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They ran that night. Gerard put guns in people's hands, but a lot less than they thought were actually willing to use them. More people know our secret now, but more of them are on our side. They weren't afraid of us anymore. Now, we have allies who used to be enemies. We have protectors. We have friends willing to fight for us. The rest of us have been looking for others... like you.
Scott to his newest recruit, Alec in The Wolves of War

Scott Gregorio McCall is the main protagonist of the Teen Wolf series. He is the son of Melissa McCall and Special Agent Rafael McCall and was formerly a senior at Beacon Hills High School prior to graduating and being accepted as a pre-veterinary student at the University of California-Davis. His determination to remain good restrains him from the urge of a Werewolf to kill or maim.

Before being bitten by then-Alpha Peter Hale in Wolf Moon, Scott was asthmatic, unpopular, and a "benchwarmer" on the high school lacrosse team. However, once he was bitten and successfully turned into a Beta Werewolf, Scott developed superhuman strength, speed, agility, healing, and senses, along with the ability to shapeshift his features into that of a wolf. Despite the aggression and violent urges that often comes with lycanthropy, Scott has always made it a point to embrace his humanity, and with the help of his best friend Stiles Stilinski and his now-deceased former girlfriend Allison Argent, he was able to begin to build his own pack, which eventually became known for being one of the most unique and powerful packs in the Teen Wolf universe.

Scott's virtue and compassion, due in part to the support of his pack, allowed him to rise to the rare rank of True Alpha by his own force of will in the middle of the third season. Throughout the series, Scott and his pack have dealt with all manner of trauma and struggles, including fighting battles against assassins, Hunters, a Darach, an Alpha Pack, Oni, a Nogitsune, Chimeras, Dread Doctors, and Ghost Riders among many other foes, events that frequently caused them harm and/or death. Scott had a romantic relationship with Kira Yukimura, a Thunder Kitsune (which ended due to the deal she made with the Skinwalkers to leave Beacon Hills for Shiprock, New Mexico to train with them.) In the second half of Season 6, Scott developed a romantic relationship with his longtime friend and born Werecoyote Malia Tate. As of the end of the series, which is a flashforward to two years in the future, Scott and Malia have remained each other's romantic partners.

Scott has amassed not only a fairly diverse pack of supernatural creatures but also a network of supportive allies as well, all of whom have proven themselves willing to risk their lives to fight for his cause as a result of his track record for beating insurmountable odds against powerful supernatural and human enemies. As he explained to Alec in the series finale, he has his main core pack members who are nearly always with him or close by (Stiles, Lydia, Derek, Malia, Liam) while many others (such as Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall, Chris Argent, Jordan Parrish, and even redeemed former antagonists Peter Hale and Theo Raeken) come and go as they're needed.

Scott is the Alpha of the McCall Pack and works alongside his mentor Dr. Alan Deaton at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. He is also a member of the McCall Family.

Early life

Scott was born in 1994 to Melissa McCall, a nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, and Rafael McCall, a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Scott was afflicted with asthma from a young age, which only became more severe as he got older. When he was in elementary school, his alcoholic father got drunk one night and got into a fight with Melissa, and when Scott came out into the hall, he grabbed Scott by the wrist to force him back into his room. When Scott reflexively pulled away from him, to leave. She only intended to throw a drunk man out of the house, but, in time, Rafael became so ashamed that he left the family completely. ("Insatiable"), ("The Divine Move") Though Scott did spend some time living with Rafael at first, he eventually moved back in with his mother, and Rafael discontinued his contact with Scott and Melissa before moving to San Francisco to work at their FBI field office, an act for which Scott resented him until he reached high school. ("The Tell")

When Scott was a young child, he was taking his small dog Roxie for a walk when the two were attacked by a rabid doberman. The stress of the event caused Scott to have such a severe asthma attack that he was sent to the hospital, and his dog ultimately died from her injuries. For some unknown reason, this memory became repressed in his mind, either because of how traumatic it was or because the Dread Doctors suppressed it. Regardless, he did not gain the memory back until the autumn of 2012, when Scott read The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack, a tool to trigger repressed memories in hopes of finding out if they had done anything to him. ("Required Reading")

Being raised by a single mother for most of his childhood, Scott saw how hard Melissa had to work to keep the household running, so when he was old enough, he began working as a veterinary technician at Dr. Alan Deaton's animal clinic to make extra money. Once he entered high school, Scott joined the lacrosse team with his best friend of many years, Stiles Stilinski, though they rarely ever saw any game play due to their lack of athletic prowess. ("Wolf Moon")

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Wolf Moon, Scott and his best friend Stiles went into the Beacon Hills Nature Preserve after Stiles heard on the police radio that half of the body of a dead young woman had been found in the woods, and they wanted to find it before the police did. However, when they ran into Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies, they were forced to split up, which allowed Scott, who was distracted by the fact that he had dropped his inhaler onto the forest floor, to be bitten by a large, monstrous Werewolf with glowing red eyes (though it happened so fast that he believed it was a real wolf).

The next day, Scott went to school, only to find he has developed strange side effects such as superhuman senses, strength, and agility. After school, when Scott and Stiles went back to the woods to go retrieve his lost inhaler, Stiles joked that Scott had become a Werewolf before they suddenly ran into Derek Hale, who looked at Scott suspiciously before reminding them that they were on private property, scaring the two teens into leaving in the process, though not before Derek tossed Scott his lost inhaler.

Even more concerning was the fact that his wound had completely healed by the time he made it to work at the animal clinic that evening. Right as he was closing up, the new girl at school, Allison Argent, arrived in tears after she had hit a dog with her car. Scott was able to unconsciously quiet the scared animal with his newly-gained powers, and even got the courage to ask her out as his date to Lydia Martin's party after the lacrosse scrimmage, which Allison accepted.

Scott was ecstatic about his date plans, but Stiles, who had done some research into the strange symptoms and side effects Scott seemed to be exhibiting, realized that Scott had truly been turned into a Werewolf and wasted no time in summoning his best friend to his bedroom so that he could share this revelation. However, Scott, unhappy that Stiles was ruining his good mood, lost control of his new lycanthropy due to the impending full moon and almost attacked Stiles, causing him to leave in embarrassment and shame with a short apology; what he did not notice was that he had left three claw gashes in the leather of his desk chair from anger. Sure enough, that night at the party, the full moon appeared overhead and caused Scott so much pain and fear that he abandoned Allison at the party and ran home, where he quickly began to transform into a Werewolf.

Scott, believing Derek had something to do with it, managed to inform Stiles about his suspicion before he fully changed, but when Stiles told him that Derek had taken Allison home, Scott jumped out the window to save her. He followed Allison's scent into the woods with his new senses, where he eventually found Derek with Allison's jacket, which he had used to lure Scott there. Before Scott could argue any further, he was blinded by flash-bang arrows and subsequently hit with a real arrow that went through his arm and pinned him to a tree. A trio of male Hunters appeared, forcing Derek to incapacitate them long enough to free Scott and flee with him. Once they made it to safety, Scott blamed Derek for turning him into a Werewolf, which Derek did not deny-- he simply explained that the Bite was a gift, and that they were brothers now because of their shared lycanthropy.

The next morning, Stiles picked Scott up at the preserve and drove him home, during which time he promised Scott that he'd help him get through his new condition. However, when Scott arrived to school on Monday, he had an awkward run-in with Allison during which he admitted that he had no excuse for what happened Friday night, though she did not seem very upset about it; on the contrary, she gave him a second chance without much argument. Just then, Allison waved to a man behind them who Scott recognized as the leader of the Hunters who shot him during the full moon. Allison explained that he is her father, Chris Argent, and Scott began to panic.

In Second Chance at First Line, Scott continued to struggle with controlling his lycanthropy, particularly when he lost his temper or when his heart rate began to race, such as when he was scared or playing lacrosse. While he grappled with the decision over whether or not he should quit the team as a result of it, he was pressured about his choices on all sides; Queen mean-girl Lydia Martin insisted that he stay on the team, since her popularity depended on her dating the captain of the star-lacrosse team, whereas Derek argued that Scott had to quit because if he shifted on the field, he would risk exposing the entire Werewolf community, which would result in Derek killing Scott.

Derek's aggressive behavior caused Scott to become suspicious about his involvement in the murder of the bisected woman in the woods, especially when he smelled the dead body on the Hale property. He and Stiles returned to the ruins of the Hale House to investigate after Derek left, where they found half of a wolf buried inside a spiral made of rope and wolfsbane. When they removed the wolfsbane, the half-wolf turned into the upper half of the bisected woman from the woods, and Scott and Stiles determined that Derek must have killed her, leading them to inform Sheriff Stilinski about what they had found. Scott then went straight to the Argent House, where he jumped down from the roof just as Argent was pulling into the driveway, causing Argent to accidentally hit him. However, Scott shrugged the injuries off, and Allison was so appalled by what her father had done that the older man was too embarrassed to question it further.

The next night, Scott went against Derek's instructions and played in the game anyway, and though he did begin to transform on the field, he was able to rush off before anyone became suspicious and bring himself back in control in the locker room. Allison followed Scott toward the showers, but, fortunately for Scott, she arrived just after Scott regained control, allowing him to keep his secret. He admitted to her that she made him nervous, and the two kissed, which marked the start of their romantic relationship. Once Allison left, Stiles approached Scott and informed him that the woman buried on Derek's property was Derek's sister Laura, and that the autopsy revealed that she had been killed by an animal, which forced the Sheriff's department to release Derek from jail due to the fact that they were ignorant of the supernatural world and its animal-esque shapeshifters.

In Pack Mentality, after Scott had a nightmare in which he wolfed-out and brutally murdered Allison, he immediately went to school to talk to Stiles about his concerns that his dream may have been real. Upon arriving in the parking lot, Scott and Stiles come upon a bloody crime scene in the bus bay, causing Scott to become even more convinced that he might have actually murdered her in the night, though he eventually found her alive and well, leaving him confused as to what really happened. While in chemistry class, Scott, Stiles, and their classmates saw a visibly traumatized and mauled man being loaded into an ambulance from the crime scene, and Scott, desperate for answers, decided to go to see Derek after school to see what he had to say.

At lunch, Scott and Stiles were joined by Allison, Jackson, Lydia, and Danny, where they all speculated about what happened to the man. When Stiles found a news alert on his phone about the attack, he informed the group that the victim was Garrison Myers, who Scott recognized as being his bus driver when he was still living with his father. Lydia then changed the subject to Allison and Scott's date the next night and invited herself and Jackson along to make it a double date. When Lydia suggested that they go bowling, Jackson made a rude comment about hating playing against people who weren't good, and Scott (who, like Allison, was clearly not fond of the idea of going out with Jackson and Lydia but who also didn't want to look rude in front of the other) insisted that he was a good bowler before agreeing to the date.

After lunch, Stiles immediately called Scott out on his lie and reminded him that he is terrible at bowling, which Scott regretfully acknowledged before they began to discuss their current issues, such as Scott's difficulty controlling his lycanthropy and the various attacks in Beacon Hills. Afterward, Scott went to work at the animal clinic, where he apologized to Dr. Deaton for his tardiness, though Deaton was quick to remind him that being two minutes late is not a big deal. Shortly afterward Sheriff Stilinski arrived with one of his search dogs from the K9 unit, which caused Scott to worry that Stilinski had made a connection between Scott and Garrison Myers. Scott watched as Stilinwki gave Deaton a file on the victims to see if he had any idea what could have attacked Garrison and Laura Hale, and became even more nervous as Deaton explained how a wolf would attack a person.

Once his shift ended at work, Scott went to the Hale House, hiding in the nearby nature preserve until the Sheriff's deputies who were checking on the house had left. He then loudly shouted that he knew Derek was listening and waited for Derek to show himself. Scott went on to sheepishly apologize for mistakenly accusing him of murder as well as for essentially announcing Derek's presence in Beacon Hills to the Argent Hunters before asking him for his help.

Derek finally came out onto the porch and pointed out that he knew Scott didn't want his help-- he wanted to know what he did-- leading Scott to realize that Derek knew about the attack at the high school. Derek informed him that he could help Scott learn control over his lycanthropy, but that it wouldn't come for free; when Scott asked him what it would cost, Derek said they would settle that part later, and that for now, he would give Scott what he wanted-- to know what he had done the previous night. He instructed Scott on how to use his enhanced senses at the crime scene to let his body trigger the memories that his mind repressed.

That night, Scott and Stiles drove to the crime scene in the high school bus bay, where Scott left an irritated Stiles to keep watch while he went into the bus to trigger his memories, much to Stiles' protests to the contrary. While in the bus, Scott's memories of his nightmare transformed into his true memories of what really happened on the bus-- the Werewolf who bit him had called Scott to the bus with his Alpha Roar and had attacked Garrison Myers in an attempt to get Scott to hunt with him; instead, Scott fought the Werewolf, causing a great deal of his blood to be left at the scene when he was clawed across the chest, though the wounds healed quickly.

This led Scott to once again mistakenly believe that Derek was the other Werewolf and had known what happened to Garrison the entire time. However, he was soon forced to flee the bus and return to the Jeep. When he told Stiles about what he had figured out, Stiles questioned Scott on why Derek would teach him to trigger his repressed memories if those memories would out him as a murderer, but despite these valid questions, Scott continued to believe that Derek was the killer. Scott did, however, take relief in the fact that he himself wasn't the killer and that he could go on the date with Allison without concern that his presence would put her in danger.

The next night, Scott, Allison, Lydia, and Jackson went to the bowling alley for their double date, where Jackson wasted no time making rude comments about Scott's lack of prowess at the game while Lydia purposely pretended to be bad at bowling, both to make Jackson feel better and so she could have an excuse to ask for Scott's assistance.

Allison, feeling badly for Scott and wanting to throw Jackson's comments back into his face, stepped behind Scott while he was preparing to make his next shot and suggested that Scott focus on thinking about her naked to calm his nerves. Sure enough, this allowed Scott to activate his Werewolf powers just enough to get a strike, a streak that would last through the rest of the game. Jackson became increasingly sullen throughout the game at the revelation of Scott's new bowling skills, and Lydia, now even more attracted to Scott, tried to get him to "teach" her how to bowl better, which he declined in favor of staying with Allison. Scott, Allison, and Jackson were all stunned when Lydia then took her turn with perfect form, revealing that she had simply been playing dumb this whole time for Jackson's benefit.

Later, Scott approached Jackson in the arcade and complimented him on his pinball skills before pointing out that even though he knows that neither of them want to be there, they don't have to hate each other. Jackson, annoyed, replied that he didn't hate Scott; he simply didn't believe him when he said that he just suddenly got good at everything. He went on to say that he had no idea if he was on steroids or "something weirder," but he had not given up on his mission to find out what Scott's deal was, adding that he knew that whatever it was, Scott didn't want Allison to know.

