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You know my mother-in-law, Lorraine, predicted her wife's death. And when I was in college, I was overcome with this feeling that something terrible was happening to my sister. When I called her, she was in the hospital with a burst appendix. These moments happen for everyone.
Natalie to Sheriff Stilinski in Amplification

Natalie Martin is a supporting character on Teen Wolf. She is the daughter-in-law of Lorraine Martin, the ex-wife of Mr. Martin, and the mother of Lydia Martin. Natalie was introduced as the slightly-overbearing mother of Lydia, who was then the Queen Mean-Girl of Beacon Hills High School. She was shown to have a tense relationship with Lydia's father, to the point where they argued often, especially when it came to their daughter. Despite Lydia being attacked by Peter Hale, an Alpha Werewolf, at the end of Season 1, which triggered the latent Banshee abilities that Lydia inherited from her paternal grandmother Lorraine, Natalie remained completely clueless about the supernatural and her daughter's inherited supernatural legacy for some time.

In Season 3, Natalie took a job as a biology teacher at the high school after a five-year break from her teaching career, which gave her a more active role in Lydia's life, though she still remained blind to the supernatural world even as Lydia's growing powers led to what appeared to be strange behavior to those unaware of her world, such as unconsciously screaming, wandering out of the house at night, and finding dead bodies, behavior which only become more frequent throughout the months that followed. After Natalie's predecessor, Marin Morrell, left her job as guidance counselor at the high school, Natalie replaced her and began counseling students, leaving the science teacher position to Mrs. Finch.

In Season 5, during a disastrous date with Sheriff Stilinski, Natalie was forced to see the truth about Beacon Hills firsthand when Tracy Stewart, a Chimera who possessed the traits and powers of both a Werewolf and a Kanima, attacked the Sheriff's station and knocked her out before badly injuring Lydia. However, for a short time afterward, Natalie appeared to be still want to be in denial of the supernatural world around her, and even lashed out at Stiles Stilinski and the McCall Pack in general after Theo Raeken performed the memory-manipulation ritual on Lydia so violently that she became catatonic, as she blamed them all for what had happened to her. Despite knowing that the pack knew more about what had happened to Lydia than she did, she ultimately decided to check her daughter into Eichen House for treatment after Dr. Gabriel Valack (posing as Dr. Conrad Fenris) convinced her that Lydia would be safe there.

Fortunately, once she was informed about what Gabriel Valack had been doing to her daughter and other supernatural creatures in Eichen House, she ended up helping the McCall Pack rescue Lydia from the facility, and seems to be at least slightly more accepting of the truth about the supernatural. In Season 6, Natalie has become more involved in pack issues for Lydia's benefit, but she continues to enforce a "safe-space" policy regarding supernatural activities at the high school in hopes of limiting the number of disasters there, and has made it clear that she would rather stay out of it unless it is absolutely necessary. As of Said the Spider to the Fly, Natalie has become the principal of Beacon Hills High School.

Natalie is a member of the Martin Family and is an employee at Beacon Hills High School.

Early life[]

Little is known about Natalie's early life. She once told Noah Stilinski that she once had a bad feeling about her sister while she was in college and that when she called her, she found out she had been taken to hospital due to a burst appendix. It is unknown if this was coincidence or if it is an indication that Natalie may have some latent supernatural abilities. ("Amplification")

At some point, she married Mr. Martin and had a daughter, Lydia, in March 1994. When Lydia was only a child, Natalie was called to Eichen House to check on her mother-in-law, Lorraine Martin, a patient there who had apparently performed trephination on herself with a power drill while in the bathtub. She was very upset by the sight of Lorraine in this condition, and became even more overwhelmed when she saw that young Lydia had followed her in despite her instructions to stay in the car, though Lydia eventually repressed this memory and did not remember it again until she read The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack in 2012. ("Required Reading")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In The Tell Natalie made her first appearance when she and Mr. Martin met with Ms. Ramsey at Beacon Hills High School during a parent-teacher conference. When Mr. Martin immediately assumed that Lydia either had poor grades, concentration issues, erratic behavior, or a combination of the three, Natalie snapped at him, reminding him that since he was the one who made Lydia choose which one of them she wanted to live with after the divorce, he is responsible for any bad behavior on Lydia's part. Both Natalie and Mr. Martin looked surprised when Ms. Ramsey informed them that Lydia was one of the most gifted students she has ever taught and that her AP classes pushed her GPA so high that she wanted to have Lydia's IQ tested.

In Code Breaker, Natalie was seen at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital after Lydia was attacked and bitten by then-Alpha Werewolf Peter Hale in Formality, where she watched worriedly as her daughter continued going into shock as a result of the injuries. Unbeknownst to Natalie, Lydia's Banshee nature was fighting against the Alpha Werewolf bite she had sustained, eventually overpowering it and using its latent immunity to ensure that Lydia became a Banshee rather than a Werewolf or other shapeshifter.

