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You're not a monster. You're a Werewolf... Like me.

The relationship between the True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and his first true Beta Werewolf Liam Dunbar.

Scott and Liam first met at the beginning of Season 4, after Liam transferred to Beacon Hills High School from Devenford Prep and subsequently joined the lacrosse team. Scott was initially slightly jealous of Liam due to his prodigious lacrosse skills even as a human and was concerned that he might take his place as co-captain of the team. After Liam was injured during practice while doing a play against Scott and Stiles Stilinski, the two older boys took Liam to the hospital, where he was treated for a sprained ankle by his step-father, Dr. Geyer.

However, unbeknownst to them, another patient at the hospital, Sean Walcott, was a Wendigo who had not fed in some time. He eventually lost control of his hunger and killed a Sheriff's deputy in order to consume his flesh before going after Liam, who he brought onto the roof of the hospital to eat. Fortunately for Liam, Scott realized what had happened and rushed up to save him, but Liam was shoved off the roof by Sean during the struggle, leaving him hanging off the edge by his fingers while Scott tussled with the Wendigo. Scott attempted to pull Liam up, but Sean pulled his arms behind his back, leaving Scott no choice but to save Liam by biting him on the arm with his fangs to keep him from falling to his death.

Though Liam was initially skeptical of what Scott was telling him about the consequences of this act (namely, his inevitable transformation into a Werewolf), he eventually realized that he was, indeed, telling the truth later that night during the full moon, when he broke free from Lydia Martin's family's lake house and ran into the woods. After being comforted by Scott and told that he wasn't a monster as Liam initially believed, the young Beta began to embrace his newly-gained lycanthropy, though it took some time before he truly accepted his place in the McCall Pack.

Despite issues the pack has had throughout the middle of Season 5 that led to a brief estrangement between the Alpha and his first Beta, Liam and Scott's ultimately developed into a very close friendship, in which Scott acted as both an older brother figure and a mentor to the younger Liam. Since Scott was accepted to the University of California - Davis, he has since made Liam the acting "Alpha" of the McCall Pack in his absence, though Liam himself has admitted that he isn't actually an Alpha unless he kills one and takes their power. In the flashforwards to 2015 in The Wolves of War, Liam and Scott are still very close friends and devoted packmates who trust, defend, and care deeply for each other.

Scott and Liam are also known as Sciam, and, less frequently, as McDunbar, by fans.

Throughout Teen Wolf[edit | edit source]

In Muted, Scott met Liam for the first time when Scott and Stiles arrived at morning lacrosse practice, where Liam impressed everyone in attendance by dominating on the field. Scott and Stiles were shocked and somewhat jealous of Liam's abilities, to the point where Stiles was sure that Liam was a werecreature (specifically a "Werecheetah," which may or may not exist) of some kind. After they overheard one of their teammates, Garrett, say that Liam could be good enough to earn the leadership of the team as a freshman for the first time in the team's history, Scott and Stiles, now feeling threatened by the new player, decided to get serious about lacrosse (a hobby of theirs that had fallen by the wayside in recent months due to being preoccupied with the supernatural drama plaguing the town) so they could keep him from taking Scott's position as team captain.

At Stiles' urging, the two confronted Liam in the locker room after early morning practice to ask him how he got so good. However, Liam simply stated that he learned how to play from his step-father, Dr. Geyer, and though Scott caught him in a lie about getting kicked out of his former school, Devenford Prep, he determined that Liam was human and left the matter at that until that afternoon's first official lacrosse try-out of the new season.

Though Stiles encouraged him to tap into his superhuman abilities to get one over on Liam, Scott viewed using his Werewolf powers in lacrosse as cheating; unfortunately, relying solely on his human abilities left much to be desired in his lacrosse performance, and he became so intent on retaining his position on the team that he and Stiles got too aggressive and accidentally injured Liam during two-against-one drills. Upon seeing that Liam's ankle was possibly broken, Scott and Stiles took Liam to the hospital to be treated by Liam's step-father, Dr. Geyer. Scott stayed at the hospital to find out how Liam was doing and overheard a conversation where Liam mentioned that he was trying to show off to Scott, who, like Dr. Geyer in his youth, was team captain as a sophomore, something that only made Scott feel more guilty about injuring him and letting his jealousy get the better of him.

After finding his mother, Melissa McCall, being attacked by a Wendigo named Sean Walcott who had been admitted to the hospital after his family was killed by an assassin known as The Mute, Scott spent a moment checking on her before chasing after Sean, who had snatched Liam from outside his own hospital room before dragging him up onto the roof to eat him. Scott, in his full Werewolf form, pleaded with Sean to let Liam go and promised to help him, but when Sean refused to relent, Scott attacked, and Sean shoved Liam out of the way so hard that he toppled over the roof and barely managed to grab the edge with his fingers to avoid falling five stories and onto the ground below. Scott struggled to incapacitate Sean long enough to save Liam, and when he attempted to pull the boy up, Sean pulled Scott's arms behind his back to stop him, leaving Scott no choice but to prevent Liam from falling by biting his forearm with his fangs before he plummeted to his death. Sean was then killed by The Mute, who left before Scott could figure out who he was, but the damage to Liam had already been done-- Scott had bitten Liam hard enough to either turn him into a Werewolf or kill him.

