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"Is this a bad time to say I love you?"
Mason to Corey in The Wolves of War

Mason Hewitt is a supporting character in Seasons 4, 5, and 6 of Teen Wolf. He first appeared The Benefactor. He was an honors student at Beacon Hills High School, the best friend of Liam Dunbar, and is currently dating Corey Bryant. Despite being new to the supernatural, having not truly learned about its existence until early in the fifth season, Mason has proven himself to be a loyal member of the pack with a lot to offer even without superpowers. In Season 5B, it was revealed that Mason is actually the Dread Doctors' only successful Chimera, who they transformed into the vessel for the newly-resurrected Beast of Gevaudan, previously known as Sebastien Valet.

In Season 6, Mason became the pack's researcher in Stiles Stilinski's absence, using his knowledge of mythology and physics to help learn about the Ghost Riders and the Wild Hunt. He is Liam's second-in-command following Liam's acceptance of the role of Alpha of the McCall Pack, leading the remaining members while, Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Stiles leave Beacon Hills for college. Upon the release of the Anuk-ite following the rescue of all of the citizens of Beacon Hills from the Wild Hunt, Mason, along with his boyfriend, Corey Bryant, continued to act as the "brains" of the pack, working with their pack's Druid Emissary Alan Deaton to learn more about the creature. This implied that Mason may be on a path to become an Emissary himself.

Mason is the boyfriend of Corey Bryant, the best friend of Liam Dunbar, and is a member of the McCall Pack

Early life

Not much is known about Mason's life pre-series, as he has yet to mention much about his parents or whether he has any siblings. However, he has dropped several hints that suggest he is from a wealthy family, such as when he paid $200 for a rare bestiary from a German book dealer ("Parasomnia"), when he was able to get himself and Liam into Sinema by bribing Hayden with $50 ("Condition Terminal"), when he remarked that his parents had bought him a brand new car for his birthday. ("Lie Ability"), and when he bought off Nathan Pierce with several hundred dollars to keep him from beating up Liam at a party at the McCall House. ("Sundowning")

What is known is that he had a twin in the womb whose condition diminished so much that he absorbed it into himself in utero, causing him to be born a genetic chimera, or a living being with two sets of DNA. ("The Beast of Beacon Hills") It has also been confirmed that he and Liam Dunbar have been best friends since at least the sixth grade, and he has been a friend of Hayden Romero since at least that time as well, suggesting that Mason has lived in Beacon Hills for most, if not all, of his life. ("Required Reading")

Throughout Teen Wolf

In The Benefactor, Mason, Violet and Garrett departed from the school bus and head toward school. When Garrett remarked that he didn't want to be home watching movies on yet another Friday night, Mason pointed out that they're freshmen and they just got off the school bus, which meant they wouldn't be "hitting the clubs 'til 4 AM." Moments after Violet insisted that they would be having a movie night at her house, Liam arrived out front, looking pale and sweaty. Mason looked at him with concern and asked him why he wasn't on the bus with them, but Liam, who, unbeknownst to Mason, was in the middle of completing his transition from Human to Werewolf after being bitten by Scott McCall the previous day, lied and said that he had run to school.

Mason didn't seem to buy Liam's story since Liam lives three miles away from school, and he only became more concerned when Liam began to sway weakly on his feet, though Liam insisted he was fine and said he would catch up with him. Later, after class, he and Liam walked out of class together, where they witnessed Kira Yukimura fall down the staircase in front of them and asks Liam to attend a "party" at the Martin Family lake house.

Mason texted Liam while he and Kira were on their way to the lake house to ask him where he was, and Liam, not yet realizing that it wasn't actually a party, invited Mason to the lake house as well. Mason, in turn, invited Garrett and Violet, which ultimately spiraled until at least fifty freshmen showed up at the lake house for a party. Mason, Garrett, and Violet led the large crowd to the door, which Lydia answered; when Mason asked if they were in the right place for the party, Lydia, knowing she needed to cover up her friends' supernatural exploits, replied, "Absolutely" and ushered them inside.

He immediately began looking around for Liam, even going upstairs to see despite Lydia's orders for everyone to stay on the ground floor. Lydia followed him into the upstairs study and instructed him to go back to the party, but Mason insisted he was just trying to find Liam. Lydia, getting overwhelmed and frustrated by the lengths she was having to go in order to cover for her supernatural friends, retorted that "missing freshmen" were low on her priority list, which led Mason to point out that she clearly cared enough to know he was a freshman.

Rolling her eyes, Lydia lied and said she might have seen him downstairs while she picked up two abandoned wine glasses, but as she tried to usher Mason out of the room, she accidentally spilled the wine on the pristine white carpet of the study. Lydia began to cry as she frantically tried to mop up the wine with her sweater, and Mason looked extremely guilty as he apologized for what happened. When he asked her if the carpet was valuable, Lydia confessed that the problem was that nothing in the lake house was valuable and that she needed to keep it perfect because she and her mother were selling it and needed to get every penny they could out of it. Mason, feeling even worse now, comforted Lydia, assuring her that he would go get club soda and salt to get the stain out and that it would all be okay.

In I.E.D., Mason and Liam were in the weight room working out, with Liam using the bench press and Mason doing bicep curls with hand weights. While they exercised, Mason mentioned that Garrett had borrowed his hoodie and never returned it before stating that he went to the new housing development on Spaulding where Garrett claimed that he lived. When Liam didn't understand Mason's point, Mason revealed that the housing development was "still in development," and that unless Garrett was living in a backhoe, he had lied about where his new home was. Mason then used this story to segue into his concerns about Liam, bringing up the fact that his best friend was doing uncharacteristically strange things like running three miles to school every day and disappearing at parties.

It was then that Mason realized that Liam had nervously added nearly 400lbs to the bench press' barbell and wondered aloud if Liam was on steroids before asking him if he really intended to lift it. Liam, alarmed by the fact that Mason was getting suspicious about his new supernatural traits, immediately stopped what he was doing, Mason mistakenly attributed Liam's strange behavior to anxiety about the upcoming lacrosse game. Liam insisted that he wasn't worried about it, since it was only a scrimmage, but when Mason reminded him that they were playing Liam's old school, Devenford Prep, Liam became anxious, which worried Mason.

After school that day, Liam and Mason approached the Devenford Prep bus as they pulled up to Beacon Hills High School. When Liam's former rival Brett Talbot and his friends departed the bus, Mason became nervous as the Devenford players immediately began taunting Liam for his behavior toward their coach just prior to getting expelled. Mason became even more concerned when he saw Scott and Stiles show up and usher Liam into the locker room before things could get violent, with Mason not knowing that Brett's taunts had caused Liam to partially-transform into a Werewolf.

