I may have learned to control my anger... But I still know how to use it.
Satomi after defeating an assassin in Weaponized

Satomi Ito is a supporting character who appears in Season 3, Season 4, and Season 6 of Teen Wolf. She was among the over one hundred thousand Japanese-American citizens who were forced to move to Camp Oak Creek during the internment of their community in the early 1940s. She struggled throughout her time at Oak Creek to maintain control over her Werewolf transformations, especially since hers were predominantly triggered by anger, a chronic feeling due to being a prisoner. She eventually began to use the strategy board game called "Go" to help keep herself calm and prevent her from exposing herself as a Werewolf to her fellow internees.

However, when a riot broke out at the camp in 1943, Satomi lost control and killed Corporal Rhys, the lover of her close friend and fellow internee Noshiko Yukimura. When his corpse was possessed by the Nogitsune, Satomi helped Noshiko neutralize him, and the two have been friends and allies ever since. By the end of her life, she was one of the few known oldest Werewolves currently alive, as Satomi was born in the early 1900s, and, judging by her later friendship with renowned Alpha Talia Hale, she was likely well-known in the Werewolf community.

In 2012, she and her pack were pursued by numerous Hunters, professional killers and even amateurs, all willing to kill them for their bounties in the Deadpool, a list of all supernaturals located in and near Beacon Hills with each creature worth a bounty of thousand or million dollars that the Hunters would receive if they killed them. She lost Demarco Montana and Carrie Hudson to the pair known as The Orphans and many more members of her pack were infected with a modified version of the canine distemper virus that killed them in a short period of time. Satomi managed to survive the Deadpool along with Brett Talbot, Lorilee Rohr and half a dozen of her other Betas but the large number of pack members that she lost dissuaded her from rebuilding her pack.

During the war against Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent's growing Hunter Army, Satomi attempted to come to a truce between the two groups but the Hunters were not interested in solving their differences and killed her, buying the remaining members of her pack, Jiang and Tierney, enough time to run.

Satomi was the Alpha of her own pack, which includes four children she took on as wards: two siblings, Lorilee Rohr and Brett Talbot, who were born Werewolves orphaned in a house fire, and two other orphans, Tierney and Jiang. She was also allied with the Yukimura Family and the McCall Pack as well.

Early life Edit

Not much is known about Satomi's early life, but it is likely that she moved to the United States from Japan at some point between 1900 and the early 1940s. In the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attacks during World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt ordered all Japanese-Americans be relocated to internment camps, and Satomi, along with Noshiko Yukimura and thousands of others, were sent to Camp Oak Creek, which was on the outskirts of Beacon Hills, on the same campus as Eichen House, which at that time served as the camp's medical center.

Prior to or during her time as an internee at the camp, Satomi was bitten and turned by an unknown Alpha Werewolf, and her life became even more of a struggle as she learned to control her new lycanthropy. To deal with the heightened anger and aggression as well as to prevent herself from harming or killing her fellow internees and exposing her secret, Satomi became known for constantly playing the game "Go" to keep herself calm. On every full moon, she would claim she had a migraine, giving her an excuse to be alone while she endured the pain of preventing herself from transforming.

One day, Satomi's friend Noshiko discovered that two of the camp's MPs, Merrick and Hayes, were conspiring with the camp physician, Dr. Liston, to steal the prescription medications meant for the campers on the black market and split the money amongst themselves, which ultimately led to the deaths of many campers from pneumonia, including a young boy named Michio who was beloved by those in the camp. However, when she confessed to Satomi and the others what she learned, the information only served to cause a riot outside the barracks that quickly spiraled out of control.

Michio's father created a Molotov cocktail out of a stolen bottle of whiskey and a handkerchief, but Corporal Rhys (Noshiko's lover) eventually talked him out of using it. Unfortunately, when Merrick suddenly pistol-whipped Satomi across the face during the riot for no apparent reason, it cut her face and triggered an uncontrollable transformation into her Werewolf form. Now overwhelmed with rage, Satomi grabbed the Molotov cocktail from Michio's father's hands and threw it at the Army soldiers, which inadvertently hit Corporal Rhys and caused him to burst into flames. His screams of agony seemed to cross the line for the soldiers, who then began opening fire upon the campers, killing many and severely injuring others.