With the excitement having died down, Scott took Allison home, walking her to her door and kissing her before Allison remarked that she wasn't fond of group dates and that next time, they should go out alone. Scott wholeheartedly agreed with her and kissed her once again before letting her sneak back into her house.

However, Scott soon learned from Stiles that Garrison Myers had died of his wounds at the hospital and became so furious that he immediately returned to the Hale House to confront Derek. He accused Derek of having finished Garrison off at the hospital as well as having killed his own sister, but Derek insisted that Garrison died on his own before angrily retorting that his sister was killed by Hunters so that she could be used as bait to catch him.

Not believing him, Scott tackled him and threw him through one of the walls in the downstairs part of the Hale ruins, which Derek proclaimed to be "cute" before fully transforming into a Werewolf for the first time in the series, giving Scott a serious beating before finally coming clean to Scott about what was really going on-- both Derek and Scott were Beta Werewolves, and the more monstrous Werewolf who bit Scott and who appeared in his dream was an Alpha, the most powerful of their kind and the only kind of Werewolves who can actually turn a human into one of their kind. Derek then insisted that since Scott was the one the Alpha wanted, Derek couldn't find and kill him without Scott's help, much to Scott's shock and horror.

In Magic Bullet, Scott was once again called upon and forced out of bed in the middle of the night by the Alpha howling, causing Scott to sneak out of the house and track them down. He eventually stumbled upon the Alpha, a shadowy figure (later revealed to be Derek), and a mysterious woman downtown, with Derek chasing after the Alpha and the woman chasing after both of them. Scott was then shocked to see the woman shooting at Derek with her sniper rifle, just before Chris Argent showed up to pick her up. Scott then overheard the woman informing Argent that the Beta she shot would be dead within forty-eight hours, if that, before they left.

Unsure of what he had just witnessed, Scott returned home, not yet knowing that Derek had been shot with a bullet laced with a rare form of wolfsbane that would eventually kill him if left untreated. The next day at school, Stiles questioned Scott about what he had learned the previous evening, as he was curious about the situation and had several questions: "Who had bitten and turned Scott if it wasn't Derek? Did the Alpha kill the bus driver Garrison Myers? And, did Allison's father Argent knew about the Alpha?" Unfortunately, Scott did not know any of the answers to these questions.

While they talked, their teacher passed back graded tests, on which Scott had scored a D and had written instructions to see them after class. Stiles joked that Scott needed to study more before assuring him that he was kidding and offering to help him study himself, only for Scott to inform him that he was studying with Allison that evening. When Stiles implied that he and Allison would be hooking up, Scott insisted that they were just studying, which led Stiles to indignantly argue that he needed to hook up with Allison because Stiles, as a single man, was currently living vicariously through him.

After school, Scott was about to leave to ride his bike to Allison's house when he saw a weakened and pale Derek Hale stumble toward Stiles' Jeep, leaving Scott with no choice but to go see what he was doing there before anyone noticed his strange behavior. When Scott, who was now the one afraid of exposure, tried to tell Derek to control his eyes, which were flashing between hazel and Beta-blue, Derek insisted he couldn't because he had been shot by a wolfsbane bullet, leading Scott to realize that he was the one who had been shot by the woman from the previous evening. Derek insisted that Scott, who was planning to hang out at the Argent Family's house anyway, find the type of bullet that the woman had used so they could learn what strain it was and how to treat the poisoning, revealing that his attacker was an Argent as well. Scott then left Derek with Stiles to start his mission.

Scott ended up at Allison's house before she had even gotten back herself in her car due to his Werewolf superhuman speed, which confused Allison and forced Scott to lie about taking a shortcut. He then tried to distract her from this by admitting that he was stressing about his grades because he wasn't doing as well as he normally did, and Allison replied that they could start with studying English before assuring him that her parents wouldn't be home for hours.

Inside, Allison led Scott to her bedroom, and when Scott noticed all of the boxes inside, she admitted that she was still unpacking and had been taking her time with it. Just as Scott was about to suggest where they start in their studies, Allison began kissing him, and the two quickly began making out on her bed. Allison stopped shortly afterward to ask if this was okay, as she didn't want to make Scott feel pressured to do anything he wasn't ready to do, and they resumed after he enthusiastically consented to their hook-up. However, as Scott's heart rate increased with his excitement, he started to uncontrollably transform and used Stiles' phone call as an excuse to stop and settle down as he shut off his phone.

When he returned, he noticed the family photo in the box nearest Allison's bed and pulled it out; upon recognizing the woman who shot Derek in the photo, he asked who she was, and Allison responded that it was her aunt Kate, though they were raised more like sisters. Unnerved, Scott remarked that she looked familiar, and Allison explained that Kate used to live in Beacon Hills and guessed that they had maybe seen each other before. This evolved into Scott looking at other objects in the box, forcing Allison to confess that they were her attempts to learn photography, painting, and poetry, none of which she believed herself to be good at whatsoever. Scott asked her what she was good at doing, which caused Allison to smile and offer to show him before asking him to follow her.

She took him to the garage, where there was an armory full of guns, knives, and other weapons. Noticing Scott's alarm, Allison reassured Scott that her family weren't in a separatist group, her father was just a firearms dealer for local police stations. She then pulled out her compound bow and showed it to him, revealing that she was a nationally-ranked archer but had quit when she lost interest. Before they could discuss it further, Argent and Kate returned from the grocery store and drove into the garage, causing Scott and Allison to hide from them. Unfortunately, they were caught nonetheless, and Kate, taking interest in Scott's brown eyes, invited him to dinner that evening, much to Argent's displeasure.

At the dinner, where they were all joined by Victoria Argent, Allison's mother, Argent immediately began testing Scott by offering him alcohol, but Scott, understanding what he was trying to do, declined and stated that he was too young to drink. When Argent asked him if he had ever smoked pot, Kate, trying to save him from her brother, changed the subject to lacrosse and asked him to tell her about the sport, as she didn't know how to play it. Throughout the explanation, Argent butted in with sarcastic comments, bitterly trying to undermine his talent, leading Scott to jokingly accept his previous offer of a shot of tequila.

He was then forced to excuse himself under the guise of using the bathroom when Stiles called to give him an update on Derek's condition, which was quickly deteriorating. Scott instructed Derek and Stiles to go to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to wait for him. When Derek asked if Scott had found the bullet yet, Scott, frustrated, retorted that finding a single bullet was difficult in a house that is "like, the frickin' Walmart of guns." Derek gravely informed Scott that if he didn't find the bullet, he would die, which Scott, annoyed, remarked may not be the worst thing to happen, leading Derek to argue, "Then think about this-- the Alpha called you out against your will. He's gonna do it again. Next time, you either kill with him or you get killed. So, if you want to stay alive, then you need me. Find the bullet."

Scott hung up so he could do what he was told, only to accidentally set off an alarm when he tried to go through one of the doors. Kate found him and smirked as she observed that he looked like a lost puppy, and Scott lied and said he was looking for the bathroom. Kate, not knowing he was playing dumb, showed him to the guest bathroom, which just so happened to be connected to the guest bedroom where Kate was sleeping. Once she had returned to the dinner table, Scott went through her bags and found the bullet he was looking for in a box with the words "Nordic Blue Monkshood" written on the top in French. He texted Stiles with this news, and when Derek realized he had been poisoned by a rare form of wolfsbane, he insisted that Scott bring him the bullet, because he would die without it.

Not wanting to attract attention to his theft, Scott returned to the dining room and thanked the Argents before stating that he should get going. However, Kate refused to let him off this easy and insisted that he stay for desert, as she wanted to know more about him. When Victoria mentioned that Allison had told her that he worked for a veterinarian, Argent took the opportunity to try to feel out what he knew about Werewolves and the supernatural by asking if his boss had any theories about the recent animal attacks.

Scott once again tried to play dumb and remarked that he thought it was a mountain lion, but Argent went on to ask him if he had ever had to deal with a rabid dog and how vicious and brutal they could be. As he described a rabid dog he had encountered when he was younger who had been bitten by a bat, he added, "This harmless animal... turned into a perfectly vicious killer. And it all started with one bite." Allison pointed out that the dog had died, but Victoria retorted that it was only because her grandfather Gerard Argent had shot it, leading Argent to once again remark that something that out of control is better off dead.

Just as Scott was about to leave, Kate confronted him at the doorway and demanded to know what he took from her bag. Scott played dumb for the third time and asked her what she was talking about, so Kate explained that she left her bag closed in the guest bedroom, but after Scott used the restroom, the bag was open, and she wanted to know what he stole from her. Allison immediately jumped in to argue, and when Kate demanded that Scott empty his pockets, Allison reluctantly pulled a condom out of her pocket and held it up, awkwardly admitting that she had taken it from Scott's bag and unknowingly covering up Scott's theft of the bullet.

Scott then rushed to the animal clinic, where Stiles was just about to cut Derek's infected arm off at Derek's insistence. When Scott gave Derek the bullet, Derek held it up for a brief moment before losing consciousness and falling on the ground, causing the bullet to fall into a nearby vent in the floor. Scott used his claws to get the bullet out while Stiles slapped Derek in the face until he woke up. They then watched in awe as Derek awakened, broke open the bullet, dumped the wolfsbane onto the table, and burned it with a lighter. He then picked up the ashes and shoved them into his bullet wound, causing him to writhe in pain on the floor for a moment before his arm healed.

With the danger over, Scott insisted that Derek leave them alone, threatening to tell Argent everything if he didn't. Derek was appalled by the fact that he was willing to trust them to help him, but Scott pointed out that they were a lot nicer than he was. Derek then furiously informed him that he would show him just how nice they could be.

He then went on to take Scott to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where Derek's uncle Peter Hale was in a coma. Derek explained that the Argents set a fire on the Hales' family home six years ago, killing the majority of his family and burning Peter so badly that he had been comatose ever since. Scott, horrified, suggested they must have had a reason, but Derek asked him what could possibly justify what they did. He then explained that while the Argents allegedly had a code that states they only kill adults (and only with absolute proof that they had taken human life), there were innocent human children who died in the fire along with their Werewolf relatives. When Scott was left speechless, Derek added that this is what the Argents do, and its what Allison will eventually grow up to do as well.

In The Tell, Scott was seen on the roof of Video 2*C with Derek Hale the night that the Alpha attacked the store's cashier, Leveque, and killed him while Jackson Whittemore and Lydia Martin were there renting a movie. When Derek asked Scott if he was finally starting to see what's really happening, Scott, horrified, insisted that he didn't understand why the Alpha was killing people before asking him if this was typical of Werewolves. Derek assured him that it was not, quoting his mother by saying, "No. We're predators. We don't have to be killers." He went on to promise Scott that they were going to find out why the Alpha was killing these people before the two set off for the night. However, neither of them noticed the fact that there was a glowing red spiral painted on the roof, the Werewolf symbol for revenge.

When they returned to the Hale House ruins, Scott reminded Derek that he did have a human life, especially the next night, which was the parent-teacher conference that he was required to attend due to the fact that he was failing chemistry; because of this, he wasn't interested in finding out why the Alpha wanted to make Scott "his pet." Derek then retorted in response that he needed to choose between "homework and not dying," since the next full moon was in less than a week, and they needed to track down the Alpha since his human scent may be totally different than his Werewolf scent. He went on to explain to Scott that Werewolves are naturally stronger in packs, and that they need the numbers in order to stand a chance against the Alpha. He believed that Scott's connection to the Alpha from his bite would be the key to finding him.

He then began training Scott in how to use his new abilities to do this. The first lesson included Derek breaking his arm to demonstrate that pain makes them human, and that he was going to have to learn to fight through the pain to stay in Werewolf form in a fight, a lesson that failed spectacularly.

The next day, Scott was approaching Allison at school when he saw her frantically shoving a bouquet of balloons back into her locker. He assumed that it was Allison's birthday, which she reluctantly confirmed before demanding that Scott keep it a secret; as it turned out, Allison was ashamed because she was turning seventeen a year earlier than the rest of the class. Scott was not at all bothered by this and assumed that it was because her family's constant moving all the time led to Allison having to stay back a year in school, which relieved Allison, who had been mocked at previous schools and had rumors spread about her as to why that was, such as a pregnancy or learning disability. To make her feel better, Scott decided that the two of them were going to skip school to celebrate her birthday, to which Allison quickly agreed before the two rushed out to her car.

Allison started having second thoughts about ditching school once they got in the car, especially when she wondered how her father was going to react, but when Scott asked her if she always followed the rules, Allison smirked and retorted, "Not lately," which emboldened Scott to encourage her to start her car and leave. When they saw a truancy officer driving around the parking lot, they were forced to make a decision and sped off away from the school.

Scott and Allison ultimately decided to hike around the Beacon Hills Preserve for the day, where Scott joked that he would blame Allison if they got caught skipping school before the two took advantage of their alone time to flirt with each other. After Allison sent Lydia Martin a text to thank her for the birthday balloons, the two vowed to each turn off their phones so they could focus on enjoying the moment. As a result, they both lost track of time, and Scott totally forgot that he was supposed to work a shift at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic before the parent-teacher conference.

While walking through the forest, Allison declared the day to be her best birthday ever, and Scott remarked that he would be able to tell if she were lying due to the fact that her "tell" is when she touches her left eyebrow when she isn't being honest. When Allison wished aloud that her parents would stay out all night for the conference so they could spend more time together, Scott began to panic, remembering that he was required to go to the conference with his mother Melissa McCall due to his poor grades. Allison checked the time on her phone and looked concerned when she realized that the conference was already underway.

Meanwhile, at the conference, Melissa's discussion with Adrian Harris about Scott's performance in school went disastrously, with Harris admitting that Scott's mind and body were elsewhere where school was concerned (implying that skipping school was not a new concept for Scott) before suggesting that Scott was suffering from a lack of a male authority figure. Though Melissa argued that she was the authority figure, Harris continued to push about Scott's father, an FBI agent, leaving Melissa with no choice but to assure Harris that she and Scott were much better off without him.

Allison had just dropped Scott off at the high school when Melissa stormed out of the conference, furiously leaving him a voicemail regarding the fact that she was stood up and that his performance in school was so poor. Chris Argent, Allison's father Chris Argent left Allison's a similar voicemail, which Melissa overheard and approached them about it for answers. Argent and his wife Victoria wasted no time suggesting that Scott's influence was corrupting their daughter, and Melissa became absolutely furious at the remark.