At the scrimmage, Mason was on the sidelines with Liam just before the match started, and when Brett began changing into his uniform on the other side of the field, Mason couldn't help but check him out. When Liam realized what he was doing, he called Mason out on finding Brett attractive before pointing out that Brett wanted to destroy him. Mason attempted to deny his attraction to Brett before eventually retorting, "I think you could definitely take him... And then give him to me." Afterward, Mason joined Violet in the bleachers and watched the game with her, helping her hold up signs for Liam and Garrett. He was horrified when he saw a very bad tackle between Brett Talbot, Garrett, and Liam.

In Orphaned, Mason and Liam went on a run through the Beacon Hills Preserve behind the high school, where both boys were clearly rattled by the events of the previous night, albeit for different reasons. Mason nervously rambled to Liam about the fact that it had been revealed that Violet and Garrett were actually professional assassins who were only befriending them as part of their cover. Mason demanded to know how he wasn't more freaked out about this revelation about their so-called friends, Liam cryptically insisted that he was worried about a lot of things before taking off on a dead sprint. Due to Liam's new super-speed, Mason couldn't keep up with him, and though Mason shouts at him to wait for him, Liam kept going.

Before Mason was able to catch up with Liam, Liam was hit by Garrett's SUV and stabbed with his wolfsbane-laced blade before he was captured. Mason stopped right around where Liam had been nabbed and looked around, but couldn't find him anywhere, not noticing the small puddle of Liam's blood near his feet. After realizing that Liam was gone, Mason returned to the high school and sought out Scott McCall to see if he had seen Liam, When Scott revealed that he hadn't seen Liam either, the two went to talk to Coach Finstock, who was in the middle of chugging a bottle of cough syrup and who informed them that Liam had skipped his class. When Coach suggested that perhaps Liam was sick as well, Mason told Scott that he hadn't looked sick on their run. Just then, the late bell rang, which led Scott and Mason to agree to let the other know if either of them ended up finding Liam before they went their separate ways.

In Perishable, Mason caught up to a visibly-panicked Liam (who had been experiencing post-traumatic stress following his fight with a Berserker several nights earlier) at school. Mason asked Liam if he planned to go to the bonfire that night, and when Liam admitted that he was probably going to skip it, Mason reminded him that he couldn't skip because attendance was mandatory for members of the lacrosse team. Mason continued to encourage Liam to go to the bonfire by outlining his plan for them; namely, he wanted to help Liam find a "nice girl he can embarrass himself in front of" and then find Mason a hot lacrosse player, since, in Mason's words, "Statistically speaking, someone on your team has gotta be on my team, right?" Liam, not wanting to argue, quickly agreed to go to the bonfire with Mason before he left for class.

That evening, Mason and Liam sat together at an outdoor picnic table during the bonfire, where Mason watched Liam fill up his soda bottle with a bottle of vodka hidden in a brown paper bag. Though he was somewhat concerned by how heavily Liam seemed to be drinking, Mason insisted that he wasn't going to warn Liam to slow down; on the contrary, Mason insisted that he wanted him to get "blackout, head in the toilet" drunk so that maybe then, Liam would be more inclined to tell him the truth what has been going on with him lately instead of continuing to lie. When Liam started to clam up, Mason insisted that he wasn't asking simply because he wanted to know, but because he wanted to help, and though Liam seemed to appreciate Mason's concern, he assured him he was fine and left to get more alcohol.

Later on, Mason became even more worried when Liam began acting much more inebriated than he should have been based on how much alcohol he had drunk, and he eventually met up with Scott and Malia, the latter of whom was experiencing the same symptoms. When Scott asked Mason how much Liam had to drink, Mason insisted that he didn't drink enough to be barely-conscious and stumbling around like he was, and Scott became very concerned about what was happening, especially considering the fact that, as shapeshifters with enhanced healing, Liam and Malia shouldn't have been able to get drunk in the first place.

However, when Scott started to tell Mason that they all needed to leave the bonfire, Scott began slurring his words as well, leading Mason to ask how much alcohol Scott himself had drunk. When Scott assured him that he hadn't had a sip (not mentioning the fact that he didn't bother drinking anymore due to his inability to become intoxicated), they both became even more worried about what was going on. After a moment, Scott realized that somehow, the subsonic frequencies in the music the DJ was playing was affecting him, Liam, and Malia due to their enhanced hearing. Unable to reveal this to Mason, Scott simply told him that he needed to go and turn off the music and ordered Mason to not let Liam and Malia out of his sight while he did so.

Unfortunately, shortly after Scott left to head to the DJ booth to shut off the music, the DJ turned up the volume, sending Scott to his knees and weakening him enough to allow the security guards to capture him. Afterward, the other guards went after Liam and Malia, and when Mason insisted that they were his friends and was taking care of them, the guard claimed that Liam and Malia were overly intoxicated and needed to leave. Mason offered to go with them, but the security guard, having ulterior motives, shoved Mason onto the ground before dragging Liam and Malia into the high school where the others had brought Scott.

Remembering Scott's words about how the music was affecting the three, Mason walked over to the DJ booth and found the cord that powered the speakers before yanking it out of the plug. Though Mason was unaware of just what he had done, he had inadvertently saved the lives of Scott, Liam, and Malia, as the security guards had doused them in gasoline and was about to set them on fire when the music was cut off, allowing Scott to steal the lighter away from the guard just in time for Braeden and Derek Hale to take out the guards.

In A Promise to the Dead, Mason was playing video games with Liam in Liam's bedroom, where Liam seemed to be dominating him. Mason wondered aloud how Liam became so good so quickly and asked him if it was because he had been practicing or because he had somehow developed superhuman reflexes. Liam nervously insisted that he had just been practicing, not wanting Mason to find out that he is a Werewolf, and Mason seemed to accept this answer before standing to his feet and preparing to leave, citing the fact that they had a history test the next day.

Liam, who was still having flashbacks and panic attacks to his battle with the Berserker, pleaded with Mason to stay for one more game, but Mason reminded him that he had already been talked into "one more game" four times and that he really needed to study. Not wanting to be left alone, Liam instead suggested that they could study together there and that Mason could stay the night, which led Mason to sense that something was wrong with Liam. However, when Mason asked Liam once again if he was okay, Liam began to clam up and insisted that he was fine before reluctantly stating that he would see him the next day. Mason seemed to not believe Liam's statements that he was fine, but he ultimately left to go home anyway.

