouldn't get drunk. This caused Lydia to exasperatedly ask him what was wrong with him and Allison, adding that she didn't care what their reason was for keeping their little "love affair" a secret, but that they didn't need to hide it tonight. She then handed him a glass of punch, and Scott agreed that she was right before taking a sip. When she asked him if it was good, Scott seemed surprised and stated it was really good before finishing off the glass, not knowing that it was drugged with wolfsbane.

The effects of the wolfsbane quickly started to kick in for everyone who consumed the punch, with Allison, Scott, Stiles, and Jackson all having terrifying hallucinations as a result while everyone else just seemed high and out of it. When Scott finally snapped out of it and realized what was going on, he immediately tried to find Lydia to learn more, but she was nowhere to be found. The scene then cut to outside the front of the Martin House, where Lydia was seen in her "after-hours casual" dress, holding her car keys and clearly ready to leave the party to finish off Peter's plan.

By the time Scott got Stiles sobered up, the rest of the party-goers had begun to hallucinate as well, and the noise they made caused the police to show up to break up the party. In the commotion, Matt Daehler got thrown into the swimming pool despite his pleas that he didn't know how to swim, and when Jackson jumped in to save him, Scott and Stiles realized that Matt was the Kanima Master, a theory that was quickly confirmed when they saw a still-drenched Matt standing next to the fully-transformed Kanima Jackson out in front of Lydia's house.

Meanwhile, Lydia had just shown up at the Railway Depot, where Derek Hale was finally able to take a breath and relax after keeping Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd, and Isaac Lahey locked up due to being newly bitten Werewolves without strong control. Derek seemed confused to see her there, but before he could finish asking her what she was doing, Lydia blew a handful of purple wolfsbane powder in his face, knocking him out and causing him to fall to the ground.

She then managed to drag him to the Hale House ruins, where Derek, who had fought off some of the wolfsbane and had somewhat regained consciousness, weakly begged her to stop, adding that she didn't know what she was doing. Lydia simply ignored him as she dragged Derek to the spot in the floorboards where he had buried Peter and extended Derek's right arm so that it was close enough for Lydia to link with Peter's own clawed hand. She then adjusted a series of mirrors that took a moonbeam and directed it straight onto Peter's body, allowing him to awaken enough to draw Derek's blood and fully resurrect himself. Lydia looked at Peter in shock as he revived and stood up from under the floorboards, where he smirked and quipped, "I hear there was a party... Don't worry, I invited myself." This seemed to be the sole motivation behind all of Peter's emotional and psychological torment of Lydia throughout the season.

In Fury, Derek Hale awoke on the floor of the Hale House ruins to find Alan Deaton attempting to help him regain consciousness after having found him there the morning after the full moon. He helped the weakened Derek to his feet and confirmed that what Derek had experienced the previous night was real and not just a nightmare or hallucination-- Peter Hale successfully used his semi-possession of Lydia to bring himself back to life using a Worm Moon ritual. Deaton warned Derek that though the price of the ritual Lydia and Peter performed meant that Peter was extremely weakened as far as his Werewolf powers were concerned, he would still try to manipulate Derek into letting him help with the Gerard Argent and Kanima situation using his cunning, charisma, and intelligence.

In Battlefield, Lydia was first mentioned by Stiles Stilinski during a mandatory counseling session with Marin Morrell at school following the murder of Matt Daehler; after detailing the struggles his loved ones—including hisfather Stilinski, his best friend Scott (as well as Scott's mother Melissa McCall), Allison Argent, and Jackson Whittemore—were going through, Stiles remarked that, funnily enough, Lydia was the one who seemed the most normal, likely because she was no longer being spiritually possessed by Peter Hale.

That night, Lydia attended the Beacon Hills Cyclones lacrosse game and sat in the bleachers with Noah Stilinski and Melissa McCall, who were both there to cheer on their respective sons. She supported Stilinski encouragingly when he was initially confused about the fact that Stiles was running out onto the field, having momentarily forgotten that his son was actually on the team and that for once, they were letting him start on the field because Scott was barred from playing due to his grades.

However, Lydia, Stilinski, and Melissa all cringed moments later when Stiles was tackled on the field, which continued to happen throughout the first few minutes of the game, although both Lydia and Melissa assured Stilinski that he was probably just warming up and nervous, and reminding him kindly that there was still plenty of time to turn the game around, just as Stiles was once again painfully tackled on the field. Lydia also seemed to be encouraging Melissa and Stilinski's relationship, which was bordering on romantic as the two got closer.

