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I'm going to do what I've always done-- maintain the balance.
Morrell to Stiles Stilinski in Echo House

Marin Morrell is a supporting character in Season 2 and Season 3 in Teen Wolf. She was first introduced as a French teacher and guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School; in the latter case, Lydia Martin was forced to see Marin as a patient by her parents following her attack at the hands of Peter Hale. However, when Allison Argent went to her for help in translating the Argent bestiary from its original Archaic Latin, it became clear that Marin knew much more about the supernatural world than she let on.

Sure enough, she later appeared in the lobby of Alan Deaton's animal clinic, where she admonished him for not warning Scott McCall, Derek Hale, and their friends about the mysterious threat that was coming. At the end of Season 2, she met with Deaton once again and remarked that she was happy to see he had come out of retirement, suggesting that the two had a history.

In Season 3's Chaos Rising, it was revealed that Marin was working with Deucalion and his Alpha Pack, who intended to recruit Derek, who had recently become an Alpha, and Scott, who, unbeknownst to anyone else, had the rare potential to be a True Alpha. However, despite the revelation that Marin was the Alpha Pack's Emissary and the only member of Deucalion's original pack who had not been killed, she soon confessed that she was actually working to restrain the Alpha Pack in the hope of giving the Beacon Hills packs a chance to survive what they were planning. Once Deucalion realized that Marin was working against him, he threw his cane, which had a blade attached to the end, at her, impaling her through the shoulder.

Fortunately, Marin survived this attack, but once the Alpha Pack had been dismantled, leaving her no pack to guide, Marin quit her job at the high school and started a new career as a therapist at the Eichen House mental health facility. It was there that she counseled several patients involved in the supernatural world, including Meredith Walker, a Banshee; Malia Tate, a Werecoyote who had spent eight years living in the nature preserve in her coyote form and was being reintroduced to the human world; and Stiles Stilinski, who had been possessed by the Nogitsune. Though she did what she could to help Stiles, she warned him that if his friends didn't find a solution before the Nogitsune's control over Stiles' body returned, she would be forced to kill him to maintain the balance. Luckily for him, Marin never had to go this far, and she even released Malia from Eichen House with instructions on how to find Scott and help him and the pack defeat the Nogitsune. She was not seen in the series after this point.

Marin is presumably still a therapist at Eichen House and is both a former Emissary to the Alpha Pack and former teacher/counselor at Beacon Hills High School.

Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Marin's early life, except that she is the younger sister of Alan Deaton, who is a fellow Druid, a veterinarian in Beacon Hills, the former Emissary to the Hale Pack, and the current Emissary to the McCall Pack. ("Visionary") During a counseling session with Lydia Martin in Abomination, she stated that she was French-Canadian, which is why she became a French teacher, but it is unknown if this is the truth or just part of her cover story. It is also a mystery as to why Marin's last name, Morrell, is different than her brother's; it could mean that she was previously married, or that she and Deaton are half-siblings.

At some point, she gained a master's degree in psychology and gained 300 hours of supervised training to become a counselor/therapist. She eventually became the Emissary to Deucalion's original pack, but after he was blinded by Gerard Argent in the early 2000s and began killing his own Betas to become the Demon Wolf, she was ultimately the only member to survive Deucalion's rampage. She then went on to be the Emissary to the newly formed Alpha Pack. ("Visionary")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In Abomination, Marin came out of her office early in the school day in order to call in Lydia Martin, who was there to receive counseling for her trauma following her attack at the hands of Peter Hale and the strange side-effects she was experiencing as a result. However, when Lydia saw the French posters in Marin's office and remembered that she was also a French teacher at the Beacon Hills High School, she accused her of not even being French. This led Marin to reply that she was actually French-Canadian, but Lydia simply retorted that this meant she was a Canadian who speaks French. Lydia, who was visibly freaked out about the strange symptoms she had been experiencing since her attack, responded by rudely demanding what her qualifications she, as a French teacher, were to be a guidance counselor. Fortunately for Marin, she remained unfazed as she assured the young girl that she has a master's degree in behavioral psychology and has over three hundred hours of field work under her belt.