The next day, Mason and Liam went to the weight room as usual where Liam, who had been up all night having flashback-nightmares about the Berserker, seemed tired and irritable. When Mason noticed once again just how much weight that Liam was putting on the bench-press bar, he offered to spot Liam, but Liam somewhat rudely declined and instead asked Mason, who was only holding eight-pound handbells in each hand, if he needed a spot, leading Mason to retort, "This is my warm-up, dick." When Liam prepared to start bench-pressing, Mason walked around the bench and prepared to spot Liam anyway, claiming he didn't want to see Liam kill himself by getting pinned down by all that weight.

Now very annoyed, Liam did two reps in front of Mason before snidely asking him if it looked like he needed help. Realizing that something was clearly up with Liam, Mason backed off and went across the room to work out by himself, leaving Liam alone on the bench-press. Though his first few reps went as planned, he eventually had a panic attack caused by flashbacks of the Berserker battle, which temporarily blocked his super-strength and prevented him from lifting the weight off of his chest.

Mason didn't notice Liam's struggle until Scott, who had sensed something was wrong with Liam through his Werewolf senses and connection to his Beta, rushed into the weight room and pulled the bar off of his chest, allowing Liam to sit up and pant for breath. Mason watched in horror at the fact that Liam had nearly hurt himself so badly, and was confused when he overheard Scott whisper, "If you don't want to be with us, that's okay. But don't push your friends away, too."

That evening, Mason showed up in Liam's room with a stack of video games and stated that he knew something was going on with Liam, and that he was well aware that he doesn't want to talk about it. He went on to say that Liam was his best friend, and that since the last friend he had ended up being a professional killer, he didn't have many options for new ones. Mason then added that he planned to wait until Liam was ready to tell him what was going on and that until then, there had to be a video game in that stack in which Mason could "kick Liam's ass." Liam laughed and chose a game he hadn't yet played before the two began to play. The next day, Mason attended the lacrosse game with Sydney, once again holding up signs cheering on Liam, who was clearly struggling with his panic attacks and the fear of the upcoming full moon, though he was eventually helped by Brett Talbot.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Mason was at a study group at the school when Liam (who was about to leave for Mexico to rescue Scott and Kira from Kate Argent) called Mason to ask him to look for Lydia Martin, who was also at the high school and who wasn't replying to their phone calls. Mason, still on the phone with Liam, saw that Lydia's car was still in the parking lot of the school and agreed to call him back as soon as he found her.

When Mason went back inside the school, he looked around several of the empty classrooms before finding Lydia's phone and the jacket Lydia had retrieved from Kira's locker laying on the staircase. He muttered to himself that this must be why Lydia wasn't answering Liam and the others' calls and texts before picking up the phone. When he tried to check the phone for clues as to Lydia's whereabouts, he found that she had set the lock screen image with a blurry photo of a Berserker as both a warning and a clue for whoever came looking for her. Before Mason could wonder what was going on, the Berserker appeared and backhanded Mason so hard that he was knocked unconscious before he was dragged downstairs to the basement where Lydia was also being held, hostage.

Mason awoke in the basement with a bleeding wound on his temple and a bad headache to find Lydia kneeling next to him to check on him. Mason was horrified to find that the Berserker had taken his phone, but Lydia stated that this was the point, since it clearly didn't want them to call for help. Mason, who still knew nothing about the supernatural, began describing the creature as "a man with a bear skull over its face," but when he demanded to know what it was, Lydia simply replied that it wasn't human.

Lydia, who knew that the pack was on their way to Mexico to save Scott and Kira, wanted to make a break for it and asked Mason to check and see if the Berserker was still guarding the hall, which Mason confirmed that it was. When Lydia, desperate to save her friends, found a container of baseball bats and decided to go after the Berserker, Mason asked her if she was crazy, leading Lydia to explain that her friends were in danger, as was Mason's best friend Liam.

This seemed to shock Mason into action, and before Lydia could rush after the Berserker, Mason had grabbed a baseball bat of his own and lunged for the Berserker with a battle cry. Mason only got in several hits before the Berserker threw him backward, hitting the wall at the other end of the hall, and Lydia was only able to hit it several times as well before she was thrown backward and landed in a heap next to Mason. When the Berserker stormed toward them, Mason brought up the fact that Lydia had said that it didn't want to hurt them, it just wanted to keep them from leaving, Lydia shrieked that it seemed to have changed its mind as a result of their antics.

Fortunately for them, Sheriff Stilinski arrived just then and called out, "Excuse me!" causing the Berserker to briefly forget about Lydia and Mason as he turned toward Stilinski, who then tossed The Mute's unused claymore mine at the Berserker. The bestial creature reflexively caught it and looked at it just as Stilinski dove into the adjacent hall, waiting until Lydia and Mason quickly took cover behind a bookshelf before pushing the button on the remote detonator.

Once the dust settled, Mason, Lydia, and Stilinski climbed out of their hiding spots and gathered in the hall, where they found that the Berserker had been turned into a pile of dust with a bear skull on top. Lydia revealed that she believed this was all some kind of distraction in order to prevent her from catching up with the others, and Mason looked alarmed and confused when Stilinki seemed to know exactly what she meant. When Stilinski guessed that it was because Lydia knew someone was going to die, she nodded grimly in confirmation. Mason, even more, alarmed now, asked her who was going to die, and Lydia was near-tears when she replied, "Scott."

In Parasomnia, Mason and Liam were walking down the hallway at school toward Ken Yukimura's history class, where Mason pulled out an old-looking book to show Liam. He explained that he found it online at a rare German bookstore, and claimed that it was totally worth the $200 he paid for it. When Mason showed him a diagram inside of what appeared to be a Berserker, Liam realized that it was essentially a Bestiary and asked him if he was really still researching this stuff. Mason reminded him that he had been captured by an "armor-plated giant wearing a bear skull" and that it left an impression. As they approached the classroom, Mason showed Liam a section in the book about the Nahual and was about to ask him if he had heard of a certain Aztec god, but was unable to pronounce the name, leading Liam to look at the page and correct him on the pronunciation of "Tezcatlipoca" before lying and claiming he'd never heard of him.

Inside the classroom, Mason took his seat near the front, and Liam was about to sit down in the desk next to him when he realized that his then-frenemy, Hayden Romero, was seated on his other side. Liam looked around the room for somewhere else to sit, but when he found there were no other open seats, Mason began to laugh at Liam's misfortune as he watched him stand awkwardly in the aisle. Mason only became more amused when, after Ken ordered Liam to sit down, Liam found that Hayden had stuck her chewed-up gum on his seat, which was now smeared all over the back of his jeans. After class, Mason continued his earlier conversation with Liam by stating that while he didn't 100% believe in the supernatural, he was certain that people around them knew things, especially Lydia. Liam, still scared of telling Mason the truth about the supernatural out of fear of him being rejected as well as fear of Mason being hurt as a result of knowing the secret, tried to distract Mason by pointing out that the soccer team was about to practice shirtless on the field, which worked well enough to get Mason to go out onto the field to watch them and pretend to study while they practiced.