In The Benefactor, a frantic Scott called Stiles over to his house, where, much to his embarrassment, he confessed to having brought Liam home and duct-taped him up in his bathtub, as he had panicked regarding what to do with him after having accidentally given him the Bite. Stiles was appalled, but ultimately decided to help Scott break the news to Liam about what could be happening to him. Unfortunately, Stiles handled the situation in his typically tactless manner by bluntly telling Liam that he could die, leading Liam to fake-cry in order to manipulate them into removing his restraints before he smashed a chair over their heads and attempted to escape. To his shock, he found that his ankle had already healed due to the approaching full moon, indicating that he was successfully transforming, and he ran home before Scott and Stiles could catch him.

The next day at school, Liam started to feel sweaty and woozy, worrying his best friend Mason Hewitt. He was once again ambushed by Scott and Stiles, who urged him to listen to them because of the seriousness of their current situation. After Scott made the mistake of channeling Derek Hale by telling Liam "The Bite is a gift," and "We're brothers now," (see Wolf Moon) Liam ripped off the bandage on his arm where Scott bit him and insisted that nothing was happening to him, revealing that the bite had already healed and that he was becoming a Werewolf.

At a loss for options, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, and Malia decided to lie to Liam and tell him that they were having a party at Lydia's family's lake house in order to help him through his first full moon, whether he wanted it or not. To do this, Kira attempted to draw on her trickster nature to get Liam to have a crush on her so he would accept her invitation to their "party" so he wouldn't know Scott and Stiles were involved.

Right before Liam was set to arrive with Kira, Stiles came to Scott and informed him that he had finally learned why Liam had been kicked out of Devenford Prep-- he had viciously demolished his teacher's car with a crowbar and scratched "THIS IS YOUR FAULT" in the paint. Scott became even more worried about Liam's future as a Werewolf due to his pre-existing. uncontrollable anger issues, but continued on with the plan at a loss for better alternatives. Once Liam arrived, they gave him what they called an "intervention," to which Liam's reaction was predictably bad. However, he was quickly overwhelmed with the power of the full moon and started to transform, leading Scott and Kira to rush him out to the boat house to lock him up, leaving Stiles and Malia to deal with the latter's own transformation in the basement while Lydia dealt with the party-crashers upstairs.

Liam proved incredibly difficult to lock up due to having an unprecedented level of strength for a neophyte Werewolf, and when he started to attack Scott, who didn't want to fight back out of fear of hurting and scaring him more, Kira was forced to hit him with a boat oar, which knocked him out and allowed them to chain Liam to one of the support beams. Kira worried that Liam wouldn't want their help when he reawakened, but Scott assured her that he would need it, as he went through the same thing himself. However, when Liam awoke, he fully transformed into a Werewolf and used his enhanced strength (even more augmented by his anger) to break out and run into the woods. Scott finally managed to catch up with him, only for Liam to attack him once again until he was stopped by the appearance of Chris Argent, who shot a flash-bang arrow and scared Liam away. After Argent encouraged Scott to use his own words to get through to Liam rather than Derek's words, he sent Scott off to a trap he had made with ultra-sonic emitters, which had trapped Liam and caused him enough pain to transform him back into a human.

When Scott found him once again, Liam asked him what was happening to him, and Scott grimly informed him that it was the same thing that happened to him a year earlier. Liam began to panic and begged Scott not to let his mother and step-father see him like this, because he couldn't stand to make them see him as a monster like they did when he destroyed his coach's car and got kicked out of school. Scott then replied, "You're not a monster. You're a Werewolf... Like me." This comforted Liam enough to finally return to the lake house, and he began to accept his lycanthropy.

In I.E.D., after working out in the weight room at school and being forced to lie to his best friend Mason about his transformation, Liam went into the locker room and found, much to his anger, that his lacrosse stick was gone. He then picked up the sound of a lacrosse stick dragging against the lockers and turned to see Derek Hale (who he had not yet met) holding his lacrosse stick.

When Derek asked him if it belonged to him and snapped it in half, Liam's eyes flashed gold, leading Derek to simply beckon him to try to fight him. Liam lunged for him, but Derek, being older and more experienced, easily grabbed him in a choke-hold and pinned him to the row of lockers. Liam snarled and snapped at him with his fangs until Scott appeared and called his name. The sound of his Alpha's voice calmed him down, and when he realized that Scott knew Derek, he made an angry face as Derek let him go, remarking that Scott was right about Liam being strong.

Scott informed Liam that he had his stick, and that Derek had broken one of the school-provided ones, before sending him off to class. Once Liam had left, Derek smiled and said that Scott was going to be good at being an Alpha, and though Scott expressed concern that he wasn't experienced enough to have his own Beta to train, especially considering everything that was happening with the Deadpool and Kate Argent's return, Derek assured him that they would get through it one issue at a time.

That afternoon, Scott and Stiles watched from a distance as the Devenford Prep lacrosse team arrived at their school, and became concerned when they saw Liam approaching Brett Talbot, a former teammate. They worried that Liam was going to try to attack him, but were surprised to see Liam extend his hand to wish Brett a good game. However, when Brett brought up Devenford Prep's coach and how Liam destroyed his car, Liam became so angry that he squeezed his hand into a fist, causing his claws to cut his hands. When Scott and Stiles overheard Brett tell him that they were going to make him pay for what he did, they rushed over to grab Liam before he could get into a fight or expose his powers. They then rushed him into the locker room just as he transformed out of anger, where they shoved him in the showers and doused him in cold water until he shifted back.

