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"You have to wake up."
"But what if I can't?"
"You won't be able to help your friends. And they'll die without you."
Meredith and Lydia Martin in Damnatio Memoriae

Meredith Walker is a supporting character in Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5 of Teen Wolf. She was first introduced as a fellow patient in the Eichen House psychiatric facility with Stiles Stilinski and Malia Tate in the late autumn of 2011, but it was later revealed that Meredith is actually a Banshee like Lydia Martin, though she appeared to have a greater control over her powers at the point of this discovery.

Though her fondness for the McCall Pack has led her to use her powers to assist them whenever possible, it was revealed in Season 4's Perishable that she was actually the architect of the Deadpool, a hit-list that included every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills, all of whom she identified with her Banshee abilities and whose assassinations were funded by the $117 million worth of bearer bonds stolen from Peter Hale's safe in the Hale Vault. Soon after, it was discovered that she enacted the Deadpool on behalf of Peter, who came up with the idea while he was comatose in Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital; the two were assigned to the same room at the hospital (where Peter was in a coma recovering from his burns sustained in the Hale House Fire, and Meredith was recovering from the physical and psychological side effects of her powers being tested by fellow Banshee Lorraine Martin), and Meredith's Banshee telepathy allowed her to hear Peter's thoughts as though he were speaking directly to her.

Despite the fact that all of the supernatural members of the McCall Pack were put on her list, including her friend and fellow Banshee, Lydia Martin, and even Meredith herself, she still gave them clues as to how to access the Deadpool computer code, which allowed them to not only survive the attacks but to also protect others on the list as well. After the Deadpool was shut down, Meredith apparently was transferred back to Eichen House's closed unit, where she reunited with Lydia in Season 5 after the latter was admitted after being traumatized into catatonia following Theo Raeken's attack.

After Lydia arrived, Meredith used the Banshee connection that they share to enter her subconscious and encourage her to wake up so that she could save her friends from the Dread Doctors and their latest Chimera. When Lydia worried that she wasn't strong enough to do so, Meredith promised to teach her how to use her voice as a weapon in order to escape the psychiatric facility. As of Lie Ability, Meredith appears to be in a similar catatonic state to what Lydia experienced as well, likely due to a large amount of antipsychotic drugs, such as Haldol, that the nurses in Eichen House give to their patients to ensure their good behavior. As a result, her mind is active, so she can use her Banshee abilities to communicate with Lydia, but her body is near-motionless.

Early life Edit

Very little of Meredith's early life is known. At some point, everyone in her immediate family died, though the causes of their deaths remain unknown. ("I.E.D.") She activated her Banshee abilities when she was in high school, during which time she had many days where the voices of the dying all around the world filled her head constantly.

During one such day, Meredith became so overwhelmed by the voices during her chemistry class that she began to slam her hands down against her desk, confusing her teacher and classmates. Finally, Meredith Banshee-wailed and accidentally channeled her scream through her hands, which shattered all of the windows and injured the majority of her fellow students, an event that contributed to the self-loathing she feels to this day about being a supernatural creature. ("The Sword and the Spirit") She was presumably admitted to Eichen House sometime afterward when, like many Banshees, the effects of the voices she heard in conjunction with premonitions of upcoming deaths, the bodies of the dead that she was drawn to, and the wailing for the dead were mistaken for signs of mental illness.

When she was around sixteen years old, Meredith was found at Eichen House by Lorraine Martin, grandmother of Lydia Martin and a fellow Banshee who was desperate to figure out how her powers worked after she predicted the death of the love of her life, Maddy, and was unable to save her. However, when Lorraine brought Meredith to her home to try to test her abilities, the record player Lorraine used to divine for information about impending death somehow damaged Meredith's ears and brain, both physically and emotionally, which resulted in the young Banshee being hospitalized for over a year. According to Lydia, she never quite recovered back to the point where she was before the accident. ("Perishable")

While Meredith was a catatonic state in the hospital, she was roommates with the Werewolf Peter Hale, who had sustained 3rd degree burns over the majority of his body in the Hale House Fire and whose body had gone into a coma while his supernatural healing ability slowly started to regenerate the damaged tissue. However, since Werewolves are fully cognizant when they are comatose, he slowly started to go mad from being a prisoner in his own essentially paralyzed body, and Meredith's Banshee abilities somewhat picked up on his "signal." This caused her to hear all of his thoughts as though he was standing over her bed and talking to her, which included his manic ranting about how he knew the Argents were going to come for them and how angry he was at his sister Talia for not listening to his warnings.