That night, Mason and Liam had planned to work out together at the school, but Liam, who had been helping Stiles investigate Theo Raeken, who had recently returned to Beacon Hills after moving away eight years earlier, forgot until the last moment. While Stiles and Liam talked, Liam admitted that he had yet to tell Mason that he was a Werewolf and that the supernatural existed, and when Stiles reminded him that he and Scott had given Liam permission to tell Mason the truth, Liam worried that Mason wouldn't believe him, or would be scared of him. Stiles insisted that since Mason had seen his father blow up a Berserker with a claymore mine, which had "thoroughly laid the foundation for acceptance," he had no reason not to tell him, but Liam was still worried that Mason would hate him or try to stab him with silver.

Later, Liam rushed to the high school to meet up with Mason, who angrily pointed out that he was two hours late and that he had already worked out without him, Liam sighed and informed him that he was going to explain everything to him, though he warned him that what he was about to tell him would be hard to believe. However, before Liam could confess the truth to Mason, Mason became alarmed at the sight of a dark brown wolf behind Liam, and when Liam turned and saw the wolf growling at them, Liam and Mason ran into the school to try to get away from it. Realizing that he needed to protect Mason by scaring the wolf (who would later be revealed to be a fully-shifted Theo) away, he waited until Mason had run up the steps before flicking out his claws, fangs, and glowing gold eyes and roaring so powerfully that the wolf scampered away. Mason turned around just to see Liam's fangs and claws receding, and when Liam grimly stated that he had something to tell him, Mason smiled in excitement and exclaimed, "You're a Werewolf!"

In Dreamcatchers, Mason attended the impromptu McCall Pack meeting in the bus bay of Beacon Hills High School, where they all discussed Tracy Stewart, who they believed to be a newly turned Werewolf, and the threat she posed to the town. While they debated what to do, Scott remarked that he knew everyone was exhausted before noticing the awestruck expression on Mason's face and adding "...Except you." Mason then apologized before exclaiming that the revelation of the supernatural world was just too exciting and pointing out that Kira is a Kitsune, which he had never heard of prior to the previous evening. Kira sheepishly responded that she was still learning herself before Scott steered the conversation back to Tracy, leading Stiles and Malia to suggest that they kill her, a statement that Mason declared to be "intense." However, Scott insisted that they at least try to capture Tracy first and then decide what to do with her afterward.

Once Tracy appeared at the high school and fainted in a puddle of modified mercury that spilled out of her mouth, Liam, Lydia, and Kira determined that the best course of action was to seek out the only other Alpha they knew well-- Satomi Ito—and see if she turned Tracy. After school, Liam and Mason went to Devenford Prep, where they found Brett Talbot practicing on the lacrosse field. Mason, remembering his crush on Brett, excitedly asked Liam if he was a Werewolf too, and when Liam grimly confirmed it, Mason declared that his day kept getting better. The two then approached Brett and showed him Tracy's yearbook photo in an attempt to see if she was in his pack, but Brett replied that, while he thought she was cute, he had never met her before.

When Liam asked him if it was possible that Satomi could have bitten Tracy without him knowing, Brett revealed that Satomi was keeping a low profile since the Deadpool and thus wasn't "recruiting." Mason, awestruck once again, asked Brett if Alphas really went around giving people the Bite to turn them into Werewolves, Brett confirmed that they did, but that people could also be born Werewolves like himself and his sister Lorilee, who had been taken in by Satomi after their biological family died in a fire. Just then, Liam realized that he had seen the leaf pendant necklace Tracy was wearing in her yearbook photo in the hole he fell into in the Beacon Hills Preserve the night before, leading the three to go try to find it in hopes of finding clues as to how Tracy was turned.

While Mason, Liam, and Brett were searching the woods, Mason fell into yet another large hole in the earth, and Liam urged him to search for the necklace, though it was nowhere to be found. When Brett and Liam pulled Mason out of the hole, Mason realized that it wasn't a sinkhole as originally thought, but actually a grave out of which someone had dug themselves. Liam then figured out that the hole into which Mason had fallen was not the same hole that he himself had fallen into the previous evening, as the latter was much closer to the bridge. This caused the three to realize that someone had been burying people such as Tracy in the ground and forcing them to dig themselves out, a revelation that Mason once again declared to be "intense."

In Condition Terminal, Mason brought a reluctant Liam to Beacon Hills' new club, Sinema, stating that they both needed a night off and that Mason needed a "flight attendant," a more advanced version of a wingman so that Mason could find a hot guy. Once they reached the entrance, Hayden Romero, opened the door and scowled when she saw Liam was with Mason, as her offer for entrance with a "plus-one" did not include him. However, after Mason handed her $50, she changed her tune, fake-smiling at them before welcoming them into the club, which plays old movies on a projector and which caters to the LGBT community. Liam worried aloud that they don't look old enough to be there, which Mason denied, just as the two teens spotted Brett Talbot alternating between dancing passionately with a young woman and a young man.

Mason eventually met up with Brett, who moved to a booth in the corner and began enthusiastically drinking shots while Liam, still concerned about the hybrid creatures around town and sensing something "wrong" in the club, stood in the shadows and looked around. After noticing a young regular at Sinema, Lucas, eyeing him from afar, the two began to talk and moved to a dark corner, where Mason nervously babbled about the movie being projected on the wall, Night of the Living Dead. Lucas cryptically commented on the fact that it's better to be a bad guy if all the good guys die in the movie before beginning to make out with Mason, who didn't notice that stingers were extending from the back of his arms and neck, revealing himself to be a Werewolf-Scorpion Chimera.

Just before Mason could be stung by Lucas just like Lucas' boyfriend Corey Bryant had been earlier in the day, Brett, who sensed Lucas' bad intentions, jumped in and pulled Lucas off of him, partially shifted with his claws, fangs, and glowing gold eyes, before growling at Mason to run. Mason watched as Brett and Lucas began fighting each other; while Brett had the upper hand at first, Lucas ultimately defeated him by slicing him across the chest with his stingers.

As Mason tended to Brett's wounds, Liam jumped in and began fighting Lucas off until he was joined by Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura after their arrival. Mason, along with the others, were horrified when they saw Kira become overwhelmed by her inner Kitsune spirit, shouted "I am the Messenger of Death!" in Japanese, and nearly took Lucas' head off with her sword, and was even more scared when the Dread Doctors appeared and killed Lucas themselves with a retractable crossbow bolt. The Doctors informed them that Lucas' "condition was terminal" to explain their murder of the young Chimera before causing the lights to explode with their powers to prevent the McCall Pack and their allies from following them.