In Abomination, Natalie awakened Lydia for school, reminding her that she was going to be late for her counseling session with Ms. Morrell, which Natalie was making her attend in the aftermath of Lydia's attack in Formality. However, she was horrified when she found that Lydia's sheets were covered in blood, and only became more concerned when she discovered that Lydia had punched her vanity mirror while she was sleeping, causing her to get glass shards in her knuckles that bled all over her sheets through the night. Natalie asked Lydia why she hurt herself like that, but Lydia seemed to have no memory of the event.

In Alpha Pact, after Lydia had nearly been strangled to death with a garrote by Jennifer Blake in The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Natalie offered to help Lydia cover up the deep purple and brown bruises around her throat with makeup. However, Lydia replied that she got the bruises because someone tried to kill her and she survived, insisting that she didn't need to hide that fact from anyone. Natalie seemed proud of her for this mature answer but did help Lydia braid her hair before she left for school.

In Illuminated, Natalie was hired as a replacement for Adrian Harris' science classes at Beacon Hills High School, since though he was killed by Jennifer Blake in Unleashed, he was still considered missing by the Beacon County Sheriff's Department and his peers. She began teaching her first class that day, which was a class in which Natalie's daughter Lydia, Lydia's on-again, off-again boyfriend Aiden, and Lydia's friend Danny Mahealani were all present. Natalie approached Lydia at her bench and reminded her that since it was her first class as a teacher in five years, she didn't want Lydia to embarrass her. However, Lydia snarkily replied "You should have thought about that before wearing those shoes," before smiling sweetly and telling her she loved her. Natalie told her she loved her as well, though she was clearly insecure about the style of her shoes, and went up to the front of the class to teach.

In Letharia Vulpina, Lydia saw Natalie talking to Peter Hale in the hallway at school and became so suspicious of Peter's motives that she rushed over to ask her what she was doing. However, when Lydia approached her mother, Peter had vanished. When Lydia asked Natalie what he said to her, Natalie shrugged and told her that he was with the Health Department, which caused Lydia to scoff in exasperation. Natalie went on to explain that Peter wanted to schedule hearing tests for the students, which piqued Lydia's curiosity and caused her to realize that it was a subtle message to Lydia that he could help her with her difficulty in controlling her Banshee abilities. Natalie joked that she should sign Lydia up for the hearing tests before remarking that Peter gave her his card, but when Natalie held it up, Lydia snarked back that it was just a piece of paper with his phone number written on it. Unbothered, Natalie just shrugged again and replied, "Still got it!" before walking away, clearly proud that her ability to charm men was as strong as ever.

In The Benefactor, Natalie approached Lydia and Kira in her biology class in order to remind Lydia of the rules of the lake house, where the McCall Pack was planning on spending the full moon, though she didn't realize the supernatural implications behind the gathering. She instructed Lydia not to have more than six people at the lake house, insisted that they stay out of the wine cabinet, and warned her that any damage to the house would be added to Lydia's credit card debt. She then remarked that Lydia needed to make sure to lock the basement door, because she found claw marks in the wood that made her think wild animals had been inside, not realizing that it was actually Malia who had done it during the previous full moon.

Later that night, when Lydia accidentally spilled wine on the floor of the study, Lydia became distraught when she remembered her mother's earlier instructions, and she informed Mason Hewitt, who was with her, that Natalie had insisted that the house be spotless because they were trying to sell it and needed every cent they could get from it.

In Weaponized, Natalie was working as a proctor's aide during the PSATs, where she helped pass out the tests, instruct them on how to put their fingerprints on the test sheet for identification purposes, and collect the students' phones to ensure that they wouldn't cheat. However, she soon became concerned by Coach Finstock's absence, since he was meant to be her partner for the exam, which was being taken by Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Kira Yukimura, Malia Tate, Sydney, and the rest of the junior class. When she went to call Coach Finstock to see where he was, she saw that the blinds to his office door were up and went in to investigate, eventually finding him passed out on his desk. She initially believed him to have gotten drunk at school and quietly lamented the fact that he had broken fifteen years of sobriety before returning to the classroom and informing the proctor, Simon, that she couldn't get a hold of him.

When she suggested that they call in Ken Yukimura, who was grading papers in his classroom, Simon replied that they should start the exam first and bring him in during the first break. Several minutes after the test had begun, one of the students, Sydney, got lightheaded and briefly fainted, causing Natalie to rush over and check on her. As she was helping the young girl to her feet, Natalie noticed that she had a rash on her wrist and asked her how long she'd had it. When Sydney replied that she didn't know, Natalie became concerned that this was an epidemic and got an idea, informing Simon not to let any of the students out of the classroom before rushing out to return to Coach Finstock's office. After checking both of his wrists for a similar rash, she eventually lifted up the back of his shirt to reveal that his entire back was covered in the same pustular rash, explaining why Coach was so sick that he fell asleep at his desk.