He then detailed a plan to remake the supernatural community of Beacon Hills in his image by creating a Deadpool hit-list that would allow anyone—assassins, hunters, or amateur civilians alike—to hunt and kill the existing supernaturals in the town, presumably because he intended to create more after he became an Alpha. Meredith, already prone to self-loathing regarding all of the pain and suffering that supernatural creatures such as herself cause to each other and innocent humans, decided to put the Deadpool into effect after she heard Lydia wail for Allison Argent's death in Insatiable. Since, as a Banshee, she knew that the head orderly, Brunski, was an "Angel of Death" who had been killing patients under the guise of supposedly "relieving their suffering," she used this information to blackmail him into helping her with the Deadpool, including having him steal the bearer bonds from the Hale Vault, convert them into cash, and help her utilize Lorraine Martin's computer code to run the Deadpool automatically. ("Monstrous")

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In Echo House, Meredith made her first appearance when she was introduced as a patient at Eichen House during Stiles Stilinski's brief stay there. Stiles' roommate, Oliver was showing Stiles around the facility when they came upon Meredith talking to someone on the payphone in the common area at Eichen House. They overheard her talking about how she needed to tell "someone" the whole story before whispering that "one of them" was standing right behind her; though it was initially assumed she was referring to Stiles and the fact that he was possessed by the Nogitsune at this time, it is now believed that she was actually referring to Malia Tate, a Werecoyote who would later be one of targets she put on the Deadpool in Season 4.

After noticing Stiles and Oliver were eavesdropping on her call, Meredith then immediately hung up and walked away, taking great care to avoid eye contact with either of the boys. Meredith was later seen attending the same group therapy session as Stiles, Oliver, and Malia Tate, which was led by Eichen House's counselor Marin Morrell. When she saw Stiles starting to have a panic attack due to the hallucinations he was experiencing as a result of being possessed by the Nogitsune, she watched him with both curiosity and worry.

In, Insatiable, she was seen again, when Stiles realized that Meredith might know more than she was letting on about what was currently happening in Beacon Hills. However, when Sheriff Stilinski went to Eichen House to speak with her, he learned that she had been sent to the closed unit because she wouldn't stop screaming, which was the first hint in the series that she was actually a Banshee.

After Brunski, the head orderly, accompanied Stilinski to her room, they found that she had already escaped, presumably after experiencing a Banshee premonition relating to the Nogitsune and the reign of terror he had been causing in Beacon Hills. Upon making it out of Eichen, she then went straight to Beacon Hills High School in hopes of running into Scott McCall or his fellow members of the McCall Pack.

Once there, Meredith wandered to the music room and began plucking piano strings to try to divine more information about what was going to happen at the night's battle through sound divination and clairaudience. She was seemingly able to glean some information in this procedure, as she tried to tell the voices she was hearing that she needed them to repeat what they said a little louder so she could understand it. However, she was interrupted by Brunski, who confronted her in the music room and threatened to electrocute her with his taser if she didn't follow his orders and come back to Eichen House with him. Panicked, Meredith backed away from him until Bobby Finstock, who seemed to have a negative past history with Brunski, incapacitated him with his own taser, allowing Meredith to be whisked away by Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Kira Yukimura.

As soon as they got into Stiles' Jeep, Scott and Stiles wasted no time asking her where Lydia Martin, who had been captured by the Nogitsune, was currently located, Meredith became confused and asked them who Lydia was, indicating that she didn't know of whom they were speaking. Despite this, Scott and Stiles brought her back to the McCall House, where they hoped that Isaac Lahey would be able to help them talk to Meredith and figure out any kind of plan that could save Lydia's life. After being brought into Scott's bedroom by Isaac and Stiles, Meredith suddenly realized that they were talking about "the Banshee with red hair," and revealed through her actions that she uses telephones to help her process the voices of all the other Banshees in her head by pretending they're calling her.

