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Scott: "You helped us fight the Ghost Riders [...] But we couldn't have won without you. You're stronger than all of us. You were the real reason the Wild Hunt--"
Peter: Stop. A solid effort, but you don't need to appeal to my ego-- it's quite healthy. And you're gonna need to work a lot harder than that if you want my help."
Scott: "What do you want?"
Peter: "Everything pretty much is the way I want it. My penthouse apartment is filled with mid-century furniture. My passport has more stamps than the post office. And, did you see the car parked out front? That's a Shelby Cobra-- there are only seven in the entire world. I have two. Two!"
Scott McCall and Peter Hale in Werewolves of London

Peter Hale is a supporting character in Teen Wolf and was the main antagonist of Season One and the two main antagonists along with Kate Argent of Season Four. He is the younger brother of the late Alpha Talia Hale, the uncle of Laura, Derek, and Cora Hale, and the biological father of Malia Tate. He was also the Alpha who turned Scott McCall into a Werewolf, and who bit Lydia Martin and activated her latent Banshee powers.

Approximately six years prior to the start of the series (in late 2004/early 2005), Peter was among the roughly eleven people inside the Hale House when Kate Argent set fire to it. Though the fire killed nearly everyone inside, Peter and Cora were among the only two people at the house at the time of the fire to survive (excluding Derek and Laura, who were at school when it happened). Unfortunately for Peter, he sustained severe burns to at least 75% of his body and was subsequently hospitalized in a long-term care facility to recover alone in a coma while Derek and Laura, not realizing he survived, fled to New York to hide from the hunters. For the next six years, Peter was cognizant but locked inside his body while it slowly healed his burns, the experience driving him insane.

Though Derek and Peter's stories of what followed Laura's return to Beacon Hills differ greatly, it is known for sure that Peter ultimately killed Laura and stole her Alpha power, and he maintained his cover as a comatose patient so that he would not be a murder suspect. In the weeks afterward, Peter decided to build a pack so that he could finally get revenge on anyone who played a role in the Hale Fire, which included biting Scott McCall and Lydia Martin (believing them to be good candidates for Betas as he built his pack) and manipulating Derek and Scott to do his bidding, with varying levels of success. However, he finally met his end on the night he ripped out the throat of Kate Argent, when Scott, Allison Argent, Stiles Stilinski and Jackson Whittemore set him on fire to weaken him before Derek, furious that he killed his beloved sister Laura, clawed out his throat, killing him and absorbing his Alpha power in the process.

However, Peter managed to take advantage of the fact that he attacked Lydia before he died by latching his spirit to her mind, knowing that his bite had triggered Lydia's born Banshee abilities. He then used her to resurrect himself near the end of Season Two using a spell that involved the Worm Moon and a blood sacrifice from Derek. After his resurrection, he found that his strength was incredibly diminished, even for a Beta/Omega, and so he continued to manipulate Derek into allowing him to help him with the pack's current problems in hopes of gaining more power through membership in his pack. He then assisted both Derek's pack and Scott's pack over the next year, although only in ways that benefited him in some way as well.

The others had almost believed him to be reformed, or at the very least no longer a threat, when it was suddenly revealed that he was unknowingly behind the Deadpool hit list in Season 4, and that he intended to have Scott turned into a Berserker at La Iglesia in an attempt to steal his Alpha power and regain his status. Unfortunately for Peter, he failed in this task and was neutralized by Scott, allowing the pack to incapacitate Peter with yellow wolfsbane and imprison him in the supernatural ward at Eichen House, where he was placed in Gabriel Valack's room. At some point afterward, Peter was moved into his own room in the closed unit, where he was seen angrily carving a spiral into the floor of his room. It was revealed in Season 6 that Peter escaped Eichen House during the lockdown the McCall Pack caused while trying to break Lydia Martin out before she died from the trephination performed on her by Valack.

As soon as he got out of Eichen, he made his way to his car outside of Derek's loft, where he was immediately approached by the Ghost Riders; despite Peter wolfing-out in an attempt to fight against them, he was shot by their magical guns and sent to the Phantom Train Station, where he sat in the train station with no knowledge of the fact that he had been erased from existence, including the memories of the Beacon Hills supernatural community. After three months, he was joined in the train station by Stiles Stilinski, who reminded him of the events that led him to be captured by the Wild Hunt.

The two then began to work on a plan with another captive, Trent, which involved jumping on the back of the Ghost Riders' horses as they were riding out of the portal. Peter successfully made it out of the train station, though he was once again severely burned from head to toe in the process. Peter was found by his daughter Malia and her Alpha, Scott, he was then taken to the hospital for medical attention. Peter recovered and helped Malia find where the Rift opened. Peter was erased for the second time when he went against his survival instinct to save Scott and Malia.

