Chris: "I remember meeting you, but you weren't a Buddhist back then."
Satomi: "And you weren't protecting werewolves-- you were hunting them."
Chris: "Three things cannot long be hidden... The sun. The moon. The truth. What exactly does that mean?"
Satomi: "The truth cannot stay hidden."
Chris: "I know what the saying means. What does it mean for you?"
Satomi: "The truth for me is that we, my kind, are violent creatures, who eventually will not be able to control their violent impulses. The mantra helps us subdue our nature."
Chris: "But you're still violent creatures."
Satomi: "Aren't we all?"
Satomi Ito and Chris Argent about her pack's mantra in Monstrous

Satomi's Pack were a Werewolf pack led by Satomi Ito, an Alpha who was one of the oldest of their species at over one hundred years of age. Satomi and her packmates were Buddhist Werewolves, as they don't believe in hurting or killing people unless absolutely necessary due to Satomi's belief that their best way of life is to stay calm and alive. It is unknown when Satomi became an Alpha and established her pack, but it was likely some time after World War II, when Satomi was forced to live in the Oak Creek internment camp during the early 1940s. It is likely that her belief in nonviolence is a result of an incident she had at Camp Oak Creek, in which she lost control of her transformation and unintentionally killed Corporal Rhys with a Molotov cocktail.

She and her pack lived in or near Beacon Hills for the last seventy years, during which time she amassed an extremely large pack that was composed of at least several dozen Werewolves during the early 2010s. Satomi lost a large number of her pack during the Deadpool after they were infected by the modified version of the canine distemper virus created by The Chemist, which was constructed specifically to kill werewolves and other canine shapeshifters. However, Satomi was not affected by this virus due to the fact that she had been inoculated with the wild purple reishi tea that she drinks frequently, which she potentially shared with some other members of her pack.

She also lost several other packmates to other Deadpool assassins, such as Carrie Hudson, who was stabbed in the heart with a dagger by Garrett, and Demarco Montana, who was decapitated by a thermo-wire garrote by Violet. Fortunately, Satomi was not the only Werewolf of her pack to survive the outbreak, as Brett Talbot, Lorilee Rohr, and at least six other werewolves survived as well.

By Season 6, with the deaths of Brett Talbot and Lorilee Rohr, and later Satomi herself, at the hands of Hunters, it would seem as what remained of Satomi's pack has been destroyed, as the last two remaining members of her pack, Chang and Tierney, before their own deaths, stated that after Satomi died, they were all that was left.

Pack Mantra

Satomi's pack mantra is a Buddhist phrase: "Three things cannot long be hidden-- the sun, the moon, and the truth." According to Satomi, this saying reminds her and her pack that even thought they are calm at the moment, Werewolves are still highly dangerous creatures who are always at risk of succumbing to their violent nature. These words are used as a technique to calm members of her pack; if they repeat it over and over again while focusing on the words, it supposedly allows them to regain control over their transformations. It was first seen used on the series by Demarco Montana when he began to lose control on a full moon, and repeating the mantra prevented him from shifting. Brett Talbot and Carrie Hudson were both shown using the mantra as well; the former after he was poisoned with yellow wolfsbane, and the latter when she was hiding from Violet after the assassin cut off her hand with her thermo-wire garrote. The biggest surprise was when Liam Dunbar, a member of the McCall Pack, quoted the saying in Smoke and Mirrors after the Hale Pack mantra, "Alpha, Beta, Omega," did not successfully help him regain control of himself during the full moon.

Members of Satomi's Pack

Satomi Ito

Werewolf; Alpha (deceased)

Satomi alpha eyes

During World War II, Satomi, a bitten Werewolf, presumably an Omega at the time, was a prisoner at an internment camp along with Noshiko Yukimura. To prevent herself from involuntarily transforming and exposing her supernatural identity, she would spend the day playing the Japanese strategy game Go, which kept her both distracted and calm. Though she and Noshiko often didn't see eye to eye as a result of their difference in philosophies (Noshiko, as an ancient, albeit young-looking, Celestial Kitsune, enjoyed breaking the rules as a result of her trickster nature, whereas Satomi, an older Werewolf, preferred to find the exceptions to the rules), the two were still allies. Satomi's true nature was revealed during the Riot at Oak Creek after she was pistol-whipped with a gun by one of the Army MPs; this caused her to lose control and transform before grabbing a lit Molotov cocktail and throwing it at the car in which Dr. Liston was trying to escape, inadvertently setting Noshiko's paramour on fire. Afterward, Satomi, feeling guilty for her behavior, helped Noshiko defeat the Nogitsune. She spent many years living as a Werewolf before presumably killing an Alpha and becoming one herself. At some point, she became Buddhist and created a Werewolf pack dedicated to a philosophy of non-violence except in self-defense, not wanting to ever make the mistake she made with Corporal Rhys ever again. During the Deadpool, Satomi was one of the higher-valued targets with a bounty of $10 million, but she easily defeated and killed an assassin who attempted to take her out by stabbing her in the neck with her steel spike; she then reminded Derek Hale that while she may have learned to control her lycanthropy-induced anger and aggression, she still knows how to use it when necessary.

