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We're here to save Lydia... We're here to save our friend.
Malia to Kira about Lydia in Amplification

The friendship between Banshee Lydia Martin and Werecoyote Malia Tate.

The two first met at the end of Season 3B, when Malia, who had just been released from Eichen House, enrolled at Beacon Hills High School where Lydia attended school. Malia immediately joined the McCall Pack, and though the two took some time to warm up to each other as a result of Malia learning to be in her human form again and shed some of her animal instincts, the two eventually became very close when they worked together to both decode the Deadpool hit-list and shut down the computers that ran it.

The two grew even closer during the six months between the end of Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5A, with Malia and Lydia spending a lot of time together, often joined by Kira Yukimura as well. Lydia helped Malia learn how to drive, and when Lydia was locked up in Eichen House by her mother, Natalie Martin, Malia was determined to help the rest of the pack break her out to save her life. Now that Kira has returned to New Mexico to train with the Skinwalkers, Malia and Lydia have been seen spending even more time together to deal with the loss of their packmate.

They continued to grow closer throughout Season 6, particularly in a trio with their Alpha, Scott McCall; this was at first due to their close friend Stiles Stilinski being captured and erased from reality by the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt, and then again in order to fight against the Anuk-ite while Stiles was working with the FBI. To this day, Lydia and Malia remain best friends.

Lydia and Malia's relationship is referred to as "Malydia" by fans.

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In More Bad Than Good, Lydia, along with Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, and Isaac Lahey, worked together to save Malia, still trapped in her coyote form, from being killed by her adopted father Henry Tate, who believed her to be the coyote that killed his wife and children. With Lydia's help, Scott was able to Alpha roar Malia into shifting back into human form, and after a brief reunion with her father, Malia was sent to Eichen House to learn to adapt to human life again.

In The Divine Move, Malia was shown enrolling at Beacon Hills High School. When Coach Finstock showed Malia around, she saw Lydia and Kira standing in the hallway. Lydia smiled at Malia, and Malia smiled back, starting the beginning of their friendship.

In The Dark Moon, Lydia and Malia, along with Scott, Kira, and Stiles, traveled to Mexico to infiltrate the Calavera Family's compound, where they believed Derek Hale was being held captive. When the five of them were captured as well, they realized that Lydia had been taken upstairs by Araya Calavera and began to brainstorm what to do. Malia suggested taking out whoever opened the door next and making a run for it, but when the others insisted that they couldn't leave Lydia behind, Malia seemed confused, since as a coyote, she would leave anyone who was weak and injured behind in order to ensure her survival. However, when Kira and Scott were taken upstairs by Severo Calavera to join Lydia, Stiles helped Malia focus her hearing so she could figure out what was happening to Lydia and the others.

While the McCall Pack was following Braeden to La Iglesia where Derek was being held hostage by Kate Argent, Lydia seemed slightly annoyed by Malia's insistence on knowing who Kate was and why she would want Derek. After Scott explained that Kate had caused the Hale House Fire that killed most of the Hales and caused Peter Hale to be seriously burned, Lydia quietly informed her that Kate was Allison Argent's aunt and described her as a "complete psychopath."

Lydia and Malia were left behind with Kira and Stiles when the Jeep broke down and Scott left for La Iglesia with Braeden. After Malia got into a scuffle with a Berserker, the four were on their way to catch up with Scott and Braeden at La Iglesia when Stiles anxiously informed Malia that he thought she was going to leave them behind. Malia promised that she would never leave Stiles behind before somewhat tactlessly adding that she would leave Lydia and Kira behind, causing Lydia to just as rudely point out that Malia's wound looked pretty bad, indicating that the girls still had some work to do on their friendship.

In Muted, Lydia overheard Malia talking to Stiles about how much she disliked math and tried to explain why it was an important subject to learn, only to become annoyed by Stiles' insistence that it's only useful for "knowing how to much to tip at restaurants." When she and Malia were sent to the blackboard to do math problems in front of the class, Lydia reminded Malia that she had lent her her own math notes, but Malia, embarrassed, explained that she couldn't understand them. Somewhat frustrated, Lydia helped Malia finish her math problem and quietly pointed out that her claws had popped out as a result of her anxiety regarding the class. That night, when Stiles and Malia were studying together, they looked at Lydia's math notes and realized that the reason why Malia couldn't understand them was because Lydia had unintentionally gone into a Banshee fugue state while she was writing them and had unconsciously written a computer code in them.

