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"We should have called Stiles."
"We promised we wouldn't [...] We almost lost him last time."
"Yeah, and now I'm gonna lose you too!"
"You... you're... gonna lose...?"
"Yeah, me-- all of us. You know what I mean."
"Yeah, I think so..."
"And, you know, Stiles wouldn't be okay with this-- if he knew all the things we were trying to do without him. He'd... He'd kill us!"
"I think he'd be okay."
"With this?"
"With us."

The relationship between True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and Evolved Beta Werecoyote Malia Tate.

Scott and Malia first met in early Season 3B, when Scott and Stiles helped save Malia from being killed by her father in coyote form and helped her change back into her human form for the first time in eight years. After Malia spent some time in Eichen House learning to adapt to human life again, she immediately went to the McCall House after she was discharged to help give Scott the information she had in order to save Stiles from the Nogitsune's possession.

After the Nogitsune's defeat, Malia officially joined the McCall Pack and developed close relationships with all of its members, including Scott. She was shown to change for the better due to Scott's influence, leading her to become more empathetic and compassionate and less likely to use violence against others or kill them unless it is absolutely necessary. When it was revealed that Scott and Stiles had hidden the fact that Malia's biological father was Peter Hale, Scott and Malia were briefly estranged but eventually reconciled. She proved her loyalty to Scott during the battle at La Iglesia when she attacked Peter upon learning that he intended to kill Scott and somehow steal his Alpha powers.

Scott and Malia's friendship remained strong through the first half of Season 5, but due to Theo Raeken's manipulations, the stress of their battle with the Dread Doctors, and Malia's growing desire to kill her biological mother Corinne (an act that went against the McCall Pack's unofficial "Code," which discourages killing anyone unless there is no other choice), also known as the Desert Wolf caused them to become estranged once more. However, when Malia ultimately decided to give up her opportunity to kill her mother in favor of saving Alan Deaton from the Beast of Gevaudan, the self-loathing she felt about her intention to kill the Desert Wolf faded and allowed her to once again reconcile with Scott. The two worked together with the rest of the pack through the rest of the season, which included rescuing Lydia from Eichen House, identifying the Beast, and defeating the Desert Wolf without killing her.

In Season 6, Scott and Malia's friendship grew even closer, due in part to the fact that Stiles Stilinski was captured by the Wild Hunt and was erased from their memories, leaving just Scott, Malia and Lydia as the main part of the pack. Since Scott and Malia were the more experienced shapeshifters, the two worked together to fight against the Ghost Riders while also struggling to regain their memories of Stiles and comforting each other through the pain of having their loved ones captured.

In the second half of the season, Scott and Malia's relationship began to be slowly develop into something more than just that of friends and packmates, as the two have bonded over their own respective experiences of being hunted. This continued on for the rest of the season, when it became clear that the two had romantic feelings for each other, which evolved from their first kiss in Triggers to their first time having sex in Genotype. They were shown to still be in a romantic relationship in the flashforwards at the end of the series finale, which took place two years after the defeat of the Anuk-ite.

Scott and Malia are also known as Scalia, Scolia, or McTate by fans

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In Anchors, Scott finally learned of Malia's existence when Sheriff Stilinski, who had recently been informed that he was in the process of possibly being impeached, decided to try to solve one last cold case before he potentially lost his job. This case involved the deaths of Malia, her adoptive sister Kylie, and her adoptive mother, Evelyn Tate, who were in a car accident on a full moon eight years earlier when their car ran off the road into the Beacon Hills Preserve, and were assumed to have been attacked and killed by a coyote who seemed to have dragged Malia's body away, never to be found again.

Upon learning that the case possibly had supernatural elements, Stilinski asked Scott and Stiles to help him solve the case by secretly accompanying them to the Tate Ranch in hopes that Scott might be able to get a scent to determine what happened. However, though Scott and Stiles searched through Malia's bedroom, they were unable to find anything with a strong enough scent since it had been nearly a decade since she had been there. Despite this setback, Scott, who was determined to not let his father, Rafael McCall, an FBI agent who was leading Sheriff Stilinski's case for impeachment, successfully get his best friend's father fired, and decided to bring Stiles with him into the Beacon Hills Preserve that night to try to find more clues at the scene of the wreck.

After some searching, Scott and Stiles found the Tate Family's car, which looked like it had been clawed by a Werewolf. They then heard a coyote howling nearby, and Scott chased it down to try to see if it was connected to the case. Surprisingly enough, when Scott flashed his Alpha red eyes at the coyote to assert dominance over it, the coyote's eyes flashed blue like the eyes of a Beta werecreature who had taken an innocent human life, leading Scott to realize that he was looking at Malia, who, unknown to anyone else at the time, was a Werecoyote.

In More Bad Than Good, after Scott caught back up with Stiles and learned that the latter had found Malia's coyote den, which contained the coat and clothes she had been wearing the night of the crash, they decided it was essentially a crime scene and called Sheriff Stilinski to come check it out. Scott and Stiles then discussed their findings with Stilinski and informed them of their theory, which was that Malia had transformed for the first time as a result of the full moon the night of the crash, which caused Evelyn to accidentally drive off the road before the out-of-control Malia inadvertently killed Evelyn and Malia's adoptive sister. During this conversation, Scott, who was suffering from the side effects of the surrogate sacrifice ritual that he, Stiles, and Allison Argent had performed several weeks prior, hallucinated that he was fully "wolfed-out" and attacking the nine-year-old version of Malia he saw in photographs.

The next day, Malia, in her fully-shifted coyote form, came looking for Scott and Stiles at the high school due to the fact that Stiles had stolen a baby doll he found at the wreck site in hope that Scott could use it to get a stronger scent to track her. However, since Scott and Stiles had left class early after Stiles had a surrogate-sacrifice-ritual-induced panic attack, the new student Kira Yukimura picked up Stiles' bag with the baby doll to return it to the boys, which caused her to be targeted by coyote-Malia. Malia chased Kira into the boy's locker room, where Scott rescued her by knocking over a row of lockers to scare Malia away.

