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"So you did attack him?"
"No. I saw glowing eyes, but they weren't mine. It was Derek."
"What about the driver?"
"I think I was actually trying to protect him."
"Wait, why would Derek help you remember that he attacked the driver?"
"That's what I don't get."
"It's gotta be a pack thing."
"What do you mean?"
"Like an initiation. You do the kill together."
"Because ripping someone's throat out is a real bonding experience?"

Pack Mentality is the third episode of Season 1 and the Teen Wolf series.


Scott is excited for his first date with Allison, until it becomes a confusing group date with Lydia and Jackson in tow. Meanwhile, a mysterious animal attack occurs, putting Stiles' dad, Sheriff Stilinski, on high alert.


Scott and Allison have just sneaked out of the high school and out into the bus bay, where they are giggling and holding hands. Scott encourages her to follow him, and when Allison asks him where he's taking her, he assures her that it's somewhere where they can be alone. The two proceed to sneak into one of the buses, where they each sit in their own seat across the aisle from each other until Scott eventually goes over to kiss her. They quickly become more and more passionate as Scott starts to kiss down her neck, but things go downhill when Scott's claws start to extend from the increased arousal. He pulls away, taking care to keep his head down so she can't see him transforming, and when Allison asks him what is wrong, he turns away completely to try to get a grip on his change. He warns her to get away, but Allison, not knowing what is going on, rushes over to him, only to be shocked by the sight of his full werewolf transformation. She desperately tries to escape from the bus, but the door is jammed, allowing Scott to viciously attack her.

The scene then cuts to the next day at school, where it is revealed that the attack against Allison was simply a dream that Scott had. He explains to Stiles that the dream was so vivid that it felt real and guesses that Stiles believes the dream is a warning that he could lose control and rip Allison's throat out during their date the next night. Stiles admits that he was thinking just that, but also says that he thinks Scott is handling everything pretty well, considering that there isn't a "Lycanthropy for Beginners" class that he can take. Scott concedes that the class definitely doesn't exist, but a teacher does, and when Stiles realizes that he's talking about Derek, he reminds him about how they got him tossed in jail to indicate that he didn't think it was likely that he would help them. Scott is still concerned about how real it felt, like it actually happened, just before they make it to the other end of the school and see that there is an active crime scene in the bus bay where Scott's dream occurred, with Sheriff's deputies milling around the scene, taking photographs of the wreckage. The back door of the bus has been practically wrenched off its hinges, and both the inside and the outside of the bus is covered in smears of blood.

After the title card, Scott and Stiles make their way back into the school, where Scott has begun to freak out about the fact that his dream could have been real. Stiles assures him that Allison is probably fine, and when Scott frantically reminds him that she hasn't responded to any of his texts, Stiles replies that it's probably a coincidence. He and Stiles split up to try to find Allison faster, and when Scott isn't able to do so, he angrily pounds his fist against a nearby locker so hard that he practically bends the door in half. Shocked by the effects of his outburst, Scott is ready to leave school to prevent himself from exposing his lycanthropy to his classmates when he suddenly runs straight into Allison, knocking her books onto the ground. Though they're both startled by the collision and both kneel on the floor to clear up her books, Scott immediately informs her of how relieved he is to see her, though he makes no mention of his fear that he had killed her in his sleep. The two then walk to their next class, just as Jackson Whittemore makes his way to his locker and is dumbfounded to find that the door has been destroyed due to Scott's earlier bout of anger and frustration.

In chemistry class, Scott and Stiles continue to talk about the recent mauling on the bus and what could have happened, where Stiles suggests that the blood in the bus could have been animal blood, and that Scott could have eaten a rabbit or something. Mr. Harris catches them and forces them to separate so as to not continue to distract each other from their work. However, this punishment is quickly proved to be unnecessary when Harley looks out the window and sees that paramedics are wheeling a man who was visibly mauled and terrified by his ordeal out on a stretcher, causing Scott to believe that he is the one responsible for harming the man.

Later at lunch, Scott and Stiles attempt to figure out just what happened in the bus bay the previous night. Stiles reassures him that it isn't all bad, since the man was still alive when the paramedics found him, before asking Scott why he thinks that Derek could have any answers as to how to solve his problem. Scott reminds him that when he saw Derek on the full moon, he wasn't changed at all and was totally in control, which means that it's possible that he could help him learn how to do the same. Just then, they're suddenly joined by Allison, Lydia, Danny, and Jackson at their table, who join their conversation.

