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SCOTT: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
SCOTT: We're looking for someone named Stiles. You went by that name in the Army, right?
HAYDEN: He's called a Ghost Rider. They take people and erase your memories. You're next.
MELISSA: Someone is biting open heads.
ARGENT: The real question is "Why?"


[Its night time, a cricket chirps and a owl hoots. In the middle of the woods, Chris Argent is next to a tree. He hears a sound and prepares to shoot who did it with his rifle but then he puts it down when he realizes who is coming is Melissa with a lantern. Chris sighs in relief and exasperation]

ARGENT: You might wanna think twice before you sneak up on a man holding a loaded M24.

[Melissa looks just as exasperated as Argent and looks at him tiredly]

MELISSA: [panting] I wasn't sneaking up on you. I was catching up with you.

[Argent doesn't look at all surprised by this news as though he already knew she was close to him]

ARGENT: I know. I heard you a mile back.
MELISSA: I found a low branch with my face. How can you see anything around here?
ARGENT: Practice. What are are you doing, Melissa?

[Melissa hesitates a little before she starts speaking]

MELISSA: I thought maybe you could need some back-up. Which way?

[Chris has a look on his face that he doesn't want to put Melissa's life in risk]

MELISSA: You can leave out here alone with a stun gun and a box of band-aids or we can just keep going. It's up to you.

[Chris makes his decision and let's Melissa come with him by nodding her as if to say, "Okay, you can come" and Melissa holds a stun gun to defend herself before she and Chris smile at each other. They walk through the woods and Melissa looks a bit scared]

MELISSA: You're probably wondering why I'm here when I could be nestled in home reading a book. That's because I'm sick of seeing people that I care about wheeled past the nurse's station on a hammock. All of you are here risking your lives... and is about time for me to do something too.

[Chris turns to Melissa with a serious look]

ARGENT: Who might experience, tracking homicidal supernaturals... is best to be quiet.

[Melissa nods, thinking that Chris is right]


[Once Melissa promises to be quiet, Chris turns to his front and has his rifle to defend himself as Melissa keeps behind but bumps into Chris when he stops for a moment]

MELISSA: What is it?

[Melissa realizes she has to talk quietly]

MELISSA: [quietly] What is it?

[Chris and Melissa walk toward what the former saw and Melissa uses her lantern to see through the dark and they find a bike next to a tree and another one a few feet away from the first one. Chris and Melissa notice a bicycler in the floor and Melissa places her hand on him to check his pulse and verify if he's alive or dead]

MELISSA: He's dead.

[Melissa and Chris look at the bicycler, lamenting they couldn't do anything to save him until blood falls into the boy's face. Melissa points her lantern to the tree where the blood fell and she and Chris see another bicycler, badly wounded. They gasp in shock and suddenly, the boy opens his eyes, revealing to be alive]

MELISSA: It's okay. You're gonna be okay.

[The bicycler agitates and bleeds blood before he falls from the tree and lands on the ground, dead. Melissa points her lantern to bicycler's head and he has wounds on his neck and nods that he is dead now too]

ARGENT: How long can someone survive like that?
MELISSA: One or two minutes.

[Chris and Melissa hear something and Chris has his rifle ready to shoot]

ARGENT: It's still here.
MELISSA: How much training have you had in situations like this?
ARGENT: Remember the part of being quiet?

[Melissa looks scared of what could be making the noise. In the middle of the trees, someone is running very fast but the face is not shown]

MELISSA: [worriedly] Is it a Werewolf?
ARGENT: Werecoyote.
MELISSA: [concerned] Malia?
ARGENT: She's coming right at us.

[Melissa notices Chris with his rifle pointed at Malia, realizing only one thing]

MELISSA: You're not gonna hurt her, are you?
ARGENT: No. I'm gonna wing her.

[Chris points his rifle at Malia and, with luck, shoots her, causing her to fall to the ground. Melissa and Chris walk toward Malia and when they approach her, she is growling, turns around and reveals her blue eyes and fangs and roars at them. Melissa and Chris look a bit scared at Malia roaring at them]



[Scott, Liam, Mason and Corey are all staring at the black spot of the ceilling that was origined last night by the Ghost Rider]

COREY: [curiously] That's how he got in?
LIAM: What is it?
MASON: It's a point of impact from a lightning strike. Usually finds black spots that are found in the ground after a violent thunderstorm.