The McCall Pack quickly realized that Malia was in danger of being shot and killed by deputies or by Henry Tate, Malia's grieving father, who had no idea the coyote was his daughter and who believed the coyote had killed his wife and children, leading them to come up with a plan to force Malia to shift back into her human form. This plan involved Allison Argent, with help from Isaac Lahey, shooting Henry with a tranquilizer dart to prevent him from killing Malia before they could save her, and Stiles and Lydia Martin working together to figure out why the baby doll was so important to Malia. Meanwhile, Scott chased after Malia and used his Alpha roar to force her to shift back. The plan ultimately succeeded, and with Malia back in human form, she was able to reunite with her adoptive father.

In Echo House, Stiles reconnected with Malia at Eichen House, where he had been sent to protect the town from his Nogitsune possession, while Malia had been spending time there to readjust to human life. During their time together, Stiles promised to have Scott teach Malia how to shift back into her coyote form if she helped him get into the basement of the facility, a deal which Malia ultimately accepted.

In between Echo House and The Fox and the Wolf, Malia went to the McCall House to meet with Scott off-screen, where she informed him of what happened with Stiles and the Nogitsune and gave him the katana and photograph of Noshiko Yukimura and Corporal Rhys she and Stiles had found hidden in a wall in Eichen House's basement.

In The Divine Move, after Malia enrolled at Beacon Hills High School to join her new friends, she went to the McCall House, where Scott, with assistance and moral support from Stiles, helped her learn to control her Werecoyote powers, starting with learning to flick out her claws. It was implied that Scott taught Malia even more about her powers between the end of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4, including learning to control herself on a full moon, how to use and control her heightened senses of smell, sight, and hearing, and how to shift back and forth from her human and Werecoyote forms, though she had yet to learn how to fully-shift into a coyote again.

In The Dark Moon, Malia joined Scott (along with Stiles, Lydia, and Kira) to Mexico, where the McCall Pack was intent to locate Derek Hale, whom they believed had been taken captive by the Calavera Family of Hunters. After infiltrating the Calaveras' nightclub, Malia, Scott, and Kira were incapacitated by wolfsbane fog and locked in their bathroom holding cell with Stiles. After Severo Calavera grabbed Scott and Kira to join Araya Calavera and Lydia Martin upstairs for interrogation, Stiles used calming techniques to help Malia focus her senses on what was happening upstairs in hopes of learning what was going on.

With some concentration, Malia was able to determine that they were electrocuting Scott nearly to the point of killing him in order to trigger forgotten memories that would help them find who really had Derek. After having the electricity cranked up to the highest level, Malia overheard Scott figuring out who "had a vendetta against the Hales, who were turned into a shapeshifter but not from a bite"-- Kate Argent, who had been turned into a Werejaguar as a result of Peter Hale's claws scratching her so deeply when he ripped her throat open. Scott, Malia, and the others then set off for La Iglesia, a temple where Kate was hiding out with an unconscious Derek and her Berserkers, along with their guide, the mercenary Braeden. Once Derek was found by Scott and Braeden and brought out to Malia and the rest of the pack, they all stared in shock when they realized Kate had performed some sort of Age Regression ritual that de-aged Derek back to a sixteen-year-old boy.

In 117, Scott decided that he had no choice but to seek out Peter Hale's counsel in how to deal with his nephew Derek's regressed age and related memory issues, as well as Kate Argent's return to Beacon Hills and her motives for doing so. Upon hearing what Scott planned to do, Malia insisted that she come along, as she had heard from Lydia that Peter was "basically Satan in a v-neck" and thought Scott needed back-up; when Scott insisted that he could handle Peter, Malia argued that he could handle him better with her there.

However, Malia's superhuman senses quickly noticed Scott's anxiety about bringing her to meet Peter, as she did not know that Peter was her biological father, though Peter knew Malia was his daughter. When she asked him why his heart was beating so quickly, Peter interjected before Scott could respond and stated that he was just bad at introductions. Once they had become acquainted, Scott and Malia brought the fact that Peter had unintentionally turned Kate Argent into a Werejaguar to his attention, much to Peter's horror, leading the three to discuss why Kate would need to regress Derek back into his teenage self.

They soon figured out that Kate couldn't control her transformations yet and sought out a Hale Family relic known as the Triskelion Medallion, as legend had it that it was a powerful supernatural talisman capable of giving neophyte shapeshifters control over their powers. The three tracked Derek and Kate to the Hale Vault, only to be attacked by Kate's Berserkers. Peter ultimately ditched Malia and Scott, forcing them to face off against the creatures on their own, leading Malia to have her leg wounded in the battle until Kira and the re-aged Derek appeared and fended them off until Kate retreated.

In Weaponized, Scott and Malia, along with Stiles Stilinski and Kira Yukimura, went to Beacon Hills High School on Saturday morning to take the PSAT exam. However, the exam is interrupted when all the students in attendance develop a serious virus due to the proctor (who was secretly a Deadpool assassin known as The Chemist) putting the weaponized virus into the ink pad the students used to thumbprint themselves.

Since the disease was purposely engineered to kill Werewolves, Scott and Malia were the worst affected of the four, with Malia unable to retract her claws and with Scott's fangs and glowing red eyes flashing off and on outside of his conscious control. Afraid that the shapeshifters could become violent, Scott, Malia, Kira, and Stiles, due to Ken Yukimura's advice, sneaked into the basement of the school in order to "quarantine themselves from the quarantine." They were able to find a back entrance to the Beacon Hills Hale Vault in the basement, but it required the claws of someone in the Hale Family to open it.

Scott and Stiles, who still hadn't confessed to knowing that Malia was Peter Hale's biological daughter, lied and stated that the lock needed anyone's claws to open, and implied that Malia was the only one who could open it because Scott couldn't get his claws to extend and hers were already out. Malia, able to sense that the boys were keeping something from her, agreed to open the door, but only if they come clean about what they've been hiding. The two panicked for a long moment before Malia assured them that she already knew that she was on the Deadpool list, assuming that they were trying to protect her from being afraid of being killed. She then confidently stated that she would be okay, because since she was only valued at $4 million, Scott and Kira (who were valued at $25 million and $6 million, respectively) would be killed off long before her.