Peter tried to maintain his usual self-serving personality in the months that followed the defeat of the Ghost Riders, but now that he was given a chance to really get to know his daughter Malia, he began helping the McCall Pack despite believing that they didn't stand a chance against Gerard Argent and Monroe's army of Hunters. When the Hunters began targeting him as well, he threw in his lot with the pack once again and fought alongside them as they fought both Monroe's Army and the Anuk-ite. By the end of the series, Scott McCall, despite their differences in the past, referenced Peter while describing the pack, implying he was now one of the allies who come and go but who show up when they're needed, showing just how much he had changed throughout the years.

Peter Hale is a member of the Hale Family and the Hale Pack.

Early life[]

In his childhood Peter would often break his own toys in fits of anger. During his youth, he frequently "watched over" his nephew Derek Hale, at one point even saving his life from a Hunter by catching an arrow before it could hit him and helped him hide in the Nemeton's root cellar until they passed. However, more often than not, Peter actually spied on Derek for unknown purposes, as he has always enjoyed learning more about people that he can use to his benefit later on.

After seeing his nephew happy with his girlfriend Paige Krasikeva, Peter manipulated Derek into allowing him to get an Alpha (Ennis) to give Paige the Bite, believing that she would otherwise break up with Derek if she found out he was a Werewolf and insisting that if she were one of them, they'd be able to be together without worrying about whether Paige would be able to protect herself. However, Peter's plan ultimately had disastrous results, with Paige rejecting the Bite and ultimately being mercy-killed by Derek himself. ("Visionary")

At some point prior to the fire, Peter took the life of an innocent human, either by accident or on purpose, which caused his Werewolf eyes to turn blue like Derek's. In late 2004 or early 2005, the Hale House Fire occurred at the hands of Kate Argent, killing his sister Talia and the rest of his family, except for his nephew and niece Derek and Laura, who were at school, and his other niece Cora, who, unbeknownst to everyone else, managed to escape. Peter suffered third-degree burns over 75% of his body, causing his Werewolf healing to push him into a coma in order to focus all his energy on recovering from his injuries. He then spent the next six years comatose in the hospital. ("Wolf Moon"}, ("Magic Bullet"), ("Co-Captain")

Around 2009, he got a roommate named Meredith Walker, a Banshee in a catatonic state who somehow telepathically ended up on his mental "frequency," causing her to hear every thought running through his head as though he was speaking right into her ear. Since his coma resulted in him being trapped in his own mind while his body was comatose, he had nothing but time to ruminate over how much he resented Talia for not listening to him about the Argents, and how he would use his part of the inheritance to create a Deadpool of supernatural creatures to "raze the supernatural world of Beacon Hills" so he could rebuild it in his own image. However, he ultimately forgot all about this prior to regaining consciousness, instead focusing his rage on getting revenge on those responsible for the Hale Fire by killing them one by one. ("Monstrous")

In late 2010 or early 2011, Peter began to slowly come out of his coma, with every passing full moon giving him a little bit more strength. He began working with his nurse, Jennifer, who helped him lure his niece, Laura Hale, back to town by leaving a dead deer with a spiral burned into its flesh out in the open. ("Wolf's Bane"​), ("Code Breaker") Just prior to the Wolf Moon in January, Peter wandered into the woods and found Laura, who had heard news of the deer and returned to Beacon Hills to check it out, and killed her, taking her Alpha powers for himself.

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

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Peter Hale was the main antagonist of Season 1. Though Peter was presumed to be in a coma throughout most of the first season, he was, in fact, at least partially conscious and running around as The Alpha without anyone knowing this fact. His identity as The Alpha would not be revealed until Wolf's Bane.

In Wolf Moon, Peter was out in the woods in his full-Alpha form, where he spied Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski looking for the remains of Laura Hale's dead body. After Scott and Stiles were separated and Stiles was caught by his father, Sheriff Stilinski, and his deputies, Peter found Scott searching for his inhaler, which he dropped in a pile of leaves, and gave him the Bite without his consent out of a need to build a pack and gain his strength to fulfill his plans.

In Second Chance at First Line, Peter used his Alpha influence over Scott to draw him into the Beacon Hills Preserve in the middle of the night while sleepwalking. Scott awakened in a coyote den in just his boxers with no idea how he had gotten there, and when he attempted to walk back home, he saw Peter, in his full-Alpha form, hiding in the trees and started to run away from him. Peter chased him through the woods until Scott got away from him by jumping over a nearby fence, where he landed in a neighbor's swimming pool on accident.

In Pack Mentality, Peter howled in the middle of the night to call Scott to him in an attempt to solidify Scott's place in his pack by the two of them killing together. However, when Scott, who was once again sleepwalking, arrived to find Peter, in full Alpha-form, in a bus in the bus bay of Beacon Hills High School, he was horrified to realize that the Alpha intended to kill Garrison Myers. Instead of helping Peter kill him as Peter intended, Scott jumped in to protect Garrison, causing both of them to be hurt in the process. Scott's wounds healed due to his Werewolf nature, but Garrison was so badly injured that he was hospitalized and ultimately died from his wounds the next evening.

