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SCOTT: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
LYDIA: The Ghost Riders, the Wild Hunt... They come by storm, and they take people.
STILES: Find some way to remember me.
PETER: Do you get it? We don't exist, and we are already forgotten.
STILES: Somebody's going to remember me.
LYDIA: What the hell is a Stiles?
SCOTT: I hope you realize it's taking all of my strength not to tear you in half right now.
THEO: Somehow, I don't think we're going to hug this out.
LYDIA: You can't just erase people-- they leave things behind.
STILINSKI: I remember.
STILES: Dad...
LYDIA: I didn't say it back.
STILES: You don't have to.
THEO: He's got a pack.
MALIA: Theo's not in it... But I am.
SCOTT: I can't believe we're not in high school anymore.
STILES: Yeah, everything's changed...


[The lights on the LACROSSE FIELD are being lit one by one as an unidentified person shuts off the sprinklers and begins laying down fresh yard marking lines. A dozen lacrosse balls are dropped into the grass as the person puts a whistle around their neck. Suddenly, it is revealed that the person preparing the field is Scott McCall, who is wearing a jacket that says "ASSISTANT COACH" on the back, and who seems excited for the upcoming practice. After a moment, he puts the whistle between his lips and blows it loudly to signal the start of practice]

[As practice gets underway, two Cyclones lacrosse players slam into each other and fall onto their backs on the grass just as another player, #88, scoops up the ball and lobs it toward the goal. Scott chuckles, clearly impressed]

SCOTT: Heyyy, nice work, Diaz!

[Scott turns his attention to another player, Nolan, who is wearing a white jersey with the #68 on it and who is still recovering from the tackle]

SCOTT: Nolan, you stay in there! You can take him.

[Diaz side-slams another player before stealing the ball once again and scoring a goal, much to Scott's delight]

SCOTT: Nice work! That's the best shot of pre-season.
DIAZ: Thanks, Coach!

[Suddenly, Coach Finstock appears behind Scott and scowls unhappily]

COACH: Assistant coach!

[Coach Finstock claps Scott on the shoulder as he turns to face him]

COACH: What exactly are you doing?

[Scott, not picking up on Coach's hostility, looks at him with confusion]

SCOTT: Drills?
COACH: You're giving them hope! When did I ever give you hope?

[Scott, realizing where Coach is going with this, smirks slightly as he shakes his head]

SCOTT: Never.
COACH: Exactly! Nothing motivates more than withering criticism!

[Coach folds his arms in front of his chest as he changes the subject]

COACH: Speaking of, um... losers... Where's your, uh, where's your little protégée?

[Coach holds his hand flat and parallel to the ground to reference Liam's short stature, and Scott's amused expression turns to that of surprise when he realizes that Liam isn't on the field with the other players]

SCOTT: Um...

[Scott's head turns back and forth as he looks around the field, amusing Coach to the point where he stutters in glee]

COACH: "Um...?" Is-is-is, is "um...," is "um..." a location? Is "um..." behind me?
SCOTT: [exasperatedly] He'll be here, okay? He's the backbone of this team. He's stepped it up in every way possible! A born leader who can handle anything you throw at him.

[The scene cuts to the BOYS LOCKER ROOM, where Liam is in his underwear, laying face-down on a bench with a devastated expression while Corey (who is in his lacrosse uniform and pads) and Mason (who is there for moral support) try their best to coax Liam into getting dressed]

LIAM: [despondently] I can't handle this...

[Mason sighs in exasperation as he and Corey give up and decide to just start dressing Liam themselves]

MASON: Yes, you can!

[Mason grabs Liam under the arms and pulls him into a seated position so he can help Liam into a long-sleeved shirt]

MASON: And you've handled so much worse than this! You're practically the Alpha now!
LIAM: [pitifully] I'm nothing without her...

[Corey sighs impatiently as he tries to put Liam's lacrosse shoulder pads on him]

COREY: Liam, can you help me with this, please?

[Mason and Corey are almost finished dressing Liam and are fastening the rest of his lacrosse pads as Liam continues to whimper]

LIAM: Hayden left me.
MASON: She moved. To protect her sister. And it's not like she dumped you or anything.

[Corey struggles to put Liam's jersey on over his pads and groans from the effort]

COREY: Liam, why is your arm so heavy?

[Suddenly, Mason's phone buzzes, and he checks it to find a text message from Scott]

MASON: Okay, Scott says Coach is losing it.

[Liam's lip sticks out as he pouts]

LIAM: Scott's leaving, too.

[Liam leans forward as though he's about to lay face-down on the bench again, but Corey pulls him back into a seated position. Mason, too, is starting to become impatient with Liam as he crouches down to look him in the eyes]

MASON: Going to college is not leaving, okay? It's called "growing up!" And we're all going to be going to different colleges eventually.

[Corey jerks upright and looks at Mason with an offended expression]

COREY: I thought we were both applying to UCLA...?

[Mason shoots Corey a look and uses a flat palm to gesture across his neck to stop Corey from talking. Liam, too, looks at Mason with an appalled expression]

LIAM: You're going to the same college, too?

[Mason, who is tired of arguing, turns the subject back to Liam]

MASON: That is not the point!

[Corey gives up on trying to put Liam's jersey on, and Mason grabs Liam's lacrosse stick before shoving it into Liam's arms, grabbing his helmet and sticking it on the end]

LIAM: Then what is the point?

[Mason and Corey each take one of Liam's arms and lift him to his feet, though he does nothing to bear any of the weight of his body, causing Mason and Corey to stumble in their effort to drag him out of the room]

MASON: The point is that summer's almost over. We're about to be seniors. This is about to be the best year of our entire lives, and you're still captain of the lacrosse team, so come on and--

[When Corey and Mason attempt to drag Liam backward out the locker room door, they trip on Liam's feet and all three of them tumble to the floor]

[Back on the LACROSSE FIELD, several players have just been tackled to the ground again, and Scott, who is watching them play from the sidelines with Coach Finstock, flinches empathetically. Coach, on the other hand, scowls in annoyance]

COACH: I swear to God, McCall, if you don't get Dunbar out here in three, this will be your last day as assistant coach.

[Scott looks at Coach Finstock innocently]

SCOTT: This is my last day as assistant coach.
COACH: I can still dock your pay.
SCOTT: [shrugs] I'm a volunteer.

[Scott reaches down and grabs the whistle hanging around his neck]

SCOTT: Do you want my whistle?
COACH: [frowns] Who gave you a whistle?

[Mason, Corey, and Liam are still sprawled on the floor outside the BOYS LOCKER ROOM when suddenly, Mason's phone buzzes, and he sits up to read it aloud]

MASON: Coach is making Diaz captain.

[Alarmed, Liam sits up as well and looks determined to prove himself, just as Scott intended with this misleading text message]

[Diaz is on a roll on the LACROSSE FIELD, easily spinning and dodging the attempts by the other players to block him from getting toward the goal. Nolan, who is playing goalie, looks terrified as Diaz prepares to lob the ball toward the goal behind him]

NOLAN: Oh, God... Oh, God...

[Just as Diaz forcefully throws the ball at him, a player appears out of nowhere and performs an impressive aerial spin, deftly catching the ball with his lacrosse stick before landing lightly on his feet. It is then revealed that the player is Liam, #9, and his skilled move seems to have impressed both Coach and Scott as they quickly run down the sideline]

COACH: That's how you play lacrosse, McCall! Who is that kid? He's spectacular!
SCOTT: [exasperatedly] Coach, that's Liam.
COACH: [irritably] Well, how the hell am I supposed to tell them apart? They're all wearing the same thing!
SCOTT: [impatiently] They've got numbers on their jerseys.

[Meanwhile, the practice game continues as they argue, with Liam running toward the opposite goal with the ball. Suddenly, Diaz appears and tackles him hard, causing Liam to flip backward and land face-down on the grass as the other players shout around him]

LACROSSE PLAYERS: Inside, inside!