After he calmed down, Scott asked Liam what happened with his coach, and Liam explained that his coach benched him for the entire lacrosse season after he got too many red cards, and that he lost himself in a rage, which is why he destroyed his coach's car. Afterward, Liam was kicked out of school and sent to a psychologist for an evaluation, where he was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder, or IED. When Scott asked him if he was prescribed anything for it, Liam admitted that he was given Risperdal, but that he quit taking it because it made him too tired and he wasn't able to play lacrosse.

Stiles snidely implied that Scott made a mistake by turning Liam into a Werewolf when he was already literal walking time-bomb, but Scott disagreed, though he did suggest that Liam bail out of the game just in case by telling Coach Finstock that his leg was still hurt. However, Liam, who seemed to have grown to both like and trust Scott since his transformation, insisted that he could play, especially if Scott was there to help give him moral support. Scott expressed his concern about the Deadpool assassins and the fact that they still didn't know who killed Demarco Montana, the keg delivery man, at Lydia's party in the previous episode, but Liam realized that while he didn't know who ordered the keg, he did know who paid for it-- Garrett, their fellow teammate.

That night at the game, Scott and Stiles had to stop Liam from angrily attacking Brett on several occasions, particularly considering that Devenford Prep was dominating them in points. In the middle of the match, Brett, Garrett, and Liam all tackled each other so hard that Liam broke his arm, and when Scott and Stiles helped him up, Scott caught Garrett retracting a wolfsbane-coated blade from inside his lacrosse stick and assumed that Garrett was trying to kill Liam, since they had only cracked one-third of the Deadpool hit-list and were concerned that he was on one of the other two lists.

However, after determining that Liam had not been cut by Garrett's blade, Scott used his hands to set Liam's broken forearm so it could heal while Brett, who was beginning to look delirious as he loudly cried out in pain, was taken inside by the medics for treatment for his injuries. Near the end of the game, Scott and Liam were standing together and discussing the day's events when Stiles came up to them with their phone out and informed them both that Lydia and Malia had cracked the second portion of the Deadpool list, and while Liam wasn't on it, Brett was.

In Orphaned, Liam met up with Scott after Violet attempted to kill him to inform him that Kira had left after learning that her mother, Noshiko Yukimura, was on the the second portion of the Deadpool list. The two then eavesdropped on Scott's father, FBI Special Agent Rafael McCall's conversation with Violet about the fact that she and Garrett were two assassins known as The Orphans. Afterward, Liam kept watch outside the locker room while Scott searched Garrett's locker, though Scott kept the fact that he found Garrett's duffel bag full of $500,000 from killing Carrie Hudson inside of it.

The next day, Liam went on a run with Mason and vaguely mentioned being stressed out about the revelation that their so-called friends Garrett and Violet were just using them to get to their assassination targets. Liam got carried away in running and ended up far away from Mason due to his enhanced speed, where he was run over by Garrett in his SUV. Garrett walked toward Liam with his forked blade, still coated in yellow wolfsbane, and stabbed him in the chest with it before throwing him in a well in the Beacon Hills Preserve. After Mason lost track of Liam, he went back to the school to find Scott in order to learn whether he had seen him recently. When they went to Coach Finstock and learned that Liam had missed his class, Scott assured Mason that he'd let him know when he got in touch with Liam.

It was just after they separated that Scott got a call from Liam's phone, but when he answered it, he found that it was actually Garrett, who told him that the only way he was going to get Liam back was if he met with him outside in the bus bay. Once there, Garrett informed Scott what he had done to Liam and warned him that if the yellow wolfsbane got to his heart, he would die. In order to save him, Garrett wanted Scott to not only give him the money back that he stole, but to also get him Violet back by breaking her out of the armored car before she was taking to a federal prison for her crimes. Though Scott was not keen to help Garrett, he was desperate to find and save Liam, and as a result, he agreed to his plan. All the while, Liam desperately tried to get out of the well by climbing up the bricks, but every time he got close to the top, he slipped and fell back into the water.

Scott and Garrett followed the armored car, only to find that it had already been stopped and overturned by Kate Argent and her Berserkers, the former of whom captured Violet and took her away, leaving her Berserkers to deal with Sheriff Stilinski, Agent McCall, Scott, and Garrett. Garrett was ultimately killed by one of Kate's feral bodyguards while the other stabbed Scott with his claw, though fortunately, he was saved by Chris Argent, who was tracking Kate, and brought back to the animal clinic to be treated by Alan Deaton. After he came to, Scott insisted that he had to find Violet, since she was now the only hope of finding Liam, and used the Berserker claw they left in his side to track them to Argent Arms International, where he was accompanied by Argent.

The two went into the warehouse and fought against Kate and the Berserkers, and after Scott was thrown into a wall, he found Violet was already dead. After Kate called off the Berserkers and fled, Scott went back to Argent and lamented the fact that he was never going to find Liam, but the Hunter assured him that there was still hope. Just then, Liam, who had made it just a few feet from the top of the well, instinctively roared as loud as he could, allowing Scott to find him and pull him out right as he had nearly fallen back into the water. Once he was out, Scott hugged him and assured him that he was okay before bringing him back to the animal clinic so Deaton could drain the wolfsbane from his body.

In Time of Death, Scott and Liam were joined by Kira and Stiles so that they could all figure out a way to lure The Benefactor out of hiding and finally learn his or her identity. To do this, Scott, who was the most valuable target on the Deadpool at $25 million, decided to use himself as bait by faking his death and making it seem as though visual confirmation was impossible to gain so that The Benefactor would have to come to see for themselves. Liam, however, was immediately concerned about this plan and pointed out how dangerous it was before asking Scott and Stiles if they had ever done something like this before, though it was implied that they most certainly have.