She used her Banshee connection with Lydia to send her a message from Stiles and Isaac Lahey asking how to find her, but Lydia's response was that she didn't want to be found. She then told them that she heard her say, "Coup de foudre," (French for "a bolt of lightning" and a metaphor for "love at first sight") which made Scott realize that she was at Oak Creek, where Noshiko Yukimura and Corporal Rhys' love story began, and where she summoned the Nogitsune in 1943. Meredith was then presumably sent back to Eichen House later that evening.

Unbeknownst to anyone, she heard Lydia's Banshee wail alerting the supernatural to Allison Argent's death that evening after the young huntress was stabbed and killed by an Oni under the control of the Nogitsune.

In I.E.D., we see Meredith again for the first time since Season 3, when Lydia was desperate to figure out how to decrypt the second and third parts of the Deadpool hit-list and inadvertently sent Meredith a call for help through their Banshee connection without even realizing it. Meredith then once again broke out of Eichen House to lend her assistance, and was found walking toward the high school from the coast (a distance of about fifteen miles) by Deputy Jordan Parrish, who brought her to the Sheriff's station.

After requesting to speak to Lydia, Sheriff Stilinski called Lydia and Malia, who, with Parrish's help, asked Meredith questions about how to find the second cipher key. When Parrish asked her if she had someone that they could call to help them out, Meredith gave them the number 2-4-3-6. Assuming she was going to be giving them a phone number, Lydia became so frustrated that Meredith began to panic and became to upset to help further. Malia and Lydia would later figure out that the number was a code using the numbers and letters on an old-fashioned telephone, which spelled out the name "Aiden." When the name was typed into the Deadpool code, it unlocked the second portion of the list.

In Orphaned, Lydia and Stiles, after learning that Jordan Parrish was on the Deadpool, went to see him to both inform him of this fact and to ask for his help in unlocking the third and final portion of the Deadpool list by accompanying them to Eichen House to talk to Meredith, as they believed that since she had given them the second cipher key, she might also know the third.

Parrish, Stiles and Lydia went to Eichen together to ask for Meredith's help, but Meredith seemed too afraid to give them any more clues, making it seem as though she knew the Benefactor and that "he" didn't want anyone else to know. Lydia, however, was desperate to get answers and insisted that people were going to die if she didn't help them, and though Parrish argued that Lydia needed to go easy on her, Meredith still became so overwhelmed by Lydia's pushiness that she began to have a panic attack, eventually screaming "I don't know!" so loud that she made Lydia's ears bleed, since, as a Banshee, they were more sensitive than the ears of normal humans.

That night, Stiles and Lydia continued to talk about Meredith, as Lydia was concerned that she had sent Meredith over the edge with her aggressive behavior and lamented the fact that she had mistreated the only other Banshee she had ever met. After Lydia managed to figure out on her own that the third cipher key was "Derek," she unlocked the last part of the Deadpool and learned that Meredith was on it for $1 million, among many other familiar names. Lydia insisted that they needed to call Parrish to tell him what was going on, and when she informed him that they needed to get in touch with Meredith to warn her that she was on the Deadpool, Parrish sadly revealed that Meredith had killed herself and that Brunski found her hanging from a noose made of a sheet in her bedroom.

In Weaponized, Lydia was given the evidence box of Meredith's meager belongings from Eichen House, including a teddy bear, a nearly-empty bottle of perfume, a bouquet of dried yellow carnations, and a photograph. However, she didn't pay close attention to the items at first, instead using them as a kind of talisman to connect to Meredith's "spirit" in the Banshee study in her grandmother Lorraine's lake house. She turned on the special record player and began to talk to Meredith as if she were listening, admitting that she had no idea what she was doing, since she didn't believe herself to be a psychic, nor did she think she was a very good Banshee due to her lack of understanding of the extent of her powers.

Lydia went on to insist that she was trying to save her friends and that she thought there had to be a way to use her still-undefined abilities to help them. When she got no response, Lydia began to cry and confessed that what she really wanted to say was that she was sorry and that she wished she could have helped her. When Lydia gave up on trying to contact Meredith and started to pack up her belongings, she finally gave a closer look to the photograph and realized that it was of Meredith standing in the exact same study that Lydia was currently standing in as well, leading Lydia to reveal that Meredith and Lorraine had known each other.