In Required Reading, Mason was in the school library when he stumbled upon a frustrated Kira Yukimura, who was sitting on the floor in one of the aisles, attempting to read her photocopied version of The Dread Doctors by Gabriel Valack. He joked about Kira not being into science fiction as a lighthearted greeting before identifying the stack of papers as the book that the McCall Pack read in hopes of triggering any suppressed memories that could indicate they were experimented on by the Dread Doctors.

He then pointed out that he thought they were all supposed to have read the book the night before, leading Kira to sheepishly and tiredly admit that she hadn't finished it yet. When Mason looked at her with confusion and concern, Kira sighed before admitting that she didn't know what was wrong with her, but she felt like she could barely read it, which was confirmed by the blurry movement of the text that was seen every time she tried to make progress.

This made Mason extremely excited, much to Kira's confusion, and he quickly admitted that his question would sound weird before asking her if she spoke Japanese; Kira dryly retorted that she did not, and that she not only didn't know Korean despite being half-Korean as well, but she was pushing a C-average in English class. This seemed to confirm Mason's theory, and he went on to inform her that he had been researching Kitsune, which Kira found strange until he pointed out that since he now knows one, he should be informed about what they're like.

He then asked if she knew why people in Japan answer the phone with "Moshi moshi?", and Kira correctly responded that it was because moshi meant hello. Mason explained that the reason they say it twice is because in Japanese folklore, fox spirits have difficulty with language, and saying moshi twice was a language trick to figure out if they were being fooled by a Kitsune. He went on to hypothesize that, because this book was just one long language trick to trigger repressed memories, the fox-part of Kira was confused by it and thus was unable to understand it. Just then, the lights flickered over their heads, and Mason looked at Kira with mild suspicion until she promised him that it wasn't her, as he had apparently learned about her recent lack of control over her powers.

Later on in the day, Mason met up with Brett Talbot, still in his Devenford Prep uniform, so the two could watch the gym class play their respective sports, with the boys playing lacrosse and the girls playing soccer on opposite sides of the field. The two began to discuss their recent Chimera problem and began brainstorming different identifying characteristics of supernatural creatures, such as enhanced strength, speed, and senses of smell, sight, and hearing, the ability to see in the dark, and glowing eyes that reflect the light. Mason, only partly joking, referenced their recent run-in with Lucas at Sinema several days earlier by suggesting they look for "visible scorpion stingers protruding out of limbs," which made Brett laugh and add "three foot lizard tails" to the list as well, in reference to Scott, Stiles, Malia, and Lydia's run-in with the part-Kanima Tracy Stewart prior to that.

Brett was then distracted by Liam and Hayden, who were both in gym class and who were very obviously trying to get each other's attention by challenging each other as to who was the better athlete. When he asked Mason what was up with the two, Mason explained that it all started in sixth grade, which by Mason's description was "not the best year for Liam's anger management issues." He then detailed the whole story, including pulling up old yearbook photos on his phone—Liam got into a fight with another boy during school picture day, and when Hayden tried to break up the fight, Liam accidentally punched her in the face and broke her nose, leading Hayden to become angry and punch him equally hard in retaliation. As a result, both of them had class photos of them with blackened eyes and swollen noses, which made both Brett and Mason to laugh in amusement.

In Strange Frequencies, Mason was once again in the library at school when he pulled a book off of the shelf and inadvertently made eye contact with the student on the neighboring aisle, which just happened to be Corey Bryant. Recognizing Corey as the boy who was dating Lucas, whom he had flirted with and kissed before his rampage and eventual death, Mason instantly tried to pretend like he hadn't seen him, but it was too late—Corey had seen him and wasted no time approaching him and nervously reintroducing himself to him.

Corey brought up the fact that one of his friends told him that Mason was talking to Lucas at Sinema the night he died, and Mason, still feeling guilty about kissing Lucas as well as keeping the truth of his death a secret, simply stated that he did meet him that night and that he seemed cool. When Corey's expression became even more saddened, Mason, unsure of what to do, awkwardly extended his condolences for what happened to Lucas. Corey tearfully asked Mason if Lucas had said anything to him about him or their relationship, or if he knew anything about how exactly he died, but Mason, clearly feeling guilty, lied and stated that he already told the police everything he knew, which he claimed wasn't that much to begin with, anyway. Corey then sadly put the book he was looking at back on the shelf and walked away without another word. When Mason curiously looked at the book he had grabbed, he noticed that the title of the book was "Miraculous Healing."

For reasons unknown, Mason went back to Sinema by himself that night, where he found a very distraught Corey drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Concerned, Mason asked Corey if he was all right, and Corey wobbled drunkenly on his feet as he drained the rest of his glass of vodka before bitterly replying, "Better than ever." He then shocked Mason by leaning in and starting to kiss him, though Mason, knowing that Corey was just upset, pulled away but otherwise didn't hold it against him. Suddenly, Mason realized that the wound on Corey's arm from when Lucas stung him had completely healed, and when he pointed this out to Corey, Corey grimly rolled up his sleeve to reveal that he had, in fact, totally recovered from the injury.

Mason immediately went to the high school to find Scott McCall so he could share the discovery of yet another Chimera with him, and he knew that he and the rest of the pack had created a fortress in which to hide Hayden Romero, who had also just learned she was a Chimera wanted by the Dread Doctors.

He found Scott in the science lab in the middle of a hallucination caused by the Dread Doctors in which Kira had lost control over her Kitsune nature and was trying to kill him, shouting that she was the messenger of Death. Unable to snap Scott out of it, Mason grabbed a scalpel and used it to cut Scott's hand; alarmed, Scott screamed as he came back out of his trance, and Mason immediately apologized by informing him that he was trying to help, as Liam had told him that pain makes Werewolves human. Disoriented and out of breath, Scott frantically asked him what happened and what he was doing there, leading Mason to reveal that he had found another Chimera named Corey. Once Scott was finally oriented, he remembered why he was there and demanded to know where Hayden and Liam were, only for Malia Tate to come in and grimly inform them that they were both gone, revealing that the Dread Doctors had taken them.

In Ouroboros, Mason, likely at Scott's instruction, sent Corey to the McCall House with Lydia, where they also met up with Stiles and Theo, while they waited for Scott and Malia to return from tracking Hayden and Liam's scents in hopes of locating them. When Scott and Malia ultimately were unable to do so when the scent track ended in the Beacon Hills Preserve, they both returned to the home base to regroup with the others.