Brett Talbot

Werewolf; Beta (deceased)

Brett wolf eyes

Brett is a student at Devenford Prep as well as a former lacrosse teammate of Liam Dunbar. He is also a born Werewolf and a Beta in Satomi's Pack. His family was killed in a house fire, after which point he and his younger sister, Lorilee Rohr, were adopted by Satomi and given membership to her pack. He was originally Liam's enemy out of anger toward him for what he did to their coach's car, but after learning that Liam had been turned into a Werewolf by Scott McCall, he began to help Liam deal with being supernatural and became his friend and ally, with both Liam and Brett helping each other and their packs in times of need. During the Deadpool, Brett was targeted due to his supernatural status and had a bounty on his head of $1 million; as a result, he was nearly killed by Violet, who initially intended to kill him before instead using him to lure Scott, the highest valued target at $25 million, into a trap. Fortunately for him, Scott saved him on several occasions, causing Brett to respect him as an Alpha and a friend. Brett has since become a valued ally of the McCall Pack, saving Mason Hewitt from the Chimera Lucas and helping them find the identity of the Beast of Gevaudan, demonstrating his intent to protect Beacon Hills from supernatural threats.

Lorilee Rohr

Werewolf; Beta (deceased)

Lorilee rohr monstrous

Lori is the younger sister of Brett Talbot, and is the only blood family member Brett has left since their family was killed in a fire. She is most likely one of Satomi's youngest Betas, and she was also a target on the Deadpool with a value of $250,000. Due to being a member of a Buddhist werewolf pack who advocates against unnecessary violence, Lori initially had no ability to defend herself or others, which nearly got her killed during the Deadpool on at least two occasions; the first was when a group of rogue Hunters attempted to shoot her down with arrows, and again when those same Hunters attacked Argent Arms International where they were hiding. After the Deadpool was shut down, Satomi seems to have trained Lori in fighting, as she was able to hold her own in a fight against the overpowered Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura.

Demarco Montana

Werewolf; Beta (deceased)

Demarco montana the benefactor

Demarco was a Beta in Satomi's pack who worked for a liquor store, delivering alcohol to houses where parties were being held. He was well-known for selling alcohol to minors in exchange for extra money, and delivered a keg to the party held at Lydia Martin's family's lake house, though he added a $100 surcharge in exchange for overlooking the fact that Lydia was not yet 21 years old. However, when Demarco returned to his car to leave, he noticed that his tires had been slashed, causing him to temporarily lose control as a result of the full moon overhead and the anger he felt. Just then, it was made clear that the keg was ordered as a ruse to lure him to the party, allowing Violet to kill him by decapitating him with her thermo-wire garrote necklace. It was revealed shortly afterward that he was worth $250,000 on the Deadpool, which was why he was targeted.

Carrie Hudson

Werewolf; Beta (deceased)

Carrie hudson IED

Carrie Hudson was a young and naive member of Satomi's pack. In I.E.D., she was being hunted at Beacon Hills High School by Violet and Garrett. Apparently, Violet used her signature weapon to cut off Carrie's hand. After losing a hand, she runs and hides on a school bus hoping that she doesn't get killed, she begins quoting Satomi's mantra, soon after, Violet gets on the bus, Carrie jumps from behind the seat and starts swinging at Violet, she scratches her and knocks her down, Carries goes running off the bus. Garrett, who she has no idea is working with Violet, offers her a ride, Carrie gets in the truck and he stabs her the the chest with a very sharp blade.

Reed Schall

Werewolf; Beta (deceased)

Sick beta

Though his name was not revealed in the series, IMDB identified this Beta in Satomi's Pack as Reed Schall, one of the names on the Deadpool hit-list valued at $250,000. After being infected with The Chemist' modified version of the canine distemper virus, he got sick and began to die. The virus started with a fever and from there he began to shift uncontrollably, full transformation, he experienced trouble walking or standing and the worse symptom was sudden blindness. He was taken to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital by Satomi where he got worse until black liquid began flowing from his mouth, after that he died within seconds.

Unnamed Members

Werewolves; Betas (alive)

Staomi's pack-unknonw

It is shown that there are multiple other members of Satomi's pack but they were never officially introduced, they were left unnamed. Satomi has a big pack and a lot of them were never important enough to be introduced as an actual character.


  • Satomi and her pack are only known Buddhist Werewolves.
  • Satomi is the oldest known living Werewolf, at at least 100-110 years of age.
  • This is the largest known werewolf pack to date.
  • Despite the large numbers of the pack, Derek has said that while they may have claws and fangs, Satomi's pack are not fighters, although Satomi seems to be quite skilled in combat.
    • However, both Brett Talbot and Lorilee Rohr demonstrated improved fighting abilities in Season 5, indicating that Satomi may have taught them to fight and defend themselves after losing so many members to the Deadpool.


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