Danny suggests that the animal that attacked the man was a cougar, and when Jackson replies that he heard it was a mountain lion, Lydia pipes up that a cougar is a mountain lion. Everyone pauses at Lydia's intelligent remark, which causes her to play dumb before Jackson turns the subject to the victim, who he assumes was a drug addict whose addiction would have ultimately killed him anyway. Stiles, who has just read a news alert on his phone, proves Jackson wrong by informing them all that the police have identified the man as a bus driver named Garrison Myers. Scott recognizes the name and informs them that he was his bus driver when he was still living with his father. Lydia isn't pleased by this topic of discussion and instead brings up what they're all doing the following evening, as she and Jackson have invited themselves along on Scott and Allison's date. It's clear that Allison is not thrilled about the idea, but Scott, not wanting to miss out on a chance to spend time with Allison, agrees to the double date invitation. Lydia suggests that they go bowling, and when Jackson insinuates that neither Allison nor Scott are good bowlers, Scott lies and says that he's an excellent bowler.

In the hallway, Stiles calls Scott out on his lie by saying that Scott is a terrible bowler, and Scott agrees that he was an idiot for saying he was good. Stiles is still hung up on the possibility of Scott ruining his chances with Allison, which then turns to Stiles worrying about the fact that Danny doesn't seem to like him and that he's afraid he's not attractive to gay guys. Scott, however, is more concerned with the recent "animal" attack and whether or not he actually killed Garrison Myers, which causes him to ignore Stiles' questioning about whether or not gay guys find him attractive.

Scott rushes off to work at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic with Alan Deaton, where he immediately apologizes for being late. Deaton reminds him that he was only late by two minutes, and when Scott states that he's afraid he'll think he's slacking, Deaton assures him that he's one of the "least slacking" kids in this town. Just then, Sheriff Stilinski arrives with one of the dogs in the Sheriff's Department's K9 Unit, which immediately causes Scott to become alarmed out of fear that Sheriff has made a connection between him and the recent mauling of Garrison Myers. However, Sheriff quickly informs them that he's there to get the dog's stitches out, which slightly relieves Scott.

Sheriff also hands Deaton a file and asks him if he'd mind looking at some pictures of the recent animal attacks, though Deaton admits that he's not exactly an expert. When Deaton looks at the photos, he asks if they were of the recently-attacked bus driver, which Sheriff confirms before adding that they also found wolf hairs on Laura Hale's body. Scott nervously pipes up that he heard that wolves haven't been in California for around sixty years, but Deaton corrects him, stating that since wolves are highly migratory creatures, they could have wandered in from another state, possibly drawn by impulse or a strong memory. Deaton went on to explain to Sheriff that a wolf would have attacked the victims by ripping out its throat or spinal cord with its teeth or by first hobbling it by attacking their ankles, which only made Scott more concerned.

After work, Scott goes to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to bring his mother dinner, but Melissa immediately senses that he's trying to con her into allowing him to borrow the car for his double-date with Allison, Jackson, and Lydia the next night. Melissa reminds him that the Sheriff's curfew is still in effect, but thanks him for the dinner before sending him off. On the way out, Scott catches the scent of Garrison Myers', which he recognizes from his dream, and follows it into his hospital room to check on him. He looks horrified and guilty when he sees the amount of medical equipment to which Garrison is hooked up, and after a moment, he quickly asks him if he's okay. It takes a few seconds for Garrison to realize that he's there, but once he does, he frantically grabs Scott by the sleeve and starts rambling incoherently until Melissa hears the commotion and admonishes Scott for going into his room. She then once again sends Scott away, and Scott, who has taken Garrison's reaction as proof that he was the one who attacked him, immediately runs to the only other person he knows can help him.

Meanwhile, a Sheriff's deputy has arrived outside of the Hale House ruins in his cruiser. He gets out of the car to briefly look around, and when they determine that the ruins look deserted, he calls the dispatcher on his radio to ask if they want him to take a look inside. The dispatcher tells him to check it out, since the ruins are now county property and they have orders from the Sheriff to make sure that it's vacant. Its clear that the deputy is fearful of the place and doesn't want to check it out, but when he claims that he doesn't think anyone is home, the dispatcher sighs in annoyance and orders him to do his job. Unbeknownst to the deputy, Derek is lurking inside, and he flashes his blue werewolf eyes at the deputy's canine assistant in order to cause the dog to panic. Unnerved by the dog's behavior, the deputy worriedly gets into his car and drives away.