[Upon hearing Mason's statement, Scott's eyes widen once he realizes something]

SCOTT: That's how the Ghost Riders got in. He rode the lightning.

[Scott turns to Liam, who also has a surprised look]

LIAM: If they can use lightning to pass the Mountain Ash...

[Scott, still nonplussed, finishes the sentence for him]

SCOTT: No place is safe.
COREY: What about the others? It's my fault they're marked.
SCOTT: [determinedly] We'll find a way to protect them. All of them.


[Melissa is using a pincer to remove Chris' bullet from Malia's leg. Malia feels extreme pain from it and growls and groans in pain but Chris keeps her imobilized]

MELISSA: Keep her still.
MALIA: The morgue? I'm not dead yet.
MELISSA: You're a werecoyote. It's private down here and this is going to hurt. Try not to roar.

[Malia grabs Chris' arm to help her support the pain and Chris groans in pain]

ARGENT: Have you got anything for the pain?
MALIA: No. I can take it.

[Argent looks exasperated at Malia as she should know who it is for]

ARGENT: It's for me.
MELISSA: What were you doing in the woods?
MALIA: Running.
MELISSA: At 2:00 AM?

[Malia groans in pain again before she starts speaking]

MALIA: Coyotes are nocturnal. I heard screams-- like 'someone being murdered'-type screams.
ARGENT: Did you see anything? Catch a scent?
MALIA: Just blood. And that's all I remembered until someone SHOT ME!
MELISSA: You were about to tear us apart.
ARGENT: [groans] It's not her fault. When a coyote smells a fresh kill, its senses are overcome. The blood drives it crazy.

[Malia keeps supporting the pain the best she can by holding Chris' arm]

MELISSA: Sorry. It's pretty deep. I'm trying not to touch...

[Before Melissa can finish her sentence, Malia feels so many pain that she huts Chris' arm cuasing him to yell in pain and Malia grinds her teeth in pain before she rips out the bullet and breaths heavilly before she turns to Chris]

MALIA: Here's your bullet back.

[Malia, angrily, gives Chris the bullet back]


[Gwen opens her locker to keep her books in there and remembers the events from last night. Then, she turns around and everything goes in slow motion for a moment until Gwen looks at her locker and everything goes back to normal condition with Gwen still a bit shocked. Just as she closes her locker, Hayden appears next to her, smilling, leaving Gwen annoyed]

GWEN: You don't have to follow me around everywhere.
HAYDEN: I'm just trying to keep you safe.
GWEN: Are you going to assist to all of my classes? And what about after school? What about all night?
HAYDEN: Wherever you go, I'll be there.

[They arrive at the women's bathroom and Hayden decides to let Gwen make her necessities]

HAYDEN: I'll just be here.

[Gwen goes to the bathroom and Hayden leans against a wall and nods in negation]

[At the library, Liam is reading a book along with Mason]

LIAM: [reads] "The K Index quantifies disturbances in the horizontal component of Earth's magnetic field."

[Liam looks confused at what he just did read]

LIAM: What is K index?
MASON: It's a scale that meteorologists used to measure thunderstorm activity. A valor of K index lower to 20 means no activity and above 35 is severe.
LIAM: How bad is "severe"?
MASON: When a storm has, about, a thousand lightning strikes. In the past three months, the average of Beacon Hills had five thousand.
LIAM: Which is the lecture now?

[Mason goes to see the K index on his computer and finds it's 14]

MASON: 14. We're clear.
LIAM: If a spike in the K Index means more lightning... we could know if they're coming.
MASON: Yeah.
LIAM: This is good.
MASON: Yeah.

[Just as they keep happy for their discovery, Mason's computer starts beeping and K Index starts rising, leaving Mason with an anxious look]

MASON: Actually... this is really bad.

[At the hallway, Lydia shows Jake Sullivan's ID to Scott and Malia]

LYDIA: It's a relic.
MALIA: [confused] What's a relic?
LYDIA: An object with a fix association to the past. Jake's ID was left behind after he was taken and Gwen found her sister's bracelet in her bathroom for.