Due to being a Beta, Malia began to succumb to the illness the fastest and ultimately fell asleep in Stiles' lap while the four were talking. After Stiles, who, as a human, was only mildly affected by the disease, went upstairs to distract everyone from realizing the others were missing, he left his coat with Malia to keep her warm. She eventually awoke for a brief moment and pulled a folded piece of paper out of Stiles' pocket—the final third of the Deadpool list that had Malia on it as "Malia Hale." Scott, realizing what she was about to do, called out to her to stop her, but fortunately for them, Malia's illness had progressed to the blindness stage and she was unable to read anything.

Later, the allies of the McCall Pack discovered that the virus was a genetically modified form of the canine distemper virus specifically designed to kill canine shapeshifters and that the cure was Reishi Mushrooms, a jar of which was conveniently located in the Hale Vault. After Scott managed to locate the reishi and used it to reverse the illness in the three supernaturals, Malia's eyesight returned, allowing her to read the list and realize what Scott and Stiles were truly hiding from her, causing her to leave them without a word.

In Perishable, Malia tells Scott about her conversations with Peter and is incapacitated by a sonic weapon at a school bonfire.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Malia rides to Mexico with Peter to save Scott. He tries to manipulate her into killing. She sees what a monster her biological father truly is when he goes after Scott. She tries to stop him but he punches her, knocking her out.

In Creatures of the Night, Scott, Stiles and Liam pick Malia up on the way to the high school, When dropping Liam off at the Hospital Stiles and Scott ask Malia opinion on Scott telling Kira "Go have Fun" before she left for the summer, Malia answers the question saying "Fun like bowling or sex with other guys" Which worries Scott. After learning form Liam that Scott is in trouble, she joins Stiles and Liam in helping him. As their entering the high school Malia anxiously waits for email confirmation that she passed summer school. When she receives the email telling her she got in, Scott looks proud at her, Scott and Malia share a smile, The two are later seen along with the rest of their friends writing their initials on a bookshelf for senior scrubs.

In Dreamcatchers, Scott and Malia along with the east of The McCall Pack meet up to discuss plan to deal with the chimera Tracy Stewart after she kills her father, After Tracy arrives at the High School Scott Malia and Stiles take her to the Animal Clinic to see Deaton while Tracy is unconscious Scot and Malia along with Stiles watch as Deaton performs tests on Tracy to discover what she isw, when Malia suggestthat the kill her Scott informs her that their not going to do that, While still performing tests, Tracy wakes up revealsshe a Kaninma when she cut the four of them withher tail, paralysing them. Both Malia and Scott try to trigger the healing ability, Malia managers to heal before Scott and the others, Before going off to find try and stop her, Scott asks Malia to save Tracy. When Malia is at the point of killing Her, during the fight, she remembers what Scott and Lydia told her and decided to save her life instead. Moments later Tracy is killed by Dread Doctors

In Required Reading, Malia rescues Scott from "The Pathologist" at the hospital.

In Ouroboros, Malia helps Scott look for Liam and Hayden after they are taken by the Dread Doctors.

In Lies of Omission,

In The Last Chimera, Scott calls Malia to help him and Stiles saving Sheriff Stilinski. Malia tells Scott that she and Stiles "kinda broke up." Together the trio track Noah Patrick in hopes of curing Sheriff Stilinski. Malia and Scott want to fight the Doctors but are saved by Chris Argent.

In Damnatio Memoriae, Scott visit Malia at her house. Malia refuses to help Scott with another chimera. Scott tells her that she is the only one that he has left. Malia says that she's gonna do something that Scott won't like.

In The Sword and the Spirit, Malia saved Alan Deaton and brings him back to the animal clinic. When Scott appears and hugs Deaton, he looks over his shoulder at Malia with a proud smile.

In Amplification, when Scott roars, Malia's eyes glowed blue and gave her a boost of power.

In A Credible Threat,

In Maid of Gévaudan, Malia and Braeden saved Scott and fight the The Beast of Gevaudan.

In Apotheosis, Scott gave Stiles Belasko's talons, instructing him to give them to Malia so she can take use them to neutralize her mother by stealing her powers.

In Memory Lost, Scott and Malia are on really good terms in this new season. Their first interaction in the new season is when the Pack investigates. Scott turns around when he hears the howl of a Werecoyote as he sees Malia being transformed into a human. With Malia being all naked in front of him, he acts totally normal with it. The two are later seen when the pack is shooting their yearbook photos. At the end of the episode, Scott and Malia sense something is wrong with Lydia. Lydia says she feels like she was supposed to do something but can't remember what.

In Superposition, Scott and Malia began feeling that something huge is missing in their lives. Scott steps on a tack in his room. He notices a picture is missing from his wall. He finds it on the floor. It's the image of him, Malia and Lydia at school. Scott calls Lydia and Malia to come out to the woods. He explains how he woke up near the spot where he was bitten and turned into a Werewolf (See Wolf Moon). Lydia says she didn't know Scott then and Malia points out that she was still stuck in coyote form at the time. Scott remembers looking for a body that night but certain facts, like how he heard about the body, how he got five miles from his house without a car and why Sheriff Stilinski suspected he was out there, don't make sense. He concludes he wasn't out there alone. Scott figures out that he had a best friend who was out in the woods with him the night he was searching for the body. Malia says it doesn't sound crazy because she knows someone chained her up and helped her stay human.

In Sundowning, Scott, Lydia, Natalie and Sheriff Stilinski find Malia in the basement where she used to come to lock herself up upon the full moon, where she is in her full-coyote form and is clearly threatened by their presence. The Sheriff urges Scott to “Alpha” growl at her to make her calm down, but Lydia suggests they move away since they've invaded her territory where she feels safe. It works, Malia changes back and Mrs. Martin gives her back her clothes. The others are confused as to why Malia is suddenly shifting; they agree that the pressure of school and the recent attempt by her mother to kill her should not be having this effect. They wonder if it is connected to Stiles and the Sheriff explains that it's a Stilinski family nickname used by his father.