Suddenly, with most of the players injured due to a secret plan by Scott and Isaac Lahey to get Scott on the field to keep an eye on Gerard Argent (who clearly had a plan with the Kanima, Jackson Whittemore, under his control) it was up to Stiles to keep the team afloat, and with the encouragement of his father, long-term crush and friend, and surrogate mother, Stiles' performance greatly improved and he was able to score multiple goals. Stiles was awestruck when he saw Lydia cheering for him and beaming at him in the stands, which only gave him more incentive to give it his ball. The game, which had started as a horrible beatdown for BHHS, turned into a success when the Cyclones ultimately won the game due to Stiles' hard work.

As soon as the game ended, Gerard's threat to Scott that he would be having Jackson kill someone if he did not turn over Derek Hale and his pack seemingly proved to be true when Jackson ultimately killed himself on the field by clawing open his abdomen and chest. When it became clear that a player was down on the field, the crowd in the bleachers became chaotic, with some running away in fear and others running toward the hurt lacrosse player to see if they could help. Lydia accompanied Melissa and Stilinski to the center of the field, where they were all horrified to find that it was, in fact, Jackson.

Melissa jumped right in due to her experience as an emergency room nurse but quickly discerned that he had no pulse and was not breathing. Lydia began to panic when she noticed all of the blood on his jersey, and when his wounds were exposed, Isaac and Scott quickly figured out that Jackson had killed himself on purpose so he would not be forced to kill someone else by Gerard. Melissa began CPR and firmly instructed Lydia on what to do to help her with compressions and rescue breaths while Stilinski began panicking upon realizing that Stiles had gone missing and was nowhere to be found.

In Master Plan,

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In Tattoo,

In Chaos Rising,

In Fireflies,

In Unleashed,

In Frayed,

In Motel California,

In Currents,

In Visionary,

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much,

In The Overlooked,

In Alpha Pact,

In Lunar Ellipse,

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In Anchors,

In More Bad Than Good,

In Galvanize,

In Illuminated,

In Silverfinger,

In Riddled,

In Letharia Vulpina,

In Echo House,

In The Fox and the Wolf,

In De-Void,

In Insatiable,

In The Divine Move,

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In The Dark Moon,

In 117,

In Muted,

In The Benefactor,

In I.E.D.,

In Orphaned,

In Weaponized,

In Time of Death,

In Perishable,

In Monstrous,

In A Promise to the Dead,

In Smoke and Mirrors,

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In Creatures of the Night,

In Parasomnia,

In Dreamcatchers,

In Condition Terminal,

In A Novel Approach,

In Required Reading,

In Strange Frequencies,

In Ouroboros,

In Lies of Omission,

In Status Asthmaticus,

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In The Last Chimera,

In Damnatio Memoriae,

In Codominance,

In The Sword and the Spirit,

In Amplification,

In Lie Ability,

In A Credible Threat,

In Maid of Gévaudan, Lydia attempted to get Parrish to stay for the story Gerard and Chris Argent were about to tell, but he refused. Though she tried to chase after him, Gerard and Chris stopped her, and she reluctantly stayed and listened as Gerard told her the story of the original Beast of Gevaudan and the young huntress who slayed him, Marie-Jeanne Valet. By the end of the story, all Lydia wanted to do was find Parrish and convince him to stay in Beacon Hills, but they warn her against it, claiming that Parrish, as a shapeshifter who was just beginning to understand the scope of his power as a Hellhound, was a danger to her and others.

