The Martin House is a family home located in Beacon Hills, California where Natalie Martin and her daughter, Lydia Martin, currently reside. The house is very large and made of brick, with spacious yards in the front and back of the house, at least two bedrooms, and a finished patio complete with a swimming pool in the back. Lydia has held several parties at the house over the years, and she has also had a number of premonitions there as well. Natalie's ex-husband and Lydia's father, Mr. Martin, presumably lived there until he and Natalie divorced.

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  • The exterior shots of the house are of a private residence in Georgia, which is where Teen Wolf filmed for the first two seasons.
  • Lydia's bedroom has gone through many changes over the course of the series, due to the various changes in sets.
    • In Season 1, her bedroom was painted a pale lavender color, with an even lighter lavender-colored bedspread and dark purple sheets. The walls were decorated with black and white photography, and she had white painted dressers and a vanity with a matching chair.
    • In Season 2, her bedroom walls were eggshell with neon colored pop-art-inspired paintings of kiss prints on the walls. Her furniture was painted the same color.
    • In Season 3, her bedroom walls were painted a bright fuchsia color, with a swarm of white butterflies above the head of her bed, which was covered in a wine-colored corduroy fabric. Her sheets and bedspread were wine-colored silk, and she had pastel artwork of flowers and butterflies adorning the walls. Her furniture was unpainted cherry wood, and she had a small tea table and chairs next to the window seat.
    • In Season 6, her room had an all-light gray color scheme, from the walls to the curtains and the furniture. She had a brass metal bed frame and taupe colored bed sheets. Her furniture was unpainted light wood, and she moved the head of the bed in front of her windows.

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