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"I can't-I can't take your pain."
"It's because it doesn't hurt."
"It's okay."
"It's okay. It's okay. It's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love. The first person I've ever loved. The person I'll always love. I love you, Scott... Scott McCall."
Allison and Scott's last conversation in Insatiable

The relationship between True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and Hunter Allison Argent.

The relationship between Scott and Allison is one that started the moment the two first met each other. Scott, who, unbeknownst to him, had just been bitten and turned into a Werewolf the previous evening, was able to overhear a phone conversation between Allison and her mother, Victoria Argent, where she stated that she forgot to bring a pen. When Allison was introduced to Scott's English class, he handed her a pen, knowing she had forgotten hers, which spurred their soon-to-be romantic relationship.

Over the course of Season 1, Scott and Allison's relationship went through many challenges, most of which were due to Scott being forced to keep the secret of his supernatural nature as a result of Allison being a member of a Hunter family who had been hunting Werewolves and other supernatural creatures for centuries. They briefly broke up after the events of Night School, when Allison caught Scott in a lie regarding fellow Werewolf Derek Hale and the fact that he was allegedly a serial killer. However, before the Winter Formal in Formality, Allison and Scott reconciled, though they did not attend the dance as a couple; Scott went stag, and Allison went with Jackson Whittemore as friends. When the two, along with Jackson, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, and Chris Argent defeated and killed the out-of-control Alpha Werewolf Peter Hale, the two got back together.

In Season 2, though Allison was now aware of Scott's supernatural secret, their relationship still went through rough patches as time went on. They were forced to pretend to break up when Allison's father Chris Argent held Scott at gunpoint and threatened to kill him, leading them to sneak around behind their parents' backs. The arrival of Allison's grandfather Gerard Argent to town and their Hunter family's more active attack on the supernatural community of Beacon Hills also strained their bond, as Allison struggled to find a middle ground between her family legacy and her heart's desires and Scott had trouble maintaining a normal human life while also trying to use his powers to help the innocent.

After Allison's mother Victoria killed herself after she was accidentally bitten and turned into a Werewolf by Derek Hale, her grief overwhelmed her to the point where she joined her grandfather Gerard and was manipulated by him to set her sights on Derek and his pack; though she made it clear she wasn't going after Scott, she still held resentment for his alliance with their pack to the point where they were estranged. Fortunately, Allison eventually realized that Gerard had no one's best interests in mind but his own, and she and Scott reconciled, but they both decided that breaking up was for the best so that Allison could regain her relationship with her father Chris and heal from the loss of her mother.

Between Season 2 and Season 3, Allison and Chris left Beacon Hills for the summer to visit their extended family in France, with the goal of leaving the Hunter lifestyle for good in order to prevent themselves from losing any more loved ones. However, when a serial killer began committing human sacrifices, both Allison and Chris ended up joining the Beacon Hills Werewolves and their allies in protecting the innocent from malevolent supernatural creatures. This allowed Allison and Scott to regain their friendship, though they remained just that. Allison, Scott, and their good friend Stiles Stilinski became the basis for what would eventually become known as the McCall Pack after it was revealed that Scott was a True Alpha, a Beta Werewolf who is capable of rising to Alpha status by sheer force of will.

While they investigated the threats of the Alpha Pack, the Darach, the Nogitsune, and the Oni to their hometown, Allison and Scott started seeing other people; Allison developed a romantic relationship with her fellow packmate Isaac Lahey, a former Hale Pack member and Beta Werewolf, while Scott began a romance with Kira Yukimura, a Thunder Kitsune and new McCall Pack member who moved to Beacon Hills from New York and recently discovered her supernatural identity. Despite this, Allison and Scott still felt a genuine love for each other, which Allison made sure to remind Scott after she was fatally wounded by an Oni's blade during the battle at Camp Oak Creek. Scott still grieves Allison's death to this day and continues to be an event he blames himself for happening. However, he knows that Allison's spirit remains among him and his packmates, and he is intent to hold true to Allison's newly created Hunted Code-- "We protect those who cannot protect themselves."