Just then, Scott and Allison showed up and were separated by their respective parents in order to head home and discuss the night's events. However, there was a wild animal running lose through the parking lot, leading Argent and Sheriff Stilinski to pursue it, though it was soon discovered that the animal was not a Werewolf like Argent initially assumed, but a mundane cougar prowling the school. Scott allowed his eyes to briefly glow gold so his vision would improve and he would have a better time visually tracking the creature. Fortunately for the others, Argent was able to neutralize the mountain lion before it hurt anyone.

In Heart Monitor, Scott had just finished grocery shopping for his family and was searching for his mother's car in the parking garage when suddenly, he realized he was being stalked by a shadowy figure. Afraid it was the Alpha, Scott immediately made a run for it, trying his best to come up with evasive maneuvers, before finally being caught by the predator-- Derek Hale, who was using this to test Scott's survival skills-- when his phone rang.

Derek lectured him on the fact that this was all part of his training, and that he needed to use anger, not fear, to control himself. Though Scott tried to bring up the things he had done right during the pop quiz, Derek held up Scott's phone and reminded him that Allison, who was the one calling him, was a distraction and that he needed to stay away from her. Scott assured him that he would be able to do so, and Derek smashed his phone to pieces to make sure it stuck.

However, later that night, Scott ended up at Allison's house, where he and Allison were passionately making out in her bedroom. A knock heard on her door sent Scott hiding in the closet, and when Allison answered it, she found her aunt Kate waiting for her on the other side. When she asked Allison what she was doing, she lied and stated she was just doing homework and explained that she had a history project due that needed to have relevance to her family. Scott eavesdropped as Kate suggested she research "la Bête du Gévaudan," which Allison translated to mean "the Beast of Gevaudan" in French, as it had a lot to do with their family history. Scott saw a picture on the screen and became unnerved when he realized how much it looked like a Werewolf.

Just when Scott was able to sneak out of the Argents' house, he came upon the Alpha as he approached his mom's car and immediately rushed into the safety of his vehicle. Before he could start the engine, he watched in fear as the Alpha scratched a spiral into the fog on the driver's side window, but Scott had no idea what this message meant.

The next day at school, Scott struggled greatly to avoid Allison or Allison-adjacent (i.e. her best friend Lydia Martin) people, which was made even harder when he found that his own best friend Stiles was still mad at him for the events on the night of the parent-teacher conference, during which Scott was too worried about Allison to save Sheriff Stilinski from the car that hit him. Scott apologized for what happened, only for Stiles to continue to ignore him, leaving Scott with no choice but to share the new information he had learned about his lycanthropy from Derek to pique his interest and finally get him talking again.

However, Stiles still did not trust Derek and he decided that it was up to himself to teach Scott how to control his transformations by the end of the school day so he could continue to be with Allison. To do this, Stiles stole Coach Finstock's heart monitor and cell phone so that they could use it to monitor Scott's heart rate. To get his heartbeat racing, Stiles bound Scott's wrists behind his back with duct tape and began taking out his residual anger by forcefully tossing lacrosse balls at Scott until he became angry enough to start to shift.

Unbeknownst to either of them, the suspicious Jackson Whittemore was watching from nearby, trying to figure out Scott's secret. To make matters even stranger, Jackson continued to spy on the two while they were in the locker room, where Scott remarked that something "smelled like it was dying,", which seemed to be a hint to what Jackson was going through after being injured by Derek's wolfsbane-laced claws several days earlier. Jackson became even more suspicious of Scott and decided to get closer to him by getting closer to Allison.

Scott's heart rate continued to be monitored by Stiles throughout the day, where it spiked during Coach Finstock's economics class, where the teacher was cruelly taunting the newly-turned Werewolf. Stiles started to get alarmed as he watched the pulse spike on the cell phone, but suddenly, the pulse got slower, and Stiles suddenly noticed that Scott and Allison were holding hands. Stiles then realized that Allison was an anchor to Scott, helping him stay in control of his Werewolf side, which meant that what Derek believed was actually the false-- Allison wasn't a distraction, she kept him balanced, which meant Scott could continue to date her.

Not satisfied with just a hypothesis, Stiles decided to test his theory once again by keying a jock student's truck and then putting the keys in Scott's hands so that the owner thought it was he who did it. They then began to viciously beat Scott up, with Stiles gleefully monitoring his heart rate the whole time, remarking that this was his last bit of petty revenge against him for what happened at the conference.

That night, Scott arrived at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic for his shift to find his boss Alan Deaton tied up and in the middle of being interrogated by Derek, who believed Deaton was the Alpha. When Scott lashed out at Derek for his crazy plan, Derek admitted that the spiral was a symbol for revenge in Werewolf culture. Still unable to believe his boss could be a killer, Scott decided to prove Derek wrong by howling into the intercom at the high school to draw the Alpha to them while Derek kept Deaton tied up in the back of his Camaro.

Just then, the Alpha appeared in front of them, having clawed out Derek's back and causing blood to pour from his open mouth. Assuming Derek was dead, Scott and Stiles rushed into the school to seek refuge, and Deaton was shown to have disappeared.

In Night School, Scott calls The Alpha when the powerful Werewolf arrives he manages to trap Alison Jackson Stiles and Lydia in the high school and forces Scott to turn. Scott almost kills his friend but manages to control himself at the last second Allison believes that she can not trust and breaks up with him.

In Lunatic, Scott is heartbroken about his break up with Allison and not to mention the effects of the full moon. He begins hallucinating death and violent threats. Scott is seduced by Lydia. When Stiles restrain him during the full moon, Scott manages to escape. When sees Allison and Jackson in a car together. They are just talking but Scott hallucinates that they are kissing and tries to attack the car.

In Wolf's Bane, Scott tries his best to reconnect with Allison. Jackson eventually figures out Scott’s secret and threatens to expose him. At the lacrosse game Scott overhears the Argents discussing the possibility that Jackson might be a Werewolf.

In Co-Captain, The Alpha,is revealed to be Derek’s uncle Peter Hale, Peter soon tries to convince Scott to join his pack. He shows memories of the Hale fire and what he went through. Scott still refuses. Jackson demands that Scott make him a Werewolf too. Scott tells him he doesn’t understand the implications of what he’s asking. Scott and Allison are attempting to make up when they’re interrupted by Peter Hale arriving to take Melissa Scott’s mom on a date.

In Formality, When having heart to heart conversation with his mom she manages to convinces Scott that he must tell Allison about his feelings if they are to have any shot at love. Unfortunately Scott is banned from the School dance. He knows Allison is going with Jackson so he goes to the dance anyway. Scott dances with Danny briefly to keep the Coach from making him leave. Scott then maneuvers his way into Allison’s arms for a slow dance. They couple leave the dance to go make out in a bus, but Allison’s dad shows up and Scott reveals his a Werewolf.

In Code Breaker, Scott uses his Werewolf abilities to track down Derek and free him from the Hunters. Allison and Kate attack Derek and Scott but the Alpha shows up. Peter Hale gets into a vicious fight with Scott, Derek, Argent, Kate, and Allison, and though Kate is killed by Peter in retribution for the fire, the others, with help from Stiles and Jackson, manage to incapacitate Peter with a Molotov cocktail. Derek is ready to give Peter the killing blow in retaliation for Peter killing Laura, but Scott begs him not to, since he wanted to try to cure himself by killing the Alpha who turned him. However, Derek disregards Scott's request and kills Peter himself, becoming the Alpha in the process. Scott is then seen several nights later, where he's sitting on the roof of the Argent House with his arms around Allison as they look at the moon, with Scott still a Werewolf and in danger from the Hunters.

In Omega, Scott and Stiles try to find Lydia after she disappears from the hospital. Derek forces Scott to watch as Gerard kills an omega Werewolf in an attempt to get Scott to join the pack. Scott and Allison continue to date in secret.

In Shape Shifted, Scott smells another Werewolf in the locker room. On the field, he realizes it's Isaac. He and Stiles try to figure out how to free Isaac from jail and keep Scott from hurting anyone during the full moon. Derek takes him to Issac's house to show him that the young man was being abused by his father and says that is why he chose to become a Werewolf. Allison is confronted by the Lizard Creature and Scott wolfs out and scares it away.

In Ice Pick, Scott catches Erica who falls from a climbing wall during a seizure. He and Stiles go on a double date with Allison and Lydia to the skating rink. After Erica becomes a Werewolf, Scott and Stiles try to figure out who Derek will target next. Once he figures out that Boyd will become the third pack member, Scott sets off to talk him out of it but ends up in a battle with Isaac, Erica and Derek.

In Abomination, Scott learns about a book the hunters have that will detail all the creatures they've seen. At school, Scott and Allison continue to pretend to be broken up as Stiles runs messages back and forth between them plotting how to find the bestiary. During the lacrosse game, Scott breaks his leg but it heals almost instantly. Gerard invites him to dinner, where Scott breaks into Gerard's safe looking for the hunter's book of creatures but finds only a cookbook. Scott then rushes back to the school and saves Stiles and Derek from the kanima. Later Gerard stabs Scott in the gut and threatens his mother.

In Venomous, Scott tries to keep Lydia safe because Derek believes she is the kanima. Matt begins to suspect something is weird about Scott because his eyes cause a lens flare in all photographs. Scott tries to convince Derek that Lydia might be immune to the bite. Scott beats Erica and Isaac in a fight at his house leading Derek to believe that Scott is already an Alpha of a his own pack made up of his friends.

In Frenemy, Scott chases Jackson to a dance club called Jungle, and tries to protect Danny from the kanima. He and Stiles soon find Jackson in human form in the parking lot, and with Stiles's help Scott locks him in a police van. He then tries to figure out why Jackson would be after Danny and learns of the full moon video. later Scott's Mum questions him about failing two Of his classes but he promises to do better, While Scott and Allison make out Jackson escapes.

In Restraint, When Jackson puts a restraining order against Scott and Stiles. Scott's Mum grounds him and takes away his car keys and Stiles privileges. Scott allows his Mum to think that he's having issues with his dad not being around rather than tell her what's really going on . Allison delivers information about the kanima to Scott and Stiles in the library, so they don't get caught on camera. Allison thinks that Jackson is a kanima and not a Werewolf because of his birth parents and offers to ask him about it. Scott doesn't like it but can't stop her. While taking his makeup chemistry test, Scott hears Allison's heartbeat increase. He tracks her to the locker room and finds a naked Jackson on top of her. Scott and jackson et into a fight, They wreck the boys locker room.the fight ends when Mr. Harris shows up and gives everybody detention. In detention Jackson, under the control of his master, threatens to kill them all, Scott joins Derek's Pack, but only if they save Jackson not kill him.

In Raving, Scott tracks Jackson to an abandoned warehouse, where he's buying a ticket for a rave. The host is the kanima's next target. Scott, Derek, and Isaac meet with Dr. Deaton to discuss how they can stop the kanima. Deaton thinks that if they can affect the kanima, they can affect the master, and he suggests using mountain ash to contain them at the rave. When the time comes to implement the plan, Scott becomes angry at Allison when he learns that her father is at the rave hoping to kill Jackson Scott gives Isaac the ketamine needle to subdue Jackson, because he has to go take care of the hunters. On his way out, Scott is hit by an SUV driven by Allison's mother. She puts him in a room with a cannabis vaporizer filled with wolfsbane. She says his death will look like an asthma attack. Scott is overwhelmed by the vapor and close to death, but manages to howl and Derek comes to his rescue. Derek takes Scott to the Animal Clinic to recover, and later that night they regroup at the subway tunnel. Scott realizes that saving Jackson probably isn't possible, but Derek doesn't know how to kill him either. Scott continues to think Derek that hiding something.

In Party Guessed, Scott attends Lydia's birthday party.Scott calls the lacrosse team and gets them to show up. Stiles suggests that Scott apologize to Allison for yelling at her at the rave, but Scott police he didn't he didn't do anything wrong. He admits that the full moon is probably clouding his judgment. When Lydia convinces him that he should try to have a good time, Once Scott drinks the punch spiked with wolfsbane. He starts hallucinating Allison making out with Jackson and then the kanima. Scott finds Stiles drunk. He and Stiles soon see Matt get thrown in the pool, screaming that he can't swim, and then Jackson saves him.After the party is broken up by the cops, he sees Matt and the kanima together and realizes Matt is the kanima's master.

In Fury, Scott and Stiles go straight to Sheriff Stilinski with the news about Matt and try to convince him to investigate. They they go to go to the sheriff's station to look at the evidence, Scott spots Matt on the hospital security cameras. They see Matt talking to Scott's mom, Scott then calls her to see if she remembers him. Matt shows up at the police station and holds, Scott, Stiles, the Sheriff, and Mrs. McCall hostage along with Derek, who got paralyzed while coming to help Scott. Scott gets shot and eventually has to reveal to his mother that he's a Werewolf. She gets upset and doesn't want to talk to him about it. The Argents show up looking for Derek, Scott runs into Gerard in the station and complains that this wasn't the plan they'd agreed on.

In Battlefield Scott finds Gerard and the kanima in his room, threatening his Mum. Gerard wants Scott to turn over Derek. Mrs. McCall tells Scott to do whatever Gerard asks.Scott is forbidden from playing lacrosse due to his grades. Gerard threatens to start hurting people if Scott doesn't hand over Derek before the end of the game. Gerard has Jackson take out Isaac with some toxin, forcing Scott to leave the game so Isaac doesn't get Killed. The team manages to win without them, but Gerard has Jackson attack himself on the field.

In Master Plan, After the game Scott and Isaac are going to track Stiles by scent, Scott gets a call from his mom telling him he needs to come see what's happening to Jackson right away. Isaac and Scott go to the hospital, While they are moving Jackson, Chris Argent shows up claiming he wants to help.Scott takes Jackson's body to a warehouse where Gerard is waiting for them. Scott grabs a paralyzed Derek and forces him to give Gerard the bite, later Scott and Allison hold hands as they watch Jackson turn into a proper Werewolf. Allison soon breaks up with Scott, but he's kind and understanding and believe that it will be a permanent breakup.

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In Tattoo, Scott wants a tattoo of two bands around his arm, but his Werewolf healing makes it disappear. Scott tells Stiles that he wants to ask Derek about tattooing since he obviously got the triskele to stick. Scott gets called to the hospital by his mom. Melissa tells Scott where Isaac is.Scott spots Isaac’s nurse taking him into an elevator. Scott attacks the nurse, an Alpha, and is saved by Derek.Derek and Scott bring Isaac to the Hale House. Derek makes his tattoo show

In Chaos Rising, the following day, Stiles and Scott are walking up to a house party.Later Scott and Stiles spend the night researching the bank but they don't have anything useful. Scott insists on being optimistic about it, Derek asks Scott for his help, Scott fights Cora and Boyd in the bank vault.