Annoyed and frustrated, Lydia began to question why Gerard was suddenly on their side after everything he had done in the past, which caused Gerard to inform her that Marie-Jeanne married Henri Argent and took his name, making her the first Argent Hunter. When Chris and Gerard informed Lydia that they believed that Lydia could have a better chance of defeating the Beast than Parrish, Lydia realized that they intended her to be this generation's version of Marie-Jeanne, which led Lydia to remind them that she's not an Argent, and she's not Allison before she left to track down Parrish.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills,

In Apotheosis,

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In Memory Lost,

In Superposition,

In Sundowning,

In Relics,

In Radio Silence,

In Ghosted,

In Heartless,

In Blitzkrieg,

In Memory Found,

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In The Wolves of War,


Academically, Lydia is one of the finest students I've ever had. Her AP classes push her GPA above a 5.0. I'd actually like to have her IQ tested. And socially, she displays outstanding leadership qualities. I mean, she's a real leader.
— A Beacon Hills High School teacher about Lydia in The Tell

At the beginning of the series, Lydia put on an act of being the vain, shallow, ditzy mean-girl despite having an IQ higher than anyone at her high school, and she and her then-boyfriend Jackson ruled as the most popular kids at school. However, upon meeting Allison and befriending Scott and Stiles, Lydia's fake persona began to fade away, revealing the true Lydia underneath—one who was kind, loyal, extremely intelligent (and unafraid to show it), and determined to help people however she can.

Her high-level intellect pushed Lydia to read in-depth and complicated textbooks and journals on a variety of academic subjects, and she is especially gifted in the sciences and languages. With regards to mathematics, she once declared that she would be winning a Field's Medal, and she has attempted to get extra credit from her math teacher, Ms. Fleming, by turning in equations based on her own theoretical findings. She has taught herself to speak both Classical and Archaic Latin, a skill that she used to translate the Argent Family Bestiary, and she has been shown to speak Spanish and French at conversational levels. Most recently, she has demonstrated a high level of intelligence in physics, which she applied to explain the supernatural aspects of the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt.

As someone who seems to be good at everything she tries, Lydia is also attracted to talented people, which was made evident at the very beginning of the series when Scott McCall caught her interest after his newly gained werewolf powers made him a formidable lacrosse player; this pattern of romantic interest in talented people was further evidenced by her relationship with Jackson Whittemore, who was known for being an ambitious overachiever; Aiden Steiner, who was a powerful Alpha when they met who had the power to merge with his twin brother, Ethan; and Stiles Stilinski, who was not only very intelligent in his own right and an expert at making connections during investigations, but who also knew how smart Lydia was even before she was ready to let others see it and who admired her for it.

Being bitten and attacked by Peter Hale not only triggered her latent Banshee abilities, which likely would not have manifested until age eighteen otherwise, but also allowed him to possess her mind long enough to manipulate her into resurrecting him with a ritual involving the full moon. During this time, Lydia experienced fugue states, hallucinations, nightmares, and other terrifying symptoms that severely diminished her state of mind along with her social status at school. Even after Peter had left her consciousness, she has still regularly been traumatized by the deaths she would come to witness and the corpses to which she was drawn as a result of being a Harbinger of Death. Fortunately, the McCall Pack began to give her the support she desperately needed, and once she started to get a handle on her new life, Lydia made it her mission to do good whenever she can, particularly when it involves teenage girls like herself who are struggling just like she was, such as Tracy Stewart and Sydney.

Over time, however, the losses, injuries, and stress she has endured have matured her beyond her years and have made her begin to repress the pain and trauma, keeping it to herself rather than seeking support in dealing with the complicated emotions that resulted. When it was recently revealed that, should Beacon Hills become a "ghost town" following the attack of the Ghost Riders just like Canaan did, Lydia, as a Banshee, will be the one left behind, Lydia became incredibly distraught, though she said nothing about the horror she felt at the thought of this coming to pass until Malia, her best friend, questioned her about it.

In this way, she shares much in common with her best friend Scott McCall: both were attacked and bitten by Peter Hale, activating their supernatural identities; both were thrust into the supernatural world without consent, only to become important leaders in the supernatural community intent to save the lives of the innocents of Beacon Hills, and both choose to endure pain and even sacrifice their lives in exchange for the safety and happiness of their loved ones and fellow citizens.

Physical Appearance

Lydia is a beautiful, thin, and petite woman with very pale skin, green eyes, and long strawberry-blonde hair. Her style leans toward the very feminine, and she is nearly always seen wearing dresses or pencil skirts with dressy blouses and high heels or booties. However, due to Lydia's developing fighting skills, she has recently started to wear shorts and jeans more often than dresses and skirts because they're more practical, given that she may need to fight at any moment; despite this fact, she still prefers to wear boots rather than sneakers. She typically wears her hair at least partially pulled away from her face and tends to braid it up in a milkmaid style. She likes to keep her eye makeup to a minimum in favor of wearing bold colored lipstick, and occasionally wears thin chain necklaces or simple rings to accessorize.