Once the deputy is gone, Derek sees Scott approaching the house from the woods and frowns in concern as he walks toward the house. Scott insists that he knows Derek can hear him and pleads for his help. After the break, Derek has come out of the house to speak with Scott, who acknowledges his role in both getting Derek arrested as well as essentially announcing his presence to the Hunters, and also admits to not knowing what exactly happened to Laura. He then goes on to say that he's afraid that he did something to someone last night, because he had a very vivid dream about someone, only to find that the dream might have actually happened, only to someone else instead of who he dreamed about.

Derek immediately reveals that he knows about the bus driver when he asks Scott if he thinks he's the one who attacked him. Scott wastes no time asking Derek if he knows what he did the previous night, but Derek insists that he doesn't, leading Scott to ask him three questions-- "Am I gonna hurt someone?", "Could I kill someone?" and "Am I gonna kill someone?" Derek replies that yes, he will hurt someone, yes, he could kill someone, and that he probably will kill someone, before informing him that he can both show him how to remember what he did the previous night and teach him how to control the shift. However, Derek adds that this education will not come for free, and when Scott asks him what he wants in return, Derek cryptically informs him that he'll find out later; for now, Derek plans to give Scott what he wants. He instructs Scott to go back to the bus and use his enhanced senses of sight, smell, and touch to help him remember what happened for him as he explores the bus. Scott seems suspicious of this advice, but when he tells Derek that he only wants to know if he hurt Garrison, Derek calls him out on the fact that what he really wants to know is if he'll hurt Allison.

That night, Scott takes Derek's advice to go back to the bus and brings Stiles along with him to keep watch while he does so. Stiles pouts about the fact that it feels like he's the Robin to Scott's Batman all the time, and gets offended when Scott retorts that they're not Batman and Robin any of the time, though he ultimately agrees to keep watch while Scott investigates the bus. Once there, Scott does as he was instructed, closing his eyes and using his heightened sense of smell to try to trigger his suppressed memories. He flashes back to the previous night, when he was tossing and turning in bed until he heard the Alpha howling and instinctively got out of bed to find him.

Alarmed, Scott snaps out of his flashback and walks closer to the bus as he tries to learn more. When he touches the glass of the bus door, he gets a flash of his dream where a bloody and terrified Allison was pressed against it in a frantic attempt to break free before opening the door and walking inside. Upon gripping the back of one of the seats, he gets another flash of memory that glitches back and forth between his dream of Allison and the real memory of Garrison Myers being pulled down the aisle of the bus toward the back door. As Scott walks down the aisle, he gets another flashback of himself throwing the seat down the aisle and instinctively ducks to avoid it, despite it only happening in his mind. Finally, Scott realizes that while he was present during Garrison's attack, he was actually helping to try to protect him from the Alpha, and that he was badly injured by the Alpha in the battle.

Just then, Stiles, who is waiting in his Jeep, sees deputy cruisers approaching and frantically honks his horn to alert Scott to the fact that he needs to leave immediately. Scott, still overwhelmed by the realization he's just had about the attack, quickly leaves the bus, hurtles over the police crime scene tape, and flees toward Stiles' Jeep, leaping onto a nearby SUV and doing a front flip over the fence just before either of them can be caught for trespassing. While they're speeding away, Stiles anxiously asks Scott if it worked, and Scott informs him that he did remember that he was there the previous night, and that a lot of the blood in the bus was actually his from being hurt in the fight by the Alpha, who Scott still believes was Derek. Stiles frowns and asks him why Derek would send him to the bus to remember the fact that he attacked the bus driver, but Scott admits he doesn't understand it either. Stiles assumes that killing together is supposed to be a pack initiation, and the fact that Scott didn't give in means that he's not a killer. Scott seems thrilled by the fact that he can now go on his date with Allison worry-free, but Stiles was more relieved about the fact that Scott wouldn't be killing him.

Meanwhile, at the Argent House, Lydia is looking through Allison's closet in an attempt to help her find something to wear. She tells Allison that her respect for her taste in fashion is dwindling by the second before finally finding a long top and leggings for Allison to wear. Just then, Chris Argent walks into the room, only for Allison to immediately scold him for not knocking. Lydia, who seems to find Chris handsome, flings herself onto the bed flirtatiously before greeting him as "Mr. Argent," and Allison, who is now annoyed, asks him if he needs something.