In Fireflies, Scott and Derek take off after Boyd and Cora. Scott soon realises baby professional help and go to Chris Argent to help catch Cora and Boyd Derek Scott Chris and Isaac all work together to trap Cora and Boyd in the high school basement

In Unleashed, Scott saves Isaac from the twins Ethan and Aiden and soon discovers another dead body. Later him Allison and Isaac work together to torment the Alpha twins as Payback, That night, Scott is working at his desk when he hears a knock and Isaac enters, soaking wet and asking for a favor. Derek has thrown him out of the loft to keep him safe, and he wants to stay with the McCalls.

In Frayed, The cross country team is on a bus going to a meet. Scott is looking worse and a flashback is shown of him in wolf form. Stiles wants to talk about what happened, but Scott is trying to avoid it. Scott has two massive gashes on his torso that are taking longer to heal because their from an Alpha. Scott says that he “can’t believe he being Derek.Scott’s wound has gotten worse,A conversation between Scott and Deaton is shown, where Scott is afraid that Derek is going to get his entire pack killed and wonders if he should try to stop them. Scott takes Isaac with him.Derek's Pack shows up to the meeting along with the rest of the Alpha pack. Fighting ensues. Allison,Lydia and Stiles discover Scott not letting himself heal because he feels guilty about Derek being dead. Scott thanks Allison for showing up on the night of the fight.

In Motel California, the cross country team's bus pulls up to the same motel that was seen in the opening flashback, which is called the Glen Capri Motel.

Stiles and Scott discuss possible suspects for the sacrifices,Scott is disturbed when he sees his eyes flash red. Allison becomes worried because Scott is acting really strange, Later, Melissa calls Scott and tells him to look outside. Scott goes to the window and sees Deucalion holding her by the throat and he tells him that he's an Alpha now. Deucalion rips Melissa's throat out, Scott looks again and realizes that nothing is there Stiles, Allison, and Lydia find Scott in the parking lot. He’s doused in gasoline and is holding a flare. Scott says that there’s no hope for him or Derek, Allison tells Scott that Derek wasn’t his fault, but Scott counters that whenever he actually tries to help people just get hurt or get killed. Stiles takes the flare and throws it away.

In Currents, when Scott's boss, Alan Deaton, is taken Scott must try and find the hin and save Derek from the Alphas Before Time runs ou when Scott finds D10 he tries to push through the mountain ash and fails but not before his eyes turn red later Deaton tell him that Scott is a true Alpha.

In Visionary, Scott and Allison visit Gerard to learn about Deucalion. Scott demands to know how to beat Deucalion Scott warns Gerard's that if he lied, he'll be back to take away more that his pain

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Scott and Stiles question Ethan about the emissary's, Scott later holds back Aiden from killing Cora. Scott goes to Ms. Morrell's office looking for answers. She tells him that Deucalion wants to make a killer out of him if he won't join the Alpha Pack willingly.

Scott and Stiles go looking for Lydia. They don't know where she is until Lydia screams, and every Werewolf in Beacon Hills can hear her. Scott find her and attacks Jennifer while the Sheriff watches..

In The Overlooked, Scott, Stiles. Peter, Cora and Derek are all trapped in the hospital fighting off the Alpha Pack to protect Jennifer, who they must keep alive in exchange for her healing Cora. Things take a turn for the worse when Jennifer kidnaps Scott's mother, Melissa McCall, to be the second of three Guardian sacrifices along with Sheriff Stilinski. In order to find his mother and Stiles' father, Scott agrees to work with Deucalion and leaves with the Alpha Pack, much to Stiles' horror.

In Alpha Pact, Scott works with the Alpha Pack to get answers from Morrell in order to find Jennifer. Scott later becomes a surrogate sacrifice along with Allison and Stiles in order to find his mother. Scott soon discovers his father is back in town.

In Lunar Ellipse, in order to stop Jennifer and save his friends, Scott teams up with Deucalion to gain his assistance in finding Jennifer. Scott breaks through the mountain ash barrier, and his desperation to save his loved ones combined with his indomitable will allows him to finally ascend to the rank of True Alpha. He and Derek let Deucalion go with the hope that he will become the good man that he once was.

In Anchors, after being a surrogate sacrifice Scott is experiencing difficulties shifting he and Styles work with sheriff Stilinski in solving a cold case involving a mother and two young girls when observing the crash site Scott is soon to discover that the one of the girls Malia Tate is in fact a werecoyote

In More Bad Than Good, Scott and the pack try to find a way to save Malia and shifted back to human form Scott is terrified that he won't be able to control his shift and help Malia he seeks help from the former Alpha twins.

In Galvanize, Scott uses his Werewolf abilities to try and find a mass murderer on that's on the loose later Scott has dinner with Kira's family and unfortunately is attacked by William Barrow who kidnaps Kira and almost kills her.

In Illuminated, Scott soon discovers something unique about Kira but after going to a Halloween party Scott soon discovers that he must also have to deal with a new enemy in town.

In Silverfinger, Scott goes to talk to Chris about their encounter with the Oni, when the Oni arrive and come for Scott and Kira Derek and even the twins fight the Oni in order to protect them once discovering their true motive's Scott and Kira receive their Oni mark.

In Riddled, Scott and the pack all work together to try and locate Stiles, Once Stiles is found,Scott and Stiles discuss a way to help him, Scott hints at possibly giving Stiles the bite.

In Letharia Vulpina, Scott stops the twins from hurting Stiles he shows Scott Ethan and Aiden all the gear he has,They find a map of the cross-country trail and the places Henry Tate set out steel-jaw traps. They rush to the trail to make everyone stop running, fear that the traps have been moved to the trail. Coach gets shot with an arrow, and Scott draws out some of his pain. He does this again when a bomb goes off in the sheriff's office, taking the pain from a dying man. He and Stiles run to the Animal Clinic to find a safe place from the Oni, but Scott gets stabbed. Once they're inside, Stiles twists the sword, making it clear he's the nogitsune. The nogitsune draws all the pain that Scott had absorbed throughout the day out of him. Deaton appears to inject the nogitsune with letharia vulpina and then removes the sword from Scott's stomach.

In Echo House, Scott hears that Stiles is being put into Eichen House,He argues that he can't help Stiles if he's locked up, Scott then joins up with Allison, Lydia, and the twins on a plan to rob an armored truck to get the shugendo scroll that Katashi owned, which is supposed to contain information on stopping the Nogitsune. The heist goes bad when Kincaid gets there first. Scott isn't able to fight him, but the twins can. Scott does keep them from killing him, though, because they've gotten the scroll.

In The Fox and the Wolf, Kira and Scott confront Noshiko Yukimura She tells them her story about her experience at Oak Creek with the Nogitsune,she then tells them that they can't stop the Nogitsune or save Stiles, but Scott refuses to believe her.

In De-Void Scott and Kira races to meet up with them,The Sheriff, Derek, Chris, and Allison .

Scott, Lydia, and Deaton discuss whether giving Stiles the Bite would solve their problem. Scott doesn't want to without knowing that Stiles would be okay with it. When trapped inside styles of head Lydia tells Scott to call Stiles like he's pack. He howls, and Stiles hears

In Insatiable, Scott, Isaac, Kira, and Stiles head to the Oak Creek internment camp to face the nogitsune. Stiles and Scott split up from Alison Kira and Isaac to fight the Oni who are control by nogitsune when finding the Oni Allison gets stabbed in the chest and end up dying in Scott's arms

In The Divine Move Scott and the pack nasty little liars is Alison for trying to deal with the nogitsune Scott swears to Stiles that the only plan he's going through with is the one where Stiles lives, Scott bites his arm The nogitsune, He dies. In the days that follow, Scott mourns Allison's death and helps Malia Tate learn to control her transformations.

In The Dark Moon, Scott, who had become worried after not being able to get a hold of Derek for weeks, went to Derek's loft to investigate his absence, where he found over a dozen bullet casings laying on the floor. He then brought the casings back to the animal clinic before summoning Stiles and Lydia to help him figure out what to do next. After informing them that Deaton identified the skull engraved on the bullet casings as being the symbol of the Calavera Family of Hunters who live in Mexico, he asked Lydia if she could use her Banshee powers to determine whether or not Derek was still alive. He and Stiles watched as Lydia dropped the bullet casings on the metal table to listen to the vibrations using her ability of sound divination, but though she heard Derek screaming in pain through clanging noise, she couldn't determine whether he was dead or alive, leading the McCall Pack to decide to travel to Mexico to try to negotiate with the Calaveras to get Derek back themselves.

While Stiles and Lydia distracted Araya and Severo Calavera upstairs, Scott, Kira, and Malia hung out in the club downstairs in the compound in order to try to find Derek on their own. When the club was infiltrated by Hunters who had discovered their identities, Scott knocked the gun out of one of the Hunters' hands before throwing him across the room to knock him out, leaving Kira and Malia to deal with the other two. After they were incapacitated, Scott took the Hunter's radio and used it to send a message to Stiles to take $10,000 of the $50,000 in stolen Yakuza money they had offered for Derek's safe return off the table while negotiating with Araya. Unfortunately for all of them, they were ultimately captured by the Calaveras when they used wolfsbane fog to incapacitate Scott, Kira, and Malia so they couldn't protect Lydia and Stiles. When Scott saw Araya in front of them, he insisted that all they wanted was Derek, which Araya already knew; however, when Scott saw the grim look on her face, he correctly guessed that she had no idea where Derek was either, leading her to angrily shock him in the chest with a taser wand before locking all of the pack members (with the exception of Lydia) in the club's bathroom, which doubled as a prison cell.

When Scott awakened from being shocked unconscious, he and the others debated what they would do, which involved reminding the still-animalistic Malia that they couldn't leave without saving Lydia first. Unfortunately for them, Severo returned in the cell and shocked them all before snatching Scott and Kira and bringing them upstairs to perform a test that involved forcing Kira to torture Scott with electricity under threat of Lydia being shocked in his place. Araya then began to talk to Scott as part of the test, where she informed him that, like their pack, the Calaveras were trying to find Derek as well, and that they knew Scott knew who took him. When Scott pointed out that they wouldn't have come there if they knew where Derek really was, Araya forced Kira to shock him. She then gave him several hints, such as the fact that Derek's captor was a shapeshifter who was turned, but not by the Bite, and who had a vendetta that was specific to the Hale Family. It wasn't until Scott was shocked at the highest voltage that he realized that Derek's captor was Kate Argent, who had turned into a werejaguar after being scratched deeply by Peter Hale in Code Breaker.

Afterward, Araya released Scott and the others to find Derek themselves, even hiring Braeden, a mercenary, to guide them to La Iglesia, a former Aztec temple where they believed Kate was still holding Derek hostage. She then warned Scott that, while she knew what kind of Alpha he was now, if he tried to bite and turn an innocent human, she'd come to his door to take care of him for good. While on the drive to La Iglesia, Kira and Malia insisted that they needed to know who Kate was, leading Scott, Stiles, and Lydia to briefly explain their history with her. When they started to debate whether or not Kate was a Werewolf, the Jeep broke down, forcing them to pull over. Braeden reminded them that they needed to get to La Iglesia before dark, since it was too dangerous otherwise, and Stiles and the others decided to send Scott with Braeden on her motorcycle while they fixed the Jeep and followed after them. Kira anxiously rambled to Scott about how she wanted him to stay safe, and he seemed happy when she gave him a big hug before he left.

Scott and Braeden briefly stopped at a cliff overlooking La Iglesia, the only building still standing after an earthquake had leveled the rest of the village. Braeden briefly explained that the locals believe that the church still stood because it was built over an Aztec temple where the Nahual people worshiped. Scott recognized the name as being shapeshifters, and Braeden corrected him by telling him that they were werejaguars before they continued their journey. Upon their arrival at La Iglesia, Scott asked Braeden what she planned to do with Kate as they walked into the building, and Braeden shrugged before pointing out that she was hired to capture Kate and bring her back to the Calaveras. When Scott seemed concerned that they would kill Kate, Braeden scoffed and reminded him that she was a mass murderer, causing Scott to retort that Braeden herself was a mercenary. Shrugging again, Braeden quipped, "Girl's gotta eat," and when Scott asked her if she would kill Kate if they paid her enough, Braeden jokingly responded that if the money was good, she'd kill him.

Once inside, Braeden teased Scott about not kissing "his girlfriend" before he left, leaving Scott confused about the state of his relationship with Kira until he was distracted by the appearance of a Berserker who tried to attack them. Braeden shot at it multiple times with her shotgun, but it was moving so fast that she couldn't figure out where it was. When she insisted that Scott get behind her, Scott instead moved so he was standing in front of Braeden before Alpha-roaring at the Berserker at the top of his lungs, scaring both the Berserker and Kate herself away and revealing a hidden room. Braeden identified the seal on the wall as being the seal of Tezcatlipoca, the werejaguar god, and Scott punched through the wall to find Derek wrapped up in wolfsbane ropes inside. However, he had been magically de-aged by Kate to sixteen years old and didn't recognize either of them, stunning Scott, Braeden, and the rest of the pack.

In 117, Scott and the rest of the McCall Pack returned to Beacon Hills from their trip to Mexico, and after dropping off Kira and Malia, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia went straight to the animal clinic in hopes that Alan Deaton would have answers as to how Kate Argent de-aged Derek and how to turn him back. However, when Deaton insisted that this was far beyond his area of expertise, he suggested that they just leave Derek at the clinic where Deaton could keep an eye on him, and Lydia volunteered to stay with them so Scott and Stiles could get some sleep and go to school the next day. When Stiles began protesting against leaving Lydia with an unpredictable Derek, Scott pulled him out of the clinic with him so that they could each go home.

Upon returning to the McCall House, Scott accidentally woke his father Rafael up by tripping over a tool box despite his best efforts not to do so. When Rafael sat up on the couch, he asked him what time it was, and as soon as Scott saw the nearby clock said "4:30AM," he quickly turned it around before lying and saying it was midnight. Rafael reminded him about their deal to have dinner together when Melissa was working the night shift, but Scott lied again and claimed that he forgot before explaining that after they returned from their "camping trip," he had to go straight to the animal clinic to finish up some work he left there. Rafael seemed to believe this lie and insisted that they have dinner together the following night before asking Scott if he had eaten, leading Scott to retort that he had "Mexican" as he went upstairs to bed.