It is unknown if Satomi was injured further in the riot or what the extent of these injuries may have been, but regardless, Satomi did manage to survive the ordeal. Since Dr. Liston and the MPs sold the morphine along with the antibiotics, Rhys eventually succumbed to his wounds due to the immense pain he was experiencing, and since Noshiko had been shot so many times in the struggle, she was mistaken for dead, leading her to be put in the truck with the dead bodies next (ironically, next to Corporal Rhys') to be taken to a field to be burned with the other casualties.

Noshiko, in her anger that the soldiers' actions got so many of her fellow campers killed, prayed to her Kitsune ancestors for kitsune-tsuki, or possession by a Fox spirit, particularly a Nogitsune who feeds on chaos, strife, and pain, so that she could heal more quickly and get vengeance on those who were planning to cover up the riot. However, since Kitsune can have a dark sense of humor, the Nogitsune that was sent to answer Noshiko's prayers possessed Rhys' deceased body instead of her own and went on a rampage, killing campers and soldiers alike. In the end, the Nogitsune was finally defeated by both Noshiko and Satomi, the latter of whom used her Werewolf strength to hold him back while Noshiko killed its vessel with her sword. ("The Fox and the Wolf")

The exact details of what Satomi did after leaving the camp remain a mystery, but what is known is that she continued to carry guilt for killing Rhys during the riot. She crossed paths with Chris Argent at some point after this, prior to her adoption of a more peaceful lifestyle and prior to his own adoption of a much kinder and more compassionate treatment of supernatural creatures. ("Monstrous") Eventually, Satomi, still feeling deeply guilty for her role in Corporal Rhys' death and the violence that Werewolves are prone to exhibiting in general, became a devout Buddhist and dedicated herself to learning control so that she would never take an innocent person's life due to her anger and aggression again. ("Orphaned"), ("Monstrous")

At some point, she rose to Alpha status, most likely after killing an Alpha to take their power. She also eventually met and befriended Talia Hale at some point during this time as well, as Talia acted as an adviser to many Alphas in and around Beacon Hills. During their meetings, Satomi would bring Talia wild purple reishi tea, which Talia loved so much that she kept a jar of it in the Hale Vault, though Derek Hale later told Satomi he loathed the smell of the tea. ("Weaponized") In time, Satomi amassed a pack that eventually grew to include at least two dozen people, including Demarco Montana, Carrie Hudson, and the orphaned Brett Talbot and Lorilee Rohr, among many others of various ages. ("Weaponized"), ("Dreamcatchers") Her pack also became known for the mantra they used to help them control their lycanthropy, the Buddhist quote, "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth." ("The Benefactor (Episode)"), ("I.E.D."), ("Orphaned")

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In The Fox and the Wolf, Satomi's time at Camp Oak Creek with Noshiko Yukimura and hundreds of others was shown through flashbacks narrated by Noshiko. When Noshiko returned to their barracks after raiding the Army's trucks for supplies needed by the campers, she remarked that she could feel Satomi staring at her and went to sit at the small card table where she was playing "Go." Satomi frowned and insisted that Noshiko stole from the trucks too frequently and took too much, which led Noshiko to try to win her over by giving her a bottle of aspirin, pointing out that she knew Satomi got migraines at least once a month. However, Satomi just gave her a look before returning to her the bottle of aspirin, claiming that she preferred to suffer.

Just then, one of their fellow campers, a young boy named Michio, broke a nearby window with a baseball Noshiko stole from the MPs and gave to him, which forced all of the campers to rush around and hide their pilfered supplies under their beds and blankets before Corporal Rhys, MP Merrick, and MP Hayes came to see what the commotion was. However, during their time in the barracks, Satomi refused to rise to address them, instead staying seated at her table while she continued to play "Go." Corporal Rhys, who was sympathetic toward the campers being held there at the camp against their will, did not want to see anyone get into trouble but still had to do his job, so he warned them that they would be back for an inspection the next morning, slyly allowing them time to hide their contraband. After they left, Satomi, giving Noshiko a look that said, "I told you so," simply told her, "You reap what you sow" in both Japanese and English.

Several days later, Noshiko informed the fellow campers in their barracks that Dr. Liston, Merrick, and Hayes were stealing the medications meant for the campers and selling it on the black market (which was why many of the campers, including Michio, had died of pneumonia, as they didn't have the antibiotics they needed). The campers were appalled, but Satomi disagreed with Rinko's assertion that they needed to complain to the US government, claiming that they didn't care about them and that their complaints would go ignored. She was present later at the riot that resulted from the revelation that their medications were being stolen and sold for profit, and when Michio's father lit a Molotov cocktail, she stood strong against Merrick, who ultimately pistol-whipped her across the face for her peaceful insubordination.