Chris informs them that they will be staying in tonight because the Sheriff's curfew is still in effect and there is a "wild animal" that is still out there attacking people. Allison angrily protests against this order, but Chris insists its not a debate before he leaves. Lydia remarks that Allison is "Daddy's little girl," and while Allison agrees that she normally is, she states that she isn't tonight before she pulls on a black beanie cap and opens her bedroom window. Lydia watches in horror as Allison crawls out onto the roof and does a front flip off of it, landing lightly on her feet in the grass. She looks up at the stunned Lydia and remarks that she did eight years of gymnastics before asking her if she's coming, but Lydia insists that she'll take the stairs.

At the bowling alley, Scott watches Allison as she expertly looks through the shelf of bowling balls before picking one for herself, and he nervously points out that she seems to know what she's doing. Allison explains that she used to bowl often with her dad before asking him when he bowled last, causing Scott to blush as he admits that it was at a birthday party when he was eight. At the lane, Lydia has already started the quad's game and instantly gets a gutter ball before pouting that she's bad at bowling. Jackson is up next and wastes no time getting a strike, causing Lydia to brag that someone had brought his "A" game.

Once he's done, Jackson informs Scott that its now his turn, and Allison assures him that he can do it before he takes his shot and gets a gutter ball as well. Jackson immediately bursts out laughing, and when Allison tells him to shut up, Jackson replies, "I'm sorry, I'm just flashing back to the words 'I'm a great bowler.'" Despite this, Allison insists that Scott just needs a warm-up, but when Scott only knocks over one pin, Jackson's insults keep on coming. During Scott's next shot, Allison assures him that he's just thinking too much and tells him to think about something else instead, ultimately suggesting he imagine her naked, which allows Scott to get a strike.

Across town, Derek has just pulled up to the gas station in his black Camaro and is filling up his tank when he's approached by Chris Argent and several of his fellow Hunters. To intimidate him, Chris grabs the window washer next to the gas pump and uses it to clean off Derek's windshield, remarking on how black cars are hard to keep clean and that he would suggest more maintenance. He goes on to say that when you have something as nice as his car, you want to take care of it, making a parallel from the car to his family before remarking that Derek doesn't have much family left these days. Once Chris is done, Derek makes the mistake of sarcastically retorting that Chris forgot to check his oil, so Chris instructs one of his fellow Hunters to do it for him. However, instead of checking the oil, the Hunter uses his elbow to break out the window in the driver's side door, and Chris warns Derek to drive safely. Once they're gone, Derek sighs worriedly when he realizes that the Hunters are well aware that he's a werewolf and his history as a member of the Hale family.

Back at the bowling alley, Scott is in the middle of a winning streak due to finally figuring out how to draw on his werewolf abilities to help him play, and Allison, eager to have something to rub in Jackson's face, asks him how many strikes Scott has had in a row now. Jackson, clearly furious, angrily replies that he has gotten strikes for the last six frames, but Scott insists that something just seems to have clicked. Lydia, who is clearly impressed by Scott's skill, asks him for his help, but when he assures her that she's good and should go for it, she snidely thanks him for the vote of confidence before going up for her frame and getting a strike on the first try, revealing that she had just been pretending to be bad this entire time. When she returns to her seat, Allison suggests that Lydia stop sucking for Jackson's benefit, to which Lydia saucily retorts that she does plenty of sucking just for his benefit.

Jackson, frustrated due to being outshined by Scott once again, goes to the arcade to play pinball, and Scott comes up to him and compliments him on his shot. He goes on to say that while he knows that neither of them want to be there, that doesn't mean they have to hate each other. Jackson sighs and informs him that he doesn't hate Scott-- he just doesn't believe him, because though Scott wants everyone to believe everything is fine and normal with him, he knows that something is off and that Scott cheated at the game. Scott plays dumb and asks him how someone cheats at bowling, and though Jackson concedes that he doesn't know how, he still knows that Scott did, and knows that whether Scott is on steroids or something "weirder," he knows Scott doesn't want Allison to know about the fact that he's a freak. He then informs Scott that he hasn't given up on figuring out what his secret is before he storms off to join Lydia and Allison back at the bowling lane.

At Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Derek has just walked into Garrison Myers' room, where he stares at him solemnly for a moment before ordering him to open his eyes. Garrison seems to be sleeping and doesn't hear him at first, but after Derek repeats his instructions, he finally does as he's told and looks up at him. Garrison immediately becomes frightened and identifies Derek as "Hale," which only confuses Derek more. Derek gruffly asks him how he knows his name, but Garrison only becomes more anxious as he babbles over and over again that he's sorry before gulping fearfully and laying back against his pillow. Derek seems overwhelmed by this reaction and frowns while he considers what Garrison has said.

Meanwhile, out at the nurse's station, an exhausted-looking Melissa McCall has just returned to inform her female coworker that she's finally done with her shift and that she plans to return home and watch her DVR full of unwatched television to "remind her how ridiculously single she really is." However, before she's able to do this, a beeping noise is heard from the computer behind the desk, and Melissa instantly puts down her bag before checking it and finding that Garrison has just gone into cardiac arrest. She then instructs the nurse, whose name is Rose, to call a code for him in room 137 while she runs to the room to try to resuscitate him. However, once she makes it into the room, she's horrified to find that Garrison has already flat-lined and is laying dead in his bed.

Across town, Scott has just walked Allison to her front door, where he nervously asks her if they could hang out again. Allison smiles and assures him that they definitely will be hanging out again before admitting that she's not big on group dates and adding that she would prefer it just be the two of them next time. Scott, who is in total agreement, sighs in relief and informs her that he could totally handle that. Allison declares that this is great before she leans forward and kisses him for a long moment before leaving to sneak in the front door. However, Scott takes hr by the hand and pulls her back before kissing her again for another long moment until he pulls away, leading Allison to confess that she could also handle more of that before she leaves to sneak back inside. Scott smiles in a dorky fashion outside before he leaves, not realizing that Chris Argent is watching him through the nearby window.

At the McCall House, Melissa, who looks completely exhausted and who has changed into her pajamas, slowly lumbers into Scott's bedroom to tell him that she's going to sleep, only to slightly annoyed to find that his room is still empty. She's about to return to her bedroom when she hears a thumping noise coming from inside Scott's room and immediately assumes that someone is breaking in. She peeks in the door and sees a shadowy figure fall onto Scott's bed, so she grabs the baseball bat leaning against the door frame before preparing to swing it at the intruder. However, before she can hit him, she realizes that the "intruder" is actually Stiles and instantly sighs in exasperation and annoyance before asking him what the hell he's doing there. Stiles is equally exasperated by the fact that he's nearly been hit by a baseball bat once again and demands to know if either her or Scott even play baseball.

Just then, Scott finally returns home, and Melissa asks him to tell Stiles to use the front door. When Scott reminds her that they lock the front door, preventing him from entering, Melissa states that that is exactly her point before asking them if they even care that there's a police-enforced curfew in effect at the moment. Scott and Stiles simultaneously answer with "No," and Melissa, annoyed, informs them that she's going to bed before leaving the room. Scott, realizing that Stiles must be there for a reason, asks him what is going on, and Stiles explains that his father left the hospital several minutes ago and told him that Garrison Myers "succumbed to his wounds." Scott doesn't initially understand what this means, leading Stiles to grimly explain that it means he died.

Furious, Scott wastes no time going to the Hale House, where he walks through the front door and shouts that he knows that Derek is there and that he knows that he killed Garrison. Derek insists that he didn't do anything and that Garrison just died, but when Scott brings up the fact that he died in the same way Derek's sister Laura died, Derek reveals that his sister was missing, which is why he returned to Beacon Hills-- so he could look for her. He goes on to say that when he got back, he found Laura in pieces, having been killed purely so that she could be used as bait to catch him. Scott doesn't know enough to realize that Derek is telling the truth and insists that he believes Derek killed them both and that he plans on telling everyone what he knows, including Sheriff Stilinski.

When Scott gets to the top of the staircase, he's immediately shoved back down by Derek, and the anger caused by this attack leads Scott to transform into his werewolf form. He roars ferociously at Derek, who leaps down the stairs in a single bound before landing right at Scott's feet. However, he wasn't expecting Scott to react so soon and was instantly caught off-guard when Scott threw him through the nearby wall and into the adjacent room. Derek groans as he pulls himself to his feet and brushes the debris from his jacket, proclaiming Scott's reaction to be "cute" before cracking his neck and finally transforming into his own werewolf form for the first time thus far in the series, with glowing eyes, mutton chops, fangs, claws, and a ridged brow, just like Scott, though Derek's eyes are bright blue instead of gold.

