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Corinne: "I'm not going to stop, Malia. I'm taking back what you stole from me."
Malia: "I didn't steal anything."
Corinne: "But you did. And I don't care if you're a willing participant or not. Talia Hale spent nine months trying to convince me of the miracle of childbirth. You know what it really felt like? A parasite. Talia said it was a gift, that the coyote passes down part of her power to her daughter. She called it "beautiful." I call it "theft."
Corinne and Malia in Apotheosis

The relationship between the Werecoyotes Malia Tate and Corinne.

Corinne (better known by the code-name "the Desert Wolf") is the biological mother of Malia Tate, whom she conceived during a tryst with then-Beta Werewolf Peter Hale. As Corinne gave birth to Malia in 1995, Malia inadvertently inherited a portion of her Werecoyote powers, a process that has been implied to be common among Werecoyote mothers and their shapeshifter daughters. However, soon after, Peter's older sister, the renowned Alpha Talia Hale, took Malia away from Corinne and put her up for adoption; while the exact reason why she did this remains unknown, it can be assumed that she was trying to prevent Corinne from trying to take back her power even then.

Corinne made an attempt to kill Malia in 2004 by shooting at her family's car, accidentally causing Malia to activate her Werecoyote nature for the first time and leading her to kill her adoptive mother and sister in the frenzy that followed, after which time Malia spent almost a decade living in her coyote form in the woods. However, the two would not officially reunite until 2012, when the Deadpool hit-list presumably made Corinne aware that Malia had not died in the car accident as she had originally believed. She then set off to kill Malia and take back her power once and for all, going so far as to capture the Emissary to Malia's pack, Alan Deaton, to draw her to her and to use as leverage. Despite Corinne's attacks against Malia in the weeks that followed, Malia ultimately defeated her by using the talons that formerly belonged to a Chimera named Belasko, using their mystical properties to take the rest of Corinne's Werecoyote powers for herself.

Early History Edit

Corinne became pregnant with Malia in early 1995 after having a sexual encounter with the Werewolf Peter Hale. ("Time of Death") Upon learning she was pregnant, Peter's older sister and Alpha of the Hale Pack, Talia, encouraged Corinne to continue with the pregnancy, acting as her doula and insisting that the fact that Werecoyote mothers pass a portion of their powers to their daughters was beautiful. ("Apotheosis") As apparently expected, Malia's birth in November of that year caused Corinne's powers to diminish significantly, though she was still stronger than a human. Before Corinne even had a chance to name her newborn daughter, Talia stole her away and put her up for adoption, likely knowing that Corinne would attempt to kill her in order to steal her power back. ("Condition Terminal")

Unbeknownst to Corinne at the time, her daughter had been adopted by the Tate Family, which included her adoptive father Henry, her adoptive mother Evelyn, and, soon after, an adoptive younger sister named Kylie. However, in 2004, when Malia was around nine years old, Corinne finally managed to track her daughter down on a back road of Beacon Hills the night of a full moon, where she was in her family's car with Evelyn and Kylie. Corinne began shooting at the car, startling them so much that Evelyn jerked the steering wheel and inadvertently drove into the Beacon Hills Preserve. ("Required Reading")

The stress of this event triggered Malia's Werecoyote heritage and caused her to transform for the first time in her life; since she had absolutely no control over her powers, Malia accidentally mauled Evelyn and Kylie to death. In her grief over what she did, Malia stayed in her full-coyote form for the next eight years, and the fact that the Beacon County Sheriff's Department determined that Malia's body was dragged away by the same coyote who mauled her mother and sister led Corinne to believe that Malia had died somehow in the crash and that the fact that she hadn't killed Malia with her own hand was why she didn't get her powers back. ("Anchors") Corinne then went on to continue her career as an assassin, learning to use firearms and other weapons with deadly accuracy to make up for the fact that her powers were weakened. In 2012, she heard rumors that Malia was alive, likely as a result of the Deadpool hit-list, which was sent to professional assassins first before being disseminated to hunters and amateurs; since Malia's name was on the list as Malia Hale, it could have alerted Corinne to the fact that she was still alive. ("Ouroboros"

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In Time of Death, Malia, who had just learned that she was adopted after finding the last section of the Deadpool, where she was listed as "Malia Hale," went back to the Hale Vault to look for any clues as to her real heritage. She was then approached by Peter Hale, who allowed her to read her adoption papers and confirmed that she was his biological daughter. When Malia asked about her biological mother, Peter revealed that while his memories of her had been taken by his sister Talia along with his memories of Malia's existence, he had hired a private investigator who believed he had found her mother. However, Peter went on to inform Malia that while the P.I. was unable to get Malia's mother's real name, they had been able to find her interesting code-name-- "The Desert Wolf," which is a nickname for a coyote, indicating that Malia's mother was a Werecoyote like her.

