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Garrett: "Unbelievable. Even in the face of insurmountable odds. I don't know if it's suicide or stupidity."
Scott: "Maybe both. Either way, I'm getting to that diverter."
Garrett: You, of all people, Scott, should know what happens to a lone wolf."
Theo: He's not alone. He has a pack!"
Malia: "And Theo's not in it... But I am."
Peter: "I'm not in the pack... But no one likes a Nazi."

Riders on the Storm [1] is the tenth episode of Season 6 and the ninetieth episode of Teen Wolf.


With the fate of Beacon Hills hanging in the balance, Scott and his pack pack face off against Douglas in a final showdown.[2]


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Main Cast []

Supporting Cast[]


  • Garrett Douglas, Jordan Parrish, Mason Hewitt, Hayden Romero, Chris Argent, Melissa McCall, Peter Hale, and Claudia Stilinski appeared in this episode. They were last seen in Blitzkrieg.
  • Corey Bryant appeared in this episode. He was last seen in Heartless.
  • Rafael McCall was mentioned in this episode. He was last seen in Season 4's Time of Death.
  • It is confirmed that Stiles Stilinski was in the Phantom Train Station for three months before he escaped in the present time, putting the current timeline around March or April 2013.
  • Stiles returns to the real world in this episode for the first time since his capture in Memory Lost. He also reunites with his father Noah Stilinski for the first time since the same episode.
    • Stiles was seen still wearing the same black brace on his right wrist and ring and little fingers that was put on him by a paramedic after Scott and Stiles' disastrous attempt to stop Nick Mazzano from stealing helium in Memory Lost as well.
  • Scott and Stiles' conversation at the high school (in which Scott asks if Stiles wants to split up, and Stiles replies, "Never again") is a parallel to their conversation at Alex's house in Memory Lost, where Scott asks Stiles if he wants to split up, and Stiles replies, "Absolutely not."
  • Malia calls Peter "Dad" for the first time in this episode, using her father-daughter emotional connection with him in order to break through the trance-like state that most captives of the Wild Hunt have. This is a continuation of Malia and Peter's reconciliation, which began in Radio Silence after Peter escaped the Hunt the first time.
  • The scene in which one of the Ghost Riders holds a gun up to Stiles' face is a parallel to several others scenes in the series in which he has been held at gunpoint. With every time this occurs, Stiles becomes notably less and less afraid until this episode, where he felt no fear whatsoever and simply closed his eyes in acceptance.
  • The Nine Sacred Herbs are used by Melissa McCall to heal Corey Bryant's wounds in this episode. These herbs were first introduced in Ghosted to heal Chris Argent's whip lashes, and were last used in Heartless to heal Peter Hale's burns from traveling through a rift.


  • The episode title is a reference to the Ghost Riders, who are known as the Riders on the Storm. It is also a reference to the song "Riders on the Storm," which played during the season premiere, Memory Lost.
  • Garrett Douglas reveals to Scott and Liam, in this episode that he wants Scott, Malia and Lydia to join his army
    • It was first revealed in Blitzkrieg that he wanted the hunt for himself. his own Supernatural Army
  • It is implied that the rifts can take beings to various different locations rather than a single fixed destination as previously thought. This was proven when the rift opened up between the Argent Bunker and the Phantom Train Station, but instead of ending up in the bunker upon crossing through it, Stiles ended up in his Jeep in the Beacon Hills High School parking lot.
  • Chris Argent and Melissa McCall shared their first kiss in this episode.
  • Liam Dunbar was able to hear Scott McCall's Alpha roar while in the Phantom Train Station; it is unknown if this is due to the pocket dimension merging with the real world, or if an Alpha's roar can truly penetrate through the veils of other worlds.
  • Scott and Stiles "pass the baton" (or, in this case, Stiles' aluminum baseball bat) to Liam and Mason in this episode, confirming that Liam will indeed be the de facto Alpha in Scott's absence, though Liam made it clear that he couldn't be a real Alpha until he killed one and took its power.
  • The post-high-school plans for some of the older characters are revealed: Scott McCall will be going to the University of California-Davis in Davis, California as planned in order to study veterinary medicine; Lydia Martin will be going to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she already has enough credits to be a junior; Stiles Stilinski will be attending George Washington University in Washington D.C. for the pre-FBI program; and Malia Tate will be attending summer school to finish high school before finalizing her college plans.
    • It is also revealed that Stiles and Lydia are driving to college together, with Lydia helping Stiles move into his dorm in D.C. before heading to her own school on the East Coast.
  • Peter Hale and Theo Raeken each continued their path to redemption in this episode.
    • Peter's journey began in Radio Silence when he broke through the rift in order to help the McCall Pack (specifically Malia) figure out a way to stop the Wild Hunt from taking everyone in Beacon Hills.
    • Theo's journey began in Memory Found, when Liam saved his life and proved to him that selfless loyalty is stronger than manipulation and fear-based allegiance, causing Theo to save Liam's life two separate times, one of which led him to be taken by the Ghost Riders.
  • Stiles mentions that he lost his driver's license in the Phantom Train Station in this episode. This occurred in Radio Silence when Peter Hale angrily pulled everything out of Stiles' pockets and threw it in the train tunnel.
  • Stiles gives Scott his Jeep in this episode, along with the copies of all of the keys he's made throughout the years.
  • Stiles and Lydia share their first kiss since Season 3A's Alpha Pact, excluding the quick peck on the cheek that Stiles gave Lydia in Memory Lost after she figured out that they were dealing with the Wild Hunt.
    • Lydia also references the fact that she did not have time to say "I love you" back to Stiles after he told her he loved her in Memory Lost.
  • The episode ends with Scott and Stiles hearing that there was a body found in the woods on the police radio and deciding to go find it, a parallel to the pilot episode, Season 1's Wolf Moon, when they did the same thing, giving Peter Hale the opportunity to give Scott the Bite and changing the course of their lives forever.

Body Count[]



  • "The Sun" by Frida Sundemo
    • Lydia's voice draws Stiles to the train tracks in the Phantom Train Station, where he finds the open rift and jumps into it.
  • "You Were Never Gone" by Hannah Ellis
    • Lydia saves Stiles' life and they kiss.
  • "Couldn't Believe" by BROODS
    • Scott, Stiles, Malia and Lydia attend their last day of high school.
  • "Last Days of Dancing" by Maja Francis
    • Stiles and Scott talk about their futures and the fact that Beacon Hills will always need them before telling each other that they need one another as well.
  • "Shine" by Mondo Cozmo
    • Stiles turns off the police scanner upon hearing that there was a body found in the woods before he and Scott share a knowing look and drive away.



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