[Coach looks impressed by the tackle, but Scott looks concerned, particularly when he hears a low growl from Liam as he tries to get up. When Scott realizes that Liam is starting to shift, he frantically blows his whistle and thrusts his arms outward to communicate that he wants the other players to back off]

[When he reaches Liam, he crouches down to look him in the eyes, looking even more concerned when he sees that Liam's eyes are blazing bright gold as he growls uncontrollably. Scott squeezes Liam's shoulders with his hands as he tries to shield Liam's now-panicked face from view]

SCOTT: [whispers] Liam! Your eyes!

[Just then, Coach, looking appalled, starts to shout at them as he walks in their direction, and Scott puts his hands over the front of Liam's helmet just in case he gets close enough to see his partially-shifted Werewolf face]

COACH: McCall! What the hell was that? That wasn't a foul-- that's called "winning."

[Suddenly, the rest of the players, who have gathered around Liam and Scott, begin to look scared as they whisper to each other. Confused, Coach Finstock looks around, not, understanding the others' apprehension until he finally sees what they're looking at-- a bloody, clearly-injured wolf slowly trotting onto the field]

[Scott, looking alarmed, pulls the now-human Liam up to his feet as they all gape at the wolf in shock. Nolan, who is closest to the wolf, gulps anxiously, seemingly frozen in fear while the others back up several steps. The wolf snarls at the group, keeping its eyes on Scott as saliva drips from its fangs]

SCOTT: [alarmed] Everyone back.

[Scott is about to use his powers to get the wolf to submit until he notices that the terrified Nolan is still a little too close to the wolf]

SCOTT: Nolan...?

[Nolan is still completely paralyzed by fear, which leads Scott quickly look back at the confused Liam before stepping forward and gently guide him away from the wolf]

SCOTT: Nolan, hey! Stay back, man. Are you okay? What are you doing?

[Nolan, still terrified, remains silent as he backs away even farther from the wolf while not taking his eyes off of it. Scott steps forward to stand next to Liam as the wolf once again snarls and growls at them. After a moment, Scott flashes his red Alpha eyes at the wolf, who whimpers before turning around and slowly retreating back into the woods, limping as though it has been badly injured. Scott and Liam share a concerned look before the two leave the rest of the team and follow the wolf into the woods without another word.

[Once the two are deep into the woods, they begin to talk about what they could be dealing with]

LIAM: Do you think it's a wolf-wolf, or...?
SCOTT: I think it's just a wolf.

[Scott and Liam become silent as they come upon another wolf, this one laying dead on the ground as though it had recently died. They both become horrified when suddenly, hundreds of spiders begin pouring out of the wolf's eyes and mouth and scurry away. After a moment, Liam sees something in the distance and frowns]

LIAM: Scott...

[Liam gestures toward the area in front of them, leading Scott to see that there are nearly a dozen more dead wolves scattered across the surrounding area]



[Malia is laying on her stomach on her bed in her bedroom, reading a book about France and only half-paying attention to what Lydia, who has just picked up her suitcases, is saying to her]

MALIA: Wolves, or Werewolves?
LYDIA: They said wolves.

[Malia flops onto her back and continues reading her book]

MALIA: Not interested. You go.
LYDIA: Liam was asking for help from the Werecoyote, not the Banshee.
MALIA: [annoyed] Why me?

[Lydia, clearly becoming impatient with Malia's lack of enthusiasm, retorts in a sarcastic tone of voice]

LYDIA: Because you're the former animal. No one understands mysterious animal situations like you do.

[Malia flops back onto her stomach and looks Lydia in the eyes with her book still in her hands]

MALIA: I'm done with mysterious animal situations. I want mysterious men-- French ones.

[Lydia makes a face at Malia before noticing that the website tracking Malia's flight to Paris is blinking "REROUTED"]

LYDIA: [drolly] Your flight's delayed.

[Malia, unwilling to miss her opportunity to travel to Europe, continues to argue with Lydia]

MALIA: No, no... It's re-routed. There's a difference.
LYDIA: [exasperatedly] Delayed is what happens when a flight is rerouted. So, you have plenty of time to help--

[Lydia is distracted by another pop-up on Malia's laptop before continuing]

LYDIA: --And there's a storm system shutting down Charles DeGaulle Airport.

[Malia glances back to look at the computer before scoffing and returning to her book]

MALIA: It's a minor shower.

[Lydia puts her hands on Malia's bed and leans forward as she gives her a stern look, and Malia sighs before turning around and slamming her laptop shut and arguing in a defensive voice]

MALIA: Liam's got everything covered. They were just dead wolves. It doesn't sound supernatural to me.

[Lydia stands back on her feet and sighs as she rolls her eyes]


[In Scott's bedroom, Scott and Liam are trying to use their combined Werewolf strength to shut Scott's suitcase as he packs up to go to University of California - Davis. Liam seemingly picks up where Lydia and Malia's conversation left off, only this time taking the opposing argument]

LIAM: Whatever happened with those wolves is definitely supernatural.

[Scott groans from exertion as he and Liam continue to try to push down the suitcase latch to close it]

SCOTT: Well, I wouldn't say definitely... It could have been a parasitic infection. I mean, we get dogs coming into the clinic with botflies coming out of their skin.
LIAM: Can that happen to people?
SCOTT: Yeah. Yeah, they crawl under their skin, lay some eggs...

[Liam and Scott lift up the seemingly-closed suitcase to put it on Scott's bed]

SCOTT: ...And eventually, they...

[As soon as they lay the suitcase on the bed, it bursts open, causing Scott's clothes to spring out of it, much to Scott and Liam's frustration]

SCOTT: [sighs] --Burst.

[The two sit down next to each other on Scott's bed, with Liam anxiously running his fingers through his hair. After a moment of awkward silence, Scott looks at Liam and brings up their lacrosse practice earlier]

SCOTT: So, you wanna talk about it?

[Liam gives Scott a confused look]

LIAM: I thought we were talking about it...
SCOTT: No, that's not what I'm talking about.

[Liam, realizing where Scott is going with this, looks overwhelmed]

LIAM: Oh. That. Me.

[Liam chuckles anxiously and looks away, but Scott continues to stare at Liam intently]

SCOTT: [sighs] Yeah, you-- your fangs, your eyes, the growl...

[Liam can't help but smile nervously at where this conversation is going]

LIAM: It's not like we've gotta talk about this...
SCOTT: [sighs] You just need to remember your mantra-- "What three things cannot long be hidden?"

[Liam gives Scott an embarrassed look]

LIAM: Look, I haven't had to use that in--

[Scott, not wanting Liam to try to talk himself out of the conversation, cuts him off and repeats himself]

SCOTT: "What three things cannot long be hidden?"

[Liam sighs impatiently before doing as he is asked]

LIAM: "The sun, the moon, the truth."
SCOTT: [nods] Again.

[Liam takes a deep breath and closes his eyes before repeating the mantra]

LIAM: "The sun... The moon... The truth..."

[As Liam speaks, Scott focuses his Werewolf hearing on Liam's heart rate, which slows down from its anxious pace to a much more regular beat. When Liam finishes, Scott smiles proudly]

SCOTT: Better.

[Liam, eager to change the subject, looks back at the busted suitcase behind them and makes a face]

LIAM: You don't have another suitcase, do you?

[Scott turns and reaches for something under his bed before pulling it out. It's the roll of duct tape that Stiles gave him, which makes Scott smile]

SCOTT: I got duct tape!

[Scott tosses the roll to Liam, who catches it and makes an amused face before shrugging]


[Dr. Conrad Fenris and a male orderly have just entered the closed unit with a key card while the orderly tries to explain to Fenris what he witnessed]

ORDERLY: Look, all I'm telling you is what I saw, and I know what I saw-

[Fenris, who is several paces ahead of the orderly, cuts him off]

FENRIS: --And I'm telling you what you saw isn't possible. This patient's been here since the facility opened.

[The two have just made it to one of the locked rooms, which has a frosted window preventing anyone from seeing inside or outside, as the orderly gives Fenris a confused look]

ORDERLY: Didn't this place open in 1912?

[Fenris just gives the orderly a look before opening the door]

FENRIS: Exactly.