Scott and Derek Hale then agreed to each help the other with what they needed; Derek would teach Scott how to use his senses to remember what happened during the fight with the Alpha and Garrison, while Scott would help Derek find the Alpha. Derek also revealed that the Alpha was the Werewolf who bit Scott, as, until this point, Scott had been under the mistaken impression that Derek had turned him instead, and he insisted that Scott was crucial to finding and stopping the Alpha due to their connection.

In Magic Bullet, Peter, in his full-Alpha form, followed Kate Argent's SUV upon her arrival to Beacon Hills. While she was stopped at a stop sign, he broke through the driver's side window and tried to pull Kate out of the vehicle, only to be stopped by Kate when she grabbed her shotgun in the back seat and shot at him. She barrel-rolled out of the vehicle and attempted to find the Alpha to shoot at him; however, she instead saw a Beta chasing after the Alpha and shot at him with her sniper rifle, which was loaded with Nordic Blue Monkshood wolfsbane, not realizing that it was Derek Hale, who was pursuing the Alpha for the same reasons as she was. The Alpha then lurked nearby while Kate and her brother Chris Argent discussed what just happened.

In The Tell, Peter, in his full-Alpha form, sneaked into the Video 2*C store, where a cashier named Leveque was working. He killed Leveque just before Jackson Whittemore walked inside, intending to rent The Notebook at his girlfriend Lydia Martin's request. Shortly afterward, Jackson found Leveque with his throat clawed out behind the counter and hid in an aisle between two shelves, though Peter soon found him and pinned him to the floor by knocking one of the shelves over onto him. However, though it initially looked as though Peter was going to kill Jackson, he became distracted by the sight of the claw marks on the back of Jackson's neck, which glowed a pinkish-purple color in the low light, and ultimately decided to lope away. Unbeknownst to Peter, he was caught on camera in his Alpha form by Lydia, who was taking selfies of herself when he jumped out the window.

Sometime later, while Jackson and Lydia were being questioned on what they saw by Sheriff Stilinski, Derek Hale and Scott McCall convened on the roof of the store to discuss what had just happened. When Scott asked if all Werewolves behaved like the Alpha, Derek informed him that they did not before he recited his mother Talia Hale's motto, "We're predators, but we don't have to be killers." Derek went on to say that he needed Scott in order to find and kill the Alpha due to Scott's connection to him as his Beta.

The next day, Jackson and Lydia were both questioned again about what they saw, with Derek intimidating Jackson into talking to him (though Jackson insisted that he didn't see anything) while Stiles took a more gentle approach in questioning the traumatized Lydia, leading him to discover the photos and video of the Alpha on her phone. Stiles was conflicted about what to do with the video of the Alpha running away from the scene of the crime and ultimately decided to delete the footage when he was unable to get a hold of Scott to ask him what he recommended.

At the Hale House ruins, Kate Argent and two of her Hunter companions confronted Derek about what he knew regarding the Alpha's identity; though Derek was able to incapacitate the two men, Kate was able to torture him with her taser wand. During the tense interrogation, Kate informed Derek that it wasn't actually the Argents who killed his sister Laura; they found Laura already dead in the woods after she had been killed and had her Alpha powers stolen by the Werewolf now known as "the Alpha." She then offered to work together with Derek to take out the Alpha together, but when it became clear that Derek had no idea who the Alpha was, she proclaimed Derek to be useless to her and attempted to kill him, though he was able to run away.

Sheriff Stilinski then arrived at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to ask for Dr. Alan Deaton's advice regarding what kind of animal could have killed Laura Hale, Garrison Myers, and Leveque, but Deaton, clearly knowing it was the Alpha, insisted that he wasn't qualified to answer the question and recommended that he seek out a professional opinion.

In Heart Monitor, Derek began training Scott to control his lycanthropy as promised in exchange for Scott helping him track down and kill the Alpha. Part of this training included Scott staying away from his new girlfriend Allison Argent until after the next full moon so he wasn't distracted, but despite agreeing to do so, Scott went over to her house anyway to hook up with her.

When he left the house to get in his mom's car and drive home later that night, he heard growling behind him and assumed that he had been followed by Derek, who was there to scold him about not sticking to his commitments. However, it was ultimately shown to be the Alpha, not Derek, scaring Scott so much that he ran towards the car, shut the door, and locked it upon realizing who was stalking him. Though the Alpha did nothing to harm him, he drew a spiral in the condensation on his window, which did nothing but confuse Scott further.

Somehow, Derek knew that Scott and the Alpha had made contact and immediately went to his house to question him on what happened. Scott reluctantly replied that the Alpha didn't talk to him, and was confused when Derek asked if he got any other impressions off of him. Frustrated, Derek explained that since the rest of their senses are enhanced to a superhuman level, communication for Werewolves doesn't have to be just spoken.

Focusing on his memories, Scott stated that the Alpha was definitely angry, but not focused on him, before letting it slip that the Alpha had drawn the spiral on his window. Derek was immediately stunned by this admission but lied and stated it didn't mean anything, though Scott still knew that Derek was hiding things from him. He pointed out that Derek also buried Laura under a spiral after the Alpha killed her, so it had to mean something, but Derek simply insisted he didn't want to know and left without another word.