[Malia still looks confused over where lydia is going with this ocnversation]

MALIA: How can someone be erased and still leave something behind?
LYDIA: Conservation of mass. The total of mass of any isolated system remains constant.

[Scott immediately looks satisfied by this uncovery]

SCOTT: So the Ghost Riders have a weakness.
MALIA: A relic would be the prove that Stiles existed.

[Scott, still happy with this discovery, adds one of his statements to Malia's]

SCOTT: And we could bring him back.

[Back at the library, Liam and Mason discuss the better option for the students of the party last night]

MASON: We need to hide them.
LIAM: We need to fight them.
MASON: We need to hide them.

[Scott arrives at their table and intervenes their discussion]

SCOTT: Who's them?
LIAM: The Ghost Riders.
MASON: The kids of the party.

[Mason and Liam look at each other in confusion and exasperation while Scott stares at them blankly]

SCOTT. Got it.
LIAM: We can get a lightning rod. Atract the Ghost Riders and catch them off guard.
MASON: Since everyone from the party are in danger, all we need to do is find a safe place for them to ide until the storm passes.

[Liam has an unoptimistic look on his face as they talked about this earlier]

LIAM: The Ghost Riders ride the lightning. Nowhere is safe.

[Mason gives everybody courage by mentioning a possible spot]

MASON: It is, if we're underground. The Earth can ground lightning of eletrical charges. Everyone would be safe.
SCOTT: Okay.

[Scott takes a seat in the boys' table]

SCOTT: We'll do the deal. We take veryone to the Argent bunker underground, it's lined with Mountain Ash.
LIAM: We stopped the Ghost Riders last night. We could do it again.
SCOTT: [correcting] We didn't stop them. They just retreated, we don't know why.

[There's a dramatic silence before Liam starts talking]

LIAM: Okay. Bot how we get them all to the bunker?

[Later, Mason and Liam reunite Nathan and the other lacrosse players next to the library and Nathan is seeing a photo of the Ghost Rider and has an unconvinced look on his face]

NATHAN: Is this a joke?
LIAM: No. And you have to take this seriously. We're all save in the bunker.

[Nathan still refuses to listen to Liam's advice]

NATHAN: I'm not gonna miss the first game of the year so you can make captain.
LIAM: There's a supernatural force that are coming to erase your soul.
NATHAN: It was a man in a hat with a gun.

[Nathan and the other lacrosse players start walking away and Mason thinks of something that will convince them]

MASON: And he's coming back to shoot you in the head.

[Nathan appears to listen to Mason's advice, relents and seems to agree on going with them]


[Lydia shows to Sheriff Stilinski in his office Jake Sullivan's ID that was left behind when the Ghost Riders erased him]

STILINSKI: You wanna search my house.
LYDIA: People are leaving things behind. So Stiles left anything...

[Sheriff looks unconvinced at Lydia's story]

STILINSKI: Why it would be there?
LYDIA: You can't just erase people. They leave things behind.

[Sheriff doesn't appear to believe in Lydia's story, making her sigh in exasperation and he puts Jake's ID on his table]

STILINSKI: I couldn't sleep last night so... I got up to do some paper work. The files were in the back of the car so I got to the garage and something flyed off the shelf and I stubbed my toe on a baseball bat. Without thinking I yelled a name.

[Lydia looks shocked, apparently knowing the name Sheriff yelled]

LYDIA: Stiles.


[Liam and Hayden get everyone, including Nathan, in the undeground tunnels, much to the students' confusion]

JAYDEN: Why are we underground?
HAYDEN: Because this is the way for the bunker.

[Nathan, upon hearing Hayden, looks surprised]

NATHAN: You guys have a bunker? Who are you people?
LIAM: We're people who know things that most of the people don't know about.
NATHAN: [confused] What?
HAYDEN: Just get moving.

[Nathan and the other students start heading to the bunker and Liam decides to go with them to make sure they don't get lost but Hayden notices something wrong]

HAYDEN: Liam. Where's Gwen?