[After opening the door, its clear that the room has been turned into a modified freezer due to the cold fog that surrounds them as they enter it. Fenris pulls a pen light out of his pocket and turns it on so he can lead the orderly into the room]

FENRIS: Come on. Take a closer look at our friend.

[The camera cuts to Fenris' shiny black leather loafers as they walk over frozen water that has built up on the floor over the years from the freezing temperatures as a thick fog forms over top of it. The camera then cuts to the "patient," who is seemingly frozen in a crouching position on the bed, its mouth open wide as if in pain. The body has been in the room so long that spiderwebs have begun to form over it, connecting the body to the cot below it]

[Fenris waves the flashlight over the body so the orderly can fully appreciate the sight in front of him]

FENRIS: You see this? He's been covered in pyroclastic rock for decades. It's hardened volcanic ash.

[Fenris taps the end of his flashlight against the "patient's" shoulder to demonstrate just how solid the body has become, which inadvertently causes deep cracks to form in the rock that travels down the length of his arm and up his neck to his face. Alarmed, the orderly takes a step back toward the door, and Fenris, who looks just as uneasy, follows suit, though he takes great care to make sure that the "patient" remains in his line of sight]

FENRIS: Maybe, uh, I should lower this a notch or two...

[Fenris steps out the door and reaches for a control knob outside of the lock, lowering the temperature in the room again and causing freezing cold fog to pour out of the vents. However, this is not enough to stop the inevitable, and he notices that the cracks in the hardened coating over the body has begun to glow a fiery red-orange color. Suddenly, the "patient" bursts into such a large flume of fire that the orderly, who had not yet moved out of the room, is instantly incinerated, and Fenris is forcefully thrown backward by the power of the fireball and hits the far wall of the hallway before bouncing off and landing on the floor]

[After the fire dies down, Fenris, who is now covered in sweat, looks up with a panicked expression as the "patient" stands to his feet. He is a young man with tanned white skin and short brown hair, whose most notable features are his reddish-orange glowing eyes, fangs, claws, and the flames licking at his body, revealing that he is, in fact, a Hellhound. The Hellhound, whose name is Halwyn, looks at Fenris curiously before roaring at such a loud volume that it rattles the foundation of the building]


[A large group of students are lingering in the hallway outside the guidance counselor's office, where signs read "SENIOR REGISTRATION TODAY!" Inside the office, Liam is sitting across from the desk of the new guidance counselor, Tamora Monroe, where they are discussing his class schedule. She laughs in bemusement at something Liam has said]

MONROE: Latin?

[Liam, looking slightly embarrassed, tries to shrug it off]

LIAM: I like Latin.
MONROE: [chuckles] Liam, who told you to take Latin?

[Liam sighs in frustration and looks down at the floor before he speaks]

LIAM: Everyone says it's an easy A, and my GPA sucks.
MONROE: Well, I applaud you trying to raise your GPA, especially while applying for colleges, but "easy" is not the path you should be taking.
LIAM: It... It's been a really hard year for me.

[Monroe sighs and smiles at him kindly]

MONROE: You wanna talk about your girlfriend? Guidance hours are posted. Let's talk about your schedule.

[Monroe looks down at a sheet of paper in front of her as she twirls her pen in her hands]

MONROE: How does Spanish sound?

[Liam shrugs, making it clear he appreciates the suggestion]

LIAM: Bueno!
MONROE: [smiles] Excelente.

[Monroe jots this change to the schedule down on a piece of paper]

[The scene then cuts to Corey's guidance session with Monroe]

MONROE: I'm here to guide you. Not push, not prod-- guide.
COREY: [glumly] I think AP Calculus is a little out of my league.
MONROE: Look... I understand the need to keep up. To be recognized or noticed. Everyone feels invisible sometimes.

[Corey blinks anxiously]

COREY: I don't! One thing I never feel is invisible.
MONROE: [smiles] I meant metaphorically.
COREY: Literally, too. I'm here! Right here.

[Corey taps the palms of his hands against the arms of the chair in which he's sitting to emphasize his point]

COREY: You can see me... Right...?

[It is clear that Monroe is starting to become impatient with this conversation]

MONROE: Yes, I can see you, Corey. I've seen a lot of things at this school... Even when other people have their eyes closed.

[Corey side-eyes Monroe, not sure whether he should be concerned about what it is of which she's speaking]

COREY: ...Are you seeing something right now?

[Monroe smiles weakly]

MONROE: Yes. I'm seeing Creative Writing. Have you thought about that?

[Corey opens his mouth as though he's about to speak, but instead just smiles]

[The scene then cuts to Mason's session with Ms. Monroe, who seems very pleased by Mason's schoolwork]

MONROE: Perfect, Mr. Hewitt! You've given this a lot of thought.

[Mason fidgets nervously in his chair]

MASON: I... I give everything a lot of thought.
MONROE: And yet, you've never come into my office and shared any of those thoughts.
MASON: [uneasily] You think I should?

[Monroe hesitates for a moment before she speaks]

MONROE: I just want you to know that I'm here for you guys. I know I haven't been in the position all that long, but... I also know that students at this school have seen and been through things that don't exactly come with easy explanations.

[Mason becomes even more concerned about this line of questioning, but covers it up with anxiety as he reaches across the desk to take his schedule]

MASON: I'll keep that in mind.

[Before Mason can take his schedule, Monroe puts her hands on it to anchor it to the desk, causing Mason to look alarmed as he sits back in his chair]

MONROE: I take this very seriously, Mason. Anything we talk about in here stays between you and me. It won't go any further.
MASON: [frowns] Are we still talking about registering for classes?
MONROE: I'm talking about anything you need to talk about.
MASON: [nervously] I think I'm good. Thanks.

[Monroe, looking somewhat disappointed, sits back in her chair and lifts her hands from the desk]

MONROE: Of course you are.

[This time, she does not try to stop him, handing him his class schedule before allowing him to walk out of the office without another word, though she looks concerned as soon as he walks through the door]

[Finally, Nolan, the lacrosse player who was scared by the wolf at practice the previous night, comes into Monroe's office, looking as though he's on the verge of a panic attack, which does not escape her notice]

MONROE: Nolan, something tells me you need to do more than just talk about class schedules...

[Nolan tries his best to cover up his anxiety with a smile, but it's clear that neither of them are buying it]

NOLAN: Uh... It can wait.
MONROE: [kindly] You're here now.

[Nolan turns around in his seat and looks out the glass portion of the door as he gestures toward the line of students behind it]

NOLAN: There's still a lot of people waiting.

[Monroe, knowing he's trying to deflect attention away from him, tries to coax out his real reason for being so nervous]

MONROE: Was it the wolf on the lacrosse field?

[When Nolan remains silent, Monroe continues to pry]

MONROE: Was it the other stuff we spoke about over the summer?

[Nolan starts to hyperventilate but continues to stay quiet]

MONROE: We can talk about what happened in the library, if you want. The animal attack?

[Nolan is unable to hold back any longer and replies in a shaky voice]

NOLAN: Don't say that! Everybody says "animal attack," but... Everybody knows that was no animal.

[Monroe, curious now, continues to question him]

MONROE: But last night... it was a wolf?

[Nolan scowls at this question]

NOLAN: Some kind of wolf.
MONROE: "Some kind?" What other kind of wolves are there, Nolan?

[Nolan, not wanting to look stupid, quickly grabs for the class schedule on the desk and holds it with both hands as he tries to skim through it]

MONROE: What kind of wolves have you seen?

[Nolan's hands begin to shaky severely as he tries to focus on the class schedule in front of him, and he takes a couple shaky breaths, though he does not answer her question]


[Liam and Mason have just walked into the library together, where they are discussing the previous night's events as Mason leads them to the section of the library that they need]

MASON: There's this book, North American Cryptozoology, and they have this entire chapter on spiders. They even have a section on scarabs, too.
LIAM: [frowns] What's a scarab?
MASON: Aw, you don't wanna know.

[The two make their way to a shelf with a section labeled "MYTHOLOGY & SUPERSTITION," only to find to their confusion that every single book on those topics are gone]

LIAM: What happened to all the books?