The next night, Derek visited Peter at the hospital, and it was clear that the mission to find and catch the Alpha was getting to him when he began quietly pleading to Peter for a sign that he can hear him—blinking, raising a finger, anything to give him any sort of direction in his investigation. He went on to explain that someone killed Peter's niece, Laura (not knowing that it was, in fact, Peter who killed her all along) and that he was an Alpha now, though he also added that since he was an Alpha without a pack, he wouldn't be as strong. Derek confessed his belief that he could fight and win against the Alpha in this state, but only if he can find him, first.

He once again asked Peter for a sign that he could hear him before following up with, "Is it one of us? Did someone else make it out of the fire?", but when this yielded no response from his comatose uncle, he began shouting at him to say something. Suddenly, a nurse named Jennifer ran into the room and immediately scolded him for his behavior, reminding him that yelling was unlikely to get a response to someone who has been in this condition for as long as Peter has. She assured Derek that he would eventually respond and advised him to be patient, but Derek simply muttered "I don't have any more time" before he left the hospital. However, just as soon as he walked out the door, Peter weakly raised his index finger, giving a late sign that he was conscious of what he was hearing.

Derek, who had come to the conclusion that Alan Deaton was the Alpha due to how much he seemed to know about what was going on in Beacon Hills, held him hostage at his animal clinic in hopes of proving that Deaton was a Werewolf. However, Scott, who was Deaton's assistant and protegee of sorts, refused to believe that Deaton was a killer and insisted that Derek allow him to prove him wrong by enacting his plan, not knowing that his plan was to roar into the high school PA system so the Alpha could hear him no matter where he was. This plan ultimately worked as intended, as the Alpha did in fact show up a short time later.

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In Night School,

In Wolf's Bane,

In Co-Captain,

In Formality,

In Code Breaker,

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In Omega, Lydia Martin, who was still recovering from Peter's attack, was unconsciously drawn to the Hale House where he was buried due to their connection.

In Ice Pick,

In Abomination,

In Venomous,

In Frenemy,

In Restraint,

In Party Guessed,

In Fury,

In Battlefield,

In Master Plan,

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In Tattoo, Derek mentioned to Scott and Stiles that the Alpha Pack had captured Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd and that he, Isaac, and Peter had spent the summer trying to find and rescue them.

In Chaos Rising,

In Fireflies,

In Unleashed, Deucalion took offense at Derek's comments about him and told him not to lump him in with "sociopaths" like Peter, suggesting that they knew each other prior to the Alpha Pack's arrival to Beacon Hills.

In Frayed,

In Visionary,

In The Overlooked,

In Alpha Pact,

In Lunar Ellipse,

In Anchors,

In More Bad Than Good,

In Galvanize,

In Letharia Vulpina,

In De-Void,

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In 117,

In Muted,

In The Benefactor,

In Orphaned,

In Time of Death,

In Monstrous,

In A Promise to the Dead,

In Smoke and Mirrors, Peter makes plans with Scott's pack to take down the berserkers and he tells his daughter to give in to her animal instincts. When the pack realizes the Berserker that they are fighting is Scott, they try and reach out to him which eventually succeeds, after freeing himself of the bones, Scott confronts Peter, realizing he was working with Kate and he taught her how to create Berserkers. Peter admits it and states that he resents Scott for usurping him and declares he did it for his family's power. The two fight with the Omega level Peter having the upper hand against Scott. Liam attempts to intervene but is stopped by Peter, inspired by his beta, Scott regains his composure and defeats Peter and tells him that he was never an Alpha, but a monster. Peter is then last seen being locked up in Eichen House.

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In Radio Silence, Peter had managed to escape from Eichen House after Scott and his pack caused a power failure when they rescued Lydia. However, Peter's escape was short lived as he had been attacked by Ghost Riders, erased and sent to the Phantom Train Station. Stiles who is somehow aware of what has happened to him unlike the other victims at the stations, is reunited with Peter after the latter "saves" his life. Peter remembers Stiles but doesn't seem to be aware of where he is until he is reminded by Stiles. Peter knows of the Ghost Riders as well as the wild hunt and believes that he and Stiles are doomed to ride the storm with them for eternity. After multiple attempts, Stiles and Peter discover a way out but it is soon revealed to be dangerous as a fellow victim who helped them is incinerated into nothing when trying to escape. Out of his love for his daughter, Peter decides to try and escape through the portal regardless of its danger, citing his werewolf nature as a possible way to survive it. Peter succeeds in escaping but is severely burned.