Scott and Allison are known as Scallison by fans.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Wolf Moon, Allison, whose family had just moved to Beacon Hills, was sitting on a bench outside of Beacon Hills High School when her mother, Victoria, called her to check in. Scott was inside in English class, where he was shocked to find that he could hear Allison's conversation from many meters away (which, unbeknownst to him at the time, was due to his recent transformation into a Werewolf after he had been bitten by then-Alpha Peter Hale). He overheard Allison telling her mother that she had forgotten a pen before she saw the vice principal approaching her and ended the call.

The vice principal led Allison into the school, and Scott listened to them make small talk until the two arrived in his classroom so that the man could introduce Allison to the teacher and other students. She ended up taking the only free seat, which happened to be behind Scott, and the young wolf turned and silently gave Allison a pen, causing her to smile and thank him despite not knowing how he could have guessed she had forgotten one.

After class, Scott went to his locker and was surprised to find that Allison's was just across the hall from him. When she noticed him staring at him, she smiled at him, and he smiled in return, making it clear that both had already developed attractions toward each other. Just then, Lydia Martin approached Allison and complimented her on her jacket, declaring herself Allison's new best friend as her then-boyfriend Jackson Whittemore joined them. Scott was then approached by his best friend Stiles Stilinski and their mutual friend Harley, who wasted no time speculating on how Allison had managed to fall in with the popular clique after being there for such a short period of time. Though Stiles and Harley fell into a conversation, Scott, preoccupied with Allison's presence, used his newly gained superhuman sense of hearing to eavesdrop and heard Allison kindly decline Lydia and Jackson's invitation to a party on Friday, claiming that she had "family night" with her parents.

Lydia, undeterred, insisted that Allison watch lacrosse practice with her, bragging that Jackson, the team captain, was the reason why they were undefeated. Hearing this, Scott, who was trying out for first line, made it a point to try to impress Allison while she and Lydia watched them from the bleachers. Though Scott briefly embarrassed himself by getting hit in the face with the first shot as goalie (due to his superhuman senses being overwhelmed by the sound of Coach Finstock's whistle]], he quickly began demonstrating extraordinary athletic skills, all thanks to the superhuman agility, strength, and speed he gained through his transformation into a Werewolf, especially due to the fact that the full moon was only days away. Allison, impressed by Scott's performance, asked Lydia if she knew who Scott was, and though she did not, she could not deny that Scott was very talented, much to Jackson's displeasure.

That night, Scott worked a shift as a veterinary technician at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where he went into the bathroom to clean up the wounds from the "animal" who bit him the night before, only to find to his surprise that the bite marks had already healed. Suddenly, he was distracted by the sound of pounding on the front door, and he was shocked to see a soaking-wet Allison in tears outside of the clinic. She hysterically explained that she was driving and had taken her eyes off of the road for a mere second to change the song on the radio and had hit a dog with her car. Scott kindly asked her if she remembered where it was so they could send Animal Control out to find it, but Allison tearfully replied that the dog was in her car. When they go to find the dog, it immediately began to growl at Scott until his eyes flashed gold in an unconscious display of dominance, calming it down.

They take the dog inside the clinic, where Scott noticed that Allison was shivering and soaking wet from the rain and offered her his spare shirt. When she went into the next room to change, Scott saw her bare back as she removed her wet shirt and put on Scott's, only for the dog to make a face that caused Scott to retort, "What? I didn't see anything." When she returned, Scott explained that the dog had a broken leg, but that he had seen their veterinarian, Alan Deaton, do splints many times and he felt confident that it would keep it comfortable for the night. The two stared at each other affectionately, and Scott wiped a stray tear off of her cheek before walking her back out to her car. Before she left, Scott brought up the party at Lydia's house on Friday and asked if she really had family night that evening, causing Allison to smile and admit that she had lied to get out of going before accepting his invitation to come with him as his date.