[Liam looks at Mason, whose eyes are opened wide in alarm]

MASON: Uh, maybe someone is writing a paper on mythology and superstition? ...Or, like, a hundred papers.

[Suddenly, loud screams are heard, causing Mason and Liam's heads to quickly whip around to figure out where they are coming from]

[The scene cuts to a math class, where the students and teacher have all climbed onto their desks as hundreds of rats crawl out of a nearby vent and scurry across the floor. Sydney screams in terror as she tries her best to stay away from the rats]

SYDNEY: Why does this keep happening to our school???

[The rats are then seen crawling over the feet of Halwyn, the Hellhound, who has since found clothes to wear and who is watching the chaos in the classroom. After a moment, he slowly closes his eyes, focusing his enhanced sense of hearing on the heartbeats around him before opening his eyes and tracking each heartbeat with the person to whom it belongs. Soon, he realizes that who he's looking for is not in the class, and he sighs in frustration before he turns and walks out the door into the hallway]

[A second later, Liam and Mason rush into the classroom, where they, too, are overwhelmed by the hysteria that is occurring in front of them. Mason gives Liam a look as he watches more rats come out of the vent]

MASON: Looks like we're going to need a book on rats, too.


[Some time later, Mason and Liam are wandering through the tunnels with flashlights as they discuss their current predicament. When they turn a corner, Liam slips on some sludge on the floor, which then becomes stuck to his shoe]

MASON: It's not as irrational as you think. There's actually an evolutionary advantage of having innate fears of spiders, snakes, and rats.

[Liam makes a disgusted face as he looks around at their slimy surroundings]

LIAM: How do you know they came from here?
MASON: Well, they came crawling through the vents, and those pipes lead directly down here...

[The two stop when they reach an intersection in the tunnels, and both look horrified when their flashlights shine light on something in front of them]

LIAM: [repulsed] What's that?

[The camera cuts to the floor, where a huge pile of tangled-up and bloody dead rats has formed in a corner]

MASON: It's a rat king.


[Lydia and Natalie are in Natalie's new office, revealing that she has been promoted to principal of the high school. As Natalie unpacks the boxes of her things, she looks at a sheet of paper in a brown manila envelope in confusion]

NATALIE: What's this?
LYDIA: A list of every supernatural in Beacon Hills, starting with the high schoolers.

[Natalie rolls her eyes before stuffing the list back into the envelope and handing it back to her daughter]

NATALIE: Mmm, no thanks.

[Lydia sighs in exasperation as Natalie pretends to ignore her]

LYDIA: Mom...
NATALIE: [hums] Mmm-mmm.
LYDIA: You know stuff. That means you have to do stuff.
NATALIE: I have an obligation to educate, not eliminate all the problems of Beacon Hills. I have to run a school, and you have to go enroll in one.

[Lydia, who is clearly not impressed with her mother's usual denial of supernatural problems, starts to lecture her in a patronizing tone]

LYDIA: You know the saying-- "If you see something, say something"--

[Natalie cuts Lydia off before she can say anything else]

NATALIE: Please, stop.

[Natalie sighs and leans on her desk with her hands]

NATALIE: Honey, I care about you and your friends...

[Lydia gives Natalie a disbelieving look, and Natalie amends her point]

NATALIE: But mostly, I care about you. And you're going to be safe three-thousand miles away, so we don't have to deal with this.

[Natalie sighs and stands upright once again before cheerfully returning to what she's doing]

NATALIE: I've got work to do.

[As Natalie walks away to start to unpack the rest of the boxes, Lydia calls out to her in a frustrated tone of voice]

LYDIA: Mom--
NATALIE: It's not our problem anymore!

[Natalie walks through the door to the adjacent room without another word, and Lydia sighs before walking toward the desk and slipping the list of supernatural creatures into the top left drawer]


[Scott and Melissa are in the hospital morgue, where he is showing her a large taser-wand that he has obtained so that she can use it to protect herself when he's at school. He flicks it out and presses the button, causing blue electrical currents to flicker along the outside of it. Melissa looks alarmed as she sighs exhaustedly]

MELISSA: Eight-hundred thousand volts? Sounds pretty dangerous.

[Scott sighs as well before handing the taser to her]

SCOTT: Just use it on me.

[When Melissa gives him a look, Scott immediately begins to reassure her]

SCOTT: I'll be okay, I promise.

[Melissa scoffs in disbelief, but does as she's told and takes the taser wand that Scott is offering her before standing to her feet. Scott bounces on the balls of his feet for a moment as he psychologically and physically prepares himself for the shock, and after a moment, he growls under his breath and lunges for Melissa, who looks scared as she shoves the tip of the taser right in the center of his chest. However, it does nothing to harm him whatsoever, and Scott looks down at the wand against his chest in confusion before looking back up at his mother]

SCOTT: You have to hold the button down.

[Melissa rolls her eyes in exasperation and holds the wand out to her side before pressing the button, causing the taser to spark with electricity, albeit nowhere near Scott's body]

MELISSA: I'm going to be fine, Scott. And, if something happens, I will call Liam.

[Scott looks concerned by this statement as Melissa hands him the taser wand once again]

SCOTT: But what if he's not around?

[Melissa laughs incredulously and looks at the taser]

MELISSA: You think that this thing is gonna protect me? I'm a nurse-- stun baton isn't my thing.

[Scott frowns in confusion]

SCOTT: You have a thing?

[Melissa nods in confirmation]

MELISSA: Sort of.

[The scene cuts to one of the autopsy drawers, where Melissa has stockpiled over a dozen jars of various herbs and plants (likely including the Nine Sacred Herbs, as well as a large syringe gun, surgical tweezers, and other medical instruments. Scott looks stunned by the sight of this kit for healing supernaturally-induced injuries]

MELISSA: If something does happen, and people get hurt, then I got it covered.
SCOTT: Wh-Where did you get all this from?

[Melissa gives Scott a stern look]

MELISSA: Scott... You have orientation tomorrow. Classes to schedule. Dogs and cats to heal at UC-Davis.

[Melissa shoves the tray back into the autopsy drawer and locks the door before turning to look Scott in the eyes]

MELISSA: Worry about that.

[Melissa yanks the taser-wand out of Scott's hands before smiling proudly at him and pulling him into a hug. The taser is held with her left arm, which has wrapped around the top of Scott's shoulders, and as she hugs him tightly she accidentally presses down the button and shocks him. Scott yelps in surprise and pain as the two split apart]


[Melissa has an apologetic and guilty look on her face as she examines her son, and Scott, now recovering from the shock, gives her a look.

MELISSA: I held the button--
SCOTT: --You held the button--
MELISSA: --Didn't I?

[Scott gives her a tight-lipped smile]

SCOTT: Mm-hmm.


[Malia has just reluctantly joined Liam and Mason down in the tunnels, where they are examining the pile of rats on the ground. Mason has a disgusted look on his face as he pokes at the rats with a stick, and Malia seems irritable about the fact that she's been dragged down there]

MALIA: You've got two minutes.
LIAM: What do you think happened?

[Malia sighs and crouches down to get a better look at the rats]

MALIA: Rats freaked out, crawled all over each other...

[Malia reaches out to untangle one of the rats from the bundle]

MALIA: Got their tails knotted up...

[Malia pulls out one of the rats, holding it by the end of its tail]

MALIA: And tore each other apart trying to break free.
MASON: You read up on rat kings?
MALIA: [frowns] What's a rat king?

[Malia stands to her feet, holding up the rat by the tail and examining it closely. After a moment, she leans her head closer and sniffs at it while Liam and Mason give her a grossed-out expression. She then holds out the rat toward the two teens, who instinctively jump away from it]

LIAM: Ohhhhh, I'm good, thank you!

[Mason, who looks as though he's going to throw up, backs into the intersection of tunnels and braces himself against the wall with one arm]

MASON: I'm good... just... over here.

[Malia gives Liam and Mason an impatient and annoyed look before turning her attention to Liam specifically, still holding the rat close to his face]

MALIA: Can't you smell it? It's fear.