In the hallway, Malia asks him if they are still going to see Elias. When Liam shows up, asking Malia for help, Scott says he should figure the problem with Gwen out with the remaining members of the pack. Malia says that Liam should kidnap Gwen, which Scott insists is not the answer. Scott, Lydia, and Malia head to the Goodwater Assisted Living facility. Malia knocks out the nurse and locks him in a closet. Elias has all his faculties back. He knows Scott is not his son. In fact, he knows Scott's father and says that he “couldn’t handle his liquor” and cheated on Scott's mother repeatedly. Malia becomes more agitated and growls as the old man continues. He also knows Lydia and says she looks like her mother. He says Natalie was “pretty once too.” Malia is pissed. Her eyes flash blue and she demands that Elias stop talking. Elias keeps talking claiming Natalie also “liked to talk like she was the smartest person in the room.” Malia loses it, flips her claws and moves toward him. Scott stops her just in time as the Sheriff enters the room.

In Relics, Scott and Malia are both are on a mission to protect the students who shared eye contact with the Ghost Riders, causing them to be split up while they deal with their respective tasks. The two are seen again at the end of the episode when Malia brings Chris Argent to the hospital after a fight against the Ghost Riders. Lydia joins Scott and Malia in the hall and updates them on her own investigation, revealing that Claudia never had children so Stiles can't be her son. Both Scott and Malia seem ready to give up on the search for Stiles. Lydia says they have to keep trying. Malia says they should focus on defeating the Ghost Riders instead. Scott and Malia seem to be on one line.

In Radio Silence, Scott and Malia have seen much together this episode. At Beacon Hills High School, Scott exits a classroom looking for the sound. Malia joins him the hall. She heard it too. They go in search of the source and find Lydia standing in front of the blue Jeep. The sound is coming from the police band radio inside. Scott breaks the lock on the door and they get in. The sound in the Jeep stops. Scott suddenly catches a scent of himself, Lydia and Malia inside the vehicle but he and Malia both say they've never been inside the Jeep. Lydia says they have but they don't remember. Malia seems frustrated that she's back to her “Stiles” theory again. Scott points out that Jordan Parrish checked the VIN and found it was not registered to anyone. Lydia says it didn't just park itself outside the school. Malia says again that Stiles is not real but Lydia searches the glove compartment and comes up with a registration from 1996. It lacks a name but has an address: 129 Woodbine Lane. Lydia says she knows the house.

When Peter is back on earth again, Scott, Malia, and Lydia hear his cry. Lydia urges them to go find out who made the sound. Scott and Malia can smell Peter. They say it smells like he's burning. They find him and Malia says she knows his scent. She looks closely at his face and realizes it's her father. Scott still doesn't know him at first but then the memories of Peter come flooding back. They both wonder how they could have forgotten him. They realize he is holding something in his charred hand. They both reach down and use their ability to take away his pain. Once they've eased him a bit, his hand opens and they find Stiles’ keys.

In Ghosted, Scott and Malia are first seen together at Malia's car as the pair arrive together with Lydia the ghost town, Canaan. Scott is asleep in the back seat of a car. Malia taps him awake and informs him that they've arrived in Canaan. As they wander through a residential street, Scott announces that he can't hear a single heartbeat and Malia says there are no scents either. As Scott wonders aloud why Stiles would send them to this town, a street light buzzes and flickers to life just above them. Discovering the town, Scott and Malia are the only ones who experience hallucinations. Malia's involved seeing her adoptive mother and sister dead and bloodied on the ground in front of her; after a moment, Theo appears and shoots her so she can be dead with them. Scott's hallucination involved him seeing his mother with a large bloodied hole in her skull.

They wander further down the street until they see curtains move in a window of one of the houses. They enter and call out. At first, it appears no one is there, but then they spot Lenore (McNally Sagal) who seems thrilled to have visitors and greets them warmly. She says “Caleb” will be so happy to see them because it's been a long time since he's had anyone to play with. She invites them in and offers them lemonade. As they follow her through the house, Lydia realizes that she is the same woman, the blond, she saw earlier in the mirror. Lydia says they didn't mean to upset Lenore and the trio get up and head toward the door. Malia staggers a bit, and Scott seems to have trouble rising from his chair. As they make toward the door, it slams shut. Scott tries to open it, but it won't budge. Malia points out that he's a werewolf and should be able to get through the door. She tries to punch the window, but it also doesn't break or budge.

Lydia turns to Lenore and asks her to please unlock the door. She replies that now that they're here, they need to stay because Caleb likes them. Caleb appears at the entrance to a hallway and says, in a strange, doubled voice, for Scott and Malia to come with him. Lenore has moved on to cleaning up the glasses in the dining room and Lydia urges her friends to follow the boy. They find Caleb in a darkened family room. There is a couple inches of dirty water on the floor, a TV showing static and an old video cassette recorder. Scott and Malia step tentatively into the room with the boy. Scott notices a window and tries to open it but it won't budge. Scott asks the boy if he can help them get out but he says they have to stay because “mommy said so.” Then, again in that doubled voice, he says, “This is home,” and the door slams shut. Caleb picks up a wet video cassette and inserts it into the machine. Video of Caleb blowing bubbles appears. The date shows August 12, 1985. Malia points this out and asks the boy what year he was born. He turns to them, now dripping wet, and says 1976. Scott asks, “and when did you die?”.

Still trapped with Caleb, Malia wonders aloud if she's having another hallucination because water is now pouring down the walls and the stairs. Scott says if she is, she's having the same one. Malia goes to attack Caleb but is stricken, suddenly choking. Water pours from her mouth. Malia continues to choke on the gouts of water that are pouring from her mouth. Scott urges her to breathe. He shouts for Lydia and makes a run for the door but water beings to pour from his mouth too. He asks Caleb what he's doing to them and the boy responds that they're drowning just like he did and now they can all be friends forever. Scott and Malia can suddenly breathe again. Caleb says, “Mommy says you can go now.” He returns to watching the old video of himself when he was alive.

The door opens and they quickly make their way outside and back to Lydia. In the car on the way back to Beacon Hills, Scott wonders aloud if Stiles sent them to Canaan to warn them of what could happen with the Ghost Riders. Malia says they need to get them to leave now but Lydia says they can't let them leave yet. Lydia says she saw in Lenore's memory what happens to the people they've taken once the Wild Hunt moves on to a new place. She says it's worse than death, that their souls are hollowed out and she thinks they became Ghost Riders and they were gone. Scott returns home and is infuriated to see Theo. He says it's taking all his strength not to tear Theo in half. Malia enters and, eyes blazing, growls at Theo.