In The Benefactor, it was revealed that the McCall Pack had been using Lydia's family's lake house to restrain Malia during the full moon when Natalie Martin made a comment about the claw marks in the basement and how she thought a "pack of wild animals" had gotten inside. When the pack discussed what they were going to do about Liam Dunbar, who had accidentally been bitten and turned by Scott in the previous episode and who was about to have his first transformation as a Werewolf that night during the full moon, Malia protested the suggestion that she would be sharing "her basement" with him. This caused Lydia to remind her that it was actually her basement and point out that Natalie had noticed the damage Malia had caused.

In I.E.D., it was shown in flashbacks that both Malia and Kira had stayed with Lydia at the lake house all weekend while she listened to the blank record in the Banshee study in hopes of divining the keywords for the last two sections of the Deadpool hit-list. When Lydia stayed up all night listening with no results, Malia and Kira pulled Lydia away and forced her to get some rest.

After the weekend was over, Malia and Lydia worked together to try to use other methods to trigger a Banshee premonition so they could unlock the rest of the Deadpool, which started with Malia watching Lydia try to free-write in the art room. It was there that Malia got the idea to get help from another Banshee, Meredith Walker, who Malia had befriended while they were at Eichen House together. Later, when they learned that they would be unable to sign Meredith out themselves, Malia suggested going to the music room to try to get a Banshee premonition, causing Lydia to lose her temper. She reminded Malia that she wasn't like the rest of them because she didn't have claws and fangs and super senses-- she only had voices in her head.

When Lydia stormed away, Malia, feeling guilty for pressuring her, tracked Lydia down again, and eventually went to the Sheriff's station with her when they learned that Meredith had heard their call for help and had broken out of Eichen House herself to talk to them. Malia helped Lydia question Meredith and tried to be more gentle with Meredith when Lydia's frustration got the better of her and caused Meredith to shut down. Afterward, Malia realized that the 4-digit code that Meredith had given them corresponded with the numbers and letters on a telephone, leading Lydia to realize that the second keyword was "Aiden." Upon putting the name in the Deadpool code, they unlocked the second list, which included Noshiko Yukimura, Satomi Ito, Kate Argent, and Jordan Parrish.

In Monstrous, Lydia was at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station with Sheriff Stilinski and Jordan Parrish to try to get answers about the Deadpool from Meredith Walker and Peter Hale when Malia, who was with Stiles at the lake house, called her to try to figure out how to shut down the computers they found in the walls that were running the payments. While they were video-chatting, Lydia noticed, with help from Stiles and Malia, that the wine stain from Lydia and Mason's mishap in The Benefactor had disappeared, leading her to realize that the key to stopping the Deadpool code in the computers must be hidden in the bottle of wine that was spilled, which she believed was not wine at all. On Lydia's instructions, Malia located the bottle of wine and smashed it on the floor so that Stiles could get the key inside and use it to shut down the computers, successfully ending the Deadpool once and for all.

In A Promise to the Dead, Malia, Lydia, and Kira were in Economics class when Coach Finstock passed back tests to the students. Malia showed Lydia the 78% she had recently gotten on a math test, and though Lydia, a straight-A student, wasn't that impressed with the grade, Malia was thrilled to have passed and thanked Lydia for her help with her studies, joking that her math notes helped her a lot when they weren't written in code. Kira and Malia both looked at Lydia with concern when she seemed to get an ominous Banshee premonition and assured her that things were okay, but Lydia didn't seem sure.

In Creatures of the Night, Lydia was among the pack members who congratulated Malia on passing summer school before they all went to Senior Scribe to write their initials on the shelf in the library.

In Dreamcatchers, Lydia, along with Kira, gave Malia a driving lesson in Malia's new car, though Lydia slowly began losing patience when Malia proved to be a less than impressive driver. However, Kira and Malia quickly became concerned when Lydia began to get a Banshee death sense that led them downtown; when they arrived, they found a prison transport van stopped in the middle of the road. In front of the van was the driver, who had just been mauled and was crawling toward them, and when they saw him, Lydia told Malia to call 911. Afterward, Lydia, Malia, and Kira stayed behind to talk to Sheriff Stilinski, which was where they learned that it was Tracy Stewart who attacked the van.

The next day, Malia and Lydia joined Scott, Stiles, Kira, Liam, and Mason to talk about what they needed to do about Tracy, who they believed to be a newly-turned Werewolf who didn't know what was going on. When Malia suggested that they put her down, both Stiles and Lydia looked as though they were considering it, while everyone else just looked bewildered. After Malia recovered from being paralyzed by Tracy's Kanima venom at the animal clinic, she rushed to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station to find Kira and Lydia.