[Liam, thoroughly disgusted by this entire situation, gently pushes Malia's arm toward the floor with his hand, leading her to drop the rat on the floor with the others]

LIAM: Yeah, it's the same as the ones in the math classroom.
MALIA: [exasperatedly] Why were there rats in a classroom?
LIAM: They ran in during second period-- about fifty of them.

[Malia considers this for a moment before giving him a look]

MALIA: Your two minutes are up.

[Malia turns to walk through the tunnels to leave, and Liam scoffs in frustration]

LIAM: Wh-Where are you going?

[Malia continues walking without even turning back to look at them]

MALIA: Paris. This isn't my problem.
LIAM: So, you think this is a problem?
MALIA: Maybe. Probably. But you've got it covered, and I've got a plane to catch!
MASON: I thought it was delayed?

[Malia continues walking, turning the corner to leave the tunnels entirely]

MALIA: Re-routed!

[Liam and Mason look at each other in exasperation and confusion]


[A Sheriff's deputy is laying on the floor of the bullpen, seemingly knocked unconscious with a bleeding wound on his temple. Next to him is his gun, which is melted as though someone squeezed it in their hand while it was hot. The camera pans upward, where Halwyn is sitting at the unconscious deputy's desk, fiddling with the police scanner in hopes of gaining information. After a moment of turning the dials, voices can be heard through the scanner speakers]

PARRISH: [on radio] Highway patrol, this is Deputy Parrish, Beacon Hills Sheriff's Department, already on scene. I'm looking at a 10-plus car pile-up, multiple injuries.

[Upon hearing this news, Halwyn starts to his feet and walks out the door with a determined look on his face]

DISPATCHER: [on radio] Copy that, Beacon Hills. Ambulance is en route.


[The scene cuts to the hospital, where Halwyn has just walked through the emergency room entrance to find that the unit is in chaos-- injured victims of the pile-up are scattered in the halls while nurses triage the patients and doctors start tending to wounds. Leading the triage is Melissa McCall, who walks up to an orderly pushing a man with a bloody head wound in a wheelchair and directs him to the appropriate location]

MELISSA: Laceration room, 4A.

[The orderly nods and takes the patient to the room just as Melissa notices Halwyn walking through the hallway past the patients and medical personnel. Believing him to be another victim of the accident, she follows him down the hall to get his attention]

MELISSA: Excuse me, sir? If you want to be treated, you have to sign in first...

[Halwyn ignores her and keeps walking, much to Melissa's frustration. However, before she can think about this further, she is distracted by two male patients who have begun fighting at the reception desk and heads toward them]

MAN 1: What? You hit me, dumbass!

[The first man, who is wearing a nice business suit, points his index finger at the second man, who is wearing a utility jumpsuit and who is bleeding from the side of his head, poking him aggressively in the chest with it]

MAN 2: You cut me off!
MAN 1: You don't know how to drive!
MAN 2: You drive--

[Before the second man can continue, Melissa jumps in and puts herself in between the two of them in an effort to end their argument]

MELISSA: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Move away, both of you, or you will be the last to be treated.

[In the background, the nurse's station phone starts to ring just as Parrish walks in the emergency room and starts to mediate as well]

PARRISH: You heard her! What's going on?

[Melissa sighs in relief at the sight of Parrish's arrival]

MELISSA: Parrish, good-- I need another set of hands.

[Her voice gets harder and more annoyed as she gestures toward the men in front of them]

MELISSA: Can you please keep these two lovely gentlemen from killing each other for the second time tonight?

[Parrish is distracted by the sight of Halwyn walking away toward the elevator and seems to sense his supernatural nature. No longer paying attention to Melissa, Parrish turns to follow him, while Man 1 puts in one last word before walking away as well]

MAN 1: Dumbass!

[A moment later, Liam and Mason walk into the ER reception area and approach Melissa. Mason is holding a white plastic bag with a white cardboard box inside]

MASON: Ms. McCall?

[Melissa smiles when she sees them and walks over to greet them]

MELISSA: Hey! Oh my gosh, you brought me dinner? That's really nice--

[Mason hurriedly cuts Melissa off before she can get the wrong idea]

MASON: --No. It's not dinner.

[Melissa's smile falls, and her tone of voice turns somewhat irritable]

MELISSA: It's not dinner?

[Mason shakes his head, and when Melissa looks down into the bag, she makes a disgusted face upon seeing that the box contains one of the rats from the rat king Liam and Mason found]

MELISSA: Ugh. Definitely not dinner.
LIAM: We were hoping you could take a look at it for us.
MELISSA: [sarcastically] Oh, well I was hoping someone was going to bring me dinner.

[Liam makes a guilty face at Melissa as she continues]

MELISSA: Now is not the time for a rat autopsy, so get this-- [She gestures toward the bag and pushes it into Mason's chest]-- and yourselves out of here.

[She fake-smiles at them as she shoos them away before Liam starts to protest]

LIAM: No, but we really need your--

[Melissa fake-laughs and continues to shoo them away]


[Liam and Mason, mildly afraid of Melissa, nod in agreement and start to walk away from the ER]

MASON: All right...

[Melissa gives them a look as they leave before getting back to work]

[Meanwhile, Parrish is still trying to track down Halwyn by wandering through the halls of the hospital. Suddenly, the scene shifts, and the people in the hallway vanish before the interior itself seems to have burst into flames. Halwyn appears in the middle of the hallway, smirking with his Hellhound-orange eyes and fangs for a moment before Parrish blinks and shakes his head, causing the scene to return to normal, indicating that Parrish has just had a premonition. He looks concerned as injured patients are tended to by nurses and orderlies in the hallway]

[Elsewhere in the hospital, Halwyn has just stepped into one of the medication rooms, where he presses his back against the wall and closes his eyes before focusing on each of the many heartbeats of everyone in the hospital]

[Back in the ER, the two men have once again gotten into a fight before Liam and Mason can fully make it out of the building]

MAN 1: Back off!

[Man 1 shoves Man 2 so hard that he falls backwards onto a gurney]

MAN 2: Hey! Now that's called assault!

[Melissa, looking both alarmed and annoyed, looks around for backup as she shouts aloud]

MELISSA: Hey! Can I get security over here?
MAN 1: [mockingly] Assault? Really?
MAN 2: Yeah!

[Liam, seeing no security around, jumps between the fighting men and tries to mediate as he looks at Man 1]

LIAM: Sir, you need to calm down--

[Before Liam can finish his statement, the man punches Liam straight in the nose, causing blood to start to pour from it before he starts to involuntarily wolf-out. He growls at the man, who looks horrified and confused by Liam's golden eyes, fangs, and claws]

MAN 1: What? What?

[Suddenly, two security guards arrive to separate the fighting men while Melissa and Mason, the latter of whom is desperately trying to get past the security guards to help his best friend, look at Liam in horror. Liam, who is clenching his clawed hands into fists so hard that he has badly cut his palms, realizes that he needs to get out of there before he exposes himself further and rushes down the hallway toward the elevator]

[As Liam runs, bystanders, nurses, and other employees try to stop him, but Liam just tries to keep his head down and his claws in his fists as he heads toward the elevator, muttering his mantra under his breath as he pants for breath]

LIAM: The sun... the moon... the truth...

[Liam passes the medication room where Halwyn has been listening for a specific heartbeat. When the Hellhound senses Liam, he opens his eyes and jerks his head toward the sound. Meanwhile, Liam is frantically hitting the down button of the elevator with his knuckles as he continues to mutter his mantra]

LIAM: The sun... the moon... the truth...

[Halwyn appears in the hallway behind Liam, and when Liam, relieved, rushes into the now-open elevator, he starts to growl under his breath as he stalks behind him. However, though he increases his speed when he sees the elevator door start to close, he doesn't make it in time to jump in with Liam. Liam, who was hiding out of sight in the corner next to the controls, has no idea of the fact that he was being sought after by the new Hellhound]

LIAM: The sun... the moon... the truth...

[Liam closes his eyes and sighs in relief as the transformation ends]


[Lydia has just arrived at the McCall House, where she is struggling to open the door and drag in her suitcase into the foyer before she calls up the stairwell]

LYDIA: Scott? You ready?

