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Scott: "The wolves, the rats... It keeps coming back to the same thing. Fear."
Malia: "But what is everyone afraid of?"
Scott: "...Us. We don't know what fear will do to somebody, or make it change them. They'll look at us differently. They'll do things that they've never done before."
Malia: "People can be so stupid."
Lydia: "They're not stupid. They're scared."
Scott: "And scared people will do things you wouldn't believe."
Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Lydia Martin about the new creature influencing Beacon Hills

Raw Talent [1] is the twelfth episode of Season 6 and the ninety-second episode of Teen Wolf.


Scott and Malia search for the owner of a bullet, worried that a new Werewolf Hunter has come to Beacon Hills; Lydia must face her fears of Eichen House.


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  • The title is a reference to Gerard Argent's assessment of the wannabe Werewolf Hunter Tamora Monroe. He says he can recognize "raw talent" when he sees it.
  • It is revealed Halwyn built the closed unit of Eichen House and remained in there in a state of hibernation in case "it" (i.e. the mysterious creature associated with the spiders throughout Beacon Hills) got out.
  • It is revealed Scott's phone number is "415-555-0165." The 415 area code is used in San Francisco and the surrounding region in northern-central California.
  • The fates of both Conrad Fenris and Theo Raeken are left unknown in this episode. =)
  • The mysterious creature continues to influence the citizens of Beacon Hills, causing shapeshifters such as Liam Dunbar and Scott McCall to lose control and causing the human population to begin to instinctively fear the supernatural creatures in town.
  • It is shown that Hellhounds are vulnerable to extremely cold temperatures when Fenris locks Parrish in Halwyn's old frozen cell.

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  • "Gallows" by Katie Garfield
    • Theo is shown to be homeless and sleeping in his truck while various cops awaken him and force him to move. A spider bites him and burrows into Theo, forcing him to stab himself with a scalpel to remove it
  • "Utopia" Bang la Decks
    • Brett and Liam train the freshman in lacrosse to help them potentially make first line. Brett baits Liam's anger to try to learn control.
  • "Bones" by WENS
    • Lydia is forced to face her fears of Eichen House to save Parrish, who was attacked by Conrad Fenris. She uses her Banshee scream to neutralize him.
  • "Afraid" by No Wyld
    • Scott, Malia and Lydia realized that the mysterious creature is using fear to drive ordinarily kind people to act violently to one another. Brett, affected by Wolfsbane poisoning, attacks Ms. Monroe, who is saved by Gerard. Gerard remarks on her raw talent for hunting and decides to mentor her.



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