In Heartless, Peter lies possibly dying in the hospital after once again suffering severe burns. Melissa uses her knowledge of the nine herbs to heal Peter and in exhange, Malia wants his help in finding the Rift that leads to the Phantom Train Station. Peter leads Malia there whilst talking to her about survival and morality, Malia growls and Peter tells her to at least act like a human, but Malia responds that she needs Stiles for that as he is her anchor. Peter finds the spot but almost instantly hears the Riders coming, in an unexpected selfless move, Peter tells Malia to go, while he holds off the Riders. Shifting into his monstrous omega form ready for battle, Peter roars at the Riders who point their guns at him, fortunately, the death of a rider at Garrett Douglas's hands forces them to retreat.

In Blitzkrieg, Peter is skeptical of Scott's plan and while he acknowledges that Scott has a "flare" for beating the odds, he doesn't believe he will succeed this time, Peter walks out of the police station intending to leave town once and for all. Later, when Scott and Malia are at the mercy of two Ghost Riders, Peter unexpectedly comes to their rescues and managed to temporarily beat back the Riders to buy Malia and Scott time to escape, they turn around to see him being restrained and erased for the second time by the Ghost Riders.

In Riders on the Storm, Peter is reading a newspaper in the Phantom Train Station and is not responding to Lydia or Malia until the latter calls him "Dad" for the first time. Peter regains his senses. Later he notices that the train station has merged with the high school library. The ghost riders arrive, and he attempts to fight them but they are intangible. One of them wounds Malia, enraged, Peter resumes his attack and succeeds in hurting one of them, he tries to fight two Riders but is overpowered, he tells his daughter to run but Malia's eyes glow blue and she roars just as she enters the fight. Peter and Malia are later seen coming to Scott's aid, Peter, now more experienced at fighting Riders is able to battle three riders simultaneously and hold his own, he is eventually beaten and knocked to the ground along with Theo but before the ghost riders can finish them, Scott and the rest of his pack, succeed in stopping Garrett's plan, causing the Riders to walk away and forcing Garrett to become one of them.

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In Werewolves of London,

In Broken Glass,

In The Wolves of War,


"Look, I just need to figure this out, and he's the only one offering help."
"Peter doesn't offer help-- he offers a chance to manipulate you into giving him what he wants."

Peter is an intelligent, manipulative, and power hungry person who is always looking for an advantage in life, regardless of which form it comes. He is very adept at reading people, and uses his knowledge of how people work to manipulate them into doing what he wants them to do, such as when he tried to give Melissa McCall the Bite and when he threatened to attack Allison Argent in order to coerce Scott McCall into joining his pack. Due to growing up as the younger brother to the well-respected and powerful Alpha Talia Hale, Peter developed an inferiority complex that caused him to constantly strive for more power and a higher status, and he insisted that the Hale Pack needed to be stronger and more ruthless against the hunters. As it turned out, Peter's fears were not totally unfounded, as Talia's diplomatic approach to dealing with the hunters allowed them to be easily killed by Kate Argent.

After the fire, Peter's thirst for power and revenge became so great that he planned on killing anyone who was even so much as remotely involved in the arson plot; to this end, he lured his own niece Laura to Beacon Hills and ended up killing her in order to become the Alpha himself. Peter claims that the killing of his niece was unintentional, but Scott, Stiles, and Cora seem to believe otherwise; though the memories Peter shared with Scott lent credence to Peter's claims, as well as that fact the Peter was at the time driven by instinct. However, it was later revealed that Peter, with help from his nurse, purposely lured Laura back to Beacon Hills using the dead deer with the revenge spiral burned into its fur. This suggests several possibilities as to his motives; Peter could have been at least considering stealing Laura's Alpha power prior to her return to town, which indicates premeditation, or he could have wanted to gain her help in seeking his revenge and lost control when she rejected him. Regardless of which explanation is the truth, what is certain is that Peter did intentionally summon Laura to Beacon Hills.

"You look nervous."
"I'm not nervous. I'm rattled. I don't like being rattled."
"But it's over! The Deadpool's done. And, if you need to be reminded, everything else is going exactly your way."
"Not exactly my way."
"Maybe every little piece in your game didn't move just as predicted, but they still moved perfectly into place."
Kate Argent and Peter in Monstrous

After being resurrected as an exceptionally weak Omega, Peter demonstrated his patient and scheming nature when he decided to bide his time and regain his strength before returning to his plan to become an Alpha once again. He isn't against helping others when it suits him, but he will rarely do so without making a deal to gain something in return; it might be money, an object, a favor or information, but whatever it is, the payment he demands will always benefit him somehow. Peter is exceptionally observant, and always pays attention to those around him, carefully filing away details and secrets that are revealed by others in his presence in case they can help him gain an advantage later on, particularly when it comes to the McCall Pack after they slowly stopped viewing him as a direct threat to their work in protecting Beacon Hills.

"We need to tell her the truth about Peter. She's going to see the rest of the Deadpool eventually."
"Try to remember that Peter is the one name missing on that list, which either makes him incredibly lucky or the Benefactor. If she finds out about him, she's going to go to him, you know she is. And then he's going to twist his way into her head like he does with everyone, including us. We let him walk around like nothing ever happened like he's one of the good guys... Scott, he's not one of the good guys. If she finds out about him, she's gone. That's probably what he's waiting for! And if he wins, we lose."