[Liam and Hayden walk toward the entrance and wonder that Gwen is still out there, somewhere, for the Ghost Riders to catch her]

[Nathan and the other students arrive at the Argent Bunker and are impressed at all the stuff in there. Nathan finds a taser and shows interest in using it but Chris is also there]

ARGENT: I wouldn't touch that.

[Nathan ignores Chris' warning and fires the taser by mistake, causing Chris to take back the taser and slam it on the table]

NATHAN: What is all this for?
ARGENT: For your protection.

[Scott arrives at the Bunker and Liam is with Corey and Mason seeing the list of students]

LIAM: They're missing three people past Gwen.

[Scott sees the list of students and looks around to know who is missing until he figures it out]

SCOTT: All the lacrosse players.
COREY: They were at the party, so they all know what's coming.
ARGENT: People see what the wanna see.
MASON: [sighs nervously] Guys we're running out of time.

[Mason shows through his phone the K Index rising until it arrives to 40]

LIAM: Scott, we have to get them.
SCOTT: I'll go. The rest of you stay here.

[Liam looks anxious of letting Scott go alone find the players]

LIAM: We couldn't fight off one Ghost Rider. Who knows how many are gonna be tonight. We're going with you.
SCOTT: You're marked.
MASON: So am I.
COREY: Me too... but at least I can see them coming.

[Scott sighs, doubful and looks at Argent nodding at him and Scott takes his decision]

SCOTT: Alright. But if you see them coming... run.


[Lydia is at the living room of Sheriff's house looking for Stiles' relics to prove he exists. Next to the TV, there are pictures of Sheriff and Claudia together and Lydia looks at them before being interrupted by Claudia]

CLAUDIA: Something I can do to help.
LYDIA: No. Thank Mrs. Stilinski.
CLAUDIA: Well, good luck. I'll leave you to it.

[Claudia walks away, leaving Lydia a bit confused. She then turns around, looks at the hallway and has a flashback of previous episode when she talked to the old woman. Lydia slowly walks down the hallway and finds the exact spot the old woman was standing and she hears air escaping from behind the wallapaper. She tries to touch the wall but then a man appears and scares her]

TRENT: You didn't see it, didn't you?

[Trent's words echo and Lydia looks confused]

LYDIA: See what?
TRENT: It's right in front of your face.

[Trent's words echo again and Lydia turns to the wall and once she touches it, she turns her attention back to the man but she becomes shocked when she sees he disappeared just like the old woman did in her last visit to the house. Lydia sighs in shock and grabs a piece of wallpaper and starts peeling it but someone grabs her. It's Claudia]

CLAUDIA: What are you doing?!
LYDIA: You're hurting me.

[Claudia lets go of Lydia from her grip and glues back the piece of wallpaper]

LYDIA: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that.
CLAUDIA: I think that's something we can agree on.

[Lydia, with shame, leaves the house]


[Chris is in the tunnels and when he hears something, he turns around and has his rifle pointed but it turns out to be Malia. Chris puts his rifle down and sighs in relief]

ARGENT: Thanks for coming.
MALIA: You need my help?
ARGENT: I need a babysitter.

[Malia, upon hearing what Chris just said, doesn't think it's a good idea]

MALIA: I'm not the babysitting type. Coyotes eat their young.

[Malia starts walking away]

ARGENT: You could have killed me, last night. Or worst, Melissa. But I can help you.

[Malia looks confused at Chris' offer to help her gain control and turns around]

MALIA: Aren't you the one who shot me?
ARGENT: I come from a family of hunters. It's our job to deal with situations that an ordinary person...

[Malia, confused, interrupts him]

MALIA: Job stress?
ARGENT: You know that bloodlust you felt? I've seen that look before. When I was your age, I saw someone control and slaughter an innocent. And I did nothing.
MALIA: I'm not that werewolf.
ARGENT: It wasn't a werewolf. It was a hunter. She made excuses. And invented a convincing case... that letal force was necessary but it wasn't. If I had done something that night... maybe my sister wouldn't be the monster she is today.

[Malia realizes very easily who Chris is talking about]

MALIA: [nods] Kate.

[Chris sighs a little before he starts speaking]

ARGENT: Animals lose control. You're not just an animal, Malia. You're also human. You stay like that when you get involved.