Alarmed, Natalie called the Center for Disease Control to tell them her suspicions, and when several students came inside to use the locker room after basketball practice, she shooed them out of the entrance hall to prevent them from becoming exposed. Shortly afterward, the CDC arrived and enacted a quarantine of the school before setting up a makeshift field hospital for those students and teachers who were already sick. Natalie and Scott went into Sydney's cubicle to check on her, and when the two students asked Natalie what would be happening, she briefly explained the quarantine process before leaving to check on the other students. Shortly afterward, Natalie noticed Scott's absence and knocked on the locker room door, not knowing that Scott had been infected by the virus as well (which was specifically designed by Simon, also known as The Chemist, to kill canine shapeshifters such as werewolves, werecoyotes, and Kitsune so he could reap their Deadpool bounties) and was losing control over his transformation.

Natalie remained with the students for the duration of the quarantine, and when she found Stiles, who was trying to figure out how they all got sick, looking pale and sweaty, she suggested that he lie down, though he ignored her advice in favor of checking Coach's office to see what infected him, as he was the first to show symptoms. Finally, once the human students had begun to recover from the illness (and when the shapeshifting students had been cured by reishi mushrooms), the quarantine ended, and Natalie's worried daughter Lydia rushed into the school to give her a hug. Natalie, thrilled to see Lydia, apologized for what happened and insisted she was just trying to get some overtime at work, which made Lydia laugh.

In Time of Death, Natalie, realizing that Lydia was once again going to the lake house and not knowing why followed her daughter there. When she went into the boathouse where Lydia was looking for answers about the Deadpool, she was nearly hit in the face with an oar by Lydia, who thought Natalie was an assassin or some other kind of intruder. Natalie initially lied by claiming she had come to prepare for the open house, but when Lydia called her out on her lie, Natalie admitted that she didn't understand why Lydia came to the lake house so often, especially since she came alone and didn't seem to be seeking out alone time with any boys. Lydia, who couldn't reveal that she had been coming to use the study, which Lorraine had converted into a room ideal for Banshees to divine for information, pulled out a photo she had found of Meredith Walker at the lake house and asked her mother if she knew her.

Off-screen, Natalie told Lydia about the relationship between Lorraine and Meredith, before bringing out an urn that she believed had Lorraine's ashes and giving them to Lydia, explaining that Lorraine's last wish was for Lydia to scatter her ashes on the lake on her 18th birthday, which was several weeks away. However, Natalie only became more confused when Lydia looked into the urn and realized aloud that it didn't contain Lorraine's ashes, but Mountain Ash; when Lydia reached in to get a handful to throw toward the lake, Natalie was stunned when the ashes made a perfectly straight line from one side of the door frame to the other, revealing that the entire boathouse had been made of Mountain Ash as a protective measure. Despite not understanding the supernatural issues going on around her, Natalie gave Lydia a scrap of paper with the last thing Lorraine ever wrote, which she assumed was gibberish, but which Lydia realized was part of the same code that made up the Deadpool list. When Lydia asked Natalie if it was possible that Lorraine could be alive, she insisted that it wasn't possible, though she seemed slightly skeptical of her own words.

In Parasomnia, Natalie was seen in the guidance office at Beacon Hills High School, where she has begun her new job as the guidance counselor by advising Tracy Stewart on what she needed to do to apply for college. However, she quickly noticed that Tracy was extremely anxious and asked her if she was okay. She was surprised when Tracy admitted that she hadn't been sleeping well due to her chronic night terrors, and somewhat inaccurately referred to the condition as "parasomnia" before asking Tracy to tell her about it.

Tracy detailed the nightmare she had the previous night in which a crow appeared at the open skylight in her bedroom (which she believed was permanently sealed years earlier when it was weather-proofed); the skylight kept opening no matter how many times she shut it, and the last time, a masked man appeared and pulled the chair she was standing on out from under her. Though Tracy insisted that at least part of the dream was real, since her father found her laying on the floor next to the chair that morning, Natalie assured her that most of the dream was just in her head and reminded her that the stress that all seniors go through in preparation to go to college can cause all kinds of sleep disturbances, which are completely common. Tracy didn't seem to believe her and instead stood up to go to class, though she was suddenly stopped in her tracks by a dizzy, nauseous sensation. Natalie became even more concerned and asked her if she was okay, only to gasp in horror as Tracy quickly swiped all the papers and other objects off of Natalie's desk before throwing up a large amount of black blood all over the desktop. Included in the blood are some black crow feathers, leading Tracy to ask Natalie if this condition is common as well.

Later, after Lydia witnessed Tracy in the middle of a waking night-terror at her locker (which once again involved the masked men from her last nightmare and which frightened her nearly to the point of a panic attack), she brought Tracy to her mother once again to try to help her. When Lydia insisted that there was something more going on than simple parasomnias, Natalie argued that night terrors have caused people to do much stranger things than eating their pillows in their sleep. Lydia maintained her belief that something bigger was going on and that Tracy should go home, Natalie pointed out that she already suggested that Tracy take sick leave and that Tracy refused because she didn't want to miss the first day of classes. She could tell that Lydia wasn't going to give up her mission to help Tracy, and Natalie sternly reminded her that Tracy had a medical condition and that if she needed help, they would get her professional help. This led Lydia to get the idea to have Jordan Parrish, a Sheriff's deputy, to check out Tracy's house.