Marin then turned the topic of the discussion to Lydia's current psychological state, and asked her why she would be there in counseling if she was really as fine as she claimed. Lydia insisted that it was simply to appease her parents so that they wouldn't take away her car, but Marin seemed unconvinced. When Marin asked if she had talked to her friends about what had happened to her, Lydia lied and claimed that she did and that they were both great and totally supportive, which Marin didn't seem to believe either. She nodded as Lydia went on to assure her that she trusted her friends implicitly, but warned her to be cautious about what happened, possibly out of fear as to what her friendship with more teenagers in the supernatural world would do to her. Lydia asked her why she would say that before quoting a comment that Peter Hale had made, "Sometimes the people closest to you can be the ones holding you back the most." Marin nodded in agreement but seemed to know that this had something to do with Peter. When she asked Lydia if she had read that quote somewhere, Lydia lied and said she might have heard someone else say it, leading Marin to concede that whoever said it must have left an impression on her.

In Venomous, Marin had another counseling session with Lydia, during which time she held up various Rorschach tests for Lydia to identify. Lydia simply rolled her eyes and retorted that they all looked like butterflies until she saw one that looked like Peter Hale's burned face. Marin looked concerned when Lydia paused for a long moment, but when Lydia finally answered, she said "Danaus plexippus," which is the scientific name for "butterfly." Somewhat frustrated, Marin asked Lydia what it would take to get her to open up, but Lydia continued playing dumb and insisted that she was being as open and honest as a person could be. When Marin looked at the last Rorschach test that Lydia looked at, she shrugged and said that she would have said it looked like a wolf.

Later that day, Allison Argent, who had recently found the Argent Family Bestiary, came to Marin's office to ask her for help in translating it, as it was written in Archaic Latin. When Marin asked her where she got the book, Allison hesitated before vaguely replying that it was a family heirloom, leading Marin to remark that she came from an interesting family. She went on to say that while she was familiar with most Romance languages, Archaic Latin was a little out of her area of expertise, but Allison, desperate to have the Kanima section translated, urged her to give it a try anyway. Marin read the first line, "Like the wolf, its power is greatest at the moon's peak," before remarking that it sounded like a Werewolf, which both alarmed and worried Allison. Marin pointed out that there were some words she didn't recognize, but Allison, now very anxious, encouraged her to keep going, despite Marin's request to hold onto it for a little while to research the words. Somewhat wary now, Marin translated the next line, which she claimed said "Like the wolf, the Kanima is a social creature, but where the wolf seeks a pack, the Kanima seeks a friend." When Allison asked her what that meant, Marin suggested that it could mean the Kanima is lonely, which led Allison to realize that it was like a teenager.

In Frenemy, Lydia, who was fluent in both Classic and Archaic Latin, offered to help Allison translate the rest of the Bestiary section for her. After she showed Allison what she had figured out, Allison was shocked to learn that Marin had lied about saying that the Kanima seeks a friend, because what the passage had actually said was "the Kanima seeks a master." It is likely that she lied so that the Beacon Hills Werewolves and their allies would treat the Kanima (who was revealed to be Jackson Whittemore) like a friend rather than killing him like a Hunter.

In Raving, Marin appeared at the end of the episode and was sitting in the lobby of the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic when Alan Deaton came out, having just treated Scott McCall and Derek Hale for wolfsbane poisoning after their respective run-ins with Victoria Argent and Chris Argent. Marin remarked that she could decide if she admired Deaton's sentimentality or despised it, to which Deaton retorted that if he wanted her opinion, he would make an appointment at the guidance office at Beacon Hills High School.

Marin's demeanor became serious as she pointed out that she thought he could use a little guidance, given the current state of things in Beacon Hills, before asking him if he was really willing to leave the fate of the town in the hands of a "couple of kids." Deaton insisted that the Beacon Hills Werewolves were much more capable than she thought, but when Marin asked him if he planned to inform them of what was coming, Deaton replied that he thought they had enough on their plates as it was at the moment. This indicated that Marin was aware that the Alpha Pack, the pack to which she was an Emissary, were coming to Beacon Hills for Derek and Scott.