Liam was present that evening in Scott's bedroom at the McCall House, where he and Kira were supervised by Noshiko Yukimura, who had experience in what Kira was planning to do and reluctantly agreed to help them. Liam asked Noshiko a lot of questions about how Kira would be stopping Scott's heart, and when it became obvious that Liam was extremely worried about the fact that Scott could actually die during this attempt to fake his death, Kira told Scott to tell Liam that everything would be okay, which he did. Liam then watched as Kira used her foxfire to slow Scott's heart to one beat every few minutes.

Liam, along with Kira, Stiles, and Noshiko, then met Melissa McCall at the hospital's morgue, where they all stood vigil around Scott's body. Liam looked concerned as they informed Melissa of what they had done, and became even more so when it was revealed that Scott would die if he wasn't brought back within forty-five minutes. In order to keep Scott safe while he was essentially "dead," Liam, Stiles, and Kira hooked up their laptops to the hospital's surveillance cameras with help from Chris Argent, who was physically guarding Scott's body, in order to catch the Benefactor before they could claim Scott for the Deadpool. When the camera feed on the roof was mysteriously cut off, Liam, eager to help protect Scott, accompanied Kira to the roof to investigate, where the two eventually ran into one of Kate Argent's Berserkers. Liam didn't return to see Scott until after he was awakened, where he regretfully informed Kira of her mother's injuries at the hands of the other Berserker.

In Perishable, Liam began suffering symptoms of acute traumatic stress disorder after his run-in with the Berserkers in the previous episode, including hallucinations of them following him around that caused him to have panic attacks and insomnia. To make matters worse, his printer mysteriously began printing out revised versions of the Deadpool hit-list, where his value was increased from $3 million to $18 million, making him the third most valuable on the list after Scott and Lydia.

Scott, recognizing that something was bothering his Beta, approached him at school and asked him what was wrong, causing Liam to admit what he had learned about the Deadpool. The two were also present when Coach Finstock's own printer began printing out copies of the revised Deadpool as well, leading them to realize that Derek Hale, who was believed to be losing his Werewolf powers, was no longer on the list, and the value of his bounty was added to Liam's.

That night at the lacrosse bonfire, Scott approached Malia to try to apologize for hiding her true parentage from her, and when he awkwardly informed her that, as werecreatures, they could not get drunk off of alcohol, Malia gestured to Liam, who was drinking heavily from a bottle of vodka mixed with soda, and told him to tell Liam that. Scott became incredibly concerned when both Liam and Malia began exhibiting symptoms of being drunk despite their healing ability making that impossible. However, it wasn't until Scott himself, who abstained from alcohol for that reason, began feeling the symptoms that he realized it wasn't the alcohol that was affecting them, but the subsonic frequencies in the music played by the DJ, who was secretly working with cohorts of Deputy Haigh, the deputy who had tried to kill Jordan Parrish the previous night.

When Mason Hewitt expressed concern for Scott, Liam and Malia's current state, Scott vaguely explained that the music was affecting them and that he needed to turn it off before instructing Mason to not let Liam or Malia out of his sight. However, the DJ turned up the music when Scott got close, allowing him to be captured by the corrupt security guards working with Deputy Haigh, who overpowered Mason and captured Liam and Malia soon after. With Scott, Liam, and Malia too weakened by the subsonic frequencies to fight back, the dirty security guards dragged them into the high school and doused them in gasoline in preparation to burn them like Haigh attempted to burn Parrish. Fortunately for them, Mason remembered what Scott had said and disabled the music, allowing Scott to overpower one of the guards long enough for Derek Hale and Braeden to show up and rescue the three before they could be killed.

In Monstrous, Liam got cleaned up at the McCall House with Scott after their most-recent near-death experience. However, when Scott informed him that Kira had found Brett Talbot, his sister Lorilee, and the rest of the survivors in Satomi Ito's pack, Liam clammed up and stopped following him, leading Scott to realize that Liam, still being a new Werewolf, was having difficulty dealing with the extreme levels of stress that followed around the supernatural community of Beacon Hills.

When Scott offered to take Liam home instead of bringing him with him to the animal clinic, Liam quietly reminded Scott that he wasn't like him. Scott assumed he was talking about having control over his lycanthropy and assured him that he might not be yet, but he soon would be, Liam explained that it wasn't what he meant and said that it was everything else, including the fact that Scott and the McCall Pack are constantly trying to save everyone. When Liam asked him if they've always done this and wondered aloud how they were all still alive after everything they've been through, Scott sadly informed him that not all of them had survived before gently handing him his spare motorbike helmet and offering to drive him home once again, an offer Liam accepted.

In A Promise to the Dead, Liam continued to suffer from acute traumatic stress following his battle with the Berserker, which led him to have insomnia and terrifying hallucinations that he was being followed by the bear-like creatures. At school the next day, Liam was in the weight room with Mason, where the two were working out together. It was clear to Mason that something was wrong with him and expressed concern when Liam loaded hundreds of pounds of weight to the bench press.

Clearly in a bad mood, Liam snapped at him that he could handle it and did several reps to prove his point; however, after Mason turned away from him, Liam returned to doing reps on the bench press as his mind flooded with flashbacks of his battle with the Berserker, causing Liam's super-strength to temporarily give out and pinning him under the bar. Fortunately for him, Scott sensed his anxiety and fear and rushed into the weight room, pulling the barbell off of his chest so Liam could breathe as Mason watched in shock and concern. Scott whispered to Liam that it was completely fine if he didn't want to be in the pack, but that he shouldn't push away friends like Mason, either.