The next day, she again went to lacrosse practice with Lydia to watch the team during their last day of try-outs, once again impressed by Scott's athletic skills, which ultimately won him a spot on the first line. However, Stiles, suspicious of Scott's sudden change from asthmatic loner to superstar athlete, did some research and determined that Scott had been bitten by a Werewolf and was turning into one as well. He insisted that Scott cancel his date with Allison due to that night's full moon, but Scott, thrilled to have everything in his life going the way he wants it to for a change, refused to do so before demanding to know why Stiles wanted to ruin everything for him. Stiles, not wanting anyone to get hurt, grabbed Scott's phone to cancel for him, and the resulting anger Scott felt mixed with the effects of the impending full moon caused him to nearly punch his best friend in the face; though Scott was clearly concerned once he snapped out of it, he was intent on going to Lydia's party with Allison and ignored Stiles' advice.

That night, Scott, driving his mother Melissa's car, arrived at the Argent House to pick up Allison and was awestruck by her appearance as she joined him. Upon their arrival to the party, the two began dancing to the music near the swimming pool, though Scott was unnerved when he realized that Derek Hale, a mysterious fellow Werewolf, was watching them, as was Lydia Martin, who was making out with Jackson but who seemed to have some feelings for Scott as well.

Suddenly, when the full moon hit its apex, Scott started to have his first transformation, which first manifested as his superhuman senses amplifying all the sounds, smells, and sights painful to experience. Scott, barely able to keep his eyes open, told Allison he would be right back before staggering through the house toward his car and leaving. After Allison watched him leave, Derek appeared behind her and introduced himself as a friend of Scott's before offering to take her home, surreptitiously stealing her jacket to use as a lure.

Scott managed to make it home, where he immediately stripped down to his jeans and got into the bathtub while running the hot water, only to find his fingernails growing into claws, his teeth into fangs, and his eyes glowing bright gold. Just then, Stiles began pounding on Scott's bedroom door, and Scott refused to let him in out of fear of hurting him. He instead asked where Allison was, but Stiles assured him she was fine and that she got a ride home, only for Scott to reveal that he believed Derek had been the one who bit and turned him into a Werewolf. This panicked Stiles, who confessed that Derek had been the one to take Allison home, leading Scott to let go of his attempts to hold back his transformation and jump out his bedroom window to track Allison down by scent, mistakenly assuming that Derek was holding her captive.

Scott followed Allison's scent through the Beacon Hills Preserve until he found her jacket hanging from the tree, realizing that it was a trap to lure Scott there (as Stiles would soon find that Allison was safe at home with her mother Victoria). When he found Derek, he demanded to know what he did with Allison, and Derek assured him that she was safe from Scott. Unfortunately, before they could discuss things further, Derek's superhuman hearing picked up the sound of Hunters approaching them, which eventually ended in Scott being shot in the arm by a crossbow arrow, Derek fighting off the remaining Hunters, and pulling Scott to safety, where he went on to explain that Scott was a Werewolf and that Hunters were humans who had been tracking and killing them for centuries. This led Scott to assume that Derek was the Werewolf who turned him, and Derek did nothing to indicate otherwise.

After the weekend ended, Scott met up with Allison at the high school and apologized for his behavior at the party, though he purposely avoided giving her an explanation for what happened. He begged her for a second chance, and Allison jokingly asked if she was going to regret this, to which Scott replied "Probably." Despite her misgivings, she decided to take him up on his request for a second chance, but before they could discuss it further, a burgundy SUV pulled up, and Allison, seeing it, informed Scott that she had to go. As she walked toward the vehicle, she identified the man picking her up as her father, Chris Argent, and Scott froze when he turned to see it was the leader of the Hunters who had shot an arrow at him during his first full moon. Panicking, Scott weakly waved at the two before they drove off, not knowing how he was going to be able to keep his supernatural identity a secret from Allison and her family.