In Heartless,

In Blitzkrieg,

In Memory Found,

In Riders on the Storm,

In Said the Spider to the Fly, Malia was excitedly preparing to leave for her flight to Paris when Scott and Lydia appeared in her doorway, blocking her from leaving her bedroom at the Tate Ranch. Upon realizing that they were trying to recruit her in their investigation of the mysterious new spider-related creature in Beacon Hills, Malia immediately yelped "No! No, no, no, no, no!" at the sight of the two of them. She continued on by arguing that they were just dealing with rats, wolves, and "maybe a little bug problem," but Scott and Lydia simply stared at her silently for a moment before Lydia retorted that they needed her.

Malia turned around and walked toward her window, fully intending to climb out the window to get away from them if it came to it as Scott called out her name to stop her. After Malia argued that Liam and Mason could handle it without her, Scott finally spoke up and pointed out that he knew they couldn't make her stay, and that he had no desire to try, before adding that they were hoping that she would still want to do so in order to help them. Malia, clearly affected by this argument, lied and stated that she didn't, leading Scott, who was slightly disappointed, to step out of Malia's way.

To their surprise, Malia, desperate to get out of this situation, gently shoved Lydia aside and walked out the door, causing Scott and Lydia to sigh in disappointment and give each other a look. However, a moment later, Scott quickly had to use his supernatural agility to catch Malia's bag as she forcefully threw it at him as she scowled and walked in the door, visibly annoyed by the fact that she could not in good conscience leave Beacon Hills when they needed her help. She then looked Scott in the eyes and asked him what it was that they were supposed to do, to which Scott replied, "Find a Hellhound."

A short time later, Scott, Malia, and Lydia began driving to the high school in Stiles' Jeep, where they began to discuss what Lydia learned in the premonition; namely, that they had opened a door to another world, and that something had come out with them, which was why they needed to find Halwyn, a Hellhound who had just escaped Eichen House, to stop it. When Malia argued that they could "put it back," as it was something that had done with other villains before, Scott and Lydia gave each other a look, which told Malia that they knew something that they hadn't yet revealed to her.

Scott explained that putting it back may not be as simple as they hoped, and Lydia added that, though they saved Stiles and brought back all the rest of the Wild Hunt captives, it was not supposed to have happened that way. Lydia went on to point out that there is always a price to pay for those kinds of actions, a statement with which Scott agreed, reminding Malia that they learned this lesson from the surrogate sacrifice ritual, which reawakened the Nemeton. Malia asked them if the price they paid to save Stiles and the rest of the town would be a big one, and both Scott and Lydia agreed that it likely would be.

Upon arriving at the high school, the three were about to run into the school when Scott stated that they needed to move quickly. When Malia asked if they even knew what creature they had let out, Scott insisted that Halwyn might be the only being who does. Suddenly, Scott and Malia heard a roar from the woods, causing the three to run toward the preserve to investigate. By the time they had tracked the source of the roar, they found that Halwyn had been shot in the head and seemingly killed by an unnamed Hunter. The three mused upon the fact that they believed that Hellhounds could not be killed until Scott found a bullet casing with the Argent Family fleur-de-lis stamped on it. They determined that Lydia's premonition must have been true, and when Scott asked if she heard people being killed, Lydia corrected him and stated that people who had never raised their hand against another innocent person were killing each other.

Back at the McCall House, Malia and Scott were sitting next to each other on Scott's bed while Lydia sat on Scott's left as they debated what to do next. Lydia reminded Scott and Malia that they almost lost Stiles the last time something like this had happened, but Malia argued that if this situation truly was something big and they didn't call him, he would kill them, a sentiment that Scott agreed with completely. Malia suggested that they should go back to the woods to try to find the killer themselves, but when Lydia asked Scott what he thought, Scott backtracked on his earlier statement and pointed out that the the two of them didn't hear how excited Stiles sounded to be in his internship when he left his goodbye voicemail on Scott's phone.

Malia asked Scott to play the voicemail, which Scott did, allowing the three to hear Stiles informing them that he had made it to Quantico, Virginia, to do his internship with the FBI, and while he had told Lydia that he missed her and couldn't wait to get home, he believed that he and the three of them needed to leave Beacon Hills to pursue their post-high-school dreams and that Scott specifically needed to get into the Jeep and drive to UC-Davis.

In Raw Talent, after they had found Halwyn's dead body, Scott began running through the woods, where he experienced flashbacks to when he was being hunted by Chris Argent and several other Hunters during his first full moon as a Werewolf (see Wolf Moon), along with flashbacks of being hunted by Gerard Argent in later months. Malia, along with Lydia, began chasing after him until he finally stopped running, allowing them to catch up with him. When Malia reminded him that they could still catch "him," Scott was finally brought out of his flashbacks, and, confused by her statement, asked her who she was talking about. Malia frowned in concern and told him she meant the killer before asking him who he was thinking about.

Concerned by his flashbacks but not wanting to worry her and Lydia, Scott instead held up the bullet casing they found with the fleur-de-lis stamped on it and stated that he was thinking about getting the bullet to Argent. When Malia asked, "Even if he was the one who fired it?" as she and Lydia walked closer to him, Scott replied, "Especially if he's the one" before turning to continue walking through the woods. However, Scott froze when he suddenly heard something and asked Malia if she heard it too, leading the two to agree that they were hearing a lot of heartbeats approaching them. Still thinking about his flashbacks, Scott believed they were being pursued by Hunters and insisted that they run, with Scott and Malia urging Lydia to get ahead of them so they could better protect her from harm.

Scott began running at top speed, causing Malia and Lydia to struggle to keep up with them as they called after him to slow down. As he ran, he began seeing shadowy figures with laser-sighted rifles around him and skidded to a halt as dozens of laser sights aimed at his chest and torso. Believing himself to be cornered and wanting to protect Malia and Lydia, Scott began growling as he shifted into his Werewolf form, roaring before he tackled the first person that he saw. Unfortunately, Scott didn't realize that he was tackling Sheriff Stilinski, who had presumably received reports about gunshots in the woods and had come with Jordan Parrish and numerous other deputies to check it out.