In Dreamcatchers, Natalie was supposed to go on a date with Sheriff Stilinski, but when Tracy Stewart, who had begun her transformation into a Chimera and who had mauled a prison transport van that contained Mr. Stewart (her father and a public defender), two Sheriff's deputies, and a criminal named Donovan Donati, they were forced to reschedule their date for the following evening.

The next night, Kira and Lydia were searching Tracy's room for clues as to what was going on with her when they realized that, since Tracy had killed her own father and her psychiatrist while in a night terror, she seemed to be targeting people who were trying to help her, which meant that her next target was probably going to be Natalie, since she was Tracy's guidance counselor and was trying to help her with her college applications and night terrors. Meanwhile, Natalie arrived at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station to meet with Sheriff Stilinski before their date, where they nervously but happily greeted each other. However, just as they were about to leave, they found Deputy Valerie Clark slumped face-down on her desk, and Sheriff, thinking she was joking around, asked her what she was doing. When she replied that she couldn't move, Sheriff realized that something supernatural was happening, though Natalie seemed completely confused as to what was going on.

Just then, Lydia and Kira arrived to warn Natalie that she was in danger, which made her scoff in confusion until she saw Tracy, who was revealed to be a Werewolf-Kanima Chimera, was climbing the ceiling with her Kanima powers and had sprouted a tail. When Tracy leaped down onto the floor and paralyzed the Sheriff, Lydia yelled at Natalie to run while Kira transformed her magical belt into her katana to fight against Tracy. Though Natalie did run away as she was told, she turned back just in time to see Tracy spin and use her tail to slice Lydia deeply across the side. She screamed Lydia's name in horror as her daughter fell to the ground and started to bleed out, and rushed over to her while Kira, furious that Tracy had harmed Lydia, used her sword to cut off Tracy's tail.

At some point in the struggle, Natalie was knocked unconscious, and Tracy dragged her unconscious body by her feet down to the station's basement. Fortunately for her, Malia had arrived shortly after Lydia was attacked, and had been instructed by Lydia to save her mother and Tracy by snapping her out of her night terror. Malia then fought against Tracy, eventually gaining the upper-hand and putting her in a choke-hold with her knee on the floor until she woke up, causing Tracy to become herself again and saving Natalie from death at her hands. However, the Dread Doctors, Tracy's creator, then showed up and killed her, declaring that her condition was terminal when Malia futilely attempted to fight against them.

In Condition Terminal, Natalie awakened in the basement of the Sheriff's station after having been knocked out and made her way upstairs, where she found Lydia bleeding out on the floor of Sheriff Stilinski's office. She clutched Stiles's shoulder for support while Kira applied pressure to Lydia's wounds and Theo used his belt to make a rudimentary tourniquet around Lydia's ribs to slow the bleeding. After Lydia was rushed to the hospital, Natalie held Lydia's hand as she was wheeled down the hallway to surgery. She assured Lydia that she was going to be okay, but Lydia was more concerned about Natalie having been thrown into the supernatural world and insisted that she couldn't tell anyone about what she saw. Natalie, who appeared to still be in denial, replied that all she saw was a "lunatic girl" who was trying to kill anyone, but Lydia, who was weak from blood loss, didn't seem to hear her and instead continued to insist that Natalie couldn't tell anyone.

In Required Reading, Lydia referenced her mother at a pack gathering at the McCall House, where Scott McCall, Stiles, and Kira, along with their additional guest Theo, planned to read The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack in hopes of recalling any repressed memories of being experimented on by the Dread Doctors. Lydia remarked that Natalie's book club usually had more wine, and Stiles retorted that the books that Natalie and her book club read probably didn't cause violent hallucinations, either. A few moments later, Lydia mentioned that perhaps Natalie should read the book as well since she refused to acknowledge that she had witnessed "a girl with a tail leaping off the ceiling and attacking everyone."

The next day, Sydney, who had just left AP Biology class in tears after a large chunk of her hair fell out, went immediately to the guidance office to talk to Natalie, but found that the office was empty. Lydia, who was worried about her, asked her about what was going on and listened as Sydney explained that she had been struggling with stress-induced alopecia for the last three years and that everything she'd tried, including medications and hypnosis, didn't work. Lydia offered to help her style her hair in a way that would hide her hair loss, the sight of the small bald patch behind her left ear triggered a repressed memory (which had been a delayed reaction to reading the book the previous night) and caused her to briefly hallucinate that there was a hole in her head before she blacked out and fell onto the floor.

Lydia then began to experience a flashback-hallucination of the memory in question. In the flashback, Lydia, who was a young child at the time, was left in the car outside Eichen House while Natalie went inside after receiving an emergency phone call regarding her mother-in-law, Lorraine Martin. When Lydia got into the bathroom, she found Natalie and a nurse kneeling next to a bathtub that was surrounded by a large puddle of blood, and a drill laying on the floor next to the tub combined with the sight of a bloody wound behind Lorraine's ear led Lydia to realize that she had drilled a hole into her own head. Natalie, horrified by what Lorraine had done and distraught that Lydia had seen it, yelled, "Lydia, I told you to stay in the car!"

