Sydney: "We got trapped in the library."
Monroe: "What did you do?"
Sydney: "All we could do was hide."
Monroe: "That's okay, Sydney. I did the same thing... Until I got tired of hiding. Tired of being afraid. It's their turn! Their turn to be alone. Their turn to run. Their turn to be hunted.
Sydney and Tamora Monroe about Monroe's Army in Broken Glass

Monroe's Army is an army of supernatural creature Hunters led by Tamora Monroe under the guidance of Gerard Argent. The group was originally created as a result of the fear-inducing powers of the ancient shapeshifter known as the Anuk-ite, but even after the creature's defeat, the hatred of many of the members continued on and expanded globally, causing groups of supernatural creatures such as the McCall Pack to recruit new members and allies to fight against them.

Creation Edit

The army's formation began with Tamora Monroe, who had been a victim of the Beast of Gevaudan's vicious attack on Beacon Hills High School prior to a charity lacrosse game between the Beacon Hills Cyclones and Devenford Prep. ("A Credible Threat"), ("Face-to-Faceless") After she successfully neutralized the Hellhound Halwyn with a silver bullet to the temple, she was approached by veteran Hunter Gerard Argent, who mentored her in the Hunter lifestyle and helped her begin to build an army of like-minded individuals, particularly those who had been hurt by the supernatural in the past. Gerard and Monroe recruited students from the high school, Sheriff's deputies, and employees of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital such as nurses and orderlies, though they took members from all other occupations as well. ("Broken Glass")

Despite their relatively recent foundation, the army grew to include some international members, most notably the pair of British Hunters who went after Jackson Whittemore, Ethan Steiner, and a pack of Werewolves near their London loft. ("Werewolves of London") The army's secret agenda was to target all of the Nemetons of the world in Brazil, Russia, China, and three other locations. ("Triggers") Although a majority of the original members lost their will to fight when the Anuk-ite was defeated and Gerard was killed by his own daughter, the Werejaguar Kate Argent, Monroe's army lived on and grew to have thousands of members worldwide and seem to be locked in a battle with supernatural groups such as the McCall Pack. ("The Wolves of War")

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

Season 6 Edit

In Said the Spider to the Fly, Tamora Monroe, the new guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School, began doing one-on-one sessions with the senior class to help get them ready to apply for college. However, she also used this as an opportunity to feel out what the students knew about the supernatural world, particularly those who seemed to be connected to the unexplained events that occurred in Beacon Hills, such as Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, and Corey Bryant; she also questioned Nolan Holloway, whom she apparently talked to over the summer about their respective interactions with the supernatural world.

That night, Monroe was about to leave for the school when she heard the sound of supernatural creatures fighting inside. Seeing an opportunity to put her new Hunter skills to use, Monroe opened the trunk of her car, revealing that she had taken all of the school library's books on the supernatural as she reached for a silver bullet with the Argent family fleur-de-lis stamped on it and a handgun so that she could defend herself. Running toward the sound of the roaring caused by the fight between the Hellhound Halwyn and the Beta Werewolf Liam, Monroe ultimately found what she was looking for in the Beacon Hills Preserve-- the injured and weak Halwyn limping through the woods to find a place to hide and heal.

A fight ensued between Monroe and Halwyn, with the latter initially overpowering the former and knocking the gun out of her hand. However, just before Halwyn could land his final blow, Monroe was able to distract him by hitting him with a fallen tree branch, buying herself just enough time to grab her gun and shoot him in the head with her silver bullet. Meanwhile, Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Lydia Martin had just discovered through one of Lydia's premonitions that a creature had escaped from the Wild Hunt that was causing ordinarily peaceful humans to act violently toward each other; when Monroe was seen in her car, smiling and wiping the blood off of her face, it was implied that she was one who was affected by this creature's powers.