That evening, before the lacrosse game started, Liam approached Stiles in the locker room and expressed concern regarding Scott and Kira's lateness, not knowing at the time that the two had been attacked and captured by Kate Argent and her Berserkers before being taken to Mexico. Stiles, knowing that the two had a date planned at Derek's loft, assured him that he would be there, and he and Liam helped cover for Scott when Coach Finstock also noticed their absence. When the game started and Scott was still nowhere to be found, Liam only grew more concerned, and continued to question Stiles about what was going on. Stiles assured him that it wasn't a big deal, but secretly texted Scott to tell him that he was very worried. Liam's stress about Scott's well-being increased his anxiety about the Berserker battle, and he began to hallucinate that the Berserker was killing Brett Talbot on the field, causing him to nearly have a panic attack until Brett snapped him out of it.

After the game, Brett approached Liam to ask him if he was okay, and when Liam asked him why he helped him despite their dislike for each other, Brett confessed that it was because Scott had saved him, his pack, and the rest of the survivors of the Deadpool. He pointed out that Liam didn't know how lucky he was, because Scott, as a True Alpha, earned his power and status rather than stealing it or inheriting it, and that both Liam and Scott weren't strong because they were Werewolves, but because they endure, which he said Satomi called "strength of character." He then reiterated that Liam was lucky to have Scott before he left, leading Liam to mutter, "Then why isn't he here?"

In Smoke and Mirrors, Liam, upon learning that Scott and Kira had been captured by Kate Argent and taken to La Iglesia in Mexico, immediately rushed to the McCall House to offer his assistance to Stiles and Malia, who were searching his bedroom for something to get a stronger scent. Though he appreciated Liam's offer, Stiles declined, reminding him that he had only been a Werewolf for a short time and that the full moon that night would cause him to lose control and only cause more problems. Despite this warning, Liam was insistent upon helping his Alpha and suggested that Stiles and Malia chain him up in the backseat of whatever vehicle they took, but Malia pointed out that he broke through the chains they had during his first full moon. However, after Liam continued pushing, Stiles got an idea as to how to bring Liam along with them, since he and Malia knew that they needed all the help that they could get.

The three then met up with Braeden and Derek, who had used Braeden's US Marshal credentials to get a prisoner transport van so that they could lock Liam up in the back. Also joining them was Peter, who warned them about the dangers they faced in saving Scott and Kira from Kate and the Berserkers. On the way to La Iglesia, where Kate was keeping Scott and Kira, the moon rose in the sky and caused Liam to transform, nearly killing Derek and Stiles, who were in the back of the transport van to supervise him. Fortunately, they managed to get him under control by using Satomi's Pack's mantra, and once he had calmed down, Derek asked him if he could continue exhibiting his control in order to save Scott and Kira, which Liam insisted he could do.

Leaving Braeden and Derek outside of the church due to Derek's injuries at the hands of a Berserker, Liam, Malia, Peter, and Stiles entered the temple in search of Scott and Kira. When they ran into another Berserker, they split up, with Liam, Malia, and Peter attacking the Berserker while Stiles left to get Kira. The three then engaged in a fierce battle with the beastly creature for quite a while until Liam and Peter were able to pin it to a wall, leading Peter to encourage Malia to stab it in the skull with its own bone knife. However, when Kira and Stiles rushed in and informed them that the Berserker was Scott, who had been transformed by Kate, Liam, stunned, looked into the eyes of the person behind the mask and recognized Scott for who he was.

However, this moment of distraction was enough for Scott to break out of their grip and start attacking Kira and Stiles before setting his sights on Liam, ultimately grabbing him in a choke-hold and pinning him against the wall. Liam, horrified, pleaded with Scott to stop, but his consciousness had been completely overtaken by his transformation into a Berserker. When Scott raised his clawed hand to kill Liam, Liam desperately repeated the same words to Scott that Scott had told him during his first full moon-- "You're not a monster! You're a Werewolf-- like me." These words in combination with the connection they shared as an Alpha and his bitten Beta allowed Scott to overcome his Berserker instincts and rip the bear skull off of his head, returning him to the True Alpha that he really is.

Realizing that Peter had orchestrated this entire thing to kill Scott and attempt to take his powers, Scott and Peter began engaging in another fierce one-on-one fight. Scott refused to allow any of the other pack members to help him, but at one point, Liam became so worried for Scott that he instinctively jumped into the fray. In response, Peter picked up a nearby broken church pew and threw it at Liam, who was barely able to duck in time to avoid being hit in the face. Scott, furious that Peter would attack his Beta, used his affection toward Liam and the rest of his pack to give him the strength necessary to defeat the man who made him a Werewolf in the first place.

After the battle had ended, Scott, Liam, and the rest of the pack and their allies went outside to discuss what had happened, leading Chris Argent to reveal that he had made a deal with the Calavera Family-- he would help them track down Kate, and in exchange, the Hunters would leave the pack alone and not attack Scott for turning Liam.