In Battlefield, Marin was seen giving Stiles Stilinski counseling after the events of Fury, in which the Kanima Master, Matt Daehler, and the Kanima, Jackson Whittemore, slaughtered quite a few Sheriff's deputies at the Sheriff's station before Matt was killed by Gerard Argent. During this counseling session, Marin listened as Stiles described the effects of drowning on the body, specifically the phenomenon of "involuntary apnea," during which time the body's instinct to stay alive is so strong that it won't allow a drowning person to breathe until it feels as though "their heads are about to explode."

When he described the fact that it stops hurting as soon as the person lets the water in, Marin asked him if this mean that he was hoping that Matt felt some peace in his last moments before Gerard killed him. However, Stiles insisted that he didn't feel bad for him, which Marin seemed to disbelieve as she asked him if he could feel sorry for the nine-year-old Matt who died the first time. Despite Marin's belief that Stiles really did feel sorry for him, Stiles continued to maintain that he didn't, arguing that nearly drowning because a "couple of dumbasses" dragged him into the water when he couldn't swim didn't justify the fact that Matt then went on to kill them one-by-one. Stiles also described how disturbed he was to learn from his father, Sheriff Stilinski, that Matt had a large amount of photos of Allison Argent on his computer, most of which were taken without her knowledge, and many of which he had photoshopped to make it look as though they were in a romantic relationship when they weren't. He then added, "So, yeah, maybe drowning at nine years old was what sent him off the rails, but the dude was definitely riding the crazy train."

Marin changed the subject to Sheriff Stilinski and brought up the fact that at least some good came out of the situation, namely the fact that the Sheriff got his badge back after dealing with and surviving the ordeal with Matt at the station. Stiles did respond with relief about this, but confessed to Marin that there was still something wrong between them, like tension when they talk, and added that he was feeling a similar issue with Scott. When Marin asked him if the two had spoken since that night, Stiles replied that they hadn't, since Scott had his own problems to deal with (namely the fact that his mother, Melissa McCall, had learned he was a Werewolf.

Stiles also brought up Allison, specifically the fact that she had also pulled away from Scott, and that she was still seriously grieving her mother, which brought her closer to her father. Marin then asked Stiles about Jackson and Lydia in turn, to which Stiles replied that Jackson "wasn't himself lately" and that Lydia was somehow the most normal of all of them.

Once the exposition was over, Marin turned the subject back to Stiles and asked him if he was feeling anxiety about the championship game, and when Stiles, alarmed to be on the spot, asked her why she would ask him that, she gestured toward him, alerting Stiles to the fact that he was anxiously chewing on the strings on his lacrosse stick. Stiles tried to deflect by insisting that there was no reason to be nervous since he never actually plays and joked that since one of his teammates (Matt) is dead and another one was missing, he may get a chance. Marin assumed he was referring to Isaac Lahey, who, like Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd, had recently been classified as runaways, and asked him if he had heard from any of them.

Stiles, not wanting to admit working with both Erica and Isaac, deflected again by asking Marin why she wasn't taking any notes, but Marin quickly explained that she takes her notes after the session before once again turning the topic of conversation back to Stiles and asking him how he was really doing. Stiles reluctantly and somewhat sarcastically replied that he was fine, aside from not sleeping, being jumpy, and experiencing the "constant, overwhelming feeling that something terrible is about to happen." Marin explained that this is called "hypervigilance" and that it is defined as the persistent feeling of being under threat. Stiles admitted that it feels more like a panic attack, like he's struggling to breathe, and Marin references their early conversation about drowning to help Stiles describe it as a metaphor.