In Raw Talent, Monroe returned to her office at the high school to find a large hunting knife blade-down in the top of her desk, indicating that someone was watching her entry into the Hunter lifestyle. Later in the day, after seeing Brett Talbot helping Liam Dunbar train the new freshmen on the lacrosse team, she realized that Brett was a Werewolf and began planning on how she was going to go about hunting him. She ultimately decided to start with filling one of Brett's lacrosse balls (which Liam punctured with his claws) with powdered purple wolfsbane. When she approached him in the parking lot after practice, she cryptically remarked, "You're something else, aren't you?", though Brett assumed she meant his lacrosse prowess. She then tossed him the ball and watched in satisfaction as he began to weaken from exposure to the wolfsbane.

After he collapsed onto the pavement, she assured him that she had nothing against him personally, but that he didn't deserve to have so much power and use it to scare people. She then broke his lacrosse stick and used it to stab into his shoulder before lashing him across the face with it. Monroe's eyes widened in awe when she saw the lacerations heal before her eyes and stated "That's incredible... no one should be able to do that." Just as she was about to stab him again with the knife she found in her office, Brett fought back, slicing her neck with his claws before running into the woods. As Monroe stalked after him, she was caught off-guard when Brett jumped down from a nearby tree and knocked her down before grabbing her in a choke-hold off the ground. However, before he could cause any lasting damage, Gerard Argent appeared and shot a crossbow bolt at him, forcing him to flee. When Monroe, uneasy, demanded to know who he was, Gerard informed her that he was a Hunter who has been living the lifestyle for much longer than her, and that he was also someone who recognized raw talent when he saw it. This marked the creation of the Hunter Army, with Gerard and Monroe as their first members.

Meanwhile, Scott and Malia began tracking down Chris Argent after finding a bullet casing near Halwyn's dead body that had the Argent fleur-de-lis stamped on it. Argent insisted that he had not stamped a bullet since his daughter Allison's death, revealing that there was a new Hunter in Beacon Hills, one who was dangerous even despite the fact that they were still learning.

In After Images, Monroe's Army, currently only composed of Gerard and Monroe, began their first mission right where the previous episode left off, with the two pursuing Brett Talbot, a young Beta Werewolf who was still poisoned and weak after their earlier attack. With the battle going on between Brett (who was also trying to be saved by his allies Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Liam Dunbar and Brett's little sister Lorilee) and Gerard and Monroe, both sides managed to set a trap for the other; Brett left his phone laying in the grass so that when it rang, it would lure the Hunters to where he was hiding, while Gerard and Monroe set up a trip-wire that caused a large pipe covered in spikes to impale Scott in the abdomen.

The mission also sparked the beginning of the partnership between Gerard and Monroe, with the former training the latter in everything he knew about the supernatural, such as how to think like a Werewolf and the pros and cons of different strategies against the supernatural. The mission ended with Brett and his younger sister Lorilee being hit by a car and killed, an attack orchestrated by Gerard, who knew that Liam would be so devastated by the deaths of his friends that he would unconsciously shift in front of a large crowd of bystanders, revealing his Werewolf nature to the human civilians.

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Victims of Monroe's Army Edit

A number of characters were harmed or killed by Monroe's Army during their battles with the supernatural communities throughout the world:

Deceased Victims Edit

Surviving Victims Edit

Notable Members Edit

Note: There were initially dozens of members of Monroe's Army, which eventually grew into the hundreds and thousands over time. However, because the majority of them were never identified, this list will only include those members with known names.

Tamora Monroe Edit

Leader; Guidance Counselor at Beacon Hills High School

Tamora monroe raw talent

Tamora Monroe is a human teacher and guidance counselor at the high school who lived an ordinary life until late 2012, when she and several dozen teachers and students were victims of a brutal attack by the Beast of Gevaudan in the school parking lot. Miraculously, Monroe survived the attack by hiding under her deceased coworkers and playing dead, which was so convincing that even the Werewolves Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar and the Hellhound Jordan Parrish were unable to tell that she was alive. She was ultimately found and saved by Sheriff Noah Stilinski, but the trauma of watching her students and coworkers be mauled to death stayed with her and eventually led her to become a Hunter of supernatural creatures.