Unfortunately, this act angered Satomi so much that she was unable to keep herself from transforming, causing her wound to heal in moments as her eyes glowed gold and her teeth and fingernails extended into fangs and claws. Noshiko was shocked at the revelation that Satomi was a bitten Werewolf, and only became more horrified when Satomi, now in an uncontrollable rage from her involuntary transformation, grabbed Michio's father's Molotov cocktail and threw it at the car where Dr. Liston was hiding, accidentally hitting Corporal Rhys in the process and causing him to burst into flames. This shocked the Army soldiers so severely that it caused them to begin shooting at the crowd, killing dozens of internees and severely injuring Noshiko, a Celestial Kitsune, so badly that her heart rate slowed (giving her body more energy to heal itself) to the point that Dr. Liston believed she was dead as well.

Satomi survived the riot and was present at Camp Oak Creek after the Nogitsune that Noshiko summoned from her ancestors (believing it would possess her and give her the strength that she needed to get back at Dr. Liston and the others who planned to cover up the cause of the riot) went on a rampage in Corporal Rhys' body instead, killing most of the surviving campers in the riot as well as many American soldiers, nurses and doctors at Eichen House. Noshiko grabbed her magical katana from under her bed and stalked the Nogitsune into the tunnels under the camp, where Satomi appeared in her full Werewolf form and held the Nogitsune down so Noshiko could exorcise it from Rhys' body.

In Orphaned, it was revealed that two of the Werewolves killed in the Deadpool, Demarco Montana and Carrie Hudson (along with Brett Talbot, who had nearly been killed by the assassin Violet), were members of Satomi's Pack after Brett began muttering her pack's mantra under his breath while being treated for wolfsbane poisoning.

Upon hearing the mantra, Peter and Derek Hale identified Brett as one of Satomi's Betas, leading Derek to enlist his cousin Malia's help in tracking Satomi and the rest of the pack down. However, when Derek and Malia finally managed to find the pack's hiding spot at Look-Out Point in the Beacon Hills Preserve, they found at least a dozen members laying dead from a modified virus throughout the grass and Satomi nowhere to be found. Among those sprawled out on the ground was the mercenary Braeden, who had sought out Satomi's pack for answers and had been shot by an assassin in the process, though she survived long enough to get medical attention.

In Weaponized, Satomi, with the hood up on her jacket to shield her from the rain, approached the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic after sundown, just as Alan Deaton was closing up for the night. Since he couldn't see her face, he immediately deemed her a threat and pulled out his extendable metal baton before lunging toward her and beginning a fight. Satomi fought back with her own preferred weapon, a metal spike, until the two reached an impasse, and Deaton suddenly recognized her for who she was. When he wryly greeted her with, "You could have called, Satomi-san," Satomi grinned and flashed her bright red Alpha eyes.

The next morning, Satomi had brought one of her Betas, Reed Schall, who was affected by the same illness that plagued many of their packmates in the Beacon Hills Preserve, as discovered by Derek and Malia the previous evening.

When Deaton asked her how the illness began, Satomi described what many of her Betas had experienced-- first, a fever, followed by an inability to control their transformations (either shifting involuntarily or being unable to shift when needed). Once they were no longer able to control their shapeshifting ability, Satomi decided to take them out to the woods to protect themselves from exposure; however, according to Satomi, from that point the virus just progressed even faster, weakening them to the point where they couldn't stand or walk and ultimately robbing them of their eyesight, which was when they had learned that the infected Werewolf only had minutes left to live before they succumbed to the disease.

Deaton was shocked to hear that the virus caused total blindness and grimly informed Satomi that this was out of his realm of experience and that they needed to get the infected to the hospital. Satomi reminded him that for Werewolves, going to a hospital wasn't exactly an option unless he knew something she didn't, but Deaton corrected her by saying it wasn't something, it was someone-- Melissa McCall, a nurse practitioner at the local hospital who had inadvertently become a specialist like Deaton when it came to ill supernatural creatures.

Later, Deaton, Satomi, and the even sicker Reed met up with Melissa at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where Melissa immediately asked if the same sickness was affecting the Beacon Hills High School where her son Scott and his packmates were taking the PSATs. Neither Deaton nor Satomi were sure about that, but Satomi, seeing just how much worse Reed had gotten, insisted that they needed to hurry.