The next day, Scott and Stiles walked toward the high school, where Stiles discussed his developing romantic relationship with Malia, including the fact that she apparently scratched his back during sex and liked to be the big spoon when they cuddled. Scott was happy for Stiles and stated that it sound like the two were together and dating, but when Stiles brought up the fact that he had the feeling that Malia knew they were keeping something from her (namely the fact that they know Peter Hale is her biological father), Scott agreed with him that they needed to come clean to her, though he, too, had no idea how they should go about doing so. Scott, Stiles, Malia, and Kira were in Ken Yukimura's history class when all of their phones started beeping, one after the other. Ken told them to turn their phones off, but after his own phone began to beep, he finally realized that Lydia and Deaton needed Scott's help and allowed him and Stiles to leave class to head back to the animal clinic.

Once there, Scott and Stiles learned that Derek had awakened and was so confused and disoriented that he lost control of his transformation and ran away. When Deaton pointed out that Derek's mind had been de-aged along with his body, giving him only the memories he had up until he was sixteen years old, Scott and the others tried to determine where Derek would go next. Realizing Derek likely didn't know that Kate had set the Hale House Fire, Scott figured out that he would probably try to go to the Hale House and made plans to follow him there. Stiles wasn't keen on telling Derek more than he needed to know, but Scott argued that, since Derek is still a Werewolf, he wouldn't be able to lie to him even if he wanted to do so, vowing that he would tell Derek everything about the fire if it came to it.

Scott and Stiles didn't catch up with Derek again until after he had been arrested by Deputy Haigh after being caught trespassing on the property of the now-demolished Hale House ruins and having attacked him out of confusion and anger. The two briefly explained what had happened to a Sheriff Stilinski, who was flabbergasted by the news that Derek had been magically de-aged and who seemed skeptical that they could get Derek to talk to them. However, he allowed them into his office to talk privately with Derek, where Scott showed him his red Alpha eyes in order to get Derek to trust him.

Unfortunately for Scott, when he saw how upset Derek was at the thought that something bad happened to his family, he ended up going against his earlier promise and lying to Derek about the fire, claiming that his family was fine but had to flee out of town for their own safety. He went on to tell Derek that he had lost a great deal of his memories and that they were going to help him get them back and return to his family. Afterward, Scott lamented the fact that he lied to Derek, but Stiles assured him that he did the right thing, and was certain that once they figured out how to return Derek to his true age, everything would go back to normal. This gave Scott an idea, and he instructed Stiles to take Derek back to the McCall House and wait for him there while he went to talk to Peter Hale to get insight on the younger Derek's state of mind.

When Scott arrived at Derek's loft, he found Malia waiting outside for him, where she stated that since Lydia referred to Peter as "Satan in a V-neck," she figured Scott could use some back-up. Scott, concerned that this encounter might reveal the secret of Malia's true parentage earlier than they were ready for, insisted he could handle Peter, but Malia argued that he could handle Peter better with her and refused to take no for an answer. Upon entering the loft, Malia immediately noticed Scott's anxiety and asked him why his heart was beating so fast, but Peter, who was reading a book on the couch, claimed that Scott was just bad at introductions. Scott then nervously introduced Malia to Peter, who was stunned upon recognizing the young girl's name as being that of his long-lost daughter and stood up to greet her properly.

Peter assumed that Malia had already been told a lot about her, and when Malia brought up the fact that his "homicidal killing-spree" had come up, Peter seemed confused, particularly when she claimed that he should make sure his victims all stay dead. Scott used this as an opportunity to ask Peter if he had ever heard of someone being turned by a scratch, and Peter initially assumed Scott had scratched someone and insisted that it could only turn someone if the claws went pretty deep. Scott asked if he meant clawing someone's throat out, which led Peter to finally realize they were talking about Kate, whose throat he had ripped out in Code Breaker.

Upon learning that Kate was now a werejaguar, Peter asked Scott and Malia several questions about the newly-de-aged Derek and determined that she purposely reverted Derek back to an age where he still knew her and trusted her but didn't know that she had set the Hale House Fire. Scott was horrified to learn that Derek had a romantic relationship with Kate in his youth, particularly when Peter stated that Scott wasn't the only one who had let a Hunter into his bed, referencing Scott's relationship with the now-deceased Allison Argent.

While they tried to predict Kate's next move after learning that Kate had captured Derek from the McCall House, Lydia called Scott to inform him that she had experienced a Banshee fugue-state while with Kira that caused her to be drawn to the gas station, where she found a gas station attendant who had been viciously mauled to death in the restroom. Peter realized that this attack was done in a frenzy and correctly deduced that Kate couldn't control her transformations, which then led them to realize that Kate wanted to learn control. From there, Peter realized that Kate was seeking the Triskelion medallion, which was in the Hale Vault located under the high school.

When Scott, Peter, and Malia arrived at the school, they were confronted by the same beasts they ran into in Mexico, which Peter identified as Berserkers. Though Scott was conflicted about what to do, Malia was eager to fight them again until Peter informed them that they were essentially unbeatable and that they were better off fleeing for their lives. At some point while running away, Peter abandoned Scott and Malia, leading the two to be cornered by a second Berserker and forcing them to fight against it while Peter sought out Derek and Kate. After Scott and Malia were badly injured in the fight, Kira showed up with her katana and began trying to hold them off, but she, too, was overpowered by the bear-like creatures. Finally, after hearing Scott's roar for help, Derek ran out from the vault and began fighting the creatures off, and Scott watched in shock as the effort necessary for the fight caused Derek to start to age back to his adult self. Derek finally officially turned back to his true self just as Kate roared to tell the Berserkers to retreat, allowing Derek to return to the others. Much to Scott's surprise, he saw Derek's Werewolf eyes glowing gold instead of their usual blue.

In Muted, Scott and Stiles arrived at school for early-morning lacrosse practice. While they walked to the field, the two discussed their current issues, such as the fact that Sheriff Stilinski was drowning in late bills from Stiles' stint in Eichen House, the robbery of $117 million in bearer bonds stolen from the Hale Vault, and the return of Kate Argent and her Berserkers. When Stiles asked Scott if he had called Chris Argent to break the news that his sister was still alive and living as a Werejaguar, Scott admitted that he texted him because he couldn't afford a long-distance phone call to France. Stiles admonished him for the casual way Scott communicated this news before asking Scott why they even came to lacrosse practice, since they have "117 million" other, more important, problems, but they were both soon distracted by the presence of a new lacrosse player on the field.

The player, new student Liam Dunbar, was playing goal and caught every shot that was sent his way, leading another player, Garrett, to remark that Liam could be their first freshman captain, implying that Scott would be demoted from the position. This led Scott and Stiles to vow to devote more time to getting up to snuff for the lacrosse team this season. After early morning practice, the two confronted Liam in the locker room, where Stiles asked him how he was able to catch every shot at practice. Liam was confused, since the goalie is supposed to catch every shot, so Scott changed the subject to the fact that Liam was a new student who wasn't there last semester. Though Liam claimed he had simply transferred from Devenford Prep, Scott heard his heart rate speed up and realized he was lying, correctly guessing that Liam had actually been expelled. Somewhat embarrassed, Liam insisted that he was there to play lacrosse and revealed that he was good because his step-father taught him how to play, since his step-father was also a sophomore captain like Scott himself. Once he left, Scott determined that Liam was telling the truth about everything else and disregarded Stiles' theory that he was a supernatural.

In school later, Scott was called by his mother, Melissa, who informed him of the fact that the Walcott family had been killed by an ax-murderer and that there was only one survivor, the youngest son named Sean Walcott. Stiles approached Scott and Kira in the hallway after getting a news alert about the murder and insisted that they needed to leave school to check it out, although Scott and Kira, eager to have some semblance of a normal life, pointed out that it seemed non-supernatural and that Sheriff Stilinski would want them to stay out of it. Once Stiles left in annoyance to go to class, Scott asked Kira if she was willing to postpone the talk they were supposed to have for after lacrosse practice, and when Kira reluctantly agreed, Scott absentmindedly kissed Kira briefly on the lips before heading to class, shocking Kira into speechlessness. It wasn't until Scott made it to his class that he realized what he had done and began to panic.

Before lacrosse tryouts that afternoon, Scott nervously approached Coach Finstock and attempted to vaguely determine whether or not he retained his position as captain, but while Coach confirmed he was still on the team, he otherwise stated that all positions were open, making Scott more concerned that he was about to lose his status as team leader. Due to the supernatural keeping their minds off of lacrosse and school in general, both Scott and Stiles performed abysmally at practice, though Stiles reminded Scott that it was worse for Scott himself, since, in Stiles' words, "I'm terrible." Eventually, Stiles suggested that Scott use a little of his Werewolf power to get the edge in practice, since he hated to see Liam to come and steal his position from him after he worked so hard, but Scott insisted it was cheating. Scott and Stiles were teamed up against Liam for 2-against-1s, and during their second trial, Scott tackled Liam a little too hard and caused the freshman to injure his ankle. This led Scott and Stiles to take Liam to the nurse to get him checked out.

Scott returned to the entrance hall to find Kira waiting for him and glumly informed her that he needed to take Liam to the hospital, since the nurse wasn't sure if his ankle was sprained or broken. Kira was disappointed as she watched Scott walk back into the locker room, but he quickly came back out and passionately made out with Kira to reaffirm their romantic relationship before he left. At the hospital, Scott and Stiles handed Liam off to Melissa to have his ankle examined and waited in the lobby, where Stiles, seeing Scott's sad expression, reminded him that Liam's injury wasn't Scott's fault. Scott pointed out that he wouldn't have gotten hurt if he wasn't so obsessed with being team captain, but Stiles insisted that if he had used any of his Werewolf strength, he would have hurt Liam a lot worse, before reminding Scott that he was allowed to want something for himself.

After Stiles left, Scott lingered outside of Liam's hospital room, where he heard Liam's step-dad, Dr. Geyer, talking to Liam while he examined his ankle, feeling especially guilty when he heard Liam admit that he was trying to show off to him and Stiles during practice. Scott then received a phone call from Lydia, who had a Banshee premonition that drew her to the Walcott House, and instructed him to go find Sean Walcott, who was also admitted into the hospital. When Scott did as he was instructed, he found Sean, who had just attacked and eaten a Sheriff's deputy, in the middle of trying to eat his mother, Melissa, indicating that he was a kind of cannibalistic creature. Scott managed to get Sean off of his mother, and after Sean ran away, he made sure Melissa was okay before he left to go find him.

After hearing Liam's screams for help, Scott ran up onto the roof to find Sean holding Liam in a headlock on a higher level. Scott attempted to reason with Sean by insisting that regardless of what kind of supernatural creature he was, he and his pack could help him, but Sean simply replied, "Wendigos don't need help-- we need food." Realizing that Sean didn't want his assistance, Scott focused on trying to save Liam by jumping onto the higher level roof to try to pull them apart, and though he was successful, this move caused Liam to be thrown so hard he tumbled over the edge of the roof, only barely managing to grab onto the side with his fingertips. Scott rushed over to try to pull Liam up, but Sean came up behind him and used his superior strength to pull his arms behind his back while Liam struggled to keep gripping the roof. After one of Liam's hands slipped off the side, he yelled that he couldn't hold on any longer, and Scott instinctively kept him from falling by biting onto his wrist.

Just then, Sean let go of Scott's arms, and Scott pulled Liam back onto the roof before turning to find The Mute wrenching his tomahawk out of Sean's back after having killed him. Scott stared at the assassin in shock as The Mute put a finger to his lips to indicate Scott should stay quiet before he fled. Once the shock of Sean's death had slightly worn off, Scott was distracted by Liam's pained cries and turned to find him cradling his bitten arm in his uninjured hand, revealing that Liam would either die or become a Werewolf.

In The Benefactor,

In I.E.D.,

In Orphaned,

In Weaponized,

In Time of Death,

In Perishable,

In Monstrous,

In A Promise to the Dead,

In Smoke and Mirrors,


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In Creatures of the Night,

In Parasomnia,

In Dreamcatchers,

In Condition Terminal,

In A Novel Approach,

In Required Reading,

In Strange Frequencies,

In Ouroboros,

In Lies of Omission

In Status Asthmaticus, Scott attempts to convince Liam that Hayden'll die if he gives her the bite but Liam only gets angry, believing Scott is breaking his promise to save her. This argument leads Scott to have yet-another asthma attack but Theo passes him an inhaler to cure him before he says there's another way to save Hayden. In the next day, Scott, Liam and Theo take Hayden to the animal clinic, where she is treated by Melissa McCall but the supermoon, in conjunction with Hayden's illness, begins affecting Liam as shown when he hurt Mellisa when she accidentally hurt Hayden a little bit. Theo says they're there to save a life not to kill each other, which makes Scott say that the effets of the supermoon can be felt even during the day and can cause them to be more aggressive and stronger.

Scott and Theo talk about the way Liam wants to save his first love, a conversation which makes Scott remember his relationship with Allison and Kira's current absence. Theo tells Scott that he needs his pack but the latter says it looks like he doesn't have one anymore. Hayden asks Scott to get her sister Valerie as she didn't want to die without her. Scott goes search for Valerie but gets a text from Lydia that tells him to meet her there in the library. Once he arrives there, he doesn't find anyone until he notices Theo completing a mountain ash barrier, something impossible for a Werewolf. Theo finally reveals he's a Werewolf-Werecoyote chimera and not a true Werewolf and the first chimera to be ever created. Theo tells Scott that a Chimera isn't just a monster with incongruous parts but also something impossible to achieve or an unrealizable dream. He reveals that despite having survived the transformation, unlike the other chimeras considered as failure, he wasn't what the Dread Doctors ultimately wanted, adding that they all can't be True Alphas. Scott, furious over Theo's manipulations, lunges toward him but Theo passes the barrier, which throws Scott across the library so hard after he makes huge force against it. Theo remarks there's no calls for Scott and he has to wait for the supermoon.

That night, Scott tries to break the barrier like he did in the night he became a True Alpha but it's no use so he goes to the roof, only to discover he can't jump to safety as well. Attempting to break the barrier triggers another asthma attack and Scott furiously breaks the inhaler, revealing it has been laced with Wolfsbane. He hears a growl behind him from a wolfed-out Liam, who and asks if Scott isn't going to save Hayden but Scott insists the bite won't save her. Liam, with his anger and rage greatly amplified by both the supermoon and Hayden's illness, says he had been thinking about alternatives but Scott says the supermoon is making Liam more aggressive. Liam corrects him, saying the supermoon making him stronger and says Scott is going to keep his promise even if it costs his life. The two start fighting each other and Scott manages to knock Liam down so he can shift into his Werewolf form. However, Liam easily gets the upper-hand due to Scott having been inhaling purple wolfsbane for weeks and he was not trying to injure Liam.

