Quinn is a minor character in season 6b of Teen Wolf. She is one of many supernatural in Beacon Hills. She is a werewolf, and is the daughter of the alpha teacher, Mrs. Finch.

Season 6

Quinn fights off a group of male Hunters but is shot in the head by Deputy Vargas.

In manage to survive the attack she searches for Scott Mcall. She finds the Mcall pack in Pressure Test, however, she and numerous other super naturals are trapped in the Sheriff station, because the hunters have jammed all signals around the Sheriff's station.

Quinn is murdered by the Anuk-Ite. It strips her of her DNA and face. Killing her and grieving her mother Mrs. Finch (Werewolves of London)

The creature adopting Quinn's body arrives at the school, looking for its other half. Once she kissed Aaron, the two start to fight. The creature looses to Aaron, and Quinn dies. (Genotype)