Keeping with this metaphor, Marin suggested that, if he was feeling like he was drowning, he could choose to not open his mouth and let the water in. Stiles argued that it would happen anyway, since it is a reflex, but Marin insisted that he could choose to hold off until the reflex kicked in to buy himself some more time. Stiles continued to argue that it wouldn't be much more time, which led them to have this last exchange before their session ended:

Marin: "But more time to fight your way to the surface?"
Stiles: "I guess."
Marin: "More time to be rescued?"
Stiles: "More time to be in agonizing pain-- I mean, did you forget about the part where you feel like your head is exploding?"
Marin: "If it's about survival, isn't a little agony worth it?"
Stiles: "But what if it just gets worse? What if it's agony now, and then- and it's just hell later on?"
Marin: "Then think about something Winston Churchill once said: 'If you're going through hell, keep going."

In Master Plan, Marin appeared at the warehouse district, where she found Alan Deaton examining the black blood that Gerard Argent spit up after being given the Bite by Derek when he had the Mountain Ash pills Deaton and Scott made and tricked him to take earlier in the season. She teasingly asked him if he planned on getting his hands dirty as she watched him rub a gloved finger against the dribble of black blood, which led Deaton to stand up and smile as he replied that he would do what he had to do. This seemed to please Marin, who remarked that she never liked Deaton being "retired" anyway, and the two walked away as Deaton retorted, "Whoever said I was retired?"

In Chaos Rising, Marin was in the First National Bank vault when Allison Argent sneaked in to do reconnaissance in an attempt to get information for Scott McCall and Derek Hale about Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd, who had been captured and held hostage there by the Alpha Pack. When Marin saw Allison, she and Allison struggled physically for a moment before Marin pinned the younger Hunter to the wall and warned her that she only had less than a minute to hide before the Alphas showed up. Though Allison was confused and wanted clarification, Marin gave her no more information and instead instructed her to hide in the nearby supply closet, lock the door, and not to come out until she heard the fighting.

Despite her confusion, Allison ultimately did as she was told, allowing Marin to leave and complete her orders, which were to trap Derek and Scott in the vault with Boyd and their other hostage, Cora Hale, Derek's long-lost sister, with Mountain Ash, as Deucalion intended to have Derek begin to kill his Betas as part of his initiation into the Alpha Pack. After Marin completed the Mountain Ash circle, she met up with Deucalion, extending her arm so that he could take it and allow her to lead him out of the bank. While they walked away, Deucalion sensed Marin's conflicted feelings about what she had just done and reminded her not to kid herself, since it wasn't the first time she had "gotten her hands dirty." This was the first concrete evidence that Marin was associated with the Alpha Pack, though it was vaguely hinted previously in Season 2's Raving.

In Unleashed, Marin was teaching French class when she noticed that Allison had fallen asleep during the lesson. She called out to Allison in French (Madmoiselle Argent) until finally calling out her name in English. For a brief moment, Allison hallucinated that Marin was actually her recently deceased mother Victoria Argent, who was glaring at her angrily, before she snapped out of it.

Marin, amused, asked "Es-tu fatigué?", French for "Are you tired?" just before the bell ran and dismissed the class. Allison slowly packed up her things, giving Marin the opportunity to sit down in front of her and remark that Allison's behavior was starting to concern her before suggesting that Allison come see her during guidance counselor hours. Allison irritably retorted that maybe Marin should tell her what she was doing at the bank the night before, when she locked Scott McCall and Derek Hale in to the bank vault with Mountain Ash to fight against the moon-starved Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale. Marin went on to turn the question on Allison to ask her why she was at the bank the night before.

Allison remained silent, and Marin offered Allison a deal—if she could sum up their current predicament in French, then she could leave and go about her day, but if she couldn't, she would get lunchtime detention. Allison tried and failed to come up with an answer, leading Marin to reply that the word she was looking for was empasse before standing up to leave. As a result, Allison was forced to go to lunchtime detention with Isaac Lahey in Adrian Harris' classroom.

In Frayed, Marin, along with Aiden Steiner and Kali, brought the badly-injured Ennis (who had been near-fatally wounded in the battle between the Alpha Pack and the Hale Pack and their allies at the Abandoned Mall the previous evening) to the [[Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to seek Alan Deaton's assistance. When Deaton refused to help them due to disagreeing with the Alpha Pack's motives for being in Beacon Hills, Marin sternly demanded that he open the Mountain Ash gate and let them into the exam room so they could treat Ennis' wounds.