In Second Chance at First Line, picking up from where the previous episode left off, Scott was in the boys locker room of the high school panicking about what he had just learned about Allison's family's connection to the Hunters who went after him and Derek Hale during the last full moon, Scott's first as a Werewolf. He was quickly found by Stiles, who wasted no time asking if he had apologized to Allison yet; Scott, still dazed, briefly replied that he did, and when Stiles asked if she was giving him a second chance, Scott repeated the same short response-- "Yeah."

Confused, Stiles pointed out that this was a good thing, but Scott, even more worried now, finally confessed that her dad Chris Argent was one of the Hunters from last weekend, specifically the one who shot him in the arm with an arrow. Stiles' shocked reaction did nothing to reassure Scott, who began hyperventilating, forcing Stiles to calm down and try to do just that by reminding Scott that he was transformed and in the dark at the time, which meant the Hunter likely didn't recognize him.

He then went on to ask if Allison knew about her dad's hunting lifestyle, and Scott, who had begun to calm down, became overwhelmed again and insisted that this was going to kill him. At a loss for further options, Stiles handed Scott his lacrosse stick and insisted that he just needed to focus on practice for now and try to put the rest out of his mind for the time being, a plan to which Scott agreed. Unfortunately, Scott was angered by Jackson Whittemore and Coach Finstock's bullying behavior on the field to the point where he lost control, almost shifted on the field, and badly injured Jackson's arm, forcing Stiles to bring him back to the locker room, where he did eventually shift and nearly attacked his best friend in the process.

Between Stiles' fear of being harmed and Derek (who was keeping an eye on Scott and had witnessed the event) threatening him with literal death if he dared risk exposing Werewolves to Beacon Hills' townspeople, Scott had no choice but to not play in the lacrosse team's upcoming game that Saturday, which ended up becoming a problem for many people, including Coach, who threatened to kick him off of first line if he didn't play. At school the next day, Scott ran into Allison, who informed him that she was planning on coming to see him play on Saturday, and that afterwards, the two of them would be joining Lydia Martin and Jackson Whittemore to go get late dinner, even suggesting Scott invite Stiles to come as well. She then set off for French class, but asked Scott to save her a seat at lunch before she left.

Realizing that his plan to try to work on controlling his lycanthropy was getting in the way of his attempts to start a relationship with Allison, Scott was even more conflicted about what to do, which was made even more overwhelming when Lydia confronted him in math class and demanded to know why she heard rumor that he wasn't playing. When Scott confirmed that this was true, Lydia reminded him that he was the one who injured their captain, Jackson, which meant he wouldn't be at his peak performance; she then went on to insinuate that her social standing was based on dating the captain of the winning lacrosse team, which would be ruined if the team suddenly started losing because of Jackson's injury. This meant that Scott, as the next-best player, needed to play to ensure their success, and was so serious about making Scott do this that she threatened to introduce Allison to every hot lacrosse player on the team to ruin his chances of dating her.

To make it clear that she wasn't joking around, she actually did introduce Allison to one of the fellow lacrosse players after class to send Scott a message that he needed to get over himself and play inn the game. He approached Allison after she had made small talk with his teammate and asked if Lydia was introducing her to everyone, and Allison, not realizing she was a pawn in her new best friend's game, stated that Lydia was being unbelievably nice to her and assumed it was because she knew how much being the "new girl" can suck.

Scott was soon distracted by the fact that Allison had pulled out the same jacket that Derek had stolen from her at Lydia's party last Friday to use to lure Scott into the woods during his first full moon as a Werewolf and immediately asked her where she got it. Confused, Allison replied that she found it in her locker, and that she thought Lydia may have found it at her house after she left it there and then put it back in her locker, since she knows her combination. Worried that Derek was getting more involved in his life, Scott gruffly asked her if Lydia actually brought it back herself, or if someone else gave it to her, like Derek. Even more confused, Allison remarked that she thought Derek and Scott were friends, which Scott denied before asking her what they talked about when he took her home. Frowning, Allison responded that they really didn't talk much at all, and when Scott asked her what she told him, Allison became overwhelmed by Scott's sudden mood swing and excused herself to go to class, not answering the question and making Scott even more paranoid.

