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SCOTT: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
THEO: Guess who knows all' about Mr. Douglas.
LIAM: He's a Nazi.
SCOTT: You remembered Stiles, and a new rift was created.
MALIA: If the Sheriff can do it...
LYDIA: Maybe we can.
LIAM: But that rift closed.
SCOTT: Then we'll open it again... by remembering Stiles.
STILES: Remember I love you.
SCOTT: We have to remember everything.


LYDIA: The tunnel gate's locked. Everything is locked.
MALIA: Think it'll hold them off?
SCOTT: Probably not.
LYDIA: Definitely not.
MALIA: You guys aren't hoping I'm gonna be the optimist, are you?
SCOTT: So, how cold does this thing get?
LYDIA: Cold enough for a Hellhound. It's not the same thing as the ice bath you gave Isaac, but it can lower your core temperature past anything a human can survive.
MALIA: So, what does freezing our asses off have to do with our memories?
LYDIA: It'll slow your heart rate and put you in a trance-like state.
SCOTT: Like hypnosis.
LYDIA: Hypnotic regression. If we can figure out how to work it...
MALIA: This says "start." So, maybe it's not that complicated.
SCOTT: ...It's complicated.
MALIA: So, optimistically, how much time do you think we need to do this?
SCOTT: As much time as Liam and Stilinski can buy us.


LIAM: Look, I'm not saying you have to like him. I'm just saying... maybe he can help us.
STILINSKI: Liam, I'll consider asking Theo for help when I don't have a station full of armed deputies to back me up.
STILINSKI: [on radio] Any available units-- this is Sheriff Stilinski, do you copy?
STILINSKI: [on radio] I repeat-- any and all units, this is Sheriff Stilinski. Respond immediately with your twenty.
STILINSKI: [on radio] All units--
LIAM: They're gone.
STILINSKI: [stutters] That-that-that's not possible. That's-they couldn't have taken everyone.
THEO: They didn't.
THEO: Please, please tell me that you brought the key card.
STILINSKI: I also brought my gun.
THEO: And your sense of humor. That is great. But, if we're the only ones left in Beacon Hills, then we need each other. Which means you need me out of this cell.
LIAM: We need to trust you.
THEO: Then you need to get realistic, because trust is not important right now. It is us against them, and you want a lot more of us, considering how many of them there are.
LIAM: I hate to say he's right, but... he's kind of right.
STILINSKI: If I let you out, and I see any behavior that I find remotely suspicious, I'll put so many bullets in your head, God won't even recognize you.
THEO: [smirks] I'm an atheist. Fire at will.
THEO: [sighs] You're gonna need to be a bit closer than that, Sheriff. Wave it over the card reader. Come on. Right here. Up and down. You can do it!
LIAM: Sheriff, we need him.
STILINSKI: Tell me something.
THEO: Tell you what? What are you talking about?
STILINSKI: Tell me about my son. Tell me one thing about Stiles that you remember. Just one.
THEO: You swipe that key card, I'll tell you anything you want.
LIAM: Sheriff! They are coming.
STILINSKI: One thing. Just one thing!
THEO: [shouts] He was smart!
THEO: Smart enough not to trust me.

LIAM: They're here.
STILINSKI: How close?
THEO: [grimly] Too close.
STILINSKI: How many?
LIAM: I heard a couple horses, maybe more.
THEO: Five. I-I think five at most.
STILINSKI: Three of us, five of them. You ready?
THEO: Wait, are you kidding? Us against five Ghost Riders?
LIAM: We can take 'em.
THEO: Five of them?
LIAM: Three of us.
STILINSKI: [sighs] Yeah...
STILINSKI: [sighs] Aww...
THEO: Two of us.



THEO: Keys! Keys!
THEO: Are you serious?
LIAM: Here.
THEO: Give me another.
LIAM: Which one?
THEO: Any of them! Come on!
LIAM: There's a lot of keys here!
THEO: [irritably] I really feel like you're not even trying right now, Liam.
LIAM: I'm trying!
THEO: No. Come on, Liam, give me ano--
THEO: This isn't even a car key!
LIAM: That's a small key. That's too small. Too small!
THEO: Come on!
LIAM: Okay, here. Take this one.
THEO: Whoa!
LIAM: YES! Go, go, go!!!