Mason and Corey were upstairs in Scott's room with Lydia, where Lydia and Mason were having Corey attempt to read The Dread Doctors novel in hopes of triggering any memories suppressed by the Dread Doctors during their experimentation. Corey was in the middle of apologizing to Mason and Lydia about how slow of a reader he was, to which Mason and Lydia were both supportive and understanding, when Scott rushed into the room and, overwhelmed by guilt at the danger he put his Beta and Hayden in, decided the quickest and easiest way to figure out where Hayden and Liam were was to perform the Alpha memory manipulation ritual on Corey.

Before Mason and Corey could ask what he meant, and before Lydia could talk him out of it, Scott jammed his claws into the back of Corey's neck to start sorting through his memories in hopes of figuring out where the Dread Doctors were doing their experimentation. Stiles and Theo, having heard the commotion, ran upstairs to see what was going on, forcing Lydia to physically stop them both from attempting to break the bond between them out of fear that one or both of them could die. After Lydia explained to Theo and Mason what the ritual was, Theo asked if it was as dangerous as it looked, and Stiles grimly replied that it was probably more dangerous than even that. This led Mason to ask if anyone could tell whether or not the ritual was even working, to which no one had an answer.

Fortunately, though the modified memories were seemingly chaotic and fragmented, Scott managed to view a piece of memory in which the Dread Doctors captured Corey from Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital and dragged him back to their operating theater, which appeared to be in an underground tunnel with a large tank full of green liquid. When Scott finally ended the connection, he shrugged off Lydia's attempts to point out the severity of his action and began describing what he saw, as he and Stiles recognized the location of the operating theater as being in a tunnel where the water treatment plant was, because Stiles used to skateboard there. Scott insisted that this is where they would find Hayden and Liam.

As Scott rushed back downstairs to get ready to leave to rescue the young Beta and Chimera, the others followed after him, where they began to argue over who should and should not accompany him. Stiles immediately balked at Mason volunteering to go with Scott, but Mason insisted that Liam was his best friend and that he was absolutely going, even after Stiles sarcastically retorted, "Oh, did you suddenly get [[Werewolf|super-wolf powers? I wasn't aware of that development." Scott pointed out that if Stiles wasn't going with them, then he could use all the help he could get, but Stiles promised he would join them as soon as he talked to his father, as Sheriff Stilinski was moving the body found in Scott's kitchen the previous night to ensure that it couldn't be stolen like the others.

Malia, who had already volunteered herself to go with Scott and Mason, suggested that Theo join them, but Theo (who secretly knew all along where Liam and Hayden were due to his alliance with the Dread Doctors and didn't want to blow his cover) argued that he was better off staying behind to help protect Corey in case the Dread Doctors decided to come for him next, which Lydia thought was a good idea. Though Lydia once again brought up the fact that Scott needed to slow down and that he really could have hurt Corey earlier, Scott, clearly pained by the loss of Liam and Hayden, pointed out that he had to find them before grabbing Malia and Mason and setting off for the underground tunnels.

When they arrived, they immediately rushed into the entrance and began yelling out for Liam and Hayden, slowing down after making it a few paces inside. Mason stopped and asked Scott if he could catch a scent, but after attempting to do so, Scott lamented that there were too many chemicals from the water treatment plant to do so, leading Mason to grimly remark that finding their friends could take a while. The three ended up splitting up, each taking a different level, as they continued shouting for Liam and Hayden and (at least in Scott and Malia's case, continued to try to get a scent of either of them).

They eventually met back up in the middle some time later, where they all agreed that they had found nothing even remotely helpful. Mason, noticing how hard Scott was panting for breath, pointed out that Scott needed his inhaler, but Scott, hating the fact that he was feeling so weak for reasons unknown, ignored him when he heard a noise and shushed them so he could focus on it. Malia suggested that it was the lights flickering, and Scott, thinking that this meant the Dread Doctors were nearby, instructed them to follow him toward the source.

This time, the three decided to stick together, but after some more time passed, Mason, frustrated, insisted that they had already been through this tunnel before. Scott, who was beginning to get overwhelmed from guilt that Liam and Hayden were in this situation, vulnerability regarding his recently relapsed asthma, and general discouragement due to their lack of progress, sighed and lamented, "What the hell are we doing? We're running up and down this place... up and down tunnels... and there's no way... there's no way that we're gonna find..." Malia and Mason both noticed that Scott was panting for breath again, with the former insisting that Scott use his inhaler, but Scott, still overwhelmed with self-loathing, refused to do so and instead muttered that this was all his fault. Mason grabbed Scott's inhaler and handed it to him, looking him in the eye and reminding him that they needed to keep looking and keep trying. Mason's earnestness ultimately broke through Scott's self-destructive attitude and got him to use his inhaler so he could continue on their search.

However, they were still unsuccessful in finding Hayden and Liam, and when they returned to the McCall House, they found to their surprise that the two teens had already been rescued by Theo, who had freed them from the secondary location where the Dread Doctors moved them once their experimentation on Hayden was completed. Thrilled and relieved to see Hayden and Liam safe and sound, Mason, Malia, and Scott in turn gave Theo hugs as a thank you, not knowing that, though Lydia and Corey had seemingly helped him figure out where they had been moved, Theo actually knew where they were the entire time.

In Lies of Omission,

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In Status Asthmaticus,

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In Memory Lost, Mason notices that his phone won't geo-locate, the compass is malfunctioning, it isn't pointing towards the north as it typically would. He says Mr. Douglas has a physical compass in his cabinet that they could check, Corey camouflages and steals it. It too is pointing in the wrong direction, Mason decides to follow the compass to see where it may lead, Liam joins him. The compass leads them to a house, the house of the boy whose parent's are missing, once there, they run into Scott, explaining the compass led them to the house. The compass needle begins to spins wildly in Mason's hand, then cracking on its own moments later.

Mason catches up to Hayden and Liam at school, he shows them Mr. Douglas' poorly repaired compass, hoping they can return it without the teacher noticing. Hayden is unsure, but Liam wants to put it back, so they can go help Scott, Hayden suggests they just let Scott handle it since he's the Alpha, but Liam reminds her that he won't be for long. Hayden wonders who would take Scott's place since he'll be leaving for college soon, Liam thinks he could. Explaining that he could step up as Alpha with Mason reinforcing him, however, Hayden still isn't convinced. At that moment, Liam and Hayden spell blood, so the three of them search the school for a source, after coming up with nothing as the scent is coming from everywhere, Mason realizes that it could be coming from the vents.

Mason, Liam, and Hayden make their way to the Boiler Room, inside, they find a dead body, the man's head is caved in. Shortly after calling the police, they are approached by Stiles in the hallway, however, they don't recognize him. Mason asks Stiles if he even attends the school, suggesting that he's never seen him before.