Her hunting pursuits attracted the attention of veteran Hunter and patriarch of the legendary Argent Family Gerard Argent, who began acting as her adviser and helped her recruit a large army of like-minded humans who wanted to fight back against the supernatural, especially those who had lost loved ones to the supernatural or had survived their attacks as she had. While most of the Hunters in her army were motivated solely as a result of the Anuk-ite's power of fear inducement, Monroe was one of the few whose hatred and loathing of the supernatural was genuine, and it only continued to grow stronger even after the Anuk-ite's defeat; in fact, this event led Monroe's Army to expand globally, as, according to Scott McCall, it has now amassed thousands of members.

Gerard ArgentEdit

Advisor; Veteran Argent Hunter

Gerard argent maid of gevaudan

Gerard Argent, despite being a Hunter for his entire life and devoting himself entirely to the cause, has always flouted the traditional Hunter Code "We hunt those who hunt us," only following the rules when it was convenient for him. Despite the Code protecting teenage Werewolves and those who had no proof of having spilled innocent human blood, Gerard would kill indiscriminately, and though Hunters bitten by Alphas normally have to kill themselves by the next full moon, Gerard was eager to get the Bite to cure his cancer. He has had a grudge against the Werewolves Derek Hale and Scott McCall for nearly the entire series, as he blamed Derek for the "death" of his daughter, Kate Argent, and blamed Scott for the decimation of the Argent Family.

After seeing the potential in Tamora Monroe during her early days as a Hunter, Gerard became a mentor to her, training her in all of the skills he has learned about being a Hunter, from combat and weaponry lessons to strategic thinking. He preferred to work behind-the-scenes when it came to Monroe's Army, with Monroe acting as the leader and Gerard taking more of an advisory position, donating the use of Argent Arms International as a headquarters and donating countless firearms and other weapons in exchange for their loyalty. However, despite all of Gerard's talk about wanting to rid the world of supernatural creatures once and for all, his main motivation was to finally kill Derek and Scott, a goal that was ultimately unsuccessful due to Gerard dying at the hands of his own daughter Kate, who was intent to get back at him for his prejudice against her for being a Werejaguar.

Kate Argent Edit

Veteran Argent Hunter; Werejaguar (defected)

Orphaned kate argent

Kate was raised as a Hunter by her father Gerard Argent and trained alongside her older brother Chris Argent. Though her brother followed the Hunter Code as though it was law, Kate took after her father and only followed the Code when it served her needs, otherwise flouting it or ignoring it entirely. This mindset ultimately led to Kate orchestrating the Hale House Fire with a dozen or so co-conspirators in the early 2000s, killing between eight and eleven Hale Family members, including the Alpha and matriarch Talia Hale, and severely burning Peter Hale so badly that he was in a coma for six years.

Kate would not face the repercussions of this act until 2011, when Peter, who had recently reawakened from his coma and healed after killing his niece Laura Hale and stealing her Alpha powers, killed everyone involved in the arson of his family home, ended with Kate herself. However, unbeknownst to Peter or anyone present at the time of her death, Peter's claws scratched Kate's throat so deeply that he actually inadvertently turned her into a shapeshifter, specifically a Werejaguar.

After hearing about the method by which Kate was killed, the Calaveras, a family of Hunters based in Mexico, came to Beacon Hills to confirm what they already suspected to be the truth-- that Kate was no longer human and was becoming a shapeshifter. When this was proven to be true, they brought her back to their compound in Mexico in order to enforce the Hunter Code by forcing Kate to take her own life before the next full moon. Despite everything she was taught with regards to being a Hunter, Kate decided against committing suicide and instead fully turned, killing a half-dozen Calavera Hunters in order to flee the compound.