Once they all returned to Beacon Hills, Scott, Liam, and Stiles were seen talking to Coach Finstock in the locker room, where Liam was trying to come up with an excuse as to why Scott missed the last lacrosse game, and why Liam, Scott, and Stiles had missed the last practice. Though the Coach didn't believe their excuse whatsoever, he let their absence slide, though he did remind Scott that Liam was the most promising young lacrosse player he had ever seen, and that it was now up to him and Stiles to look after him and have each other's backs. Liam looked over at Scott with a smile, and Scott returned the smile before assuring Coach that they already do.

In Creatures of the Night, Scott and Stiles were sitting on the hood of Stiles' Jeep in the Beacon Hills Preserve while Liam was chained to the tree due to the full moon overhead. However, Liam insisted that he could control himself and begged the two to let him go. Stiles was hesitant to do so, since during the last full moon, Liam apparently got loose and started running around Beacon Hills naked, but Scott was certain that Liam had himself under control and freed him from his restraints, pretending not to notice that Liam had gouged his palms with his claws to stay human.

The three then started driving toward Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital in the Jeep so they could meet up with Malia, who was near the hospital in order to help her father and a group of volunteers clear up fallen trees from the recent storm. On the way, Liam questioned Scott and Stiles on their plans that evening, but since it was a seniors-only event, they both kept quiet about it. Shortly afterward, the Jeep broke down, forcing Stiles to pull over so he and Scott could have a look under the hood.

When Liam saw a bolt of lightning touch down right behind the Jeep, Liam attempted to tell them what was going on, but Scott was distracted by the dire state of the Jeep's engine and instructed him to hold tight for a moment, only for another bolt of lightning to nearly hit Scott and Stiles. Now scared about the weird weather, the boys became surprised when the car started up again, causing Liam to insist that they get out of there. Upon picking up Malia, Liam remarked that he knew she had gone to summer school because her test scores weren't good enough and she might have to repeat junior year, which angered Malia, annoyed Stiles (who had told Liam that information in confidence) and amused Scott.

They then stopped by the hospital itself to drop Liam off, since his father was working late that night. Liam continued to try to get Scott to let Liam come with them to Senior Scribe, but Scott, knowing Liam couldn't come, instead changed the subject by asking Liam to show him his hands. Liam, realizing he had been caught, blushed in embarrassment, but reluctantly pulled his hands out of his pockets to reveal that he still had claw-induced wounds on his palms, and that he had blood caked under his fingernails.

This forced Liam to admit that he was still having difficulty controlling himself on full moons, but Scott corrected him by saying that he was still learning before asking him what he was using to keep himself from shifting. Liam held up his mp3 player earbuds before admitting that his music wasn't helping, but Scott assured him that it was working enough before reminding him that Derek had said that Liam was the strongest Beta of his age that he had ever met, which was saying a lot coming from a Werewolf with as much experience as Derek. Scott went on to say that even though Liam may need a little more time to get control over his transformations during the full moon, it also meant that he was very strong, both physically and emotionally, which cheered Liam up a lot.

Later, after overhearing Jordan Parrish talking to Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall in the morgue about how Parrish was attacked by Belasko, who was looking for Scott, Liam wasted no time rushing back to the high school to warn and protect Scott from this threat. He started approaching Stiles and Malia while the two were kissing under the catwalk, and Malia, who believed him to be a threat, slammed him onto the ground before Liam was able to inform them that Scott was in trouble.

By the time they managed to find Scott, he and Kira had already begun to fight Belasko with help from Theo Raeken, and Belasko had just plunged his talons into Scott's stomach to try to siphon his power, leading Liam to partially transform and roar menacingly at the Chimera. However, the presence of Scott's pack allowed Scott to gain the power necessary to fight back, snapping off the talons on Belasko's right hand and giving him the choice between running or fighting his entire pack. Once Belasko was gone, Liam joined the pack to regroup and briefly talk to Theo before the seniors left for Senior Scribe, and Liam presumably returned to the hospital to wait for his step-father to get off work.

In Parasomnia, while Scott and Alan Deaton were discussing the new hybrid creature the pack encountered the previous evening, Deaton explained that, since Scott is a True Alpha, only a Beta of his own making could steal his power, which, at this time, meant that only Liam was capable of usurping him.

Though Scott and Liam did not see each other again until that evening, Scott was brought up when Stiles and Liam were discussing Liam's current issue, which was that his best friend Mason Hewitt was beginning to get suspicious about his strange behavior and absences, which led Stiles to remind him that he and Scott already told Liam that he could tell Mason the truth about the supernatural, especially considering that Mason already saw Sheriff Stilinski blow up a Berserker with a claymore mine. (See Smoke and Mirrors)

Later, Scott, knowing that Stiles would enlist Liam's help to investigate the trustworthiness of the newly-arrived Theo Raeken, went to the Beacon Hills Preserve and waited by Stiles' Jeep until Stiles and Liam returned. Scott correctly assumed that Theo had gone to the bridge to pay his respects to his dead sister Tara, which Stiles confirmed before Liam tried to break the tension by informing Scott that he had fallen into what he believed was a large sinkhole. When Stiles' Jeep wouldn't start, Liam got into the driver's seat to turn the key in the ignition as needed while Scott and Stiles worked on the engine, listening as the two argued about Stiles' paranoia regarding Theo. Liam also watched as Scott used his Werewolf powers to absorb Stiles' pain after he impulsively punched the machinery of his Jeep in anger and frustration.

In Dreamcatchers, Scott and Liam, along with Lydia, Kira, Malia, Stiles and the newly-informed Mason met in the bus bay at Beacon Hills High School to discuss what needed to be done with Tracy Stewart, as they believed she had recently been bitten and turned into a Werewolf by an unknown Alpha and was now running wild and killing people due to her pre-existing night terrors.