Scott attempts to stop Liam because Theo is manipulating him into killing Scott so he can take his power as a Beta bitten by a True Alpha is the only one capable of taking that Alpha's power and once Liam becomes the Alpha, Theo will kill Liam and take the Alpha powers from him but Liam insists no one is forcing him to kill Scott, he wants to do it himself. They keep fighting until Mason shows up and breaks Liam out of his rage before revealing Hayden died a few minutes ago, which makes Liam leave the library to see her one last time. Theo arrives, knocks Mason out and stabs his claws into Scott's intestines. Scott insists his pack won't ally Theo as they're not like him and never will be. Theo questions if it because he's a chimera and not a true Werewolf but Scott answers it is because he disregards his humanity. Furious over these words, Theo finishes the job, rips out his claws and leaves Scott's body behind before the glowing red disappears from Scott's eyes. Melissa rushes to him and starts making chest compressions in an attempt to bring him back but Mason says Scott is without a pulse for 15 minutes but Melissa doesn't lose the hope because her son is an Alpha and he's too strong to die like this. Melissa keeps begging her son to wake up, she gives a last blow and Scott wakes up and roars to the sky, while his mother and Mason look at him in awe

His mother takes him back to their house and starts to take care of his injuries. A despondent Scott tells he lost everyone and believes it was for good but Melissa assures her son every leader suffers a loss and he has to get them back because he's their leader and every leader gives them one thing: hope.

In The Last Chimera, Scott is in his bathroom, attempting to clean the wound he sustained from Theo on the night of supermoon while the wounds from his fight with Liam already healed. He looks himself in the mirror and tries to trigger his healing better by glowing his Werewolf eyes glow red, which he is able to do for a brief moment with a great amount of effort before they return to their normal brown. Scott is furious and screams in rage and grief at the broken state of his body and his pack.

He gets dressed and picks up his bike helmet in preparation to leave, but before he makes it to the staircase, his vision begins to blur and he starts to feel woozy before losing consciousness and collapsing on the floor. Parrish wakes him up and he says he needs help with Lydia that was catatonic as they reach to the hospital, Scott confronts Stiles about his father and tells Stiles, his mother and Parrish that Theo wanted Liam to kill him so Theo could become an Alpha. In the McCall House Theo arrive to talk to Stiles while Scott is hearing everything, Theo says he's not the bad guy, just a survivor. As Theo doesn't answer him what's happening to his father, Stiles goes after him but gets unconscious and Scott wakes him up and tells he can help him as they defeated their former enemies.

He calls Malia and later Chris Argent to help them against The Dread Doctors and Noah Patrick, Sheriff Stilinski is saved and all are happy. Its also revealed when Theo and Hayden were looking for Noah , Scott carved the same symbol of his tattoo warning to Theo and The Dread Doctors to get his pack back all together again and more stronger

In Damnatio Memoriae, Parrish shows Scott a video from the security cameras of the Transmission Towers and something passes and Scott thinks its the last chimera. He does a murder board like Stiles but accidentally ruins much of his work. He asked for Malia's help but she refuses and tells she's going to do something she doesn't want to tell.He's later seen in the bathroom of his house cleaning his wound from Theo that looks slightly better, Stiles appears and asks his help if they can have more clues about the last chimera's attack in the Towers.

They find a message "Damnatio Memoriae" and asks Stiles to hold the light still to take a picture but Tracy paralyses him and fights Scott, Josh also appears and Stiles warns Scott and he gets both the chimeras knocked down in one blow. He was ready to fight Corey but Theo intervenes and says maybe there not ready to take on an Alpha. Scott is still shocked that Tracy, Josh and Corey are alive again. Theo responds he found some new friends and says what's coming is worse than him. Scott and Stiles realize that the Doctors resurrected an old creature and they need their pack all back together and they start with Kira.

In Codominance,Scott along with Stiles are going to Shiprock, New Mexico to retrieve Kira and her mother, Liam appears and asks if he can help and Scott tells his Beta to do not do a thing until he's back. Scott during the trip reads about Damnatio Memoriae and says it was a Roman practise to scratch off the names of some people and Stiles recognizes its being forgotten and this practise was later used on a killer known as Demon Tailor and he believes that should be the killer that is killing people of Beacon Hills and says it could have became a Werewolf. He and Stiles take a break to refill and Stiles tells him how he killed Donovan. Scott believes it was in self-defense. They arrive to save Kira from the Skinwalkers and he roars at them. As they retreat, he starts to kiss Kira. He goes back to Beacon Hills and Mason and Liam say they got an information from Corey, Theo is looking for a blind Alpha. Scott realizes it's Deucalion.

In The Sword and the Spirit,

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In Amplification, Scott, Stiles, Sheriff Stilinski and other deputies go after The Beast of Gévaudan where it arrives to the hospital and fights Parrish. Later he gets all the pack to his house to create a plan to get Lydia out of Eichen House, Stiles reveals he stole a key card on the last night when he visited Lydia and its said if they cause a brownout the key card will work. Scott and Liam take Stiles to the closed unit and Stiles have to go on his own as the Werewolves can't pass the mountain ash. Everyone is doubtful of the plan but Scott reminds them if they don't do this, Lydia will die there tonight and take a lot of innocent people with her.

He and Stiles prepare to leave the library until they cross with Theo, knowing the plans from Corey and says he and the chimeras can pass the mountain ash without trouble and says he know Scott saw the fresco, he replies that he doesn't want to be one of the bodies.Scott is shocked that Kira caused a blackout on the entire power grid of the school but says she can do this. He and his pack get in Eichen House without problems. Kira and Malia go to the electrical where Kira can cause a brownout and Scott, Stiles and Liam pass the guards until the closed unit, as Kira is able to cause the brownout they note the card reader is gone. Liam and Scott try to break the gate but its too Mountain Ash, Liam asks him to hit him so he'll be much stronger and Scott punches him several times and both Werewolf break the gate and Stiles goes get Lydia.

Scott and Liam wait for Stiles and know the key card doesn't work anymore as almost ten minutes pasted and then Scott starts to feel pain as the wound from Theo of the night of supermoon still hasn't healed. They're confronted by four guardes and get shocked but Scott uses his True Alpha roar to make him and Liam fight back.

In Lie Ability,

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In A Credible Threat, Scott, Liam, Stiles and Chris Argent meet up with Parrish in school and find a lot of students dead and the Beast of Gevaudan, who roars at them and who is chased by Parrish, in Hellhound mode. Chris realizes that the Beast is getting smarter. Mason and Corey figured out that the Beast of Gevaudan attacks places with frequencies. He gets a meeting with Liam, Stiles and Lydia and the former reveals Mason's theory. Stiles say they can find the Beast's identity since he figured out that who is the Beast has shoes in size 10. They should get the lacrosse game cancelled because they don't want to put many people in risk. Scott and Stiles find their coach in reception area of Stepping Stones, Beacon Hills Rehabilitation Center. They want him to forfeit the game but Bobby refuses. In a classroom, Scott gives each of the members of the pack a task but Malia is worried since Scott is still healing from the wound Theo caused him in the night of supermoon but he healed completely after getting Lydia out of Eichen House. Kira gets out of the game for knocking Brett's helmet off with her stick and Lori, Brett's sister, tries to talk to her but her Kitsune spirit starts taking control over her but Scott arrives in time and saves Lori. He yells at Kira, making her return to normal. The Beast appears and many people start running ofr their lives as the Beast goes after them.

In Maid of Gévaudan, Scott fights against the Beast of Gevaudan in school and ends up badly injured but manages to get in the library. There, he sees the horrified students and tells them to go upstairs when he heard the roar of the beast. He and the Beast of Gevaudan fight but Scott is once again beaten and when he thought he was going to die, Liam, Malia and Braeden work together and scare off the Beast, giving Scott time to recover. Braeden exasperatedly asks Scott if he believed he would have a chance against hte Beast. Scott blushes and negates but now he caught the Beast's scent. He follows the scent to the parking lot and he and Liam find the shoes with blood they've been looking for in Mason's car. Mason appears and Scott realizes that Mason was the Beast of Gevaudan's vessel the whole time. Corey appears and escapes with Mason through invisibility.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, Scott is still injured from the wounds he sustained from his fight with the Beast. Kira helps him go to bed and says he need to heal before they figure out that Mason is or is not the Beast. At morning, Scott's injuries healed and realizes that the rest of the pack is on his kitchen talking about finding Mason. Scott grabs Corey as he was invsible, listening the meeting. He says he did everything he could but Mason was taken by the Dread Doctors. Scott and Liam are called by Tracy and Theo, who recently killed Josh, took his power and wore the Dread Doctor mask to figure out the Beast's identity. Theo asks Scott to bring the map of telluric currents to his lair in 2 hours. Theo tells them that where the Dread Docots took Mason, the Nazi Alpha Werewolf Der Soldat, whose blood the Doctors used to prolong their lives, will be there too. Scott, Liam and Theo find the new lair and find Mason but the Dread Doctors showed up. Mason transforms into the Beast and kills the Dread Doctors until Chris and Gerard appear and the former shoots the Beast, making it return to normal. But instead of being Mason in the Beast's place, Sebastien, who was the original Beast of Gevaudan, is the one to appear.

In Apotheosis,

, Scott and Liam bring the injured Surgeon to the animal clinic, where Deaton has just received what made Mason a genetic chimera: he absorbed his twin in the womb. Deaton verifies the Surgeon's condition until Sebastien calls out for him. The Surgeon creates an electromagnetic field so the Werewolves and Deaton can't follow him. Sebastien removes the Surgeon's helmet and recognizes him as his old friend Marcel, who reveals the pike used to kill Sebastien was in the Argents' hands. In the hospital, Melissa heals Lydia after she had been previously injured by Sebastien's claws and Scott and Liam take her to the tunnels, where they are confronted by Theo, who uses his electrokinetic powers from, Josh to incapacitate Scott and Liam and uses his Kanima venom from Tracy to paralyze Scott and forcing him to let go of Lydia, causing the latter to fall in another room.

Theo senses Sebastien and confronts him, claiming he wants his power. He attempts to steal his power the manner Deucalion taught him but it turns out to be a futile attempt, leading Sebastien to escape. Theo realizes Deucalion and Scott were working together this whole time and he could have taken the Beast's powers with Belasko's talons if he didn't believe Deucalion's lies about them. Deuc snaps Theo's neck and wishes him good luck with it before he is shot by Gerard, accompanied by his son Chris, who says he's surprised to see Scott and Deucalion together. However, Argent and Scott also planned a double-cross as Argent passes him the sword-cane/pike and aims his gun at his father, because he knew Gerard would only cause even more destruction as he did in the past. Argent tells Scott and Liam to go while he deals with Gerard.

Sebastien finds the two and asks them to return the pike to him but they made sure they would only give it to him if he gave Mason back to them. However, Sebastien doesn't even know where to begin to separate them, leading Scott and Liam to wolf-out before lunging toward Sebastien, who turns into the Beast. The Beast comes out on top in their fight and partially shifts back into Sebastien, who grabs Scott's throat before attempting to kill but accidentally performs the Werewolf memory manipulation ritual and stalls when he sees Scott's memories of Allison, his sister Marie Jeanne's descendant, who looks exactly like her not only in physical appearance but in personality as well. Sebastien is stunned speechless upon seeing the person who looks exactly like his sister that he lets go of Scott.

Lydia and Kira, whose sword has been successfully repaired by the Shiprock Skinwalkers, arrive and the Banshee screams Mason's name with so much force that Sebastien loses his corporeal body and leads him to be separated from Mason. The Beast's essence attempts to escape but Parrish, in Hellhound-mode, grabs him, allowing Scott to kill him for a final time with the sword-cane/pike. Everyone believes they've won until Theo reappears, with electricity crackling his entire body and who glares at the pack for killing the Beast but Kira blocks the lightning bolt he shoots at them with her sword and tells him the Skinwalkers have a message for him: his sister wants to see him. With the Skinwalkers' power, Kira stabs her katana into the ground and opens a sinkhole, from where Tara's spirit comes out and drags Theo down with her to Hell and no one goes to help him, even if he pleaded for help before the sinkhole disappears as though it was never there in the first place.

In the animal clinic, Hayden, who has been previously injured by Sebastien like Lydia, is fearing she will die just like the first time and Liam tells her it's her choice. She looks at Scott, who partially transforms in order to bite. In a night of full moon, Hayden has survived the transformation and has become a true Beta Werewolf and a true member of the McCall Pack.

In school, Scott looks at the initials of the beginning of senior year and tears come running down his face when he looks at his own initials and Allison's while Stiles and Lydia talk how Allison saved Scott's life from Sebastien's clutches. In the end, he joins his two friends in the library.}}

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In Memory Lost,

In Superposition,

In Sundowning,

In Relics,

In Radio Silence,

In Ghosted,

In Heartless,

In Blitzkrieg,

In Memory Found,

In Riders on the Storm,

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In Said the Spider to the Fly,

In Raw Talent,

In After Images,

In Face-to-Faceless,

In Pressure Test,

In Triggers,

In Werewolves of London,

In Genotype,

In Broken Glass,

In The Wolves of War,


Scott doesn't care about power-- he cares about people.
— Ethan about Scott in Illuminated

Though Scott had a bout of immature teenage behavior during his first few years of high school, his time as a Werewolf caused his personality to shift to one that is much more compassionate, selfless, and kind. In fact, it was, in part, due to his strength of will, his virtue, and his ability to retain his humanity even after becoming a Werewolf that allowed him to ascend to the rare rank of True Alpha, something that usually only occurs in the Werewolf world once every century at most. Scott struggled greatly in controlling his lycanthropy during the first few months after he was turned, but with time and experience, he was able to find an anchor that allowed him to remain in human form on full moons and even supermoons without involuntarily transforming.

Despite all the power he wields as a True Alpha, he is uncomfortable with flaunting his power over others, even to defend himself, due to the ways Alphas like Peter or Deucalion forced their wills upon him while he was a Beta. This characteristic was demonstrated on both Liam's first full moon and his first supermoon as a Werewolf, during which Liam lost control and viciously attacked Scott, who only used the bare minimum amount of power to block his blows.

