Michael Hogan is an Canadian actor best known for roles as Sheriff Roy on CBS's The Twilight Zone, Dr. David Eckland on Syfy's 12 Monkeys and Otto Gerhardt on FX's Fargo. He currently portrays Gerard Argent, a veteran werewolf hunter known for his cruelty and ruthlessness. He's the father of Chris and Kate Argent, and the grandfather of Allison Argent, all of which are/were hunters.

Career Edit

Film Edit

Year Title Role
1978 High-Ballin Reggie
1980 Klondike Fever Will Ryan
1981 The Intruder Within Chili
1981 Gas Guido Vespucci
1982 Deadly Eyes Cop in Subway
1984 He's Fired, She's Hired' Freddie's Ad Man
1985 The Peanut Butter Solution Billy
1985 The Suicide Murders Bill Wards
1986 Lost! Bob
1988 Cowboys Don't Cry Ron Grady
1988 Smokescreen Sergeant Leonard
1990 Stella Billy
1990 The Last Best Year Billy Haller
1992 The Torkelsons Capulet
1991 Clearcut Bud Rickets
1991 Solitaire Al
1991 Diplomatic Immunity Jack Budyansky
1992 The Cutting Edge Doctor
1993 Gross Misconduct: The Life of Brian Spencer Taxi Driver
1993 A Man in Uniform Detective Itch
1993 Lifeline to Victory Chief Engineer
1994 Road to Saddle River Louis
1995 Soul Survivor Donald
1996 The Boys Next Door Dr. Racine
1996 A Kidnapping in the Family Jim Wesley
1996 Scams, Schemes, and Scoundrels Count Lustig/van Meegeren
1996 For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down Alvin
1997 Dead Man's Gun Flagg (segment "My Brother's Keeper")
1997 End of Summer The General
1997 Principal Ellen Foster
1997 Nights Below Station Street Joe Walsh
1998 Nothing Sacred N/A
1999 Secret of Giving' Sheriff Pardue
1999 Shadow Lake Alf Richards
2000 Marine Life Humphrey
2000 Scorn Ralph
2002 Shadow Realm Larry
2002 The Investigation Ray
2003 Betrayed Doug Bryce
2005 A Simple Curve Jim
2007 Battlestar Galactica: Razor Colonel Saul Tigh
2008 The Day the Earth Stood Still General
2010 Confined Willem 'Fritz' Wolfram
2010 Hunt to Kill Lawson
2011 Red Riding Hood The Reeve
2011 Ice Road Terror Terry Lowman
2011 Searching for Sonny Principal Faden
2011 Snowmageddon Fred Baker
2013 Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story Terry Kindlon
2014 Balls Out Mr. Albrecht
2014 Honor Student Sheriff Stanton
2014 The Christmas Secret Marshall
2015 Air The President
2017 Those Left Behind N/A

Television Edit

Year Title Role
1983 Vanderberg Hank Vanderberg
1980-1984 The Littlest Hobo Lucky/Policeman/Chuck
1986 Kay O'Brien Sean McCandliss
1986 Adderly Shankill
1986-1987 The Little Vampire Robert Besker
1988 The Twilight Zone Sheriff Roy
1990 Mom P.I. Vic Stevens
1989-1990 E.N.G Crothers/Charles Swanson
1990 War of the Worlds Nash
1990 Counterstrike Father Milady
1988-1991 Street Legal Brent Elliot/Warden Vanderklat
1992 Beyond Reality Jebidiah Smith
1992 I'll Fly Away Eddie
1992 Heart Afire Tom Dybala Jr.
1993 African Skies Hooker
1993 Top Cops Donald Campbell
1993 Avonlea Mr. Dunn
1993 Matrix Dr. Martin Sands
1994 Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Duncan
1995-1996 Jake and the Kid Gate
1997 Millinium Captain Bigelow
1997 Two Officer Pierce
1997 The Outer Limits Dr. Lawrence Sinclair
1997-1998 Dead Man's Gun Sheriff Haynes/Flagg
1998 Due South George
1998-1999 Cold Squad Det. Tony Logozzo
1999 First Wave Mr. Bennett
2000 Earth: Final Conflict NYC Police Detective
2001 So Weird Sam Hardy
2001 UC: Undercover Sergeant Drake
2002 Bury the Lead Milt
2002 Mysterious Ways Andy Anderson
2002 Monk Warren St. Claire
2002 Night Visions Larry
2002 Andromeda Crescents
2003 Just Cause Dane's Lawyer
2003 Battlestar Galactica Col. Tigh
2004 Blue Murder Colin Gladden
2004-2006 The L Word Irwin Fairbanks
2006 Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance Colonel Saul Tigh
2007 Robot Chicken Col. Saul Tigh/Matt Trakker
2008-2009 Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy Colonel Saul Tigh
2004-2009 Battlestar Galactica Colonel Saul Tigh
2009 Warehouse Warren Bering
2009 Dollhouse Bradley Karrens
2009 Numb3rs Ray Till
2010 Psych William Tanner
2010 Smallville Gen. Slade Wilson/Slade Wilson
2011 Heartland Archie Morris
2011 Supernatural Sheriff Osborne
2012 George Algers Fairly Legal
2012-2013 Arctic Air Doc Hossa
2013 Republic of Doyle Phonse
2013 The Mentalist Sean Barlow
2013 Falling Skies General Donovan
2013 Cult Dr. Robert Kimble
2013 Husbands Scott
2013 Haven Lincoln Harker
2014 Film School Shorts Frank
2014 Signed, Sealed, Delivered Captain Hopper
2014 The Tomorrow People Senator Kelsey
2015 Man Seeking Woman Military General
2015 Fargo Otto Gerhardt
2012-2016 Teen Wolf Gerard Argent
2016 12 Monkeys Dr. David Eckland
2016 No Easy Days Bob Carson
2017 Dystopia Professor

Video Game Edit

Year Title Role
2010 Mass Effect 2 Captain Bailey
2010 Fallout: New Vegas Doc Mitchell
2011 TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea General Samael
2011 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim General tullius
2012 Mass Effect 3 Commander Armando Bailey

Trivia Edit

  • Has three children, two of which are actors.
  • He is of Irish Descent.

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