It wasn't until the Sheriff called out Scott's name several times that Scott realized what he was doing, and he became ashamed and embarrassed when he realized that he had both misread the situation and lost control, especially after he noticed that the Sheriff had aimed his gun at Scott's torso in case he needed to shoot him. Malia and Lydia then appeared as well, looking at Scott with concern as he shifted back into human form. After discussing the dead Halwyn with the Sheriff and Parrish, the three drive back to the McCall House, where they discuss the fact that none of them said anything to the Sheriff about the Argent Family's symbol on the bullet casing found next to Halwyn's body and agree to continue to stay quiet about it until they've spoken to Argent themselves.

The next day, Scott and Malia went to the Argent Bunker, where Argent is nowhere to be found. While Scott emptied out a container of bullets and tried to find one with the fleur-de-lis stamp, Malia began pacing around, pointing out that he had been ignoring their calls and texts and was neither there nor at his apartment. Just then, Scott found Argent's laptop and decided they should try to check his calendar by cracking his password, which visibly impressed Malia, who remarked that she didn't know Scott had it in him to be so devious. After several password guesses failed to unlock the laptop, Malia, wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to speak with Scott alone, exposited that "Hunter" couldn't possibly be Argent's password, because not only is he no longer truly a Hunter, but that, as far as they could tell, there were no longer any Werewolf Hunters in Beacon Hills.

However, when she asked him why someone would mistake Sheriff's deputies for Hunters, Scott, who was only half paying attention, asked her what she was talking about, causing Malia to reply "Nothing" and change the subject. After a moment, Scott broke the padlock on a nearby crate and opened it to find numerous guns packed up inside, each with tags indicating the make, model, and price of the weapon, which led him to realize that Argent hadn't actually left town—he had instead gone back into his former business as a federally-licensed firearms dealer. When Scott opened another case and found a compound bow very similar to the one Allison once used, Scott realized that Argent was using his daughter's name as his password, just as Scott did years ago, and figured out where Argent was making an arms deal.

Scott and Malia then tracked Argent down to a market in downtown Los Angeles, where, believing Argent to be in danger as a result of the buyers, who were aiming loaded rifles at him, the two incapacitated a nearby man in military fatigues, only for Argent to exasperatedly inform them that he was his guy on the inside. Though Argent was able to use a remote to shut down all of the lights in the market, the three were still forced to take cover when the new Hunter opened fire on them. When Argent was unable to convince Malia to save his contact himself, Scott gave her a look, leading Malia to reluctantly grab him by the arm and drag him to safety while Argent drew their fire. Scott and Malia then worked together to neutralize all of the amateur Hunters aside from the leader, who, when Argent held a gun to the back of his head, dropped a grenade onto the ground, leaving the three no choice but to jump out of the way, allowing him to escape.

Afterward, Scott and Malia regrouped with Argent, who insisted that he wasn't ignoring their calls; he instead insisted that his business has been booming, and he wants to know what is behind the sharp jump in sales. Scott asked him if he had any unusual sales recently, Malia got to the point by asking him if he had sold ammunition with a fleur-de-lis on it, though Argent assured them he hadn't stamped any bullets since Allison died. When Argent asked if they had a casing he could see, Scott found his pockets were empty and sighed when he realized it must have fallen out in the fight. Despite this, Argent informed them that if they could find the "slug," then they would be able to find their killer.

Upon returning to Beacon Hills, Scott and Malia began running through the woods in order to find the site of Halwyn's murder. After briefly looking around, Malia, unable to resist, remarked that she wasn't good at subtlety before asking him what had happened the previous night when he believed the Sheriff's deputies were Hunters. Scott assured her that he understood her concern and agreed that he freaked out before assuming that his doing so freaked her out as well. Malia took offense at the implication that she had freaked out, and when Scott asked her if she really wasn't freaked out about his behavior, Malia exasperatedly replied that she was asking because she was worried about him. Scott seemed stunned by this admission and was silent for a moment before assuring her that he was fine and thanking her for her concern.

After an awkward moment of silence, Malia reminded him that she was once hunted by her adoptive father, which caused Scott to retort that he was once hunted by his then-girlfriend's father before the two laughed and smiled together. However, when Scott asked her if that fear ever went away, Malia's smile faded, and she remained silent, indicating that it never did. Just then, Malia asked Scott what he would say if she told him that she saw a red laser sight, and Scott was inclined to think she was imagining it until he turned around and saw it for himself. Before the two could prepare for a fight, Argent's voice was heard reassuring them that it was just him. Malia exasperatedly asked him if he had to point his rifle at them, but Argent insisted it was necessary to determine the trajectory. Unbeknownst to Malia, Scott was looking at her from her side and smiled at the sight, implying his feelings for Malia were changing.

When Argent once again raised his rifle toward them, both Scott and Malia instinctively ducked until he insisted that the safety was still on. Upon finding where the bullet that killed Halwyn was shot, Argent found the slug buried in a nearby tree and asked Scott to glow his eyes to prove that the bullet was silver, as it has a higher heat signature that allows it to be seen with infrared goggles and, by extension, an Alpha's eyes. While the three walked back through the woods, Malia stole glances at Scott from beside him and sighed loudly before asking why the metal of the bullet mattered, since they all do the same thing in the end. This led Scott to remind Malia about the legend that silver can kill a Werewolf, which, according to Argent, a real Hunter would know was false. This caused Argent, Scott, and Malia to realize that they were dealing with a new Hunter who was still learning the trade, much to all of their alarm.

Afterward, Scott and Malia met up with Lydia at the McCall House, where Lydia informed them of the fact that Conrad Fenris had killed all of the supernatural creatures in the closed unit and would have killed Parrish had Lydia not neutralized him with her Banshee scream. During their discussion of the day's events, they realized that the new creature in Beacon Hills was amplifying everyone's fear, causing the human population to turn against the supernatural population and causing the new Hunter to join the ranks.