In Time of Death, Lydia returned to the Martin Lake House to try to learn more about how Meredith knew Lorraine, where she was eventually caught by her mother, Natalie Martin. After vaguely admitting what she was doing, Lydia showed Natalie the photo of Meredith, whom Natalie immediately recognized and who explained the girl's connection to Lorraine off-camera.

Meanwhile, after Scott McCall faked his death to try to lure out The Benefactor in hopes of identifying them and ending the Deadpool, they realized that they had misread The Benefactor when they never showed up. This led Scott to inform Kira Yukimura that he thought this could still tell them something about The Benefactor, since there was only one kind of person they knew of who could know whether or not someone was dead without having to see the body—a Banshee. This was the first hint that Meredith was even more connected to the Deadpool than anyone knew, though, since the characters all believed her to be dead, no one suspected that she could be the Banshee Scott was referencing.

In Perishable, Lydia, Jordan Parrish, Derek Hale, and Scott McCall met in Derek's loft after Parrish was doused in gasoline, set on fire, and nearly killed by his work partner, Deputy Haigh, as the fact that Parrish walked away without any injury had proven that he was indeed a supernatural creature like the Deadpool had indicated.

While they were there, Lydia, in an effort to explain more about the Deadpool code, told the story of her paternal grandmother, Lorraine Martin, who, like Lydia and Meredith, was a Banshee. After detailing the fact that Lorraine was a computer programmer for IBM who seemingly wrote the code that was used to create the Deadpool list, Lydia went on to explain that Lorraine's powers manifested in adulthood when she predicted the death of her wife, Maddy. According to Lydia, Lorraine had shrugged off the Banshee premonition at the time, not knowing what it was, but was devastated to learn later that Maddy had in fact drowned while boating on the lake, just as she had predicted. Lorraine then dedicated her life to figuring out how she was able to foresee her wife's death, which ultimately led her to find Meredith in Eichen House, realizing that Meredith didn't understand the things she heard either and thinking that they may be the same.

However, when Lorraine brought Meredith to the lake house to test her powers in the soundproofed study she had built, the special record player hurt Meredith's ears so badly that she became catatonic due to the psychological trauma. Lydia lamented the fact that her grandmother pushed Meredith toward losing her mind, while she herself pushed Meredith to suicide despite the fact that all she wanted to do was help them.

The next day, Stiles and Lydia deciphered the note Lorraine left Lydia, which uncovered a list of suicides at Eichen House, including Lorraine herself. This led the two to go to Eichen House to bribe Brunski into allowing them to access the file room, where they were quickly double-crossed by sadistic orderly, who shocked them with a taser and bound them each to a support beam down in the basement of the facility. Unbeknownst to any of them, Meredith was hiding behind a shelf in the file room and watched as Brunski taunted them with the tape of Lorraine's last moments before Brunski killed her and made it look like a suicide. When Parrish finally showed up and killed Brunski before he could kill Stiles and Lydia, Meredith came out of her hiding place and confirmed Brunski's last words—she was The Benefactor, and that while Brunski wasn't on her list, he was a bad person, indicating that she thought he deserved his fate.

In Monstrous, Meredith was apprehended by Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies and brought back to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station for questioning, though Stilinski had no luck getting any answers out of her. Though Stilinski and Parrish were reluctant to allow it, Lydia eventually convinced them to let her talk to Meredith.

While in Stilinski's office, Lydia assumed aloud that Meredith had learned that Brunski was already a serial killer and knew he would kill again, which led her to use him by having him steal Lorraine Martin's computer code and the bearer bonds from the Hale Vault. From there, Lydia then determined that since Meredith let herself be brought in, that meant she did want to talk, which Meredith confirmed; however, Meredith insisted she would only speak with one person-- Peter Hale.

Peter agreed to come in to speak with Meredith in the Sheriff station's interrogation room while Lydia and Stilinski watched from the observation room next door and Parrish stood guard inside in case anything should happen. Meredith was in awe of Peter's appearance and went to touch his face, which caused Peter to grab her roughly by the wrist before she could make contact. When Parrish firmly instructed Peter to let go of her, he reluctantly complied before asking Meredith why she did that. Meredith, still stunned by his appearance, then breathlessly explained that it was because his burns were all gone, revealing that she knew him when he was hospitalized after the Hale House Fire.

