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Lydia: "We opened a door to another world... And something came out with us. Now we need the Hellhound to stop it."
Malia: "So we put it back. We've put things back before. Why are you two looking at each other like there's something you know that I don't know?"
Scott: "It might not be that simple."
Lydia: "We saved Stiles and brought everybody back, but that's not the way its supposed to happen. There's always a price to pay."
Scott: "We learned that from the Nemeton."

Said the Spider to the Fly is the eleventh episode and midseason premiere of Season 6 and the ninety-first episode of Teen Wolf.


As Scott prepares Beacon Hills for his imminent departure, a mysterious presence breaks out of Eichen House.[1]


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  • The title is a reference to Mary Howitt's poem The Spider and the Fly. First published in 1829, the work stands as a warning to avoid the seductive allure of flattery and charm.
  • It's revealed that Stiles went to Quantico, Virginia at FBI headquarters for his internship.
  • It's revealed that Tamora Monroe was hired to be the guidance counselor of Beacon Hills High School, and that she is not only a Hunter, but has removed all books about mythology, folklore and superstition from the library.
  • Mason and Corey mention that they're thinking about going to the University of California, Los Angeles after graduation.
  • It is revealed that Halwyn, a Hellhound, has been a prisoner in Eichen House's supernatural wing since 1912.
  • Mason makes a reference to a "rat king" when he and Liam discover a pile of dead rats with their tails stuck together in the Underground Tunnels. The phenomenon is associated with Germany (where a "rat king" is called "Rattenkönig," and occasionally in France (where it is known as a "roi des rats.") Because this phenomenon occurs so rarely, it is often believed to be a cryptid; in folklore, "rat kings" are associated with a number of different superstitions and are commonly seen as a omen of impending bad events such as plagues. Rat kings are commonly formed from black rats, though it has been shown to happen with forest mice and other tailed rodents.
  • It is implied that the new creature associated with spiders and rats has the power to manipulate emotions by causing such intense fear in its victims that they begin taking pleasure in harming and killing each other and use this fear to blame the McCall Pack for the supernatural disasters in Beacon Hills.
  • Although it seems that Halwyn was killed by Tamora Monroe, in Genotype is revealed that he survived.

Body Count[]

  • Dozens of wolves and rats - eaten inside out by spiders; killed by Anuk-ite
  • Eichen House orderly - burned to death; killed by Halwyn.


Beacon Hills, California[]

Quantico, Virginia[]

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Headquarters
    • Conference Room


  • "Feel" by Tony Romera
    • Scott and Coach Finstock lead lacrosse practice at the high school while Mason and Corey try to cheer Liam up after Hayden left Beacon Hills
  • "No Apologies" by Big Gigantic ft. Natalie Cressman
    • Lydia attempts to gain Malia's assistance in the case of the dead rats in the sewers, but Malia is too excited to be leaving for Paris to be interested
  • "My Own Sun" by Fakear
    • Ms. Monroe assists Liam, Corey, and Mason in registering for classes while simultaneously trying to gain information about the supernatural events of Beacon Hills from them and another student, Nolan
  • "Gun-Shot Soldier (Scissorbox Remix)" by Sorne
    • Scott and Lydia fill Malia in on what they know about the escaped creature from Eichen House. Halwyn, wounded from his battle with Parrish, runs to the woods to recover, where he is seemingly killed by Ms. Monroe. Scott, Lydia, and Malia find his body shortly afterward



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