MALIA: Okay. It's doing something. You ready?
LYDIA: [sighs] Remember, this will get cold enough to kill you. So, if something feels wrong, or, like it's not working...
SCOTT: It's going to work.
LYDIA: I hope you're not saying that because you think I know what I'm doing...
SCOTT: I'm saying that because I know you can figure it out.
SCOTT: [gasps] Oh, okay. All right. Yeah, that's cold. Really cold.
MALIA: So, what are we supposed to do? Talk to him? Help him remember? Wait 'til he turns into a Werewolf freezy-pop?
LYDIA: We need to guide him, keep him focused.
LYDIA: [loudly] Scott, you have to think about him. Concentrate on Stiles. Try to picture him in your head. Think about what he looks like, things he's said...
MALIA: I don't like this. Something's wrong.
LYDIA: Wait. Give it a few more seconds.
MALIA: I'm getting him out of there.
LYDIA: Wait!
LYDIA: Scott... Can you hear me?
LYDIA: [echoes] Can you hear me?
LYDIA: Scott, don't fall asleep. You have to keep your eyes open.
SCOTT: [mumbles] I'm trying...
LYDIA: It's not sleep. I think you're losing consciousness... And, if you do that, I think we're gonna lose you...
LYDIA: Scott, stay awake! Scott!


STILES: You kissed her, Scott! You kissed Lydia.
SCOTT: Stiles, please let me out. It's the full moon, I swear. You know I wouldn't do any of this on purpose. And it's killing me. I feel completely hopeless. Just please... let me out.
STILES: I can't.


THEO: Where does this take us?
LIAM: The hospital.
THEO: [incredulously] Hospital? Why the... What the hell are we supposed to do at the hospital?
LIAM: Hide.
LIAM: Look, we can't outrun them, right? I know every inch of that building-- every room, every corner.
THEO: Hide? That's the best that we've got?
LIAM: [frustratedly] We just need to keep them away from Scott for as long as possible.
THEO: Why? What's he gonna do?
LIAM: He's gonna remember.
THEO: Remember what?
LIAM: Stiles. He has to remember Stiles.
THEO: What if he can't?
LIAM: Then the rest of us... We get forgotten.


DEREK: You think you attacked the driver. ("Pack Mentality")
LYDIA: Scott... Try to find him.
STILES: Okay, why is it starting to feel like you're Batman and I'm Robin? ("Pack Mentality")
LYDIA: Try to find him in your memories.
STILES: You have something, Scott-- whether you want it or not, you can do things that nobody else can do. ("Heart Monitor")
LYDIA: [anxiously] Find him in any memory! Good or bad!
STILES: Scott, there's gotta be something else, okay? We always have a Plan B. ("The Overlooked")
STILES: This is just a dream. You're dreaming. ("More Bad Than Good")
SCOTT: Why can't you trust anyone?
STILES: [loudly] Because you trust everyone! ("Parasomnia")
MALIA: What's happening to him?
LYDIA: I don't know.
MALIA: He doesn't look good. He looks...
MALIA: ...Lost.
LYDIA: I think he is. I think maybe it's too much information. Like he's getting buried under all the memories, being overloaded by them.
MALIA: So what do we do to help him?
LYDIA: Scott? Scott, do you hear me? You have to try to focus!
STILES: That's it... There's no going back. ("Codominance")
STILES: I seriously don't understand how you survive without me. ("Shape Shifted")
STILES: Frontotemporal dementia. ("Riddled")
SCOTT: I'll do something. ("Riddled")


THEO: Liam, come on! We don't have much of a lead on them.
THEO: What the hell are you doing?
LIAM: Don't! Don't turn it off!
THEO: You want to bring them all here? Every single one of them?
LIAM: That's exactly what I want to do... 'Cause if the Ghost Riders are here, that means they're not trying to get to Scott.
THEO: So you don't care if they get to you?
LIAM: They're gonna get to all of us eventually.
THEO: You. You're going first. That's the only reason I'm with you-- because while they're busy wrapping a whip around your neck, or shooting a hole in your head, I'll be running the other direction. I'm on your side as long as it helps me.
LIAM: Trust me, I know.