After the meeting, during which time they decided to try to catch Tracy first before they made any further plans, Liam was in Ken Yukimura's history class when he realized that a dirty, barefoot, and generally out-of-it Tracy sitting in the back of the room next to Hayden Romero. Concerned, Liam rushed to Mrs. Finch's AP biology classroom, where Scott, Kira, Lydia, and Theo Raeken were in class. Scott noticed Liam standing in the doorway, but was unable to leave due to Mrs. Finch calling on him to read from their textbook, so he tapped his ear so that Liam would know that he was listening anyway.

Once Scott was able to get away, he went to Ken's classroom while Liam pulled the fire alarm to create a diversion before coming back to help him. The two tried to talk Tracy, who was still in the midst of a night terror, out of doing anything reckless, as she was clutching Hayden's wrist so hard with her clawed hands that she cut her. They finally managed to momentarily snap Tracy out of her night terror and let go of Hayden, only for her to tell Liam, Scott, and Ken, "They're coming-- they're coming for all of us" before she passed out onto the floor. Afterward, Liam stayed behind with Mason, Lydia, and Kira while Scott, Stiles, and Malia took Tracy to the animal clinic so Alan Deaton could examine her.

In Condition Terminal, Liam arrived at the hospital to meet up with Scott, who was waiting with Stiles, Kira, and Theo about news as to Lydia's condition after she was badly injured by Tracy Stewart and sent in for surgery. Liam updated Scott on what he, Mason, and Brett Talbot had learned about the new hybrid creatures-- specifically, that Tracy had been buried alive and dug herself out, and since there were two holes in the Beacon Hills Preserve, it was likely that there was another creature.

The following night, Liam went to Sinema with Mason, albeit begrudgingly, and when Mason saw Liam texting Scott, he reminded him that Scott would howl if he needed anything and that he himself needed Liam as a wingman or "flight attendant" that evening. Mason ended up having to bribe Hayden Romero, who worked as a server at the club, $50 to let them inside, and once there, they met up with Brett Talbot, who was seductively dancing with both a young man and a young woman. Despite being there to help Mason find a guy with whom to hook up, Liam couldn't shake the feeling that someone supernatural was in the club with them and continued to investigate the current issue with the hybrid creatures, which Scott and the McCall Pack were now calling "Chimeras."

Meanwhile, Scott and Kira were summoned back to the hospital by Melissa McCall, where she was dealing with a new teenage patient, Corey Bryant, who had sustained what appeared to be a scorpion sting that was causing him such excruciating pain that even the largest dose of morphine they could safely give gave no relief whatsoever. After Scott used his pain absorption power to relieve Corey's pain, they were able to question him on how he got the wound; Corey explained that he was making out with his boyfriend, Lucas, when suddenly, he was in the worst pain imaginable. When Corey mentioned that they always went to Sinema on all-ages night, Scott became worried when he realized that Lucas was at the club where Liam and Mason were spending the evening.

By the time Scott and Kira arrived at the club, Lucas had already tried to attack Mason with his scorpion stingers while they were making out and had been saved by Brett, who engaged with a fight until he was slashed across the chest and was relieved by Liam, who jumped in to fight him so he could recover. When Scott and Kira found them, Lucas had Liam in a choke-hold, and Liam grunted that they were late before they jumped into the fray to defeat him. The three were able to weaken Lucas enough that Liam managed to knock him out with a well-placed head-butt.

Just as they were questioning what kind of creature he was, Scott, Liam, Brett, and Mason watched in horror as Kira lost control over her inner Kitsune spirit, who flared out her aura and caused her to yell "I am the Messenger of Death!" as she attempted to decapitate Lucas with her katana; had Scott not stopped her just in time, she would have succeeded in killing him. Scott and Liam were about to pick up the unconscious Lucas and take him to the animal clinic for further examination when the Dread Doctors suddenly appeared and killed him with a retractable crossbow bolt, stating that Lucas' condition was terminal and that he was a "failure" before using their electromagnetokinesis to explode the lights before they left.

In Strange Frequencies, after Liam discovered that Hayden Romero was one of the Dread Doctors' Chimeras and saved her from being captured by them, he brought her back to the McCall House to wait for Scott and Stiles to return. Shortly before they arrived, Hayden locked herself in Scott's bathroom, and when Scott and Stiles made it upstairs, Liam quickly filled them in on what had happened to Hayden. Scott, Liam and Stiles then went on to try to coax Hayden out of the bathroom, only to discover her partially-transformed with glowing gold irises, fangs, and claws.

The next day, the McCall Pack came up with a plan to use the Telluric Currents around Beacon Hills High School to create a fortress to protect Hayden from the Dread Doctors, knowing that they would once again attempt to capture her to continue their experimentation. Scott and Liam stayed with Hayden and Lydia inside the boy's locker room while Malia and Parrish stood guard outside. However, after Liam found a bag full of chains on a nearby bench, Scott was forced to confess that he intended to capture one of the Dread Doctors if they were given the opportunity, leading Liam to realize that Hayden was the bait.

Scott argued that they had little choice due to the fact that the Dread Doctors were winning, and their pack didn't even know what game they were playing, adding that since someone had to make sure that everyone stayed safe, that meant someone else had to be the bait. Seeing how stressed Scott was, Liam relented but made Scott promise that he would do whatever was necessary to protect Hayden, which Scott agreed to do. Unfortunately, after the Dread Doctors used their powers to make Scott, Lydia, Malia and Parrish experience horrifying hallucinations, which left Hayden and Liam open to be captured by them.