Meanwhile, in the real world, a horrified and worried Sydney rushed to go alert Natalie as to what happened, though she was unable to find her until Scott and Theo had already come to Lydia's aid and snapped her out of her trance. Upon her arrival, Natalie, who was once again playing the denial game, asked Lydia what happened before adding, "Was it a blackout? Did you faint?" Lydia, slightly annoyed by Natalie's continued denial regarding the supernatural, simply sighed and told Natalie that she fainted.

In Lies of Omission, Natalie was in the middle of teaching a Biology class about anthrax and its use during World War I when Beth, a Chimera of unknown type, became horrified at the sight of her entire middle fingernail falling off while she was chewing on it, causing black blood and the Dread Doctors' modified mercury to leak out. Beth then ran out of class without another word, leading Malia, who had witnessed the entire event, to rush after her. However, before she can make it to the door, Natalie stopped her and reminded her that if she wanted to use the restroom, only one student can go at a time, and if she was trying to leave class in general, she should think about her recent drop it grades. When Malia insisted that Beth needed help, Natalie retorted, "Not from you," which made Malia realize that Natalie knew more than she was letting on. After Malia said as much, Natalie played dumb but was not at all shocked or afraid when Malia made her eyes glow blue. Despite Natalie's comments that Malia and the rest of the pack needed to focus on their schoolwork, Malia ignored her and left class to talk to Beth instead.

In The Last Chimera, Natalie went straight to the hospital upon learning that Jordan Parrish had found Lydia in a catatonic state in the Beacon Hills Preserve after Theo had hurt her by using the Alpha werewolf memory manipulation ritual without concern for her safety. She was in the middle of stroking Lydia's forehead in her room and assuring her that everything would be all right when Stiles walked into the room to visit Lydia.

Stiles looked horrified when he saw Lydia's condition, but before he could get any closer, Natalie immediately became furious by the sight of him and roughly shoved him backward toward the door, blaming him and the rest of the pack for what happened to her daughter. She ignored Stiles' protests when he claimed to know what had happened to her and needed to check her neck to confirm it, and instead forcefully pushed him out the door without another word. She closed the door behind her and took a deep breath as she considered Stiles' words for a moment. Despite her anger toward Stiles, she decided to confirm what he said anyway and gently turned Lydia's head to the side so she could examine her neck. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw the vertical row of ragged puncture wounds along her spine from where Theo jammed his claws into her spinal cord to see her memories of the Nemeton's location.

Later, Natalie was seen in the hallway talking to "Dr. Conrad Fenris" (who, in reality, was Gabriel Valack using his glamouring powers to take on Dr. Fenris' appearance). "Dr. Fenris" assured her that Eichen House was a very different place now and convinced her that Lydia would be safe if Natalie admitted here there, which Natalie ultimately agreed to do. Just as they had finished the paperwork, Parrish got out of the elevator and realized that Natalie was sending Lydia to Eichen, but when he asked her what was going on, Natalie coldly informed him that she was doing what she needed to do for Lydia's sake. Parrish followed her outside and watched as the still-catatonic Lydia was wheeled out on a gurney and put into an ambulance. Natalie climbed in the back of the ambulance to ride with Lydia and gave Parrish another cold look when he stated that he was going to get Lydia out of there, even if he had to break through the walls, though Natalie was unaware of the supernatural connection that he and Lydia shared due to both Hellhounds and Banshees being harbingers of death.

In The Sword and the Spirit, Natalie came into Lydia's room in the closed unit of Eichen House while Stiles was visiting and coldly told him it was time for him to leave. As he was standing to his feet, he noticed a small bald spot on Lydia's head above her ear and immediately became concerned before asking Natalie what it was for. He then remembered his own time as a patient at Eichen House and suspected that they were planning on performing trephination on her, but Natalie told him that he was acting crazy before informing him that it was for electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, which requires a small patch of the scalp being shaved prior to the procedure.

Natalie went on to insist that ECT is done under general anesthesia and is perfectly safe, and when Stiles continued to protest that the doctors had no intention of performing ECT, she told him to look at Lydia and reminded him that, as Lydia's mother, she would do everything in her power to make sure she is safe and healthy. When Nurse Cross appeared in the doorway and asked if there was a problem, Natalie assured her that Stiles was just leaving, and told Stiles that if he didn't go now, he wouldn't be coming back to visit. Once he left, Natalie watched as Nurse Cross helped Lydia up to take a shower, though she did not hear the vicious things the nurse said to her while they were walking to and from the shower room.

In Amplification, Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski discussed the danger Lydia was currently in due to Gabriel Valack's trephination, during which time the Sheriff argued that getting Lydia out of Eichen House legally was out of the question, since trephination was still a legitimate medical procedure and they would need to prove that Natalie was unfit as a legal guardian to get a court order, which was very unlikely. This led Sheriff Stilinski to try to talk Natalie into releasing Lydia herself while Stiles and the rest of the McCall Pack worked on their backup plan, which was to invade Eichen House themselves, rescue Lydia, and break her out. However, after Sheriff shared his thoughts with Natalie, she simply thanked him and asked him to leave, claiming she was too busy writing recommendations for students to continue their conversation.