TARA: [echoing] Theo...
LIAM: Theo?
LIAM: Theo...
THEO: I'm fine. Just... Just thought I was somewhere else for a second.
LIAM: Where?
THEO: In a bad dream.
THEO: You said you knew where to hide.
LIAM: Follow me.


STILES: You're cursed, Scott. ("Wolf Moon")
MALIA: You hear that?
LYDIA: Thunder?
MALIA: Maybe.
LYDIA: [sighs] This isn't working.
MALIA: Then we have to figure something else out.
LYDIA: I know. I know.
MALIA: Is he gonna freeze to death in there?
LYDIA: If his memories don't kill him...
MALIA: There has to be another way to do this... isn't there?
LYDIA: [anxiously] I don't know! This is my first attempt at trying to open a dimensional rift in space-time, so I'm kind of fumbling around in the dark, okay?
MALIA: I'm getting him out.
LYDIA: Wait--
MALIA: What?
LYDIA: I'm not the only one fumbling around in the dark.
MALIA: What does that mean?
LYDIA: I think we have to treat this more like actual hypnosis. They use images to guide you through memories. Like a stairwell-- the steps take you down through one year of your life to the next. That's how they regress you back.
MALIA: I get it. So, he needs to imagine something. What do we tell him?
LYDIA: Scott? Can you hear me?
LYDIA: Scott, listen... Imagine this... Imagine you're in the high school, in the corridor where all the lockers are. Just try to imagine standing there. That's where your memories are. They're all in the lockers. They're locked away behind each one. Every memory of Stiles is in a separate locker. Scott, you're there... in the high school... you're standing there now.


THEO: This is your brilliant idea? To barricade ourselves in the morgue?
LIAM: The Ghost Riders go after the living... So, we hide with the dead.
THEO: [repulsed] I'm not getting in one of those.
LIAM: [sighs] Me neither.
THEO: You should have left me in the holding cell.
LIAM: I should've left you in the ground.
THEO: [aggressively] Oh, really?
LIAM: [irritably] Yes. Really.
THEO: What do you think I was doing down there? Just hanging out with my dead sister? Having a good time catching up on childhood memories?
LIAM: I think you were rotting down there.
THEO: [sarcastically] Liam finally gets one thing right.
LIAM: I also think whatever happened to you, you deserved it.
THEO: Is that right?
LIAM: When the Ghost Riders find us, I'm not gonna do anything for you. I'm not gonna help you. I'm not gonna save you. I'm gonna do exactly what you would do to me-- I'm gonna use you as bait.
THEO: You still hear the ambulance? The siren, can you still hear it?
THEO: They're here.


SCOTT: [on the phone] Stiles, you there?
STILES: [on the phone] Scott? I-I don't know where I am. I don't know how I got here.
STILES: [voicemail greeting] Hey, this is Stiles and you missed me. Leave a mess--
STILES: [voicemail greeting] Hey, this is Stiles and you missed me. ("Riddled")
STILES: [echoing] Stiles and you missed me... Stiles and you missed me...
SCOTT: Lydia, I need your help. I don't think I can do this. I can't figure it out.
LYDIA: Keep looking.
SCOTT: There are memories, but I don't know which one's the right one. What am I supposed to do?
LYDIA: Find another memory. Just find another memory.
LYDIA: It's getting too cold. He's getting too cold.
MALIA: What if it's not enough to remember him? What if it's some kind of a connection he's supposed to make because of a memory?
LYDIA: Like an emotional connection?
MALIA: That could be why it worked for Stilinski, right?
LYDIA: He wasn't just remembering someone. He was remembering his son.
MALIA: Scott? Scott, can you hear me? Listen, I remember something. At the start of the year, Stiles was trying to find a place for you guys to live after graduation. He said you were getting an apartment together. And I remember saying something to Stiles, something like "it's not always a good idea to live with your friends, even your best friend. But Stiles said it wouldn't matter, because you weren't just friends-- you guys were more like brothers.
MALIA: [echoing] Brothers... Brothers... Brothers...