Deaton stood his ground and continued to refuse to do as she asked, leading Kali's glowing red eyes, claws, and fangs to come out as she threatened to kill Marin if he wouldn't comply. Marin looked at Deaton uneasily, only for him to calmly state that she would not be doing so and using his Druid powers to force Kali back into her human form. He then once again asked them to leave and implied a threat to them when he added, "Don't make me insist."

Marin decided to appeal to Deaton's loyalty to his loved ones by reminding him that if Ennis died, the Alphas would go after the others, which would undoubtedly lead Scott to get involved in a conflict that would likely kill him as well. Deaton, who was a close friend and mentor of Scott, ultimately conceded and allowed Marin and the rest of the Alphas into his office.

After witnessing Deucalion smashing Ennis' skull with his hands, Deaton sought out Marin and remarked that he didn't think she knew just what she's gotten into, causing Marin to retort that it was a little late for the "concerned brother."

In Currents, Marin appeared at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic and spoke to Sheriff Stilinski upon learning that her brother Deaton had been kidnapped. Whether she was aware of it or not, she got to Stilinski before Scott and Stiles, who planned on revealing the supernatural world to him in order to get his help finding Deaton alive, preventing them from doing so.

Stilinski left after their talk, with Marin offering him whatever he needed in order to find her brother. She then turned to Scott and Stiles and instructed them to listen closely before reminding them that no Sheriff, deputy, or detective was going to be able to help them find Deaton. Scott, taken aback by her urgency, assured her that she didn't have to ask them for help, but Marin quickly corrected him-- she was actually there to help them, because if they wanted to find Deaton, they were going to need to utilize the help of the one person they know who has the power to seek out the supernatural. After a moment, Stiles realized that she was talking about Lydia Martin, whom they eventually learned was a Banshee with several psychic powers.

Her idea ultimately worked, as Lydia was able to point the McCall Pack in the right direction so that they could locate Deaton, who had been captured by the Darach, was being slowly suffocated to death in the First National Bank vault. Scott, with some assistance from Stilinski, was able to rescue Deaton from his restraints, all the while discovering that he had the potential to become a True Alpha.

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, when Scott and Stiles confronted Ethan Steiner to find out if any of the Alpha Pack's Emissaries were still alive, they learned that the only one left was Deucalion's Emissary, Marin Morrell, who was now the Alpha Pack's Emissary.

This led Scott to go to her office at the high school to get answers about the current threat of the Darach and the Alpha Pack, specifically due to the fact that the Darach had captured and sacrificed nine people at this point. Marin was not surprised to see him and immediately asked him why he was wasting time talking to her when he knew someone else was going to be taken. When Scott suggested that the killer was her, Marin insisted she wasn't the one taking and killing people and instructed him to listen to her heartbeat as proof.

She went on to reveal that she was actually the only thing standing between the Alphas and Scott's friends, because Deucalion wanted a True Alpha in his pack and had correctly guessed that Scott had the potential to become one. Scott, confused, didn't understand what Deucalion was waiting for, so Marin impatiently explained that he wanted to force Scott to become a killer; essentially, Deucalion was an obsessive who only had two options, which were to recruit Scott or to force him to kill and destroy his potential to be a True Alpha so that no other pack could have him, either. Scott insisted that this was never going to happen, but Marin warned him not to be so sure, as Deucalion was a schemer who was already thinking ten moves ahead.

That night, Marin was at the recital organized by Jennifer Blake to commemorate those killed in the last few weeks, where she became concerned when the choir and band seemed to have been lulled into a trance-like state in which they performed haunting music just before a piano string snapped and inadvertently slit the pianist's throat, essentially becoming the Darach's third Philosopher sacrifice. Marin then seemingly learned with everyone else that the Darach was none other than Jennifer Blake herself.