When Sheriff reminded her that she knew what was going on in Beacon Hills, including what was happening in the closed unit of Eichen House, Natalie retorted that what she knew was how to survive while living in their town. Sheriff pointed out that it wouldn't hurt if she just checked on Lydia in case he could be right, but Natalie turned the subject to her mother-in-law, Lorraine Martin, who predicted her wife's death before it happened, and the fact that Natalie herself had gotten a terrible feeling in college regarding her sister, only to find that she was in the hospital with a burst appendix. She then insisted that these sorts of feelings happen to everyone, and despite Sheriff suggesting that it was "undeniable proof of the supernatural," Natalie maintained that it was all simply a coincidence. Feeling as though he had no other recourse, Sheriff handed Natalie a police file that contained the photos of Gabriel Valack's experimentation on various supernatural creatures by performing trephination on them, which he had earlier received from Alan Deaton.

Shocked and appalled by the photos, Natalie decided to take Sheriff's advice and go to Eichen House to see what was going on with Lydia. Upon reaching the front gate to the facility, she began frantically hitting the intercom button, insisting that she needed to see her daughter immediately and demanding that they open the gate. However, after several minutes with no response from the guards inside, she walked over to the gates themselves and found to her surprise that they were already open. Her surprise turned into horror when she then saw a security guard laying face-down with bloody wounds all over his back after being attacked by the werewolf-Kanima Chimera Tracy Stewart. Despite her fear, she was more concerned with Lydia and ultimately decided to leave the man where he was in favor of rushing toward the building to see what was going on. When she reached the front doors, she became unnerved and looked around anxiously to see if there were any guards around to could enlighten her on the current crisis. Instead, she found that she was totally alone, just as sliding metal window and door covers began to eject themselves as the facility went into lockdown, leaving Natalie trapped outside with no idea what was happening.

In Lie Ability, Natalie was still in front of Eichen House just after the lockdown went into effect, and not knowing what else to do, she ran away from the building toward the front gates once again in an attempt to leave. However, once she makes it down the stairs and gingerly walks around the body of the guard that is still laying there from the previous episode, she gets close to the gate and is about to touch it when she freezes at the sound of the faint buzz of electricity. Realizing that she can't touch the gate without being electrocuted and knowing that she'll be trapped on Eichen House's grounds until the lockdown is over, Natalie grabs the taser-wand from the guard laying on the ground and clutches it tightly with the intent to use it if she finds herself in danger.

At the end of the evening, just as Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Malia Tate, Kira Yukimura, Liam Dunbar, and Jordan Parrish have gotten Lydia out of Eichen House once the lockdown had ended, Lydia was grabbed by Tracy Stewart, who intended to take her back to the Dread Doctors' operating theater. Fortunately for everyone, before Tracy could leave with Lydia, Natalie appeared behind her and shocked her with the taser wand she had stolen, allowing Parrish to catch Lydia before she could fall to the floor. She then looked at the others in exasperation before shrieking, "Could somebody please get my daughter out of this hellhole?"

Scott and Stiles brought Lydia to the animal clinic so that Alan Deaton could reverse the effects of the trephination by filling the hole in Lydia's head with a mistletoe paste. Though Lydia screamed so loud during the treatment that she shattered all the windows and nearly died, she managed to survive it long enough for Natalie to arrive to comfort her. As Natalie hugged Lydia tightly, she seemed pleased to hear that Stiles had saved her from dying that last time by covering her with his body to keep her from being harmed by broken glass.

In Memory Lost, Natalie was mentioned by Scott McCall when Stiles Stilinski suggested that they leave school to investigate the disappearance of Alex Turner's parents, as Scott stated that due to all of his absences last semester, Natalie had to fight to get the school to allow him to return.

Later that day, when Scott finally was convinced that they needed to investigate the case, Natalie caught Scott and Stiles just as they exited the school, grabbing them both by the shoulders to drag them inside. As she did so, she reminded Scott that he missed thirty-eight classes the previous semester and that she had to beg the superintendent to allow him to finish his senior year. When Stiles argued that Scott was the sworn protector of Beacon Hills, Natalie insisted that Scott could protect it at 3:30 pm when school let out.

That evening, after Liam Dunbar, Hayden Romero, and Mason Hewitt found a dead body in an air vent at the school, Stiles ran into her while looking for them and asked her if she knew where Hayden and Liam or Sheriff Stilinski were. However, she didn't recognize Stiles and became suspicious when he knew about the dead body, causing her to rush off to find the Sheriff and revealing that the Ghost Riders had erased her memories of Stiles' existence.

In Superposition, Natalie was in the school's administrative office when Mason and Corey came in to look at the list of absent students, as they were trying to figure out the identity of the person the Ghost Riders had taken the previous night. When Natalie demanded to know why they wanted to see the list, Mason hesitated before he replied, "Werewolf stuff," causing Natalie to become exasperated. She reminded them that since the events of the previous semester, she has made Beacon Hills High School a dedicated safe space, since she had to convince twenty-three students that the Beast of Gevaudan was a large bear and that the fangs on Scott McCall were the result of "acute teenage hallucination syndrome." When Corey asked her what teenage hallucination syndrome is, Natalie stated that she didn't know before assuring them that all of the absentees on the list are accounted for and ushering them out of the office.