Kate's views on shapeshifters being sub-human did not change after she became supernatural, causing her a great deal of self-loathing as she did everything in her power to control her transformations, as she believed she would be able to return to her family as though nothing ever happened if she could prevent herself from shifting, a feat that was very difficult for her to master as a result of her quick temper and impulsive nature. After gaining control, she then focused on earning back her father's respect and trust by stealing what remained of the yellow wolfsbane so that they could kill Scott McCall together, joining Tamora Monroe's Army in the process.

However, Gerard's prejudice against the supernatural extended even to his own daughter, and he shot her with a bullet made from the wolfsbane she stole. This made it clear that Gerard was never going to accept her, which ultimately led to Kate mauling him to death with her brother Chris' blessing. Her status remains unknown, but since she has already survived being shot with yellow wolfsbane once, it can be presumed that she recovered this time as well.

Deputy Ferrell Edit

Beacon County Sheriff's Deputy

Deputy ferrell twow

Deputy Ferrell, for reasons unknown, joined Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent's Hunter army. His role was to help Monroe identify supernatural creatures living secretly in Beacon Hills by looking through old case files for hints of citizens exhibiting strange behavior or recovering from serious injuries at an unnatural rate. He seemed to have a soft spot for his boss, Sheriff Noah Stilinski, as he twice advised him to stay out of their way, since he is a human and thus not a target of the army. However, he was disappointed when Stilinski remarked that if he was going after his friends, he was coming after him as well.

During the final battle, Monroe and Gerard tasked him with joining several other deputies in the Hunter Army to lock up the Hellhound Jordan Parrish in the freezer cell at Eichen House and stand guard to make sure that he did not escape. It was there that Ferrell and his cohorts got into a battle with an unarmed Stilinski, who easily defeated the three of them and forced them to release Parrish and help him to his feet, seemingly causing them to rethink their alliance.

Gabe Edit

Beacon Hills High School Student


Gabe was a senior at Beacon Hills High School who, for reasons unknown, joined Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent's Hunter army. He joined up with fellow army member Nolan Holloway to go after Liam Dunbar after Gerard orchestrated a trap to force Liam to reveal his lycanthropy to the Beacon Hills citizens. The next day, Gabe and Nolan trapped Liam inside the high school and began viciously and brutally assaulting him with the intent to force him to transform and fight back against them in front of the rest of the school, who had gathered to watch. Unfortunately for them, Liam resisted the urge to transform, and the two boys were sent to the principal's office by Coach Finstock.

Gabe then joined fellow student Aaron in testing the student body, cutting their hands with scalpels to test how quickly they healed in hopes of identifying the rest of the school's supernatural population. They identified Edgar as a Werecoyote during these tests, though Gabe did not know that Aaron was actually the vessel for the Anuk-ite and wanted to test him to see if he was his other half.

He went on to become a loyal and devoted member of Monroe's Army, killing Edgar with his bare hands and taking pleasure in going after supernatural creatures, even going so far as to single-handedly attack the McCall House with assault rifles, gravely injuring the humans Melissa McCall, Rafael McCall, Lydia Martin and Mason Hewitt in his attempt to kill the shapeshifters Scott McCall and Malia Tate. Gabe eventually met his end in the final battle between the McCall Pack, Monroe's Army, and the Anuk-ite, as one of his fellow Hunters shot him in order to also shoot Liam Dunbar. Despite his foul deeds, the Chimera Theo Raeken still used his powers to take Gabe's pain in his final moments before he died.

Nolan Holloway Edit

Beacon Hills High School Student; defected to the McCall Pack

Schrader Edit

Eichen House orderly (formerly)

Sydney Edit

Beacon Hills High School Student

Deputy Vargas Edit

Beacon County Sheriff's Deputy

Trivia Edit

  • The army was also referred to as "the Dogs of War" by Gerard Argent in a reference to William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar.
  • It was stated by a Brazilian criminal that Gerard's intention in his involvement with the army was to kill Derek Hale once and for all. It was then also revealed that both Gerard and Kate Argent's intentions were to kill Scott McCall as well for what they believed to be the decimation of their family.

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