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Isaac: "My neck..."
Braeden: "From their claws. It's how they share memories."
Isaac: "But I don't remember anything..."
Braeden: "It's also how they steal them."
Isaac Lahey and Braeden about the Werewolf form of Memory Manipulation in Tattoo

Memory Manipulation is the ability to manipulate the mind of an individual, which can include the person with the ability sharing a memory with the target, the person with the ability searching through the target's memories in order to gain information (identities, locations, etc.), distorting or modifying memories so that they appear a completely different way, and, in advanced cases, even completely removing memories all together. Many supernatural and unnatural species are capable of utilizing this power, either naturally or through specific rituals. The use of this power takes a great amount of skill and can be very dangerous due to the risk of physical and psychological harm toward the target if used incorrectly.

Beings who possess this ability[]


Chimeras who are part-Werewolf are seemingly able to access this power by inserting their claws into the back of the neck of their target in the same way a Werewolf would, although it would still require proper training to do it safely. The only Chimera who has demonstrated this ability is Theo Raeken, a part-Werewolf, part-Werecoyote hybrid; however, Theo admitted prior to performing the ritual on Lydia Martin that he had not been trained to do so, and though he was able to gain the information he sought from her mind (in this case, the exact location of the Nemeton in the Beacon Hills Preserve), his inexperienced technique led Lydia to be left catatonic for several weeks until she was finally able to awaken herself. ("Status Asthmaticus"), ("The Sword and the Spirit")

Dread Doctors[]

Lydia: "What are they?"
Valack: "Not entirely human-- at least, not anymore. They were scientists, once... Scientists who worshipped the supernatural. Tesla said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." They found their secrets in electromagnetic forces-- ways to prolong their lives, give them power, and, most importantly, making you forget you ever saw them."
Lydia Martin and Gabriel Valack about the Dread Doctors' form of Memory Manipulation in A Novel Approach

The Dread Doctors demonstrated an aspect of this power, specifically the ability to suppress the memories of being experimented on in the Chimeras they created while trying to resurrect the Beast of Gevaudan. It was implied that this ability is a subset of their power of electromagnetokinesis, their main superhuman power, which is what allowed them to control electricity and magnetic forces. Tracy Stewart, Donovan Donati, Lucas, Josh Diaz, Hayden Romero, and Corey Bryant were all known to have their memories manipulated by the Dread Doctors during their experimentation, as well as possibly other Chimera test subjects.

However, these memories were not completely removed from their mind, just blocked from being easily accessed, and there were at least two methods by which a person could trigger these memories. The first was to read Gabriel Valack's novel, The Dread Doctors, which was specifically created to activate lost memories of being experimented on by the pseudo-supernatural researchers as well as memories that were simply repressed due to the traumatic nature of the event; Tracy Stewart and Kira Yukimura both utilized the book to regain their memories with the Dread Doctors, although Kira's Kitsune nature forced her to have to read it backwards to gain the same effect as a result of the Fox spirit's difficulty understanding language tricks. ("Dreamcatchers"), ("Ouroboros"). Similarly, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski were all able to regain their memories of traumatic events in their past that were repressed as a defense mechanism and not because of the Dread Doctors' powers, suggesting there may be a correlation to how their power functions. ("Condition Terminal"), ("Required Reading")

The second method was to have a Werewolf perform their memory manipulation ritual on the person missing the memories, although the "playback" of these memories can be hazy and make it difficult to understand. Scott McCall utilized this method on Corey Bryant in hopes of gaining the location of the Dread Doctors Operating Theater, as they were desperate to find their friends Liam Dunbar and Hayden Romero, who had been captured by the Dread Doctors the night before. ("Ouroboros")

Ghost Riders[]

As a side effect of their ability to warp reality, the Ghost Riders are capable of severely suppressing the memories of someone they have captured from the minds of their loved ones and acquaintances, causing them to completely be erased from their recollection of their lives. However, it was soon discovered that not everything could be erased, as certain events in a person's life may not make sense without the erased person's presence (e.g. Scott McCall knew the truth about how he was turned into a Werewolf, but was unable to understand why he would be out in the woods in the middle of the night, and why Sheriff Stilinski would know he was there without his memories of his friendship with the erased Stiles Stilinski to give them context.

Similarly, evidence that was left behind of a person's existence can also trigger many, if not all of their memories, as demonstrated when Stilinski found Stiles' hidden bedroom in his house. ("Blitzkrieg") Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin eventually figured out a way for them all to regain their memories of Stiles Stilinski through hypnotic regression, which also empowered them to create a rift to the Wild Hunt in order to release Stiles back to the real world. ("Memory Found"), ("Riders on the Storm") This power has several limitations—it was unable to affect Theo Raeken while he was locked in his underground prison for three months ("Ghosted"), and it does not seem to be effective on those with dementia, since Elias Stilinski still had memories of his grandson Stiles despite being in range to have his memories taken by the Ghost Riders. ("Sundowning")


Peter: "Relax. I'll get more out of you if you're calm."
Isaac: "How do you know how to do this, again...?"
Peter: "It's an ancient ritual used mostly by Alphas, since it's a skill that requires quite a bit of practice. One slip, and you could paralyze someone... or kill them."
Peter Hale explaining the Werewolf Memory Manipulation ritual to Isaac Lahey in Chaos Rising

Werewolves possess this ability through the use of their claws, which are inserted into the base of the neck of their target, creating a connection between the two. Though this power is primarily used to share memories with a person or to view the other person's memories, advanced users have also been known to falsify memories (such as Deucalion) and even erase them completely (such as Talia Hale). This power is typically used by Alphas due to the advanced skill level required to use it effectively and safely, but lower-ranking Werewolves have also been taught the ritual as well. Peter Hale and Scott McCall were most often seen using this ability.


Werecoyotes are almost identical to Werewolves when it comes to their supernatural abilities, and though they have never been shown to perform the ritual, it was implied that it would work when Malia Tate suggested she use it on Elias Stilinski and Halwyn to try to get into their minds. ("Sundowning"), ("Genotype") Malia also had a great enough understanding of how the ritual worked to forcefully make her father Peter Hale perform it on her spontaneously without his assistance, suggesting she was indeed capable of performing it on her own. ("Werewolves of London")

Uses of Memory Manipulation[]