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Resurrection is the power or ritual to bring back someone or something from the dead, typically the dead individual needs to be intact, but those who resurrect through unnatural means, doesn't require the body of the deceased, only a host for its spirit.

Beings that can resurrect[]

Dread Doctors[]

The Dread Doctors managed to resurrect the Beast of Gevaudan through artificial means, which was a complete success, this makes it the second werewolf to be resurrected.


Werewolves are capable of resurrecting another werewolf so long as the body is mostly intact and there is a worm moon, an Alpha werewolf or perhaps the actual killer involved, and also moonlight shining directly on the corpse. Peter Hale was resurrected this way after his spirit or imprint, forced Lydia to perform the ritual. Both Scott and Jackson have been resurrected multiple times through other methods. In the case of Jackson, his Kanima healing, and then his Werewolf healing were the reasons for his resurrections. In the case of Scott, he was first killed and resurrected through the Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual, alongside Allison and Stiles, and in the second case he was resurrected by his mother performing CPR on him while the Supermoon was enhancing his healing to stronger levels.

Known resurrected Werewolves:


Chimeras do not possess any known resurrection power but if their bodies are preserved after their death, they can be brought back to life by injecting them with the Dread Doctors' serum. The resurrection was initially believed to have had side effects, such as a "darkening" of their humanity, however both Corey and Hayden have shown to remain who they were, even Josh eventually became reluctant to follow Theo. Meaning there were initially on his side likely out of a sense of gratitude or indebted for being resurrected.

Known resurrected Chimeras:


Humans do not possess any known resurrection power, but it is possible for them to be resurrected through the Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual. This is best shown by Stiles and Allison both being resurrected through the use of the ritual, alongside Scott when they were trying to discover the location of the Nemeton. However, this ritual is not without consequences, as the person resurrected will suffer from a darkness around their hearts for the rest of their lives, which can lead to symptoms such as nightmares, sonnambulism, sleep paralysis, alexia, and hand tremors as was the case with Allison. 

Known resurrected Humans:

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