Shocked by this revelation, Peter reminded her that she not only stole $117 of his bearer bonds from the Hale Vault but also created a hit-list of supernatural creatures that included both his daughter, Malia Tate, and his nephew, Derek Hale. Still confused, Meredith reminded him that this was what he told her to do and insisted that he said that the Deadpool had to remain secret. Realizing that Meredith clearly knew more than he did, Peter quickly shoved Parrish onto the ground so he could perform the memory manipulation ritual on Meredith with his claws without interference.

Though Peter was too incapacitated to reveal to the others what he was learning, Lydia's Banshee hearing allowed her to get the full story through Meredith's whispers. Lydia went on to fill Stilinski and Parrish in on the fact that Meredith was hospitalized at the same time as Peter and was his roommate, which somehow allowed Peter's mind to find the same wavelength as Meredith's, giving her the ability to hear every thought Peter had as though he were standing over her bed and whispering it in her ear.

Since Peter, who, as a Werewolf in a coma, was fully cognizant but unable to move or do anything but ruminate in his thoughts, had nothing but time to angrily recall how angry he was with his sister Talia Hale for, in his eyes, making the Hale Pack weak and allowing them to be destroyed by the fire, he had plenty of time to make good on his vow to raze the supernatural community of Beacon Hills to the ground and rebuild it in his image and began to develop a plan. He went on to rant to Meredith as the idea formulated in his mind—Peter would hire assassins such as The Mute, The Chemist, and the Desert Wolf, as well as Hunters and even amateurs, all to try to kill off the town's supernatural population in what he called the Deadpool, believing that it would also confirm what he already believed to be true, which was that anyone could be corrupted by money for the right price.

It was this telepathic ranting on Peter's part that helped convince Meredith to start the Deadpool when she got the chance. After Peter withdrew from Meredith's mind, Meredith watched silently as Stilinski, Parrish, and Lydia confronted him on his part in the Deadpool. Peter claimed that Meredith was acting on the orders of a "deranged lunatic," but, upon realizing that he had just insulted himself, amended his comment by pointing out that since he had healed, he was much healthier now. Meredith seemed eager for a fight to break out between the four, but Lydia quickly realized that this was her point and reminded them that three of the five people in the room were still on the Deadpool—Meredith for $1 million, Parrish for $5 million, and Lydia herself for $20 million, meaning that there was $26 million at stake.

Peter agreed with Lydia and insisted to Stilinski that he had no interest in all of them killing each other, but that Meredith, who masterminded his plan in the present day, clearly did. After some persuasion by Lydia, Stilinski agreed to let Peter go, though he did warn that he would not be doing so a third time. Meredith, realizing her plot to remove another three people from the list had failed, began screaming that the Deadpool wasn't finished yet.

Despite Meredith's protests, Lydia was able to assist Stiles and Malia, who were at the Martin Lake House, in shutting down the hidden computers that ran the Deadpool, ending it for good. Afterward, Lydia approached Meredith in the Sheriff's office and asked her if she was okay, but then determined that she must be if she was that willing to kill supernaturals that she would put her own name on the Deadpool. Meredith, however, insisted that she had to do it before confessing that she heard Lydia Banshee-wail at Camp Oak Creek after Allison Argent's death, which led her to realize that it was the right time to "start over" by rebuilding the supernatural community from scratch.

Lydia couldn't believe that Meredith would trust Peter that much, but Meredith maintained that Peter is and would always be the Alpha and that he would make things right since, as she saw it, things were never right for the two of them and the other supernatural creatures in their generation. Meredith went on to lament the number of people (such as Allison, Aiden, and Derek, whose names were the passwords for the Deadpool list) who got hurt because of supernatural creatures and insisted that they were all monsters, including Banshees and herself as well. Lydia replied that she refused to believe that, adding "Not all monsters do monstrous things," which led Meredith to ask her which "monsters" she was talking about. When Lydia admitted she was talking about Scott McCall, Meredith gently touched Lydia's cheek with her hand and pointed out that Lydia fell into that category as well before she finally realized the gravity of what she had done and began to despair. Some time afterward, she was apparently returned to Eichen House, where she was given large doses of psychiatric meds that made her nearly catatonic again.