After school, Scott went straight to the Hale House ruins to confront Derek, where he insisted that he stay away from Allison. He maintained that Allison didn't know anything, but Derek wasn't so sure and mocked Scott for thinking he had all the answers just because Stiles "Googled 'Werewolves.'" Derek went on to say that, regardless of what Scott thought, he was really just trying to look after him, and reiterated what could happen if Scott lost control and transformed on the field in front of everyone, including Allison, his mother Melissa, and all the rest of his friends; according to Derek, his life would fall apart if this came to pass.

Though Scott didn't argue further, he did manage to pick up the scent of the same body whose bottom half had been found by the Sheriff's department in the Beacon Hills Preserve. This led Scott to decide to find the evidence to prove Derek was the killer so that he could be arrested and Scott could play in the game on Saturday without concern, as he was intent on impressing Allison and living a somewhat normal life in spite of his new condition. After confirming that the scent at the Hale House matched the scent of the other half of the body, Scott and Stiles decided to wait until Derek left the property before digging up the other half of the body to have him arrested. Before going further, Stiles asked if this was really about stopping a killer, or if it was just because he wanted to play and impress Allison and Derek wouldn't let him, but Scott just pointed out that the body was covered in bite marks, which was enough argument to convince Stiles that they needed to do this.

They managed to find the other half of the body buried next to the house, wrapped in a spiral of hemp and purple wolfsbane, which Stiles took in case it could come in handy. After Derek was arrested, Scott and Stiles were driving back in the Jeep when Scott became affected by the presence of the wolfsbane in Stiles' bag and became upset and transformed, eventually ending up at the Argent House, where he was watching Allison through the window. He was about to jump down to get into the house when suddenly, he was hit by Chris Argent as he was pulling into the driveway; fortunately for everyone, Scott was only bumped hard enough to cause enough pain to shift him back into human form, and Argent didn't seem to think anything was amiss, aside for the fact that Scott just appeared out of nowhere.

Hearing the commotion, Allison ran outside and scolded her father for injuring Scott, but Scott assured her that he was okay and that it was his fault for darting in front of the car, claiming he was just in the neighborhood and wanted to say "hi." Slightly suspicious, Argent asked if he truly was all right, which Scott assured him was the truth, before Scott started to walk away, stopping briefly to tell Allison he'd see her at the game, if she was still going. When Allison assured him that she would be there, Argent, still unsure about Scott, added that he would be attending with her, as well.

Saturday night, Scott and Stiles were walking up to the lacrosse field, where Scott asked him if he was planning on trying to convince him not to play. Stiles denied any intent to do so, though he did admit that he hoped Scott knew what he was doing, leading Scott to argue that if he didn't play, he would lose first line and Allison, and he didn't want to screw up his life when so much was suddenly going well for him. Stiles acknowledged his feelings as valid before advising him not to worry, or stress, or get too angry on the field, and when Scott assured him that he knew this, Stiles made matters slightly worse by adding, "Don't think about Allison being in the stands, or that her father's trying to kill you, or that Derek's trying to kill you, or the girl he killed, or that you might kill someone... if a Hunter doesn't kill you first..." Realizing he was just making it worse, Stiles apologized and wished him good luck for the game. When they split up, Lydia approached Scott to remind him of his duties for that night, adding that "Nobody likes a loser" before joining Allison and Argent up in the stands to watch the game.

Once the game was underway, Argent asked Allison and Lydia which player was Scott, and Lydia quickly replied that he was #11, "otherwise known as the only one who hasn't caught a single ball this entire game," not knowing that Jackson had insisted that none of the players pass to him. Allison hoped Scott was okay before Lydia corrected her by saying she hoped the whole team was okay and demanded she help hold up a sign cheering on Jackson. Finally, when Danny Mahealani finally started to pass to Scott, he began getting more action in the game and increased their score, which also caused his aggression to increase dramatically. He was this close to transforming on the field during the last play of the game, but when he heard Allison muttering, "You can do it, Scott. You can do it, Scott" under her breath, he was able to regain control enough to get the last point of the game and securing a win for his team.