In Superposition, Mason, Corey and a few other students are working on an experiment for extra credit, they mix iron filings into a doughy mixture in order to create a magnetic slime-like substance. He admits that he doesn't need the extra credit as he has a 4.9 GPA, explaining that this is one of his favorite labs, however, he's only there to help Corey whose GPA is a 2.7. He tells Corey that he shouldn't feel bad since he works two jobs and dying didn't help with his grade point average, he worries that Corey may be mad because he's trying to help, Corey is furious, then kissing Mason. With the experiment nearly complete, Mason places a magnet nearby and it flies across the table and into the dough, at that moment, other metal objects, which are further away, begin to pull towards dough, suggesting the magnetic field is much stronger than they initially intended. Coach comes bursting into the class, demanding to know what the students are doing there at 9 o’clock, they try to explain the extra credit but he refuses to listen, saying they should be out meeting girls when they explain that they're gay, he says "Even better! Go gays!", then throwing them out.

He forgot his phone upstairs in the classroom, so he re-enters the school to go get it, after finding his phone, he receives a text from Corey saying that the Ghost Riders are in the school and he shouldn't move. Mason exits the main building of the school and enters the Library entrance, he enters to see a student hanging above the floor, Corey grabs him and camouflages the two of them as Mason crosses under the hanging student. They can both now see the riders as they pull the boy into the air by the whips they have wrapped around his neck, they pull tighter and tighter until the student disappears in a cloud of smoke, the Riders jump down and exit the library as he and Corey look on. Liam suddenly senses that Mason is in trouble, so he and Scott rush to the library, Mason explains what happened but Liam is frustrated that Corey put Mason in danger but Mason says Corey was only protecting him. Scott asks if anyone was taken but he and Corey no longer remember the student that the Riders had just erased.

Mason and Corey return to the library, Mason has read all about the Wild Hunt, he says they come in on the storm and take souls but he can't figure out why they would be in a high school library. Mason points out that they only saw the Riders due to Corey's power, so it may be a special ability they don't know about, Corey feels the Riders were holding something, but Mason wonders if they were actually holding someone. The two of them visit the school office in an attempt to see if any students are missing, Natalie Martin stops them as they attempt to explain that it's "Werewolf stuff". She reminds them that the school is a dedicated safe space, she says she had to convince 23 students that what they saw in the library last semester was a large bear and that Scott's fangs were the result of "Acute Teenage Hallucination Syndrome." Mason says that they believe someone is missing and in danger, Mrs. Martin dismisses them, saying that no one has reported a student missing and all absentees are accounted for.

He and Corey approach Jordan Parrish at the Sheriff's Station, he's repeatedly told them that there are no active missing person cases. Mason then asks if his "Hellhound intuition" sense anything wrong in the supernatural world, Parrish explains that he's a harbinger of death not of kidnapping, he too preoccupied with his current case anyways. Mason questions the normality of a man being bludgeoned to death and stuffed in an air duct unit at the high school, Parrish says he already has Mason's statement on finding the body and sends them both away. In the locker room, Mason tells Liam his theory about the Ghost Riders hanging a student in the library, and that Corey has a hunch, Liam scoffs, asking if that's a chameleon thing. Mason tells him that Corey just wants to help but Liam points out that Corey wasn't there when they were fighting The Beast of Gevaudan, he also questions why Corey was loyal to Theo for so long.

Mason points out that they all trusted Theo at one point, Liam says he'll trust Corey when Corey does something trustworthy, then revealing that he can hear Corey's heartbeat in the room. Corey becomes visible, he brings up the fact that Liam forgave Hayden but Liam counters that, saying he forgave her because she almost died as she fought them against the Beast while Corey only hid. Corey says he doesn't have claws and fangs and had no other choice, Mason agrees to say all Corey can do is disappear as chameleons aren't the apex predators. Liam says Corey should just disappear, then walking off. Mason chastises Corey for hiding on the wall as they'll never trust him, Corey says he's not going to be friends with Mason's friends, but Mason says it won't work that way.

Mason joins Corey and Liam in the library after the two of them found a blank library key card, he explains that it's like Schrödinger's cat, it wasn't there until it was observed. He goes on about superposition and how looking at something changes its existence. Liam tries the card in the card reader, the screen shows student Jake Sullivan, Mason suddenly remembers he was in the lab with them the prior night doing the extra credit lab. Liam says they have Spanish together but he forgot about him as well, the card now shows the full identification of sophomore Jake Sullivan. Mason realizes that the Ghost Rider erased Jake.

In Sundowning,

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In Relics,

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In Radio Silence,

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In Ghosted,

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In Heartless,

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In Blitzkrieg,

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In Memory Found,

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In Riders on the Storm,

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In Said the Spider to the Fly, Mason tried to cheer up Liam, who was sad that Hayden left Beacon Hills by reminding him that Hayden only left to protect her sister Valerie from supernatural threats. He talks to Tamora Monroe, who recently became the guidance counselor of the high school. She describes Mason's proposed class schedule as perfect and says he's given it a lot of thought. The school soon became invaded by rats and Mason an Liam go to an underground tunnel and find a large star-shaped pile of dead and mutilated rats. Mason calls it a "Rat King” which is a real-world phenomenon. They call Malia to come to the tunnels to examine the Rat King. After doing so, she leaves them.

He and Liam bring the rat to Melissa at the hospital but she doesn't have time for a rat autopsy. At night, a Hellhound named Halwyn appears at the same time as Parrish and both engage into a Hellhound fight but Parrish gets beaten by Halwyn. Liam fights Halwyn and Mason tries to hit him with the bat Stiles gave him but gets knocked unconscious. Liam, furious that the Hellhound would hurt his best friend manages to defeat the Hellhound. Mason helps Liam into the locker room to recover, and when Liam laments how slowly his wounds are healing, Mason assures him that he was doing great and reminds him that he defeated a Hellhound without Scott's help.

In Raw Talent,

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In After Images,

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In Face-to-Faceless,

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In Pressure Test,

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In Triggers,

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In Werewolves of London,

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In Genotype,

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In Broken Glass,

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In The Wolves of War,

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During his time on the series, Mason has proven himself to be a brave, intelligent, curious, resourceful, and loyal person. He is one of the few openly gay students at Beacon Hills High School, which demonstrates a great amount of courage; this courage was evidenced again when he managed to save the lives of Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, and Malia Tate before they could be killed by amateur assassins during the Deadpool, even despite the fact that he didn't know about the supernatural and was simply going off of what he heard Scott say about the music. He is an incredibly patient person, as he could tell that there was something big going on in his best friend Liam's life (which, as he would later learn, was that he had been bitten and turned into a Werewolf) but didn't pressure him into telling him what it was until he was ready, making it clear that he didn't want to know purely out of curiosity, but because he wanted to help Liam through whatever he was dealing with at the time.

