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Sebastien: "You think this minor injury will stop me? I'm the famous and feared Beast of Gévaudan! [...] What is this?"
Marie-Jeanne: "No ordinary steel-- wolfsbane and mountain ash, forged with our blood under the light of a full moon."
Sebastien Valet and Marie-Jeanne Valet about Marie-Jeanne's Pike in Maid of Gévaudan

Marie-Jeanne's Pike was a weapon forged by Marie-Jeanne Valet during the 18th century in France. During the first rampage of the Beast of Gevaudan, Marie-Jeanne attempted to hunt and kill the Beast, believing it to be a mere wolf, but upon discovering the truth of what she was actually facing, she attempted to flee but was pursued by the Beast. Marie-Jeanne's life was saved by Henri Argent, who had thrown Mountain Ash in the Beast's path, successfully shielding them both from the monster. Marie-Jeanne learned from Henri what the Beast really was, a Werewolf, as well as their weaknesses such as Mountain Ash and wolfsbane. With this knowledge, Marie-Jeanne forged a pike capable of killing the Beast; to this end she was successful and used the pike to kill the Beast, who was in fact her brother Sebastien Valet.

After the death of the Beast of Gevaudan at the hands of Marie-Jeanne Valet, Marcel stole the special pike she used to kill her brother, and reforged it into a sword cane, which he kept for over two centuries for unknown reasons.

Scott McCall later used the pike to destroy the phantom essence of the Beast after Lydia's exorcised it from Mason Hewitt. As the Beast's essence vanished so did the pike.


Henri: "One bolt may not be enough. We need something that cuts deeper."
Marie-Jeanne: "A sword? An axe?"
Henri: "Something that uses the weight of the Beast against itself..."
Henri: I think I may have a possibility..."
Henri Argent and Marie-Jeanne Valet about the creation of Marie-Jeanne's Pike in Maid of Gévaudan

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  • The pike is commonly believed to be the only thing capable of killing the Beast despite the fact abnormalities aside, it supposedly still just a Werewolf. However, things that should work on a werewolf such as Kanima venom failed to affect the Beast.

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