Scott's always been about one thing-- saving his friends. He will do anything and everything to save the people he cares about. When there's no chance of winning? He keeps fighting. When all hope is lost? He finds another way. And when he's beaten down? He stands up again! You wanna earn a place in his pack? You want redemption? Find another way to stand and fight!
Derek Hale to Ethan and Aiden about Scott in The Divine Move

Scott has been described by several people to be uninterested in the power-hungry nature of many Alphas and is known for doing whatever is necessary to protect those he cares about. He is very prone to giving second chances, does not believe in no-win scenarios, and has been shown as entirely willing to be tortured or killed in defense of his family, pack, and fellow Beacon Hills citizens. However, Scott's intent to keep his loved ones safe means that he is not immune to making unwise decisions out of desperation to protect them, especially if they were caused harm because of his mistakes; this was evidenced by his willingness to forcibly search through Corey's memories, and his decision to enact a risky plan to try to catch one of the Dread Doctors that resulted in Liam and Hayden being captured.

Likewise, his desire to see the best in people and his trusting nature have been shown to create problems in his life as well. Regardless, Scott's moral code has evolved to the point that he unwilling to kill unless it is absolutely inevitable, and Scott's only kill of the series, the Beast of Gevaudan, was done out of necessity, as well as the fact that there was no redemption for Sebastian, and he had already been dead for over two hundred years. This rule of his especially extends to newly created and/or out-of-control supernatural creatures or pseudo-supernaturals like Chimeras, for whom he usually advocates a second chance in order to rehabilitate the new supernatural creature rather than to neutralize them.

Scott's second death and resurrection changed him to a degree. While he is still the compassionate and empathic person he was before, he has also become more confident and self-assured, no longer seeming to doubt himself or his decisions and even coming up with a plan that allowed the pack to defeat Theo and the Beast, and allow Malia to stop her mother without killing her. This change, however, has also allowed his personality to become more predatory than it once was. While his moral code is still intact, he is much more willing to use more force in his fights, shown during his battles against the Beast, as well as the Ghost Riders. The adversity he has faced since being turned into a Werewolf has galvanized him into a better leader who has perfected the skills necessary to lead his pack. His intellectual strength and tactical skills have improved to such a degree that even Peter Hale, who prides himself as being a "scheming schemer" who is always one step ahead of everyone, was forced to admit that Scott has a remarkable talent for overcoming any odds, due in part to Scott's capacity for empathy and his superhuman senses, both of which help him to better understand his enemies and their weaknesses.

It's not up to them-- it's up to you. You have to want this, because they're gonna keep coming at you. They're gonna keep knocking you down. And you have to get back up. You have to show them that you can get back up. Leaders don't run!
Scott to Liam Dunbar about being team captain and Alpha in Superposition

Scott's ability to see the good in everyone has allowed him to bring out the good in those around him as well, and the majority of those who join his pack become better people than they were before. His influence has even helped to redeem many characters, such as Allison, Derek, Isaac, Ethan, Aiden, and Deucalion, among others. This has also made him a foil to characters such as Theo, who tries his best to bring out the inner darkness in those around him, believing that it will make them stronger, whereas Scott does the opposite, believing in others so strongly that they evolve into the best versions of themselves.

Physical Appearance

Scott is a handsome, medium-height young man with olive skin, dark brown eyes, curly dark brown hair, and a lean but muscular build. He typically dresses in a casual, alternative style that features suede or corduroy jackets, henleys, flannel or denim shirts, hoodies, and jeans with boots or Chuck Taylor sneakers. He has a small scar on his cheek from falling through the glass coffee table when he and Stiles were throwing a lacrosse ball around the house, and it's often remarked that Scott's jaw is slightly uneven. He also has a tattoo of two black bands (one thick band above a thinner one) that wraps around his left bicep, a tattoo that has become known as the symbol of the McCall Pack.

Powers and Abilities


Scott's a True Alpha. That means he didn't get his power because he was born with it. He didn't get it by stealing, or killing someone. He earned it.

True Alpha Werewolf Physiology: Scott possesses the common abilities of a Werewolf. However, as a True Alpha, Scott possesses superhuman physical attributes typical of Alpha Werewolves, though he dislikes using them to harm people unless he absolutely must do so. He also possesses other powers that are typically only possessed by True Alpha Werewolves.

  • Super Strength: As an Alpha Werewolf, Scott possesses physical strength that is far beyond any human capacity. At its weakest level, Scott's strength break the doorknob off of a locked door and can knock out a fellow supernatural creature with one solid punch to the head, as shown in his battle with the Kanima Jackson Whittemore ("Frenemy") and with then-Omega Werewolf Peter Hale ("Smoke and Mirrors"). At its strongest level, Scott was able to break through a stone entrance to a tomb in La Iglesia with only his fists ("The Dark Moon") and break through steel restraints even despite being tortured by electricity by the Calaveras, who turned up the voltage to its highest level just prior to this. He has been shown to cause multiple spiral fractures with a simple flick of his wrists in the forearm of a powerful Werewolf-Garuda Chimera named Belasko, who had just stabbed him in the chest with his power stealing talons. ("Creatures of the Night")
  • Super Speed: As an Alpha Werewolf, Scott can run much faster than even the most athletic human being. He was shown to almost run as fast as Kira Yukimura, a Thunder Kitsune believed to be among the fastest supernatural creatures in existence. During his first Full Moon as a Werewolf, Scott was able to run three miles into the woods in search of Allison Argent within just minutes. He is also able to lope on all fours at preternaturally enhanced speeds as well as simply on two legs.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes: As an Alpha Werewolf, Scott's agility and reflexes have been enhanced to superhuman levels. It is this power that Scott is most dependent on, as he is much shorter and leaner than the more "brawny" Werewolves (i.e. Ennis, Derek Hale, Vernon Boyd, etc), so instead of relying on brute strength as the aforementioned Werewolves would, Scott uses his agility and speed to his advantage, allowing him to duck, flip, jump, and twist to evade ammunition and physical blows. Only just a month or two after he was turned, Scott was able to catch a mini-crossbow bolt in midair before it could hit him in the face ("Venomous"), and around the same point in time, he was shown leaping a distance of nearly a mile over a ravine to the opposite cliff in a single bound. ("Omega") Scott's most common application of this power is to use his speed and reflexes to perform gymnastic and acrobatic feats while fighting, helping him defend himself while also decreasing the force with which he hits the ground and increasing the force behind his blows. It was this enhanced intuitive gymnastic moves that helped Scott win a starting position (and eventually team captainship) on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team. ("Wolf Moon")
  • Super Durability: As an Alpha Werewolf, Scott is much more durable and resistant to blunt force injuries than a normal human. On one occasion, a Berserker grabbed Scott and used him as a shield as the beast ran through four walls of drywall, which did nothing but cause Scott an aching sensation. ("Orphaned") He has also fallen from tall heights without being severely injured, such as when Liam tackled him and the two broke through the library skylight and fell two stories onto a table; though it clearly caused him pain, he was able to immediately get back to his feet to continue defending himself, an impressive feat considering he had been unknowingly ingesting wolfsbane vapor for weeks prior to the fight. ("Status Asthmaticus") He was even able to endure being stabbed in the chest with the talons of the power-stealing Chimera Belasko, regaining the stamina needed to break off the talons and snap the bones in Belasko's arm. ("Creatures of the Night") He was also able to endure having his heart shocked and slowed to the point where it only beat once every few minutes in order to fake his death, awakening once again forty-five minutes later when Kira shocked his heart back into normal rhythm. ("Time of Death")
  • Super Senses: As an Alpha Werewolf, Scott's senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch have been amplified to a superhuman degree. His Werewolf eyes are capable of seeing in total darkness as well as seeing certain supernatural phenomenon; Scott can see a Kitsune's aura with this power ("Illuminated"), as well as the cure he needed to save himself, Kira, and Malia when they were sickened with a Modified Canine Distemper Virus ("Weaponized") and a silver bullet used to kill the Hellhound Halwyn ("Raw Talent"). Like his wolf counterparts, Scott has an incredibly acute sense of smell that can allow him to sense the emotional state of others, such as when he sensed the jealousy Jackson Whittemore was feeling upon learning he and Scott were co-captains of the lacrosse team ("Lunatic"), or learning that Stiles was having an internal conflict with the Nogitsune possessing him ("Letharia Vulpina"). He is very accomplished in tracking people by scent, second only to Derek Hale, who taught him how to use his senses. He used this power to track down Brett Talbot when he was poisoned by Tamora Monroe ("Raw Talent"). His sense of hearing is also extremely well-developed, as he is able to hear a person's heartbeat and use it to determine if they're lying, such as when Liam lied and stated that he transferred schools when he was really kicked out of Devenford Prep ("Muted") and can hear whispered conversations from a far distance, making it easy for his packmates to communicate with him from afar, such as when Scott was patrolling the halls while Liam tested Mrs. Finch to see if she was a Werewolf ("Genotype"). Though his senses of taste and touch are not as refined as the aforementioned senses, Scott has learned through training from Deucalion to use his enhanced senses in a way that doesn't rely on his eyesight-- this includes echolocation (sensing location through sound), thermoception (sensing temperature changes through enhanced touch), equilibrioception (sensing through balance), and proprioception (sensing through pressure). ("Broken Glass")
  • Accelerated Healing: As an Alpha Werewolf, Scott has the ability to heal from all wounds within moments, and, as a result, is immune to all human diseases and conditions. Because of his healing ability, Scott was cured of his asthma. ("Wolf Moon") This also extends to the majority of toxins, as evidenced by the fact that Scott has been unable to get intoxicated from alcohol or illicit drugs since he became a Werewolf, ("Lunatic") though some medications, such as animal tranquilizers and bronchodilators can still affect him if his healing ability has been impaired in some way (e.g. weakened from torture with electricity or poisoned with wolfsbane). Scott has recovered from injuries as mild as a small cut on his hand ("Strange Frequencies") and as severe as being stabbed through the chest with a ninjato ("Letharia Vulpina"), gunshot wounds ("Fury"). The only real limit to this power is that substances that Werewolves are vulnerable to (wolfsbane, electricity, etc) can impair this ability, and his emotional state has a huge impact on how quickly he will heal, as evidenced when his self-hatred from the fracturing of his pack caused his severe claw gashes to stop healing for several weeks. ("The Last Chimera")
    • Longevity: Because Scott's rapid cellular regeneration prevents him from contracting most human diseases and conditions and replaces his degenerating cells at a constant rate, he ages much more slowly than a normal human and is granted a greatly-extended lifespan. It is unknown what the average life expectancy of a Werewolf is, but the oldest known Werewolf, Satomi Ito, is 110+ years old with the appearance of a 50 to a 60-year-old woman, suggesting that Werewolves if they are not killed, could potentially live decades longer than even that.
  • Shapeshifting:

    Scott's brief transformation into a monstrous Werewolf form

    Scott possesses the ability to partially-shift into a lupine creature by transforming his body. In his Werewolf form, his brow becomes ridged, his ears become pointed, his sideburns grow into mutton chops, his irises originally glowed a golden yellow but are currently a crimson red, and his teeth and fingernails to extend into fangs and claws. He has also gained such advanced control over his transformation that he can selectively transform individual features as necessary, such as making his eyes glow to identify himself as an Alpha, or extending his claws to cut or tear something. While in a battle against a large team of assassins, Scott, for a brief moment, lost control and transformed into a more monstrous-looking Werewolf than he usually does, which fits with what is known about Werewolves; Alphas can shapeshift more than Betas or Omegas, and many can either transform into a full wolf or into a bestial lupine form. ("Monstrous")
  • Pain Absorption:

    Scott absorbing pain from a car crash victim

    As a Werewolf, Scott possesses the ability to absorb the pain of animals, humans, and supernatural creatures by touching the person's skin with his hands. This ability manifests by a darkening of the veins in his hands and fingers, which will grow up his arms and into his chest, neck, and face as he siphons away more and more of the being's pain. This is an ability that Scott uses frequently to relieve the suffering of those around him, especially if they are severely injured humans. At first, Scott was only able to essentially "take the edge off" of the pain experienced by the person he was helping, but he has recently demonstrated the ability to completely absorb another's pain, such as when he siphoned away the agonizing pain Corey was experiencing after being stung by the part-scorpion Chimera, Lucas, ("Condition Terminal") or when he took Stiles Stilinski's pain after he forcefully punched the engine of his Jeep. ("Parasomnia")
  • Memory Manipulation Ritual: As a Werewolf, Scott has the ability to view the memories of another person by piercing the back of their neck with his claws and entering their mind. However, this process is typically only performed by Alphas, due to the amount of control and practice it takes to do it without causing paralysis or death to person whose mind they're entering. Scott has used his mind connection on three occasions. The first time, he pierced both Lydia Martin and Stiles Stilinski's necks simultaneously with his claws, which allowed him to bring Lydia with him into Stiles' mind so they could find his consciousness and give him back control over his body while he was possessed by the Nogitsune. ("De-Void") The second time, he used his claws in the back of the neck of Corey Bryant, a Chimera, in order to search his memories to find the location of the Dread Doctors' laboratory so he could find and rescue Liam Dunbar and Hayden Romero. ("Ouroboros") The third time, Scott used the ritual on Meredith Walker to help find Lydia Martin and learn what he could do to save her. ("Lie Ability") The last time he used this power, he performed the ritual on a young boy, Alex Turner, in hopes of finding out what happened to his parents, as they believed his memories had been repressed by the Ghost Riders. ("Memory Lost") This ritual can also be used to modify or remove a person's memories, but Scott has yet to learn to perform these aspects.
  • Animal Instincts: As a Werewolf, Scott is an apex predator, and can thus exert dominance over other animals such as dogs, cats, and deer in order to force them to stand down. For this reason, animals can often become frightened around him, though Scott has learned how to put animals at ease during his time working as a veterinary technician. Scott has used this ability to quiet a scared dog that Allison brought into the animal clinic after she hit it with her car, as well as to sense how a deer felt prior to running into Lydia's car. However, this ability is tied to his control over his lycanthropy, and during his first few weeks after his first resurrection and ascension to True Alpha status, Scott was unable to utilize it to quiet Mr. Tate's dog out of fear that he would transform and lose control.
  • Power Granting: As an Alpha Werewolf, Scott has the ability to transform humans into Beta-level werecreatures by biting them, though this process has a risk of killing the human if their bodies reject the bite. On rare occasions, Alphas have been known to accidentally turn a human by scratching them deeply with their claws, though this has yet to happen to Scott. Scott has given the bite on two occasions. The first time, he bit the Nogitsune, which allowed his human form to be destroyed and his fly form to be imprisoned in a box. The second time, he bit Liam to prevent him from falling over the edge of the roof of the hospital, which successfully transformed Liam into a Beta Werewolf. Scott prefers not to use "the Bite" if he can help it, since he knows the likelihood that it can be fatal to its recipient. However, he did give the Bite to Hayden Romero when it was revealed that she could die from her wounds, and it transformed her from a Werewolf-Werejaguar Chimera into a true Werewolf.
  • Alpha Roar: As an Alpha Werewolf, Scott has the ability to use his roar as an offensive weapon, either to scare away werecreatures of a lower rank or to force them in or out of their transformations and even to motivate members of his pack. Scott has used this roar to force Malia to return to her human form after spending eight years fully-shifted into a coyote, to force Ethan and Aiden to stop attacking Stiles, and to scare away a Berserker at La Iglesia.
  • Healing Disruption: As an Alpha Werewolf, the wounds Scott inflicts on supernaturals with accelerated healing abilities take longer to heal than regular wounds.