Mason's personality is somewhat similar to Stiles' in that he is intelligent and curious to a fault, to the point that he can't help but research the supernatural in hopes of learning something that can help his friends. He has also demonstrated an immense sense of loyalty and kindness, especially to his best friend Liam, who he supported without judgment when he knew that Liam was hiding something (his lycanthropy) from him; Mason was even able to snap Liam out of his supermoon-enhanced rage to stop him from killing Scott, suggesting that Mason may even act as a sort of anchor for Liam's Werewolf side.

In short, Mason is an extremely good person who typically gets involved in the supernatural drama in Beacon Hills due to his willingness to help whenever and wherever he can; in fact, it was his inherent goodness that made him the perfect candidate for the vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan, as the Dread Doctors stated that the only way to revive the perfect evil was to corrupt someone truly good. After Mason's first encounter with the supernatural, during which time he and Lydia Martin were attacked by one of Kate Argent's Berserkers at the high school, Mason became fascinated by the mystical world within Beacon Hills and dedicated himself to learning more, even spending hundreds of dollars of books on Tezcatlipoca, the Nagual, Berserkers and other creatures. This research was aided by his highly observant nature, which allowed him to realize that Lydia definitely knew more than she was letting on, as did Liam. Once Liam revealed the fact that he was a Werewolf, Mason was excited rather than afraid and only became more eager to join the McCall Pack and help them protect the town.

Physical Appearance

Mason is of average height, 5'8", with a slim, lean build. He has medium-brown skin with dark brown eyes and short dark brown hair and typically leans toward trendy, comfortable clothing, such as button up shirts in bold colors and patterns with slim-cut dark jeans and sneakers or boots, often paired with a leather or khaki jacket. He has his ears pierced and typically wears white stone studs in them, though this seems to be the extent of the jewelry he wears.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

As a genetic chimera, Mason had the qualities the Dread Doctors desired in their test subjects to become a Chimeras, with the ultimate goal of finding a suitable vessel for the spirit of the resurrected Sebastien Valet, also known as the Beast of Gevaudan. During his possession, Mason's body would shapeshift into the Beast whenever the Dread Doctor's triggered the right frequency. Mason himself never actually displayed any supernatural abilities as was merely a host for Sebastien's spirit.


Mason has many human abilities that he has used to great effect to protect himself and defend his friends. He is a highly intelligent young man who is very skilled at research, allowing him to gain a wide knowledge base in everything from mythology and folklore to science. He is also an extremely observant person who suspected something was wrong with Liam Dunbar almost immediately after he was given the Bite by Scott McCall, which gives him the ability to utilize his problem-solving skills at a rapid speed. It has also been revealed that Mason is able to see Corey when he's camouflaged through a refraction of light around his silhouette, though it is unknown how or why he can do this when no one else can. As a result, Mason has stated that finding Corey is his only superpower.


Now that Mason is no longer the vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan, he presumably has been reverted to a human state (albeit one with genetic chimerism), giving him all of the weaknesses common to humans, such as mortality.

When Mason was the Beast, he was susceptible to certain high-pitched frequencies, which forced him to transform into his Beast form at the Dread Doctors' whims. This not only made the Beast more physically powerful, but it also allowed Sebastien's spirit inside of him to gain more and more control and memory of his identity until he was finally able to transform Mason into his original body.


  • Mason: Mason is a masculine given name that originated as an English occupational surname meaning "stoneworker," which itself was derived from an Old French word of Germanic origin masson, akin to the Old English macian, meaning "to make." Mason is also one of the earliest recorded surname due to its occupational origins, and first appeared as Macun in 1130. Another etymology of Mason could be derived from the given name Maso, the short form of the Italian name Tommaso (Thomas in English), which itself is derived from the Aramaic word toma, meaning "twin." This is an ironic twist, as Mason the character became a genetic chimera due to the fact that he absorbed his twin in utero, causing him to possess two sets of DNA.
  • Hewitt: Hewitt is an English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish surname derived from the medieval given name Huet, a diminutive of Hugh. Hugh itself comes from the Germanic element hug, meaning "heart, mind, and spirit," a fitting name for a character who is known to possess all of these traits. In English, Hewitt is also a topographical surname given to someone who lived in a newly made clearing in the woods, derived from the Middle English word hewett (from the Old English hiewet, a derivative of heawan, meaning "to chop, to hew").


  • Mason is one of several LGBT+ characters in the Teen Wolf series, including Jackson, DannyEthanCaitlin, Emily, Corey, and Brett.
  • Mason wears size 10 shoes, as evidenced when Scott and Stiles found his bloody footprints at a crime scene after Mason had inadvertently transformed into the Beast and attacked Jordan Parrish.
  • Mason is a genetic chimera, though rather than becoming one due to an organ or tissue transplant like the other Chimeras, Mason became one because he absorbed his twin in the womb, in what is called fetal resorption syndrome.
  • Mason has been shown to have many similarities to Stiles Stilinski:
    • They are both (mostly) humans whose best friends (Scott for Stiles and Liam for Mason) are werewolves.
    • They are both incredibly smart and very good at problem-solving and researching and have gone out of their way to learn as much as possible about the supernatural in order to help their friends.
    • They have both been possessed by the spirits of supernatural killers, who used their bodies to cause chaos, injury, and death to those around them; for Stiles, it was the Nogitsune, and for Mason, it was Sebastien Valet/the Beast of Gevaudan. Additionally, both will have to deal with the emotional/psychological aftermath of the deaths and destruction they caused during their possessions, even despite knowing that it wasn't truly their fault since they were not in control of their bodies at the time.
    • In Season 6, he fills in Stiles' role both for both Scott and Liam, the latter of which seems to have his own "sub-pack" within the McCall pack consisting of Liam, Mason, Corey, and Hayden.
    • In the Season 6A finale, Stiles gives Mason his aluminum bat, essentially "passing the torch" to Mason who will have to help Liam keep Beacon Hills safe in Scott and Stiles' absence.


  • Liam and Mason (Best Friends)
  • Mason and Corey (Boyfriends)
  • Scott and Mason (Friends/Packmates)
  • Kira and Mason (Friends/Packmates)
  • Lydia and Mason (Friends/Packmates)
  • Malia and Mason (Friends/Packmates)
  • Mason and Stiles (Friends/Packmates)
  • Hayden and Mason (Friends/Packmates)
  • Brett and Mason (Friends/Allies)
  • Mason and Melissa (Allies)
  • Deaton and Mason (Allies)
  • Mason and Stilinski (Allies)
  • Mason and Theo (Former Enemies, Reluctant Allies)


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