In A Promise to the Dead, when Malia and her then-boyfriend Stiles Stilinski were cuddling in bed, Malia was touched by the fact that Stiles had replaced "Who is the Benefactor?" with "Who is the Desert Wolf?" on his clue board, indicating that finding out the Desert Wolf's true identity was the next mystery he planned to solve. That evening, Malia was approached by Peter at the lacrosse game, where he revealed that he had found the Desert Wolf; however, he informed her that he couldn't tell her where she was unless Malia did something for him, namely killing Kate Argent, the Werejaguar he had been working with in his scheme to steal Scott McCall's True Alpha powers.

In Dreamcatchers, it was revealed that Stiles Stilinski had been in contact with the mercenary Braeden, who was tracking the Desert Wolf, an assassin that Braeden had been obsessed with catching since she was a U.S. Marshal, on Malia's behalf. When Braeden sent Stiles brutal photographs of the Desert Wolf's most recent assassinations, he had no choice but to show it to Malia. Malia, wanting to see the good in her biological mother, initially tried to suggest that the people she killed deserved it, but when Stiles replied that no one deserved a death like she had caused, Malia, knowing that he was right, simply stated that at least they knew now that the Desert Wolf was really good at her job.

In A Novel Approach, after reading The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack, Malia's repressed memories of the night of the car crash that killed her mother and sister were triggered when she was driving with Theo Raeken in his truck. After nearly wrecking the truck, Malia stopped in the middle of the road as she had flashback-hallucinations of her repressed memories. She saw Evelyn driving their family's car on a back road of Beacon Hills until the Desert Wolf appeared in the middle of the road and started shooting at them, which was what caused Malia to stress-shift and maul her family to death. After Theo tackled her out of the way of a speeding car that almost ran her over in the present day, Malia, in a daze, confessed that it was the Desert Wolf who made her kill her family.

In Ouroboros, the Desert Wolf was seen in the Dread Doctors' Russian laboratory, where she shot and killed Alan Deaton's companion, Vadim, before taking Deaton captive. After binding him to a chair and beating him, the Desert Wolf informed Deaton that he had heard a rumor that her daughter Malia was still alive and asked him if he knew anything about it. Deaton, wanting to protect Malia, insisted that he didn't know anything about a daughter, which led the Desert Wolf to retort that she hoped he was right, as otherwise, she would just have to kill her again.

In Status Asthmaticus, Braeden, after saving Malia's life from Noah Patrick, warned her that the Desert Wolf knew that Malia was alive and looking for her and was now coming to Beacon Hills.

In Damnatio Memoriae, Malia and Braeden tortured a Soviet Special Forces agent for information on the Desert Wolf. When violence failed to work, the two switched to bribery, offering him $10,000, which led the agent to reveal that Malia's mother had, in fact, kidnapped the veterinarian Alan Deaton and was returning to Beacon Hills.

In The Sword and the Spirit, Malia used the Dreads Doctors Goggles, a pair of goggles that can key into supernatural frequencies to find her mother with help from Theo Raeken. The goggles led her to discover that the Desert Wolf had gone to the Fort Jewett military base in Beacon Hills, where she was holding Alan Deaton hostage. She joined forces with Theo and a reluctant Braeden, the latter of whom was not entirely comfortable with the risk involved with a full-on fight against the Desert Wolf.

Upon entering the military base, Braeden was knocked out by Theo with her own gun, which Theo then used to shoot Malia, revealing that Theo had made a deal with the Desert Wolf; per their arrangement, Theo would bring Malia to the Desert Wolf, and in exchange, the Desert Wolf would give Theo the talons of the Chimera Belasko, which possessed the power to steal the supernatural powers of others.

After Malia was weakened, the Desert Wolf further assaulted her while explaining their shared story. She first went on grab Malia in a choke-hold and say that Malia didn't truly have a name, because Talia Hale took her away from her before she could name her. As she punched Malia in the face, the Desert Wolf informed her that Malia inherited a portion of her power during childbirth and revealed that she wanted it back. After a long, drawn-out fight between the Desert Wolf and the still-healing Malia, Malia angrily pointed out that the Desert Wolf made her kill her family, causing the Desert Wolf to cruelly remind her that it was her adopted family, and that she was her real family. Shortly afterward, the Desert Wolf once again grabbed Malia in a choke-hold and flicked out her claws in preparation to kill her and steal her power back.

However, before she could do so, Alan Deaton interjected, revealing that the Desert Wolf's real name is Corinne before reminding her that the power theft has to occur on the Full Moon or else Malia's power will be lost forever and Corinne will get nothing. Fortunately for Malia, Corinne was distracted both by Deaton's warning as well as the arrival of the Beast of Gevaudan; realizing that she was outmatched and unwilling to risk losing Malia's power, Corinne decided to flee the military base rather than try to fight the Beast.

In A Credible Threat, Malia spent the first part of the day hiding out at the McCall House with Braeden and Melissa McCall, as the latter was concerned that Corinne may not wait until the full moon to come and kill Malia to steal her power back and wanted to use the house's Mountain Ash foundation as protection.