In Alpha Pact, Deucalion, Kali and the twins, joined by the reluctant Scott, who agreed to join them to find his mother Melissa McCall and his father figures Noah Stilinski and Chris Argent after they were kidnapped by Jennifer for her trio of guardian sacrifices, chased after Marin in the woods to get more information on Jennifer and her plans to get rid of them. Marin managed to evade the Alphas for quite a while until she ended up running into a clearing, where, without many other options, she threw a handful of Mountain Ash into the air, creating a perfect circle around herself to ensure the Alphas wouldn't be able to harm her. She was soon cornered by the five wolves and looked terrified, even though she knew they could not get close to her.

Deucalion began interrogating Marin, starting with how she realized they planned to come at her for her "betrayal". Marin smugly replied that she was a Druid just like Jennifer and her brother Deaton and pointed out that the Alphas were always suspicious of them for their reputation as Emissaries and their powers and abilities. Kali retorted that they had good reasons to distrust her, starting with the revelation of Marin having been the one to hire and send the mercenary Braeden to save Isaac from them back in Tattoo, which Marin confirmed without hesitation before attempting to tell them that she had been doing nothing else but what she had always done—maintain the Balance of Nature. Kali asked her if she possessed information about Jennifer but Marin answered that she knew just as much as they did in regards to the Darach.

Turning her attention to Scott, Marin advised him to return to his friends because the Alpha Pack did not share his benevolent nature, only for Deucalion to simply cut her off and insist that Scott could make his own decisions. Furious with the destruction Deucalion had wrought, Marin argued "Not without all the information!" and questioned Scott if he was made aware of all of Deucalion's foul deeds throughout the years in his goal to achieve the "narcissistic and psychotic perfect pack" before attempting to turn the other Alphas, particularly Kali, against Deucalion by revealing it was the lead Alpha who had actually murdered Ennis. Kali, the twins and Scott all looked at the blind Alpha with shocking expressions, unable to believe that their leader would commit such atrocity, as Marin told the real story—Deaton had, in reality, managed to save Ennis and heal him of the wounds that he sustained in the fight at the Abandoned Mall but Deucalion killed his fellow Alpha when he went to the clinic to check on him and pinned his death on Derek because he knew it would be the best way to further motivate the distraught Kali in their mission to recruit the younger Alpha, whom Kali originally saw as a pathetic Alpha to a pack of "worthless teenagers", to their ranks as the Hale Alpha's membership in the Alpha Pack was the key to "pave the way" for Scott.

Always calm and confident, Deucalion claimed that Marin was a woman telling lies and begging for her life but Marin was not deterred and encouraged the other Alphas to ask their leader if what she was saying was true, infuriating Deucalion so much that he removed the bottom cap from his cane and threw it at Marin, impaling through her shoulder and causing her to fall to the ground, with her Mountain Ash circle broken. The Alphas lunged for her to finish her off but Scott got to Marin's side first and yelled at them to back off, allowing him to remove the cane from his guidance counselor's shoulder. Scott guaranteed to Marin that he wouldn't let the Alphas kill her and asked her if she had any vital information that could help him and his friends stop Jennifer. Seeing Scott's desperation to save the kidnapped parents, Marin instructed him to find the Nemeton as it would be there where Jennifer was keeping her guardians hostage.

In Echo House,

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Marin, like her brother and most Druids in general, is a very enigmatic and mysterious woman who neither shares personal information or supernatural information unless it is absolutely necessary. She is dedicated to her role as a Druid to maintain the balance of Nature, and is willing to do whatever it takes to do so, even if it means doing things she would rather not do. For example, she was ready to kill Stiles Stilinski in order to ensure that the Nogitsune could not wreak havoc on Beacon Hills, despite her usual stance of not allowing the deaths of innocents. She also did not agree with her Alpha Deucalion's actions regarding the Alpha Pack, particularly the lengths he was willing to go through to attain his "perfect pack," including his efforts to convince the True Alpha Scott McCall to join. However, she refused to leave his pack; instead, she stayed, hoping that the fact that he took her advice seriously would allow her to at least somewhat control his egomaniacal and narcissistic behavior.