[Lydia sets down her suitcase with a thump just as the lights suddenly shut off, causing her to become concerned. She walks further into the house, the front door still opened wide, as suddenly, a light appears that causes shadows that look like spider legs to appear on the walls as a cranking noise is heard]

LYDIA: ...Scott?

[Lydia watches the shadows dance along the walls and ceiling in confusion for a long moment before turning around to make sure no one is behind her. She frowns in fear as she slowly walks through the living room into the kitchen until suddenly, the sound of the nearby cordless phone starting to ring startles her so much that she jumps. Even more confused now, Lydia holds out her hand and slowly walks toward the phone as it continues to ring. Her hand shakes, and she gulps nervously before finally picking it up and hitting the button to answer the call]

[The wind starts to blow around the house, and Lydia's hair whips around her face as she hears nothing but a loud dial tone on the phone, scaring her so much that she drops the phone onto the floor and spins to look out the still-open front door behind her]

[When she turns around, she finds herself in the middle of the dark entrance hall at Beacon Hills High School, leading to the revelation that Lydia is in the middle of a premonition. The lights flicker ominously overhead, and when Lydia hears footsteps approaching her, she once again turns quickly to check to see if anyone is coming toward her from behind. When she walks down the hallway, she turns left to find that the adjacent hall has what appears to be an endless amount of cobwebs stretching from floor to ceiling]

[Lydia walks toward the spider webs and reaches her hand out toward the closest stretch of them and inadvertently triggers her power of clairaudience, causing her to hear what sounds like a series of slamming doors. She continues to touch the cobwebs in a sequence as she progresses down the hall, which includes: the crackling of electricity; pouring rain, thunder, and lightning; an electronic door lock beeping before a door opens; horses neighing and hooves beating against the ground; several people screaming in agony; more crackling electricity; and a flurry of gunshots]

[When Lydia reaches her hand out to touch another section of cobwebs, she hears Halwyn's voice growling at someone]

HALWYN: [voiceover] You let it out. It was supposed to ride with the Hunt forever.

[Terrified, Lydia backs away from the cobweb she just touched, but falls backward into another section of it. She becomes panicked and frantically starts clawing at the spider webs to escape it until suddenly, she returns back to the present in the McCall House with a gasp]

[Overwhelmed by the premonition she just had, Lydia turns around quickly and is shocked to see that the cordless phone is still in its charger, implying that she never actually answered it when it appeared to ring earlier]


[Mason and Liam have just gotten out of Mason's car and are walking through the school parking lot as they talk about what happened at the hospital]

LIAM: Hey, what'd you do with that rat?

[Mason looks slightly embarrassed and looks down at the ground before he answers]

MASON: I... lost it in the fight.

[Mason sighs dramatically]

MASON: Melissa's gonna kill us.
LIAM: [amused] I don't think we can ever go back there again.
MASON: [exasperated] Yeah, that may work for you, but what about me?

[Liam, realizing that Mason does not have accelerated healing powers like himself, makes a sheepish face]

LIAM: ...That could be a problem.

[Mason gives Liam a look]

MASON: Yeah.

[As the two walk toward the school, they pass a sign that reads "LATE NIGHT STUDY HALL IN THE LIBRARY"]

[Meanwhile, inside the school, Halwyn has just walked into the entrance hall, where he cocks his head to the side and listens for anyone nearby before making his way down the hall]

[At the other end of the building, Parrish has just walked through the back entrance and begins following his Hellhound instincts as he heads toward the entrance hall. Once he makes it around the corner, he stops at the junction and looks at Halwyn, who is standing on the other end of the hall]

PARRISH: What are you?

[Parrish and Halwyn start to slowly walk toward each other as they talk, and Halwyn smirks at Parrish]

HALWYN: You know what I am. I'm the same as you.
PARRISH: [unnerved] Okay... Then what are you here for? What are you protecting? Or is it something you're hunting?

[The two Hellhounds are now face-to-face in the middle of the hall]

PARRISH: Something that got away?

[The back doors open, and Halwyn once again cocks his head to the side and growls as the two watch Liam and Mason investigating the noise by turning down their hallway. Halwyn looks at Parrish at first when he speaks, but then focuses his attention on Liam]

HALWYN: [growls] Something you let out. It must be stopped.

[Liam and Mason look uneasy as Halwyn stares in their direction, and Mason whispers to Liam]

MASON: Is he talking to you?
LIAM: I hope not.

[Halwyn's eyes blaze with orange-red light before he flicks out his claws and bursts into flames, setting the majority of his clothes on fire. Parrish, responding to the threat, does the same, using his fire to burn through his Deputy uniform. Alarmed, Liam jumps backward toward the corner and grabs Mason to yank him toward him]

LIAM: Get behind me.
MASON: [awestruck] Wait, that's a...
LIAM: A Hellhound.

[Both Parrish and Halwyn roar at each other and back up so that they can get the momentum to launch themselves at each other]

[Outside in the PARKING LOT, Tamora Monroe is loading all of the books about the supernatural into the trunk of her car when she hears load growling noises going on in the school. Looking both scared and excited, Monroe digs through a bag and grabs two vials of greenish-yellow liquid, holding them up to examine them for a moment before putting them back and grabbing a silver handgun]

[Back inside BEACON HILLS HIGH SCHOOL, Halwyn is easily dominating Parrish in the fight, and has just slammed him against the wall of lockers before kneeing him hard in the stomach. Before Parrish can get in any hits, Halwyn forcefully throws him into a nearby classroom and roars as he follows after him. He then throws Parrish out the second set of doors to the classroom, where he once again gets slammed into another row of lockers. Parrish fights back by headbutting Halwyn in the face when he's grabbed in a choke-hold, but when Parrish goes to punch him, Halwyn gets a hold of Parrish's wrist and uses his arm to flip him backward onto the floor]

[Both Hellhounds are covered in claw gashes, and when Parrish tries to get up off the floor, Halwyn jams his clawed hand into his back, causing Parrish to roar in pain. He picks Parrish up over his head and roars as he slams Parrish hard on the ground. Liam and Mason, who are still watching from the corner, look horrified by how easily Halwyn is overpowering him. Finally, Halwyn picks the dazed Parrish up off the floor and throws him so hard down the hallway that he busts through the back doors, slams against the brick wall outside the doors, and is knocked unconscious]

[Liam, realizing he needs to step in, frantically pushes Mason away]

LIAM: Run!
MASON: [panicked] Wait, I'm not leaving you!
LIAM: It's a Hellhound! RUN!

[Mason finally does as he's asked, allowing Liam to leap out from around the corner and flick out his claws, fangs, and glowing gold eyes. He roars loudly at Halwyn before lunging toward him, jumping up into the air and using the nearby wall of lockers to get more momentum so he can do an aerial spin and kick Halwyn in the face. While Halwyn is recovering on the floor, Liam rips one of the doors off of a nearby locker and smacks Halwyn hard across the face with it. However, the hit barely fazes the Hellhound, who slams Liam against the wall and forces the young Werewolf to use the locker door as a shield to protect him as Halwyn sneers in his face]

HALWYN: If the Wild Hunt couldn't keep you, nothing can!

[Liam looks incredibly confused by this statement, leading Halwyn to stop to pay attention to Liam's heartbeat. His face falls when he realizes he has the wrong person]

HALWYN: No... It's not you!

[The two stare at each other for a long moment until Halwyn senses an incoming attack and reaches his hand out to grab Mason's aluminum baseball bat, which he has just used to try to hit Halwyn. The Hellhound's grip melts the end of the bat into twisted metal, and he uses it to hit Mason so hard in the head with it that Mason falls unconscious onto the floor]

[Liam, furious that Halwyn has hurt his friend, starts fighting back hard against the Hellhound. He shoves Halwyn and the locker door between them hard enough to cause the Hellhound to stagger backwards. When Halwyn grabs the door and swings it at Liam's head, Liam uses his superhuman agility to duck before leaping up in the air, shoving himself off of the wall of lockers and doing another aerial spin before kicking Halwyn in the neck]

[While he's disoriented, Liam grabs the Hellhound by the arm and starts swiping his claws at him; though Halwyn gets a couple of swipes in himself and puts claw gashes on Liam's abdomen, Liam still has the upper-hand. Halwyn roars at Liam and lunges for him, but Liam leaps into the air and punches him in the head so hard that he falls backwards. The hallway is plunged into darkness, revealing that the hallway's illumination was coming purely from Halwyn's hellfire. Once Halwyn is recovering on the floor, Liam presses his back against the wall of lockers and slides down to the floor as well, holding his wounds in pain. Mason is still unconscious and laying on his back on the floor next to Halwyn. After a moment, Halwyn laughs darkly]

HALWYN: It won't stay hidden.