Powers and Abilities

"Valack found that trephination would initially heighten their powers, but to levels that couldn't be contained."
"So he wants to make Lydia more powerful?"
"Yeah, except she's going to end up like them."
"Worse, actually. Lydia's abilities were already pretty exceptional, to begin with. Putting a hole in her head will be like causing a leak in a nuclear reactor. She'll hear everything-- every death, every dying scream, all at once. [...] Not only that. Her own dying scream could be so powerful that it might kill everyone around her."
Alan Deaton, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski about Lydia's powers in Amplification

As a Banshee, Lydia has a wide range of supernatural powers that can be used for various effects. Due to the trephination performed on her by Valack, she had gained new powers in addition to having some of her preexisting powers amplified, but this has since been reversed by Alan Deaton by filling the hole in her head with mistletoe. However, as the series progressed, Lydia's powers grew stronger and stronger, as did her level of control over them, making her a formidable opponent by the final season. Lydia also has many human abilities and skills that benefit her life in the supernatural world, as well as her pack as a whole.


  • Harbinger of Death Sense: As a Banshee, Lydia can feel when someone has died and can predict when someone is close to death. This is usually accompanied by a trance-like state that draws her to those who are dead or near-death, though, with practice, she has gotten better at being aware of what she's doing when this happens. During her first-ever Banshee fugue state, she walked naked from the hospital to the Hale House ruins, where Peter had been killed and buried, and was in the woods wandering around for nearly two whole days. ("Omega") In one of her most recent fugue states, Lydia was able to remain conscious enough that she could give Malia instructions on how to get to the body whose death she had just sensed. ("Dreamcatchers")
  • Clairaudience The ears of a Banshee are naturally tuned to levels of the universe that only they can hear. This gives them an ability to discern details of a person's death (or impending death) through the sounds they can perceive which no one else can. Lydia was able to hear flies warn her about the Nogitsune's presence in Beacon Hills and electricity to warn her about William Barrow's escape and intent to kidnap and kill Kira Yukimura ("Galvanize"), as well as the near-fatal fight that would occur between Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar at the high school library. ("Status Asthmaticus")
  • Premonitions: As a Banshee and Harbinger of Death, Lydia has the power to experience premonitions that allow her to sense a person's death, which usually allows her to discern how a person dies, where they die, and/or what will cause the death in the first place. This power is most often used as an extension of her power of clairaudience, as the supernatural phenomena that she can sense with her enhanced hearing can take the form of auditory premonitions of a supernatural-related death; Lydia was able to foresee Scott McCall's impending death after she had an auditory premonition involving wolves growling and fighting each other and heard Scott telling Liam Dunbar that he couldn't let Liam kill him. ("Status Asthmaticus") She has also received clues as to others who were in danger, such as when she heard crackling electricity all day before William Barrow captured Kira Yukimura and forced her to activate her Kitsune electrokinesis. ("Galvanize") However, as Lydia's powers grow, her premonitions have evolved from being purely auditory to being visual as well, making it easier for her to interpret what her premonition is trying to tell her. Lydia's premonitions are not always literal and can often be up for interpretation, especially given the fact that the premonitions do not typically include every single detail of a person's death. For example, Lydia's premonition of the Desert Wolf killing Malia Tate showed Malia hiding in her former coyote den in the Beacon Hills Preserve as the Desert Wolf approached her, while in reality, the battle between the Malia and Corinne actually happened at Fort Jewett Army Base. ("The Sword and the Spirit")
    • Astral Premonitions: Lydia's power of premonitions has recently advanced so much that she was able to astral project herself into a premonition involving a fellow Banshee's memory by touching a mirror. This allowed her to walk within the memory as though she were actually there, seeing every detail and being able to pause and explore the areas she chose, as well as giving her the power to physically interact with the objects and people in the memory; this was evidenced by the fact that she was able to touch Lenore on the shoulder in her premonition and affected her with her Banshee wail. ("Ghosted")
  • Divination: As a Banshee, whose powers are often referred to as and/or compared to psychics, Lydia can use divination to gain information about the deaths her Banshee instincts are sensing. The various means of divination that Lydia has tried to seek out more information are sometimes used in conjunction with her other Banshee abilities.
    • Sound Divination: Lydia, using her power of clairaudience, can divine for information by using sound vibrations to trigger her ability to perceive supernatural energies. She frequently uses this ability, such as when she plucked on strings to determine that Stiles was dreaming about Eichen House, ("Riddled") when she dropped a handful of bullet casings onto a metal table to hear Derek Hale's screams to learn he was captured by the Calavera Family, ("The Dark Moon") and when she used the blank record in the record player at the Martin Lake House's soundproof study to divine the first codeword to the Deadpool. ("The Benefactor (Episode)")
    • Psychometry: Lydia can discern information about a person's death by making physical contact with an object belonging to the person in question. She attempted this for the first time by holding onto Alan Deaton's keys to the animal clinic in hopes of finding the location where Jennifer Blake was holding him hostage ("Currents"), and has since used it to help determine who had captured Derek Hale by touching the Calavera Family's bullet casings ("The Dark Moon"), trigger a premonition of Liam's future fight with Scott by touching a table in the library ("Status Asthmaticus"), and experience an astral premonition of Lenore's memory of April 8, 1987 just by touching a mirror in the girl's locker room at school. ("Ghosted") She was also able to determine that the Turners were not dead because she was unable to get a premonition from touching their car's steering wheel. ("Memory Lost")