Unfortunately, Reed ended up dying from the virus, forcing the three adults to sneak him into the morgue so that Deaton and Melissa could perform an amateur autopsy. Upon examining Reed's brain, Deaton seemed to have figured out what they were dealing with, though the bad news was that if Scott and his pack were also infected, they would be in danger without an antidote. This gave them the idea to add Derek Hale to their team, as he was already at the hospital visiting his friend Braeden, who was shot by a Hunter while trying to find Satomi's Pack.

Once Derek had joined them, Deaton explained what he had learned: the virus was a variant of canine distemper that was altered to fatally infect canine shapeshifters like Werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Kitsune, though humans could also contract a mild form that would resolve itself within a day or so. Derek realized that the virus was literally weaponized, likely for the Deadpool, and when Satomi pointed out that almost her entire pack had been infected, Deaton realized that the key to curing the rest of the people was finding out how Satomi managed to avoid getting sick.

Deaton went on to ask who was responsible for shooting Braeden if the rest of the pack were all in the woods, but Satomi assumed it was another assassin, adding that she would prefer to deal with a gun fired at her than be infected by a variant of smallpox. She then looked over at Derek and paused for a long moment, which didn't escape his notice. When Satomi finally realized she had been staring, she smiled and apologized before stating that she had just noticed how much Derek reminded her of his mother, Talia Hale.

Satomi asked him if he remembered any of the times she came to visit, Derek smiled and wrinkled his nose upon remembering the tea she would bring that he thought smelled horrible. This piqued Deaton's interest, and upon learning that the tea they were referring to was wild purple reishi, he realized that this was both a vaccine and a cure to the virus. Melissa was concerned about curing the others due to how rare the tea was, but Derek revealed that there was a jar in the Hale Vault under the high school that they could use.

A short time later, the group was about to leave the hospital, with Derek insisting he needed to get to the school to make sure Scott and the others were okay. Just as Satomi was about to ask him what they should do for the rest of the members of her pack at Look-Out Point, a woman who was sitting on a bench in the hallway stood up and began shooting at them, revealing herself to be yet another assassin from the Deadpool. Derek jumped out of the way, only getting grazed by the bullet on his side, but Satomi pulled out her spike and easily dodged all of the shots she fired before stabbing the woman in the neck with her spike, which she spun around in her hand. She then smirked at the others and said, "I may have learned to control my anger, but I still know when to use it."

In Monstrous,

In Dreamcatchers, Satomi was mentioned in conversation by Liam Dunbar, Brett Talbot, and Mason Hewitt, who were discussing Tracy Stewart, an out-of-control shapeshifter that Liam and the rest of the McCall Pack mistakenly believed to be a newly-bitten Werewolf (but was really a scientifically created Werewolf-Kanima Chimera made by the Dread Doctors). In this conversation, Liam asked Brett if he knew Tracy, and when he stated he didn't, Liam asked him if it was possible that Satomi could have turned her without him knowing. This led Brett to explain that Satomi was still keeping a low profile after the Deadpool wiped out a large section of their pack, and that she wasn't currently "recruiting."

Mason, who was new to the supernatural, was shocked that Alphas could just "run around biting people," which caused Brett to explain that Werewolves could also be born, just as he and his sister Lorilee were. He also revealed that Satomi adopted Brett and Lorilee and accepted them into her pack after their family was killed in a fire.


Personality Edit

Satomi is a very wise, disciplined, and compassionate woman who has accumulated a great deal of experience in her 100+ years of life. In the 1940s, she was shown as being an understandably cynical person, both due to being forced into an internment camp solely because of the fact that she was a Japanese immigrant, as well as because she was bitten by an Alpha while residing at Camp Oak Creek and had to quickly learn how to keep control so as to not expose herself as a supernatural. She is still haunted by the shame of accidentally killing Corporal Rhys with a Molotov cocktail while in an uncontrollable transformation during the riot in 1943, which eventually caused her to adapt a more peaceful Buddhist philosophy on life while she worked to master control over the effects of her lycanthropy. In doing so, she became a much more mellow person who built a large pack full of similarly-minded werewolves, for whom she cared about immensely.

She was deeply hurt when the majority of her pack was killed by the modified canine distemper virus created by The Chemist, to the point that she has put off rebuilding her pack out of fear of attracting attention of more supernatural hunters. According to Brett Talbot, Satomi respects people with great strength of character, as evidenced by her friendships with Noshiko Yukimura and Talia Hale, as well as her alliance with the McCall Pack. In a conversation with Chris Argent, she explained that her pack uses the mantra "Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth" as a reminder that not only can the truth not stay hidden, but that werewolves are inherently violent creatures who, while being able to suppress these violent impulses for a time, are constantly at risk of succumbing to them in a moment of weakness.