  • Veterinary Knowledge: Scott has worked at Dr. Deaton's animal clinic for several years, during which time he has developed a strong working knowledge of animal anatomy, physiology, and diseases. He has been shown to perform lab tests, splint broken bones, and give injections to animals at the clinic under Deaton's supervision.
  • Indomitable Will/Strength of Will: Scott has demonstrated a very strong sense of willpower, and cannot be easily coerced into defying his own nature, whether by peer pressure or by torture. It was this willpower that is partially attributed to his ascension to the status of True Alpha.
  • Pain Tolerance: Throughout the series, Scott has demonstrated a strong ability to endure a great deal of pain, due mostly to his empathic nature and his insistence that he take on the pain of others so they do not have to do so. Examples of this ability include: Scott getting shot in the abdomen to prevent Matt Daehler from doing the same to his mother ("Fury"); being tortured by the Nogitsune (who was possessing Stiles Stilinski) with an Oni ninjato being twisted in his guts; Scott insisting on being tortured with electricity by the Calavera Family to keep them from torturing Lydia Martin, who did not have his power to heal ("The Dark Moon"); putting himself between Malia Tate and the wall to act as a cushion so she would not be hurt as badly ("Blitzkrieg"), among many, many others.
  • Natural Leadership Skills: Scott has been well-known for his leadership abilities, especially in the months after he was turned into a Werewolf. Derek Hale once went so far as to say that Scott was an Alpha of his own pack even before anyone knew that Scott had the potential to be a True Alpha.
  • Mythological Knowledge: After 4 years of being a Werewolf, being mentored by Dr. Deaton and Derek Hale, and researching the Argent Bestiary, Scott has developed a working knowledge of supernatural creatures and their respective powers, though he admits he still has much yet to learn.
  • Empathy: Scott has a highly attuned sense of empathy for animals, humans, and supernatural creatures, and generally disregards any worry about himself in favor of focusing on how others are feeling. He can intuitively sense the emotions of others, especially when he uses these instincts in conjunction with his ability to interpret the chemosignals in their scents and listening to their heart rates with his heightened senses. When people around him are happy, Scott is cheerful, optimistic and ecstatic; if they are scared, he will comfort them; and if they are hurt, Scott will do anything to relieve their pain. Scott has used this ability frequently, most notably when he sensed that Erica Reyes was about to have a seizure moments before it happened, giving him the time to rush in and catch her after the seizure caused Erica to fall off of the climbing wall. It is likely that this ability is at least partially a result of being raised by a nurse and working as a veterinary technician.
  • Mountain Ash Barrier Disruption: Often contributed to his status as a True Alpha, which requires a tremendous amount of willpower to achieve, Scott has shown that he has a limited ability to break barriers made of mountain ash, which, according to Alan Deaton, supernatural creatures should not be able to do. Scott demonstrates this ability in the Season 3 episode Lunar Ellipse. There's little information on exactly how he did this, but it could be due to either his True Alpha status or the strength of will partially responsible for his ascension to that status. It is also unclear to what extent Scott can perform this feat. In Dreamcatchers, Scott stated that breaking the mountain ash barrier nearly killed him, implying that it was the life-or-death situation in conjunction with his ascension to True Alpha that allowed it to happen, though the original scene showed no evidence that this was the case. In Amplification, Scott also states that larger, more powerful barriers are more difficult to break than smaller ones; in Lunar Ellipse, he only broke through a slim ring of mountain ash, whereas the barrier he and Liam Dunbar were trying to break in Eichen House was made of rowan wood and mountain ash built into half of the building.
  • Expert Combatant: While Scott has had no formal training, as is known so far, he has shown great skills when fighting unarmed. His fighting style makes use of his Werewolf abilities and instincts, as well as gymnastics and a brawling fighting style that is similar to the ones used by Liam and Stiles, his packmates.


Scott possesses the common weaknesses of a were-creature, as well as other weaknesses that are specific to Scott himself.

  • Wolfsbane: As a Werewolf, Scott can be weakened or killed by exposure to wolfsbane, depending on the species and the method of exposure. Inhalation of purple wolfsbane has been shown to disable Scott's accelerated healing ability, which thereby causes Scott's asthma to return and has been shown to provoke him terrible hallucinations. Nordic Blue Monkshood is fatal to Werewolves while Yellow Wolfsbane can weaken, sedate and even kill Werewolves as well, depending on the method of exposure and potency. The only known ways to cure wolfsbane poisoning of a Werewolf or other were-creature are burning out a wound caused by a wolfsbane-laced weapon or applying to the wound the ashes of the strain the Werewolf was exposed to. However, yellow wolfsbane poisoning can be treated by surgically slicing open the chest of the poisoned Werewolf and allowing the yellow wolfsbane gas to come out in the form of a cloud.
  • Letharia Vulpina: As a canine were-creature, Scott, like other Werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Kitsune, can be weakened by exposure to letharia vulpina, otherwise known as "wolf lichen" because of its toxic effects toward the canine species.
  • Electricity: As a Werewolf, Scott can be weakened or killed by exposure to electricity, depending on the level of voltage used. Lower voltages will disable his healing ability and prevent him from transforming, while higher voltages can severely slow or even stop Scott's heart completely. For this reason, electricity, typically in the form of cattle-prod tasers, are one of the most common weapons Werewolf hunters use against their prey. However, this weakness has also been used to Scott's advantage, as Kira's electrokinesis applied to Scott's heart allowed him to fake his own death to try to lure out the Benefactor. Since becoming a True Alpha, Scott's ability to tolerate electricity has increased tremendously, to the point that he was able to break through strong chains despite being shocked by Araya and Severo Calavera at the highest level of their generator. He was also able to run out of Eichen House with Kira, who had lost control of her powers due to the telluric currents there and was producing hundreds of lightning bolts that had hit and burned Scott; this level of electrical shock was enough to previously put Isaac in the hospital for several days, while Scott was able to recover within hours.
  • Full Moon: Though being a were-creature is considered a gift in the supernatural world due to the increased speed, stamina, and healing that it provides, it also comes with a price, which is that the Werewolf, Werecoyote, or Werejaguar is beholden to the phases of the moon. During a full moon, werecreatures without training will become overcome with a rabid anger that will cause them to attack any living creature they come upon, which is why they all must learn control to avoid exposure and harm to innocent civilians. The full moon will make a Werewolf stronger, but it will also make them more rabid and chaotic, which makes them easily hunted by supernatural hunters. This has become less of a weakness for Scott, now that he has learned to maintain his humanity during full moons, but under certain conditions, Scott is still capable of losing control during this time.
  • Lunar Eclipse: During the phase of a lunar eclipse where the moon is completely covered in the earth's umbral shadow, a Werewolf or other were-creature will lose all of their powers, including their super strength, accelerated healing, and shapeshifting abilities, making them vulnerable to anyone seeking to take advantaged of this weakness and harm or kill them.
  • Modified Canine Distemper Virus: One of the assassins in the Deadpool, The Chemist, created a modified version of the canine distemper virus that could sicken both humans and any canine shapeshifter, such as Werewolves, werecoyotes, and kitsunes. Scott, Kira, Malia, and Stiles were all exposed to the virus at the PSATs, and the former three nearly died from its effects. However, consuming wild purple reishi mushrooms are known to cure a the virus and prevent those who ingest it from being infected in the first place.
  • Loud Noises: As a Werewolf with heightened senses, Scott is vulnerable to sounds at certain frequencies. For example, the Argent hunters are known for using ultrasonic emitters that produce an extremely high-pitched noise that only animals and people with supernaturally enhanced senses can hear. Conversely, there are also certain subsonic, low-pitched sounds that can be used against werecreatures as well, as a group of Deadpool assassins used in Perishable. Sounds at this low frequency can cause Scott and other werecreatures to become incredibly disoriented, woozy, nauseous, and unable to control their bodies, to the point that others have mistaken them for being drunk. In this state, they are unable to defend themselves due to the sounds making them weak and unable to stand, walk, talk, or see clearly.
  • Guilt: Guilt has been shown to be an emotion that has serious physical and emotional side-effects on Scott at overwhelming levels. On several occasions, Scott's guilt has actually prevented his body from healing severe wounds, such as when he felt responsible for Derek's "death" in a battle against the Alpha Pack, or following Scott's resurrection shortly after Theo killed him. In the latter case, Scott felt so guilty about all of the events that led up to the fracturing of his pack and his death that he was unable to fully heal the wounds that killed him, leaving a gaping, bleeding wound in his chest and weakened physical abilities. On an emotional level, guilt can cause Scott to act uncharacteristically reckless and behave in ways he would not ordinarily act, especially if his previous actions have caused his loved ones harm in some way.
  • Mountain Ash Barriers: Werewolves, like the majority of supernatural species in the show, cannot cross barriers made of mountain ash. Though Scott has shown that he can break through smaller and less powerful barriers of mountain ash, thicker and stronger barriers are much more difficult, if not impossible, for him to overcome.


  • Lime green dirt-bike with red and silver helmets
  • Supernatural clue board (in progress)


  • Scott: Scott is a masculine English and Scottish name that originated as a surname referring to a person from Scotland or a speaker of Scottish Gaelic. It is derived from the Latin Scoti, meaning "Gaelic speaker," though its ultimate origin is uncertain. It is a variant transcription of the name Prescott, and other variations of Scott include Scottas, Scottea, Scottee, Scottey, Scotti, Scotto, Skot, and Skott.
  • McCall: McCall is an Anglicized version of the Irish Gaelic surname Mac Cathmhaoil, meaning "son of Cathmhaoil," a personalized name created with the elements cath, meaning "battle," and maol, meaning "chief," together meaning "battle chief." McCall is also the Anglicized version of the name Mac Cathal, meaning "son of Cathal." Variant transcriptions of the name include Macall, Maccall, Maccaul, and Mackall.


  • Scott was listed on the Deadpool hit-list for $25 million, and was the most valuable target on the list, likely because due to a combination of factors, including his status as True Alpha, the strength of his pack, and the fact that he would be the most likely to protect the other people on the list, which made him a difficult and dangerous person to attempt to kill.
  • Scott's dream is to attend the University of California-Berkley and major in veterinary medicine.
  • Despite spending most of his childhood and adolescence without contact with his own father, Scott has several other father-figures in his life, including Alan Deaton, Sheriff Stilinski, and Chris Argent. He also has developed very brotherly relationships with Isaac Lahey, Derek Hale, and, more recently, Stiles Stilinski. He has also developed a parent-child like bond, if not stronger, with his first bitten Beta Liam Dunbar, as stated by Gerard Argent; so much so that if Liam were to die it would break Scott.
  • Scott has officially died twice throughout the series—once during the surrogate sacrifice ritual he performed with Allison and Stiles (under the guidance of Deaton) to find their parents in Alpha Pact, and a second time when Theo ripped out his guts in a fight in Status Asthmaticus. However, he came within an inch of death on one other occasion in Time of Death, when Kira used her Thunder Kitsune powers to slow his heart rate to a nearly imperceptible level to fake his death and lure out the Benefactor.
  • Because he died and came back to life in surrogate sacrifice ritual he performed with Allison and Stiles, the three of them have a darkness around their hearts that will remain for the rest of their lives. According to Scott, he feels the darkness every day, but when he feels overwhelmed by it, he looks to his friends for help in counteracting the effects.
    • It is unknown if his second resurrection during the supermoon has had any effect on the darkness around his heart.
  • One of Scott's greatest fears is becoming a monster like Deucalion or Peter Hale.
  • Scott has been shown to use his ability to absorb the pain of others more than any other Werewolf character on the series.
  • Scott's first anchor was Allison and their relationship, which allowed him to control his Werewolf transformations by focusing on how she made him human. However, after Allison and Scott broke up, Scott's control over his shift wavered, and Melissa instructed him to be his own anchor, which he took to heart and began to use to regain control. Although at some point, Stiles became his new anchor.
  • Though Scott has had many friends and loved ones die during his time as a Werewolf, the death of his first love Allison continues to haunt him (as well as Stiles and Lydia) more than any other so far.
  • Scott is the only person in his pack who doesn't have his own car. Instead, Scott drives a lime-green dirt-bike.
  • Scott's tattoo, which is of two black bands (one thin and one thick) that wrap around his right bicep, has become the symbol of the McCall Pack. In The Last Chimera, he carved the symbol into a wall with his claws to indicate to Theo and the Dread Doctors that he intended to reunite his pack and defend his town. In the following episode, Damnatio Memoriae, Scott and Stiles both drew the symbol on the dirt floor in the basement of the electrical substation to symbolize their promise to reunite the pack once again.
  • Scott is #11 on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team and has been a captain ever since his sophomore year when he was bitten and turned into a Werewolf.
  • Scott has been an Alpha for the longest amount of time in terms of the number of seasons in which an Alpha has appeared. Peter Hale was an Alpha for one season (the equivalent of roughly four to six weeks in the show's timeline), Derek was an Alpha for one and a half seasons (roughly eight months in the show's timeline), and Scott was an Alpha for three and a half seasons (almost three years in the show's timeline), two seasons of which were double-sized in terms of the number of episodes. In-universe, Deucalion and possibly Satomi are the longest living Alphas.
  • Scott McCall is one of the characters to appear in all six seasons of Teen Wolf, along with Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Chris Argent, Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, Dr. Deaton, and Coach Finstock.
  • Scott is one of only two characters who has died and been resurrected multiple times, the other being Jackson.
  • Scott McCall is the only character to appear in every single episode of Teen Wolf.
  • Scott's cell phone number is [555–0165|(415) 555–0165]. The 415 area code is used in San Francisco and the surrounding north-central region of California.
  • Scott has had romantic relationships with three women throughout the series: Allison Argent, Kira Yukimura, and Malia Tate. He also, on one single occasion, hooked up with Lydia Martin, though he was under the influence of his second full moon and the heartache of his break-up with Allison at the time.
  • Three of Scott's romantic partners were born into the supernatural community, although Allison was not a supernatural creature herself.



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