In Sundowning, Natalie administered a make-up math test for Malia, and when Malia began to panic from the stress of it, she encouraged her to take deep breaths and calm herself with "positive self-talk." When this didn't work, Natalie began to get alarmed when Malia began to shift uncontrollably, and once Malia full-shifted into a coyote, Natalie watched her run away and tried to convince herself to take deep breaths as well. She then called Sheriff Stilinski, who helped her, Scott, and Lydia deal with Malia until she shifted back. Afterward, she thanked the Sheriff for his help.

After Scott, Lydia, and Malia were caught breaking into the Goodwater Nursing Home to talk to Elias Stilinski in hopes of learning more of the presumably-erased Stiles Stilinski, Natalie was called to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station to come get Lydia. She immediately began lecturing the three teens about how this potential arrest could affect their futures, particularly Malia, who had knocked out an orderly by slamming his head against the desk before locking him in a closet and who could be charged with felony assault. Natalie sighed in exasperation when Malia retorted that she didn't beat the orderly up, even though she could have, and when Sheriff Stilinski entered the office and informed them that the orderly decided not to press charges, she insisted that Lydia would still be grounded forever even if she wasn't being arrested.

In Relics, Natalie returned to her office at Beacon Hills High School to find Lydia sitting at her desk, typing on her computer. When Natalie asked Lydia if it was true that she ripped off a piece of the wallpaper at the Stilinski House, Lydia initially denied it before confessing that she did. Lydia went on to say that she saw someone in the hallway who Claudia Stilinski couldn't see, leading Natalie to remind her that it was probably because Claudia isn't a Banshee. She then asked Lydia if she found any clues regarding Stiles, causing Lydia to blush before admitting that she didn't get a chance since Claudia asked her to leave before she could really search. Natalie once again reminded Lydia that she did rip Claudia's wallpaper before walking around the desk and looking at the computer screen, which revealed that Lydia had looked up Claudia's school records under her maiden name, which is Gajos.

Natalie gave Lydia a look and assured her that she trusts Claudia because they had known each other for years before pointing out that Lydia was approaching the search for Stiles with a confirmation bias. After Lydia insisted that she knew that Stiles was real, Natalie sat down and asked her to tell her everything she had learned so far so that she could act as Lydia's unbiased perspective. Several hours later, Natalie and Lydia went to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where they discretely asked Melissa McCall for permission to look at Claudia's medical records, with Natalie reminding her that, as the most recently "enlightened" parents to the supernatural world, she had a feeling that the records could contain important information. Though Melissa initially balked at this request, pointing out that they were asking for a lot, she eventually agreed and took them to the file room. While looking at her medical records, they learned that Claudia had supposedly never had children, disproving Lydia's theory that Stiles could be her son with Sheriff Stilinski. However, they also learned that Claudia had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia ten years earlier, a fact that shocked all three of them due to the fact that such a diagnosis should have killed her by this point.

In Heartless, Lydia was laying in her bed in her room at the Martin House when Natalie came in and laid down next to her. After a moment, she asked Lydia if she was still thinking about how to prove the Riemann Hypothesis, and when Lydia responded that she was "thinking about a dead kid I met in Canaan," Natalie paused, clearly overwhelmed by this reply, before sighing and asking her to continue her story. Lydia admitted that Lenore, the Banshee she met in Canaan, had conjured her dead son Caleb to fill the void she felt after the Wild Hunt passed through her town, and that she believed that Noah Stilinski could be doing the same with Claudia in order to fill the void left by Stiles' capture, which shocked Natalie.

When she asked Lydia if she really thought Claudia was dead, a theory Natalie had difficulty believing due to the fact that she had just seen her, Lydia insisted that it at least had to be a possibility due to all of the things that didn't make sense-- the fact that she miraculously survived a frontotemporal dementia diagnosis, the fact that she said the Jeep that Lydia knew belonged to Stiles had been stolen twenty years earlier, and how angry and scared she was when Lydia started pulling down the wallpaper at the Stilinski House, like she was protecting a secret. Natalie, who seemed to be starting to see things Lydia's way, pointed out that if what Lydia said was true, then it was possible that the Sheriff needed Claudia and was using her to cope with Stiles' loss. When Lydia argued that Claudia's presence could be what was preventing him from remembering Stiles, Natalie insisted that if Claudia truly wasn't real, then Lydia didn't want to be the person who revealed that fact to Noah.

In Memory Found, Natalie was mentioned by Lydia while she, Malia Tate, and Scott McCall attempted to use hypnosis and extreme cold to trigger their memories of Stiles in the Argent Bunker. Lydia explained to them that Natalie saw a hypnotist many years earlier to help her quit smoking, and then hired the same one again when Lydia was ten to help her stop biting her fingernails before using the process that hypnotist used to help her remember Stiles.