In After Images, when Scott is injured by a trap Gerard had set, Malia attempts to take away his pain so he could heal faster. Much to Malia's worry, the attempt is initially unsuccessful, causing her to say that they should have called Stiles about the developing problem involving the rise of new hunters, and he would "kill them" if he knew what Scott and Malia were doing without him. In response to this, Scott, who is half-delirious from the pain of his injury, believes that Malia was talking about the possibility of a romantic relationship between them, and replies that Stiles would be fine "with us". Caught off-guard by what Scott was insinuating, Malia hesitantly asks him what he meant, but by that point, the Alpha had already fainted away from his injury, after which Malia was able to take his pain.

In Face-to-Faceless, Malia tries to prevent Scott from attending a peace summit with Gerard and Monroe, stating that he was going to get himself killed by the hunters. Scott insists that the only way to achieve peace was through negotiating and that he would go alone in case the negotiations failed. During this talk, Malia attempts to express in words that she returns her Alpha's feelings of attraction but fails to do so, frustrating her. Later, Malia disregards Scott's decision for her and the others to stay away from the peace summit, turning up with Lydia when it seems Monroe is mere moments away from trying to kill Scott. After the Anuk-Ite appeared, causing the hunters to panic and fire their weapons in random directions, Scott, Malia and Lydia manage to escape the disastrous summit, after which Malia comforts Scott that the hunters had no interest in peace and there was nothing he could have done to stop the war which had already begun.

In Pressure Test, while trapped in the station, Scott comforts Malia while the Anuk-Ite was amplifying her fear of being killed by the hunters. When the hunters attack, Scott immediately grabs Malia and shields her from the hunters' bullets. After the stand-off between hunters and supernaturals ended, Malia appeared in Scott's room and, after a brief moment of holding hands and looking into each other's eyes, the two smile, then leave together.

In Triggers, the relationship between Scott and Malia appears to be drifting ever closer to a romantic one, as for example when they were attempting to escape motion sensors, which required them being pressed close together, both appear to be enjoying the feeling, in particular, Malia, who freely admits that she feels "comfortable" in Scott's arms. After Malia's attempt to escape the room results in the sensors being triggered and the room beginning to run out of oxygen, the two werecreatures again find themselves holding each other, where Malia, in despair, remarks that she was supposed to go to France, causing Scott to appear guilty at the situation he had landed her in. Malia also states that there were many things she hadn't done with her life, possibly alluding to the fact that she wants to be with Scott romantically.

After Lydia and Chris rescued them, Malia and Scott once again end up in Scott's bedroom. When Scott asks her if she was alright, Malia replies by asking him if he remembered what she had said earlier. When Scott asks if she was talking about going to France, Malia says that she is actually referring to all the things she hadn't done yet with her life. Malia then finally confirms that one of those things is her desire to be with her Alpha romantically, quickly leaning forward and kissing Scott. Scott initially appears to be taken aback, but then smiles and, confirming his own feelings for his Beta, passionately kisses Malia back, to which she responds with much enthusiasm. It is unclear how much further the new couple take their make-out session, as the next scene shows them in Scott's dining room, where they hold each other while the hunters fired on them through the windows.

In Werewolves of London, Scott and Malia are first seen together in the hospital where Malia comforted Scott over his mother being shot. The two then attempt to recruit more supernaturals in the fight against Gerard. They first ask Deucalion, but he tells the two that his fighting days are over. Scott and Malia then ask Peter who also rejects their proposal. Malia attempts to convince Peter to join them by having Peter look into her head to see the danger the Anuk-Ite presents, but this only makes him even more reluctant to fight. With no other options, Scott and Malia then suggest recruiting a pack to know as the Primal but find them all dead. When Peter changes his mind and joins the McCall Pack against the Anuk-ite and the Hunters, Peter reveals to Malia that upon looking into her memories he saw his daughter's developing romantic relationship with Scott, causing him to warn her against "falling in love with a dead man". In response to this, Malia replies 'too late', confirming that she is in love with Scott.

In Genotype, Scott and Malia are not seen together until nearly the end of the episode, when they see the two hunters turned to stone by the now-merged Anuk-Ite. Shortly after, Malia is seen sitting on Scott's bed holding the bullet which had killed Halwyn, while Scott is in his bathroom, trying to wash off the blood of the recently revealed Alpha, Mrs. Finch. Malia puts the bullet down and tries to help Scott wash Finch's blood off, before stating that he should just get in the shower to wash it off. Scott apparently agrees with this idea but is hesitant to undress in front of her. Noticing this, Malia points out that Scott has "seen [her] naked" and turns the shower on. Scott slowly begins to take his shirt off, and in response, Malia swiftly takes her own clothes off in front of him. Scott and Malia are next seen naked and gently but passionately making love in the shower, officially consummating their relationship.

In Broken Glass, Scott and a naked Malia are seen sleeping in Scott's bed, presumably after having made love again. Scott gently disentangles himself from his girlfriend's arms and walks downstairs, after which Malia joins him. They are then seen together being trained by Deucalion to defeat the Anuk-Ite without having to look at it. After several failed attempts, which include navigating shipping containers and fighting each other while blindfolded, Scott manages to knock Deucalion down without the use of his eyes, delighting the latter and Malia. Scott and Malia are then seen running for cover as Monroe and the army of hunters opens fire on them.

In The Wolves of War, Scott and Malia are first seen taking cover from Monroe and her hunters, who are still firing at them. Realising that Malia is closest to the advancing hunters, and mere moments away from being killed, Scott, helpless to save her, can only scream his girlfriend's name. After the timely intervention of Stiles and Derek, after which Deucalion succumbs to his wounds, Scott and Malia are next seen together in the Animal Clinic, where Scott instructs her and Derek to follow him to the high school, where they will confront the Anuk-Ite. When Monroe shoots Scott with a bullet containing yellow wolfsbane, Malia initially attempts to help her boyfriend, but Scott tells her that he is fine and to not let Monroe get away, leading to them getting separated and Malia being turned to stone by the Anuk-Ite.