In Damnatio Memoriae, Lydia Martin, who had just been admitted to Eichen House after being forced into a catatonic state due to trauma inflicted by Theo Raeken, heard a tapping noise and rose from her bed, only to find that she was actually in her Banshee mind-space. She followed the noise to the women's shower room, where she was horrified to find a tub full of black goo inside. Suddenly, Meredith, covered in the black goo, began crawling toward her, and when Lydia tried to run away, Meredith used some form of mindspace-telekinesis to lock the door so she couldn't escape. Meredith made her way toward Lydia until she was standing in front of her and warned her not to be afraid, though Lydia still Banshee-screamed in fear.

Later, Meredith, who had cleaned off the goo, followed Lydia back to her room in their shared mindspace, where they watched as Nurse Cross taunted Lydia's catatonic body by insisting that she was so dangerous that they could keep her in Eichen House for the rest of her life. Meredith insisted that Lydia needed to wake up, but when Lydia, concerned about her abilities, asked her what would happen if she couldn't, Meredith replied that she wouldn't be able to help her friends, and they would die without her. Lydia was doubtful that she would be able to escape Eichen House in her current condition, which caused Meredith to remind her that Jordan Parrish had taught her to fight and that she had learned more than she thought she had. When Lydia still proved skeptical, Meredith assured her that she would teach her the rest of what she needed to know—namely, to use her Banshee-voice as a weapon.

In Codominance,

In The Sword and the Spirit,

In Amplification,

Personality Edit

"Are you okay? I guess you are, aren't you? For someone who would put their own name on a hit-list..."
"I had to."
"Because I heard you. I heard you scream in the tunnels at Oak Creek. That's why I knew it was the right time... to start over."
"But with Peter?"
"He's the Alpha. He's always been the Alpha. He'll make it right. It never was with us. Too many people die because of us. We're the monsters. Even Banshees. Even me."
"I don't believe that. Not all monsters do monstrous things."
"Like who?"
"Like Scott McCall."
"Like you. Oh God, what have I done?"
Lydia Martin and Meredith Walker about the Deadpool in Monstrous

Meredith is a very complex character who, despite her actions, has always seemed to have good intentions, even if they aren't always well-executed. Though she created the Deadpool under Peter Hale's instructions (and under the mistaken impression that Peter could improve the current supernatural climate in Beacon Hills), she was not exactly as dedicated to it as one would expect, especially with regards to the McCall Pack—even though she put their supernatural members and allies on the hit-list (and for the highest bounties of everyone on the list due to how powerful they are, both together and individually), she still went out of her way to give them hints that ended up helping them survive the many assassination attempts on them that resulted from the list.

Meredith's motivation for enacting the Deadpool came from a place of self-loathing, as she felt guilty for all of the people who get hurt or killed as a result of the supernatural, such as the students she hurt in high school with her scream shortly after she triggered her Banshee abilities, as well as the fact that Allison Argent, a human Huntress and member of the McCall Pack, was killed by the Oni demons; as a result, she even went so far as to put herself on the list for $1 million because she believed herself to be part of the problem that Peter's Deadpool was meant to solve.

However, despite her past actions, Meredith enjoys helping people by sharing the information she learns from her Banshee senses, and has been shown to give her assistance to benevolent supernatural creatures and their human allies whenever she can. She especially feels a kinship with Lydia Martin, a fellow Banshee who she has mentored with regards to her powers on multiple occasions. Meredith has shown herself to be a very brave, clever, and resourceful person, as she has broken herself out of Eichen House on at least two separate occasions in order to help the pack (including one time out of the highly secured closed unit), and was able to orchestrate the entire Deadpool hit-list from inside Eichen's supernatural ward. Because of her eccentric personality, people who meet Meredith patronize her and underestimate her abilities because they assume she is mentally ill; however, she has proven herself to be very intelligent and much more self-aware than most people around her. She is also very patient, taking the time to explain to Lydia how to use her voice as a weapon and reassuring her that she is more than strong enough to do what needed to be done to escape Eichen House.