Physical Appearance Edit

Satomi is a regal-looking woman of Japanese heritage with pale skin, brown eyes, and long black hair that she typically wears up in a bun. In the 1940s, she dressed in floral dresses with heels and pinned up hair, but in the modern day, she dresses plainly in jeans and casual tops, such as flannel blouses or sweaters. Though she is over one hundred years old, she resembles a woman in her late 50s or early 60s.

Powers and Abilities Edit


Satomi possesses the common powers of an Alpha-level Werewolf, though she also has additional advanced abilities that are more rare among her kind.

  • Super Strength: As a Werewolf, Satomi possesses superhuman strength, enough to break through locked doors and chains, punch through brick and marble walls, and throw a full-grown man across the room with ease. As an Alpha, this ability is enhanced to an even further degree.
  • Super Speed: As a Werewolf, Satomi can run much faster than even the most athletic human being, and is capable of keeping up with a Kitsune running at top speed. As an Alpha, this ability is enhanced to an even further degree.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes: As a Werewolf, Satomi can jump from a height of several stories and land on her feet, jump across large ravines, perform a multitude of acrobatic and gymnastic feats, and catch arrows in mid-air. This comes in handy during battles, as it allows Satomi to more easily dodge attacks, often by utilizing her heightened agility to dodge bullets and arrows. As an Alpha, this ability is enhanced to an even further degree.
  • Super Durability: As a Werewolf, Satomi is much more durable and resistant to blunt force injuries than a normal human. As an Alpha, this ability is enhanced to an even further degree.
  • Super Senses: As a Werewolf, Satomi can use her glowing wolf eyes to see in total darkness and across far distances, as well as to see supernatural phenomena that cannot be perceived by human eyes, such as Kitsune auras and the Nemeton. She possesses an extremely acute sense of smell that allows her to track animals, humans, and supernatural creatures by scent across long distances, so long as the scents aren't washed away by rain or covered up by more pungent scents like chemicals. She can also interpret the emotional state of others by catching their scent. Satomi also has an advanced sense of hearing, which gives her the ability to hear whispered conversations from hundreds of feet away, sense approaching enemies, and, with some degree of accuracy, determine truth from lie by listening to a person's heart rate while they talk. As an Alpha, this ability is enhanced to an even further degree.
  • Accelerated Healing: As a Werewolf, Satomi has the ability to heal from wounds much faster than a normal human, with cuts and broken bones healing within moments or minutes, and more serious injuries such as spinal cord fractures, vital organ damage, and extensive mauling wounds healing within hours. As a result of this rapid cellular regeneration, Satomi is immune to most human diseases and conditions. She is also immune to the majority of toxins, though she is still vulnerable to wolfsbane, and she cannot get drunk on alcohol or high on illicit drugs under normal circumstances. As an Alpha, her accelerated healing is enhanced to an even further degree.
    • Longevity: As a Werewolf with an accelerated healing ability, her body replaces aging and dying cells at a constant rate, allowing Satomi to maintain a youthful appearance for much longer than a normal human, and will enjoy a greatly extended lifespan as well. Satomi is currently the oldest known Werewolf and possibly the oldest known shapeshifter in general, as she appeared to be in her late 30s or early 40s in 1943, shortly after she was bitten and turned into a Werewolf. She is now over 100 years old and maintains the appearance of a woman in her late 50s to early 60s, indicating that she could survive many more decades if she is not killed first.
  • Shapeshifting: As a Werewolf, Satomi possesses the ability to partially-shift into a wolf by transforming her body. In her Werewolf form, her brow becomes ridged, her ears become pointed, she grows sideburns, her irises glow crimson red, and her teeth and fingernails extend into fangs and claws. She has also gained such advanced control over her transformation that she can selectively transform individual features as necessary, such as making her eyes glow to identify herself as an Alpha, or extending her claws to cut or tear something. 
  • Pain Absorption: As a Werewolf, Satomi possesses the ability to absorb the pain of animals, humans, and supernatural creatures by touching the person's skin with his hands. This ability manifests by a darkening of the veins in her hands and fingers, which will grow up her arms and into her chest, neck, and face as she siphons away more and more of the being's pain.
  • Animal Instincts: As a Werewolf, Satomi is an apex predator, and can thus assert dominance over other animals such as dogs, cats, and deer in order to force them to stand down. For this reason, animals can often become frightened around her, especially because she's an Alpha.
  • Memory Manipulation Ritual: As a Werewolf, Satomi has the ability to view the memories of another person by piercing the back of their neck with his claws and entering their mind. This process is typically only performed by Alphas like Satomi due to the amount of control and practice it takes to do it without causing paralysis or death to person whose mind they're entering. For this reason, this ability is also usually only used on supernaturals with accelerated healing abilities, since they can recover from the trauma much faster and easier than a human. While performing this ritual, Satomi could see select memories through the target's eyes, and, in the case of exceptionally skilled werewolves, could suppress, modify, or even completely remove the memory. However, Satomi has yet to be seen performing this ritual.
  • Power Granting: As an Alpha Werewolf, Satomi has the ability to transform humans into Beta-level werecreatures by biting them, though this process has a risk of killing the human if it doesn't turn them. On rare occasions, Alphas have been known to accidentally turn a human by scratching them deeply with their claws, though this has yet to happen to Satomi as far as it is known.
  • Alpha Roar: As an Alpha Werewolf, Satomi has the ability to use her roar as an offensive weapon, either to scare away werecreatures of a lower rank or to force them in or out of their transformations.
  • Healing Disruption: As an Alpha Werewolf, the wounds Satomi inflicts on supernaturals with accelerated healing abilities of lower rank take longer to heal than regular wounds.
  • Scent Inhibition: Satomi has gained such a mastery over her body and her lycanthropy that she can actually inhibit her scent completely, preventing any supernatural with a heightened sense of smell from tracking her or identifying her as a supernatural.