When she got there, she saw Kira kneeling on the floor of Sheriff Stilinski's office with Lydia in her lap, bleeding out from a wound on her side that Tracy caused with her tail. When Malia rushed to help, Lydia stopped her and insisted that she go find Tracy and convince her that she wasn't dreaming and that everything was real, which Malia reluctantly did.

In Condition Terminal, Malia went to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital with the rest of the pack to ensure that Lydia would be okay following Tracy's attack, and once Melissa assured them that she would survive her injuries, Malia informed them about the masked men she saw kill Tracy.

In Required Reading, Malia was tasked to be the chaperone while Lydia, Scott, Stiles, Kira, and Theo Raeken read The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack in an attempt to trigger any memories that the Dread Doctors may have repressed if they experimented on them; since Malia had already read the book the day before and was nearly run over by a car during her flashback-hallucination, they kept her close by in case they had similar reactions to the triggered memories.

In Strange Frequencies, Malia and Lydia worked with Scott, Liam, and Parrish to protect Hayden Romero, a recently-turned Werewolf-Werejaguar Chimera, from the Dread Doctors. Malia and Lydia, along with Scott and Parrish, also experienced terrifying hallucinations caused by the Doctors so they could capture Hayden and Liam without their interference.

In The Sword and the Spirit, Lydia, who was still catatonic in Eichen House after Theo Raeken's attack in Status Asthmaticus, was using her shared Banshee connection with Meredith Walker so Meredith could teach her how to use her voice as a weapon in hopes that she could use it to wake up and break out of Eichen. During their practice session, after Meredith had telepathically trapped Lydia in a cell with the intention of forcing her to scream her way out, Lydia began to experience a Banshee premonition in which Malia was being threatened by her mother, the Desert Wolf.

However, while the real battle was going down at Fort Jewett Army Base, Lydia's premonition showed Malia being attacked by the Desert Wolf in her old coyote den in the Beacon Hills Preserve. Despite these differences, Lydia was still able to hear Theo shooting Malia to weaken her, and the Desert Wolf taunting Malia about the fact that "Malia" technically wasn't her name, since Talia Hale had taken her away before she could be named.

When Lydia began to panic, Meredith urged her not to get lost in the premonition and insisted that she could still save Malia and the rest of her friends, but that she had to get out of Eichen first. Lydia then continued to watch the premonition as the Desert Wolf grabbed Malia by the throat, punched her in the face, and then threw her back against one of the armored military vehicles, where she fell onto the ground. Lydia seemed horrified when she saw the Desert Wolf reveal that Malia had supposedly stolen part of her Werecoyote powers in childbirth before she stomped her boot-clad foot into Malia's stomach where she had been shot, grinding the heel in and asking her if it hurt. The Desert Wolf pointed out that Malia had strength, speed, and the capacity to heal before insisting that she was going to take it back by killing her. Fortunately, Alan Deaton interrupted her and frantically reminded her that if she didn't kill Malia on the full moon, she wouldn't get her powers, hoping that it would at least buy Malia and the others some time to figure out a better plan.

Lydia continued to panic about Malia being close to dying, causing Meredith to remind her that she could help her, but only if she learned to break the glass of her cell with her scream. In the real world, a sadistic orderly, Schrader, attempted to give Lydia injections of antipsychotic medications, taking pleasure in doing so and pretending as though he missed her blood vessels so he could continue his form of torture. Just before he was about to inject Lydia in the carotid artery, Lydia managed to channel her scream through her hands in her mind space, which caused her to awaken in the real world and scream as well, causing not only the lights in Eichen House to explode, but also all the lights in Fort Jewett and possibly everywhere else in Beacon Hills as well. She then took advantage of Schrader's distraction to start her escape, fighting orderlies and guards on her way out while Malia, taking advantage of the distraction Lydia had caused at the Army base, began fighting the Desert Wolf again.

However, though Lydia's efforts did allow Malia to get the upper-hand until the Beast of Gevaudan showed up and scared the Desert Wolf away, Lydia ended up being re-captured by the armed guards of Eichen House and put in Gabriel Valack's custody, where he performed trephination on her in hopes that by amplifying her abilities, she would be able to use her Banshee senses to help him learn the identity of the Beast's vessel.