In Ouroboros, Scott spent the entirety of the episode desperately searching for Liam with help from the McCall Pack and Theo Raeken, the latter of whom they thought was their ally. Scott, feeling so guilty about what happened and blaming himself for Liam and Hayden's capture, pushed himself to the edge in his search for his Beta that he began to act impulsively. This included forcefully performing the Werewolf Memory Manipulation ritual on Corey Bryant before the newly-discovered Chimera could even consent to the procedure. From his memories, Scott extracted a possible location of the Dread Doctors Operating Theater, which they believed to be in the same area as the water treatment plant in the underground tunnels.

While Scott, Mason, and Malia searched the tunnels, Theo and Lydia stayed behind with Corey in hopes of getting more information; unbeknownst to the rest of them, Theo already knew where Hayden and Liam were being held by the Dread Doctors, but needed a legitimate reason to have this information, so he pressed Corey to think about the other locations the Dread Doctors had taken him so he could use the information and "rescue" the two teens, further cementing his place in the pack and solidifying the pack's trust in him. Scott was so relieved that Liam and Hayden were brought home safe and sound that Scott gave Theo a big hug in thanks for his work, believing that Theo did what he could not, a thought that only caused Scott more emotional turmoil than he was already experiencing due to everything happening in Beacon Hills at the moment.

In Lies of Omission, the events of the previous week still affected Liam, causing him to become more distrustful of Scott. The tension between the two only grew as time went on, and the more Scott tried to fix things, the more Liam pulled away.

Scott was in the boys locker room at the high school when he suddenly heard the sound of someone's heart racing as if they were having a panic attack. Upon looking around, he found Liam unloading the contents of his locker into a duffle bag, but when he asked what the young Beta was doing, Liam evasively said "nothing." Not wanting to push his luck, Scott reminded Liam about the full moon the following night, adding that since it was a supermoon (when the moon is closer to the earth), Werewolves start to feel it sooner than normal.

When Liam remained quiet and short-spoken, Scott simply wrapped up his speech by assuring Liam that he was there for him if he needed anything. Liam snidely asked Scott if he intended to chain him to the tree again like he did the last full moon, Scott, taken aback, replied that he only meant that it would be best if they all stuck together so they could protect each other. However, Liam, unconvinced, muttered that they couldn't protect anyone, making it clear that he, like Scott, was feeling depressed by the losses the pack had suffered in recent weeks.

A short time later, after learning that Corey Bryant, another Chimera, had developed symptoms of being a "failure" and had been killed by the Dread Doctors, Liam, realizing that his girlfriend Hayden would be next, decided that the two needed to flee Beacon Hills until the situation blew over]]. While the two were at Sinema, picking up Hayden's paycheck so they would have money to go on the run, Scott and Theo, coming to the same conclusion, set out to help protect them from the Doctors. Just as the Doctors arrived to capture Hayden, Scott and Theo showed up and wasted no time jumping into the fray, with the three men distracting the Doctors so Hayden could run away. Unfortunately for them, the Pathologist managed to find Hayden and inject her with an overdose of modified mercury after Theo (who was secretly working with the Dread Doctors) made a deal with them to allow Hayden to live until the supermoon to ensure his plan worked.

On the way to meet the others at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, Liam asked Theo how they could help Hayden, but Theo, seeing Chimeras as "cheap knock-offs" of true supernaturals whose healing powers were inferior to what they possessed, was unsure of anything that could work to help her, especially considering the poison had been modified. When Liam got the idea to turn Hayden into a real Werewolf, Theo reminded him that Betas couldn't turn humans, leading Liam to realize that Scott could do it. However, when Scott finally caught up with them, he immediately declined Liam's request, which only served to push the desperate Liam further away from him.

In Status Asthmaticus,

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Liam is the first Beta that Scott turned after he became an Alpha. The second Beta is Liam's girlfriend Hayden Romero.
    • Because Liam was bitten and turned by Scott himself, he and Hayden are the only people who have the ability to steal his power by killing him or inherit Scotts power being a True Alpha.
  • Scott and Liam are both on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team, and their jersey numbers are only two numbers apart—Scott is #11, and Liam is #9.
  • Scott and Liam also share many traits:
    • Both are lacrosse players who have become well known for their athletic prowess.
    • Both were given the Bite without consent, though Scott gave Liam the Bite to save his life, whereas Peter gave Scott the Bite to gain more power to achieve his own goals.
    • Both have a human best friend (Stiles Stilinski and Mason Hewitt, respectively) who helped them deal with their lycanthropy, joined their pack with them, and who were possessed by evil spirits (the Nogitsune for Stiles, and Sebastien Valet/The Beast of Gevaudan for Mason), causing them to kill and hurt many people. They also both fought as hard as they could to save their best friends from their possession despite others telling them that the only way to save everyone was to kill them.
    • Both fell in love for the first time with women who were subsequently killed as the result of a battle against their enemies (Allison Argent by the Oni/Nogitsune, and Hayden Romero by the Dread Doctors), although Liam was more fortunate than Scott in this way due to Hayden being resurrected.
      • Interestingly enough, both women are also similar in looks and personality, as they are both tall, slim brunettes who are more than capable of taking care of themselves and who both experienced inner darkness as a result of dying and being resurrected.

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