In Said the Spider to the Fly, Natalie was unpacking her boxes of office supplies after her promotion to principal of Beacon Hills High School when her daughter, Lydia, came to visit her. When Lydia handed her a manila envelope that contained a list of every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills, starting with the high school students, Natalie rolled her eyes and informed her that she wasn't interested, as the fact that Lydia was about to leave for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study mathematics meant that the supernatural world of Beacon Hills was no longer her responsibility. After Lydia argued that since she was now aware of the supernatural, she now needed to do something if she saw anything bad going on, Natalie continued to deny it and insisted that she had a school to run, and Lydia had to enroll in one. Annoyed, Lydia simply rolled her eyes and placed the list on Natalie's desk just in case.


Natalie has proven herself to be an intelligent woman who seems to care a lot about her students. However, she is also prone to serious denial toward topics that she has difficulty accepting, such as the supernatural and her daughter Lydia's role in it. She seems to have a very tense relationship with her ex-husband, Mr. Martin, and this tension was often caused or compounded by their disagreements about Lydia and how she should be raised. However, in the end, Natalie typically does the right thing, even if her earlier decisions don't reflect it, as evidenced when she first mistakenly checked Lydia into Eichen House before then having a change of heart and ultimately helping the McCall Pack rescue her at the last moment, finally accepting that what they were telling her was the truth. She was initially skeptical regarding the supernatural, but following her daughter's release from Eichen House and the various supernatural creatures she's seen and battles she's witnessed, she seems to finally be acknowledging that the supernatural world truly does exist.

Physical Appearance[]

Natalie is an attractive middle-aged woman with white skin, light brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. She is often dressed in business casual clothing for her job as a teacher, such as fitted dresses with high heels in simple, classic styles. She is of medium height and thin build and has recently begun wearing a pair of square, black-framed reading glasses.


As a human, Natalie has no supernatural powers to speak of. However, she is very knowledgeable about the sciences such as biology and chemistry and is also trained in psychology, as she works double-duty at the Beacon Hills High School as both a science teacher for all grades as well as a guidance counselor. This demonstrates that she is excellent at time management and multitasking, and she also has a very no-nonsense, rational way of thinking. She also seems to possess good survival instincts under pressure, as she was willing to steal a weapon off of a dead guard's body at Eichen House with which to defend herself during the lockdown, which ultimately saved her daughter Lydia's life after she used it to shock Tracy Stewart and prevent her from capturing Lydia.


Natalie possesses all of the common weaknesses of a human, including mortality.


  • Natalie: Natalie is a feminine given name derived from the Late Latin name Natalia, which means "Christmas Day," derived from the Latin natale domini. Due to this meaning, the name is often given to baby girls who are born on Christmas Day. Natalie was the name of the wife of the 4th century martyr Saint Adrian of Nicomedia, who is venerated as a saint in the Orthodox Church; as a result, the name has become more common among Eastern Christians than those in the West, though it later was popularized in America after the emergence of actress Natalie Wood (1938-1981), who was born to Russian immigrants. Variants of the name in other languages include: Latasha, Natisha (African-American English); Nathália (Brazilian Portuguese); Natalija (Czech, Latvian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene); Nataša (Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene); Natálie (Czech); Nathalie, Noelle (French); Natalia (Georgian, Italian, Late Roman, Polish, Romanian, Spanish); Natália (Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovak); Natalka, Natasza (Polish); Nataliya, Natalya, Nata, Natali, Natasha, Tasha (Russian, Ukrainian).
  • Martin: Martin is a surname derived from the Roman name Martinus, which was derived from Martis, the genitive case of the Roman war god Mars. It could also be a shortened form of St. Martin, the name of a once-great family in Lothian, Scotland. Variants of the name in other languages include: Martinus (Ancient Roman, Dutch); Mattin, Matxin (Basque); Martí (Catalan); Marten, Martijn, Tijn (Dutch); Máirtín (Irish); Martino, Tino (Italian); Martynes (Lithuanian); Marcin (Polish); Martim, Martinho (Portuguese); Martín (Spanish); Martyn (Ukrainian, Welsh).


  • Interestingly enough, Natalie's actress, Susan Walters, is married to Linden Ashby, the actor who plays Noah Stilinski, in real life. In Season 5, Natalie and Noah went on a date together, though it did not seem to lead to a romantic relationship.
    • Additionally, Susan also played Carol Lockwood, the werewolf Tyler Lockwood's mother in the CW Network's supernatural-fantasy series The Vampire Diaries with Richard Praigo, who played her husband Richard Lockwood in the show and who played David Whittemore on Teen Wolf.
  • Natalie apparently has a history of friendship with Bobby Finstock, as she knew that he had maintained fifteen years of sobriety before relapsing during Season 4-Season 5.
  • Natalie also seems to have a history of acquaintance with Elias Stilinski, as he recognized Lydia as her daughter and stated that Natalie "was pretty once, too," and that she "always acted like she was the smartest person in the room."
  • It was hinted in Amplification that Natalie may have some latent power of premonitions like her mother-in-law and her daughter, both of whom are Banshees. However, this was never explored further in the series.
  • Natalie has an unnamed sister, mentioned in Season 5's Amplification.


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