In Amplification, Malia, along with the rest of the McCall Pack and their allies, such as Jordan Parrish, Mason Hewitt, and Hayden Romero, made plans to break Lydia out of Eichen House before the trephination Gabriel Valack performed on her caused her to not only die due to being consumed by her amplified power, but also kill everyone around her with her dying scream.

To do this, Malia helped Kira Yukimura practice her electrokinetic abilities in the science laboratory at school so that she would be ready to siphon enough of the electricity in Eichen House's electrical system that it would cause a brown-out and allow them to use the keycard Stiles Stilinski stole to get inside the closed unit where Lydia was being held. When Kira's efforts to siphon electricity from a small machine in the lab initially failed, she became extremely discouraged and was convinced that she couldn't do what needed to be done; this caused Malia to remind her that she had to figure out how to do it, because, without Kira's help, they would never be able to get their best friend Lydia out of Eichen.

That night, despite Kira failing all of her practice tries earlier in the day, Kira and Malia sneaked into Eichen House's electrical room so that Kira could cause the brownout. When Kira touched the wires and found that nothing was happening, she once again lamented the fact that she had no idea what she was doing and didn't have control over her powers, which had been heightened by the Dread Doctors' experimentation. Finally, when it became clear that time was running out, Malia reminded Kira that this wasn't about either of them-- it was about Lydia, and they were there to save their friend, who desperately needed their help.

This reminder gave Kira the motivation and confidence she needed to successfully create the brownout, allowing Stiles into the closed unit. However, the rest of the escape did not go as planned, and the interference of the Chimera Pack members Theo Raeken, Tracy Stewart, Josh Diaz and Corey Bryant led to Eichen going into lockdown, trapping everyone inside the facility.

In Lie Ability, Malia (along with Kira, Scott, Stiles, Liam, and Jordan Parrish) was present as the gang brought Lydia, whose trephination wounds were causing her condition to deteriorate rapidly, to the Jeep so that they could get her to Alan Deaton.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, Lydia and Malia were separated due to having separate tasks in their attempt to locate and save Mason Hewitt from being consumed by the Beast of Gevaudan; Lydia was with Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski at the Sheriff's station while Malia was with Braeden at the McCall House in case Mason showed up there.

Later that day, Malia called Lydia, who was at the Sheriff's station, to check in and see if there were any updates, but neither of them had heard any news about the search. When Malia complained about feeling like she was being in a prison due to the Mountain Ash barrier around the house, Lydia reminded that it was just there to keep her safe from the Desert Wolf, as the upcoming full moon meant that Malia's mother would soon attempt to steal her powers back. Malia retorted that she should be at the station with Lydia and Stiles to keep Stiles safe from the Desert Wolf as well, since her mother wanted to kill him, but Lydia assured her that he would be fine, even after Stiles clumsily ran into a door.

In Apotheosis, Lydia Martin drove into the parking lot at the high school, where Malia was sitting on the hood of her own car and studying while she waited for her to arrive. When Lydia joined her, the two young women looked around at their fellow students milling about outside the school before looking at each other and smiling warmly. Afterward, Lydia linked her arm through Malia's so they could walk into the school together, their friendship seemingly strong as ever.

In Memory Lost, Lydia was waiting in her car in the Impound Lot when suddenly, she heard a coyote howl and immediately got out of her car. When Malia trotted toward Lydia, in full coyote form, Scott and Stiles arrived and watched awkwardly as Lydia, unfazed, tossed a bundle of clothes to the now-human Malia so she would not have to stay naked. Scott and Stiles then explained what they knew about the Turner family's disappearance as they examined their car, where two of the three members were taken.

Lydia stated that she didn't believe Alex’s parents were killed because she would be able to sense it if they had. Malia disagreed with her and pointed out that if they were alive, she'd be able to smell it; she believed the bodies were torn apart, though she acknowledged that if they had, there should be more blood. After some debate between the four of them, Stiles insisted that it was a supernatural case that they should solve while Lydia implied that Stiles wanted it to be supernatural as a way of avoiding his feelings about eventually leaving Beacon Hills for college. After the argument, Lydia and Malia left together to return to their respective homes.

Later the episode, Lydia, trying to figure out what has been going on, called Malia to summon her to the school; when she arrived, Lydia quickly explained that something bad was about to happen. When Malia asked for clarification, Lydia stated that something bad was about to happen based on a premonition she had when she was with Stiles. This led her to realize that they were dealing with the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt, phantoms who ride the storm and capture people to expand their numbers.