[Halwyn takes a deep breath and gives Liam a serious look]

HALWYN: It must be stopped. Nothing else matters.

[Liam, confused and still in pain from his wounds, closes his eyes and slams his head back against the lockers as he tries to control himself]

LIAM: [pants] The sun... the moon... the truth...

[Mason awakens quietly and stands up when he sees how injured Liam is. By the time he makes it next to his best friend, his fangs and claws have receded. When Liam opens his eyes again, he's relieved to see that Mason is awake and more or less okay, though both of them are clutching their sides in pain. However, once they begin to pay attention again, they realize that Halwyn has disappeared, leaving nothing but a bloody smear on the lockers against which he was leaning]


[Scott has just loaded his suitcase into the back of Stiles' Jeep and is getting ready to leave for UC-Davis. After he closes the trunk, he gets into the front seat of the Jeep, where he finds his assistant coach whistle hanging from the rear-view mirror. When he closes the door and prepares to drive off, the entire overhead flip-down mirror falls into Scott's lap, where he finds a note taped to the flap that reads "BE GENTLE" in Stiles' handwriting. Scott smile nostalgically before putting the keys in the ignition and attempting to start the Jeep; however, as usual, the Jeep does not cooperate and instead just sputters and flickers]

SCOTT: Aw, come on!

[Scott, alarmed, tries once again to get the engine started, but when it does finally turn over, he's startled by the sight of Lydia standing in front of the Jeep, looking overwhelmed as the headlights illuminate her face. Both gasp in surprise before Lydia speaks in a serious tone]

LYDIA: We can't leave.


[Mason has just helped the limping Liam into the boys' locker room, where Liam collapses on the bench. Mason kneels in front of his best friend as Liam yanks off his shirt to see how bad his wounds are. He has long, deep claw gashes from his left shoulder to the right side of his chest, and another set across his abdominal muscles. As he pants and tries to catch his breath, he looks concerned by the sight of his injuries]

LIAM: Ugh, it should be healing faster than this...
MASON: It's hellfire. I mean, all things considered, you're doing great.

[Mason stands and moves to sit next to him on the bench as Liam looks overwhelmed and defeated]

LIAM: Great isn't supposed to look like this.

[Mason looks at Liam with empathy and concern]

MASON: You fought a Hellhound-- on your own, without Scott.
LIAM: [sadly] I don't want to get used to that.

[Liam looks down at the lacerations on his chest and touches one where it is bleeding down his chest, which burns so badly that he groans in pain]

LIAM: Agh!

[Mason turns to face Liam, knowing that Liam isn't just talking about his recent battle with Halwyn]

MASON: Wounds heal. People move. Things change.
LIAM: Yeah... but it is still hurts, though.


[Malia is sitting at her desk in her bedroom, anxiously staring at the screen of her MacBook, where she still has the status of her plane up on the internet. She gulps nervously when she sees that it is still delayed, but when she hits refresh, the screen says that the plane is now on time, causing her to yelp in glee]

MALIA: Oui oui!

[She stands and pumps her fists in the air happily before grabbing her bag and heading toward the door. However, her face falls when she sees that Scott and Lydia are standing in her doorway, blocking her exit. Exasperated, she points her index finger at them and waves it around as emphasis for what she's about to say]

MALIA: No! No, no, no, no, no! It's just rats! Rats and wolves, and maybe a little bug problem.

[Lydia stares at Malia blankly]

LYDIA: We need you.
MALIA: And I need Paris.
LYDIA: [exasperatedly] Paris has been around for two thousand years! It's not going anywhere.

[Malia looks between Lydia and Scott as though she feels betrayed before she turns and heads for her window, intent on climbing out of it and running to the airport if necessary. Just as she unlocks the window, Scott and Lydia stop her]

SCOTT: Malia...
LYDIA: Liam and Mason called--
MALIA: [interrupts] --Yeah, they've got it covered.
SCOTT: [sighs] We can't make you stay, and I don't want to try... But, we were hoping that you would want to.

[Malia gives them a look]

MALIA: I don't.

[Scott, looking disappointed, shrugs and steps out of the way]

SCOTT: Okay.

[Malia, bag in hand, prepares to walk out the door, but Lydia, intent to convince her to stay, moves in front of the door to once again block her way. However, when Malia stops to glare at her, Scott grabs Lydia by the arm and pulls her out of the way so she can leave. When Malia is gone, they both sigh in disappointment, but after a moment, Malia's bag flies through the door and hits the distracted Scott in the chest before she reluctantly walks back into her room with a scowl on her. Scott and Lydia look happy that she has reconsidered her position as Malia crosses her arms over her chest]

MALIA: What are we supposed to do?

[Scott's expression is serious as he looks Malia in the eyes]

SCOTT: Find a Hellhound.


[The still-injured Halwyn is staggering through the NATURE PRESERVE to find a safe place to hide and heal, the wounds on his chest bleeding profusely as he walks barefoot]

[Meanwhile, Scott is driving the Jeep on ROUTE 115 toward the high school, where Lydia is in the passenger seat and Malia sitting in the backseat. The three are discussing what they have figured out this evening and what it could mean]

LYDIA: We opened a door to another world... And something came out with us. Now we need the Hellhound to stop it.

[In the NATURE PRESERVE, Halwyn continues to stagger around, finally leaning against a tree to catch his breath. He groans in pain for a moment until he hears a tree branch snap behind him and turns around to find the source of the noise. It's Monroe, who is aiming her handgun at him, though her shaking arms indicate that she is new to this]

[Back on ROUTE 115, Malia, Scott, and Lydia continue their conversation]

MALIA: So we put it back. We've put things back before.

[Scott and Lydia share a concerned look, which only makes Malia more overwhelmed]

MALIA: Why are you two looking at each other like there's something you know that I don't know?
SCOTT: [sighs] It might not be that simple.
LYDIA: We saved Stiles. We brought everyone back, but that's not how it was supposed to happen. There's always a price to pay.
SCOTT: We learned that from the Nemeton.
MALIA: [alarmed] What kind of price? A big price?

[Lydia gives Malia a look before she finally responds]


[Lydia flashes back to her earlier premonition, where she touched the cobwebs to hear various events]

HALWYN: [voiceover] You let it out.

[Lydia's flashbacks are intercut with the current fight going on between the still-injured Halwyn and Monroe in the NATURE PRESERVE. Halwyn's fiery-glowing eyes and fangs are out as he roars at Monroe, but before he can move further, Monroe shoots him in the chest with her gun with such force that he falls and lands on his back. Monroe, both overwhelmed and proud of herself, leans against a nearby tree and looks down at the gun in her hand, not realizing right away that the Hellhound is rising to his feet behind her]

[At BEACON HILLS HIGH SCHOOL, Scott, Malia and Lydia have just pulled into the parking lot in the Jeep and quickly park before jumping out and looking around]

SCOTT: Okay, we should move pretty quickly...
MALIA: Do we even know what we let out?
SCOTT: [sighs] This Hellhound might be the only one who does.