Despite Peter's selfish nature, he has been shown to genuinely care for his remaining family, which consists of his niece, Cora, his nephew Derek, and his recently discovered biological daughter Malia Tate. During the Alpha Pack attacks, Peter urgently attempted to warn his nephew against going through with his plan to rescue Cora and Vernon Boyd from the bank vault, and during the Deadpool assassinations, Peter was angry that his nephew and daughter were on the hit-list, even going so far as to pay a private investigator several thousand dollars to obtain adoption records that could cause Malia to be identified. Peter seems to consider Derek to be his favorite of his sister's children and routinely looked out for him, even if his intentions were also to look out for himself. However, his compassion toward his family seemingly ends where power is concerned, and he will disregard their well-being if it means he gain advance his powers or his supernatural status, as evidenced toward his attack against Malia when she tried to defend Scott at La Iglesia.

Peter has also shown that he has a very strategic mind, and will only go into a battle if he knows he can win it; he is always intent to gain as much information as he can before he engages in a confrontation to ensure that he's not risking his life, power, and safety unnecessarily. That said, Peter has also shown that he can be impulsive and short-sighted when he becomes desperate, which is how he was ultimately defeated by Scott and his pack at the end of Season 4. Peter is also a very intelligent man who has spent his life learning about the supernatural, which also gives him a sort of power in the Beacon Hills supernatural community, as many people come to him for information regarding certain creatures, such as Kanimas, Berserkers, Kitsunes, and Ghost Riders. It has even been suggested that Peter's mythological library rivals that of the Argent Bestiary. Due in part to his extensive knowledge base, it was Peter who taught Derek to learn control when the Triskelion Medallion and Hale Pack mantra failed to help him get through the full moons; he shared with Derek his method of tapping into his anger, rage, and hatred in order to control his lycanthropy.

Peter ultimately showed to have a selfless side, as he willingly sacrificed his own life and existence to save Scott and Malia, fighting two Ghost Riders to help them escape. This act shows how much he loves his daughter, and how willing he is to sacrifice himself to ensure her survival. Peter's love for his daughter contributted to his redemption in Season 6B, and despite Malia telling him to run for his life, Peter elected to stay and help his daughter and the other McCall Pack members fight off the Hunters in Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent's Army. His worst fear was something bad happening to Malia, as shown when the Anuk-ite mimicked Malia's voice to get Peter to look at it and get petrified.

Physical Appearance[]

Peter is a handsome, muscular man of medium stature with brown hair, blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin. He's a sophisticated man who often wears well-tailored jeans and blazers with henleys or v-neck t-shirts, the latter of which has gained him the nickname "Satan in a V-Neck." Peter often has a goatee or facial scruff and has taken to wearing his hair smoothed back in an elegant style. He appears to be in his mid-late 30s due to Werewolf longevity, but according to his hospital records, he's actually in his 40s.

Powers and Abilities[]

Peter possesses the common powers of an Omega-level Werewolf. After his resurrection, Peter's powers were weakened for several months, but after over a season, he managed to regain an exceptional amount of power even by Omega standards. How he gained this strength has yet to be revealed.

Peter's super strength is such that he shattered the surface of a stone support column in the Hale Vault with a backhand and was able to knock out a Beta-level Werewolf in one punch, a fact that even Derek found shocking. Peter was also able to fight and gain the upper hand against an Alpha and even briefly against two ghost riders successfully before they regained the upper hand. Later he was shown to be able to hold his own against three Ghost Riders.

Peter is very fast and has even appeared out of nowhere at times; during his time as a captive of the Wild Hunt, Peter startled Stiles by appearing next to him when seconds earlier, he was a fair distance away. As an older werewolf, Peter may not have the same gymnastic proficiency that younger Werewolves such as Derek or Scott possess, but he is still very agile nonetheless.

Peter is much more durable and resistant to blunt force trauma than the average Werewolf, as evidenced numerous times, including his battles with the the twins at the hospital, surviving a Wolfsbane-laced tomahawk to his chest, and surviving severe, full-body burns on three separate occasions.

Peter's senses are very acute, with his sense of smell being so sensitive that he was able to track the Werejaguar Kate Argent into the sewer underneath the water treatment plant even despite all the chemicals in the water she was using to cover her scent, and he was able to identify his daughter Malia's scent from several floors away after being separated for over three months. This ability also allows him to discern the emotional state of others by interpreting the chemosignals in their scents. Additionally, Peter has a very heightened sense of hearing, granting him the ability to hear whispered conversations from hundreds of feet away, sense approaching enemies, and, with some degree of accuracy, determine truth from lie by listening to a person's heartbeat while they talk. After his resurrection, his hearing ability was one of the few senses that was not temporarily diminished. Peter was able to easily recognize a Berserker by its roar from a distance and during the wild hunt, he was able to hear the Ghost Riders before Malia and is able to recognize their distance by the sound.