Physical Appearance Edit

Meredith is a very small and slim young woman with pale skin, blue-gray eyes, and short-cropped, coarse, and curly light-brown hair. Because she is a resident of Eichen House, Meredith typically only wears lounge clothes, such as sweatpants and shirts, camisoles, and cardigan sweaters; if she's in the closed unit, she typically wears only a hospital gown. On rare occasions, however, she has been seen to wear jeans and a t-shirt with a trendy jacket, typically during her brief escapes from the mental health facility and when she appears in hers and Lydia's mindscapes through their Banshee connection.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Meredith, as a Banshee, has the power to channel supernatural forces in order to gain powers to help her predict death. It seems that every Banshee's power set is unique to the individual, but since most Banshees share a common core set of powers, it has been implied that they can learn to use other powers, as well as they, grow in strength. The powers Meredith has demonstrated thus far includes:

  • Harbinger of Death Sense: As a Banshee, Meredith can sense when someone has died or is about to die. This sensation is usually accompanied by a trance-like state that can draw her to those who are dead or near-death, though Meredith's long-term residence in Eichen House makes it so that she is usually unable to leave to follow these feelings.
  • Clairaudience: As a Banshee, Meredith's ears are naturally tuned to levels of the universe that only Banshees can hear, which allows her use this enhanced sense of psychic hearing to perceive hints regarding an impending death.
    • Premonitions: Used in conjunction with the power of Clairaudience, Meredith has the capacity to receive auditory and visual premonitions about those whose death she is sensing; this typically involves visions and sounds that correspond with the manner of the person's death and/or the event that will cause it. As her powers have advanced, these premonitions have also become visual in nature as well as auditory, allowing her to glean more details of the death to come.
  • Sound Divination: As a Banshee with enhanced hearing abilities, Meredith can use sound vibrations to divine for more information regarding those whose deaths she is foretelling, as the ears of a Banshee seem to be able to convert vibrations and other ambient noises into more auditory clues. For example, Meredith was shown plucking piano strings to help her gain more information about the upcoming battle at Oak Creek in Season 3.
  • Harbinger Connection: As a Banshee, Meredith has a somewhat psychic connection to other Banshees, such as Lydia Martin, a connection which Banshees can then use to communicate with each other regardless of how far away they are. However, this seems to be an ability that needs to be somewhat consciously activated, though Meredith has shown the most control over this connection than any other Banshee on the series. With this power, Meredith has been able to send Lydia messages from her pack, as well as enter her mind to teach her how to use her voice offensively. She was also able to share this connection with Scott McCall through the Werewolf memory-sharing ritual, which allowed him to see Lydia's condition for himself while he and Meredith discussed how to best save her. Through this connection with Lydia, Meredith also seemed to be able to sense that the McCall Pack needed her help on two separate occasions; once to locate Lydia after she had been captured by the Nogitsune, and again when Lydia and Malia needed help breaking the second Deadpool list, suggesting that she overheard their conversations in some way.
  • Banshee Scream: As a Banshee, Meredith has a powerful voice that can be used to produce various effects. Her wail is most often used unconsciously as a warning of someone's impending death, or as a signal that someone has just died, such as after she finds a dead body during a fugue state. Her voice can also be used to clear the ambient noises from her auditory channels so that she is able to focus solely on the specific sound she needs to hear. This power can also be used in an active or offensive manner—when a Banshee wail is given focus and direction, often by channeling the wail through her hands, it can shatter glass, overload electronics, burst eardrums, and create concussive blasts that can easily throw a person across a room. This is Meredith's most powerful ability, as she has described her offensive scream as being like "a bomb going off," which can often make her afraid of using it due to the risk of harming others in her vicinity. Meredith has been seen using this ability to cause Lydia's eardrums to bleed when she got overwhelmed with stress, and to throw Lydia backward as a demonstration when Meredith was teaching her to use her power offensively in her mind.
  • Telepathy: Meredith has demonstrated a limited form of telepathy on several occasions, such as when she was able to somehow read all of Peter Hale's thoughts while they were in the same hospital room together, and when she was able to tell Scott McCall to save Lydia even after he was no longer performing the Werewolf memory-sharing ritual on her; whether the second instance is due to true telepathy or residual effects of the ritual remain a mystery. It is also unknown if this is an advanced form of one of her Banshee powers, or if this is a power that is specific to Meredith herself, because none of the other Banshees who have appeared thus far have demonstrated this ability with someone who isn't a Banshee.
  • Supernatural Sense: Meredith has shown an ability to identify all supernatural creatures in her general vicinity, though it is unknown how exactly this ability works or how wide the range is. However, she was able to use this ability to identify all of the supernaturals in Beacon Hills so she could put them on the Deadpool hit-list. This extended to their general state of being, as well—not only could she sense when those on the list were killed by assassins to confirm an assassin's kill, but she also sensed that Derek Hale was losing his powers and took him off the list, adding his bounty to Liam Dunbar's instead.