[Suddenly, the three hear loud roars coming from the nearby NATURE PRESERVE, and without another word, they run off toward the sound to investigate]

[In the NATURE PRESERVE, Halwyn flicks out his claws and roars at Monroe again before grabbing her by the shoulders and shoving her backwards against a nearby tree. She bounces off the tree and falls face-first onto the ground with a yelp]


[Her handgun still in hand, Monroe frantically tries to crawl away from the Hellhound, who is skulking behind her. When she manages to rise to her feet, Halwyn tackles her so hard that the fly several meters backward before they land on the ground with him pinning Monroe to the forest floor. The force of their landing knocks Monroe's gun out of her hand]

[Elsewhere in the preserve, Scott, Malia and Lydia are running as fast as they can through the woods, stopping in a clearing when they've lost the sounds that were guiding them. However, when another loud roar is heard, they are able to continue following where it leads]

[Meanwhile, Halwyn has Monroe in a choke-hold, and she desperately looks around to find any way possible to save herself, eventually settling on picking up a large tree branch nearby and slamming it hard against his temple. This disorients the Hellhound long enough for Monroe to crawl toward where her gun fell and grab it just before he yanks her backward by the legs and flips her over]

[As soon as he reaches his clawed hand up to swipe her across her throat, Monroe aims her gun toward him and shoots him point-blank in the forehead. The light leaves his eyes, and blood trickles from the wound as he falls backward on the ground]

[Scott, Malia and Lydia have finally made it to where Halwyn was shot, with Monroe nowhere to be found. The three are all horrified when they see him laying dead on the ground in a shallow ravine, his torso still riddled with deep, blood-soaked claw gashes]

LYDIA: I thought you couldn't kill a Hellhound.

[Scott looks devastated by the sight in front of him, and his devastation turns to surprise and confusion when he sees a bullet casing laying next to Halwyn's body. He kneels down to pick it up, and his eyes widen in shock when he sees that a fleur-de-lis is stamped on it]

SCOTT: Argent...

[Lydia processes this for a long moment before she nods as though she's just confirmed a suspicion]

LYDIA: Then it's true.
MALIA: [confused] Then what's true?

[Malia sees the scared look on Lydia's face and realizes that there is more to this situation that was revealed in the premonition Lydia had earlier]

MALIA: What else did you hear?

[Elsewhere, Monroe has just gotten into her car, where she looks at her handgun before laying it on the passenger's seat. She takes several deep breaths to calm herself as she frantically locks the door to her vehicle to prevent anyone from getting inside. As she attempts to settle down, Lydia's voice is heard in voiceover as she explains to Malia and Scott what she saw in her premonition]

LYDIA: [voiceover] The sound of people who have never lifted a hand against another human being...

[Monroe closes her eyes and continues to try to catch her breath, but when she opens them, she catches a glimpse of her reflection in the rearview mirror and realizes that some of Halwyn's blood has splattered across her face. Panicked, she wipes the blood off of her cheeks with her hand]

SCOTT: [voiceover] Something was killing them?

[The scene cuts back to where Scott, Malia and Lydia are standing behind Halwyn's body. Lydia frowns as she stares at the body and contemplates what they've just learned with what her premonition showed her]

LYDIA: They were killing each other.

[Back in the car, Monroe is staring at her reflection in the rearview mirror, where the panicked look on her face transforms into a smirk, indicating she is proud for killing the Hellhound]


[Scott, Malia, and Lydia are sitting at the end of Scott's bed, where the three of them are staring at Scott's phone in his hands and are debating what to do next]

LYDIA: In case anyone forgot--

[Malia gives her a look]

MALIA: Uhh...

[Lydia, realizing the unintentional pun she made regarding the Ghost Riders' memory-manipulation and reality-erasing powers, rolls her eyes]

LYDIA: --Yeah, I just said "forgot."

[Lydia looks at Scott and Malia with a serious expression before continuing what she was trying to say]

LYDIA: We almost lost him last time.

[Scott nods in agreement, but Malia isn't as convinced]

MALIA: If this turns out to be something big, and we don't call him...
SCOTT: [nods] He would kill us.
MALIA: Maybe we should go back to the woods tonight and find the killer?

[Lydia sighs before turning her attention to Scott]

LYDIA: Scott...

[Scott looks conflicted about what to do]

SCOTT: You didn't hear his voice. He sounded really excited to be there.
MALIA: Um, just play the voicemail.

[Scott pulls up the voicemail on his phone and plays it on speaker so the other two can hear it for themselves]

STILES: [voiceover] Hey, Scott. So, I'm here-- I'm in Quantico, Virginia, at the FBI. I'm at the fricking FBI! It's real. I'm really here.

[Scott smiles at the sound of Stiles' clearly happy voice as Lydia and Malia concentrate on what he's saying]

STILES: [voiceover] And I kinda told Lydia that I miss her and I can't wait to get home, but listen, Scott...

[The scene cuts to the FBI HEADQUARTERS, where Stiles, wearing a pair of dress pants, a crisp button-up white shirt, a black skinny tie, and an access badge with his backpack slung over one shoulder, walks up the stairs to the conference room where his internship will be starting]

STILES: [voiceover] Whatever you're doing right now, just make sure you're still getting out of Beacon Hills. I mean, maybe you think you can't leave, you know, like the whole thing falls apart if you're not there, which, I get... But you have to. I know you're supposed to drive out tonight, so, if you don't call me back, just promise me you're actually going. Just get in the Jeep and go.

[The voicemail ends, and Stiles stops at the top of the staircase and looks down at the presidential seal on the floor, which reads "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DIVISION OF JUSTICE." He then adjusts his tie before he walks into the conference room, taking a seat near the front and taking out a notebook, a pen, and a bottle of water as he listens to his supervisor speak]

SUPERVISOR: You'll find three words on the official FBI seal: loyalty, courage, integrity. These are the qualities we expect of all our interns-- the qualities we demand of you during your six months with us. Loyalty. Courage. Integrity.

[The supervisor continues his lecture while showing photographs of crime scenes on the screen at the front of the room next to the lecture stand]

SUPERVISOR: You'll join actual federal agents as we investigate everything from white-collar crime, to terrorism--

[Stiles interrupts his lecture to ask a question without raising his hand]

STILES: International and domestic?

[The supervisor, unprepared for Stiles' interjection, gives him a look]

SUPERVISOR: Uh, yes. Exactly. We're also part of task forces to catch kidnappers, murderers--

[Once again, Stiles cuts him off to interject]

STILES: Serial killers?

[The supervisor is clearly overwhelmed by Stiles' questions and stares at him blankly]

SUPERVISOR: ...Yes, even serial killers.

[Stiles picks up on the supervisor's annoyance]

STILES: I'll raise my hand from now on. Sorry, keep going!

[Stiles picks up his water bottle and is in the process of taking a couple gulps when the supervisor continues clicking through the crime scene photos and discussing them. However, Stiles still seems distracted by getting all of his materials in order and is only half-listening]

SUPERVISOR: One recent manhunt had our crisis response team chasing down a bizarrely feral unsub in the wilderness of North Carolina...

[The supervisor clicks to the next slide, which is a video of a familiar-looking shirtless male running through the woods. When Stiles realizes that the subject in the video is Derek Hale, he's so stunned that he does a spit-take and sprays the water he just drank out of his mouth, alarming the supervisor. The girl sitting in front of him is clearly grossed out by the face that she's just been showered with his saliva-infused water, and the rest of the interns join the supervisor in looking at Stiles like he's lost his mind. Embarrassed, Stiles covers his mouth with his hand]

SUPERVISOR: Is there a problem, uh...

[The supervisor looks down the roster of interns on the lecture stand, but when he comes upon "Mieczysław Stilinski," he realizes that there is no way he will be able to pronounce his name correctly and decides not to bother]

SUPERVISOR: ...Uh, young man?

[Stiles wipes the water off of his face with his hands before replying quietly]

STILES: No, sorry. Uh, just got a little excited. It's no problem.

[Stiles then points at the video of Derek running through the woods]

STILES: Little question, though. That guy up there? What's he wanted for?

[The supervisor looks at him with a serious expression]


[Stiles, alarmed, goes to speak up before remembering to raise his hand first]

STILES: It's, uh--

[The supervisor gives him a look, and Stiles' expression is sheepish as he continues]

STILES: --Sorry... Just... what kind of murder, exactly?

[The supervisor sighs in exasperation before he replies]

SUPERVISOR: Mass murder.

[Stiles' eyes widen in horror as the supervisor turns to look at the video playing on the screen. The camera zooms in on Derek's back, where his triskelion tattoo is on full display]


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