That night, Malia left the sanctuary of the McCall House in order to join the rest of her pack and their allies at Beacon Hills High School, where they intended to protect those who came to watch the charity lacrosse match between the Beacon Hills Cyclones and Devenford Prep from the Beast of Gevaudan. Malia, in charge of disabling the frequency emitters in the news crew's gear, was in the middle of jumping from the top of one news crew van to another in order to disable the frequency emitter wires when suddenly, Corinne appeared and grabbed her by the ankle, yanking her down to the ground and causing her to smack her face on the hood of the van before collapsing onto the grass. Upon seeing her mother standing over her, Malia growled "Bitch" under her breath, causing Corinne to smirk and respond, "I prefer 'Mom.'"

Annoyed, Malia informed her mother that, while she would ordinarily be up for killing her, she had other priorities at the moment. Corinne asked her why she was taking apart the news vans and jokingly wondered if the news broadcasted something she didn't like, Malia implied that danger was coming before demanding she get out of her way, as she knew that Corinne would not attempt to kill her until the full moon. When Corinne continued to block Malia's path, the younger Werecoyote impatiently reminded her that people were going to die, leading Corinne, a professional assassin, to scoff and retort that people day every day before calling her "Sweetheart," a term of endearment that Malia immediately resented. Corinne conceded Malia's point before asking that they make a compromise-- Malia could come with her and help her find a way out of their "little predicament," and in exchange, Corinne may start calling her "daughter." When Malia sneered that she was going to kill her, Corinne once again smirked and remarked that Malia really was her daughter.

Corinne seemed genuinely shocked that Malia truly believed she could make a difference with regards to the Beast of Gevaudan and curiously asked her who she was trying to save. When suggesting "a bunch of random people" and "your little high school friends" didn't yield the response she wanted, she followed Malia's line of sight to Stiles Stilinski, who was on the sidelines of the lacrosse field. Upon seeing how much Malia cared about him, Corinne realized who she was fighting for above all else. However, before they could continue their debate, the Beast showed up due to the fact that Corinne prevented Malia from disconnecting the frequency emitters, which triggered the Beast's transformation, leading Corinne to flee the school.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, when the McCall Pack gathered at the McCall House to regroup following the attack on the town's attendants of the lacrosse game at Beacon Hills High School by the Beast of Gevaudan, Malia, with help from Braeden, approached Stiles Stilinski to warn him that she believed her mother Corinne would be trying to kill him due to her desire to kill Malia and steal back her powers. Braeden and Malia then watched as Stiles (who argued that he should have a gun to protect himself from the likes of Corinne, a highly skilled and lethal assassin) failed to even catch the gun that Braeden tossed to him.

Malia then continued to hide out at the McCall House with Braeden for the rest of the day, utilizing the house's rowan wood foundation for added security; however, the isolation from the others began getting to her, and she became increasingly anxious about Stiles' safety due to the threat her mother posed against him. While they waited, Braeden purposely ate pistachios out of a small dish in the kitchen, saving the shells to use as a makeshift alarm to warn them of anyone, such as Corinne, entering the house.

Just after Malia hung up the phone from speaking with Stiles, she began rushing down the stairs to warn Braeden that something was wrong, she sensed that someone else was in the house. This sense was proven to be correct when Braeden, armed with her shotgun, walked into the kitchen and found that Tracy Stewart, a Kanima-Werewolf Chimera and a member of Theo Raeken's Chimera Pack, had broken the Mountain Ash barrier across the threshold of the back door, allowing Corinne entry into the house. Corinne ducked into the foyer and pressed her back against the wall next to the staircase, her gun held up in anticipation of a fight with her daughter and her friend.

Corinne first went after Braeden, who was lurking in the alcove between the kitchen and living room; however, her attempts to be stealthy ultimately failed when her boot-clad foot accidentally stepped on the line of pistachio shells Braeden had set up to warn her of her impending approach. While the two fought each other (which led to Corinne getting shot in the stomach with Braeden's shotgun), Malia stayed upstairs in the hallway, waiting for the best opportunity to join the battle and nearly getting shot herself when Braeden accidentally pulled the trigger on her gun while the two were struggling to snatch it from the other, though Braeden was able to get it back and use it to briefly knock Corinne out so that she could repair the Mountain Ash barrier, effectively locking both Corinne and Malia inside the house.

In Apotheosis,

Trivia Edit

  • Just like Peter, Corinne also calls Malia "sweetheart," much to Malia's annoyance and frustration.
  • Malia inherited her Werecoyote traits from her mother Corinne instead of her father, Peter Hale, who is a born Werewolf.
  • In Apotheosis, Malia used Belasko's Talons to steal the rest of Corinne's power, which presumably caused her to become human.
  • Even though Corinne was trying to kill Malia, she made a comment that she and Peter were Malia's true family, indicating a sense of jealousy of the Tate Family who adopted Malia after she was taken from Corinne by Talia Hale.
  • Corinne revealed that Malia was taken away before she could name her, suggesting that Corinne may have at least considered keeping and raising Malia rather than killing her for her powers.
  • Corinne has accused Malia of stealing part of her powers in childbirth, though it was impossible for Malia to have done this intentionally.

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