Theo: "That is great, but if we're the only ones left in Beacon Hills, then we need each other. Which means you need me out of this cell."
Liam: "We need to trust you."
Theo: "Then you need to get realistic, because trust is not important right now. It is us against them, and you want a lot more of us, considering how many of them there are."
Liam: "...I hate to say he's right, but... He's kind of right."
Sheriff: "If I let you out and I see any behavior that I find remotely suspicious, I'll put so many bullets in your head, God won't even recognize you."
Theo: "I'm an atheist. Fire at will."

Memory Found [1] is the ninth episode of Season 6 and the eighty-ninth episode of Teen Wolf.

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While Liam and Theo act as decoys, Scott, Lydia and Malia enact a desperate plan to try and remember Stiles.[2]

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  • The episode title is a reference to the premiere episode, Memory Lost, in which Stiles Stilinski is erased from reality and the memories of his loved ones. The title "Memory Found" is then a play-on-words regarding the fact that Scott, Malia and Lydia spend the episode forcing themselves to remember Stiles.
  • Sheriff Stilinski and Liam Dunbar return to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station to find that all of the deputies have been taken by the Wild Hunt. This implies that Hayden Romero's sister, Valerie Clark, has been taken as well.
  • When Liam and Theo Raeken return to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, they find that all of the hospital personnel have been captured as well.
  • Scott, Malia, and Lydia each use a different visual (created by Lydia) in order to help them access their repressed memories without drowning in them.
    • Scott visualized each of his memories of Stiles being locked in their own individual locker at Beacon Hills High School.
    • Malia visualized all of her memories being stored in their own individual book in the library at the high school, with her memories of Stiles occupying their own bookshelf on the first floor.
    • Lydia visualized her memories of Stiles as their own individual channel on a television, and she used a remote control to manually flip through them.
  • According to Lydia, Natalie Martin saw a hypnotist many years ago to help her quit smoking cigarettes and had Lydia see the same one when she was ten years old to help her stop biting her nails.
  • Liam Dunbar made his first kills in this episode when he shot two Ghost Riders, one in the chest and one in the head, with their own hands on their guns. This also proves that their weapons can be used against them as well.
  • After Scott, Malia, and Lydia in turn triggered their memories of Stiles, a rift opened in the tunnel outside of the Argent Bunker, where a male figure was walking toward them. It's revealed in Said the Spider to the Fly that the figure is the Anuk-ite, who will became in the main antagonist in the Season 6B.
  • Despite Liam and Theo's insistence that they wouldn't put their lives on the line to protect each other, each of them did so on several occasions when they were close to being captured by the Ghost Riders.

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  • "Wildest Ones" by Zayde Wølf
    • Theo and Liam frantically try to find the correct key to start the Sheriff's deputy cruiser
  • "Way Down We Go (Stripped)" by Kaleo
    • Malia and Lydia struggle to help Scott stay awake and focus on a single memory. Scott flashes back to being with Stiles in the hallway at school
  • "Alps" Novo Amor & Ed Tullett
    • In Scott's trance, he opens a locker and finds a lit road flare inside before flashing back to Stiles convincing him not to commit suicide at the Glen Capri Motel
  • "Can I Exist" by Missio
    • In Malia's trance, she looks through books to find memories of Stiles, ending with Stiles kissing her goodbye when they were infected with the modified canine distemper and hiding in the Hale Vault
  • "Start of Time" by Gabrielle Aplin
    • In Lydia's memories, she struggles to help Stiles with his panic attack after learning that Argent had been taken by the Darach and ultimately kisses him to make him hold his breath.
  • "So Nice to Meet Ya" by Hayden Calnin
    • Lydia's memories trigger a rift to open in the Argent Bunker, and a shadowy figure that they hope is Stiles starts to walk toward them

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