However, the pressure became too much, and Scott once again retreated to the locker room, where he turned on the hot water and stood under the shower until he had come back to himself, which was perfect timing due to the fact that Allison had managed to track him down in there. She admitted that his disappearance scared her, and Scott apologized, stating that he was feeling lightheaded from the adrenaline and needed to get away. Allison praised him for his performance, and Scott apologized a second time, this time for acting so weird all day. When Allison assured him that she could handle weird, Scott confessed that she made him feel really nervous, and that he was just trying to make sure he got his second chance. Allison chuckled and pointed out that he already had it, and she was just waiting for him to take it, which led Scott to finally make a move and kiss her. The two made out for a long moment before Stiles came in and accidentally interrupted them.

Once she was gone, Scott, in a love-daze, smiled and exclaimed that he had kissed Allison, and that she had kissed him back, which made him feel better about his entire situation. He explained that he wasn't sure how, but he managed to control himself and pull his Werewolf side back, which made him think that maybe it wasn't so bad, and maybe he could learn to live like this forever. Stiles, not wanting to kill the mood, smiled and assured him that they would talk later, but Scott insisted that Stiles give him the update he had just learned, which was not good news—the medical examiner autopsied the full body and determined that she was killed by an animal, not a human, and since Derek was a human, and not an animal (as far as the police knew, anyway), they determined he wasn't the killer and were thus forced to release him from jail. Stiles then added that they identified the victim, and that she was Laura Hale, Derek's older sister.

In Pack Mentality,

In Magic Bullet,

In The Tell,

In Heart Monitor,

In Night School,

In Lunatic,

In Wolf's Bane,

In Co-Captain,

In Formality,

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In Omega,

In Shape Shifted,

In Ice Pick,

In Abomination,

In Venomous,

In Frenemy,

In Restraint,

In Raving,

In Party Guessed,

In Fury,

In Battlefield,

In Master Plan,


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In Tattoo,

In Chaos Rising,

In Fireflies,

In Unleashed,

In Frayed,

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In The Dark Moon,

In I.E.D.,

In Creatures of the Night, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, and Malia Tate attended the "Senior Scribe" event at the high school, where the seniors all use Sharpie markers to write their initials on the bookshelf in the library where the yearbooks are kept. After the others wrote their initials, Scott walked up to the shelf and wrote "S.M." on it, but stopped and thought about it for a moment before adding the initials "A.A." directly underneath it with a rueful smile. Stiles, upon seeing the initials, stated that she would have been there with them if she was alive, and Lydia corrected him by saying "She still is."

In Apotheosis, Scott and Liam engaged in a battle with Sebastien Valet, who was possessing the body of their friend, Mason Hewitt in an effort to save Mason and defeat Sebastien, who was the corrupted Werewolf known as the Beast of Gevaudan. However, Sebastien overpowered the two and grabbed Scott in a choke-hold, complimenting him on his power but stating that he needed instruction on how to "go for the throat." When Liam attempted to save Scott at the expense of Mason's life by trying to impale him with a mystical pike, Scott stopped him, insisting that they could still save Mason.

Just as Sebastien, confused by their loyalty to each other and their hesitance to take his life, tried to choke Scott to death, his claws pierced the back of Scott's neck, inadvertently causing him to perform the Werewolf Memory Manipulation ritual on him. Sebastien's mind was then flooded with Scott's memories of Allison, including Allison saving Scott, Derek Hale, and the rest of the Hale Pack from Deucalion and the Alpha Pack in Season 3A's Frayed; Allison practicing her archery in the woods with Lydia Martin in Season 3B's Anchors; Allison cuddled up against Scott's chest in Season 2's Frenemy; Allison smiling at Scott in Season 3A's Motel California; Scott brushing an eyelash off of Allison's cheek in the animal clinic in Season 1's pilot, Wolf Moon; and Allison, with blood dribbling over her lips, telling Scott she'll always love him before she dies in Season 3B's Insatiable.