However, in spite of her decidedly neutral stance on most issues, she still proved to be a very compassionate person who often gave genuine advice and assistance to the Beacon Hills supernatural community, particularly the members of the McCall Pack and their allies. She helped Lydia Martin a great deal with regards to psychologically recovering from Peter Hale's attack and subsequent haunting; she helped Allison Argent translate the Kanima section of the Bestiary; she gave Stiles Stilinski advice about dealing with the effects of being aware of the supernatural world; and helped Scott McCall in his search for the Nemeton, where Jennifer Blake was keeping Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, and Chris Argent. Marin is also a very intelligent woman who knew a great deal about Romance languages, mythology, psychology, and the Druid arts. Because of this vast range of knowledge, Marin has had a variety of careers, including education, counseling, and working as an Emissary.

Physical Appearance[]

Marin is a very beautiful woman who appears to be in her early-mid 30s. She is a thing woman of medium stature with light brown skin, almond-shaped brown eyes, and long, straight brown hair. She is often dressed in practical, business-casual clothing such as black slacks, solid-color tops, and black or gray cardigans, and she is usually seen wearing a small gold pendant around her neck that depicts Cernunnos, the Horned God of Celtic mythology.

Powers and Abilities[]


Marin is human Druid, but the range of powers that they possess has remained vague and undefined throughout the series. However, Marin has been said to be quite powerful, as she stated that she knew that Deucalion had always been suspicious of both herself and of Jennifer Blake because of what they could do. She was able to easily create a large mountain ash barrier in the shape of a circle around her by simply throwing a handful of the ash into the air to protect herself from the Alpha Pack.


Marin possessed quite a few human abilities as well as supernatural-esque Druid powers, including knowledge in a wide range of fields such as the Druid arts and other forms of magic, linguistics, psychology, pharmacology, mythology, and supernatural creatures, particularly werewolves. She was so knowledgeable that she commanded considerable influence over all of the members of the Alpha Pack and proved so valuable that Deucalion allowed her to live and become their new Emissary instead of dying like the other members of his original pack. She knew that amphetamines would help Stiles Stilinski stay away to stave off the Nogitsune's return to control as long as possible, and also knew that an injection of pancuronium bromide would kill him if the Nogitsune did manage to gain control again. She also had advanced strategy skills due to the time she spent with Deucalion and the Alphas.


Though Marin is a Druid, she is also a human, which means she is susceptible to all of the weaknesses of her species, including mortality.


  • Mountain Ash
  • Cernunnos Pendant


  • Marin: Marin is a unisex given name and is a variant of the name Marinus, a Roman family name that is itself derived from either the name Marius (which originates from the name Mars, the Roman god of war) or the Latin word marinus, which means "of the sea." Variants of the name in other languages include: Marina (Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian); Marijn, Rien, Rini, Riny (Dutch); Marine (French).
  • Morrell: Morrell is an English family name of ancient French and Norman origin, having arrived in England with the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is derived from the medieval given name Morel, which itself was originally derived from the name More or Moore, a nickname given to someone with a dark complexion. The nickname stems from the Old French word moor, meaning "Black man," which makes it an interesting choice of surname in the character Marin Morrell, who is a Black woman who claims to be of French-Canadian ethnicity. There are various spellings of this name, including Morel, Morrel, Morrall, Morrill, Murrill, among many others.


  • Marin has been shown wearing a pendant depicting Cernunnos, the Celtic Horned God. Though the name "Cernunnos" was only stated once in recorded mythology, the Horned God who Cernunnos is said to be is mentioned numerous time in writing from the Gaulic period. He is often said to be associated with nature, hunting, and fertility.
  • She has stated that she is "the same" as Jennifer Blake, a Druid Emissary who eventually became corrupted into a Darach, or Dark Druid. This seems to indicate that she has a history with Jennifer, or her original identity, Julia Baccari, but this history has not been expanded on as of yet.
  • Considering their difference in skin color and the fact they both have different surnames, it can be inferred that she and Alan Deaton are in fact half-siblings rather than full-blood siblings. However, this has not been confirmed.


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