    • Automatic Writing: Lydia can gain information by going into a trance-like state and writing or typing. She first used this power when she unconsciously drew the Nemeton while zoned out in class as a hint to her conscious self that the Darach's ritual involved the Nemeton's power. ("Unleashed"), ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much"), ("Alpha Pact") She also used it to tell her conscious self that two of the three Philosopher sacrifices had been completed by drawing a five-fold knot in chalk on the blackboard and writing "2" inside one of the knots. ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much") During the Deadpool, Lydia unconsciously wrote the Deadpool computer code in her math notes, which, when one of the cipher keys ("ALLISON") was learned by Lydia through Sound Divination, unlocked the first portion of the list ("The Benefactor (Episode)"); she would later use automatic writing to discover the third and final cipher key by going into a mild trance and typing "DEREK" into the password box. ("Orphaned") She consciously used automatic writing to determine who was missing from her memories (as well as Scott McCall and Malia Tate's memories) when she wrote "STILES" in large letters, with each letter being made out of dozens of copies of the word "MISCHIEF" written in tiny writing. ("Superposition")
  • Harbinger Connection: As a Banshee, Lydia has a somewhat psychic connection to other Banshees, which she can use to telepathically communicate with them, even if they are miles away from her. However, this is an ability that must be consciously activated, and as a result, Lydia is still learning the full scope of how to use this power. She has been able to use this connection to communicate with fellow Banshee Meredith Walker, allowing her to pass messages along to her pack when Lydia was held captive by the Nogitsune ("Insatiable"), and giving Meredith the opportunity to help Lydia learn to use her Banshee wail as a weapon while they were both catatonic. ("The Sword and the Spirit") Additionally, she seems to have a similar connection with Hellhounds (specifically Jordan Parrish), since the Hellhound is also a harbinger of death; this allows her to warn Jordan when there are bodies for him to take to the Nemeton, though neither of them seems to be fully aware of this connection and how it works. ("Creatures of the Night"), ("The Last Chimera")
  • Sonic Scream: As a Banshee, Lydia has a powerful voice that can be used to produce various effects based on what is needed at the time. This wail can be used consciously or unconsciously.
    • Death Announcement: Lydia's wail is most often used as a warning of someone's impending death, or as a signal that someone has just died; it is most often used by Lydia after she has found a dead body while in a fugue state. This type of wail was used when she was unconsciously drawn to Derek's loft when it was believed that he was going to die. ("A Promise to the Dead")
    • Premonition Enhancement: Lydia's scream can also be used to clear ambient noises from her auditory channels so that she can focus her attention on the specific sounds that she needs to hear as part of an auditory premonition. For example, Lydia once used this power when she was unable to truly interpret the sound of electricity that she was picking up with her clairaudience power; after she screamed, she was able to clear out all of the other unnecessary sounds so that she could realize that it was actually electricity she was hearing and not buzzing flies. ("Galvanize")
    • Concussive Force: Lydia's wail can be used in an active or offensive manner as well; when a Banshee wail is given focus and direction, it can shatter bulletproof glass, overload electronics, burst eardrums, and create concussive blasts that can throw a full-grown man across a room. Lydia used this ability during her first attempt to break out of Eichen House, when she used her screams to augment her already-formidable close-quarters combat skills. She can also channel her scream through her hands, using them to guide the force of her voice toward her target, which gives her greater control over where the power is focused. While her abilities were amplified by trephination, Lydia's scream was powerful enough to shatter Gabriel Valack's skull and instantly kill him, though it is unknown if she retains her scream at this powerful of a level now that the effects of the trephination have been reversed. ("Amplification")
  • Supernatural Immunity: As a Banshee, Lydia is immune to the effects of many supernatural phenomena. A Bite from an Alpha Werewolf will neither kill her nor turn her, provided the wound isn't fatal, which was proven when Peter bit her in Season 1 and it did nothing but activate her latent Banshee abilities. Likewise, Kanima venom will not paralyze her or affect her whatsoever, as evidenced when she unknowingly ate a piece of rock candy covered in Jackson's venom and suffered no negative side effects ("Venomous") ; this was proven a second time when Tracy Stewart cut Lydia with her venom-coated Kanima tail before Kira cut it off with her katana. ("Dreamcatchers") Additionally, Lydia can wield rowan wood and mountain ash like any normal human and is unaffected by barriers made of it, a substance that would weaken and/or trap any other supernatural creature in its vicinity. Lydia also proved to be immune to the effects of Lenore's Banshee aura, which imbued the entire town with energy that caused horrific hallucinations in anyone who entered its borders.
  • Supernatural Sensitivity: Lydia has been described as someone who can sense and seek out the supernatural by Marin Morrell, and has demonstrated a highly-enhanced intuition regarding the supernatural ever since her Banshee powers were activated in early 2011. Though she seems unable to identify any supernatural creature in her presence like her friend and fellow Banshee, Meredith Walker (whose power was so great that she was able to identify every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills and put them on the Deadpool hit-list), she is still very sensitive to supernatural energy, particularly in areas that have been powerfully affected by death; when at the Glen Capri Motel (where hundreds of people have committed suicide) and Camp Oak Creek (the site of the deadly riot caused by the Nogitsune that was stopped by Noshiko Yukimura and Satomi Ito in 1943, Lydia was overwhelmed by the voices of the dying screaming in her head as a result of the death that permeated the space. Likewise, when Lydia traveled to Canaan, she was able to sense that the town was imbued with a powerful and dangerous supernatural energy while remaining unaffected by it; the energy caused Malia Tate and Scott McCall to experience vivid, horrific hallucination while Lydia had no such reaction. ("Ghosted")