Lydia then began to panic when she realized that, since Stiles saw the Rider, he was going to be taken next, just like the Turners. To make matters worse, Malia had already forgotten who Stiles even was, revealing to Lydia that the Ghost Riders began erasing him from existence, including their memories. Concerned by the fact that neither Malia, nor Scott, nor even Stilinski remembered Stiles, Lydia left Malia in order to seek him out on her own.

The next morning, Malia saw Lydia entering the school, and when she stopped in the hallway as though something had slipped from her memories, Malia frowned in concern and asked her if she was okay. Lydia, baffled, stated that she couldn't remember.

In Superposition, Lydia sat behind Malia in Ms. Fleming's math class, with Lydia being briefly distracted by the empty desk next to her that would ordinarily be filled by Stiles Stilinski, who had been erased from his friends' memories by the Ghost Riders. As their teacher handed back graded tests, Malia was upset to see she scored a D-minus and angrily gripped the top of her desk, briefly losing control over her transformation as her claws extended.

Lydia, seeing Malia's control slip, immediately caught Ms. Fleming's attention to distract her so as to not let Malia be exposed as a Werecoyote; however, Ms. Fleming assumed Lydia was asking about extra credit and reminded her that she would not give it in exchange for alternate equations based on Lydia's theoretical findings. Fortunately, Malia was able to retract her claws before their teacher could see them, much to her and Lydia's relief.

Several nights later, Lydia was summoned to the basement of the high school by Malia, who had randomly seen the bag of restraints in her room and had noticed a lapse in her memories of about her full moons before she began running with the McCall Pack. Malia confessed that she was having difficulty with her Werecoyote side-- growling at people, clawing her desk, and turning the floor of her bedroom into a coyote den being some of the symptoms. Malia went on to remind Lydia that she used to come to this basement to turn during the full moons, but when she got there to jog her memory, she realized that there was no way she could have locked herself up without assistance due to the placement of the chains; she had no memories of any person filling this role, and she knew for a fact that neither Scott nor Lydia had ever done this for her, either.

Meanwhile, Scott, who had found similar lapses in his memories, called Lydia and Malia and requested that they join him out in the woods. When they arrived, he explained that he had awoken in the woods after having sleep-walked there, right around the location where he was bitten and turned into a Werewolf. Lydia pointed out that she didn't know Scott at that time, and Malia chimed in that she was still a coyote in the woods at that time.

Scott went on to describe the fact that while he remembered being bitten, he could not remember why he was out in the woods that night, how he managed to get five miles away from his house as a severe asthmatic without a car, and why he remembered Sheriff Stilinski calling his name despite the man having no reason to know he was out there. He then concluded that he wasn't out there alone, which, paired with Malia's missing memories of her first full moons prior to joining the pack and Lydia's lingering feeling that she was forgetting someone she loved led the three to realize that they were all seemingly missing memories of the same person.

In Sundowning, Lydia and Scott were in the library, trying to figure out what "Stiles," the automatic writing Lydia had done with her powers the night before, meant. When their efforts failed, Scott suggested that maybe Malia had found something, which led Lydia to inform him that Malia was making up a test with her mother, Natalie Martin.

Suddenly, Scott and Lydia hear a howl and realize that Malia has turned, and they follow the sound to the basement, where Malia used to spend her full moons before she joined the McCall Pack. Natalie, too, followed after her, calling Stilinski for back-up as well, explaining that Malia had a panic attack while taking her test. When Stilinski suggested that Scott use his Alpha roar to get her to turn back to human, Lydia disagreed with him, pointing out that, to Malia, they were invading her territory, which was causing her to act defensively.

At Lydia's suggestion, the group moved backward away from Malia, and after Scott assured her that she was safe, Malia turned back, allowing Natalie to give her back her clothes. While Malia got dressed, the others discussed what was causing Malia's recent regression as far as controlling her transformation; they agreed that the pressure of graduating high school was definitely a factor, but when Scott and Lydia wondered if it had to do with the "Stiles" they had discovered through Lydia's divination, Stilinski frowned and informed them that "Stiles" was a family nickname that was used by his father, Elias Stilinski.

Despite being forbidden from doing so by Stilinski and his wife Claudia (who, unbeknownst to Stilinski, was actually a phantom conjured from the pain of losing Claudia and Stiles by the Ghost Riders), Scott, Malia and Lydia went to Goodwater Assisted Living Home to try to get answers from Stilinski's father, Elias. Malia ruthlessly slammed the receptionist's head into the desk to knock him out and locked him in a closet so the trio could talk with Elias without interruption.