Peter's healing ability is strong even after supposedly becoming impaired as it has allowed him to reattach a severed digit and recover from a Wolfsbane-coated tomahawk being embedded in his chest. After becoming an Alpha, he was able to consciously heal his burns in moments, though his healing ability is no longer this strong due to his status as an Omega.

Like all Werewolves, Peter has the ability to shapeshift his features into those of a wolf; when he was an Alpha, he was able to transform into a monstrous, bestial wolf, though this ability has since been lost. Even now, as an Omega, Peter's Werewolf form is much more monstrous than most, as his eye sockets become hollow and darkened, and his skin becomes gray, similar to the appearance of Deucalion's wolf form. Peter's fangs are so large that they impair his speech.

Peter is adept at using his ability to view the memories of another person by piercing the back of their neck with his claws and entering their mind. However, this process is typically only performed by Alphas, due to the amount of control and practice it takes to do it without causing paralysis or death to the person whose mind they're entering. For this reason, this ability is also usually only used on supernaturals with accelerated healing abilities, since they can recover from the trauma much faster and easier than a human. Peter has been shown to use this mind connection on three occasions. The first was during his brief time as an Alpha when he pierced Scott's neck with his claws to share his memories of the Hale Fire so he would understand why Kate and her co-conspirators deserved to die for their crimes. The second time was shortly after his resurrection as an Omega, when he used the ritual to enter Isaac Lahey's memories, which had been tampered with by Deucalion in order to lure Derek and Scott into a trap. Finally, the third was when Meredith Walker claimed to know him prior to their first meeting, and Peter used this ability to delve into her memories to confirm it.

Former Powers

The following are powers Peter possessed as an Alpha that he lost after being killed by Derek Hale and subsequently resurrected a month later.

  • Power Granting: As an Alpha Werewolf, Peter used to have the ability to turn humans into Beta/Omega Werewolves. He used this ability to turn Scott McCall and to attempt to turn Lydia Martin through the Bite, though her Banshee powers gave her an immunity to the Bite's transformative properties. This power also extended to the ability to turn humans with an especially deep scratch, which became clear when Kate Argent, who Peter believed he had killed by clawing her throat out, resurfaced as a werejaguar after his claw gashes had transformed her into a shapeshifter as well. Peter also intended to bite Melissa McCall, Allison Argent, and Stiles Stilinski, though he was ultimately unable to do so for one reason or another.
  • Alpha Roar: As an Alpha Werewolf, Peter used to have the ability to use his roar as an offensive weapon to scare away supernatural creatures of a lower rank or to force a were-creature in or out of a transformation. He used this roar to force Scott to transform and to try to force Scott to kill his friends as part of his initiation into Peter's pack.
  • Healing Disruption: As an Alpha Werewolf, Peter used to have the ability to cause wounds in Beta or Omega-level werecreatures that partially disrupted their regenerative abilities and thus caused them to take longer to heal than normal. Peter used this ability against Derek and Scott in battles before he learned that Peter was the Alpha.
  • Beast Alpha Form: As an Alpha Werewolf, Peter used to have the ability to transform into a large, monstrous wolf-like beast with black fur, crimson glowing eyes, and large claws and fangs. In his beast form, Peter could run on all fours or walk on two legs, depending on the task at hand. He was so powerful in this form that it took being set on fire to disable him. In this form, Peter was fast enough to chase Kate when she was driving.


  • Supernatural Knowledge: Having been raised in the supernatural world his entire life, Peter has an enormous amount of knowledge regarding supernatural species and mythological creatures. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of Kanimas, Berserkers, Kitsune and Ghost Riders, along with detailed information on obscure Werewolf rituals, history, and customs.
  • Advanced Combat Skills: Peter has shown himself to be an expert fighter, utilizing his supernatural abilities with what appears to be a formal fighting style. He was able to hold his own against Scott, a True Alpha, and dominate him for most of their fight, despite being weaker than Scott was. As well as this, he was able to hold his own against multiple Ghost Riders, though he was eventually overpowered.
  • Skilled Manipulator: Peter is extremely good at manipulating others into doing as he wants, due in part to his highly-attuned ability to read people and understand their motivations. He knows exactly when to play nice and pretends to be an ally and when to finally reveal his true plans, which is how he was able to deceive the McCall Pack and Hale Pack for nearly three seasons.
  • Skilled Tactician: Peter has an exceptional ability to plan his schemes in advance, which, when paired with his patience and ability to keep his plans close to the vest, allows him to fly under the radar without anyone knowing what he's up to. This ability is what allowed him to plot to kill Scott McCall and steal his Alpha powers throughout Season 3B and Season 4 by pretending to be a friend to the Beacon Hills supernaturals and helping them when possible, though doing so in exchange for various payments so as to not arouse suspicion.