  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Lydia has an IQ of 170, which is well above genius level. Between how quickly she can learn new skills and her craving for knowledge, Lydia possesses a dearth of knowledge on a wide range of topics including mathematics, chemistry, physics, medicine, psychology, history, mythology, and foreign languages, which has helped the pack on numerous occasions. For this reason, she is often teamed up with Stiles to investigate various supernatural crimes, pairing her immense academic knowledge with Stiles' advanced understanding of law enforcement and detective work.
  • Multilingualism: Lydia has shown she is fluent in Latin (both Archaic and Classical), Spanish, and French in at least a conversational capacity.
  • Expert Martial Artist: Lydia was trained by Jordan Parrish, a former Army EOD technician, to fight in close-quarters combat, his movements are based on martial arts like Krav Maga, Karate, Jujutsu and Kickboxing. and even Meredith insisted that Lydia learned much more than normal people would in much less time. In flash-forwards in Season 5, Lydia was shown using this ability to fight her way out of Eichen House, and would have succeeded had she not been overpowered by a half-dozen guards with cattle-prod tasers.
  • Skilled Artist: Lydia is known for being very artistically talented, evidenced by her drawings of the Nemeton (which also utilized her automatic writing ability) and a detailed sketch of Aiden Steiner. It is also implied that Lydia did the drawings of the various supernatural creatures in the new hard-copy version of the Argent Family Bestiary.


