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Melissa: "It's not just this, although a restraining order is a new low that I didn't think that you would reach quite this soon. The completely bizarre behavior, the late nights coming home, having to beg Mr. Harris for you to make up that chemistry test you missed..."
Scott: "I missed a chemistry test?"
Melissa: "Really, Scott? Really? I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded."

Restraint is the seventh episode of Season 2 and the nineteenth episode of the series.


Lydia learns more about her bite from Peter. Derek starts thinking he isn't a good leader for his pack and Jackson Whittemore causes more trouble.


After Jackson escapes from a prisoner transport van that Stiles and Scott are holding him in, his father gets a restraining order against the two of them. Scott's mother searches his room and discovers that Scott has been having sex with Allison and lets her mother know. A fight between Scott and Jackson lands everyone involved in detention. Jackson transforms, injures Matt and Erica, and leaves a warning from his master. Erica has a seizure as a result of the Kanima's venom and Scott and Stiles rush her to Derek. Lydia meets the strange boy she has been seeing around, only for him to reveal himself to be a younger version of Peter Hale. Lydia realizes that the young boy was a part of her imagination and that Peter has been communicating with her via hallucination all along.


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  • Jackson and his father get a restraining order against Scott and Stiles after the two captured him and locked him in a stolen prison transport van in order to keep him from hurting anyone while in Kanima form. This event happened in Frenemy.
  • This episode marks the first time that it is shown that Werewolves will occasionally need to inflict additional pain upon themselves to trigger their healing ability if there's something keeping it from working effectively. In this case, Derek broke Erica's arm to trigger her healing ability after her exposure to Kanima venom caused her epilepsy to relapse and induced a seizure.
  • This episode also marks the first time that the Kanima doesn't kill someone its been ordered to kill, as shown when Jackson saw that Jessica Bartlett was pregnant and was unable to kill her, forcing the Kanima master to kill her after her baby was born.
  • Rafael McCall is mentioned in this episode when Melissa McCall suggests that Scott's concerning behavior might have something to do with his absence, an assumption that Scott purposely implied was true so that she would not find out about the supernatural world in which he now belongs. Rafael was last mentioned in The Tell.
  • Though Scott, Stiles, and Allison have figured out that Jackson is the Kanima, it is shown that neither Derek nor his pack members (Isaac, Erica, and Boyd) are aware of this recent development yet. Jackson was first revealed to be the Kanima in Venomous.
  • Derek mentions that he saw Gerard Argent giving the Kanima a strange look and that he's pretty sure he's planning something. This will ultimately be proven to be the case in Fury.
  • Allison mentions that Lydia translated the Kanima section of the Bestiary for them. Lydia did this in Frenemy.
    • The Bestiary states that the Kanima is a mutation of the Werewolf gene and that it cannot become a Werewolf until it resolves whatever is in its past that caused it to manifest in this way. This will eventually be proven to be the case in Master Plan.
  • Melissa and Victoria Argent talk about Allison and Scott still being in a sexually-active romantic relationship in this episode. They first discussed this in Ice Pick when Victoria purposely cut her arm so she'd have an excuse to go to the ER and have Melissa sew it up.
  • It is revealed that the young boy who has been flirting with Lydia is actually a hallucination version of Peter Hale in this episode.
    • Hallucination-Peter informs Lydia that she is immune to the Bite and Kanima Venom and reveals that the flower he gave her was Wolfsbane, which will come back into play in Party Guessed.
  • Stiles suggests that Matt Daehler is the Kanima master, but since it is mostly due to Stiles' dislike of Matt, no one takes the theory seriously. This suspicion will eventually be proven to be true in Party Guessed.
  • Scott agrees to join Derek's pack in this episode, at least until they save Jackson. Derek has been insisting that Scott join the pack since Omega.
  • Sean Long and Jessica Bartlett become the third and fourth victims of the Kanima murder spree, which began in Shape Shifted.
    • Jessica is also the first victim who has been killed by the Kanima master and not the Kanima itself.


  • The title refers to the restraining order Jackson Whittemore gets against Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski after they captured him and locked him up in a prison transport van following Jackson's attack at the Jungle nightclub.
  • Information about Jackson's biological parents and their deaths was revealed in this episode by Erica Reyes, whose father was the insurance adjuster in the case. His birth parents were named Gordon and Margaret Miller, and they crashed their car on Route 23 past mile marker 2 off of Old Deacon Road in Beacon Hills on June 14, 1995. Skid patterns indicated that the car swerved before the driver lost control, and they were declared DOA at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Jackson was then delivered by cesarean section despite his mother already being dead, and was presumably adopted some time later.
    • It was also speculated that Jackson's parents may have been murdered, which would fit with the Kanima mythology.
  • It is revealed that Jackson did not believe that he was the Kanima; instead, he was under the mistaken impression that he was, in fact, transforming into a Werewolf as he expected, but that the process had somehow been slowed down considerably due to his contact with Lydia Martin, whose immunity to the Bite he believed caused the deceleration.

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  • "Haus" by Oberhofer
    • Allison enters the library to talk to Scott and Stiles without being caught on the surveillance cameras
  • "Get Me Golden" by Terraplane Sun
    • Melissa ransacks Scott's room for evidence that explains Scott's strange behavior
  • "Hawk" by Nicky Blitz
    • Stiles chases Erica down the hallway and begs her not to tell Derek about Jackson
  • "Kick Out The Epic Mother******" by Dada Life
    • Scott and Jackson's fight ends when they fall into the hallway and are broken up by Stiles and Erica
  • "Warrior (Jungles Part II)" by Stepdad
    • Melissa comes to the school to talk to Victoria
  • "Coloring The Void" by M83
    • Lydia walks out into her back yard and goes into a trance as she walks to the Hale House
  • "Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)" by Flight Facilities
    • Lydia makes out with the hallucination of Young Peter, only for him to transform into burned and bloody Adult Peter


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