Sebastien, overwhelmed by these memories due to Allison's resemblance to his younger sister Marie-Jeanne, who was the progenitor of the Argent bloodline and Allison's ancestor. This gave Scott enough time to smack Sebastien's hands away, saving him from death and allowing the recently arrived Lydia and Kira, the former of whom used her Banshee scream to exorcise Sebastien's spirit from Mason's body, allowing Scott to kill the spirit once and for all with the pike. Several days later, Stiles and Lydia were at school when Stiles informed her of what happened and stated that, even in death, Allison saved Scott's life, causing Lydia to smile nostalgically for her late best friend.

In Raw Talent, after Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Lydia Martin found the recently awakened and released Hellhound Halwyn dead from a gunshot to the forehead, Scott found a bullet casing on the ground that had the Argent Family fleur-de-lis stamped on it, causing the three to become concerned that it was Allison Argent's father, Chris Argent, who fired the killing shot. Scott and Malia went to the Argent Bunker to look for Argent, where he was nowhere to be found. However, they did find his laptop, where they decided to break into it in hopes of figuring out where he was in his scheduling application. After Malia failed to unlock the computer, Scott, who had just found a crossbow among all of the firearms in the bunker Argent was preparing to sell, realized that just as with the first section of the Deadpool computer code, Argent's password was "Allison."

When the two found Argent at an arms deal with a dozen men posing as Army soldiers, they helped him get out of a tough spot before confronting him about the bullet. Argent was surprised to see the bullet and insisted that he had not stamped any ammunition with the Argent fleur-de-lis since Allison's death, since one of her final acts prior to her death was forging a set of five silver arrowheads with the fleur-de-lis stamped on them.

In The Wolves of War, while Scott was fighting the Anuk-ite in the high school library, the Anuk-ite used his illusion-based powers to appear as the Nogitsune, both his bandaged form when he was possessing Corporal Rhys in 1943 as well as his Void-Stiles form.

The "Nogitsune," playing on Scott's preexisting fears, taunted him by stating that he not only failed his literally-petrified loved ones, but he also failed Allison, implying that it was his fault that she died. When this taunting didn't succeed in tricking Scott into opening his eyes so that he could be petrified as well, which would allow him to steal Scott's power, he claimed that if Scott opened his eyes, he would join Allison in the afterlife. However, this tactic did not work either, and Scott went so far as to gouge his own eyes with his claws to prevent himself from being petrified by the Anuk-ite, which also allowed him to overcome his fear, preventing the Anuk-ite from getting stronger from it.


  • Scott and Allison's relationship was the main canon romantic relationship in Seasons 1-2, followed by Jackson and Lydia.
  • It was revealed by Jeff Davis in a 2016 interview[1] that, had Allison's actress, Crystal Reed, not departed from the series, the Scott/Allison pairing was intended to be endgame.
    • It was also revealed that if Crystal hadn't left, Season 3B would have ended differently—Allison still would have been stabbed by the Oni, but instead of dying, Scott would have given her the Bite, and the Season 4 plot would have explored the new relationship between Allison and Scott, both as romantic partners and as an Alpha and his first Beta.
  • Allison and Scott's relationship lasted for six months, from January to June 2011, or Season 1's Wolf Moon to Season 2's Master Plan.
  • They were both each other's first love and first true romantic relationship.
  • Their last appearance together was in Season 3B's Insatiable, when Allison died in Scott's arms after she was stabbed in the chest by the ninjato of an Oni under the control of the Nogitsune.
  • According to Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall, Allison and Scott had sexual relations eleven times on-screen.
  • Scott and Allison's relationship became a fan favorite over the years and continues to have a strong following in the fandom even after Allison's death.



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