  • Mortality: Despite being a Banshee, Lydia is still technically human and has no supernatural healing ability; for that reason, she is vulnerable to any physical illness or injury as any other mundane person would be, including fatal ones.
  • Loud Noises: As a Banshee with a very heightened sense of hearing, Lydia is vulnerable to very loud noises. For example, Meredith's banshee wail once caused Lydia to start bleeding from her ears because the pitch was literally ear-piercing to her.
  • Psychological Turmoil: Being a Banshee is often a very traumatizing experience, as she is literally surrounded by death, whether it's because she's predicting it, witnessing it, or finding a body after they've been killed. This can have understandably negative effects on Lydia's psyche.
  • Effects of Trephination: (formerly) According to Alan Deaton, when trephination is performed on Banshees, they are completely overwhelmed by the screams and sensations of every single person in the world who is currently dying. Their highly amplified powers will eventually become so difficult for the Banshee to control that they will foresee their own death before wailing loudly and dying. Because Lydia had a hole drilled in her head in this manner, she was affected by the same consequences, though this was eventually reversed by Deaton by plugging up the trephination hole with a paste made of mistletoe, a known curative herb in the Druid arts.


  • Lydia: Lydia is a feminine-given name with origins in English, German, Finnish, Biblical Latin and Greek, and Old Slavic. In Greek, Lydia means "from Lydia" due to its status as a region on the west coast of Asia Minor (which is now modern-day Turkey). In the New Testament, Lydia was the name of a woman, Lydia of Thyatira, who was converted to Christianity by Saint Paul. In the modern era, the name has been in use since the Protestant Reformation, and it is a variant of the German, Dutch, and Scandinavian name Adelheid, from which the name Allison and its variants are also derived, making it an appropriate name choice for Lydia Martin, given the close sisterly bond between Lydia and Allison Argent.
    • Variants of the name Lydia in other languages include Lidiya (Bulgarian, Russian); Lídia (Catalan, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish); Lidija (Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene); Lýdie (Czech, French); Lilla (Hungarian); Lidka (Polish); Lidochka (Russian); Lýdia (Slovak).
  • Martin: Martin is an English, French, German, and Czech surname derived from the Roman name Martinus, which was derived from Martis, the genitive case of Mars, the Roman god of war. It could also be a shortened form of the name St. Martin, the name of a once-great family in Lothian, Scotland. Variants of the name in other languages include: Martinus (Ancient Roman, Dutch); Mattin, Matxin (Basque); Martí (Catalan); Marten, Martijn, Tijn (Dutch); Máirtín (Irish); Martino, Tino (Italian); Martynes (Lithuanian); Marcin (Polish); Martim, Martinho (Portuguese); Martín (Spanish); Martyn (Ukrainian, Welsh).


  • Lydia is the character with the second-most appearances in Teen Wolf after Scott McCall because Dylan O'Brien, Stiles Stilinski's actor, was absent for seven episodes in Season 6A.
    • Lydia is also the only main female character to remain as such for the entirety of the series, and one of two characters to remain in the main cast for the entire series after Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall.
  • Lydia was listed on the Deadpool hit-list for $20 million, making her the second-highest valued target on the list after Scott McCall, who was valued at $25 million.
  • Lydia has a small chihuahua named Prada.
  • Lydia is left-handed and has an IQ of 170.
  • Lydia has technically kissed the most characters of any other character on the show: Jackson, Scott, Aiden, Stiles, and Jordan. However, she has only kissed Scott on one single occasion and has only kissed Jordan in hallucinations/visions.
  • According to Jeff Davis in interviews, Lydia will be one of the most important players in Season 5, likely due to her amplified powers and her ability to foresee all of the impending deaths.
  • Alan Deaton described Lydia as an "exceptionally powerful" Banshee in Amplification, suggesting that she may be the strongest of the three Banshees introduced in the series thus far.
  • Due to being a Banshee, Lydia isn't a target of the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt. Why this is the case remains unknown, though Lydia has speculated that it could be due to the Wild Hunt's connection to the Morrígan, the Irish battle goddess who herself is associated with Banshees.
  • Lydia is notable for frequently wearing floral-patterned dresses, shirts, and skirts.
  • Lydia is portrayed as the most sexually active of the main cast, as implied and displayed throughout the series through her relationship with Jackson Whittemore and her encounters with Aiden. There was also an implication in Tattoo that she had been hooking up (and sleeping) with an unknown number of teenage boys during the summer break after her break-up with Jackson and seemed eager to have flings with some of the new freshmen until she met Aiden.



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