Scott runs through the hole in the wall to fight with Derek, who thoroughly beats him in this battle by repeatedly slamming him against the walls before grabbing him in a choke-hold and slamming him against the floor. Scott continues to try to fight back, but when Derek claws him deeply across the stomach, the pain forces Scott to change back into human, and Derek follows suit so he can finally tell Scott the truth about what has really been happening. He insists that he didn't kill Garrison, and neither did Scott, which means his death is not their fault. Scott becomes angry and reminds Derek that he ruined his life by turning him and that is his fault, forcing Derek to admit that he's not the one who bit Scott.

Completely stunned by this answer, Scott realizes that there is another werewolf in town, which Derek confirms. Derek goes on to explain that he and Scott are Beta werewolves, but that the werewolf who bit Scott was an Alpha, the most powerful, dangerous, and animalistic of their kind. He then admits that his sister Laura came to Beacon Hills to seek out the Alpha, and that now he's doing the same, but he doesn't think he can do it without Scott's help. Scott doesn't understand why Derek needs him, so Derek informs him that since the Alpha is the one who bit him, he's part of the Alpha's pack, which makes him the one that the Alpha wants.


Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Jamila Thompson as Rebecca Harlowe
  • Adam Rosenberg as Brian
  • Kendrick Cross as Deputy
  • John Curran as Garrison Myers
  • Gregory Cook as Photographer
  • Nolan Godfrey as Lacrosse Player
  • Lisa M. Barfield as Mom in Bowling Alley (uncredited)
  • Josh Brodis as Lacrosse Player (uncredited)
  • Ian C. King as High School Student (uncredited)


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Scott McCall's boss at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, Dr. Alan Deaton.
  • Derek Hale's Werewolf form is seen for the first time during his fight with Scott at the Hale House ruins.
  • This episode establishes the hierarchy of Werewolves, in which the most powerful among them, including Laura Hale and the Alpha who bit Scott, are leaders of Werewolf packs and known as Alphas, whereas those like Scott and Derek are Betas.
    • It also establishes that Derek was not, in fact, the Werewolf who bit and turned Scott. Instead, it was another Alpha werewolf whose identity will not be revealed until Wolf's Bane.
  • Garrison Myers, a bus driver, becomes the Alpha's first victim in his string of serial killings that will last for the duration of the season.
    • Additionally, Garrison tells Derek "I'm sorry" over and over again when he goes to visit him in the hospital. Though Derek did not understand it at this time, Garrison was actually apologizing to him for being one of many people who conspired with the arsonist behind the Hale House Fire, which will be revealed later in the season.
  • Melissa McCall uses a baseball bat as a weapon when she hears someone breaking in through the window, not realizing that it was Stiles. This is a callback to Wolf Moon, when Scott almost hit Stiles with the same bat while under the impression that Stiles was a burglar.


Body Count[]



  • "Tonight Tonight" by Passion Pit
    • In Scott's dream, he and Allison make out passionately on the bus before he wolfs-out and attacks her.
  • "Bullfighter Jacket" by Miniature Tigers
    • Scott runs into Allison in the hallway and is relieved to find that he didn't kill her in real life like he did in his dream.
  • "The Sun" by Research Material
    • Scott and Stiles are sitting at lunch with Allison, Lydia, Jackson, and Danny.
  • "Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)" by The Vaccines
    • Scott and Allison agree to go bowling with Lydia and Jackson
  • "Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)" by Au Revoire Simone
    • Allison and Lydia get ready for their bowling date and pick out clothes to wear.
  • "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)" by Tokyo Police Club
    • Allison and Scott's double date with Lydia and Jackson begins at the bowling alley
  • "Take A Look At Your Face" by Art vs Science
    • Derek arrives at a gas station to fill up his Camaro's tank when he's confronted by Chris Argent and his fellow hunters
  • "o0O0o0O0o" by Oberhofer
    • After Scott struggles to bowl well, Allison encourages him to focus by picturing her naked.
  • "Stone in my Heart" by Graffiti6
    • Scott finally starts bowling strikes.
  • "Starry Eyed" by Ellie Goulding
    • Allison and Scott kiss after their date
  • "You Kill Me" by Paper Route
    • Scott confronts Derek at the Hale House after learning Garrison died
  • "Destroya" by My Chemical Romance
    • Scott and Derek get into a violent fight


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