[Before they could talk further, a sound from inside the Bunker interrupts them. Nathan had accidentally triggered one of Chris' sonic spikes and Malia grabs it and turns it off, leaving Nathan confused by her presence in there]

NATHAN: What is she doing here?
ARGENT: I asked her to come. And I asked you not to touch anything else.

[Nathan looks bored that he can't do anything to pass the time and starts getting tired of being there]

NATHAN: Look. How much longer do we have to be down here?
ARGENT: As long as it takes.

[Chris prepare his rifle, making Malia change her mind]

MALIA: Okay, I'll stay. You've shot enough people for one day.

[Malia gives Chris the sonic spike a bit angrily, making Chris think she is still mad at him for shooting her last night]


[At the girls' locker room, Gwen is getting dressed to play at the lacrosse game. Hayden arrives there and Gwen immediately disagrees on being protetced]

GWEN: [sighs] I'm not waiting at a bunker to get taken.

[Hayden is frustrated at how unwary Gwen is being about the consequences her actions could cause and tries to reason with her again]

HAYDEN: You have no idea what you're up against. Last night, it took all of us to stop one of them. If you go out there, they'll take you too.
GWEN: [uninterested] They'll find me wherever I am. Just like Phoebe.
HAYDEN: [repentantly] I'm sorry we couldn't protect her, but we can protect you.

[Gwen still looks unconcerned about being erased like her sister]

GWEN: Don't worry. When it happens, you won't remember me.

[Gwen starts walking to get to the field but Hayden stops her, trying to reason with her once again]

HAYDEN: It doesn't have to happen. You want them to take you.

[Gwen refuses to listen to Hayden again and goes to the field to play and Hayden realizes Gwen wants to be erased so she can reunite with her sister but she also looks exasperated at Gwen's stubborness as she could reunite with her sister the better way]

[Scott, Liam, Mason and Corey arrive at school to get the players]

LIAM: So, what's the plan?
SCOTT: Convince the three players that playing tonight is a bad idea.

[Scott, Liam and Corey turn to Mason with hope]

SCOTT: You read everything about the Ghost Riders.
MASON: Yeah.
SCOTT: And you're the only one of us that figured anything out. Have you come across anything that can stop them?
MASON: Not yet but I can try.
SCOTT. Do that.

[Scott, Liam and Corey go to the locker room, leaving Mason alone]

MASON: [sighs in determination continously] I can do this. I can do this.

[Scott, Corey and Liam arrive at the boys' locker room and come across with the last players that get to the field. Coach Finstock hands Scott his lacrosse helmet in anger]

COACH: You're late, McCall! Why aren't you people dressed? Get your asses moving. Everyone, on, the field! Hustle! Hustle! HUSTLE!

[Coach leaves to get to the field and Liam feels unconvinced they'll put everyone safe from the Ghost Riders]

LIAM: Wel never get them on the bunker now.
SCOTT: Get dressed.

[Liam realizes what Scott wants to do]

LIAM: Because there's only one way to keep them safe.
SCOTT: Play the game.

[At her mother's office, Lydia is at the computer and Natalie just figured out what her daughter did in Claudia's house]

NATALIE: Were you tearing Cluadia Stilinski's wallpaper off her wall?

[Natalie gives her daughter a look that she can't escape and Lydia, knowing she has been busted, tells the truth]

LYDIA: Maybe. Yes.
NATALIE: She's worried about your mental health.
LYDIA: I saw someone in the hallway. Someone that Mrs. Stilinski didn't see.

[Natalie, upon hearing Lydia, gives her a suggestion]

NATALIE: If Claudia doesn't see ghosts. That's because she's not a Banshee.
LYDIA: I think she he was trying to help me find something Stiles left behind. A relic.
NATALIE: Did you?
LYDIA: No. She sent me away before I could find anything.

[Natalie laughs sarcastically before she gives Lydia answer]

NATALIE: That's probably because you were tearing her wallpaper.

[Natalie looks at her computer and sees that Lydia found Claudia's student information. Her birth date is: 11/23, her phone number is: 214-555-0176 and her adress is: 1662 Candler Road, NE. Natalie realizes that her daughter has doubts of Claudia]

NATALIE: [sighs] Oh, honey. I've known Claudia since high school. I trust her.