STILES: Scott, just listen to me okay, okay? You're not no one. Okay? You're someone. You're... Scott, you're my best friend, okay? And I need you. Scott, you're my brother. All right? So, if we're gonna do this, then... I think you're just gonna have to take me with you. ("Motel California")

SCOTT: [upset] What? What's wrong? Why'd you bring me out?
LYDIA: Your heart rate dropped-- you were gonna die.
MALIA: We had to.
SCOTT: But, then... But then nothing happened, did it? It didn't work.
SCOTT: I'm going back in.
 : No, you're not!
SCOTT: It was working. Something was happening, I could feel it.
LYDIA: But nothing was happening out here. Nothing, Scott. All we saw was you freezing to death.
MALIA: You're still too cold.
SCOTT: We can't give up now.
MALIA: We're not. It's my turn.
MALIA: I have plenty of memories of Stiles, too.
LYDIA: It's too dangerous.
SCOTT: Not as dangerous as doing nothing. She'll probably handle the cold better than me.
MALIA: If it's all about connection, then Stiles was the first person I connected with in a long time.
SCOTT: She'll need a visual.
LYDIA: Okay, I think I have an idea. But Malia, if your heart rate goes down like Scott's, or if we think you're going to freeze to death--
MALIA: [interjects] --Then get me the hell out of there.

LYDIA: Can you see yourself there? Are you in the library now?
MALIA: I'm here. I'm in the library.
LYDIA: Can you see the books?
MALIA: I see them.
LYDIA: Concentrate on them. The books on the shelves are your memories-- everything that's ever happened to you. Find the shelf that has all your memories of Stiles. Try to find a memory where you made some kind of connection with him.
STILES: Hey! Sti-- ("Echo House")
LYDIA: Did you find something?
MALIA: I definitely connected...
STILES: I'm not gonna run, 'cause I don't think you're gonna hurt me. And I think that maybe you're so afraid of hurting me because of what you did to your family. ("The Benefactor (Episode)")

MALIA: You want to help me? Find a way to change me back.
STILES: [confused] You want to go back? To being a coyote? ("Echo House")
LYDIA: Find something else.

MALIA: I heard you almost got killed. ("Monstrous")

MALIA: I hate this. ("Lies of Omission")

STILES: Malia... I gotta leave for a few, okay?
MALIA: Where are you going?
STILES: Whatever's happening, it's worse for you guys.
MALIA: Stiles, where are you going?
MALIA: You're coming back, right?
STILES: Yeah. Yeah, I'd never leave you behind. ("Weaponized")
LYDIA: Malia?
SCOTT: Malia, open your eyes.
LYDIA: Malia, can you hear us?
SCOTT: Open your eyes, Malia.
LYDIA: Scott, look! Something's happening.


THEO: [exasperatedly] Hide with the dead???
LIAM: [shrugs] It was worth a try!


SCOTT: What are you doing?
LYDIA: It's too dangerous. We're not going to save anyone by freezing you guys to death.
MALIA: But it was working, wasn't it?
LYDIA: There was a light and a strange noise. No Stiles.
SCOTT: But I remember him now. I can see him in my head.
MALIA: So can I.
SCOTT: He's more real now than he's ever been. If we can bring Stiles back, we can bring everyone back!
LYDIA: There's a huge difference in being a vivid memory and an actual corporeal human being.
SCOTT: I know. Which is why I think it should be you.
LYDIA: [scoffs] I won't last two minutes in there.
SCOTT: Then think of something else. Malia's right. It's all about the connection. When I was remembering him, I was also remembering the two of you together. I don't think anyone had a connection like you guys.
MALIA: I saw it, too. You have to try, Lydia.
LYDIA: Then we have to do it the old-fashioned way. We're going to have to actually hypnotize me.


THEO: They're everywhere.
LIAM: Good.
THEO: Really? You really need me to remind you that getting captured by the Ghost Riders isn't gonna help you save your friends?
LIAM: We're both getting caught. You can do it while you're running. I'm going down fighting.
THEO: [sighs] RAWRR!