They found the elderly man in the day room, where he was listening to jazz music on an old record player. He was initially confused by their arrival and asked if it was time for his medicine, but his confusion quickly turned to anxiety when Lydia asked him if he recognized her and he stated in the negatory. Though Elias did confirm that he went by the nickname "Stiles" in the Army, which he stated to be the best years of his life, Malia, losing patience, asked him if he recognized any of them. Elias surprised them all by mistaking Scott for a younger version of his son, Stilinski, which led Lydia to realize that Elias had dementia (a theory that was proven when Elias stated that the year was 1976 and that his son's birthday was next week).

The three tried to reorient the elderly man, but being corrected only made him more anxious and agitated. Malia, fearing that his increasingly loud behavior would get them caught, urged Scott to use the Werewolf Memory Manipulation ritual, but Scott refused, certain that he could kill the man in the process. Malia was just about to do it herself, but was stopped by Scott while a horrified Lydia watched. Elias became even more agitated and threatened to call the police, and Lydia realized that the man was "sundowning," a phenomenon common in dementia patients that causes them to lose their faculties after sunset. When Malia asked what they needed to do, Lydia remembered that Elias was an engineer in the Army and explained that studies had shown that mathematics could help dementia patients retain their concentration.

It quickly became obvious that Elias' faculties were returning when Lydia called him by his first name and he sharply corrected her by saying, "That's Mr. Stilinski. Just who the hell do you think you are?" When Lydia expressed her surprise that he knew Scott wasn't his son, Elias snidely remarked that "the brains were getting smaller with the skirts," causing Malia to growl in defense of her best friend and forcing Scott to once again step in to calm her down. Elias then identified Scott as the son of Rafael McCall, whom he stated couldn't control his drinking and had a bad habit of cheating on cheating on his wife, which shocked Scott.

He then recognized Lydia as being Natalie Martin's daughter and cruelly added, "You look like her. She was pretty once, too." Once again, Malia jumped to Lydia's defense and ordered him to stop talking, but Elias only continued on by retorting, "She also liked to talk like she was the smartest person in the room." Malia, having lost all of her patience, flicked out her claws and reared her hand back to attack when suddenly, a furious Stilinski appeared and yelled at the four of them to stop immediately. Stilinski was not having any of their apologies for going against his orders, and when Elias innocently stated that they were just having a "nice conversation," Stilinski forced the three teens to leave, causing Elias to scream, "That's right! Act like I'm not even here! Go crawling back to your dead wife and loser son!" However, when Stilinski questioned him on what he had said, Elias reverted back to his sundowner demeanor and asked if it was time for his medicine.

Later, at the Sheriff's station, Natalie admonished the trio for their behavior, and when she zeroed in on Malia by pointing out that beating up the receptionist was felony assault and could ruin the rest of her life (to which Malia retorted that she didn't beat him up, but could have if she wanted to), Lydia defended Malia by arguing that this was an improvement in Malia's ongoing effort to be more human and less animal. Stilinski then came in to inform them that the receptionist miraculously agreed to drop the assault charges against Malia, and the three returned to their respective homes, with Natalie assuring Lydia that she was grounded for eternity.

In Relics, Lydia and Malia met up with Scott at the high school, where they were discussing the school ID belonging to [[Season 6 Minor Characters|Jake Sullivan) that Liam and Corey found in the library (in Superposition), whom they forgot existed until they saw the ID due to the Ghost Riders' Memory Manipulation powers. Lydia explained that the ID, along with the woven bracelet Gwen found that belonged to her also-captured sister Phoebe, were relics-- an object with a fixed association with the past.

When Malia wondered aloud how someone could be erased from reality while still leaving objects behind, Lydia went on to explain the physics concept of "conservation of mass," stating that the total mass of an isolated system remains constant. Malia was still confused by this discussion, but Scott understood that she was saying that the Ghost Riders have a weakness-- they couldn't erase all traces of someone's existence, which ultimately proved that those captured by the Ghost Riders truly did exist. Malia seemed intrigued by the idea that they could find a relic that would prove Stiles' existence, and Scott added that they would then be able to use it to bring him back, though neither of the three seemed to truly know who it was they were missing just yet.

After Scott's conversation with Stilinski the previous night regarding a vivid dream he had in which he and his wife Claudia had a son they named after her father but nicknamed "Stiles" after Stilinski's own father, the trio explored the possibility that Stiles was their son who was erased from reality, with Lydia going to the Stilinski House to talk to Claudia and Stilinski themselves, while Scott and Malia joined Argent in trying to protect those who saw the Ghost Riders at the party the previous night.