[Lydia sighs in exasperation that her mother doesn't understand her side]

NATALIE: [sighs] Do you know what s confirmation bias is?
LYDIA: The tendency to interpret an information in a way to confirm it is really a interception.
NATALIE: Yes! It's a bias perspective. You're looking for prove to support what you believe it's truth. Because you want it to be truth.

[Lydia looks at her mother with a serious look that she is telling the truth]

LYDIA: Stiles is real. I know it.
NATALIE: [concerned] Do you believe there's a possibility he's not?

[Lydia makes a look meanting to say "No, I don't.", much to Natalie's exasperation and she removes her glasses]

NATALIE: Okay. Tell me everything you know. I'll be your unbiased perspective.

[At the lacrosse field, the players are ready to play as a huge crowd of people cheers them on. Scott, Liam and Corey arrive to the field, dressed to play]

SCOTT: I'll stay with Steinbach and Wallace.

[Scott turns to Liam and points to Gwen]

SCOTT: You stay with Gwen.

[Scott turns to Corey with a task as well]

SCOTT: And you with Okafur.

[Corey looks at Okabur tying his shoes and looks at Scott in doubt]

COREY: What if I see the Ghost Riders?
SCOTT: Yell. Get ready to fight.
WOMAN: [cheering on] Go Beacon Hills.

[The camera points to the referee, who blows his whistle to start the game. Okabur gets the ball and runs toward the goal but one player of the Bulldog team knocks Corey, right next to Okafur, much to his annoyance, and steals the ball]

OKAFUR: Find your own space.

[The player that took the ball from Okafur runs toward the goal of Beacon Hills, throws the ball and scores, giving the Bulldogs the advantage. Gwen and another player from the Bulldogs face off and the referee blows his whistle to start the play again. Gwen takes out the ball but Liam goes against her and both of them fall on the ground and groan in pain. Gwen takes out her helmet]

GWEN: Do you wanna call off?

[Liam stands in the ground with a confused look and the player of the Bulldogs with number "2" runs toward the goal of Beacon Hills and throws the ball and scores. Now the Bulldogs are winning 2-0, much to Coach and everyone cheering Beacon Hills' disappointement. Next, Wallace or Steinbach gets the ball but Scott bumps into the mand the three of them fall on the ground, much to Wallace and Steinbach's annoyance]

STEINBACH: C'mon, man. There's no ghost in here, McCall.

[The Bulldogs score again, makig the result 3-0, much to Coach Finstock's anger]

COACH: What are you doing out there?! i'm gonna kill the three of you!

[Coach goes to see what's wrong iwth Scott, Liam and Corey. In the stands, Sydney and Lorilee are sit next to each other and Mason is right under them]

LORILEE: Do they guys ever practice?
SYDNEY: Not enough.

[Mason looks still nervous if he can find something that can stop the Ghost Riders]

SYDNEY: It's the first period.
LORILEE: They can still win.


JAYDEN: How do you know that they can't get in and shoot all of us? I'll never graduate. I'll never do anything. This is it!
MALIA: Give me the stun gun.
ARGENT: Can you think of a better, less-seizure inducing way? 
JAYDEN: Don't any of you get it?! We are never leaving this place.
MALIA: Jayden. It's okay. Before they get in here, they got to go through us.
JAYDEN: What if that's not enough?
MALIA: No one is getting through that door.
MALIA: Nathan's missing.


PARRISH: On your knees!
MASON: Yes. Yes. Yes.
MASON: Sorry



COACH: Yes, Dunbar! That's the kind of passion I want to see. Unleash hell! 
LIAM: What's gotten into everyone?
SCOTT: What if it's the Wild Hunt? What if it's affecting everyone?
MASON: It's Parrish! He's the reason the Ghost Rider left the party.
HAYDEN: Parrish?
MASON: Call on your sister. Tell her we need to meet Parrish at the school right now.
HAYDEN: What about Gwen? What about the other players? We have to keep them safe.
MASON: Parrish could keep everyone safe.
SCOTT: They're here, Liam!
LIAM: I see them!


MALIA: What happens if he gets out?
ARGENT: He'll break the seal.
MALIA: This way.