LYDIA: My mother had a hypnotist who helped her quit smoking. She had me see the same one when I was ten.
SCOTT: [incredulously] You smoked when you were ten?
LYDIA: [sighs] No! I bit my fingernails. Just find a lighter or a candle, please.
MALIA: Too much?
SCOTT: I got one.
SCOTT: What's that?
LYDIA: An induction script. One of you guys is going to have to talk me through this.
MALIA: So I just read?
LYDIA: Well, you have to soften your voice. Keep it relaxed, but not monotone. Go for clarity, not volume. Try it.
MALIA: [slowly] Take... a... deep... breath... and... look... at... the... candle--
SCOTT: Take a deep breath and look at the candle. Feel the muscles in your body begin to relax. You hands relaxing. Your eyelids relaxing. As you relax, imagine you're sitting in front of a TV...
SCOTT: When you turn the TV on, it's going to play memories from your life... The remote gives you total control. You can play any memory you want... All you have to do is hit the button.
NATALIE: Honey, there's a Stiles here to see you.
STILES: I was just making sure you were okay...
LYDIA: What the hell is a Stiles? ("The Tell")

STILES: You wanna dance?
LYDIA: Pass.
STILES: You know what? Let me try that again. Lydia, get off your cute little ass and dance with me now.
LYDIA: Interesting tactic. I'm gonna stick with "no." ("Formality")
SCOTT: Try to find a memory of Stiles. A memory where you felt a connection with him.
STILES: I'm the only one who knows how smart you really are...
LYDIA: [mumbles] Fields Medal...
LYDIA: Nobel doesn't have a prize for mathem...
LYDIA: Nobel doesn't have a prize for mathematics. Field's Medal. ("Formality")
SCOTT: Find another memory. Keep looking for Stiles. Find another memory.
LYDIA: Isn't anyone gonna get me a coat? ("Omega")
STILES: ...Turning out to be, like, a perfect combination... ("Ice Pick")
STILES: My face just has, like-- ("Fireflies")
LYDIA: I'm not psychic!
STILES: You're something! ("Currents")


THEO: Let's go!
LIAM: What are you doing?
THEO: [smirks] Being the bait.
LIAM: No!!!


LYDIA: Okay, well, maybe we could just... We could go over there, and... What?
STILES: It's from Isaac.
LYDIA: What is it now?
STILES: She took him. She's got all three now.
LYDIA: There's still time. We still have time, right?
LYDIA: Stiles? You okay? What is it? What's wrong? Stiles?
LYDIA: [echoing] Stiles...? Stiles...? Stiles...?
STILES: I think I'm having a panic attack...
LYDIA: Okay, come on. Come on. Just try and think about something else. Anything else.
STILES: [gasping] Like what?
LYDIA: Happy things. Good things. Uh, friends... family...
LYDIA: Uh, I mean, not family. Oh, god. Okay... Uh, just... try and slow your breathing.
STILES: I can't... I can't...
LYDIA: Shh... Shh... Stiles, look at me. Shh... Look at me... Shh... Stiles...
STILES: How did you do that?
LYDIA: I, uh... I read once that holding your breath could stop a panic attack. So, when I kissed you, um... You held your breath.
STILES: I did?
LYDIA: Yeah, you did. ("Alpha Pact")
LYDIA: That's when it happened.
SCOTT: When what happened?
SCOTT: Lydia, what do you mean? When what happened?
LYDIA: [crying] When I kissed him. That's when it all changed.
STILES: Lydia, look at me. ("Lie Ability")
STILES: [echoing] Look at me... Look at me...
LYDIA: [crying] I saw him. I was there. I was the last person to see him.
SCOTT: Where? When did you see him?
LYDIA: The Ghost Riders, they... When they took him.
STILES: Look at me. Look at me. You're gonna forget me.
LYDIA: I won't. No, I won't. I won't.
STILES: Lydia, you will.
STILES: Just remember... Remember I love you. ("Memory Lost")
LYDIA: I never said it back. I never said it back.
LYDIA: Stiles?


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