Lydia and Malia reunited later on that evening, when the former rushed to the hospital after Malia informed her that Argent had been admitted there following severe injuries from the Ghost Riders' whips. When Lydia urgently asked Malia what happened, the Werecoyote explained that the Ghost Riders took all of the students they were protecting and that she and Argent were barely able to slow them down.

Malia, hoping that Lydia's findings might make their losses worth it, asked about her time with the Stilinskis, but Lydia, who had teamed up with her mother Natalie and her ally Melissa McCall to look up Claudia's hospital records, grimly informed her that there was no record of Claudia having a child, which ruled her out as Stiles' mother. Looking glum, Malia remarked that "Stiles" didn't even sound like a real name, and that there probably never was one to begin with, but Lydia wasn't ready to give up just yet and suggested that they keep looking, check the school records again, or even call Scott's father FBI Special Agent McCall for assistance.

However, Malia, trying to be pragmatic, argued that they were fighting the wrong battle, reminding her that the Ghost Riders had come back, and they still had no way of stopping them-- since they were a real threat, figuring out how to fight them needed to take priority. This led Lydia to theorize that the relic Stiles left behind was the three of them, not realizing that it was actually Stiles' Jeep.

In Radio Silence, while Lydia, Malia, and the rest of the pack were at school, Lydia's Banshee powers lured her out into the parking lot, where she found an old, familiar-looking Robin's egg blue Jeep about to be towed, leading her and Scott to pool their money to prevent them from taking it.

Later that day, Lydia, Malia, and Scott are all once again drawn to the Jeep, only this time, it was because their enhanced senses caused them to hear the sound of the police radio inside, which had just turned on. Malia wondered aloud if the owner had locked the keys in their car before Lydia instructed Scott to break the door so they could get inside.

Once the three had crowded into the Jeep, the radio eventually turned itself off, and Malia questioned them as to why this occurred. Lydia retorted that it didn't matter, because there had to be a reason why it lured them there in the first place. Both girls looked at Scott with confusion as he inhaled deeply through his nose and muttered, "What?" in disbelief; Lydia assumed he had caught a scent, and Scott confirmed this suspicion before revealing that it was his own scent, along with Malia and Lydia's scents as well. This made Scott and Malia even more confused, as they had never been in the Jeep before, but Lydia immediately guessed this meant they had been in the Jeep before and that they just didn't remember it due to the Ghost Riders.

Malia sighed before pointing out that she thought they had dropped the "Stiles" thing, and even Scott added that Parrish had run the VIN number and that there was no record of an owner. Lydia, unwilling to drop it, argued that the Jeep couldn't have just driven itself there, a point that even Scott was unable to deny, causing Malia to scoff and ask him whose side he was on, hers or Lydia's. Scott assured them that he's on everyone's side before Malia made it clear that she believed that Stiles wasn't real, citing the fact that she had already lost a lot of people in her life and was not interested in losing more.

This only seemed to prove Lydia's point, and she replied, "You might not have to... Not if we get him back." They then went through the glove box, where they discovered registration papers that did not have a name, but did have an address-- 129 Woodbine Lane, which Lydia immediately recognized as the Stilinski House. However, when Scott and Lydia went to speak with Stilinski and his wife Claudia about it, they had very little to tell them except that the Jeep was once Claudia's and that it was stolen eighteen years ago and had not been seen since. When Lydia pushed the issue, Claudia pointed out that she had taken the "Stiles thing" far enough and suggested that she talk to her mom about her mental health.

That night, Scott, Malia and Lydia ended up back at the high school parking lot, where a tow truck was once again trying to take the Jeep. Scott reminded the tow truck driver that they already gave him all their money for the drop fee before Lydia offered to write him a check, but the driver stated that he was told to move the Jeep and that money had nothing to do with it. Scott, unwilling to let go of the hope that maybe they were onto something about Stiles, glared aggressively at the driver, and then Malia used her heightened strength to break the hook on the truck so that he was unable to move it.

A short time later, the three were startled by the sound of a Werewolf howling loudly as though it was in pain. When Scott and Malia asked if Lydia had heard it, Lydia remarked that she was sure all of Beacon Hills heard it. Malia seemed to recognize the howl, which led Lydia to instruct her and Scott to go investigate. They ran into the woods and found Peter Hale laying severely burned on the ground after coming through the rift from the Phantom Train Station, though it took a few moments before the two were able to realize his significance to their lives.