Abilities Edit

  • Resourcefulness: Meredith's strongest ability is her resourcefulness, and when she sets her mind to something, she always finds a way of making it happen. She was able to break out of Eichen House on several occasions when she sensed that the McCall Pack needed her help without any of the orderlies or guards noticing or stopping her, and she was able to orchestrate the entire Deadpool (from tricking Kate Argent into breaking into the Hale Vault so she could steal the $117 million inside to finance the assassinations, to commandeering Lorraine Martin's computer code to automate the process, and getting Brunski to do her dirty work) from inside the mental health facility without anyone catching on.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Mortality: Despite being a supernatural creature, Meredith is still technically human and has no regenerative healing ability. As a result, she is as vulnerable to any physical illness or injury as any other mundane human, and can thus be killed like one as well.
  • Loud Noises: As a Banshee with a very heightened sense of hearing, Meredith is vulnerable to loud noises, which can cause severe damage to her auditory canals. For example, the recording on Lorraine's "banshee record player" caused Meredith to start bleeding severely from her ears and eventually resulted in Meredith becoming catatonic for almost a year.
  • Psychological Turmoil: Being a Banshee is often a very traumatizing experience, as Meredith is surrounded by death, whether it's because she's predicting it, witnessing it, or hearing the cries of other Banshees in her head. As a result, this can often have understandably negative effects on Meredith's psyche.

Equipment Edit

  • Evidence Box: Meredith's belongings from Eichen House were put into a box after she faked her death, which was then given to the Sheriff's department. From there, Sheriff Stilinski gave the box to Lydia Martin to use to communicate with Meredith. The box included:
    • Perfume bottle
    • Teddy Bear
    • Dried bouquet of yellow carnations
    • Photograph of Meredith at the Martins' lake house

Trivia Edit

  • Meredith is the second Banshee (after Lydia Martin) to be introduced in the series. She was then followed by Lydia's grandmother Lorraine Martin, who was revealed to also be a Banshee in Season 4.
  • Meredith uses telephones (such as payphones, landline phones, and cellular phones) to help her deal with the voices of all of the Banshees she hears on a regular basis. It is also possible that she can communicate with the dead along with fellow Banshees.
  • Though Meredith has been confirmed to be a Banshee, she has demonstrated many supernatural abilities (or aspects of abilities) that other Banshees like Lydia and Lorraine have never been seen to use, such as telepathy and the ability to sense and identify all of the supernaturals in her vicinity (as well as possibly identifying their specific supernatural species). It is unknown if this means that these are abilities specific to Meredith, or if she just simply understands how to use her Banshee abilities to a more advanced level than the others. Peter once referred to Meredith as a "telepathic girl," though it remains unclear whether he was being facetious or if he knew something more about Meredith's supernatural powers than he was letting on.
  • In Echo House, when Meredith was speaking on the broken payphone at Eichen House, she mentioned to whomever she was speaking to that "They needed to hear the whole story," and that "One of them is right behind me." It was initially suggested she was referring to Stiles Stilinski, who was standing behind her with Oliver and who was possessed by the Nogitsune at the time, but it is also possible that she was talking about the Deadpool, as Malia Tate, one of the names on the Deadpool hit-list who would be valued at $4 million, was also standing right behind where Stiles and Oliver were waiting to use the phone.
  • She shares her birthday with Claudia Stilinski & (possibly) Theo Raeken.
    • Her birth year being listed as 1998 (like Malia and Theo) on her hospital admittance forms is presumed to be an error by the writers, as given the timeline of the show this would make her 13/14 years old. This is supported by the fact that on the same form it states that at her time of admittance in 2009 she was 16 years old, which would put her birth year as 1992/1993.

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