  • Heightened Self-Control: Satomi initially struggled greatly with gaining control over her lycanthropy, but even during her early days as a Werewolf, she was able to conceal her supernatural condition from everyone at Camp Oak Creek, including the people who lived in her barracks. After one lapse in control where she killed Corporal Rhys, she became so remorseful that she dedicated herself to gaining control over her anger, and is now able to use it when she needs to and otherwise remains completely human, even during full moons.
  • Advanced Combat Skills: Satomi is a skilled fighter who uses a steel spike weapon in addition to her werewolf abilities. Satomi has demonstrated the ability to dodge moving bullets and overpowered countless assassins during the Deadpool.

Weaknesses Edit

Satomi possesses the general weaknesses of Werewolves, including Wolfsbane, electricity, letharia vulpina, and mistletoe. Like all shapeshifters who are beholden to the moon, the full moon (and especially the supermoon) causes increased aggression and bloodlust, as do any strong emotion that increases heart rate; though Satomi has become vigilant about maintaining control over her transformation in these cases, she herself has admitted that even the most disciplined and trained Werewolf can lose control over their shifts under the right circumstances. Satomi can also be trapped inside or prevented from entering a specific area if it is warded by Mountain Ash or rowan wood, since, it is a barrier that has mystical properties that repel supernatural creatures. Additionally, the lunar eclipse can cause her to lose her powers during the period of time that the moon is in the Earth's umbral shadow, leaving her essentially human for the duration.

Equipment Edit

  • Steel spike weapon

Etymology Edit

  • Satomi: Satomi (里美 or 聡美 in Japanese kanji) is a feminine Japanese given name that is derived from the elements 里 (sato) meaning "village" or 聡 (sato) meaning "intelligent, wise, clever, or bright," which is then combined with 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful." The second definition of sato is most fitting for the character Satomi, as she has referred to herself as an old, wise wolf due to her lycanthropy and her advanced age and wisdom.
  • Ito: Itō (伊藤) is the sixth most-common Japanese family name in the United States and is derived from the Japanese noun 糸 (ito), meaning "thread, yarn, or string." Those who bear this surname often have family who originated in Mie Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, southern Fujiwara, or the Ryukyu Islands.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the intense training Satomi put herself through to master control over her lycanthropy, she has learned to consciously inhibit her scent so that she cannot be tracked by supernatural creatures with heightened senses. She then taught this ability to the rest of her pack, allowing them to hide in plain sight in Beacon Hills. As a result, the McCall Pack had no idea that any of them were Werewolves until the Deadpool list was released.
  • According to Brett Talbot in Dreamcatchers, Satomi has been keeping a low profile since the Deadpool, and for this reason, she has elected to postpone rebuilding her pack by turning more Werewolves for the time being.
  • It was implied that Satomi taught Lorilee how to speak Japanese in A Credible Threat.
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