In Peter's hands were Stiles' keys to the Jeep, which Scott immediately rushed over to the parking lot so that he and Lydia could see if they could start it, with Scott intuitively remembering not to flood the manual transmission from his suppressed memories. Suddenly, Stiles' voice was heard over the radio, as he had figured out how to make contact with them from within the Wild Hunt. This triggered memories in Scott and Lydia's minds as far as their relationships with Stiles, though they could not remember anything. The two assured Stiles that they were coming to rescue him, but Stiles told them they couldn't because they would never find him. Instead, he instructed them to find Canaan, as that would give them the answers they were seeking.

In Ghosted, Lydia and Malia met in the Beacon Hills High School library, where Lydia described the astral-premonition she had the previous evening about the town Canaan being attacked by the Ghost Riders in 1989, which just happened to be the town that Stiles Stilinski had mentioned when they talked to him on the police radio the previous night. Malia exasperatedly asked her if she ever had nice dreams, but Lydia reiterated that they needed to go to Canaan like Stiles said.

Malia retorted that it would be helpful if they knew anything about the place, as her research thus far was not successful-- no one will answer the phone at the City Hall, and the only map she could find was thirty years old. Lydia pointed out that all they needed to know was where Canaan was and the rest they could figure out when they arrived.

Lydia, Malia, and Scott drove Malia's car to Canaan, where they were shocked to find a literal ghost town. As they got out of the vehicle and started to walk down the sidewalk, Scott remarked that he couldn't hear a single heartbeat, and Malia agreed, stating that she couldn't catch any scents either. Confused, the three wondered aloud why Stiles would have sent them there while they continued to explore the town.

At some point, they all got separated, and Scott and Malia succumbed to a mysterious aura over the town that caused them both to have terrifying hallucinations; Scott imagined his mother Melissa walking around with a huge bite taken out of her head, while Malia hallucinated that her mother and sister's corpses had appeared in a nearby yard, and that Theo Raeken had shot her so that she could join them. Fortunately, Lydia, as a Banshee, was unaffected and snapped the two of them out of it before advising them that the energy here made it unsafe for them to stay.

Scott argued that they couldn't leave until they figured out why Stiles sent them, and when Lydia reminded him that there was no one they could ask, Malia pointed out that there was a young boy nearby who might be able to give them information. When the young boy got spooked and ran, the three chased after him, eventually ending up in a nearby house where they came upon a woman, Lenore, who was the mother of the young boy, Caleb.


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In Blitzkrieg,

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  • They have saved each other's lives on multiple occasions:
  • Lydia and Malia have both been the objects of Stiles Stilinski's affection. Stiles had a crush on Lydia from 3rd to 11th grade and ultimately got together just shy of graduation, whereas Malia was Stiles' first and only girlfriend (and Stiles was Malia's first boyfriend) during their junior year of high school.
    • Contrary to popular belief, this did not create a love triangle-- Lydia and Malia maintained a close friendship from Season 4 to the end of the series, with Stiles having moved on from his (then-unrequited) crush on Lydia upon entering a romantic relationship with Malia. Though Malia still loved Stiles after their breakup, she understood that it was over and was trying to move on from it (and ultimately did so when she began a relationship with Scott McCall) and was supportive of Stiles and Lydia's rekindled romance. At no point in their friendship were Lydia and Malia at odds with each other due to their conflicted feelings for Stiles.
  • Upon Malia's return to human life, Lydia became a kind of tutor for Malia, using her mastery over the academic classes at Beacon Hills High School to help her catch up following her eight years of living as a coyote in the woods. Thanks in part to Lydia's help, Malia was able to move on to senior year with the rest of her friends and ultimately graduated high school as well.
    • Lydia also helped Malia learn to drive prior to Malia getting her driver's license.
  • As of Season 6, Malia and Lydia became much closer friends, seemingly taking comfort in each other after their best friend Kira Yukimura left Beacon Hills to train with the Skinwalkers in Shiprock. Since then, they seem to have become best friends and they spend the most time together out of all the female members of the McCall Pack.
  • Shelley Hennig, the actress who portrayed Malia, likes to think that Malia looks up to Lydia like a role model.
  • Holland Roden, the actress who portrays Lydia, likes the Malydia friendship and their scenes together.
    • Shelley Hennig was a huge advocate for Malia being LGBTQ+ (specifically bisexual or pansexual) and was supportive of the popular hashtag #getMaliaagf, thinking a romantic relationship with Lydia would've worked well due to their personalities blending nicely together.
  • Their friendship is similar to Scott and Stiles' friendship.

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