Once the Anuk-Ite is defeated, freeing Malia from her stony prison, the were-coyote quickly finds Scott in the library, where she is horrified to see that he had to blind himself to defeat the fearmonger. Scott, visibly in great pain, is initially unable to heal himself. After hearing from Derek that the damage to Scott's eyes will soon become permanent if he does not heal, Malia, close to bursting into tears, desperately takes Scott's face in her hands, begging him to heal himself. At the suggestion of Lydia, Malia gently kisses Scott so he can divert his pain away and heal properly, an effort which is successful. Once Scott's eyes have healed, the happy couple, each overjoyed at the survival and safety of the other, share another, more passionate kiss, sealing their relationship in the aftermath of the war with Gerard and the Anuk-Ite. In the flash-forward, set two years later, Malia arrives at the carpark where Scott is talking to an Omega Werewolf, Alec, about the currently ongoing war with the hunters and offering him a place in the McCall Pack as one of Scott's Betas. Scott and Malia gaze at each other lovingly more than once during this encounter and are last seen walking off together with Scott's arm around Malia's shoulders. This confirms that in the two years since they began their relationship, Scott and Malia have remained together, making them each other's longest-lasting romantic partner.


  • Malia is very loyal to Scott, to the point where she was even willing to battle her own biological father Peter Hale to save him. Conversely, Scott is also very loyal to Malia and learned how to control his new Alpha powers solely so he could save her from being harmed by her adoptive father, Henry Tate, who believed her to be just a regular coyote who had killed his wife and daughter.
  • Malia is the first and only Werecoyote to join Scott's pack.
  • Malia's animalistic view on life changed due to Scott's influence, making her less willing to kill unless it is absolutely necessary. The fandom often refers to this change in behavior regarding the members of the McCall Pack as "the Scott McCall Effect."
  • Malia and Scott have saved each other many times.
  • After the Desert Wolf threatened to kill Malia on a full moon to steal back her powers, Scott had Malia stay at his house for her own protection, due to the fact that the house has Mountain Ash built into its foundation. This demonstrates how much Scott and the rest of the pack care for Malia, as they would rather ensure her safety, even if it meant they were weaker as a result, because she would not be there to aid them in their fight against the Beast of Gevaudan and the Dread Doctors.
  • Scott worked with Deucalion to find a way to help Malia stop her mother without killing her, ultimately deciding to have Malia use Belasko's talons to take the rest of the Desert Wolf's powers.
    • This plan was set in motion in Lie Ability when Deucalion began to trick the Chimera Pack in order to prevent them from using Belasko's talons to take the Beast's powers, as he lied by insisting that anyone who wore them, aside from Belasko himself, would die due to the fact that the Dread Doctors created them for a specific person. This made it easy for him to sneak the talons to Scott while the rest of the Chimera Pack was distracted with their own issues with the Beast.
  • In Season 5B, they teamed up to fight against the Dread Doctors, with help from Chris Argent.
  • Scott and Malia share many moments together in Season 6. With Stiles absent through most of the first half of the season, it seemed as though Scott and Malia were growing closer.
  • The pairing gained a bit more popularity in Season 5's Damnatio Memoriae. Some fans however have been liking them since their very first interaction in Season 3's More Bad Than Good.
  • Scott and Malia's actors, Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennig, are very close friends in real life as well.
    • They also like the idea of Scott and Malia being together the last season. Shelley thinks Scott can tame her, and she also thinks they make a great pair.
    • Tyler Posey also revealed during a lying detector test that he had a crush on Shelley as well as former co-star Crystal Reed.
  • In Season 5B, Scott and Malia's relationship grew to be complex, including a true friendship and an Alpha/Beta bond that became so strong that it was little surprise when their feelings developed into a romance in an organic way as time passed.
    • After Stiles and Malia broke up and Malia became preoccupied with her bloodlust-fueled revenge plot to kill her mother, Scott was the only member of the McCall Pack (even when there was so much going on with the Dread Doctors, Chimeras, and the newly-resurrected Beast of Gevaudan, not to mention slowly rebuilding the pack again) who showed his worry and concern for Malia through acts of care, which included giving her an open offer to come talk to him and open up to him about anything that was bothering her while also assuring her that she was not under any pressure to do so if she was not yet ready to talk about it.
    • He also brought up his concern for Malia and his suspicions about what she was doing while he and Stiles were driving to get Kira and Noshiko from Shiprock, New Mexico, even when Stiles made it obvious he was not keen on seeing or speaking to Malia at the time.
  • Scott's influence and words have always had a positive effect on Malia, making her a better person, bringing out more of her humanity, and reducing her killer instincts by helping her understand that she is not alone.
    • After Malia chose to save Deaton rather than kill her mother, her facial expression revealed her realization that Scott truly did care for her and worry about her when she saw just how relieved he was to see her and Deaton alive.
  • In Season 6A, Scott was shown to pay a lot of attention to Malia and was able to easily sense when she felt hurt, sad, or troubled, due in part to the fact that he was still dealing with the break-up between himself and Kira, and they both were struggling to make sense of things when the Ghost Riders erased Stiles from their memories. For example, he was very aware of her pang of sadness and disappointment when Peter decided to flee from Beacon Hills rather than fight the Wild Hunt.
    • This new aspect of their relationship also went both ways, as Malia was there to comfort Scott when his mother Melissa was captured by the Ghost Riders, having understood that loss herself due to Peter having been captured twice. She also strongly rejected the plan to regain their memories of Stiles using the Argent Bunker's freezer out of fear that doing so could kill Scott, insisting that if his vitals changed, she would immediately stop the machine.
  • Out of all the members in the McCall Pack, Scott and Malia are the duo most often fighting side by side together more than any other pairing. They are the two strongest shapeshifters who are also the most experienced combatants/fighters, which led the two to pair up whenever they thought a fight could erupt. Despite being seen as the "brawn" of the pack, they are both also talented strategists in their own right who are capable of thinking "outside of the box."
  • In Season 6B, Scott and Malia were indicated to be slowly growing closer and sharing romantic interest in each other, which was ultimately confirmed in Triggers, where Scott and Malia share their first kiss, signifying that they wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with each other. They later consummated this relationship two episodes later in Genotype.
  • As of The Wolves of War, the last episode of the series, Scott and Malia are seen to still be in a romantic relationship during a flash-forward set two years after the main events of the final season. Therefore, in the Teen Wolf timeline, Scott and Malia's relationship as romantic partners is the longest-lasting one either of them have had in the Teen Wolf series, longer even than Scott's relationships with Allison and Kira, the former lasting 1 school year and the latter about 8 months, and Malia's relationship with Stiles, which lasted about a year.

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