Peter possesses the standard weaknesses of an Omega-level Werewolf, including vulnerability to wolfsbane, mountain ash, Letharia Vulpina or "wolf lichen," the Modified Canine Distemper Virus, and electricity. He is also susceptible to the effects of the full moon and supermoon, though, as an older born Werewolf with decades of experience, Peter has not struggled with the moon's effects since before his brief stint as an Alpha. Peter, like all werecreatures, is also vulnerable to the effects of the lunar eclipse, which will cause him to lose his powers for as long as the moon is in the earth's umbral shadow.

Former Weaknesses[]

  • Side Effects of Resurrection: After being resurrected, Peter's superhuman physical powers were significantly diminished, forcing him to ally himself with his nephew's new pack in order to survive long enough to recuperate and recover his powers. He has since demonstrated heightened strength, speed, agility, durability, etc., indicating that he has overcome this weakness.


  • Peter: The name Peter is an English variant of the Greek Πετρος (Petros), meaning "stone" or "rock." According to the New Testament, Jesus gave Saint Peter (whose given name was Simon Bar-Jona) the name Kephas or Cephas, meaning "stone" in Aramaic. Saint Peter then became one of the most prominent of the apostles in Jesus' ministry, and is often considered the first pope by Roman Catholics. Peter became a common name in the Christian world as a result of this history, and in England, it was introduced by the Normans in the Old French form of the name, Piers, which was gradually replaced by the name Peter starting in the 15th century. Variants of the name in other languages include: Botros, Boutros, Butrus (Arabic); Peru, Petri, Peio (Basque); Per, Perig, Pierrick (Breton); Piers (British English); Peder, Petter (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian); Petrus (Dutch, German); Pier, Pieter (Dutch); Pierre, Pierrick (French); Pika (Hawaiian); Peadar, Piaras (Irish); Pietro, Piero (Italian); Piotr (Polish); Pedro (Portuguese, Spanish); Pedrinho (Portuguese); Petre, Petru, Petrica (Romanian); Pyotr, Petia, Petya (Russian).
  • Hale: The surname Hale originates as a geographical locality, "at the hale," i.e. "hall" (either as a proprietor or servant at a residence there). It is also derived from the Old English healh, meaning "nook" or "hollow." In northern England, the name often has a specialized meaning, either denoting a piece of flat alluvial land by the side of a river, or as a patch of dry land in a fen. It is also sometimes a habitational name from any of the several places in England that shares the same name. Additionally, it could also have origins as a Middle English personal name derived from either of two Old English bynames, Haele ("hero"), or Haegel, which is akin to the Germanic Hagano meaning "hawthorn." The name Hale was first recorded as De Halys in 1130. It is said that the Hales were related to Saint Edmund, the King of East Anglia, which is how the family's coat of arms got their arrows pointing downward.



  • It was Peter biting Scott McCall in Wolf Moon that set the series on its course.
  • Peter was the first person to be resurrected in the series after he was brought back to life in a Worm Moon ritual performed by Lydia Martin in Season 2's Party Guessed.
  • Peter demonstrated a significant power increase between the end of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4. There are several theories among fans of the show as to how he regained this strength, such as that he simply recovered from the side-effects of his resurrection ritual, or that he gained the power Jennifer Blake harvested in her sacrifice rituals after he killed her on the Nemeton in Lunar Ellipse. However, neither of these theories have been confirmed as of Season 5.
  • Peter is one of two Werewolves in the series who has been shown with all three Werewolf eye colors throughout his life—gold (in his early life), red (as an Alpha), and blue (as a resurrected Beta). The other werewolf is his nephew, Derek Hale.
  • Peter learned that he had a daughter named Malia in Letharia Vulpina, as he had figured out that Talia had taken his memories of her conception and existence using the memory-sharing ritual at some point prior to the Hale House Fire.
  • Despite Peter's manipulative and ambiguous nature in his youth, his more moral nephew's eyes turned blue first, meaning Peter didn't kill his first innocent human until later in life.
    • Ian Bohen, the actor who portrays him, said that his vengeful killing spree was not the first time Peter had taken human life, indicating that his eyes had turned blue prior to becoming an Alpha but after Derek mercy-killing Paige caused his own eyes to change color.
  • Peter's plan to kill Scott in Season 4 was difficult to understand at first due to the fact that he allowed Kate to turn him into a Berserker and then manipulated his pack into trying to kill him after he had informed them that a True Alpha's power couldn't be taken. However, judging by the information revealed in Season 5 about a True Alpha's power and the assassination attempt against Scott by Theo Raeken, it can be assumed that Peter was intending for the Alpha power to be inherited by Scott's sole bitten Beta, Liam Dunbar, after Scott was killed, and that Peter planned to then kill Liam to take the Alpha power for himself.
  • Peter is one of the characters on the show to be extremely burned, the other one is Corey Bryant.
  • Peter became one of two characters to have been the final antagonist that the McCall Pack and allies has had to deal with twice; the first time was in Season 1 where he was the main antagonist for the whole season and Season 4 where he assumed the role in the last few episodes. Kate Argent was the other character to have been an antagonist in more than one season, both in the same seasons as Peter.


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