COACH: Oh, come on, ref! This is barely a thunderstorm! 
SCOTT: Okay. We've got all three, right?
LIAM: Scott, there were four.


PARRISH: Why did you call me?
HAYDEN: The Ghost Riders are afraid of you.
PARRISH: What? How do you know?
MASON: You're the reason he left Gwen. You can stop them. We need you. The other you.


ARGENT: You were good back there with Jayden.
MALIA: Thanks. I still want to kill Nathan.
ARGENT: At this point, so do I. Which way?
MALIA: This way.


SYDNEY: Are you okay?
OKAFUR: Oh my God! They're real. We got to get out of here.
LIAM: Stay together, we'll protect you.
GWEN: How?
LIAM: Stay close.
SCOTT: I can still see them!
SCOTT: Liam!
LIAM: We can't stop them!
SCOTT: Protect Gwen!


MELISSA: [loudly] You want what?!
MELISSA: [lowedly] You want what?
LYDIA: Claudia's medical records. Just for a minute. We know it's a lot to ask.
MELISSA: It's up there. It's way up there.
NATALIE: As the more recently enlightened of the two of us, just trust me. There are lives at stake.
MELISSA: Letting the two of you look at private medical records is completely and utterly against hospital regulations. So, we better make this fast.


ARGENT: You lost it?
MALIA: No. I don't know. Maybe. It's like he's right here.
ARGENT: But no Nathan.
MALIA: He's still here. I know it.
MALIA: [miffed] Nathan. I know you're there.
ARGENT: Stay put. We're coming to get you.
NATHAN: No, you're not.
MALIA: He's moving. You need to stop running. You're gonna lead them right to us! Nathan!
MALIA: Shoot him!
ARGENT: Did you listen to my story?
MALIA: Just clip him. You clipped me.
ARGENT: You healed. Come on. We're wasting time.


PARRISH: Stay back.


GWEN: Come on!


ARGENT: Nathan! Nathan!
MALIA: We can keep you safe!
NATHAN: Bull. I'm out of here.


MELISSA: Sorry, guys. According to her medical records, Claudia never had children.
LYDIA: Well, but she had--
MELISSA: --Frontotemporal Dementia.
MELISSA: There must be a mistake.
NATALIE: How long ago? She seems fine now.
MELISSA: 10 years? I'm surprised she's still alive, honestly. It's a miracle.


SCOTT: Everyone on the bunker has been taken.
MASON: Everyone? How?
LIAM: It doesn't matter how.
SCOTT: Malia is at the hospital. Argent's been hurt. My mom's with them.
LIAM: Scott... Tonight...
SCOTT: No. Hey, it's not your fault. It's mine. We should have done both-- defend the bunker and use a lightning rod. It would have given us a better chance.
MASON: You okay?
COACH: There he is. Look at that! The humility. The grace. Sure, that wasn't lacrosse we played out there tonight. That was la-crap! But you... You stayed on the field while the rest of these losers ran inside.
LIAM: Coach, we lost. We lost everything.
COACH: Listen to the despair! The rage simmering underneath it! See that, people? He still thinks he can win. That's why next time, he will win. Because he will find a way. Now, show your new captain some love, you pukes! I said, "Show him some love!"
TEAM: [chants simultaneously] Liam! Liam! Liam!


SCOTT: Is he okay?
MELISSA: He has blunt force trauma to his temporal bone, three broken ribs, and multiple surface lacerations, which seem to be from whip marks? What he needs is a lot of rest.
LYDIA: What happened?
MALIA: The Ghost Riders took everyone. We barely slowed them down. Tell us you found something.
LYDIA: I found out Claudia never had children. So, Stiles can't be her son.
MALIA: What about a relic?
MALIA: There never was a Stiles, was there? It doesn't even sound like a real name.
LYDIA: We have to keep looking. Check the school records again, or call Scott's dad...
MALIA: We're fighting the wrong battle.
LYDIA: We're trying to bring Stiles back.
MALIA: The Ghost Riders came back. We still have no way of stopping them. And whatever they are, they're real. We can't keep chasing someone who isn't.
LYDIA: He didn't leave anything behind... Just us.



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